Amber Holcomb On American Idol 2013: Top 8 ‘Lately’ Performance – VIDEO

Amber Holcomb - American Idol 2013

American Idol 2013 viewers may have just found a new favorite following Amber Holcomb’s incredible Top 8 performance during last night’s competition round.

Holcomb struggled in past weeks to connect with the audience and even stay out of the bottom 3 hit her stride during Wednesday’s Motown show. Performing Stevie Wonder’s hit “Lately” Amber drew praise from the judges with a standing ovation.

Mariah Carey told Amber, “it was impeccable. So good. I loved it.” Hard to get much better than that! Keith continued the praise train telling Amber how well she did in not only picking the song but also feeling the song to help make that connection to the American Idol audience.

As for our own resident judge, Branden, he suspected ulterior motives from the judges as they worked to keep her out of the bottom 3 to save those spots for the boys.

What did you think? Was Amber the best? If so, then vote for her in this week’s poll!




  1. Amber is the only complete package that comes out on stage. It always amazes me that the voting audience lets big voices and poor stage performance, out shine what Amber has.

    • Absolutely!! As far as I`m concerned Amber is the best overall. Candance and Kree are very good, but Amber is awesome all the way around. I just love her!!

  2. I’ve been Voting for Candice since day one, she has an amazing voice and an amazing ability to make any song she wants her own. that’s the beauty of being a singer 🙂

  3. Well if Amber ends up in the bottom three this week, something is drastically wrong with the vote patterns in America. Every since the shows started she has been consistent in her performance and quite without error. Last nights performance was exceptional.

    • Yes, something is very wrong when Amber is in the bottom 3 and Lazaro is safe……no way!! Lazaro isn`t bad but definitely not in the same catagory as the others.

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