American Idol 2012: Jessica Sanchez Blindsided By Elimination Vote

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol

The American Idol 2012 audience and judges weren’t the only ones shocked by this week’s voting results. American Idol hopeful Jessica Sanchez found herself completely blindsided by the outcome when Ryan Seacrest revealed that not only was she in the Bottom 3, but she’d also be forced to sing for her life.

After Wednesday night’s performance show Jessica Sanchez spoke with Zap2It and told them, “I feel good! The reason I wanted to do that song is because I love the artist, and I don’t think she gets recognized enough. I love the song [“Stuttering’], so I’m glad [the judges] all loved it too.” Judge Steven Tyler blamed Jessica’s near-fatal elimination on her song selection while Randy Jackson later said voter complacency was the culprit in her Thursday night shocker.

Use of the Judges’ Save on Thursday night’s American Idol 2012 episode wasn’t a surprise to anyone watching, but it was a first for Idol history. Jessica Sanchez was the first female Idol Hopeful to receive the Save and get a second chance in the competition. All previous recipients had been male, as Idol points out. And perhaps most interesting is that former Idol Hopeful Jennifer Hudson has been the guest performer on four of the five times the Save was put in to play.

Do you think the judges made the right move in saving Jessica Sanchez? Was it just a voting fluke like Randy suggests or is Jessica in more danger than he suspects? We’ll know soon enough when the American Idol 2012 Top 7 returns!




  1. she will prevail! even if she doesn’t win, Akon is willing to take her up cuz he knows what really talent is!  Not all american idol winners are successful, It just proves that America might got it wrong again :)) 

    • Yeah Akon will save her butt.  If you knew the demographic of the show, you’d realize the majority of the viewers don’t even know who Akon is.

      • @Idesign Diana.  I was responding to Ken above.  Akon is a R&B and Rap artist who mentored this week.

      • if you don’t know who akon is, he is one of the people who made lady gaga who she is right now.

      • Essa, please quit giving negative comments to Jessica fans’ posts because everyone is entitled with an opinion. I hope you respect that.

        Just a suggestion after I noticed your comments to every posts made by Jessica’s fans. It might help you reduce your wrinkles.

      • who is AKON? haha.. contestants don’t even recognized him, they weren’t starstruck compared to other previous mentors… definitely, Jimmy needs to booked relevant and established mentors…

    • Thats true! No matter what happen to her in american idol,win or loose, Jessica is a true talent,she already made a name for herself,america has to watch out, a new diva in the making will soon rise! I just hope there is no issue of her race or skin color or her looks in order for america to vote for her???

      • Race and skin color is hardly the issue. See my post above as to why she was in the bottom 3.

      •  I agree with you wholeheartedly, she is a super talented person that will go a long ways in her career.  People must remember this is a singing competition, not a beauty contest or anything else that has no part in this American Idol contest..

      • i agree with you SHEILA .. JESSICA is a person with an awesome talent , and its true that american idol is not a beauty contest but a singing contest,, hoping that all people who beleive in the talent of JESSICA please let us vote for her just to save her,, who knows…..

    • Maybe America got it right for American Idol, but not right for America. Whatever the case, the judges made a mockery out of the show….how inprofessional.

      • “improfessional”  don’t you mean “unprofessional”, and i think you are way off base.

      • Yes, unprofessional – typo……off base, a BIG NO. Judges shouldn’t proclaim the winner and plead for votes. Sure, that is not the actual word, but the intention.

      • I second this statement!! The judges were out of line getting on there and saying the stuff they said. They’re there to critique the singers, period. All the contestants are good and it’s our choice who wins and we don’t have to “vote for who is best” as Randy said, we have to vote HOWEVER THE HELL WE WANT! And if that’s not for the JUDGES favorite, then oh well they need get over themselves!! 🙂

      • The judges definitely did the right thing to save Jessica for being one of the best singers ever in America. If the voters can play favoritism on the show, so can the judges who know who deserves the title. It looks like people outside the U.S. can vote online too between 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Thursdays via Facebook.

      • Jessica is not the best singer in the world, she is the best singer in the history of the world!

      • sorry but i dont believe you when you say its “typo”
        the spelling itself made it clear. please go slap your english teacher for not teaching you correct grammar and spelling. thank you. 

    • Jessica is not a star if she was she would have won America’s Got Talent. If she was her itunes songs she put out would have went to #1. They need a star to win and I don’t think they have one this year. I have paid to see Kelly and Carrie and I would pay to see them again & again. I will not pay to see anyone of the contestants this year.  The judges clouded idea on vocals might not end well for them because they forgot one element they also need a STAR.

      • I guess Kelly and Carrie were good :)) but they were country singers 🙂 Country is the number 1 music of all time : 

      • She was only 11 years old when  she was on America’s Got Talent.  Many stars have been on shows like star search and lost – look up the history of Beyonce, Christina, etc…many lost contests in their early years, but look where they are now.  Maybe the judeges idea of vocals is just different than yours, they have a right to an opinion, as well as you do.

      •  What is your comments on the other AI that have won and did not have the same luck as Kelly and Carrie.    Jennifer Hudson did not win but she came out to be a winner.    What is wrong with Jennifer Hudson why she is not on your list that you will pay to see.   She is more than a star and have won several awards.    They are all stars as they will not be in the top 7 if they cannot sing, they have reached the stardom when they became American Idol finalists.     Millions of  contestant tried and these top 11 idols are all good not matter what.   Can you sing?    

    • Well let’s really see if he will. Remember she is the best in the world!!!! Haha According to the judges not voter!!

      • Randy said she was ONE of the best in the world. He did NOT say she is the best in the world. Big difference! I don’t know why people are arguing about what the judges said or did when they saved Jessica. They saved her because she had been consistent all along and was never on the bottom 3 until she was supposed to have been voted off. Had it been Colton they would have saved him as well, same for Philipp and Joshua. Elise, Holly, aand Skylar had been in the bottom 3 before and at one time or another been pitchy.

  2. It was a right move and wise decision by the judges…she is one of the best and she’s the most watched finalist of the season…which means she contributes a lot to the shows’ viewership status.

    • I agree with Nathalie 100% on this one….Jessica was worth the safe.  Thumbs up to the judges

      •  Why allow viewers a vote at all? The majority have personal favourites (whether they can sing or not) and can vote multiple  times. Let judges (who know the business and appreciate talent) – make the important decisions. By all means have an added bonus of ‘Voters’ Choice’ but that is different than  actually being reconised  by judges. However, it could well be that the outcome would produce one winner for both awards BUT leave the actual title of POP IDOL to those who know.

  3. This is to clear out everything. There is really no safe zones for every contestants. Are the votes gonna be blamed? Technically, yes. However, the reason was really power voting. I guess most of us were so confident that Jessica will make it through and forgot that the show is all about the voting and not just the Judging. 

    Is it a ploy? I guess it’s not since it’s against Liberal Laws. Is she really in danger? I’m hoping she’s not. Next week is a more challenging part since everyone is gonna perform two pieces.

    I believe in you Jessica! You can do it! 

    • I believed that another lesson is that this is not a competition of who makes the best version of a songs but rather who wow the audience by nailing popular powerful songs.

      • I don’t know. Past idols nailed any song and gave impact to the audience no matter how popular they are or not. Song choice isn’t really a problem [well, part of it]. It’s how they make it popular. Elise, Jessica and Joshua were at the bottom despite of the good comments the judges have given them so I don’t really know. It’s starting to get unpredictable. 

    • Why MUST she win.  That is ludicrous.   When ardent fans of others read that nonsense, you better believe they’ll be voting their heads off for their fav.  There is no such thing as a must win on a sing-off reality show.  Come on now, get real.

      • @Rumerr don’t you feel the words MUST WIN are just a bit dramatic.  I’ve only heard that term used in football, i.e. must win to get to playoffs, etc.  I guess some kids just feel their fav must win or life just won’t be the same!

      • Wow! In my opinion America did get it right! Not that Jessica isn’t talented but I believe a lot don’t connect with her emotionally. It already has been proven that you don’t have to win Idol to have a successful career! No matter what happens Jessica will do just fine! Plus if she doesn’t win she can do what she wants and not be tied to what Idol rants her to do !

      • And even if she is the best(I’m not agreeing or disagreeing), it doesn’t mean she will win.  Idol is unpredictable.

      • She MUST because she is the BEST in the competition . Is that difficult to comprehend ? Or is your judgement clouded with your hatred for the 16 yr. old girl who work so hard to be where she is today.

    • I for one feel sorry for people who vote each and every week for the same person, just because ‘she or he must win”. I for one vote for who perfomed the best on that given week. And that means my vote can and will change on any given week. To blindly vote for the same person regardless of performance would make the show boring as heck for me. Maybe it’s just me … But I would bore of this show very fast, if I already knew who I was going to vote for, before the show even started.

  4.  Im convinced it was her song choice that put her in the bottom,i believe it was self indulgent and not actually that well sung ..but i was shocked to see her bottom though and totally agree with the judges using the save,i have to say though Joshua being in the bottom three shocked me even more

    • Me too.  Joshua is fantastic…and is being overshadowed by the dramatics of the girls race.

      • I agree, everyone is only thinking about Jessica because she was eliminated but please don’t forget that Josh was also in danger, he needs all the support

      •  Aha! so you are a fan of Joshua. Better campaign for his votes bec. next round he is in danger of being eliminated!!! And whatever you say on top of your voice about Jessica…SHE IS MY AMERICAN IDOL CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!NO. 1.

    • I agree with your perception of Jessica, song choice, less than great performance gave her a strong message…and the save was right ( just not how it was portrayed by the judges) , however, unless you are into gospel music, Joshua was where he belongs.

      Jessica hit the bottom and only changes to appease the viewers wants/likes and not her own will elevate her. Joshua will be leaving us soon.

    • What you’re saying is what few people are admitting — that Jessica actually did pick a dull song and give a lackluster performance. 

      All the time she was singing,  I was thinking, “Yeesh, she’s not sounding very good tonight.” 

      But then the judges acted as if they’d just heard a chorus of angels from heaven. Then again, these judges go gaga every time Jessica belches.

      Honestly, I don’t mind them giving her the save, as she deserves to finish higher, but the simple fact is that America got it right: Jessica neither chose well nor sang well, and she can’t afford to do it again.


      • I so totally agree and if she listens to the judges praise and if her fans don’t use every vote on her she will be gone. And the way the judges acted when they saved her may have made America mad enough to make sure she goes home. I know I will vote for my favorites this week and Jessica isn’t one of them.

    •  Voters do not go for the obvious talent but personal favourites and the fact they can have multiple votes makes a mockery of the voting system. Let the judges make the decisions – they know what talent is.

  5. She deserves it a lot.  There are lots of amazing performances she will show to us. Just wait and see.. 🙂

  6. i’m a fan of jessica…and i saw it happening…….. because the judge praises her too much(and she deserves it), and often to be predicted to be a sure final 2 cntender, most of the voters think that even though they will not vote for her, jessica will still be far way the leader of the pack, and also the fans of the other contestant really voting to death to save their idol knowing that they got heavy competition(jessica and joshua)… so the voting public should wake up…… there can never be another fluke on AI….

  7. Jessica is very talented and in my humble opinion was worthy of the judges save. But, American votes for who they like-they can’t get it wrong. As Ken said, not all the winners are successful, and not all the losers go into hiding, they can become extremely successful. The wrong was done by the judges and their extremely biased behavior. The show lost integrity.

    • i agree with everything you said except the show losing integrity? why? the rules are what they are…nothing was amiss. jessica will get a recording contract no matter if she wins or not- probably all of these finalists will as they were all pretty amazing imho…it’s simply up to the voters now. i’ve been voting for the first time in 11 years…and it’s phillip phillips for me!

    • YES THEY CAN GET IT WRONG !!! WHO THEY LIKE AND HOW CUTE THEY ARE !!!!! That’s the problem ! limit the vote ! and the real winner will WIN !!!!!!!  The ONE that can SING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Quit yelling. And no, America didn’t get it wrong. She doesn’t connect with the audience. And the judges are doing her no favors by gushing over her.  She has to do it on her own, with her vocie and charisma. Which she is lacking right now.

    •  Let us not forget that the JUDGES  are given that privileges to save any contestants whom they think have the talent and the potential to perform and compete to the next level which the ordinary voters doesn’t have the basis and criteria to guide them in casting their votes.
      Remember this is a Talent search.

  8. I will say it again….
    Simon did it for Melanie, and it worked.
    Nigel did it for Jessica, and…….let’s see what happen

      • More power to Nigel’s wallet for trying to scam the ratings.  Plus what does deserve to win mean anyhow?  Every single contestant (ever watch ANTM) says they deserve to win, they want it more than anybody else.  If that be the case, they all “deserve” to win.

    • the difference between Melanie and Jessica is enormous. Jessica is far behind Melanie who is much stronger, more secure and powerful singer!

  9. Just because the judges like her best does not mean America likes her best. There are other people on there that we like better. She will make it if she doesn’t win, she is that good. I didn’t like it when Jennifer asked everyone to pick up the phone and vote for her favorite. It was wrong of her to do that, and he was voted off. No one likes seeing the judges show favoritism.

  10. Duh.  Of course she was blindsided.  When you know you’re good and the AI people and extremely opinionated fans scream at the top of their lungs that you’re more than a mere mortal, you’re a Goddess, how in the hell do you think you can lose.  If it is for real and I doubt it…she might be scared straight and realize that she is, in fact, is a mere mortal, and sing her best and know she may or may not win like everyone else.  No BETTER no WORSE.  But, she actually has the edge being in the pits of the bottom, now she shares the pity vote with Hollie. Wait for Wednesday, you know Lopez will scream at the viewers to vote for Jessica bc we almost let this travesity happen.  Geez

    •  I agree with this and other similar comments. I think Jessica is incredibly talented and will go on to have a terrific career if she continues to work hard and get some good breaks.  At this point, it might do her more good if she doesn’t win–by that I mean look at how many non-winners are currently enjoying more success!  I think America didn’t vote enough for her purely because we are really sick of the judges trying to cram someone they like best down our throats.  How bad does that make the other contestants feel when they have to constantly hear Jessica is the best, and she should win, blah, blah, blah……There are at least 3 other people I would buy CDs from before I’d buy one of hers! The judges aren’t voting, WE ARE! So, maybe we do get it wrong some years, but we still pick who we like best, and for myself, who I want to buy music from. I think if I were one of the season favorites, I’d start worrying if the judges were constantly showing favoritism.  It can be the kiss of death and a message to the judges to just shut up and let US pick who we like.

  11. I think America wanted judges to use save so they can eliminate certain ones next week with no save. They knew the judges would use it on her

  12. This is a completely contrived stunt by the producers for more phone revenue.  Oh ya, not only was she in the bottom 3 but the bottom one?  Please.

    • what an inane comment- did you vote for her? not me…obviously not a lot of others did either (either they thought she was safe or aren’t into her style of music…) conspiracy theorists abound on this one and it makes me laugh…idol wants whoever gets the most votes to win since ideally they’ll sell the most albums. to say they’re pushing one contestant ahead of another doesn’t make any sense at all- defeats the purpose of a competition.

    • Actually, Jessica didn’t sound that great, nor did she pick a good song.  

      She’s definitely talented, but so are the others.

      Remember, too, that the American Idol audience isn’t just kids. In my view, Jessica is making the mistake of picking the kinds of songs that 16-year-olds like instead of the kinds of songs that appeal to adults. 

      And this week, I think a great many adults heard her song (and her singing) and thought, “Eh … what the heck was that?”

      • WELL I LOVED IT !!!!!! Never heard it !!!!! I’m glad Jess did something different !!!!

      •  I like all of them however in being fair to Jessica, she sang a song that is not so popular or recognized by everyone but she did a very good job of singing it.   It is not easy to sing a song and make it your own especially when it is not a  popular one.  Hollie is not bad but she is always singing songs that are mostly popular and does not make it her own.   I would like to see her sing something that she can make it her own.   Phillip Phillip is good but he sounds the same every week. 

      • Jessica sang it so bad, her videos have million views. Yeah right.  Come on! Randy definitely is referring to you. It is the voting system that is flawed. There was nothing wrong with her song choice nor her voice.  It has been proven in the past, teeny boppers vote for the cutest. And guess who has the energy to POWER VOTE? And guess who can text the fastest? And guess who also got the “I feel sorry for you votes?”

  13. Here is what I believe happened: The judges screwed up Wednesday night when they tried to trow Hollie under the bus and get rid of her–after a good performance. There was nothing wrong with it and it was obvious they wanted to influence the voters to get her out of Jessica’s way. Steven was classless with his comments and the voters didn’t like their bullying tactics so they voted for Hollie. No body likes a bully. Their tactic backfired on them big-time. I don’t believe for a second that Jessica’s song choice was a problem–she knocked it out of the park with that performance. The judges can blame themselves and they almost got her eliminated. I just hope they get this and STFU about who they want to see win.

    • A lot of people called Simon a bully but the show almost collapsed without him.  In addition, Hollie sang better than she had previously, but she still isn’t close to being a Clarkson, Underwood or even Kellie Pickler.  She has a long way to go.  Furthermore, why should Steven say she sang well when she didn’t.  Jessica is good, but she absolutely peaked when she sang Whitney and it’s been downhill since then.  YES she sings well, but that song brought her the popularity that she has or used to have or will have again since she probably just won the contest thanks to Thursday’s event.

      • Well, just to be fair, I tried listening to all of them again (without looking at them – just tried to listen to them) and found out why the judges gave Hollie some constructive criticisms.  Hollie was definitely off (well, she did hit the high notes especially towards the end- which validates Steven’s comments that she always arrive at the end).  However, throughout the song, there were some moments when she sounded like she was trying way too hard and ended up forcing each note – well I just don’t have any word to describe it, but it did not sound smooth at all.   She really sounded like she was in a high school talent show.  Again, just trying to be fair and objective before posting my personal opinion.  For those who are hatin’ on the judges, why don’t you all just try to listen and find out for yourselves who can sing really well and who couldn’t deliver? Oh you might find out also that Colton did not sound so good neither.  And please do not respond to my post if you haven’t listened, I said listened (not watched) to all of them again.  Play Hollie’s song again and again if you must. Oh you might as well listen to Pink’s version to figure out the right keys and how Pink made it so easy to sing Perfect.

  14. The life of AI is in question when the integrity of the vote counting is questioned by the viewers.  Like, why watch/vote is the show is going to ignore actual votes and pull a stunt like this?  IMO the viewers got sick of the judges partiality and blatant pushing of certain participants.  And the judges behavior was insulting and totally unprofessional.  I mean is this the judges show or America’s choice?  Regardless of who wins, it is the decision of the majority of voters.  I’ve watched every season and liked some winners…didn’t like others.  I think AI is on its last leg this season.

    •  Every year I hear you all say it’s the last season and you are all gonna stop watching, but every season it’s still in the Top 10 ratings, so considering all the dud shows out there that come and go, I don’t think AI is ready to die yet. There’s a lot of things I don’t like about the show, but basically I’m just watching for the music.  I still like to see unknown new talent get a little boost and maybe see a future star in the making.  If there are voices and song choices/performances I’ll buy the songs so I can remember their names and watch for them in future.

  15. Jessica went to school with my daughter here in EastLake, Chula Vista. She is well liked by all that know her. My personal feeling about her winning the American Idol revolves around the following.  The majority of voters are young caucasion teens and it will be extremely hard for Jessica, regardless of how good she is, to convince those teens that she is better than the others in competition with her. We saw this same scenario play out when Jasmine Trias was in the finals and voted off. I personally feel Skylar will win it for this same reason. Jessica does not need to win it. She has showed her ability and I have no doubt that she’ll end up being the biggest winner when all is said and done. I also feel American Idol has run it’s course and it’s time to  end it.

    • You are not getting it. It’s not her appearance–she is adorable and technically almost perfect. It IS her material. Diva Music is not everyone’s favorite genre and lacks widespread appeal among idol voters. If Hollie drops out votes will be split between Joshua and Jessica because they  favor similiar genres. Jessica had fewer voters last week because her fan base was complacent about voting assuming that she would be on top. It’s also true that voters are annoyed by the judges favoritism at this stage. When two folks are eliminated next week then we will see voters cross-over depending on genre preference.

    • I DO NOT VOTE ON RACE!!! DON”T USE THE RACE CARD! She just was’nt as good as others last week.My vote changes week to week.Judges took it out of the hands of America, which was wrong! I like Josh, and he is black, I am white.What happens ,happens .Judges should stay out of it!!!

    • Those same caucasian girls are some of the biggest music purchasers and they aren’t going to buy her music when Idol is finished whether she wins or loses.  She could get a job at a Disney theme park or on the Disney cruise ship, but she’ll never be a music star.

      • Disney Theme Park/Disney Cruise Ship? Do me a favor please; take a drug test and post the results on here. I’m very interested on what you’re doing. Thanks!

      •  What can you say of the other AI winners who did nothing on records sales.  There are a lot of them.    What are the problems?


      • I can almost hear you screaming in my ear with your ALL CAPS!  We can “hear” your thoughts clearly without having to scream, thank you.  Please adhere to the rules.

      • @aahhh!!!..ain’t that the truth.  Every time I see one of her posts, I get a headache.   She’s so flippin in love with her idolette, she can’t think straight.

      • Shame, Shame !!! All caps. Just from being irate about jessica!!!

        NO ALL CAPS  Matthew (GTB)

  16. My understanding was the voting was up to America not the judges..Aren’t they present to critique and be helpful?  America spoke!!!!!  Please listen judges! Personally, I feel there are several that represent the total package, namely, Elise, Joshua, and Holly…Jessica is a bit over confident and cocky. I don’t care for that attitude… The next episode promises to be a blockbuster!!!!

    • confident and cocky? do you know what you’re saying? you don’t even know jessica personally to judge her like that and she have joined lots of singing competitions before so she knows what it feels like to lost a competition so she’s prepared that’s why when she heard that she’s been eliminated she just smiled and didn’t cry because she accepted it already but some people find it cocky and arrogant

    • “Hollie” wouldnt be where she is right now if not for the judges,  if you  have you seen her first audition,base on her audition,its as if she wouldnt reach even hollywood week but the judges gave her another chance.They saw that “Hollie” has potential and gave her a chance to sing another song..Its the same as Jessica so they gave her another chance to prove to america, to all of us that she can do it to win it..

  17. Has anyone seen anything about whether call-in votes ( phone ) are given any preference by American Idol vs.Facebook -generated Online votes even if the online voting is right in American Idol page …??

  18. if the producers actually want jessica to win they should create a dating rumor with her and phillip like how they helped skylar get more votes by putting her with colton

  19. To Randy, Jlo & Steven a million thanks for saving her. She working hard to make her dream come true. So its time to vote for her till the end of this competition. She is one of the best singer in this generation. Always be humble and stay your feet on the ground.

  20. the teenage girls and the christians love colton and skylar, the cougars and grandmas love phillip and hollie, but the people who care about talent vote for Jessica, Joshua, and Elise. if you want to stop this show from being a popularity contest vote for talent in Jessica, Joshua, and Elise!

    • @Abby…so according to ur post, you are not a teenager, Christian or cougar.  What the heck are you.  I am a 28 year old woman who happens to be a Christian and I love Phillip’s voice and style.  Elise is cool, Joshua is awesome, Jessica well, Jessica…I just wouldn’t vote for her to win the whole thing.

      • @Abby…you have it all in a nice little bundle huh?  I am a
        professional woman.  I listen to all kinds of music, depends on what I am
        doing and how I am feeling! While I am not a singer myself, I have great
        respect for those who can. They spend a lot of time entertaining me!  LOL!
         When I cast my vote, it is for those who LOVE what they are doing.
         You can see it in they way they perform, how the music effects them, you
        can feel the passion they feel on the inside when they are singing. You aren’t
        watching someone “singing technically correct” they don’t look rehearsed,
        boring (or standing still).  I also vote
        for the singer, not the screamer.  You
        know who they are.  Test it. Don’t watch
        idol… just listen to it. You might be surprised at who you actually like to
        listen to.  So ABBY, don’t try to put
        everyone in one of you little groups, I vote based on what I like not who I
        like and WHAT I will spend my money on. 
        Not everyone will get a deal, some talent will be lost, either way my
        money will not be spent on Miss Jessica, I do not find her entertaining, or passionate
        about her music, she is stiff and over rehearsed. 

  21. Jessica Sanchez is very talented.. at a very young age. But, in the direction that her career path is taking, it is already littered with thousands of other women with similar vocal ability. America knows this…sees this…and is not impacted by it… But, in all fairness, you have to look at the demographic of who is voting as well.

    • I agree 100% with the idea that Jessica favors a genre that is already overcrowded and not that popular with teens. Case in point; while Barbara Streisand was undoubtedly a superstar in the 70s when I was a teen, she wasn’t popular with teens and the young adult crowd. If Jessica can show some versatility and excel in one or two other genres she may convert voters. This has absolutely nothing to do with race and anyone who thinks this is deluded. She is” picture perfect” in her appearance.

      •  Def not about race, but “picture perfect”?   For a 14 year old who eats air popped popcorn maybe.   Skylar and Elise are much more realistic role models for a healthy appearance.

  22. jessica deserves to win..she might be a superstar….if she will  not win in this competition i will never watch american idol again……

    • Jessica is half filipino-half mexican and i’m a filipino.. I don’t think she will win AI coz this is not a singing talent but a popularity contest. Lots if voters are teen girls who preffer the GOOD LOOKING guys like Phillips and Dixon. I love Jessica talent wise. I just hate it when she pity herself by saying that she worked hard all her life and her mom us jobless. I think her dad us a navy or a marine. Anyways talent wise – love her.

      • I don’t why everyone says Colton is good looking.  I don’t think girls are his preference but that doesn’t matter either.   Everyone also says teenaged girls vote for the boys, but on this site anyhow, I see tons of posts from girls who just love Jessica to the end of the earth and if you disagree they get so pissed.    Just read somewhere on this site that Jessica was on another tv singing show and had a recording contract.   If this is all true, it sucks.

      • @4ec3bd33676f446f3aab340ba2012aea:disqus Jessica was on America’s Got Talent when she was 11 years old.  She lost.  She has been pushed into the spotlight by her stage mother all of her life.  She doesn’t connect to the music emotionally because she’s the teen version of Toddlers & Tiaras.  She’s following orders from her puppet master and saying she wants this because she’s been told she wants it all of her life.  Stockholm Syndrome.

      • Thanks Gavin.  It’s all making more sense now.  Put a little tiarra on her head and she COULD be on that show.   If it’s the mother pushing her, shame on her…nice kids end up in trouble bc of poor parenting.  Glad I don’t watch America’s Got Talent, but the girls been on the prowl for that many years…she’s gonna be a burnout by the time she’s 21.  Mothers, leave ur kids alone.

      • She said she worked hard all her life but that doesnt mean that she didnt have a happy childhood. I think she did mnetion in one of her interviews that it was her choice to help her parents, and that she’s enjoying what she’s doing. I guess what she meant when she said that was she worked hard all her life (which could mean when she started to learn how to sing) was she worked her butt out to improve her craft and be where she is right now. And for essa and gavin, youre not in a position to judge how she was raised by her parents…. Shame on both of for going to that extent (even calling her mom a puppet). You were probably not taught by your mother about good manners. I pity you you more than jessica because youre full of bitterness in your heart.

  23. jessica is an American Idol! people idolize her and want to be like her because she is a STAR. She is a GLOBAL superstar who has fans all around the world! she has the most google results and youtube views and isn’t that what’s important in today’s music business? if phillip wins he will be like Lee DeWyze and go into nowhere. if Colton wins he will produce Christian rock music that no one actually buys. 

    • yeah so why aren’t they voting for her? did you? i didn’t and wouldn’t because that style of music doesn’t appeal top me…i’m 48 yr.’s old and have been voting phillip phillips since day one- i’d pre buy his album now if it were available!

      • Sher
        Debi Stewart Schefren…I agree with you 100%! I am 57 years old and I also, would pre-buy Phillip Phillips’ album right now if it was availabe. The judges are much to pushy and in showing all the favortism that they are, in my humble opinion, is backfiring on them and and they are now, even giving bad reviews to some of the other very great contestants (such as Phillip) to get as many others “out of the way”, shall I say, so Jessica will win. She is beautiful and a great singer and although they are not all as handsome or beautiful as she is, some are better singers and performers…this is just my opinion, but I do agree with your comment Debi! 

    •  Hi Abby,

      You still don’t get it do you?  Look around the posts and see why Jessica was in the bottom bottom and almost eliminated.

      1st reason – she did not get enough votes.

      2nd reason – why she did not get enough votes is she did not have all of
      american voters support .   don’t forget this is “American Idol”
      not Global Idol, only people in the USA gets to vote.

      You want her to continue to loose more votes, do exactly what you are doing right now and irritate more voters and turn them away from liking your favourite singer.  Yes declare her a Super Star , put her above everyone else even though the competition is not even half done.   And yes keep knocking down the rest of the singers like what you are doing right now, and yes keep calling us “haters” for expressing our own opinion.  Don’t listen to us, after all we are only the american voters and knows nothing about music……………………

      Just saying……………………………..

      • Ed-Being that Jessica was born and raised here in Chula Vista, what do you mean by global idol?

      •  Hi Mel,

        That statement was made by Abby, check above posts, I was replying to her posts in reference to that statement.  She mentioned that Jessica is a “STAR and a GLOBAL SUPER STAR and has fans all around the world, and has the most google results.  So I reminded her that here at American Idol , only voters here in the USA gets to vote and her fans around the world cannot help her.  My statement “global idol” is my way of being a bit sarcastic so in that case if that sounded sharp then my apologies to Abby.

        I know where she was born, and don’t get me wrong I like her and do hope she goes on inspite of what happened last Thursday night.  That is not her doing at all but a victim of over reaction by the Judges.

  24. people can’t connect to jessica because she’s Asian and Hispanic, not blond like Hollie.

    • I don’t think Jessica’s race has anything to do with it, other than she definitely gets the Fillipino vote.  But Hollie, I think being blonde means nothing 2 most of us, but believe older viewers see her as sweet and innocent (my grandparents) which has nothing to do with talent.  I believe Jimmie was correct in saying Skylar is being overlooked.  Who knows.

              so now I know… are rooting for Holly and a little for Skylar.I already understand where the bashing is coming from.Threatened by Jessica?It is becoming obvious.:)

        BTW, my grandparents see Jessica as sweet and innocent as well….consider them as older viewers too.:)


      • That sweet Hollie is rumored to have said “That’s great!” with all smiles when Ryan announced that Jessica was in danger of leaving the show. Then afterwards, she appeared to be happy when the judges saved Jessica.  What a fake!  Was not there on stage with her, but if people are basing their opinions and votes on projection, there you go.

    • It’s a racist right? People don’t vote at someone coz they look different that the majority of american (white or black).

    • Uhmmm….she was on top every week except last week…..curious who connected with her those weeks.  Guess all of those millions of votes over the first weeks must have died and oh yes, all of them were either Asian or Hispanic…When there is no other valid reason, then always pull the race card.

      • Was she on top, or just not the bottom 3. Now everybody has been in the bottom 3, so who is on top?

    • oh please………..Playing the race card is a sore loser way of going through life don’t you think? It’s not all about color! female judge on AI sells music right? Is SHE blond like Hollie? Is every single musician out there blond like Hollie? Grow up!

  25. The entire thing seemed fake. Votes were down and they wanted to get some big news. I don’t believe for a second this was real. Watch when J lo grabs the mike. Almost like they practiced it.

    • you’re right and jessica is the victim here because they know that a lot people will react because jessica is so popular

  26. Watching the judges theatrics when Jessica was voted off, was not just in poor taste but unprofessional.  How dare they call themselves mentors when they make comments such as “the best singer in North-America, ever”.  This comment was disrespectful to the other 6 contestants. The judges have obviously picked their winner a few weeks back, and every comment since, has been geared towards swaying voters to Jessica.  Why continue with the competition? just name her the winner and get it over with.  Quite a display, putting your ethics on the spot and pulling a stunt like that, all just to get more votes for the one you want.  In my view, you already have three complete packages. Holly is my favourite. Phillip and Colton are tied in second.  At this level ALL the contestants are great, including Jessica.  It’s the American Idol judges that sway me to watch ‘The Voice’ instead. 

    • yeah have you watched the voice? all contrived bells & whistles…corny judges…and not one singer whose music i’d buy. good luck with that! every one of these AI final 7 will be signed to a deal and i guarantee you they will kill whomever wins to voice!

    • randy said “one of the best singer in america” go get some cotton and clean your ears ok

  27. They had to the top 5 to use it.  What better way to burn the save than by saving one of the more popular singers?  Seems scammy to me.  This might be my last year watching.

  28. wasn’t surprised jessica was in the bottom nor that the judges saved her- she deserved the save & they needed to use it anyway. this is the best top 7 and the most diverse of any singing show and any one of them could win it all. i thought joshua & jessica sang the best wednesday night but i don’t like that type of music. so whether people didn’t vote for her because they thought she was safe or not…people are voting for the person whose album they’d buy- for me that’s phillip phillips! he probably won’t win but his is the music i want to hear.

  29. The problem is the judges cloud the judgement of the audience voting because every time there is a comment that Josh Ledet, Elise Testone, Phillip Phillips, Colton, or Jessica Sanchez could be the one to win.

    The judges need to be more specific in their comments because they all cannot be number one. Maybe they need to refrain from that type of comment, and just learn to comment on each individual performance good or bad without embellishment.

    • Maybe the judges should go back to critiquing and helping the singer, and stop declaring winners.

  30. When I think about the look on the other 6 contestant’s faces while the 3 judges were ranting and raving about Jessica being the “best ever”, it makes me sick.  Wonder if they thought what the heck am I doing here if the judges have already made up their minds and are going to push the public to vote for who they want. And the people that think the majority of the AI viewers are racially motivated are just as bad. 

  31. mel

    I definitely think she can sing, but the first time i seen her singing, shes not that  very well done. By saying that theres something missing, she doesnt have any personality at all. She has this stock up bitchiness attitude in front of her no matter if she smiles. Ive been a fan of idol since its started, and guess what iam a filipino but i live in california for 20 years , i know whats up …. Shes very stock up and bitchy and she deserves to be eliminated. iam looking forward to joshua to win  Hes the real deal, look  like voice wise late LUTHER VAN OSS… great voice joshua. JESSICA  can leave  now.America knows how to vote.

    • Filipino with a Polish name-good one! Please take some English classes.It’ll enhance your believability when you comment.

      • @2f3fa713d2cadf191742db5e9aa9e389:disqus Did it occur to you that she has a Polish husband?  Idiot.

    • Really????You are a Filipino, or maybe just pretending to be one to spread hate towards Jessica?Filipinos everywhere unite when called and needed.I cannot sense even an ounce of Filipino blood in you.

  32. Judges save is a terrible idea. If she wins the show appears to be a coronation not a competition. If she loses it will be blamed on viewer backlash toward the judges and this will tarnish the winner. The judges put the show in an untenable situation. I do have to say the judges rushing the stage reminded me more of WWE than American idol.

    • i remembered when kanye west take microphone from taylor swift at vma and said beyonce should win this …..haha…LOL…same like the judges…very unprofessional….

  33. That’s a far cry of a different story than she portrayed in her scripted on stage answer to Ryan’s question. 

    It just proves that where you finish in this competition is no indication of your talent or potential at this stage of the game.

    This is the 11th season of American Idol. All of these contestants and their supporters now come into this competition fully prepared and educated on what it takes to manipulate the system and get to the top of the rankings. When this happens in certain sports they work very hard in the off season to change the rules to put everyone back on an even playing field. The AI producers live by the old adage “If it aint broke don’t fix it.” Well it is now broke and needs to be fixed. They need to take a risk for the 12th season and come up with something to throw an extra twist into this that will correct some of the problem issues with this competition.

    None of those explanations are what caused her to get the fewest votes. It was a combination of factors and it has nothing to do with whether or not she sings well or what song she chose to sing. She actually did a better job on that song than the original artist in my opinion.

    The reasons she is not the most popular are:

    1. Her obnoxious fans. They don’t understand American culture. If someone tells us to stand up we will sit down. If someone tells us to speed up we will slow down. Just let a tailgater get on my bumper and blow the horn and see what I do. Her fanatical followers have hurt her more then they will ever know. Some of this damage will follow her the rest of her career.

    2. She is a carbon copy of so many people that are already out there flooding the market with her type of music. She did not create this music or write the lyrics. She is just emulating what someone else has already done. I want to see her do something original and completely different. It has to be her and not her best impression of someone else.

    3. The voting demographic is stacked against her. While I hate to admit it, there are a lot of teen girls out there voting for the cutest guys on the show. I would say at least 50% or more are young girls. But I personally don’t see that as a problem. It is these same young girls who are going be buying the most music so they should flood the market with artists and songs that will sell the most. It just makes good business sense. When you see a crowd of screaming fans jumping up and down and crying and crowding around to see their favorite singer who is it? I don’t see a bunch of boys crowding around Beyonce screaming and crying and waving things at her to autograph and throwing their underwear on the stage. Do you? A male singer does not have to do anything special to attract these young admirers either. They don’t have to wear revealing clothing. They don’t have to wiggle around and dance in provocative ways either. All they have to do is look attractive in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and that’s it.

    4. The judges have turned people against her. They did it again Thursday night. They have good intentions toward Jessica but they are forgetting about the other contestants and Americans tend to have a negative reaction to that. Most American’s are very sympathetic to people whom they perceive to be at a disadvantage. Whether it be in this competition or in life in general. We try to help our physically and mentally challenged people, we try to help other less fortunate people around the world and we try to be benevolent towards others around the world that are less fortunate than ourselves whom conduct themselves and their governments in a manner consistent with our own values. So as an American I will say that I also tend to lean towards the “underdog” in situations like this and support those whom others have, in my opinion, trod upon.

    5. And last but not least at the end of the day we want to be entertained. Americans love a beautiful song and love hearing a great singer sing that song. But we also, sometimes, just want to have a good time. It’s not always all about the art of the music to most people. Sometimes it’s just about feeling good, laughing, dancing or tapping your foot and enjoying life. Music doesn’t always have to be emotional or moving or inspirational. Sometimes it can just be for having fun! Make people smile, make them like you and want to listen to you and make them feel happy. How can a sixteen year old girl sing about things that she obviously has no experience with in her short life and expect to move people emotionally to the point that they just can’t wait to go and buy her album. It’s just not believable. Most of the younger artists that have grown to be successful in their career started out singing songs that fit their age at first and then later on they sang about their personal experiences and it was believable because it was indeed authentic. At the end of the day I think she just needs to sing things that fit her age. I think Hollie needs to do the same thing.

    •  Great post!  I totally agree with you, and just to add, = Judge Randy needs to move on to greener pastures, his days on Idol are over and he is no longer objective or legitimate in his judging.   He says alot of junk and meaningless stuff, then tries to look like he’s taking the opposite side if Jennifer and Steven are agreeing about someone.    It is so fake.  

      • Jennifer showed she is not up to the job either,  last year with Karen, 
        Now Jessica.  Let’s not mention all her gushing comments over her fav boy.  And can someone please let Steven out to play.  He was so much better last year.  I would rather him cuss then babble!

      • You want me to write it over again? I only get that full of crap about once a year. Sorry I can’t write it again.

      • @Taymaro:disqus no thanks anyways…i dont want to bore my self to death reading your crap..:*

    • Re no. 2, i think you can say the same thing about the other contestants. And i beg to disagree about jessica simply emulating someone else. There is uniqueness in the way she interprets her song choices. Everybody has a dream and stuttering are perfect examples. 

    • Very good post.  Can I cut and paste this and send it to many of Jessica’s fans especially on youtube?

      • The only thing is – most of your reasons are not what American Idol should be about.  I have a hunch had the current voting system been the same when Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood won, they probably did not win at all. Kelly and Carrie won at the time when very few people knew about the power of POWER VOTING and the power of ONLINE voting. If the producers really want to yield credible results, they really have to rethink their voting system.     

  34. Blame the judges for constantly pointing out who their favorite is. And what is with the saying ” I have been working for this all my life”, When you are in your 30s or 40s then you can use that phrase not when you are only a teenager

    • duh don’t you get it what she means is she’s been singing since she was a child until now that’s why she said “i’ve been singing all my life” moron

      • just that you called this person a moron for not agreeing with you is disgusting.   There are reasons Jessica’s a hard working girl, google her.  Her family wants a star.

      • Hey essa, dont play clean alright! Didnt you just call jessica’s mom a puppet just because she is guiding her daughter to what she wanted to do and wanted to become! I hate hypocrites like you who’s pretending to be good when your so full of crap yourself. At least other fans out there abe brutally frank and honest! And with the way your acting, you are jeopardizing the chances of your beloeved philip as well and may diminish further the little fan base that he has. Hypocrite!!

    • what are this people up to? they are judging the words of a 16 year old wrongly. It’s so easy to comprehend what she meant about “working hard all my life”.  She obviously did not come from a rich family, and is very clear that she was referring to her skills or talent.  Broaden your mind people…. 

    • It is really disappointing how people took Jessica’s words literally.I’ve heard that several times but it never occured to me that “work hard” would mean JOB!I would interpret that as working hard to perfect her craft.Students often say that when referring to studying hard.I refuse to believe that idiots exist here,but now, I think otherwise.

  35. I now beleave there is no need to watch Idol anymore,it is the judges choice,not American Idol. These judges have did the show in! Good luck to everyone ,but hope the judges fall on their butts, for taking it away from the public.

  36. So did the 3 judges tell us the viewers that we are not smart enough to pick our own idol. Randy, Steven and Jennifer may be talents but we know what we like. Jessica can only sing one type of song well and some other cintestants have more diverse talents. I dont like people telling us what we ahould like. Since im not smart enough to vote correctly I won’t watch anymore!

  37. that ones that usually win  AI…thoes are the people that are usually forgotten,,the ones that makes it 7th 6th 5th or even 3rd placer those are the people that  will have a career,,,,,simply because america always picks the wrong winner,,,,so jessica sanchez,,,,you already have a career….forget winning,,,,the worst you can do is 2nd place,,,,that will be great…l can say america did the right choice…..

  38. stop non-sense blurb, win or lose there is life for jessica in post-idol, we will seeing more of her, akon is a firm believer of that

  39. I am a big fan of Jessica. There is nothing wrong with Jessica’s talent and her voice. Her problem for me is her boasting on each interview before the competition. She said she has 20 million cousins, and 20 thousand uncle and aunties, who would vote for someone which has a large relatives already? I mean maybe she just exaggerated it a bit but being true to yourself (might as well keep bbchez silent for awhile) is what matters most on the competition.

    I also hated the groupings in the competition, leaving Jessica quite lonely on a trio with hollie and joshua as bestfriends.

    • C’mon … the 20 million cousins and 20 thousand cousins comment was meant to be funny (and it’s actualy a culture thing). 

      What a lot of people might not understand about filipinos is that we are very ‘clannish’ (for lack of a better word). We find pleasure in each others company. We take care of each other beyond what is usual in other cultures.

      We cannot accept that we do ‘nothing’ if we see a fellow filipino or a blood relative in distress. We respect our elders. We take their hands (elders) and press them to our foreheads as a sign of respect. We try not too disrespect them even if we feel that we disagree. 

      I have had occasion to observe caucasians misinterpret this as being timid, or worst, as a kind of humongous inferiority complex but they are wrong. It’s called humility.

      I’m not making any apologies for this because this is a good thing. Jessica is good girl. If she were my daughter I’d be proud. She is an american … but is very filipino in a lot of ways.

    • jessica is just joking so don’t take it seriously and they are leaving her behind because jessica is a big threat to them and have you seen the face of skylar and hollie when the judges used the save on jessica? they look really pissed because they thought that it’s there time to shine once jessica is gone

  40. it was probably a voting fluke since she was never in the bottom 3. If she had really few votes then why on earth was she never in bottom 3 like ages ago., anyway the show did boost up her votes since her supporters would like triple their effort now.

  41. I hate when people try to make this about the color of someones skin! Every single person still on AI, is very talented. All of them except Hollie seem confident and comfortable on stage performing and I would bet they all have wonderful careers ahead of them. All Hollie needs is more maturity as a performer. I love all the remaining contestants for various things they bring to their music……but my favs remain Elise and Philip and Joshua.

  42. i don’t like jessica…i can’t deny that she has a good voice.. but good voice does not enough….her performance always looks same and BORINGG……she need to do something different…

    • like what? do you want her to do the “teach me how to dougie” move while she’s singing? and if she’s boring then don’t watch her and turn off your tv every time she sings it’s as simple as that

  43. I think people are getting tired of her singing the same type of song each week. She needs to do something up tempo tomshowmshenhas versatility.

    • Here’s another one of those who post before they think. Get your facts right dude. 

  44. All this outrage over a save.  Is everyone here delusional?  It’s a reality show and they will play up the drama to increase ratings.  You are all drinking the AI Kool Aid!  

    You think your votes count for anything?  You are basically all voting for who gets a free Ford car!  Other than that, once they hit the top 10, they won.  They go on tour and get PAID.  Jimmy will hand out contracts to whoever he wants, not JUST the winner.  He’s already said Jessica, Joshua, and Elise will get signed.  This is the best top 7 in a long time, maybe ever, and I would not be surprised if 8 or 9 of the top 10 end up signed with a record label.

    The real competition is when the release their first albums.  That will show who the real winner is.  Then you can pay for their music, or steal it from them.  See how great the fans are?  lmao

    • Here’s an idea….Randy should tell everyone who is the best singer and who to vote for each week…..

  45. Jessica is a wonderful singer and I was shocked to see her in the  in bottom three, much less be the one with the lowest votes.  This show isn’t just a signing contest, it is a popularity contest. People have to vote; plain and simple. I really didn’t care for the way the judges ran up onto the stage like that; it seemed tacky.  At this stage in the game, all the contestants are good and from this point on it’s the voters choice. Hope they get it right!

  46. It’s so shame reading all these comments from each one of you.  I agree, I don’t agree. It doesn’t matter.  All of the idols can sing, period.  I love Jessica how she sings and each one of you has their own idol.  Why don’t you enjoy the show and watch your favorite idol and stop degarding each idol here.  If you guys are not kids.  I cannot sing like them, can you?  If so, join the AI and audition for it.  Maybe we can see you there next year.  Enjoy the show on Wednesday.

  47. I appreciate that the judges have a save to use – I just don’t think it was appropriate how they stormed up on stage – I think they looked like fools – they should of let her sing and then use the save if they wish too – even though everyone knew they were as Steven indicated this.  I just think they should treat everyone the same – I was extremely disappointed in the judges conduct – It is Americian Idol not Judges Idol.

  48. From the past record, those who got “saved” won’t last long in the show either…none of them made top 4!

  49. I like all of them.  They would have not been here if they cannot sing.    This is just my opinion that as far as selling records maybe maybe Jessica Sanchez hopefully will have a better chance of selling more.   Since she is American Filipino, Mexican and fans from foreign country such as Philippines and other asian countries also Mexico may support and like her singing and buy her records.   No one will ever know unless it happens.  This is just a thought.    One example was the Linsanity in New York.    Oh well, whoever wins Good Luck.  

  50. Are you kidding Randy???? Vote for the Best. Are you insinuating the rest are not good?

  51. Phillip Phillips is the BEST singer and Musician and Crowd Pleaser….EVEN the 3 JUDGES Have said it OVER AND OVER and over….etc…again…They have to keep telling America To vote for the ones that aren’t as good….example that D-whatever his name was last week and Jeremy from the week before ….Phillip has blown us away every time he gets on stage —EVEN after having surgery the night before….He did great last week but the judges had to put him down to help “LITTLE MISS Jessica cause she has falling down in the level of talent she is able to bring to the table….She has sang all the styles she is capable of singing and now she is out of talent ….we haven;t seen anything yet when it comes to Phillip BECAUSE HE HAS SO MUCH MORE in store for us….HIS TALENT BUCKET is as big as the ocean and Jessica’s is like the Sand pail a kid plays with on the beach watching the huge “Phillip” Tide roll in….Like that baby playing in the sand Jessica better get out of the way cause Phillip is fixing to drown her out of the Competition

    •  I like Phillip, he is good but you have to admit that he sounds and sings the same every week.    He has not changed.   Sorry that is the truth. 

      • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it……Comments made by the judges….and KEEP Doing You….. When Your Great why be Fake and change to a style that is not you?….just asking….

    • Well, Phillip has never blown me away in any of his performances. He sounds exactly the SAME each and every week. I understand you like Phillip a lot. But do you really need to be rude towards Jessica? 

      • Now lets see – Its ok for you to be RUDE about Phillip and say he sounds the same every week but you dont think I should say Jess has ran out of talent? YES Phillilp sounds the same every week—-IF IT SOUNDS GREAT Keep doing You is the comments the judgesa say to him so Why is it you think he should change? just asking…..

      • Phillip doesn’t have the kind of voice to blow you away.  He is a soulful singer who doesn’t seem caught up in the BS.   I didn’t see anything insulting being said about Sanchez.  I think her fans are dazed or something and take everything as an insult.  If this whole thing is real, be happy she is still there.  In seasons past, by this point of the season, the save would be gone and so would she.  So thank Pia Toscano..the judges probably had her on their minds when they wanted to save singers earlier in the game.

    •  As you have stated that she sang different styles but I do not think that she has shown everything and needs to correct you that she has fallen down because she has not.    It is not easy to sing an unpopular song and make it your own and sing it beautifully.   You need to be fair and real and agreed with Princesa that you did not need to be rude to Jessica she has not done anything rude, bad of hurt you emotionally. 

      • I am not at all being rude…. All of the comments that are here putting others comments down are rude in there own right….Only those who are “Trying To Jam Jess Down others Throat” and try to convience others to feel sorry for her to gain votes for her are doing just the oppisite…

    • I think you are seeing it the way around. I think it’s your “PHILiPP” that is singing different songs with the same sounds and the same performance every week. He’s not at all unique but just Dave Matthew’s copy cat. Look at his face when he sings…he always looks like in pain. He seemed he cannot without holding his guitar.  And that’s lack of versatility. I don’t want to compare little Miss jessica with him because they each has their own talent but you are provocative. Jessica is the real talent and 100% deserving to be the next AI. And that’s final!

    • I like Phillip. And at the top 13 point of this show, I thought he was the best. But, it has come to my attention that Phillip will ALWAYS sing a song exactly the same way as he did the week before. He has repeatedly been complimented for making a song his own … And I used to think that as . But, lately I have come to the conclusion that he is just changing a song around to fit … the ONLY way he is capable of singing.

    • really? philips is better than Jessica? well why don’t you ask Jimmy as far as i can remember he said that philips is in danger and should be in the bottom 3 last week because for me he’s got the voice no doubt about it but he’s boring and never want to take risk

  52. Win or lose,Jessica is a great singer,has a potential to be a recording artist, only 16 and already famous.It is just too soon to be eliminated from the group.I expect her to be on the 3 top finalist,better yet,to be the American Idol of this year.Good luck to you Jessica!Too bad,I can’t vote for you because I am not in America.

    •  It is OK if you are not here in USA just make sure that you buy her records if she records any.   Thanks.

  53. Idol succeeded. If it didn’t happen, and say Jessica and Joshua weren’t at the bottom three, this wouldn’t be in the headlines and only a few would talk about Hollie leaving. Apparently we are all still talking about it…and I’m sure more will be in tune to watch AI until the finals.

  54. I love the judges. Thanks for saving the most deserving talent. And thank you for storming up the stage and declaring to the whole world on national tv that Jessica is one of the best. And most of all thank you for pissing off some jaded people that write on this blog….thank you, thank you, thank you!

  55. Jessica has the best voice in the competition. She will have a great career regardless of Idol.

    • You sound like my mother.  She always says she doesn’t care who wins, they all will have nice careers.   BS @Diane..I think they get on the show for more than a career, they are competing for the win.

  56. Jessica we think you are a really talented singer and deliver your songs with such feeling and professionalism. It is amazing for a girl as young as you. You have been given a wonderful talent and we can’t wait to see you in future. Here in South Africa you are a favourite!! Come on Americans can you not recognise talent such as this! Vote for this girl!!!

    •  Thanks Loraine,  I just cannot understand why others are saying that she is boring when she has sung Whitney’s song beautifully and has given us variety of her singing style.   Glad to know that as far as South Africa she has someone believing in her talent, hoping that internationally she can be recognized.  

  57. Without a doubt, the Judges were coorect in using the save on Jessica. But, it was no fluke that Jessica was in the bottom 3. I say this because:

    1- As great a singer as Jessica is, she is not a great performer. And because of that I and apparently a lot of other people seldom feel a connection to her performance.
    2- But the biggest reason of all she was in the bottom three is because Jessica is not a cute, young boy. And cute, young boys are the ones that most all the pre-teen girls vote for. And those pre-teen girl are the ones who EACH vote 1000 time a night. And because of those pesky pre-teen girl voters I highly suspect we will have mid level talants like Phillip and Colton facing off in the finale. SAD, BUT TRUE. Parents: Please disconnect your phones every week after American Idol is over. I’m bagging you.

    • apparently I was incorrect in my speling of ther word correct. But, I hope you understood anyway.

      • Urrr. And now I misspell the word spelling. Note to myself … In the future, proof-read before hitting the post button.

    • Hey what Judge is This?…..Midlevel Talent? are You watching the same Show as everyone else? OK Heres a challange for you—Go to YouTube and type in Phillip Phillips -Watch all the Comp. he has won over the last 5years…. Now type in Jessica Name and you get NOTHING Before Idol…. as they say GOOD is Good in the PAST PRESENT and Future…. She has No History other than Teenage Social Med. and Goofy Photos on them…Phillip didnt even have a FB page untill Idol made him one….All the videos of him are w/his band and @compitions everywhere….1st Place everyone…. Watch and see…You will be suprised at what you see…. He is a seasoned Artist….He has put in the work and this is his PASSION -Even the judges keep saying it -EX: JLo said “when you sing it runs thru your body and you get that when your in the Moment Music Makes everything go away” Jess said”I have Worked Hard All My Life” What??? She comes from a rich family and she is spoiled rotten-(which is not a bad thing) All her life? she is barely 16-…..

      • her mother is jobless and her dad is a soldier,  she probably meant,  she’s been working on improving her talent since young girl, to be able to help her family someday. I heard her say that before, when she was interviewed.

      • OK, I admit Phillip is more talanted than Colton.. And Phillip is a better mcisian than most, if not all as well..  But, his contination of doing every song EXACTLY the same, with only a change in the lyrics has become a bit bothersome for me. And has for some time now. So, he has slipped into the middle of the talnat pool for me personally.

      • you’re saying that Jessica is rich? are you her neighbor or do you know her personally? don’t say something stupid if you’re not sure

      •  It is supposed to be that Phillip could have attained more progress in his life as he is older and Jessica only turned 18 years old.    How do you know that she is spoiled rotten?    They are all good singers otherwise they will not be the top 7 American Idols.   Be fair and not so cruel with your comments.    You need to be fair and realize that Phillip style of singing is exactly the same every week.   As one of the comments I have just read, his facial expressions  seems to be in pain when he is singing.  

  58. Yes Jessica should have been saved, but the judges went way overboard i n saving her. No where have I ever seen a judge indicate who their favorite was. The judges should have stayed in their seats, and let Jessica sing just like all the other contestants. Way overboard and I was very disappointed in all three judges.

  59. I think even though Jessica was saved she is still in danger. I seriously do not think there should be a save and I think the judges made a fool out of themseves by storming onto the stae. They should have let Jessica finish her entire song  and then discuss whether she should be saved or not. Only my opinion. Viewers have establised their favorites by now and there are other contestents  besides Jessica. I think the final two will be Joshua and Skyler. Powerful voices.

  60. Skylar, Colton, Hollie, Joshua, Jessica, Philip Elise ranked in order of how i think it should be…

  61. People are crazy!!! Everytime something happens to someone they blame it on racism…Oh Please!!!! Im so tired of hearing people play that card… Its like if you dont vote for someone that is colored …automically youre racist…

  62. I think that Jessica is still in danger.  There is very little difference in talent between the 7 remaining contestants so it all comes down to personal preference.  Jessica has shown that she is vulnerable, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is eliminated this week.  Since she and Hollie seem to be splitting some votes, I wonder if Hollie will be in a stronger position once Jessica is eliminated.

  63. I am  52 years old, a singer and had been watching singing contests all over the world since I was young. Before, only the judges will decide who will win. In the latter days, the organizers adopted a format like the American Idol where the audience decide. Some other shows used the 50/50 decision format. What I see in Jessica is that she could interpret a song very well even if  it is not melodious to the ears. She can raise a dead song back to life. I viewed repeatedly  the performance of the other 6 and I see how mediocre they sing. I cannot see unusual, amazing, awesome or extraordinary in their style and voice quality. What I am driving here is that singing is not only of looks but of good voice, poise and exceptional talent. This is not a beauty contest. The Americans did loved colored skinned and no-good-looking singing artists before and they are right because  these singers turned out to be great. In fact these singers  won multiple grammy awards. If Jessica did choose a bad song, she should not land on the bottom. Where is the wisdom of the people whom I regard highly as Christians and superior in intellect, in  race and almost everything. Is it the signs of the times that the great American empire is dawning? I am a person who adore the Amercans more than all other  human race. But with the unwanted turn of events, from Abu Ghraib prison scandal to AIG downfall and American Idol fiasco. I am so apprehensive of the future of the country and people whom I revered so much. If the Roman Empire  perished because of moral problem after more than a thousand years, the American Empire  may fall into the dustbin of history before the turn of the century as other countries are emerging to be much wiser and richer. Take a prophetic view as nonsense and it will come true.

    •  Hi Altorp,

      What is all this had to do with Jessica’s performance last Wednesday.

      One question,  are you a professional singer?  I really do not buy what you are selling, fall of the roman empire, what is that had to do with
      what happen in a singing competition?  All this speech because Jessica came in last?  What happens if next week she was sent home, are you going to predict the end of the world?  Please be objective, with all due respect.

      Seven good singers competing to win, they are all good.  The best performer/singer wins period.  Anyone of them can do it at this point.

      Just saying……………

      • He is saying that america is losing the qualities that has made it great. Plain and simple. It is a bit out of topic, but his thoughts are worth a moments notice … IMO.

  64. Sorry cant stand her! Shes over confident and not entertaining. Pretty thing with a good voice. That is all

    • Confidence is a good thing. I can’t understand claims of her being cocky and smug and all the other crap people are talking about.

      She talks abouts ‘boy’s and nails and shopping’ and a few jerks find this as threatening and ‘cocky’. Then they spread this crap all over the web. NOW … how silly is that? She asks Stefani (mentor) for a hug and these jerks jump all over bristling and spitting like alley cats.

      The truth is they find her cocky because they feel Jessica can beat their own personal idols. They feel threatened and therefore in their small minds … this translates to cockiness.

      From my standpoint … what they are doing is plain old mudslinging. The spreading of lies to convince everyone that the lie is the truth. What the devil … !!!! 

    • Over confident is an understatement. She’s a cocky, whiny b**ch. She needs to get voted off already >:/

      •  What is your problem JessSux?    Why do you need to be so cruel and personal with your comments.     A person can only write comments as nasty as yours because that is how you might feel and think about yourself.   You do not even know the girl personally. 

  65. Jessica you deserved the judges SAVE. You have all the qualifications of American Idol and International class. You  are almost there, keep it up!

  66. I really like Jessica but I think it was her song choice. I didn’t like the song or the way she sang it but I don’t believe she should have been in the bottom 3 or the one with the lowest votes. I am sure no matter which way it goes she will have a career in singing, if not American Idol then someone will snap her up for sure. People must vote and that is the key to keeping the best of the best there.

  67. I may stop watching this show if Jessica doesn’t at least make it to the final three. Vote For The Worst is trying to ensure the 5th WGWG (white guy with a guitar) winner. Looks like its working…

    • Please stop watching.  So tired of people saying their fav is the best.  If a guy wins, its bc America voted that way.  Everyone gives teenaged girls way too much credit for picking the winner.   It is a voting show, so if u r not a teenager, VOTE and stop blaming others bc they don’t like Sanchez.  The world won’t stop turning if she didn’t when she lost America’s Got Talent.   By the middle of June, everyone will forget anyway..until next January when they are bored.

  68. The judges will use their save that night whoever will be voted thats what they said its so happned that its jessica is the ine at the bottom,so its unfair for jessica for saying shes not worth the save

  69. A lot of people seemed to be shocked that Jessica had the lowest number of votes last week. I for one am not shocked at all. Here are my reasons for saying that:

    1- Jessice and Joshua without a doubt both have the best voice and vocal control of any performer this season. But, BOTH of these performers are not great enough at performing a song to the point that I (or a lot of other people) can feel the passion of the song. Meaning a great singer does not automatically mean a great performer. David Archeletta from a couple seasons back was a good singer, but not a good performer, yet he reached 2nd place. The reason for that is (see below).

    2- The biggest reason for Jessica being in the bottom 3 is that she is not a young, handsome man. Those pesky pre-teen girls almost without fail, almost always vote for who is the cutest. Unfortunetly, pre-teen girls are the ONLY ones who will vote 1000 times a night … EACH. As long as that happen we can pretty much expect mid -level talants like Colton and Phillip to win the show. Note to parents … If you have young pre-teen girls … Please disconnect your phone line every night after american Idol. And if you have a pre-teen girl who has her own cell phone, remove the battery. America Idol fans like myself, will thank you.

    • so true! AMERICAN IDOL should have a LIGITIMATE winner based on TALENT. look what happened to Scotty McCreery last year. His album didnt sell, and nobody cares for him. He looked like an Idiot in winning American Idol last year. 

      Honestly, Pia Toscano,  Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart  and James Durbin are MILES better singer than Scotty.  But what happened? The low IQ pre-teen girl are voting for the Scotty.Dont let this happened again. So vote for the best! Jessica and Joshua!

      • This is the 6th time I’ve seen a stupid comment like this…

        WHO is saying this that makes ya’ll believe it?!? 

        As previous posters have said, Scottie’s album has gone platinum AND he was named best new artist in COUNTRY Music.  The largest single genre music base going right now.

        I realize that people are “Country’d out” or don’t get it…but since a very large, if not majority, of the voting base is from the Midwest and the South, is it surprising that a Country Singer wins this competition?

  70. In reality teens are for cute guys only why worry for this fan base,they got no money to buy their idol cd records once it was released.It will not recognized globaly,

  71. In reality teens are for cute guys only why worry for this fan base,they got no money to buy their idol cd records once it was released.It will not recognized globaly,

  72. Supposedly Phillip or Colton won the contest in this AI11 this season 2012,b’coz of massive voting of their teen boopers only, you think they will be recognized globaly?Of course no it was them who put the winner in danger it will be isolated for them buying the records only.
    Businessman are not targeting  Americans only,they are clever,the most talented AI11 contestants will be in recording to earn more profits for them around the world.

    • Obviously, NO! Look what happened to Scotty McCreery last year. His album didnt sell, and nobody cares for him. He looked like an Idiot in winning American Idol last year. 

      Honestly, Pia Toscano,  Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart  and James Durbin are MILES better singer than Scotty.  But what happened? The low IQ pre-teen girl are voting for the Scotty.Dont let this happened again. So vote for the best! Jessica and Joshua!

      • Completely false.  Scotty’s album went Platinum, they gave him an award on the Idol broadcast certifying platinum.  His first singe was on the charts for 30+ weeks.  The second single is climbing the charts right now.  He got the New Artist of the Year Award and he’s on tour through next October.  You just made a real fool of yourself.

      • Hi Andrew_Sanders,

        You obviously not a country music fan or you would not say that at all.  To make matters worst ,  you just insulted an awfull lot of people in the USA, wow low IQ pre-teen girls, what planet did you came from.

        But your biggest blunder is you say things without checking the facts first.  Unless you have no clue how many album you have to sell to have “Platinum Status” but I already know you don’t know that, right?
        Scott did that in his first year, some of the people you mentioned might take years to get platinum, maybe never and many more artists that come and go in the music business would give up  their first born
        ( just kidding ) just to have Gold Status , but Platinum?????

        Of course since you are not a country fan , you would not know who
        Brad Paisley is and The Band Perry who is touring with Scotty Mccreery
        in a series of concerts across the USA.  That is a big  oooooooops.

        Next time, to redeem some credibility here, check with resources like
        google and wikipedia first, then you can yak here and give your 2 cents worth of info. Right?

  73. I watch American Idol in Australia and was a big fan until i seen the results of the voting last week.I don’t know how Jessica or Joshua with their talent could have both been in the the bottom 3.It does not make any sense to me, and i think it will put a lot of viewers of the program.

  74. All three judges going on stage with their comments was totally uncalled for as they were telling the voting public who to vote for.  To each her/his own!  It is America voting for these contestants, not the judges.  It is obvious from the judges’ comments who their favorite contestants are and those who are not.  Negative comments by the judges compel some people to vote for that person just to make a statement that people do not want to be told who to vote for.  Let the votes decide the winner.

  75. She was saved this week – but will be one of the two that go next week.  The judges made a fatal error by reacting the way they did.  We the audience are getting very tired of their comments and favouritism.

  76. i love jessica…she may have connected with the judges but she just can’t seem to connect with the voters…she must sing the most popular songs next time and we’ll see what happens…

    • Song choice is not the problem.  The problem is that the Idol audience is looking for an engaging personality, charisma, star power.  JSan does not connect in that way.  People can appreciate her vocal ability, but can’t fall in love with her personality.

  77. stop non-sense blurb! win or loss there is life for jessica in post-idol, we will be seeing more of her, akon is a firm believer of that

  78. Exactly why I dislike American Idol now, it is no longer about the talent but who can get the most vote.  Darn shame, Jessica is probably the most talented singer in that bunch but yet she there’s a strong possibility that she could be going home next week!  I just hope that her talent would not go to waste and somehow get what her talent really deserves.  America had been getting it wrong to the last several years, just hope this time they get it right!  All the best Jessica, not matter what happens in the next few weeks, know that you’ll always be an extra ordinary singer.  Best of luck! 

  79. Jessica is the only one who makes American Idol popular this 2012. She should win!! :)))

  80. Jessica is amazing in all her songs,some might not be the best…Joshua is good but nothing extra-ordinary,so much drama when he sings trying to reach a high notes..It was shocking for everyone for her to be eliminated..Judges were doing the right decision!

    • I agree with you. Besides of all the contestants, it’s Jessica’s performance  which is worth watching for. She’s the only contestant where Jimmy mentioned that “if Jessica goes, everybody should go”. I was just surprised that amongst the top 10 contestants, she’s the only female and Philip amongst the male who didn’t go to the bottom 3. Only last wednesday and then she got the lowest vote. Really surprised!!

      • If Jessica goes, American Idol producers will witness the biggest drop in ratings in their history. Those multiple text votes do not translate to viewership. One teen girl texting hundreds of times is still a single viewer.

  81. its simple my dear… 
    who do you think is the beutiful voice in this competition?
     its holie… but she dont know how to use it.. maybe after 2 to 3 year she will will win this competition..
    the BEST is no other than JESSICA S.. Agree?

  82. All the remaining contestants are great, they all need more experience and seasoning.  Jessica has the most potential.  

    Jessica didn’t get the votes this week because she’s not from the South.   She’s from the West Coast and Idol is no longer “cool” in the West and East Coasts.  AI doesn’t have “street cred”.  So the most fanatic voters are tweeners and grandmas from the South and they connect with the rest of the contestants.  You think it’s coincidence that every one left but her is from the South and she was the lowest vote getter?  You think those Idol voting parties are happening in Los Angeles or New York?  I live in Los Angeles and I’ve NEVER seen any sign or poster for a contestant from LA.  You’re just another talented wannabe if you’re from a big city, but if you’re from a small town or state, you’re a big deal and if you have everyone in a town voting hundreds of times for you, it’s gonna add up.  That’s why America’s gotten it right only twice in the last 10 seasons.  Kelly and Carrie.

    • So, why do people from the coasts continue to try out?  If one lives near NYC or LA there are lots of places to get discovered.  If Idol is all about the south and mid-west, so be it.  That’s where the viewers live and vote so make it mid-American Idol.  I’m good with that.

      • They are aware enough to recognize the media exposure helps them get doors open to those outlets even if they have a small chance to appeal to the mid south voters. Record companies know the American Idol demographic no longer represents who buys albums worldwide. With online music purchases, Jessica’s worldwide crossover appeal potential is huge.

  83. im a fan of jessica but what happened that night wont benefit her at all…it ignited word war,racism issue,favoritism and some other ugly things which on my opinion doesn’t have anything to do with the show..

    • Yeah. That’s what I’ve observed, too. This war of who the best is sparked a lot of issues that are so far from the reality of events.

  84. First, I think they were right to save her. I think at this point in the competition pepple focus more on who they want to save instead of who they want to win. I think that why we have stuff like this happen. I haven’t voted for Jessica much this season but I do think she should win. Last week I was voting to save Phil and Elise. If Jessica doesn’t win i hope she and her mom realize how amazing she is.

  85. I am not in America but I do watch the show because of Jessica Sanchez, I love her voice. It is sad to say I can not vote for her. I hope America vote for the best singer  not by the race or the color of  the skin or the looks. This is not a beauty contest.

    • Actually, it kind of is.  This is Idol not singer.  The winner needs more than a good voice.  If it was all about vocal ability, there wouldn’t be age limits.  the search is for an attractive, charismatic vocalist who will attract fans, sell music and concert tickets and make money.  Marketability is the key.  People will spend a lot on an entertainer they love even if their voice is mediocre [Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson etc.].

      • what can you tell about Fantacia B? She’s not beautiful, but she has the gifted voice. If you will just rely on her looks, who will buy her CD’s and who’ll watch her concert?

      • Jessica got it all except the mediocre level voice. Coz her voice is excellent. Her marketability is worldwide as shown in video sharing sites and some polling sites. Million views in just a matter of days , who can do that among the other finalists?

      • i disagree !! I would never buy a disc just because the artiste is good looking or charming. Come On !! AI is a singing competion, and not only Randy but in the past Simon has also time and again stressed this on air. So I totally disagree that “AI is kind of a beauty contest. It was a singing competion but is now turning into a beauty contest

      • With the top youtube vids, the adoration of industry pros and worldwide appeal ( who outnumber the teen girls here) Jessica easily meets these requirements.

  86. This is exactly what happend to pia last year,exept for the part that Jessica was saved.and she deserves it,i mean come on jessica sanchez 7th place????
    wake up people and start voting for her,a million thanks to the judges for the save.

  87. It is hard to choose as they are all good. I do think Holly needs to step it up and find her confidence. She is amazing but she needs to believe she can do anything.
    I agree Judges were unprofessional esp. Jennifer. What is up with Steven lately he doesn’t seem like himself the last couple episodes. I also think Ryan should not ask the judges on who they believe is safe. That really upsets me as it feels as if they are trying to persuade my vote.


    • This James…no I’m not a hater and would never use that kind of language. I like Jess, I just don’t like JessPushers telling me and others how to vote.

  89. Fast Facts
    1 This IS a reality show and if anyone doesn’t think the producers have a hand in what happens, they don’t understand reality shows. It’s based on ratings. Ratings are low and if things went according to plan, ie Sanchez/WGWG in the finals, well how is that going to help the ratings?
    2 The save was already set in stone, so to create “ratings” let’s put Sanchez in danger and we’re sure to get a buzz going.
    3 Not to knock anyone, but how dumb would AI be to eliminate a contestant that has the top 5 viewed songs on the AI web site, by miles. If/when she leaves AI “ratings” are done, toast, caput,over, however you want to say it. This isn’t anything against the other contestants, see I don’t have a horse in the race.
    4 There is a difference for voting for your favorite or who you think is the best. Randy says, “vote for the best” when all I hear Ryan say is vote for your favorite to keep them in the competition, so which is it? And please don’t come back with people for for their favorite cause they think they’re the best, tell that to all the 12 yr girls that vote that don’t know the difference between a guitar and a set of drums.
    5 Finally, since it is a reality show and others do have a horse in the race, (producers, Jimmy, Nigel ) they will do whatever they can, pull whatever strings they need to, to set themselves up for whatever prize ( contestant) that’s going to help “ratings” and $$$$$.

  90.  Really, she is all that?  Did you personally know the girl that you can judge her personality just by looking at her smile.    If you know what an egotistical smile is then you are probably describing yourself.   What has she done to you to be so mean and rude with your comments.   

  91. jessica is an amazing voice and an amazing talent, and I see the way america is looking at her song (in the ways it was boring, song was unknown.) but she did not deserve to be in the bottom 3. The bottom three should of been elise, phillip, and holly. please don’t hate as this is just my opinion.

    P.S. My fave singers are Colton, Joshua, and Skylar.

    P.P.S. I reckon all of the top 8 will get record deals. 🙂

  92. Jessica is the talk of the town these past few weeks.  she makes more american idol famous. Let’s support her all the way to finale!

  93. The judges never said they want Jessica to win nor she is their favorite.  They said “she is ONE of the best!” not “she is the best”. puhhlleaasseee…

  94. I believe what happened to Jessica, Joshua and Elise is complacency of their fans in voting and  not some other theories out there. Since Hollie and Philip were in danger because they weren’t that great last Tuesday their fans voted in triple effort to save them. They probably voted till their finger got numbed from pressing the dial and that saved them from being in the bottom 3.

  95. I have a positive feeling about what actually transpired last Thursday. Jessica’s near elimination may actually bring in more advantages for her and if I am not mistaken, this is the start of her ascend to being proclaim the winner of AI. The unanimous decision of the judges in saving her will work both ways…. benefiting Jessica, the judges, and the whole AI production.. take note particularly of the ratings this coming week. 

  96. They say that Jessica can’t win now cause everyone who was saved by the judges before ended up being eliminated sooner or later. But In my opinion it’s because they are  NOT-POTENTIAL-TYPES-WINNERS, unlike Jessica. Jessica already had lots of moments and will make more this coming weeks. I think she just earned her spot in the top 3, and will make it all the way to the finals. 

  97. THE JUDGES GOT IT RIGHT !!! Jess gonna kick some butt this week !!!!! NOW JESS FANS !!!! The whole 2 hours every Wednesday night all the way to the FINALE ! Jess deserves to be there !!!!!

  98. Yes, Jessica did choose a “boring” song, but she did deliver. This just proves how a great a singer she is. She is willing to take chances and try any song making it her own. That’s why AI is now becoming a popularity show….teenboppers voting for good looking guys instead of honestly and truly vote on the merits of a person’s voice. This is really a disappointment…..need i say more? The results of last week’s show and early ousting out of ppl like Tamyra Gray, Doherty, Pia Toscano, Jennifer Hudson go to proof that voices do not matter any more and that, is sad, so sad……

  99. attitude??? do you know her personally??? and she’s not lucky because she was pure talent and she’s the most watched contestant this season and without jessica it will be BORING to watch AI and admit it or not this girl is more popular than the other 6 and if you have time check her facebook and twitter so you’ll know that she has thousands of followers and some of her you tube videos already reached million hits

  100. COME ON GUYS… 

  101. Maybe the bottom 3 should “sing for their lives,” and Jimmy Iovine should make the save choice. It’s not the save that bothers me, it’s the way it was handled by the judges–jumping up on stage, stopping the performance, and making off-the-wall comments that belittled the other contestants. That behavior was “poor judgment” IMO. If the judges can’t be professional, they should be eliminated with no “save.”

    • Also evident that it didn’t help Jessica either. They should have just gone ahead and unanimously announce they would save any of the bottom three (which Steven alluded to) prior to hearing who the least vote getter was. Then tell them to sing them off to next week. The suspense was killed anyway and just confused Jessica even more. Then that stage stampede just soured everyone involved.

  102. As a Canadian, Watching this show for me over theyears was like having a root canal until I heard Jessica’s voice….Then I started watching it again.

    I think Steven Tyler had it wrong when he blamed the elimination was based on her song selection.  All the other singers choose songs in their confort zone.  Jessica was the only one to come out of the box.

    Also, I believe this “LANDSLIDE” began when JLo told Jessica that she should have more “Joshua Ledet” type performances.  makes no difference if it was Jessica or another singer…..a comment like that should have “NEVER” been said.  That was a slap in the face…..JLo basically said that Joshua Ledet was better than her and she should pick up the pace.  If memory serves me correctly….did Jessica not already do that when she sang..”Turn The Beat Around” and the judges telling her not to go stray too far from the songs she really should be singing……..BLOODY HELL……

    And I agree with “SHERWIN”….she is a Global Artist.

    • Steven was also the judge who advised her to stay with ballads. I wonder if he ever saw the show before, that was horrible advice beacuse Jessica does excellent upbeat songs with Current material.

  103.  is everyone forgetting that judges said joshua was best singer not long ago anyways neither will win colton or phil should jess all of them are talented just dont feel jess is th next a1 she can sing but this week wasnt very good sorry but dont think she should have been saved saved card should be banned anyways i dont blame her for been saved gl to her and all of them sure they all have a good future ahead of them i feel the winner should be someone who takes risks and has whole packag and she hasnt been nor a few of them

    • is there any comma or period you could use? It’s quite difficult to understand, sorry. 🙁 you could edit it though 🙂

  104. TMZ reporting:
    AI producers informed the Judges prior to the show that Jessica had the lowest votes and encouraged the Judges to use their save. 

  105. finally got to see the elimination show over the weekend.  is this “american idol” or “as the world turns”?  our three judges are the biggest drama queens since lindsay lohan and all her hijinks!!  i adore jessica and think she’s a superb singer BUT…to have all three of them rush the stage with miss jlo in the lead and pull that stunt!!  puh-leeeeze!!  the sh0w is now bordering on the absurd and if the three stooges pull another stage rushing act again, i suggest that fox seriously thinks about renewing their contracts

  106. I wonder If that moment Jessica won’t won, and as time pass by, she will just be more or indeed way more popular than this season’s winner. 🙂

  107. She really is good but she just isn’t connecting with me. But there’s no doubt who the judges want to win. If I remember right it is up to the voters. There’s no reason for them to have acted the way they did. I’m not sure if I will continue to watch this season. Disappointed !!!!

    • I agree with you Sherrylee_444!!  Yes I like what you said. It is very obvious who the judges want to win!  It looked ridiculous they way they rushed up there like that. Only someone dumb would make their self look stupid like they did. I agree with you. If that kind of thing or some of the other dumb things the judges have said keeps on I will not watch again either!! Totally disappointed!!! 

  108. It’s actually the *first* time the Save makes practical sense. None of the previous save contestants were eer front runners of this magnitude nor generated the shocked response from the general viewership. No one was predicting Jessica to go the day before.

  109. Go Jessica Sanchez I know you are going to make it this coming wednesday! You are a great singer the Judges were right in saving you.

  110. Biggest Drop in American Idol ratings history will happen if Jessica goes. Multiple texting does not translate to viewer count.

  111. Jessica is talented.  However, I feel that the judges should stay neutral in their comments.  Randy Jackson should not say things like “Come on people, lets vote for who can win”.  I can only imagine how the other contestants felt when he said that.  

    • If Randy is going to make comments like that he should not be judging at all !!  If Simon was there that kind of Goo Goo would not be taking place. Even if Randy thinks Jessica should win he should not have said that. He should be fired!  In the 10 years I have been watching the show I have NEVER heard a judge make a dumb comment like that. It is not fair to the other contestants. Nigel, You need to tell Randy to quit making stupid comments like that . Or he is out of there. Jessica is talented. and I like her. But she is not the only talented one left!!!  And look at it like thisi!!! AMERICA VOTED!!! So does america know what it is doing or not?? If you think not then america should not pick the winner!!  Ergo ADAM LAMBERT!

  112. this might be the biggest convention of Jessica haters… You know what they say about someone getting your attention… Some of you are begining to love her because you are so in your spare time and planned to look how Jessica would fare in the show. You follow her and inch by inch hope she would err and tumble.. This would surprise you, i won’t, she is winning this whole damn thing, with or without you haters… HAHAHA

  113. this might be the biggest convention of Jessica haters… You know what they say about someone getting your attention… Some of you are begining to love her because you are so in your spare time and planned to look how Jessica would fare in the show. You follow her and inch by inch hope she would err and tumble.. This would surprise you, i won’t, she is winning this whole damn thing, with or without you haters… HAHAHA

  114.  For me its just a big PUBLICITY! Coz you know “The Voice US” and “xFactor” are two shows that competing against IDOL.  And probably I think as  I always surf the net those two shows have more talks and buzzes than IDOL so…yeah I think its for the rating. Coz you know if you search jessica’s name and joshua’s name being in the bottom three, there’s alot  to read. Stuffs like bad song choices, votes and owh! “RACISM”. In short the show itself  wins!

    •  I also want to ask, is there a site that posts the official vote results for IDOL? Coz I just wish that the last results night was nnot made just to use Joshua and Jessica’s race or color just to make a shock and put the show on top. Come to think of it even a kid will know whose the best singers in IDOL today. Oh please dont put the blame on america if that results night was fake! ITS CRUEL!

  115. I think the results show was preposterous!!!!!Jessisa Sanchez is one of the best contestants ever and definitely Top 2!!!!!

  116. The judges are entitled to do a “save.”  They can do it in a way that is sensational or undramatic.  But of course, this is American Idol…  so, expect shocking moments to be done with lots of melodrama!

  117. Well I know who Akon is, I don’t know who a lot of Rockstars is and Country singers, hell I guessed Steven Tyler was from Gun n Roses, that’s how old he looks. You guys are right before the demographics of A.I became so narrow the show was much fairer. My pick for this season is Jessica Sanchez because I really believe she has the potential to become a pop sensation and a legendary singers. The girl is real cool, she reminds me of the type of girl I would hang with. I don’t see what folks are saying is wrong with her personality, I don’t find her arrogant, concieted are any of that. Her and Elise are my favorite females on the show. Did you know Jessicas performance of sweetdreams has been posted by Beyonce on Beyonce’s official website, did you know the day after she performed Jasmine Sullivans ‘Stuttering’ it became the 4th most downloaded song on itunes and Jasmine Sullivans album shot to number 8(on itunes). Her performance I will always love you is the most watched idol clip ever with over six million views. Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, India Arie, Scott Mccreery, Carrie Underwood, just to name a few have all tweeted that Jessica is their favorite pic to win. The girl is only 16, the only reason she didn’t win amedica’s got talent is because she was 11 years old. She is killing the competition, no doubt she’ll win A.I and be up there in the ranks of Carrie Underwood.

  118. Does anyone else think that the voting was rigged? I think Jessica was probably close to the top in the voting like she usually is, and the produces just wanted to scare her fans into voting even more for her so she is a sure thing for the final. I am a Jessica fan. Just a thought…

    • No I definintely do not think the voting was rigged….believe it or not, there are many many people who feel like I do. Jessica is a good singer, but sooooo very boring..she puts me to sleep and I am in my late fifties, and I find her boring. I do not personally know anyone who is voting for Jessica. I think the votes were correct, but I do think the storming up on stage was set up prior to the show. If  they pull that nonsense once again, they have lost me forever. Those three judges are about one second away from being replaced. Never saw a more boring group of judges in my life. What happened to Steven? Last year I could not wait for him to come on. This year he is so quiet, and just seems so out of it like he would rather be elsewhere. Then go, and let them replace you with a judge who does care. And JLo is so in love with herself it is pathetic. And Randy???? Just strange man.

      • I agree with you KTGST!  She bores me too! I am a bit taken back that Colton was sent home tonight. He has NEVER been in the bottom three. But he had one sucky night last night. And I do no think Jimmy Iovine gave him good advise. If he wanted to have a chance he should have came out there . And blew out with everything he had in ROCK. I mean its not fair. He had 1 lousey night and hes gone???  Duh Jessica had bad parts in her songs too. Out of tune. Pitchy!  And in my opinion the judges running up there like 3 idiots and cuddlying poor Jessica made me want to puke. She is not and was not the only talented person left. Randy said to her Jessica, you shouldn’t even be in the bottom 3. You should be the wniner of this whole thing. I do not know what is going on with Steven. He is a very witty man. I don’t know if he does not feel good or what.

    • I think exactly the same as you. It was rigged! What happened the next week? 53 million votes and lot of money for the producers!! That’s what they wanted.

  119. to all Jessica Sanchez fans: let naysayers be, but let us not concede to defeat, WE have the power to make Jessica Sanchez win thru our votes. Jessica always does her best, but we have to do our part if we want her to win!

  120. the judges are rigth to save jessica sanchez .she deserve it because she is a great singer of american idol.she work very hard for this compettion.

  121. I love Jessica Sanchez because she can sing any song coming from her heart and She is very talented. 

  122. The judges definitely do not speak for the American Public. Not a chance. Jessica was voted at the bottom that week simply because she gave the worst performance that week. Nothing more needs to be read into it. It’s not racist in anyway. America can have short attention spans when it comes to shows like this, and 10’s of millions of votes can be swayed by one bad performance. And that’s what happened. That as well as the favoritism of the judges wears thin on the American Audience. If the judges basically attack the public and tell them they are stupid if they don’t vote for a person, you can bet that person will NOT be voted for. The American Idol judges are the lamest they have ever been, with critiques that border on insane. Jimmy is the only one that tells the truth, and Jimmy has not given Jessica a thumbs up every week. It’s a competition, you have to be great every week. Who gives a damn if she’s half this or half that as far as nationality goes. We don’t give a damn. If you’re the best that week you will stay in the competition. If the judges decide to make a contestant the whipping post of the week, there’s a good chance the American Audience will keep that person in, and if the judges go over board, and basically get on their knees and praise and worship another contestant, you can bet the American Audience will want to throw up and will not vote for them. Judges need to keep their mouths shut.

  123. eu achei uma palhaçada a votação  da semana 
    os melhores foram os menos votados

  124. almost all making comments here are Filipinos haha so typical…  if JS loses, they will surely rally and do what they do best – complain yakety yak yak…

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