Top 8 Week: Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2013?


The American Idol 2013 Top 8 took on songs from the Motor City and as usual, the girls came out on top. And in yet another calculated move, the judges boosted the only girl at risk of being in the bottom and then tore down the three remaining guys in one fell swoop to ensure one of them goes home Thursday night.

So with all that in mind, it’s time to take a look at how the performances went and how voting patterns MIGHT play out. Anything could happen with the votes Thursday night, but I think it’s a safe bet that a guy will be walking out the door. Oh, and as always, please keep in mind that these thoughts are NOT my opinions, but how I think America will vote.

American Idol Top 8 Results Predictions 

100 Percent Safe: Angie Miller, Kree Harrison, Candice Glover

Most Likely Safe: Amber Holcomb, Janelle Arthur

Probably The Bottom Three: Lazaro Arbos, Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez

Possibly Going Home: Devin Velez

Scenario #2

100 Percent Safe: Angie Miller, Kree Harrison, Candice Glover

Most Likely Safe: Janelle Arthur, Lazaro Arbos

Probably The Bottom Three: Devin Velez, Burnell Taylor, Amber Holcomb

Possibly Going Home: Burnell Taylor

Thoughts: As I mentioned Idol has everything planned out this season. Even down to which spot people are performing in. They know just what they’re doing. They’re not cheating, they’re just encouraging things to go the way they want. But anyway, I think Scenario #2 above is possible but less likely than the first one. I think Lazaro fans are going to feel sorry for him after Nicki yelled at him and give him more votes than usual. And Amber’s exaggerated pimping from the judges will nudge her up, which will push Burnell into the bottom, with Devin going home.

Scenario #2 would only be if America decide that they agree with Nicki on Lazaro and Amber is the only other likely choice to fall into the bottom 3. And Burnell goes home if America gets mad at him for throwing Lazaro under the bus.

This is going to be a potentially interesting results show. And you can again bet 100 percent that if a guy is in the bottom the judges will NOT use their save.

Who do you think will be going home Thursday night?






  1. I’m with you, Reba. Nikki still wants the attention her. She cuts people down then looks so proud of herself. Or she is too sappy and inappropriate. I hope she isn’t asked back.

  2. If Idol producers gave a damn, they’d fire Minaj. She offends so many people, not only THERE, but at home. I didn’t watch but 15 minutes tonight because she aggravated me so much with her really negative personality. And when she’s trying to be nice, she comes off as more stalker and pervy…

    heck… bring back Ellen! At least her silly lil one liners made me giggle, and she’s no less musically gifted about talent than Ms. Fashion Comments Minaj.

    • I’d really like to see Melinda Doolittle as a judge. Can she judge the contestants? Yes, because she’s done it on other shows. Would she be able to be harsh when she has to? I don’t know. She always seemed to be a person who would not want to hurt feelings. But, that being said, she not only has the expertise to be a good judge, but she was on the other side of the judges’ table and has a feel for that part of the competition. Minaj does have some valid critiques if all the other “fill in” can be sorted out, but she seems to have an ability to offend other judges, Jimmy, the audience and the viewers–not good for the show or the ratings.

      • yeah, I really like Doolittle. And Minaj has to go, the show is far too negative. There were a few weeks when Idol would be too negative in the past when Simon and Paula, or Simon and Ryan would really get into it, but it was 3 or 4 times out of 9 yrs, Nicki is nasty or mean every week and negates the few pearls of wisdom she utters.

  3. Get rid of that snooty,snotty,hormonal ,female dog name .lol.She’s worthless and wants the spotlight at all times.!! we only need 3 judges ..That’s all we started out with and it went fine .!!!!

  4. Bernell needs to go home. To throw someone under the bus is not the name of this game. That’s low and dirty and America will not appreciate that he directed that towards Lazaro. That was tasteless.

    Or amber. She’s obviously the weakest girl, if not the weakest person in the entire competition.

    • I think Lazaro deserves to go home, but think it is very likely Burnell who will be going home. Both were poor last night but Lazaro has the fan base to keep him in for possibly another 3 weeks I fear.

    • I guess we saw two different shows, if you actually thought Angie was the best. Angie one good performance was when she did her original song, and I think last night is just the start of her being bad.

  5. I really miss the old judges, i dont get Mariah and Nikki, it’s like they’re fighting for attention, ugh its frustrating to hear their comments. Good thing Keith Urban’s there, such an eye candy 😉

  6. If people would vote on the voice as they should be instead of who is cute…We might actually get a successful Idol…Perhaps they should make Idol a sight unseen show and go back to talent…Where it belongs!! And Minaj is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    • A successful idol? Have you not seen what people this show has produced. Pure talent.

  7. In my opinion ONLY:

    #8:Lazaro (I just dont like his voice…he deserve to go home next but he might change places with Devin and be safe until next week)

    #7:Devin (he just cant continue any further than #7 and his spot in the bottom for the past couple of weeks are here to show this)

    #6: Amber (even though she deserves to go further..)

    #5: Janelle (she will be like Skylar who went home at a RESPECTFULL number 5)

    #4: Kree (the show will have to have a #4 SURPRISE like James Durbin or chris daughtry)

    #3: Burnell (the producers will have to keep one man for a long time in the competition to earn some $$$ from the crazy 12yold girls voters)

    FINAL 2: Angie and Candice (cant decide which one will take)

    ***BUT*** for this week I think the bottom 3 should DEFENETLY go to the 3 guys. the girls were (again..) WAY better than them (all of them)

  8. Last night it seemed like some of the singers were being drowned out by the music. This is not the first season I’ve thought this, but last night was really noticeable. Are the singers unsure of their songs and are singing more softly? Sometimes it seemed like the musicians were giving their own concert, and the idol contestants were “backups.” Maybe this is why some contestants sound better during their auditions than when they get to the big stage. It’s been said that we don’t hear things on TV the way the audience does, but shouldn’t that be a priority to correct if they want us to vote on singing ability? Since this is 2 weeks in a row that Lazaro has been criticized for his pitch, he should be the one to leave. Would someone help me understand why Amber is not popular with the fans? Jimmy put her in his top three. I really like her voice, but I think she is becoming discouraged with being in the bottom three so often. Right now, I think my top three would be Candice, Amber, and Janelle. Angie doesn’t over-sing. I like her voice, but she does over-do-it in theatrics. Being behind the piano takes that away, and that’s why those performances are better.

    • I’ve been asking the same question in regards to Amber. The only logical explanation I could come up with is this: all the other girls, kree, Candice, Jenelle, and even Angie were all given screen time before the live show; hence they all had the chance to build a fan base. It wasn’t until sudden death, that we were introduce to Amber. For some folks, Angie’s can do no wrong after her original song, even though I think she should be in the bottom three tonight base on last night’s performance, that is not going to happen. Amber has been a stand out for me, she may not be the best each week, Candice has really been masterful, and Kree has had her moments, but Amber has been consistent throughout. I can’t vote, if i could, she would get my vote. I think she is the best all around. I hope she goes much further in the show, because she is the only one I look forward to hearing.

    • Like Amber, too. Been my favorite thru it all so far. Also agree with the music drowning some out – particularly Candice and Kree last night – even tho Candice can overcome it. Thinking in the past – we did not have all of these musicians until the finals. I enjoy it more when I can hear them only – with soft music in the background.

  9. Lazaro should go home and for anyone getting thrown under the bus …. I dont think the judges should of asked what went wrong with that song, They were just wanting something like that to happen where someone pointed out the other guys that did something wrong . That was wrong from the judges, what were they thinking……

  10. I’m not sure I see everything the same personally. Kree was terrific and Janelle was my favourite last night. If it’s the public the 3rd 100% safe is Angie. That girl has a huge fan base it appears. I would put Candace ahead of Angie on performance myself personally. But Candace had her weakest performance in weeks IMHO. That said she’s been the best for weeks! Candace should have done tracks of my tears. She would have killed it! Mediocre song choice when motown week she should have owned. Couple that with going 1st and I put her as likely safe and not 100% safe.

    Janelle was just plain memorable. Her best performance of the season. If she really did that arrangement at 14 years old this woman has alot more than a great yodal going for her!! What kind of drugs is Minaj on regaurding her comments on Janelle last night.
    She is so bad as a judge I’m almost thinking her idiotic comments are fed to her by production. No one can be that irrelavant or can they? Shakira and Usher appeared on another show this week. How does idol with it’s brand miss talent like that for Mariah and Niki. The producer apparently are incapable of judging talent to give us a decent panel of judges.

    I’m not sure why Devin seems so much in danger. I thought he was OK last night. The outfits and hair I think really hurt him. His image is geared almost exclusively to the 12 year old girls. That vote needs to be coupled with the grandmother vote to work IMO. Last night there were definately worse than him.

    Well here’s bad news I just don’t think Amber has a public connection that’s large enough or viable to win the show. She’ll likely go in the next couple of weeks but her singing is terrific most of the time. She’d need a big over 40(years) vote to stick around longterm. I have no idea whose getting that now for non country support.

    Lazaro has been over his head a long time. His fan base pulls him through.This week or next he goes home. Sadly for me this week I think Burnell gets the bus pass. He had alot of potential in a weak boys season to make top 5 but last night was very mediocre. On singing Lazaro goes but with his fan support I choose Burnell to leave.

  11. Amber was the best of the night unless everyone had hearing problems including the writer of these articles!!!

  12. I predict the bottom three will be the boys with Devin going home.
    Angie as i’ve said is like the Gospel/Pop singer Amy Grant. Mariah stated that she should sing songs of faith last night.

    • I don’t think this is close to accurate no mater what a judge suggests. Her original song reminded me of a very young Sarah McLaughlin(sorry terrible spelling) when she sang her original at the piano.
      Everthing since not as strong. I see very little in common with Amy Grant personally.

  13. Let’s give Nikki credit where credit is due. She tells you how she feels about a contestant and it doesn’t matter which one. And – if she is first to speak – she doesn’t think ahead as to what she thinks the other judges will say – will I say something that will make me sorry later when I listen to my fellow judges? She immediately speaks based on what she heard whether it be good or bad. Now – think about it – can you say this about the other judges? Let’s face it – I think she is fair and honest and is starting to be one of the better judges. I like Nikki and I think she has a warm and good heart – something so important in reaching this big decision.

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