American Idol 2012: Top 7 Elimination Results

American Idol 2012 Top 7

American Idol 2012 Top 7 results are in and we’re about to find out who goes home tonight. Ryan Seacrest has promised us a “shocking” result event, but I’m sticking with my prediction that he means who is in the Bottom 3 rather than who goes home.

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Instead of a “Bottom 3” slow boil, Ryan is splitting the finalists in to two groups. Looks like the 7th person will have to identify which group is safe and which is the Bottom 3.

American Idol 2012 Top 7 – “Group A”:

  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Elise Testone
  • Joshua Ledet

American Idol 2012 Top 7 – “Group B”:

  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Colton Dixon

Unless we’re not getting an actual “Bottom 3” for votes tonight I’m very surprised to see Phillip and Colton in the same group tonight with Hollie. They don’t always reveal which finalists were in the “Bottom 3.” Hold that thought! Whoa, whoa, whoa. We do have an official Bottom 3 and you’ll be shocked:

American Idol 2012 Top 7 – Bottom 3:

  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Elise Testone – Ryan reveals she is safe.
  • Joshua Ledet – Ryan reveals he is safe.

Steven Tyler has already revealed that the judges will definitely use the Judges’ Save tonight on any of those three singers. When Jessica starts performing her “Save Me!” song the judges come on stage and stop her. They say she’s not going anywhere tonight. The Judges’ Save has been used for Jessica Sanchez.

American Idol 2012 Top 7 – Elimination Result:

  • Jessica Sanchez – The judges use their save

These singers are safe and make up your American Idol 2012 Top 7:

  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Colton Dixon
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Elise Testone
  • Skylar Laine
  • Jessica Sanchez

What do you think of tonight’s American Idol results? Did America get it right?




  1. i think? skylar, philip or colton will go home tonight…¬†
    holie is one of great voice in this competition agree?

    • ¬†suppose to be but what happened, why all of a sudden jessica sanchez has to go.

      • can we vote for Jessica¬† from canada..we love her a lot… sad for her tonight.

      • Glad she was finally in the bottom three.¬† Getting tired of the judges constantly pimping for the wanna be and baggin on some of the better female singers.

      • youn know its a gimmick for the show to raise ratings last week they were just second to the big bang theory

      • I agree. Hollie sings pretty and she’s cute girl but don’t think she’ll make it. Then again- I never expected to see Jessica almost voted off so what do I know.

      • Hollie has the most powerful voice of them all, you can tell, she has the most control over her voice¬†out of the girls.¬†I wish she would sing I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me.

      • Holli does have a beautiful voice but she doesn’t have the total package. Perhaps she will go home next week.

      • Yes ,, Hollie should go home… She has a voice but not exemplary !!! She can compete on other singing contest ,, like local ones but not this one!!! This is American Idol!!! It means we need to be DIVERSE!!! Welcome all ethnicity!!!!!!

      • That depends on your taste in music, I think she is adorable…you did not see Jessica get invited to the Spring Formal. ¬†Hollie has amazing voice and I am so tired of the judges trying to make up my mind. ¬†They did the same thing last year with Haley Rinehart. ¬†I was not a Haley fan but their dislike was blatant.

    • Why in the world would you believe Colton would go home. He will probably win the whole thing!

    • You have that all wrong! Hollie has a gorgeous voice but not the maturity level. She will be one of the next to go home. By far the three you listed will be the top 3.

      • wonderful in which way… the look or the voice?¬† i agree with her look.. but she should go home…

      • All contestant are¬†Americans regardless of race …so wake up voters choose you think the best among the best … let your heart and mind synchronize no bias at all…. lets keep this program to be one of the highest level as we go along to the final chapter ¬†of this season??? God bless America.¬†

      • Hollie??? Huh???— will she sell records ??? Or coz she is Blonde—- maybe movies??? LOL!!!!

    • Seems Americans have a different opinion from the judges this season. They rave about Skylar and I think shes the worst one there. They criticized Hollie big time this week but it seems we heard her and they didn’t. Beginning to think they (Judges) picked their winner a long time ago and they do have a lot to do and say who preforms what and how…WTG America keep voting for the singers and not the performers….lol

      • American Idol is getting boring.. X factor is going to be bigger soon….. way to go Simon..

      • I don’t think the judges did Jessica any favors tonight between Randy’s rant to America to “wake up” and JLo pounding onto the stage and grabbing her mike.¬† Jessica IS talented – but to be constantly told that she’s the best voice ever on AI (once again, Randy needs to rein it in), and her song choice wasn’t a hit.¬† I actually think Jessica took it on the chin (she was probably in shock, but still . . .) and while her singing started out wobbly – she was gamely going on.¬† I was also impressed watching the other contestants – there was shock on their faces – and then they appeared genuinely happy to see her “saved” by the judges.¬† (Got to admit here, I was watching P2 for the most part – and he’s not into playing the “win over fans” game – he’s really in it for the music – YAY, Phillip!)
        But after the judges over-reaction and pulling a “shame on you” to the voters – if Jessica makes it through the next few weeks – it’s because she saved herself last night.

    • Phillip wikk WIN without a doubt….Way back in the Savannah Auditions I predicted this and I have NOT Been wrong but Once over the entire IDOL Show since day One Season One…. I Predicted Clay Adkin Would Win But I think I was even right about this fact—-Let me explain-He didnt Tech. Win the Compition BUT HE DID WIN IN Real Life —- He is so succesful compaired to the one who actually took the title — If you havent noticed I have left out the name of the Winnert in Clays season for a side bar challange…. DO U KNOW Who won inatwad of Clay? Ha see what I mean -U had to think a minute didnt ya…. TONIGHT The judges were way out of line – THIS Is Americain Idol… NOT The Judges PICK the Idol… Someome needs to remind them of this !!!!

    • holie .. you should stay because you are the most beautiful out there.. not because you have a stong voice. her voice is so weak.. but she is pretty and cute.. my top favorite.. Jc, Josh, Philli and El

      • ¬†R u fu….serious¬† AI is not a beauty contest !America always got it wrong!look what happened to most of the previous winners??????

      • hey we vote for singers who can really sings, not based on her looks
        what are we gonna do with pretty face if technically have flaws in singing…by the way ‘American Idol is more of singing not looks

    • Yes, Hollie is one of the best and the judges are blatantly biased against her. Disgusting to see such duplicity at work without any shame. Opprobrious behavior on judges’ parts, especially Tyler.

      • in reply to kizette
        relax ..i’m not a Hollie fan but what the judges are is actually doing is¬†helping Hollie and she may even win

    • are you serious? Holie has a great voice? I don’t think so, Holie needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • I AGREE HOLIE has a great voice and she doesn`t get pitchie when she is singing…I remember when they would say that about Carrie Underwood but she never was off key and look at all the awards she has won…these judges don`t want an Idol that everyone could enjoy they want someone to scream and call that music…none of those judges are what I call talented…

    • I agree, Hollie deserves to stay, she really is one of the great voices this season, it’s just that the judges always seem to turn her down with their comments. She deserves to stay, and to win the whole thing.

      • Hollie????? OMG!!! You guys are definitely Deaf,,, no artistic instinct inside of you!!! You are judging skin deep only!!!!! Too bad for Jessica who is really a great talent !!! You are just envious!!!

      • at Jenna Smith

        “judging skin deep only”
        coz im sure you’re judging skin deep too
        im very sure your a Filipina Housemaid….!

    • hollie? with a great voice? ARE YOU DEAF? she’s the worst in the top 8.. she should’ve been removed befreo Dreandre. And she should also be on the WORST dressed list. Yikes!

    • It should of been Hollie that went home tonight. I believe that it should be Hollie first to go home and then Phillip, Skylar, Colton and last but not least Joshua. I believe Jessica is the best singer out of the top 7 followed closely by Joshua.¬†

      • It is all a matter of taste, if I would download their music then and I would vote for them…only Hollie and Schylar suit my taste. ¬†I have to be able to look at someone when they sign and I have a hard time watching Jessica, Joshua and Elise. ¬†No, I am not deaf, I have an opinion like everyone else.

    • The hatred an discrimination judges gave to Hollie yesterday was the fuel for power voting for her from her fans

      • of course it’s American idol so hollie’s gonna be there even when she doesn’t sing good at all! oh pls!!! let’s not play dumb here!!! SHE IS NOt ON THE RIGHT PlACE!!! pls let her go!!!

    • of course not!!! she should be out of that competition!!!! she’s not suppose to be there

    • Sorry not for me.Jessica and Joshua are the best of the best in the competion.I would love to see them in the final.Both are so talented and unique and down to earth.they listen to constuctive criticism and get better and better.where as Hollie is same from where she started.

  2. I think the surprise will be Philip in the bottom 3, only because Elise out did him on the duet and his performance wasn’t the strongest last night. But I don’t see him going home, and if that were to happen the save will be used. But I still think it will be Hollie going home. Really ready to see James Durbin perform tonight.

  3. Ryan’s tweet suggested to me it w/b a surprise who would be in bottom 3, but this from Nigel:¬†So now Nigel Lythgoe, producer of the show, just tweeted : “Okay no BS I am truly shocked by tonight’s #AmericanIdol result! #idon’tunderstand” ¬†
    suggests that it may be a shock who will go home…much more serious! ¬†I think Jessica will either be in bottom 3 or going home…at least I hope it won’t be Phillip…

    • I won’t be shocked if it’s jessica, since americans don’t like those with asian blood to win.

      • I dont think that’s Jessica. SHE HAS A STRONG FAN BASE GROUP! And expect a massive vote from Mexican and Filipinos whos living in America!

      • Wow, u ever notice that while u just called Americans racist, that in turn you showed your own racism…

      • GRRRRR!! your so F_ _ _ _ _ ¬†_ ¬†crzy!!!
        your to way opposite
        its not on the race its about the talent so beat it

      • you’re a racist, i don’t think majority of the americans are like that, they won’t stoop to your level of thinking….grow up!!!!!

      • Unfortunate as it is America there are some people out there who are just so damn narrow minded as to who they want as the face of THEIR American Idol ! I mean if you think about it . . . Who do you think they want representing their Country ???

      • Would you please close your mouth, being American Idol¬†doesn’t¬†mean you have to have an American blood, you just have to be an American citizen, she is capable of being part of the final 2, so stop your racism and just watch, kay?¬†

      • Think about it for just one second.¬† American is not a single race.¬† We are every race and we are proud of it.¬† Most racism complaints come from miserable people blaming others for their miserable lives

      • Dont be ignorant, shocking results has happened alot of timea in AI . Everyone has favorites, im pinay but honestly jessica isnt my favorite… Shes jus boring, she doesnt excite me at all. If theres anyone to blame its the filipinos and mexicand that didnt vote

      • Yes me too america dont like Asian to win in that competition if she was voted off she was like Pia Toscano last year

      • ¬†I have to disagree with you Marie about Americans not liking those with Asian blood winning AI.¬† I love Jessica’s voice and her sweet personality.¬† I think America voted for Hollie because 1.¬† she has a beautiful voice and 2……she has been treated unfairly by the judges.¬† America decided to support Hollie partly because of the judges.

      • The fact that your discussing about racism here is proof that it still exists in America right now, or in any part of the world if truth be told. So it does not do good to deny its existence.
        I just hope America would see one’s personality and talent first before one’s race. But sadly, America’s old habits die hard.

      • Ridiculous.¬† JS will bleed off votes because perfomance is bland.¬† Great singer but she does not have an original distinctive sound in my opinion–she tries too hard to sound like a beyonce or mariah.¬† I’m diggin some of the others for their unique voices.

      • in reply to marie
        please stop saying americans don’t like those with asian blood to win,you’re not helping jsan¬†

      • Thats the truth. If she gets voted off, i’m done watching this show. No wonder X Factor will b ahead in ratings in the future.

      • She may be Asian, but she is after all an American . That is why the show is call the “American Idol”. So you are saying Americans?

      • you are definitely right….its a shock that Jessica is at the bottom 3, and was in danger for elimination. I think america is still racist…She has no pure american blood, she’s only an american by birth.

      • in reply to marie, yeah you are right americans scared that there is a girl with mixed asian blood way more talented than them…wake up america it’s 2012 do racism still exists?????

      • ¬†And there goes another one…. a round of applause for Bonny. Thanks for proving me right.

      • Yes that’s true,,,? A lot of people are insecure of Asian talents … I’m Asian … I know!!!!

      • that wasn’t nice to hear Marie¬† but we should be careful with the way we post a comment on this just put Jessica in danger.. you know what i’m saying?put some action,vote as many as you can if you want her to stay and win this competition.

    • I’ve been
      watching this American Idol for a little while. The bottom three chosen tonight
      was absolute ridiculous. Those are the one who should be top threes. I was
      shocked for a little while. This is how it goes in reality, there is nobody to
      blame for either. Seems like people voted to their looks not for talent.


      • Really, Jessica is pretty??? But can she get out of that manly deep voice???
        After the save antics and Randys “She the best singer in America”, I would quit the show.

      • AI isnt all about the voice, talent yes but not all about it either. If we talk about talent elise and colton are more talented than jessica, they can play at least 2 instruments and they have this talent to make a song their own in a beautiful way

      • manly deep voice makes her power house. Every girl can sing like is normal not extraordinary..¬† hving manyly deep voice is extraordinary and whoever become idol should hv talanted of extra… not just normal.. people will get bored soon…

      • YOUR 100% percent right, i was shock too cant even aslept, that is out of¬† control, <<<< YOU SENT A WRONG MESSAGE TO AMERICA ITS A BAD NEWS> THE WORLD IS WACHTING>>WAKE UP¬† VOTERS>>

    • If they stop trying to manipulate votes and bashing Hollie, they would get a fairer vote. Maybe Hollie should go fairly soon (though they under-rate her), but she does not deserve to be treated the way they are treating her.

      • Agreed.¬† These judges seem to pick their fav and then try to tank anyone that might challenge their fav.¬† Bring Simon back; at least you got an honest critique–good or bad, but he didn’t seem to single out and slobber all over one contestant week after week.


      • ¬†Ebon you are right,everyone is comparing them as if nobody getting hurt.guys instead of arguing ,please just do support your idols!if you want them to stay and win ..JUST VOTE!!

      • wake up,bashing Hollie ¬†is to gain votes and¬†to put her to the top,they want her to win,remember…contestants with good reviews goes home earlier

    • Jessica is a very good immitator. She has great vocals but she’s not original. I never connected with her… I’m not surprised!

      • Now a days¬† most every one sings other artists songs. How about you listening really listening.

      • this is american idol they sing a song that has been sang by the original artist and if they nailed it and got the right notes then i think that would be great but if your telling that they will arrange on their own that would be fine, she may or may not win the competition shes already a star coz lot of big stars in the industry believe in her power vocals lets just wait and see until she will record her own song. see what happen to jennifer hudson she didnt win american idol but she made it to become a big star…..

      • i don’t understand you of saying not original,had you really watched and why is that those contestants with the so called originality are now receiving boring comments.These contestants are all gifted, talented and unique individual and so are the people¬†voting them-they can’t please everybody but i like them all.
        Anyways, i respect your opinion.  

  4. I’m hoping that Elise and Jessica will be safe tonight. They’ve done great with those performances! I’m also hoping the same for Hollie. She really did well tonight. Skylar’s was okay for me.

    I don’t know about Philip after last night but I do wish him well in the competition. He’s a total rocker. I simply didn’t like Colton’s performance last night. Joshua is my least favorite AI top 7 idol.¬†

  5. i never been so nervous in a result show of american idol before!
    i hope my favorites are safe!!!

  6. If Seacrest & Lythgoe are tweeting a shock, my guess is Phillip may be singing for his survival.

    The judges were far too harsh on Hollie last night – especially Tyler who has been for the past few weeks – but, based on what I have read during the day, people voted for her because they disagreed so much with the judges.

    The other most likely possibility is that the non-Southern vote plays its’ ugly game – as usual in AI – and Jessica who is the last non-Southern singer left in the competition, will finish bottom.

    Counting Hollie (imported from Liverpool to Texas 10yrs ago) there were 6 from southern states in the top 13. Now there are 6 in the top 7 with all the Northern States + Florida going out first and DeAndre from CA last week. Jessica is from CA.

    So don’t be surprised if it is Jessica singing for survival.

    • I think it will be either Josh or Jessica singing for their life and the judges will save them and then next week 2 will go home! It’s the same thing almost every year. Isn’t this the week that Daughtry got bumped and maybe Jennifer Hudson too….it’s always the same thing every year…

      • and jennifer Hudson make it big! coz she’s really good! the ones that are voted out are the usual winners in real life and make it big! so it’s ok for Jessica not to win coz shes gonna be the one that will have that recording contract and wi
        Make it big in the industry

  7. I really wish they would stop comparing Hollie to Jessica. They are both amazing singers with two different personalities/voices.. Jessica is more jazz/ souls and Hollie is more classic/ballady.. both are wonderful, STOP comparing them.

    • Totally agree! It’s apples and oranges. Let’s appreciate each of them for their individual talents.

      • You are correct. The judges are way too partial in their comments. They ought to just go ahead and chose the winner. Whether America is right or not, it is supposed to be their vote. I have not agreed with the winner several times, but oh well. I feel the judges response tonight was very rude. I am really getting tired of Jennifer. I hope she is not a judge next year!

      • well. i think the judges were doing the right things.¬† seriously, american people. if you don’t like asian blood to win.. at least let her stay a little bit just to let her¬†show us how talended she is… if this is the world vote… no way she should be in this situation… bte.. hollie is pretty.. but she should leaves home….¬†

      • if we should appreciate them for what they are thre ALL AMERICA SHOULD VOTE FOR JESSICA S√ĀNCHEZ!!!
        AMERICAN IDOL 2012.

    • yeah I wish the judges should not ask them also to do some kind of a Joshua-Jessica-Colton and etc type performances. Each have their own style of singing. Each is great as their own!

      • Is anybody screaming racism for Joshua being in the bottOm 3? NO. If anybody on this show is gonna be voted out due to bigotry and racism, it’s Joshua, not Jessica!! I don’t see none of that being thrown around as an excuse to why He was in the bottom 3. I think without a doubt he would be a target of it before Jessica. Maybe Jessica sounds like so many artist out there already, that she doesn’t have enough of a unique voice for people to vote for. I think she and Josh deserve to be in the finals based on their vocal abilities alone, but apparently a lot of people don’t. But my point is that, if anybody’s gonna not get votes just because of their race, it’s Joshua moreso than Jessica. And Josh’s sexuality is also being talked about and made fun of, even tho he’s said he straight, and thats just really SAD that people are still judged on their sexuality and race. I know that the vast majority of the voting is not based on those two things, but to say that it doesn’t exist at all, is just naive. So for the people that do look at race, nationality and sexuality as a reason not to vote for somebody…..your a SAD excuse for a human being!!


    • ok.. Hollie is more¬† beautiful.. but she does not have mature voice.. compare to Jessica.. well.. it depends on what you like.. beauty or voice.. whatever is cool..

      • Does anyone else think that Hollie looks like she should be Kelly Ripa’s daughter or younger sister? I would like to see her on “Live” to see them side by side.

      • dam , beauty is not for outside display, inside that is where the start. HOW can you compare who is more beautifful were not in miss universe contest, we are talking about singing. YES beauty¬† it helps, but¬† what is the of beauty if you cant sing? for me they are all talented singers, and they are all champions as indivedual. just¬† >>>>VOTE>>>>because the have avoice and can sing. have a nice day. vote for the right ,,<<<<>>>>not because you¬† like thier looks. >>>BE A REALISTIC>>>

    • Steven said they will use the save before they even know who’s leaving.
      And they ran to stage all “Saving Private Ryan” before JSan sing is really show they are incapable of being professional judges. Plus, they make speech basically to vote for her. That’s more ridiculous than Steven’s shirts.
      Judges should remains impartial. Period.

      I don’t hate Jessica tho. She’s a great singer. I just wish the judges should hear her singing first before decided to use the save. That’s the rule. One should sing for his/her life to reason why the judges should use the save on him/her.

  8. ELISE and JOSHUA will be in the bottom 3. they dont have a LIKEABILITY FACTOR after all. 
    Good looking contestants like Hollie, Jessica, Phillip and Colton will be safe! 
    LOOKS is a MAJOR FACTOR to reach the final two! 
    Enough of weird looking Fantasia Barino winning AI!

    • Interesting observation LadyGka, but I believe a correct one…AI is more of a likability/popularity contest than one based strictly on talent. I predict that the winner will come out of that Skylar group.¬†

      • For me Skylar is not the best singer but she always gives her best week after week.. JC and Josh are my favorite tho..however. Skylar can win because of her popularity

    • Joshua is a great singer and so is fantasia. Ai isnt about looks and even if it was joshua would still be in the running. But thats my opinion, and that is why I vote for joshua. I also have an opinion on who should go home, but I will not reveal their names because they all do a good job and they work hard at it. I dont want them to read this and see someone trashing them.

  9. My gut feeling—
    Jessica is in the group with the highest votes.
    Hollie is in the group with the lowest votes

    • I think the shock will be that it is the other way around…which is why they started with these two contestants. ¬†At this point everyone would believe what you predict, but that would not be a “shock”.

    • dude u have they same prediction as mine…i dont understand,i start¬† thing king about racism,,,i hate to agree because im fil/am..but i think is really happening…

      • i was thingking,,,i think this is kind a drama base to what just happen…i truly believe…that is just apart of show..THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT..OR OTHERWISE THIS WORLD BEEN COVERED WITH A CRAZY PEOPLE,,,OR KIND A JEALOSY MAYBE…IM JUST SHOCK I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY,,,GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  10. This is the week that Ryan always pulls that bit for the 7th person to “join the group that is safe” they do this every year and that’s why I think this show is rigged, I really do!

    • I hope that, like Scotty last year, the 7th refuses to choose. ¬†Show a little class.

  11. Tmz just posted an article that it was a “favorite” that was eliminated. I’m thinking Jessica’s fans got lax and perhaps it is her? Or Phil, but I’m not sure that would be such a surprise. NOT saying it should be either, but seriously I’m thrilled that it’s not Hollie! I don’t think there would be this much fuss if it was her. Agreed?

    • I disagree. I think the “sing for your life” is awful! Let the show run it’s course. Jennifer Hudson and Daughtry are doing pretty good for themselves!

  12. What if for the actual first time there was a tie? I know odds are better at winning the lottery but hey..

  13. i knew it there’s always a twist…. but i am glad to know Jessica is safe and might have the highest votes, god speed Jessica! ūüôā

    • What makes you say Jessica is safe? ¬†Have they indicated which group is the bottom one?

      • nope, i am just positive about it…. i could feel she is safe. ūüôā then if not, judges save will be used.

    • I do believe its not about the race its about your talent . I hope the people of america will be fair and vote for the best and not for the race. lets give the person a chance to shine if he/she deserve to win the contest. I will still watch the show and hope for the best result.

  14. Wouldn’t it be something if everyone in Group A and everyone in Group B are safe, and the 7th person has to sing for their life? ¬†Just a thought.

    • same¬†here..¬†it’s¬†so¬†hard¬†to¬†decide¬†who’s¬†going¬†home¬†tonight.¬†all¬†of¬†them¬†a¬†talented¬†and¬†we¬†cannot¬†deny¬†that¬†fact.¬†hard¬†to¬†let¬†go¬†of¬†any¬†of¬†these¬†kids

  15. Jlo underwhelming?¬† i guess if he did an unnatural falsetto you would love phil.¬† phil has more talent in a sneeze than most of the contestants on idol.¬† and he does not sound like dave matthews…that is a false accusation jimmy.¬† i have listened to matthews for years and there is no sound similarity and very little truely visual other than he is a man with a guitar.¬†

      • Well, hope no one goes home this week (there is a good chance that they’ll activate the save on anyone… except Hollie).

        If Hollie manages to be safe, then it would truly be shocking… for the judges!

  16. got¬†a¬†feeling¬†joshua¬†will¬†go¬†home..¬†i¬†dont¬†know…

  17. hey!!!!!!¬†elise¬†got¬†the¬†lowest¬†vote¬†o¬†dialidol..¬†though¬†not¬†accurate,¬†still¬†im¬†afraid¬†that¬†jessica¬†will¬†be¬†going¬†home…¬†no!

      • Oh just buy you a Witney Huston¬† recording where she drags the notes out way to long for anyone to enjoy them. That’s all Jessica can do!!!! Every thing she does is the same,,,,, not much range…. elise has range and could and does¬†many types of music,¬†she can play five insturments as well…..that’s talent something¬†JLO don’t know.¬†

  18. Right now all three groups have a person who have consistantly seen the bottom 3. So no telling yet

  19. they could 4 in one group and send one immdiately back to safe.  so the victim of their little stunt could be phil or jessica.  sounds like if thats the ploy its phil.  i think hollie might be in danger.

    • Who is in A so far and who is in B? ¬†Matt’s list only has Jessica and Hollie…Thanks!

  20. So far on this site, only Jessica is shown in A and Hollie in B.  From the comments it sounds like Phillip is in B and Elise in A??? Is that right?  Why so slow to update the list, Matt?

  21. websites like TMZ say the producers are pushing the judges to use the save so i think whoever it is they will be saved which makes me think its not hollie

  22. if only the polls, viewed videos on ai site, chats/comments ¬†and hits on youtube be the trend of who is safe, then it’s pretty sure jessica is in.

    • Woo-hoo! ¬†My favs are Phillip, Hollie and Skylar and they are ALL SAFE!!!! Yay!!

  23. wow.¬† ok you phil haters…and jimmy did tommy ever tell you, that stupid hat is not working for you?¬† and jimmy bruno mars blows joshua away.¬†

    • Well Mary, what’s your point? Whitney blows Jessica away, Dave Matthews and Maroon 5 blows YOUR boy away, Pink blows Hollie away, Lady Gaga blows Elise away. Sorry Mary, but Saying that the original artist, with a hit song, is better than the amateurs covering their songs, well….isn’t saying much! That goes for EVERY contestant, not just Josh. You just don’t like Josh because he’s getting way more praise from the judges and Jimmie, and because they’ve all stated that Josh is the best male vocalist in the competition. At least Josh has mixed it up and gone outside his comfort zone on a few occasions, while Phillip has refused any advice, done the same ole songs, with the same ole sounds, playing the same guitar, standing in the same spot always, with the same ole constipated look and growl, and shows ZERO adversity. So.., Joshua ‘sneezes’ more vocal talent than Phillip, to quote you. Hating cause Your boy’s getting Hated on huh.

  24. i dont like this save thing never have….america voted and should deal with who gets out sorry.

  25. i hope its josh…they won’t save elise..and i would like to see her again.¬† she is getting better.¬†¬† it can’t be jessica…but if it is..they will save her too.

  26. My thoughts on this.. I think the producers chose the Bottom 3 to make it more tense.. and they have told the judges that they have to use the wild card.. No one goes home, so it really doesn’t matter who is in the bottom 3. Just my thoughts/opinion. Maybe to raise the number of votes next week so they can say an outrageous number…….who knows though.

    • Even my six year old said,”Momma, it kind of seems like the judges are picking the winner this year. Do people still get to vote?”

      • Your six year old seems very smart. That is exactly what the judges are trying to do, especially JLO, it really annoying. I honestly think that the voting went the way it did because everyone is getting annoyed by JLO. Someone needs to shut her up!!!


  27. oh¬†no!!!!!!!!!¬†SHOCKING ELIMINATION>> it’s¬†between¬†Jessica¬†and¬†Joshua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¬†no!!!!!!¬†but¬†im¬†thinking¬†the¬†SAVE¬†will¬†be¬†used¬†tonight

  28. Bottom 3 Jessica, Holie and Joshua and if Holie gets the boot, the judges will not save her- Jessica or Joshua – the 3 clowns will save them – that is the surprise – hahaha – well trying to conjure joke, sorry guys I really am not a a fan of the 3 – so far all that I do not enjoy listening no longer in the AI. Normally I am lucky with AI. Have nothing to do with the 3 have talent or not – just cannot digest their singing

  29. hahaha, exciting!! but i still believe if ever Jess will go home the judges will use their save…. woooohooooo!! ūüôā

  30. Actually, what really shocked me is that Elise is in the bottom 3. What happened to the magic of the pimp spot?

  31. oh no…jessica…thats unbelieveable…i guess the voters got complacent.¬† she has too much support..not from me…Phil is my man…but i have to say i enjoyed jessica more last night than ever.¬†

  32. the thing is….

    hollie isn’t going home yet…

    look judges! she is still around…. ūüôā

  33. not surprising to me, joshua should go home i cant stand his squeeling. he will be saved though he the judges favorite. 

  34. WTH this is insane. Jessica, Elise and Joshua? Those were the last people on my mind to go to the bottom. America so got this wrong.

  35. hope¬†it’s¬†jessica¬†so¬†that¬†people¬†will¬†be¬†alarmed¬†and¬†vote¬†hard¬†next¬†week¬†since¬†the¬†save¬†will¬†be¬†used.¬†plus!¬†she’ll¬†perfom¬†tonight.¬†and¬†will¬†surely¬†do¬†what¬†she¬†can¬†do¬†and¬†remind¬†america¬†how¬†good¬†she¬†is…¬†atleast¬†we’ll¬†be¬†able¬†to¬†watch¬†a¬†talent¬†this¬†night

  36. This show is so fixed just like every other reality show. They had to make up for the week when jermaine went home.

    • This is only my opinion: ¬†The bottom 3 were not the bottom 3. ¬†This week was for ratings and drama. ¬†They just shake it up, use the save and bring the 3 stooges up on stage to stop the “sing for your life” bs. ¬†FOUL!

  37. jessica the lowest.. then in the middle of the song.. SAVE

  38. OMG if it’s gonna be a shocking result than I’m afraid that it’s going between jessica and Joshua. OMG.

  39. they knew this coming into it..the judges would not have saved elise.¬† steven tipped his hand…she was not even close to the worst last night..and i am not a jessica fan.¬† but i guess two people go home next week

  40. this is insane!!! really? jessica? is american idol serious? there must be something going on about the producers??  

    • yes!! ur going to be¬†insane !! hehehe… vote for ur idol again next week… :))

  41. something is really cooking up…. i don’t believe on that results, i am not gonna buy that… that’s unbelievable…. tsk tsk tsk…

  42. Randy, how dare you scold us when we are voting for our favorites. Just because America’s favorites aren’t your favorites does not mean we got it wrong. If you like Jessica so well, then sign her for a record.

    • have lost all respect for the judges. ¬†we have voted for our favorites, so deal with it. ¬†you have now used your one and only save, so when Jessica is in last place next week, you won’t be able to do anything about it.

      • The judges drool and do obeisance to Sanchez and demonize Hollie every time they get a chance.¬† That’s just not right.¬† I think she does a great job.¬† IMO, Joshua screams and think that is great vocals.¬†Unless someone moves on the stage like a gazelle,¬†Jlo doesn’t like them.¬† I love the vote tonight.¬† Just vote against the judges!¬†

      • You are so¬†blas√© about making reckless conclusions on the temperaments of others. ¬†You go around this forum leaving glib one-liners against posters who dislike your favorite like you know everything. ¬†What makes you the righteous expert? ¬†Everyone here deserves to be heard as much as you. ¬†Unbelievable.

    • Looks like they want Jessica to win the whole thing. Shall we declare the winner and stop all the drama? ……:)

    • Randy is went all-diva only because Simon and Paula. Be honest. No one really listened to him when Simon is in the panel. It’s always “Simon says”

  43. Wow! Randy just told America to vote for the best. (which he meant jessica) Why not just hand her the trophy now? That was a total slap in the face to the other contestants.

      • Hi Bobaloca,

        Make sure you watch next week when “America ” votes again , and guess what there will be 2 going in the sidelines and the judges can’t
        save them.  Are you reading between the lines?

      • Hey Ed, you wanna bet that next week’s elimination will not even have Jessica in the bottom three? Tonight drama is just part of the ratings game. So, unless you vote for your idol 2 million times , you can say goodbye to your idol. I hope your fingers are in shape to spend hours and hours of voting to get your idol out of the bottom three….loser!

  44. THIS IS A MARKETING STRATEGY for the RATINGS GAME OF AI!.. I bet jessica is actually safe… they just made it this way to shock the public and force us to watch the entire show with eyes wide open! Jessica will be safe and after tonight, the whole America will got to save her till the finals!

    • Hi Chickjoe_mitch,

      I would not bet too much, America is voting again next week and this time 2 singers will be eliminated. I will bet very lightly if I were you.

      • So is everybody certain that 2 will go home next week? Y’all don’t think that since Jermaine was kicked off they’ll only eliminate one? I’m hoping for that anyway.

  45. america did vote we want her out.  but it was planed that way 

  46. Steven Tyler is way out of line in his attitude toward Hollie. If I were Hollie, I tell Stevie to go fuck himself. He can’t sing and either can J-Lo.¬†
    Hollie is holding her own with the others. Go Hollie!

    • Aerosmith is the best Rock n Roll Band in American ! Steven Tyler can SING HIS ASS OFF ! Talk about haters !

    • ¬†he is already a legend dude. He’s been in the music industry for a long time. That’s what you call constructive criticism… hollie is adorable and sweet..but i think she’s not just ready yet… peace! (by the way Im not an aerosmith fan —I just respect the man of music.:)))

  47. That was such a load of crapola!!!! They actually got on there and basically begged for votes for Jessica….I can’t even believe it. Anyone else appalled by this? I don’t even have words for how contrived that whole thing was.¬†

    • Hi Taymaro,

      I think Randy just signed Jessica’s departure for next week by doing
      what he did.  That was a piece of crap and almost said to his viewers and fans they are crap as well.  Next week there is no save and 2 will have to go.  Guess what will happen??

  48. is that a joke? bottom 3? they are the best last night: Elise, Jessica and Joshua. america is a big joke!

  49. I think I lost total respect for the judges tonight! Why don’t they just forget the voting process and pick their favorite!

    • its rigged!! they wnt jessica to win and wanted hollie out so they talkd crap. this is BS LOSE THE SAVE THING! all thats saying is they dont cqre what america pick…serve them right if she gets voted out next week too! im not a hater either jessica fans just my opinion!!

    • you are so right.¬† im sure they wanted to raise there rating, but the polls have had her so high in ranking, she dint go to the bottom,¬† i love my skylar, holly, josh, and colton

    • They just DID..ddnt u wach…obviosly jssan is there fav to win..i bet ya..if hollie was the same page i think shes gone…

    • I even think Jessica didn’t get¬† the lowest vote, but they said she did. Maybe she’s in bottom 2 or 3, but def not the least vote.
      It’s all because the judges should use their save to make up the loss of Jermaine earlier in the show. If they didn’t intend to use the save, the finale should have been on May 17th but they already released it’ll be on may 23th. Just do the math. IMO, it all rigged.

  50. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH.¬† GIVE THE AWARD TO JESSICA RIGHT NOW!¬† THERE IS NO USE IN CONTINUING THE SHOW, ACCORDING TO RANDY!¬† JESSICA IS THE BEST EVER–IN AMERICA!¬† EVER!¬† That is what Randy Jackson said as he and the other two judges blathered on about Jessica.¬† Absolutely sickening.¬† I am so angry I could puke.¬† America spoke judges!¬† Don’t our votes count??

    • This is a singing contest and people should really vote for the best and Randy is right….Jessica is the best singer AI ever has as a contestant. You just hate it because she belongs to the minority group in this country.¬†

      • Quoting jesp:

        “Randy is right…..Jessica is the best singer AI ever has as a contestant.”

        I’m just wondering why no one’s jumping at this post to emphasize that Randy actually said (according to the many emphatic comments I’ve read) Jessica is ONE of the best – not THE best – singers ever. ¬†Hmmm.

    • Judges didn’t do any good for Jessica. After all America didn’t listen to them anyway.

      is what Randy Jackson said as he and the other two judges blathered on
      about Jessica. 

      this statement of yours is sooo wrong! Randy Said: Jessica is ONE OF THE BEST–ever to be on idol…¬†

      ONE-OF-THE-BEST , means she’s one of those contestants that has potential to win the crown…¬† I like Colton, Elise, Jessica and Skylar…

  51. This is another predictable Gimmick of AI. There are still no shocking/ surprising moments this season and they just made this elimination controversially shocking. Whatever AI!

  52. The producers of Idol are proving the voting is being manipulated.  There needs to be an independent verification of the voting results.  The producers are using the voting system to build ratings.  There is no way Joshua and Jessica were actually in the bottom three in voting.

  53. There should be NO save.¬† If America votes someone out, then that’s how it should be.¬† We shouldn’t have to listen to them scream again.¬† Jessica is not that great.¬† I don’t understand why people think she is so good.¬† Not seeing it.

    • I totally agree! What makes her so special…They will make sure she gets a record deal…Why does she need to be the next “American Idol” I dont think she will! She is sooooo overatted

    • Madmon……thats the rule! i know u are upset because they used it to jessica, but if it is ur favorite AI singing for his/her life pretty sure u will beg to save him/her.

      • ¬†No, i don’t believe there should be a save at all.¬† If this is supposed to be a competition where America votes, then that’s how it should be.¬† If America didn’t want to see her anymore, that should be final.¬† I don’t deny that she can sing, but is she truly a great singer?¬† No, not by a long shot.

    • I respect your opinion, but you also have to respect ours and the judges! Jessica has never been in the bottom 3. Its enough to explain that she has a huge fan base. I would understand it if she had a bad performance, but she didn’t. Not only one mentor praised jessica’s talent? You think these people are not sure what they are talking about! Com’on you have to accept the fact that judges are in abetter positionthan us because they jave that power to save somebody! Don’t be bitter because they used it on jessica! Steven himself announced that they will use it whoever will be eliminated. Are you going to post the same comment, if the judges used it on joshua or elise??

      • Hi equallymadmom,

        I respect your opinion too, but who are you trying to convince us or yourself?

    • I think you need to clean your ears.¬† She is young we all know that.¬† She¬† does have the lungs and she delivers. She sounds¬† solid and not scratchy.¬† What is it about this young girl that you all dislike?¬† She deserves to be saved. More power to her.

    • Hey “Mad Mom”! There’s a reason why this is a SINGING competition, you’re not supposed to SEE why Jessica is so good, you’re supposed to HEAR why Jessica is so good. You’re obviously MAD, because if you had any sanity–or an EAR–worth a lick you’d KNOW why Jessica is so good and why the judges RIGHTLY saved her!

      • ¬†well I can hear just fine, and she sucks.¬† And I am completely sane too.¬† Just my opinion.¬† Whether you like it or not.¬† She will not make it to the end.

  54. there were proble.problems with the phones last night. I tried several times to vote and got nothing but ringing then would call back and it would play recording for 1 second followed by constant ringing. The phones were messed up. Idol check into it.

  55. Guys this was all played out by the producers lol…they really think we are stupid?
    they were dying to use the save…

  56. America, you’re minds are twisted. You so didn’t get this right. But I’m just thankful enough the judges saved Jessica. But dang! What has happened with the voting?

  57. Glad to see america finally getting it right. Her voice is flawless, but she’s not the best performer. America wants a performer with a few flaws.

    • Flawless???????? U know what are talking about? And who do u know among them have the flawless thing ur talking about? Hmmmmmppppp ur so smart….?.

  58. Ai did that intentionally so there will be no hard time deciding which one has to go next week, they gave the save option to the deserving one and next week will be a free for all so the one who performs well will stay…. they are cooking up on something, i guess right now they have their top 2 on their minds…..

  59. Wow did all the hateful Jessica fans forget to vote last night or is it because of the hateful Jessica fans that ordinary people are being turned off of Jessica because of them. I’m not a Jessica fan but I predicted her to be safe. I believe that it could be rigged, but not so sure. I don’t like the judges basically insulting the people who are watching the show and voting. I hope there are new judges next year.

  60. Dialidol is so freakin’ inaccurate. They said that Joshua is predicted to be safe. Oh well. Not trusting them anymore.

  61. Man Idol must be really desperate that’s all I can say. I really don’t have the words for this load of crap!

  62. i wish the judges would stop worshiping  josh and jessica so much. COLTEN DIXON IS THE WAY TO GO ! 

  63. I think the judges just sealed Jessica’s ticket home for next week. They just disrespected the rest of the contestants saying Jessica is the best singer in the world. How rude! Stop drooling all over Jessica and Joshua.

    • They are drooling because they are the best two vocalist in the competition! Yes the others are good, but they can’t hold a candle to what Jessica and Joshua can do with their voices. The judges want the VEST singers to win, that’s why they are pushing both of them. So I ain’t mad at em, the Best SINGER should win!!

  64. I will shout here and kick my brother’s ass if Jessica will not win this thing! What kind of voting did America do! OMG!¬†

  65. Hollie should go home.. what Jessica ? suprised?¬† American people are racism…well.. in acedimic.. asians are the most outstanding…¬† watch out… u racism people

  66. I think American idol is rigged. Now why would the judges say America vote for the best singer when you have six other equally as talented standing behind America(supposedly) voted Jessica off it is American idol not.judges idol will not continue to watch this show never thought i would say that have watched and voted every season since the beginning

    • That is your opinion, not america’s!! We do believe that saving power was well used on jessica! So chill ou ok?

  67. @twitter-10180892:disqus : steven tyler an’t sing? REALLY? how old are you? 10??

  68. shocking! for being asian..racism is always on this show…im sad for jessica if she cant make it to the final…

  69. WTF…. IS this TRUE JESSICA is in the bottom three?…… i will not watch american idol again if she leaves the competition…

    • Hi mr jeddai,

      speechless, you were very much ouotspoken  not that long ago, what happened?  I thought Elise is going to be eliminated tonight????

      Hang around next week for round 2 , now that  there is no save by the judges and 2 will be gone.

  70. Definitely not the right bottom 3.  Should have been Jessica, Colton and Phillip.  Elise and Joshua were two of the best last night!

  71. this is really crazy. how those votes tallied. in the internet jessica sanchez, garnered 44% and the next are 10. how come jessica will be out from the competition. the judges are right specially randy by saying  jessica is one of the best singer ever produced in american idol. 

  72. Thank god for the judges….that was ridiculos that jessica would evr be eliminated I will b voting from now on jess!! Keep ur head up ur awesome

  73. If it was real how can they say that America got it wrong. We are the one’s voting! It’s our decision. Might as well call it American Idol’s Idol.¬†

    We are supposed to be choosing our Idol, not the judges…..that was just a travesty. I believe American Idol is doomed after that¬†farce¬†they just tried to pull on America! I see now why DeAndre had to go. He is too nice and honest to participate in this charade.

    • ¬†Yeah, good point about Deandre having to leave! I’m actually glad he was spared this stupid, useless drama. I’m not a Jessica fan, ever since Deandre left I don’t really have a favorite, but I have to agree, this just seems like a really ridiculous cry for viewers and ratings.

    • Hi taymaro,

      It is a travesty!  what Randy and the rest of the stooges did tonight is slap american idol voters in the face and say we do not count , we are just far too small to worry about. 

      Did you see their faces dropped in shock?  and Jimmy I want to know what Jimmy is saying now?

      I do not believe this is rigged, because if it is then they might as well shut it down because we will find out sooner or later, someone will talk.¬† I don’t think they will risk the whole show by doing that.

      I feel sad for Jessica.  I think she is a victim of her own fans that got out of control and became very conceited and arrogant and the bulk of american idol voters finally got fed up with her fanatical fans and decided to give their votes to someone else.

      Next week two singers will be gone.¬† It is now anybody’s game.¬† My darkhorse may have a chance after all.¬† LOL

      just saying………………………………………..

  74. What was America watching last night?¬† They must have turned the channel before Jessica sang.¬† This young lady is amazing…¬† For just one season I would like America to vote on the talent these contestants have.

  75. jessica did well last night.¬† better than hollie, colton, josh at least…but she is not the best singer in america..she has grown a lot..but she is not the best…Phil has been the best week to week who knows who he is..and its not dave matthews you idiot jimmy…get a new hat….remember two people go home next week and it will serve these silly judges right if both jessica and josh go home next week.¬† i plan to vote with three phones next week for Phil, even if he sings jimmy crack corn with his nose pinched…i want this show to be embarrassed..jimmy is a no talent bum who can’t accept he is bald.¬† you don’t wear a hat in the house jimmy….your momma ever teach you manners?

    • New candidate for the best post of the season! I can’t stop laughing. WTG Mary!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mary , you cracked me up this time, ha ha ha ha ha
      ouch just thingking sbout jimmy crack corn, ha ha ha ha ha

    • Good thing Jimmie wasn’t in his House then huh Jimmie is worth several hundred million dollars, how much are you worth? Ha. Bitter. Phillips is the worst, most predictable, most boringly constipated hard headed stubborn defiant singer in the competition! You might want to replay Jimmie’s comments wed night, he actually gave Phillip a compliment, but your to stubborn to listen cause Jimmie gave him a mediocre review last week Phillip is redundant!!!!

  76. This was just a plan by the producers to spike Jessica’s votes next week….once again, people are choosing favorites. That’s what always happens these days…

  77. This has become nothing but a popularity contest instead of who is the best singer as it was meant to be. I was really disgusted last year when Scotty won. It should have been James Durbin. Scotty doesn’t hold a candle to James and tonight proved it!!!

  78. its all simple..if you dont wanna your idol back home..go vote for them…dont blame others contestant. all of them are the best so far!! ¬†

  79. OMG JESSICA now you know that your big voice can’t also ¬†keep you safe hahahaha. I think that america voted by the group song, cause you didn’t do it good. IT SOUNDED LIKE YOU WANTED TO SING LOUDER and BETTER THAN HOLLY AND JOSHUA. It was FALLS.¬†SO, jessica keep your voice down!!!

    but i still think the judges are way too biased -.-

  81. Maybe I’m the only one, but I honestly think this is all a blatant scheme for more attention to the show. ¬†

  82. Well for all of you who feel your votes dont count and you didn’t vote for Jessica they used their obr save so vote for your favorites and dont vote for Jessica and she’ll be off.

  83. what?? jessica who’s out? America’s out of their mind… And joshua in bottom 3?? -___-. something’s not right… blah.. Yeah, judges have to use their save for jessica.. Okay, next week will be another top 7.. Maybe Jessica have to learn to choose the right songs for her.. People confused with her songs choices these last 3 weeks.. It seems that she play it save, but not showing us her maximum capacity… People hoping the most out of her, but she looks like hold on to something.. and that something is not good enough..¬†

  84. I can’t believe that the judges broke the RULES!!! Even if they were going to use the save, she should have had to sing for her life just as every other person in past competitions. I especially found it both interesting and annoying that the mic. was taken from her , when she was NOT singing well!!! Furthermore, RANDY DAWG, don’t tell me whom to vote for…And Jenny from the Block, big mistake taking the mic. and saying, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” That was an insult to all the others on the stage. I am going to use my final vote to watch THE VOICE instead of IDOL…I’ve had ehough DRAMA…Perhaps 11 years is too many…

    • ¬†They did the same thing last season when the saved Casey, they stopped him singing 30 seconds after he started singing.

      • ¬†Casey is good IMO but did not choose the right song and I actually want him to win…looks is what America wants…colton, phillip, hollie not the talent (elise, joshua, jessica)…i dunno buy Sytler, she is in the middle of the looks and the talent IMO

      • Hi Shawn,

        I realized that too, then he was gone……………..not a very good sign for jessica.

    • i like the voice but come on those ppl on there can not sing like american idol contestants…im not sure how they pic there singers or if there hearing is bad but most of them suck…Jessica can sing she has proven that time and time again….thats what the judges are getting at …it was a good call….

  85. Well executed drama.  False positioning. the whole show was planned to go the way it did.  Remember, this is Hollywood. 


    Your just voting for your favorite not the one Who got real talent..

    Jessica is the best…what ever happens! Shes the american idol

  87. no the judges, didn’t get it right. ¬†Jessica Sanchez will be a BIG star. ¬†She doesn’t need their help. ¬†What about the other singers that are so talented but might get lost in the shuffle. ¬†The save should have been held for someone with real talent that needed help because most of America doesn’t have musical talent or knowledge and might not recognize talent when it is staring them in the face. . ¬†The judges really screwed up last year using their save so early with Casey and now they have screwed up using it on someone who’ll be a superstar regardless of her final American Idol ranking. ¬†

  88. Hahahaha…I know that this was going to happen…the producers will put either Joshua or Jessica to sing for the judges save. The judges should use their save if not now, it should be used next week. They just put Jessica there to show that Jessica deserves to be saved and win it all. If not Jessica, they will put Joshua at the center of the stage.

  89. CALLING ALL FIL-AMS, MEXICAN-AMERICANS, it’s time to give our all for Jessica!!! ALL THE WAY to the finals!

  90. I think america got it right!! I do not like how the judges made it seem like she has already won!!! Makeing the other contestants seem like they do not have a chance against her!!! I feel skyler and kolton are very much as good as jessica or even better!!!

    • But it’s true. Based on talent alone, Jessica is by far the best. ¬†Sadly, it’s America who decide.

    • so disrespectful to the other contestants!! NEW JUDGES NOW PLEASE!! learn respect america voted!!

    • ¬†I also don’t like the judges acting they have a golden child. They should be more neutral

      • Jessica has her fair share of negative comments from the judges too…. How can you say that!

  91. seriously, AI?! seriously? are you desperate for ratings???? This result seems to not be legit. 

  92. i have a feeling Jessica will get the ‘pimp’ spot next week (she will be closing the show)

  93. tonight…
    . all I can say is STAGED, STAGED, STAGED! You can’t tell me after all these weeks and Jessica made it to the bottom3 once that she lost her fan base that fast to go home. and shame on the judges the way they acted on stage. Randy needs to find a new job, way to go making the other contestants feel that they don’t have a chance to win by announcing to everyone to vote for Jessicsa because she’s the best and will win.

  94. Who ever voted Jessica Sanchez out is on medication,or just plain crazy, dnt b a hater. The girl is blessed and she should win it all.

    • ¬†You are not from America, correct? Nobody is voting someone out. That’s not how it works, sweetie.

      • I’m from¬†MN my dear pfchopin….. ūüôā ūüôā really dont get it, i voted for her couple times so as with my other fil-am friends, relatives, friends of friends etc.. were supporting her bcoz we believe on the girl’s talent… so as with my co-workers.. I really¬†think that this is only a DRAMA… for rating purpose..

    • ¬†Why weren’t you voting for her? Obviously all of you Jessica fans were too busy being here and other blogs talking about how great she is that you forgot to vote. Just for the record I don’t hate Jessica nor do any of the people who aren’t Jessica fans so stop using the word hater.

      • Most of the jessica fans on this site can’t vote because they aren’t in the U.S.

      • We are a group who is simultaneously voting our butt off for jessica evrey week! I don’t understand it either. She has never been in the bottom 3!!! Well thank you judges for saving her. Whatever the haters say, you can all eat your hearts out. She is saved…. THAT’S A DONE DEAL ALREADY! SO DEAL WITH IT ALRIGHT??

  95. I am not surprised at all that Jessica is in the bottom 3, but surprised that she is going home tonight (if not saved). People are always make the assumption she is in the top each week. She might as well in the bottom 4 before but that is never known since we only know bottom 3.


  97. The voters got it right.  When you listened to the poor song choices the bottom three made it was easy to predict.  Sanchez sounded terrible despite what the judges were saying.  She sounded pitchy and squeaky.

    • Lol, im not sure what you were hearing if you thought that was pitchy and squeaky. ¬†There was nothing pitchy about it

    • I don’t think we’re on the same page. She didn’t sound pitchy and squeaky. Even most of the AI bloggers in USA thought Jessica’s was one of the best last night.

    • You must be wearing a hearing – aide. All contestants are suppose to be flexible with whatever song they sing.¬† She sang a difficult song not familiar to everyone but she NAILED IT.

  98. Too bad the voting system is set up so people can vote more than once. Makes no sense. I think America decided to vote for the underdogs figuring Joshua and Jessica would be safe no matter what. Nobody’s safe on this show, especially now that the judges have used the save. And 2 will go home next week. Who will they be?

  99. OMG. ¬†What is happening? ¬†America is beginning to vote for Idol like they vote for DWTS. ¬†I can’t believe what just happened. ¬†In my opinion the top 3 were in the bottom 3. ¬†Hollie seems like a very sweet and talented young woman but does not have the ability or stage presence of the others. ¬†DeAndre should still be there and Hollie should have been eliminated. ¬†How is she in the top 3???????? ¬†

  100. Wow, really America!?!??! really!?!?? You eliminate one of the most talented singers ever to be on Idol?! Personally, I think the results were fixed for ratings!! I hope Jessica doesn’t get eliminated until she wins! Like if you agreeee ‚ô•

  101. Next week is going to be really bad because the judges won’t be able to use a save because they already used it on Jessica. America please keep jessica!

  102. does anyone think this was totally staged?¬† it is tv..there is not standards and practices or accounting firm to keep them honest…i think the fcc should this show for real or what?

  103. What is wrong with America?  Jessica is the Best That I have ever seen over the Years and I am 67 years old. The Judges even think that she should be the American Idol. At this point I am pleased that the Judges got up on the stage and made the commit. Vote for the best not your favorite person. 

    • ¬†Judge are most wrong people in this competetion. Stupid advise, stupid stand ovation……
      did you listen to the trio of joshua, hollie and jessica? WTF was that?
      Jessica was most irrelevant!!!

    • I agree!¬† We have to know who is really the best !¬† We all know that we have favorites but common , vote for the better Idol.

  104. I agree Jessica is a wonderful singer but I don’t agree¬†with the way the judges handled her save tonight.¬† They should have stayed in their places and given her the save…just as they would have any of the other contestants.¬† It shows who the judges are pulling for…but the fans are the ones voting… just saying…my opinion.

  105. I think it was choreographed to keep people engaged in the show. It was very predictable. Of course Jessica will not go home, but the shock value certainly did the job in creating an abundance of chatter.

  106. i cant vote..but i love watching american idol…i think holly should have been voted off long time ago…as for jessica…she will become a famous singer even if she doesnt win american idol…i’ve been rooting for her..she is so amazing…and it shocked me as to her having to be saved…can’t figure out how the voters would do that…if holly wins american idol…i swear i will never watch american idol ever again

  107. The results tonight were absolutely disgusting. If there was ever an argument for changing the voting system, this was it.  For starters, how about no females under 16 should be allowed to vote.

  108. How is Hollie still there?¬† I know America loves white bread, and I know that if white bread could sing it would sound just like Hollie … but this is ridiculous!¬† She wouldn’t even make Eliza’s understudy in a high school production of My Fair Lady!

    • ¬†Why is it that some of you have to make this about race the moment it does not go your way.¬† I like Hollie and think she has gotten a bum wrap the past few weeks.¬† I could care less about the color of her skin.¬† I voted for Jordan Sparks and Jennifer Hudson.¬† I am sick and tired of the race thing,¬† it is getting very old very fast¬† so when you call someone a racist maybe you should be looking in the mirror..

  109. This elimination does not feel right. Yes, I am a Jessica Fan, but seeing Elise and Joshua there. Really? Hayyy. I am so disappointed. I’ve lost my drive to watch AI.

  110. calling all mexicans and Pinoys! ¬† vote for our contestant: ¬†Jessica Sanchez…its time to unite!!!!kaboooooooom!!!God bless Pinoys,God bless Mexicans and God bless Americans.

  111. I’m still¬† shocked, I can’t believe it!! It wasn’t a smart vote.¬†Jessica is one of the best singer in this competition.¬†I can’t understand how she ended up among the¬†bottom 3 ones. Probably the public vote should be considered as a reference only.¬†

  112. I can’t believe this voting for tonight, there’s no way in HELL that Jessica Sanchez should be on the bottom three. If she’s not one of the finalist of this whole competition I will never watch this show again. She is truely the best singer of this season.

  113. When Adam Lambert did not win the title i stopped watching AI since then coz i don’t know if some people just vote for the heck of it…. i came back watching it once again when i saw someone who’s got really a potential to be a great artist someday, i just thought of Jordin Sparks where she became AI at the age of 16…. something is really cooking up….. the save was given to a well deserving one, i hope America will prove people of the world that they are not a racist and they believe in talent not in the color of the skin….

    • It’s not even about race. It’s about the attitude that some people demonstrate. All the people posting on sites like this¬†denigrating every other contestant to try and gain votes for Jessica. We know who you are and we know that attitude exists across the board with her fans.¬†

      We also know if she does win that we will see nothing but gloating and other comments putting down the other contestants and America in general. You see we are not the racists. We are indeed a victim of such feelings from other cultures.  

      Jessica is very talented and probably deserves to win but her rude and obnoxious fans are making it hard for her. I actually consider her a part of America. She will be very famous and there aren’t many countries around the world where that would be possible. So you Jessica fans better start thinking about that part of the scenario and stop being so disrespectful to the other contestants.

      • Not all Jessica fans are disrespectful, some are just expressing their views on what they feel just like we respect your views with whom are you rooting with… a lot have been written here already telling us that she might not win it at all coz she is not American, then what do you call that? Better before people could open their mouth i’d rather ask them to check on Jessica’s bio first before they could judge her, for one it’s not her fault being born there with Filipino/Mexican parents… what she is showing here is her talent, it’s still your gain coz Jessica is bringing the flagship of America being raised and born there…. just saying, Taymaro.

      • Like I said Joy, I actually consider her to be American. I consider all people in North America, Central America and South America to be AMERICAN. I haven’t said anything negative about her race. I would be proud to have her win because she is an American.¬†

        I have been talking about the attitude of her fans. I know not all of them are disrespectful but there is a certain group that is and that is a big turn off to Jessica herself. That plus the judges and the show trying to push her down our throat.

        I guess you could say that we all have the Phillip Phillips syndrome. We are rebelling against the show and the hateful fans. That is how I see it.

        That is if this wasn’t all contrived to build ratings. I happen to think it was.

      • Oh by the way. Hardly anybody respected my views in regards to DeAndre….LOL I mean I was so alone it wasn’t even funny. I was actually voting for the person and not the singing. Like the judges on this show, if you like someone’s personality you are more likely to see what ever they do in a more positive light.¬†

        Think of it like this. If you are a parent and your child commits murder who is going to think the least of your child? You or someone that doesn’t know them? ¬†

  114. To make AI11 more exciting bottom 3 are not really the one,they want some tricks only,to  make the viewers more exciting in a couple of hours.In case this is true only they do is using their save privllage vote to anyone of the 3 at the bottom row.

  115. I was not surprised by tonights results, I agree that Jessica is a great singer and is very talented.  I think she is losing a fan base because she knows she is that good and may need to learn to eat a little humble pie.

  116. I am outraged that the judges jumped on the stage!!! This is crazy….Just like everything else in the world they call the show “American Idol” however they persuade the voters to vote for who the think is the best!¬†I like Jessica just fine but I’m not crazy about her. Yes she can sing but¬†will she be the next american idol? Probable not!!!¬†So what…she should have sang through and then they could have saved her…Just insane that she is the one that they ran to like that…How does that make the other contestants feel?

  117. What’s really sad about the whole thing is if that was Hollie they would of not used the save on her. I think Hollie is really great.

    • Hi CJ,

      Exactly.  Imagine how would you feel when your singing was criticised
      to the full extent, then being safe and having been vindicated by your fans,  the three stooges run to the stage to declare their support for one person as if the rest of you are of no value.

       And to make matters worst if you were one of the singers I wonder what is going thru your mind at that point when Randy started rambling  that Jessica is the best. No offense to jessica since she is also caught up with this travesty , not her fault and I  feel sorry for her because the Judges may have foolishly jeopardized  her chance of winning by that very foolish display of bravado.  They did the same with Casey last year and he was eliminated shortly after.

      Would have been ironic if the 7 singers started to walk away and not return after that, that will be a sight to see.

  118. In your faces judges! After you have clearly thrown Holly under the bus 2 weeks straight America has shown what they really think, imagine how the other contestants feel after you gloat on Jessica, Wow, you should all get a reality check!

  119. Yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hollie is safe again!!!!!!!!!!! Way to give the judges the finger for picking on our girl America! Let’s keep it up! Holliepops unite and vote like crazy to keep our girl in this until we can give the judges the ultimate finger by crowning Hollie this season’s American Idol!

    • I think what the judges did was wrong, i am done watching the show, they already know who is gonna win! Riged, riged

  120. The only thing I was shocked about was that AI actually thinks we believe this crap! C’mon, do think we are that stupid. Jessica probably had the most votes but they don’t want people to stop watching because we already know who’s gonna win. Yeah, the shocking part is how stupid they think we all are.

  121. You know something is up with this jessica thing….shes been on americas got talent and shevhas had a record deal with a private label…..i didnt think you could be pro and still be on idol…..even more to the point…if she is sp good why arent the labels picking her for a contract???

  122. Oh i agree with you! Well next week the judges are going to be very upset because one will go home that they like and they won’t be able to do anything about it. Serves them right for throwing Hollie under the bus.

    • No Chris Daughtrey should have one the year Taylor Hicks won Idol! That was so shocking!!!


    tonight’s result was SO SHOCKING, i cannot believe that Jessica, Joshua and Eliser were at the bottom 3!


  124. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonooooooooooooooooooooooonoooooooooooooooocrasyyyyyyyyynoooooooo………america¬† cmon realllly…

  125. I was shocked to death. What just happened? This show is messed up. I can’t believe Jessica was at the bottom 3 and worst, walked in a thin layer of ice! I can’t believe I’ve seen another episode of Hudson-Tuscano tonight.

    American Idol just got me boiled. America, end that girl power voting!!!! Vote for Jessica! She deserves to be seen in the final two!

    • So, are you a zombie now? ¬†Can zombies post? ¬†This was just a dramatic non competition week to boost ratings. ¬†The judges were going to use the save no matter who was where in the voting, so why not make it a big extravaganza? Relax.

      • Hey, look! The zombie you’re looking for is still alive! XD¬†Thank you asking. ^^ ¬†And yes, I can still post so don’t celebrate yet. ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā¬†

        I know that this week was for the drama but you forgot to mention Ryan twitted before the show that there was a shocking elimination so the judges had to use the save. ¬†ūüôā

        So don’t claim the confidence of saying the “save” thing was fixed for anyone.

        And yeah, I’m still gonna be here so don’t worry my pal. You will still read a lot of posts from me. ūüôā

        Have a great day! ūüôā

  126. I just don’t see how this could have turned out the way it did.¬† Seriously…both she and Joshua in the bottom and Holly saved…it doesn’t make sense…and I adore Holly…but she just isn’t doing well.¬† Was it all a ploy?¬† Sure seems like it.¬† I do think the judgtes overreacted – they could have been a little more subtle about saving her – and I hope it didn’t do her¬†more harm than good…I am pulling for Jessica to win it all…she or Skylar.¬† This was just such a strange scene.¬† I was waiting for Ryan to say it was all a joke!¬† We shall see…..

    • Steven said “We’re gonna use the save” ¬†when there were still three waiting to hear who was in the bottom. ¬†The fix was planned.

      • Hi Templar,

        the reason Steven said that is he can see that on one side is Hollie and
        Philip and on the other side is Elise and Jessica.  It is logical to assume
        one of their favourites will end up in the bottom 3. 

        They may have known also that one of the favourites received the lowest score, fix or no fix they have to use America’s votes as the basis of elimination, now if you still say they have rigged and planned this whole event, someone out there in their organization knows if it is.
        And just like “Watergate” eventually someone will talk.¬† This is not a secret ballot but a full count of the results from¬†all ¬†sources.

        A discovery of funny business will mean the end of Idol.

  127. BOO to you American Idol; your judges showed blatent favoritism to one contestant.¬†¬† This show is about America VOTING who their favorite is each week.¬† The judges have enough of a voice after each participant’s¬†performance;¬† let AMERICA vote!¬† The voters respond to who they feel is the best each week NOT who the judges think should win.¬†¬† YO, Randy, listen to America!¬†¬† The judges have singled out Jessica for too long; there is alot of talent in ALL the contestants on that stage.¬†¬†

  128. Wow I am really disgusted with AI tonight.¬† Did the judges forget the 6 other contestants standing there while they were repeatedly saying that Jessica is the BEST SINGER IN AMERICA? If that is the case- go on and give her the win and call it a day.¬† We are sick of hearing them be so biased against everyone else in the competition except Jessica.¬† Apparently, America is seeing this behavior too and they’re speaking up…..I applaud AMERICA tonight!

  129. Jessica doesn’t deserve to be in the bottom 3 nor the lowest among the 8 finalist….but thanks for the judges save vote

  130. I thought tonight’s show was give was a publicity stunt. Business as usual.

    • My God your such a racist putting a wall of color in front of someone elses opinion. I’m tired of these pointless – guilt trip comments that just make YOU look the fool.

      First of all, I think this was all staged crap tonight, but besides that – If someone doesn’t like Jessica I guarantee it has absolutely nothing to do with your dated views of seperation. I love blue October, my gf hates them – just an opinion and matter of taste, go figure.

  131. I think the reason why Joshua, Jessica and Elise are in the bottom 3 is because their voters became complacent about it. They think that they do not need to vote hard anymore since they are considered the front runners and they are never in danger. As for Hollie’s fans, they think that Hollie will be in danger so they will vote nonstop. I think this reason is also the reason why some past AI contestants that are effin good get “robbed” if the title.

    Nevertheless, yay for Jessica’s save!¬†

  132. The Judges should pick the bottom 3 next time. And America will vote for those 3 and the lowest votes should be eliminated. They should change the voting process! ūüėÄ

  133. I think that people thought that Jessica was a “shoe-in”, so didn’t vote for her. It’s happened before. Watch, next week her votes will blow the roof off the m___er f__ker.

  134. IF that so, i will go to america and stay there till the Finals,. And use may Millions to vote Jessica!…..

  135. Jessica sux big balls and America obviously can see that she is SO fake and will be going home soon.

  136. i dont think that jessica should have been in the bottom three i believe hollie should have been in her place
    ~Colton’s safe ūüôā

    • who are you to decide that hollie should be there…

      she’s still around and you can gobble up your words…

      peace ūüôā

  137. I am shocked! I think America is completely wrong this time..Who in the hell is voting? Apparently, people who have no clue what true talent is even if it hit them in the face!!

    • America is voting and they got it all RIGHT, Jessica has no charisma, no charm, and NO personality, therefore no Save will continue to save her talent-less ass.

      • She is young and not there for a beauty or modeling contest.¬† She is there¬† for a singing contest. Give her a break!

  138. There seems to be alot wrong with this so called ‘voting’ system if 2 of the best singers ever to see the stage on American Idol were in the bottom 3 (Jessica and Joshua). Come on America, don’t make this show a joke!! Vote for the best singer, not just because you think someone is ‘cute’. It is sad that a ‘save’ had to be used, as now it may just be a game of popularity as opposed to talent!!! If things don’t turn around, this will definitely be my last year of watching this show…as I can watch a comedy of errors on any channel.

    • The judges told everyone to vote for their favorite last night. That’s what they did. Sorry if Jessica wasn’t most people’s favorite but America voted and based on current rules that is how the cookie crumbles. With these rules America can’t get it wrong. The people have spoken!

      That’s with the assumption that this wasn’t all contrived but I have a feeling it was. They are not nearly as good at creating drama that leaves you scratching your head as Simon Cowell was. LOL

    • ¬†Joshua is very far from being the best singers ever to see the stage on American Idol. He will be going home next week. Not commercial in any way and way over sings with the lack of control.

      • IDIOT. you don’t know anything about music in general then do you. There’s more to music than just the crap you listen to. Expand your knowledge and appreciation of music then you might recognize musical talent!!

  139. Surprise, same thing happened in past seasons when people didn’t vote for the best singer (Jessica this year) because they thought she was way safe.¬† Guarantee, nothing else, no under lying reasons or conspiracies esp. some of the things people were raising.

  140. I guess Jessica fans thought she was so popular, they don’t need to vote.

    Sorry to see Elise again in the bottom three – she is so good.

    • That is EXACTLY what happened.¬† Everyone thinks she’s safe, so they change their votes here and there……lesson learned……..(hopefully)

  141. the gushing by the judges was pitiful.¬† why not just crown her queen and let the others go back to reality.¬† they got what they needed…its bad enough they make the eliminated one to sing for their life…what a stunt..but to declare jessica the best singer in america??????well she is better than jlo..and based on his recent national anthem..better than steven…but i can name maybe 100 singers better than jessica without even thinking..nothing against jessica but come on she is 16…i hope aretha wasn’t listening.

    • So I take it Phillip is included in that 100 then? Ha. I can name a 1000 better singers than Phillip. I bet you got a pillow case with his picture on it that you snuggle up to every night huh. Lol

  142. Everyone vote for Hollie next week , don’t let the judges push you around. They keep trying to throw her under the bus.

  143. this is the most rediculous thing i have ever seen on american idol the best 3 was in the bottom 3 something is wrong i am very disappointed….. rslyn

  144. What the hell were people thinking!!!! Voting off the three top singers especially Jessica Sanchez. I am Candian and cannot vote. I would if I could I really hope you who can vote get it right. Look at Jennifer Hudson

    • We did get it right. We ARE America. We get to choose our own idol…right? This is not Canada’s Idol. You vote for your own Idol.¬†

    • So true, she placed 7th or 8th and she has an Oscar and a Grammy. Not to shabby.

  145. The Judges told american people to vote for the favorite so we did ¬†and all we got from the judges was a put down toward american people for picking there favorite … so youll telling us we never got it right , If you didnt want us american people to vote ¬†why put it out there for us american people ¬†to vote for our favorites , so i think the judges owns the american ¬†people apology¬†

    • The vote was against the judges.¬† The votes went against the perceived favorite of the judges.

    • Hi Sue,

      Definitely agree with you.
      Why don’t we re-name the show to – ¬†Randy’s Idol

      so here goes, music please, ta da ta da dada ta dada dada
      welcome to Randy’s idols and your host Ryan Seaweed, and your¬† Judges ¬†Jlow, or lower and Steven ty-up, sorrywhat’s his name again?

      And here are your finalist this evening: please welcome the puppets and the muppets…………………………

      just saying…………….

  146. I am going to tell you the way most people see. it.¬† The biggest volume of voters are texters and are young teenage girls. Most of the winners in the last five years have been guys. Its easy to figure out. This has become a popularity contest. As Simon says, “afterall this is a singing contest.” I do not see guys voting. I see young girls voting for anything popular to them . Not singing. Obviously the best of the best are always let go.¬† Why dosent someone catch on to this insanity and realize, America needs to stop voting. Its totally fixed. Idol needs to take a few tips fro the Voice. Stop allowing America to vote ..Let the judges vote they are the professionals.

  147. I think the three guys are the best. Although Jess and Hollie are good I would not buy their music.

  148. ¬†This¬†show¬†appears to be¬†rigged. All three of the judges should be fired and replaced with judges who can offer valid criticisms and stay impartial. These three judges, especially Jennifer Lopez, have shown their bias from day one and have been trying to sway the votes. While this may be the best season when it comes to the singing, it is the WORST season when it comes to the judges!!! American Idol has lost my vote. I won’t be watching this show any more.

    • Another reason this was contrived is to try and offer proof that Jimmy didn’t know the voting results before hand. Such a lame attempt. The sad fact is that a lot of people don’t even know what is going on and being discussed on the internet so they will actually fall for this crap. It’s all for ratings. That’s all this was designed for is the ratings. “The Voice” is creeping up on them since the live shows started and they are trying to compete with that show. That’s all this is about.

  149. This year is somewhat of a dissapointment to me. I was thrilled to see jessica in the bottom 3. Dissapointed to see them save her but I knew they would. How can America not get tired of seeing a 16 year old with a swelling head telling Amricans how hard she’s worked her whole life… Give me a break! And I feel bad for Holly she seems like a sweet down to earth girl, and the judges ridicule her every week about her performance. She is a good singer and I think they need to lay off her. There is alot of great singers this year but I will admitt I miss Simon and his honesty, I think he would bring up that screeching your song is not the same as singing it! like Joshuah for example. I’m sure the judges don’t have an ear full of wax this year. They just seem lamer to me then last year no offence!

  150. What really interests me is what will Matthew will say about his previous prediction.
    100 Percent Safe: Jessica Sanchez, Colton DixonMost Likely Safe: Phillip Phillips, Elise TestonePossibly the Bottom 3: Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine, Joshua LedetPossibly Going Home: Hollie CavanaghWill the Judges Use The Save? On Hollie, No. On anyone else, yes. that his prediction is sort of a contrast on tonight’s result.

    • ¬†year after year, things like this happens, and people think it’s just drama from AI.. credibility of the voting system in AI is always questionable..

    • We all got it wrong and it was contrived to be that way. If you think this was the true outcome of the votes you are proving exactly what they said. That Americans are stupid and got it wrong. We can’t get it wrong. We ARE the deciding factor.

  151. Why is anybody surprised?¬† Even though Jessica does have an awesome voice, she has no personality.¬† Randy is wrong!!! It’s not about the best voice -( look at how popular Brittney Spears is) it’s who is the American Idol; someone you will pay to see and buy their music.¬† I am so over the judges constantly cramming Jessica & Joshua down our throats – I think America has spoken and they HAVE GOT IT RIGHT!!!!

  152. It sure was a shocker… I think the phone lines were so tied up. And I think when you vote online they do not include those votes. I did not vote for Phillip or Josh. I thought it was mean when he ask Skylar what group she should put herself in since she was safe. Just saying…..

  153. America was all wrong . I feel Holly, Ellis, n philp should have been bottom 3 n one of them should have gone home. Was glad they used there save. Jessica deserves to stay n go all the way.

  154. Is this a popularity contest or is truly American Idol trying to find the best talent. Voting process needs to change….ASAP . This is not fair to the contestants and all the work they do.

  155. america didn’t get it right. Jessica is a very strong contender and may even win the title.

  156. we did vote.  but this was planned.  i hope my girl skylar, holly, josh, or colton win

  157. yeah, america doesn’t know how to vote. ¬†even on government officials. ¬†what a shame!

  158. this has happened before… just like casey’s case last year, jessica’s fan base got too relaxed thinking everyone else would vote for her. Next performance night she will get a surge of votes but sooner or later her fan base will cool down once again and there will be no Judges’ save that time….

  159. who knows, Jessica might really be getting the highest votes and twisted it to make it more exciting… why are they showing the vote counts to prove that she got the lowest votes????

  160. I really think if anyone should of gone home tonight it should have been Philip , he’s just getting on my nerves. He has this attitude most of the time like he could careless if he’s there or not.

    • I don’t know why people rave about him so much. Me and my mom think there’s nothing much special about him. He does the same boring thing every week now.

  161. American voted!!¬† Congrats Phil Phillips, Hollie,¬†& Colton!!!¬†¬†Ya’ll are SAFE ūüôā¬† Hollie, you looked¬†stunning the other night (and so did Phil Phillips, for that matter).¬† ¬†

  162. america just proved what dipshits we are…jessica isnt even my fav but she was the best singer of the night..are we tone deaf? nope its a popularity contest..not about who sings the best but whos cuteset and sings the faveorite songs….grow up people! even your favorite can have an off night but to try and vote jess of was dumb..clearly hollie should have gone home jfs..smmfh@ idiots

  163. Maybe the result wasn’t the way the ” JUDGES ” wanted but the way they went about exclaiming their displeasure was absolutely Disgusting!! Especially Randy !!!¬† What the heck were those other Finalists (6)¬†suppose to think anyway??? Nothing but a slap in the face as you describe Jessica as being YOUR best. ¬†Isn’t this America’s vote and the Watchers choice? AGAIN I say ..just a discredit to the other contestants and Randy’s ouburst about voting for Jessica in the future was uncalled for . Only my opinion as a watcher and supporter of American Idol!¬†

  164. I do think Jessica is a great singer, but i did not like how the judges handled the situation!
    i think Jessica, Joshua and Elise were in the bottom 3 because people thought that they were the “front runners” of the competition and they’re so good that they’re immedietly “safe”.

  165. Randy saying Jessica is the best in the world must have made the other 6 feel REAL good¬† ūüôĀ¬† Stupid thing to say !!!!!

    • ¬†@33aa076058c8eb06fdc343d8dc180178:disqus ….hmmm… where did you get that statement? Randy said: Jessica is ONE_OF_THE_BEST—in this competition! Not the best in the world! hmmm… she could be the president of the United States!!!

      go with the facts Girl!  hater!

      by the way, I like Colton, Elise and Skylar…Jessica and Josh!


  166. This is the most exciting game for today,expect the unexpected later on. Viewers must fasten their seatbelts now if the 3 judges will use their save votes or not this week,if so just wait for another week to vote massively from whom we are betting to be the winner.

  167. Maybe one of the worst voting results by the american teeny boppers that i have ever seen.   I think american idol will take a huge hit because of the voting results by the young foolish kids.    come on american idol people change the voting and let someone who knows what is what, do what they do best.

    • I don’t think so, if the past is any indicator. Next week could be one of most watched and highest votes yet. Two get eliminated next week.

  168. last night all three judges liked Jessica. How come the American voters put her in the bottom three??? Something not sound right to me there.
    My personal views put Jessica, Joshua,in the top three. Hard to decide which of the remaining 4 should be up there with them.

  169. This was an interesting show.¬† I didn’t know James was going to be a guest.¬† Growing up like Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, etc- I enjoyed James’ performance more than any other song this year, either from the Idols¬†or the guests.

    As for Jessica being the bottom, I had her in 2nd place behind Colton.¬† So seeing her there was sort of a surprise.¬† What I hated was the judges and their whining.¬† Just use the save & quit with the dramatics.¬†¬† There’s no reason to make Hollie feel like crap.¬†

    I know they didn’t use her name, but it seemed implied that no way should that be the bottom 3.¬† It should be the group with Hollie in it.¬†

    My bottom 3 would have been Hollie, Elise, and Phillip.¬†¬†At the same time, if any of those 3 win the thing I’m ok w/ it.¬†

  170. It is all AI tactics to create drama in the show around this time.   It has been too predictable all season, they have to create some drama, folks. 

    Also if all the votes were tallied “legally”, why can’t AI showed the public the real number of the votes.¬†¬† No numbers were revealed since season one.¬†¬†

    I wonder whether the top two and the winner were picked by the AI internally.     We are just part of string being pulled.

    Ha Ha , I am so optimistic……

  171. I think all the bashing the other contestants in the head aren’t helping anyone with the voting either !!! I just get really upset at the fact that American Idol isn’t a singing competition anymore. I would watch The Voice for the fairness but their layouts with the Battles and such are just so Damn Cheesy !!!

    I just want the old AI back !! Remember that competition ?? When good looks and popularity weren’t even a factor ??

  172. If Jessica Sanchez gets voted off then I know American Idol is rigged.¬† Jessica will be a star and it will be American Idol’s lost.¬† This is the best singer ever to sing on American Idol. ¬† I thank the judges for their choice to save Jessica.¬† If Jessica goes home I an finished watching American Idol.¬† People vote for the best singer which is Jessica.¬†¬†¬† Vote people! Vote for Jessica

  173. don’t know what d judges c in skylar …hollie is so much better. im still amazed by Jessica…she’s awesome !

  174. The judges need to make the decisions because america isnt voting for the best. Instead, they are voting for favorites and their hometown people. There is no way the bottom three was correct and if jessica would have went home I was going to stop watching idol. I almost did when deandra was voted off. Top two jessica and joshua. I do vote but for the best talent. Even though they all are good. Matter of fact one is from my home state and does an awesome job.but not the best. So please dont let the viewers decide.

    • ¬†Normally that would be the case but the Jermaine’s disqualification I think that they might just send one home next week.

  175. Worst part about this is this years judges they are making the show more about race then talent. Give them the boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. The Judges told american people to vote for the favorite so we did ¬†and all we got from the judges was a put down toward american people for picking our ¬†favorite … so youll telling us we never got it right , If you didnt want us american people to vote , why put it out there for us ¬†to vote for our favorites , so i think the judges owns the american ¬†people apology , not saying ¬†that¬†Jessica¬† isnt a good singer there all ¬†great !!!! but we the people ¬†pick the kind of music ¬†we like listening ¬†to ¬†, ¬†sorry judges if its not your favorite¬†

  177. Right at the beginning of the American Idol 202, I¬† have rooted for Jessica Sanchez, not because she’s a Filipino, like me, but because she has a great voice ( one of the best I have heard in all seasons of American Idol). It was a big, big, surprise that she had the least number of votes and put in danger of being eliminated if not for the judges’ save. I am afraid this is an indication that America does not want a Filipino to win the American Idol finals. I am quite anxious. For me, she’s the best.

    • Over the years American Idol has played games from time to time to get the viewers more involved and vote more. This is not about not wanting a Filipino to win. It is about getting people upset and more into the show. This was the worst “surprise” yet, but it is no surprise that Idol will stoop pretty low to get what they want. I would not want these judges to choose the American Idol for this or any other season. Their credibility is gone. These contestants have put so much time into this competition. It is a shame they have to put up with this. It hurts when a favorite “goes home.” I’ve been there many times.

  178. The Judges told american people to vote for the favorite so we did ¬†and all we got from the judges was a put down toward american people for picking our ¬†favorite … so youll telling us we never got it right , If you didnt want us american people to vote , why put it out there for us ¬†to vote for our favorites , so i think the judges owns the american ¬†people apology , not saying ¬†that¬†Jessica¬† isnt a good singer there all ¬†great !!!! but we the people ¬†pick the kind of music ¬†we like listening ¬†to ¬†, ¬†sorry judges if its not your favorite¬†

  179. I was completely shocked by tonights results.  I actually thought Ryan Secrest had momentarily gone mad and played a trick on America.  How in the world could Jessica Sanchez be eliminated leaving Elise or Holly.  Although both are very talented lovely upcoming stars in their own right Jessica surpasses both of them.

  180. America definitely did not get it right! My goodness! Please try to vote the contestants that deserve to be voted for.  Come on Americans, where are your credibilities??

    • ¬†Jessica is not that good !! She’s been hyped by the judges all year.¬† Judges never criticize her even when she doesn’t do well. America got it right despite judges bias

  181. The ignorant Americans have spoken. “Money and ratings” now came in to the picture. For sure, AI is just making this more exciting. :))

  182. I think this made perfect sense. Everyone thought Jessica was 100% safe, so they voted for their next favorite. I thought she was very humble. And I agree with Randy she could be one of the best singers in America. She reminds me of Celine Dion at that age, Celine was so good at that age, she could only speak French back than, she learned an English song and the rest is history. 

  183. I can tell that¬†most the bloogers from this page think that Jessica is one of the best singers on AI but I’m not sure if you guys vote for her. ‘wish we’re from the states so we can vote. So please vote for her if you guys want to keep her inthe compitition. No matter what happens ¬†Jessica will have a future in the music industry whether in America or the Philippines. My advice to Jessica is to sing¬† songs that would show off her high octave range because that’s what people wants to hear. Mariah, Bionce, Celine Dion, to name¬† a few. No more unknown artist please…

  184. Just a little side note. The Poll put up yesterday was “Who Do You Think was the BEST Last Night” not “Who Do Think Will Be Safe”

    It’s still quite hard to believe that Josh, Elise and Jessica were in the bottom. And more Specifically: HOW COULD JESSICA HAVE THE LOWEST VOTES???????? C’mon America !! You Cray Cray !!

  185. Unreal. Last night’s top 3 singers in the bottom 3? It’s obvious the judges and Jimmy think Holly should be the next one to leave! I’ve never thought she was as bad as they kept saying and good for America for ignoring the judges’ comments. However she is the weakest of the top 7 simply because she’s still so young – but then again so was last year’s winner Scotty at 17 ABD runner up Lauren at 16.

    Someone has got to go and the reality is all of the remaining contestants will get contracts regardless of the results.

    So good luck to all.

  186. I think they really want Jessica to WIN..because with what happened tonight..more Jessica fans will be voting eagerly for her..I don’t believed that she’s really part of the bottom’s a strategy.

  187. Maybe Jessica is getting to be too predictable…I mean she has an incredible voice and maybe voters are tired of seeing her do the same kind of thing every week?¬† But what will really be interesting is that next week, with no judges save who will go home and if Jessica is in the bottom 3 again….there is no-one that can save her.¬† Set to be a very interesting week…

  188. This vote makes me want to stop watching the show because Jessica is the best singer on the show…smh….this is exactly why america doesn’t need to vote…the audience along with Steven, jennifer and randy shoyld vote

  189. The bottom three was ridiculous! Seriously, with that outcome the show felt rigged, like it was a staged for drama or something. I have a hard time believing Sanchez received the least votes.  Makes me question the intergrity of the show.

  190. we all know that jessica is a good singer but we also know the fact that american people doesn’t want people with asian blood and besides they want the face not the talent

    • This playing the race card is getting really old and tired. ¬†Stop it. ¬†Watch Manila Idol for your entertainment, then.

  191. why do they even have us vote? ¬†why doesn’t randy, jlo and steven just decide the winner (which they did tonight). ¬†so insulting to all the other singers!!! ¬†don’t think i will watch next year…these judges are ridiculous and randy looked like a total idiot up on stage!!

  192. I think that the judges got to see that not everyone shares their same taste in music and that they are not the judge and jury. While I think Elise has some good moments and I really liked a couple of her performances I wouldn’t purchase her album.

    They dog Hollie and I think that she technically is one of the best vocalists in the group.

  193. I think American Idol got it wrong to think that the voters will not see thru this scam to get people to vote more. Now I am questioning not only tonight but every results night of this and every other season of AI. I don’t believe for a minute that Jessica was in the bottom 3, and for the judges to rush to the stage without letting her finish her song was off the wall. We all have our opinions of which genre we like and which contestants we like. If AI is tampering with our votes, why bother to vote at all? Worse yet, they are actually choosing who will be the next Idol, and we are just pawns in their game of Idol chess. I’ve been disgusted with this show from time to time, but never like tonight. And to play with the feelings of the contestants is cruel. If I were a sponsor of this show, I would cancel right now. I would not want to be associated with something that looks like it is fixed.

    • Giselle, I totally agree with your comment, “And to play with the feelings of the contestants is cruel.”¬† I have been suprised that no one else has remarked on this aspect so far in the comments.¬† In no way could I believe that the contestants were in on this possible fix:¬† the looks on their faces when Jessica was revealed as the one to be eliminated were pure shock.


  195. How did Jessica wind up with the least votes? She’s never even been in the bottom 3 before. America got it wrong.

  196. The judges seem to always bash Hollie which is really mean. I hope one of their favorites go home next week and they get all mad! They deserve it!

  197. it only shows voters listens to what stupid judges has to say! the stupid comment from JLO last night is horrible.. “I love to see from you ¬†is some almost like ¬†joshua-type performance”!! why compare Jessica to Joshua who ¬†cant hold a note! ¬†Enough with screaming!!!¬†

    • Well he sure has showed her up when he’s sang with her. Dony hate cause he’s better than Jessica. And for everybody that wants to just keep crying that all Josh does is scream, your MUSICALLY IGNORANT!!!

  198. You do realize that this proves the show’s votes are manipulated. This upset was done to kick up drama on the show and hopefully ratings. I don’t believe for one minute these were the real vote totals.

    Unless ……
    What happened was what I warned about earlier in the week, which was that Jess has some arrogance and it was showing and it might have cause people to not vote for her for two reasons: No one likes someone arrogant and if she’s so arrogant, she must be in the lead and therefor she doesn’t need my vote.

    Whatever, I still think its all a drama promo.¬† But from just reading on here, everyone does have their own taste and the bottom line is the show is a popularity contest that won’t necessarily give the win to the best performer.

    I wasn’t supprised about Joshua being in the bottom 3, other than the fact that he wasn’t the bottom. Elise not a huge shock either. I was glad Hollie wasn’t in the bottom 3, if anything to teach the Judges some humility. But I think Hollie’s performance this week justified her not going home, though I really thought she would go home.

    So next week I guess will be very dependent on performances. My guess right now if all perform as normal, will be that Joshua will be one going home and other either Hollie or Elise.

    See drama works…it keeps us interested in the show more.

    • What makes you think that Jessica is arrogant? She is only 16 and shy soft spoken girl. How old are you? Did she cry? No. She accepts what happened like an adult with pride and dignity. Proud of her.

      • …and what makes you think she isn’t? ¬†I stopped voting for her at top 8 and my sudden dislike for her was sealed by her haughty attitude tonight. ¬†No one can deny her vocal ability, but she needs to learn that acting like she is so entitled will only bring her down.

    • Sorry, won’t be Josh, he’s out Performed all of them consistently. 5 standing O’s. Yea he’s pretty consistent He ain’t going anywhere but the finals as he deserves.

  199. Many tricks will happen tonight to make the show more exciting,the 3 who are not supposed in the bottom are now in danger?OH!!!!!!!!!!!come on twisting the game to make the viewers to be more excited for the show.This is the way I see it lol……………….haha

  200. people are still mad that Obama is president and that Zimmerman will be charged for the¬†murder of Trayvon Martin…you figure it out. It’s that or young caucasion girls from the midwest are voting who they think are the cutest guy…Hollie? are you kidding me? She is the least talented of the 7..

    • ¬†Who says American Idol is about the best voice? Obviously people are dreaming

  201. The vote ¬†” IS WHAT IT IS”

    Jessica sings old time songs…boring….

    Gushing over her only makes me vote for others

  202. Only One Thing To Do: Close your eyes turn around and listen to their DAMN VOICES America!! Dammit you make me wanna wish I didn’t live in Canada . . .

  203. This is such an OBVIOUS commentary on what sadly continues to plague the good ol’ U.S.A.–RACISM!!!¬† What an absolute DISGRACE! Anybody with EARS for REAL MUSIC and EYES for REAL TALENT knows that the worst contestant at this stage of this competition is HOLLY CAVANAGH!!! What she lacks in musical talent, skill and SOUL, she more than makes-up for in pale skin, pale eyes and pale hair. Of course, racist America in its sick attempt to save a totally mediocre white “singer” will mis-use the voting system to get rid of the only REAL TALENT in the competition–the singers of color and the only white singer with SOUL!!! SHAME ON YOU (white) AMERICA!!! Clearly J.Lo, Steven Tyler and Randy were hip to what was wrong tonight, and JUSTIFIABLY used their “save” to keep this competition what it’s supposed to be about–TALENT!!! It’s time for that mediocre Holly Cavanagh to get out of this competition and let REAL TALENT AND REAL SINGERS have a much deserved chance at a FAIR WIN!

      • “chopin” is of european origin so, it’s obvious you’re white. It’s also obvious you’re threatened by the truth of your people–especially when it comes to their narrow-minded ignorance, a.k.a racism. The only “victims” are whites to their own diseased way of thinking.

    • How UNBELIEVEABLE immature of you to bring race into this! I think Joshua is amazing as well as Jessica but I would not buy an album of Jessica’s. Her type of singing, for me, is great a small dose at a time but not an entire album. I have never bought a JLo album either. While you don’t like Hollie I love her! I would buy buy some of Joshua’s.. He is very charismatic and fun to watch as well as a great singer.

      Everyone needs to stop it with the race-baiting. It’s petty and small minded.

    • What an infantile outburst! ¬†If you find such repugnance in “America,” what are you still doing here? ¬†If you loathe so much what goes on in the show, then stop watching; but don’t make conclusive remarks as though you’re all-knowing. ¬†Your opinion is yours and deserves as much respect as any other viewpoint shared here, but don’t vilify an entire society simply because they don’t share your views.

  204. FIRST OF ALL…. HATS OFF TO ALL THE CONTESTANTS WHO AMERICA VOTED FOR! In spite of the judges deplorable behavior tonight…you ALL are very talented.
    I have watched AI for many years…..this year has been my least favorite….not because of ¬†the talent , but because of Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson….and tonight capped off an already boring season.¬†Judges how about respect for all the contestants and those who voted…..remember this is “American”¬†Idol!!!! Use your save….but do it with respect for the contestants and the all the fans who watch show.

  205. Randy is totally correct…. America dont use the right way how to vote… they just vote because they simple like the contestant per se… but this is a contest on how each one sings or how do they professionally perform… Be fair people… you know who is good and not…¬†

  206. 1) Judges handled the situation wrong.
    2) Tonight show seems to be “staged” The american idol producers might of have done this to grab more people.
    3) Jessica, Joshua and Elise did not deserved to be in the bottom 3. Worst bottom 3 ever in American Idol History.
    4) I feel sorry for Jessica, she’s going to get a lot of negative comments towards her just because of what the judges said about her¬†

  207. If Americans were truly racist they would have voted off Joshua. The result is simply a matter of people assuming Jessica was already safe. It happens. Look what happened to Pia last year who should have been in the top two or three. The judges saved their “save” for exactly that reason. They saved Casey too early last year and couldn’t save someone who should have been saved like Pia.

    I’m Canadian and I don’t believe the result was due to Americans being racist.

  208. This is the most upsetting results in AI history. Jessica is from Cali and I think that’s the reason why she was the one who got the boot. Californians just don’t watch AI as much as the people from the South do. So, this is a wake up call for all Californians to vote for Jessica who might just be the first AI winner from Cali. She’s an amazing singer considering her young age. She’s better than some of the singers out there. So vote for her next time.

  209. I’m sick of Jennifer, Steven, and Randy. ¬†They are arrogant and openly antagonistic to contestants they don’t like. This will be the last time I watch this show…AMERICA DID NOT GET IT WRONG!

    Too bad we can’t vote the judges off.


  211. Jessica Sanchez deserves to be in the final 3….if we want that to happen¬† Jessica supportes should not be complacent.. vote¬† for her everyweek …as many times as we can ..

  212. hollie jessica and joshua will be the next three to go!!! they dont have the convidence or the stage presence to make it!!!  They have great voices,but that is not all it takes, they have said many times it takes the whole package!!!!!

  213. I think from this result we have seen tonight only shows that the judging should be done by those who are qualified to judge, the general public only goes with who they like and it is never based on talent as you can clearly see the bottom three should have been the top three along with Skylar because those are the four who were exceptional last night and although Colton did a good job, it was just good job, I have never made a comment until now but I have to say something, talent needs to be really recognized at this point in the contest I think it should be taken out of the hands of the public when it gets to the last ten and guest judges should be added to judge the last ten and these judges should be from the music industry this would give the show more of an honest result. The person that should have been the bottom should have been Hollie and I really like Hollie she has a great upside but she is definitely not ready yet.

    • You have to rename the show. Only each individual American can decide who it is that they wish to idolize. So the show couldn’t be called American Idol anymore.

  214. out of this world result…it’s embarassing that Jessica landed at the bottom…i think this is just a propaganda of sorts..i think this is just to attract more people to watch the show…how low can they get! and if it’s true that america voted her out, there is definitely something wrong with america’s voters. any which way, what a shame!

  215. The judges are right American got it way wrong all Jessica is an awsome singing. Joshua is also good if they don’t go all the way on American Idol believe me someone will give them a record deal. :-)Kenn in Kansas

  216. America is tired of the judges telling us who to vote for, and I think america got it right!!!!!!

  217. Okay, for those who are saying that they’ve lost all their respect to the judges, here’s what you do: When the judges are about to critique, use your MUTE button. It’s located in your remote.¬†

    • no, jessica is a young choir singer, no better no worst. she is boring, bland and predictable. she needs to take some risks if she wants to show she can sing. forget the soft ballads every week and show some range and diversity

    • Hi Guess,

      there is still next week, and next week two will go and no Judges can save any one. think before you speak this time.¬† America is a very big place with a lot of people isn’t it?

  218. I have watched idol every season.¬† Am a big, big fan.¬† This happens every year.¬† The judges pick favorites and always make good comments about them and negative comments on those they don’t like.¬† Dial idol showed Joshua at the bottom on most all ctegories.¬† Let QAmerica speak and vote and go with what is done.¬† This save business is a joke and keeps judges favorites in the contest.¬† Let the voting rule as it should be and go with it.¬† The judges need to stop showing their favorites, including allowing parents on stage to earn votes¬† for some contestants.¬† I am beginning to tire of ther relentless intrusions.¬† YOU CAN TELL RANDY’S AND JENNIFER’S FAVORITES.¬† WHILE¬†I AM AT IT,¬†I AM TIRED OF THEM PUSHING JENNIFER ON US ALL THE TIME.¬† HER VIDEOS ARE WAY TOO RACY FOR THIS FAMILY SHOW.¬† LET HER PAY FOR PROMOTING HER SONGS AND VIDEOS.¬† ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    • tell the¬† young caucasion girls from the midwest to stop voting for the guys they think are cute. colton and phillips are not¬†all that. phillips is a wannabe dave matthews

  219. That was soooo staged.¬† Jessica not in the bottom three until tonight, and now she’s last?¬† You gots to be kidding.¬†¬† They’ve been pimping her since day one.¬† Just wasted an hour of my life.

  220. CONGRATS Hollie, Phil, & Colton!!!  America has voted!!  (Please do not delete this).  I am proud of these people. 

  221. Ok I didn’t expect her to go so fast. But her song actually wasn’t that bad her last two eh I wouldnt of been surprised n that trio part with Joshua ugh flat notes all over the place things are getting interesting … The title could go to anyone.

  222. what happened to the poll out of this blog?? LOL…admit it..standing O – great techniques – screaming and growling (in a good way) won’t be effective to viewers…It will always be about LOOKS LOOKS nothing but LOOKS!!! I’m in the stage right where i am quite sure it would be a skylar-colton or worst, philip-colton finale..jessica will be again eliminated maybe or in top 4

    • If it is about looks, then why skylar , Elise and Joshua are still there? Do you really think these are good looking people?

  223. Shame Jessica didn’t go home – she is more of a screamer than a good voice. If you listen to her she she sings a fast paced song she runs out of breath and is out of tune.¬†

  224. People who says the “race issue” in this commentary section are low class. Everytime some things don’t work their way, race, race, race. Boooooring

  225. Randy should be terminated as a judge. He wants to pick the winner.

    America is voting for an ‘idol’, not a technical singer

  226. scripted show this time. ¬†ai still needs 7 contestants as ¬†scheduled to end on may 25. and for sure this gimmickry will ¬†increase the views and ¬†sales (income) of the producers, etc…. lol

  227. ¬†Lets face it, it’s American Idol so the obvious winner will be white lols. haha smell something like racial discrimination here. Joshua and Jessica, bottom 3???? Really, America????

  228. omg… jessica, u suck. and when someone is out next week that is WAY better than jessica, then, the judges will be sad!

    • Unfortunately, the judges think she is amazing. I’m sure they won’t care who goes home… As long as it Hollie, Elise, Colton, or Philip. It’s obvious that they want Joshua and Jessica in the final.

    • Which is who? Who is better than Jessica ? The judges need to use the save now and only Jessica is the most deserving of that save.

      This is all a ploy for good ratings. It is so easy to manipulate this voting process. You can block the phone line for example. But they need someone who is worthy of saving and jessica was the one on top. People will love the judges for saving Jessica. Do you honestly believe that she was the contestant with the least amount of fans out there.?
      She is very popular. She was never been in the bottom 3 and let alone the one with the least vote. C’mon people! This is a reality show. I bet you my bottom dollar that Jessica will be safe until at least at the top 3.

    • I totally agree with you JLO drives me crazy. It’s apparent that she only cares about the minority contestants. People on here are saying the voters a racist…

    • Haha my like for Tyler has turned to utter disdain.

      I’m dumping my copy of Aerosmith’s supposed¬†classic¬†Toys in the Attic – there’re 1000s of other better albums out there.

  229. American Idol already admitted to screwing with the bottom 3 during Carrie Underwood’s season. They obviously did this for drama and thought their viewers were idiots. They obviously took a note from X-Factor and Melanie Armaro to make Jessica win the whole season. So pathetic. Don’t admit to screwing your viewers in the past and then do it again. Don’t be so dumb people. Jessica was not in the bottom 3 or in danger of going home.

  230. I think the judges just basically said they would only accept it if Hollie had been going home tonight.

  231. SO I HAVE A QUESTION?! I thought I read somewhere that two go home next week then, now that they used their save. Is this true? Or is going to continue to be 1 each wk?

    • i think 1 each week because there’s been a double elimination before.. (When Shannon got eliminated and Jermaine got disqualified)¬†

  232. GUYS LETS STOP TALKING NEGATIVE, com’on there’s only a few more weeks of American Idol left, lets just make it a good one?

  233. If the elimination was indeed staged, I feel sorry for Jessica. For sure she wants the competition to be fare, regardless if she wins it or not. Now, we can’t prevent people from thinking that Jessica, too, is a part of it (thus the sympathy vote for the other competitors).
    Because of this, I pity all the contestants for they are being played by the producers, eliminating them in the order that would garner more viewers. I’m just hoping that they show us the truth.

  234. I’ve been
    watching this American Idol for a little while. The bottom three chosen tonight
    was absolute ridiculous. Those are the one who should be top threes. I was
    shocked for a little while. This is how it goes in reality, there is nobody to
    blame for either. Seems like people voted to their looks not for talent. There
    should be sub judges as an audience to vote real talent and then public vote
    should counted not more than fifty percentages.


    I’ve been
    watching this American Idol for a little while. The bottom three chosen tonight
    was absolute ridiculous. Those are the one who should be top threes. I was
    shocked for a little while. This is how it goes in reality, there is nobody to
    blame for either. Seems like people voted to their looks not for talent. There
    should be sub judges as an audience to vote real talent and then public vote
    should counted not more than fifty percentages.


  235. America got ot right, right, right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s best answer for judges and Jimmi.
    They should be fair.

  236. WE NEED MORE GIRL POWER! oh wait, the majority of the girls are voting for Colton or Phillip anyway ūüôĀ

  237. From Thia Megia’s Official Fan Page. Look at the bottom 3. It’s weird how the close the statistics are: 3.588, 3.587, 3.585…

    What’s more shocking is that HOLLIE’S AT THE TOP!

    TOP 3
    1. Hollie Cavanagh – 30.56%
    2. Phillip Phillips – 24.81%
    3. Colton Dixon – 20.72%
    4. Skylar Laine – 13.15%
    BOTTOM 3
    5. Joshua Ledet – 3.588
    6. Elise Testone- 3.587
    7. Jessica Sanchez – 3.585 —–> (SAVED BY THE JUDGE)

    • The result is inversely related to the favorability of the¬† comments of the judges.

      Hollie….highest number of votes……least favorable comment of all judges.

      Jessica….lowest number of votes ….second most favorable comments of all judges (Joshua,¬† most favorable)

  238. Sanchez needs to go,she’s not all that which means something TV related is in this deal.

  239. Yea good idea¬†Americans¬†who¬†actually¬†take the time to vote are mostly¬†idiots and¬†don’t¬†vote on the best talent just who they like the persons life story and how they feel about them who they can relate to¬†not¬†skill and tone¬†Americans¬†idolize themselves so¬†that’s¬†who they vote for an image of¬†them-self¬†as the stars fall from the stage and the show becomes more and more of a joke the judges need to have a little more control to save face when it comes to record sales people buy a sound not a story the music is what matters.

    • That’s a matter of opinion. You sound like Randy, JLo and Steve now. If the voters are such idiots then why leave it up to them to vote for their Idol.¬†

      They were very insulting to their viewers. Without their viewers the show has nothing. They need those advertising dollars. Even a stupid person’s money is green. They don’t have different colors based on your level of intelligence.¬†

      Rich people don’t watch as much TV as the commoners do. They are too busy getting richer. So if the show wants to stay around they better quit insulting their viewers and stop trying to manipulate the show so much.¬†

      I realize they are competing with the other talent contests but they are going to lose ratings by doing it this way. Stupid or not we all count for the ratings and the price of advertising on the show. 

  240. seriously america?! you want jessica out now?! what’s wrong with you??does it really matter what race your winner hails from? the girl has a wonderful talent, why are you saving those who you wont support later?! you always do this.. save those you¬†empathize, then in their actual career you wouldn’t eve buy a single track. in the end, those who really displays talent will win the world’s heart not just america.¬†

    • So are you saying she shouldn’t win because we will all forget about her afterwards? It seems that is what you are saying. The winners of this show hardly ever go on to be incredibly famous. So maybe she is better off not winning.

      • I think it is better for Jessica Sanchez to lose in AI and win instead a big music career globally with the the likes of, for ¬†instance AKON to mentor ¬†and manage her, there is no way she can’t WIN ultimately.

  241. People i will say this..if jsan will go home tonight ..mine as well call quits(american i dol is close)see year…bad choice

  242. I HAVE A QUESTION!? So do 2 go home next week then? or do they still continue w one a week?

  243. I don’t know if you guys agree with this , but after i saw Adam lambert go home and James Durbin I was like forget this.

    • Adam should have won.¬† he was too OUT THERE for conservative American unfortunately.¬† James should have won.¬† he truly performed.¬† i vote for the person who sings music i like.¬† i wouldn’t buy music by jessica, hollie, skylar, joshua.¬† i’ve voted for phillip, elise and colton since the beginning and will continue to do so til they are no more.

    • I don’t know, it started very badly before they made a joke of everything and rushed the stage.

    • Jim R,

      The “save” song title is ‘Nobody‚Äôs Supposed to Be Here‚Äô by Deborah Cox’

    • She didn’t sing – at least not until after the judges had an opportunity to tell us we voted incorrectly. ¬†She then was given the ultimate pimp spot to close the show with her song as her mother stood onstage behind her and the other contestants.

  244. This is not a popular contest.  People should vote on the talent . 
    Jessica should not be in the bottom 3.  Jessica and Skyler are the
    top two.  I also think that in the final 3 nights there should not be
    any volting by the public–since it is a popular contest– but they should
    bring in 2 or 3  more judges to pick the winner.  Then instead of being a
    popular contest it would be on talent.

    • Then it wouldn’t be America’s Idol anymore. They would have to change the name of the show.

  245. I think Steven Tyler should have kept his BIG mouth shut and have let us watch! Instead he said they would use the save tonight!!! Thats just bogus BS! I think the way they ran on stage was just CRAZY!!! I’m sorry I just dont get it! Jessica should have sang like everyone else! The other contestants must feel a bit weird about the reaction!¬† Whats with the Jessica craze anyway? She can sing but shes not all that

    • she is better than the top three. the young girls in the¬† midwest are voting for the ones the think are the cutest or who look like them.

  246. I’m still in shock Jessica has the lowest vote. I think the show was rigged and they did that on purpose. Every year on Idol right around this time we always get the shocker of the person who goes home who shouldn’t like James Durbin and Pia Toscano and this year it was Jessica. Thank God the judges saved her lol.

      • What kind of microphone was he using. It had some sort of effects button on it. He was pushing that button to change the sound of his voice at certain times.

      • I don’t know what it’s called but Richie Sambora [Bon Jovi] uses one sometimes, too.

  247. IMO, looks is what America wants (colton, phillip, hollie) and not the talent (elise, joshua, jessica)…i dunno buy Syler, she is in the middle of the looks and the talent IMO…if this will stay on, the winner will only have the title and will not have the success of the talented idols.

  248. good moved the judges used their SAVED ¬†on a worthy contestant,,,,jessica sanchez,,,,,why did she have the lowest votes,,,thats hard to answer…..the ones that hasn’t tasted bottom 3 ¬†are ¬†colton and philipps,,,,,remember there is only 1 saved,,,so from here on….theyre own their own….

  249. The voting as to who should be eliminated each week starting next week should be left to the 3 AI judges (Steven, Jennifer, Randy) plus Jimmy who know more about music talent instead of the voting public who is making a joke or mess out of this talent competition.


    If the winner is voted based on talent alone, this should be the likely outcome in the next 7 weeks:

    7. Hollie
    6. Phillip
    5. Skylar
    4. Colton
    3. Elise
    2. Joshua or Jessica
    1 Jessica or Joshua

    • I agree. That top 3 clearly have more depth, tone, range and strength to their voice than the other four. The bottom 3 thurs night should be the TOP 3 purely based on vocal abilities, sadly many voters don’t base their votes on what should be the main criteria, VOCAL ABILITY!!

  250. Serious……American did not get it right. If anyone should go it should be Hollie. OMG people get serious n vote for real talent. Jessica.

    • Because it isn’t American Singer, it’s American Idol. ¬†Believe me, Pavoratti, Lanza, Caruso, Leontyne Price, and Mel Torme wouldn’t make it here.

  251. Now that the Save is done…it’s anybody’s game.
    Boys, watch out, Jessica is KILLING the competition next week!!!

  252. ty all three judges for using the save on a very talented contender. Jessica should be in the top three and I will always root for her even if I can’t vote.

  253. Dramatic – yes. Rigged – no.

    Wake up people. The ones commenting and voting in this site are not from the US. This just tells us that Jessica is very popular.. outside the US, but that the legit AI voters are not into her.

    Sadly, history tells us that these saves do not really help much. It will keep her for the next two weeks max but that’s it. Aerican voters are quite stubborn. No amount of pimping by the judges¬†will help. Remember Casey.

    I would like Jessica to win, but my opinion simply don’t matter in this competition. Jessica, come home and we’ll give you a hero’s welcome no matter what the outcome there is.

  254. ¬†The results tonight confirm my suspicion that the majority of voters (probably white teenage girls) will not vote for a talented person of color, whether that¬† person is African American, Asian, or Latino. The “safe” contestants are all white and don’t have the talent some of the others have.¬† This contest no longer represents voting for the most gifted performer, rather it seems to represent a popularity contest for the folks who live in the Red States.¬† Deandre was let go last week, and now voters are promoting everyone but Joshua, Jessica, (and Elise – is she too ethnic?).¬† Is that just a coincidence? It has been 5 years since Jordin Sparks won, and no person of color has made it since then.¬† Jessica and Joshua deserve to be the two finalists this year.

    • Please quit separating these amazing people by adding your dated views of color. People vote because of who they like, little girls vote for who is “cute” – well so does my older neighbor. Yet at the end of the day this is still just a show and everyone has a nasty uncle Sam.

      • ITA In the past 10 seasons 3 winners were african/american. ¬†Thats 33&1/3%. ¬†But the U.S. black population is less than 13%. ¬†So there is no racism at work here.

    • My gosh if this were really true Michael Jackson would not have keep Def Lepard from getting the number one album of the year. I mean really in white America an ethnic urban artist just cant outsell a white bigot artist…lol!

  255. I don’t think that when people actually vote they are thinking of who they DON’T want to win.¬† If you look at all the styles represented and estimate the number of people who vote and watch the show, then I am sure that there are many different preferences represented in teh voting.¬† They are all so talented at this point in the game.¬† I have my favorite and it’s not Jessica.¬† It’s not because she is NOT because of an ethnic background…. it’s because I like another singer’s talent better.¬† This isn’t just for you, Marie….this is for all of you who jumped on this whole racist issue.¬† Just because more people voted for others doesn’t mean that they are against her… my goodness.

  256. The judges were totally bizzar. Let America pick the winner. Why would anyone even go on to the next week knowing the judges have pickrd THERE winner. Randy said it all…vote for Jessica or your an idiot. Why not just end the show now and proclaim Jessica the winner. God forbid someone like country or rock (if you like anything but r&b your a white bigot).

  257. American Idol jumped the shark tonight. America voted. Jessica was voted bottom for a reason. The panel should wonder what America is seeing that they are not, and by jumping in prior to Jessica singing for their vote, the panel totally invalidated America’s vote. I know Jessica is technically superb, but she is without personality, and not memorable as a result.

  258. American Idol is a battle of great singers… Everyone in these season deserves to be the next AI.. Coz they’re all really good… But if you know the good quality of what a good voice really is, you will¬†definitely¬†save and vote for Elise, Joshua and¬†of course¬†for Jessica…¬†I’m¬†just hoping that the America do vote wisely… Please stop discrimination… This competition is not about the skin color or how they look like on television… It’s all about the God’s gift talent in singing… Vote for the right and deserving American Idol…

  259. Jess was in the bottom because the Jess lovers, including the judges, cram her down everyone’s throat as the absolute best singer in America. I think the judges have doomed her now. People have their own opinions and don’t like the cramming

  260. Paki-usap…..
    S lahat n noypi n taga hanga ni jessica d2….Huwag ng makipag away s mga tao d2 hayaan n silang magsalita huwag ng makipagtalo s kanila pra hindi mapag initan ang manok natin. Hindi mabubuhay c jessica kong tyo lang ang boboto dapat makuha natin sila, yong mga tga pinas na pumapasok d2 ang pinakamainam n gawin nyo ay kaibiganin ang mga ito pra magustuhan nila ang sinusubaybayan natin, pakiusap hwag tayong manglait habang andito p ang manok natin. Slamat.

      • Translation:

        To all Filipino fans of Jessica here…Let us not quarrel with¬†other people here;¬†¬†just let them speak and avoid arguing with them so that they won’t gang up on our idol.¬†¬†We won’t survive if only we will vote for Jessica;¬† we need to get their support too.¬†¬†¬†To all¬†of those from the Philippines who make comments here,¬† the best thing to do is to befriend them instead so that there is a chance that they could also appreciate our idol.¬†¬† Please,¬† let us not resort to making insults while our Idol is still¬†in.¬† Thanks.

  261. OMG! ¬†im having palpitations after seeing jessica on the bottom! ….and nearly got a heart attack after she was voted off!!! ¬†i was only redeemed after she was saved!! ¬†what a beautiful nightmare america!!!

  262. No. It’s like Jennifer Hudson all over again. She was eliminated at the top 7 spot. America Vote for Jessica. She’s one amazing talent not to be missed. She needs girl power as suggested by Jimmy. It has been all male winners for the past idol shows. ¬†

  263. Really? I can’t believe the result tonight. Even the bottom 3! Oh well, this is american idol. Great singers really don’t usually win. As i’ve said many times before the winner this year will be either Philip or Colton.

    I just couldn’t believe how strong the fan base of Hollie. She’s been in the bottom 3 many times due to poor performance yet she managed to stay. I believe it’s her cute/doll like look that’s captivating the viewers. She could be the Lauren of last year. I’m not saying their bad singers, they sing good too but compared to the other contestants in the competition they are not as good as them. Hollie vs Jessica/Joshua …. really far in terms of vocal … for me.

    I just noticed all the good looking contestants were all safe … Colton, Philip, Hollie and Skylar. Maybe a coincidence ūüôā

    Anyway, maybe it’s a wake up call for Jessica. She should choose a song that everyone knows next time.¬†

  264. Just shocking.

    I was still studying the meaning of the word IRONIC when I got the results of the elimination.

    Still I do not know as yet how to use the word ironic in this situation.

  265. first they dont like Jessica.. now  some of them hate the judges for saving Jessica tonite..whats next? uh!! uh!! not me LOL!

    • Definitely you! ¬†You make seemingly cordial and coy posts such as this, but then you turn around and pollute posts by fans of other contestants with your churlish one-liners.

  266. I believe America voted the way they did last night because they felt that the judges treated Hollie unfairly and seem to want to get rid of her from the comments they have said about her.¬† Hollie has a Beautiful voice and deserves to be treated with respect.¬† Of course, Jessica has an outstanding voice and should not have had the lowest number of votes but I think that happened only because of the judges.¬† Please try to be fair to everyone and I don’t think this will happen in the future.¬† I myself voted many times for Hollie because I do think she is very good and also because I thought she wasn’t treated with the respect she deserves.¬† I’m kind of happy America did this in order to show their support.

  267. Obviously a stunt from the AI producers to try and add ratings to the show. Who counts the votes? Do we even know if the announced votes they report are those originating from the American people? Do you expect us to really believe that the american people are that tone deaf? I watch the show for the entertainment value provided by the contestants, not for the shenanigans of the producers.

  268. I have been watching the Idol for years and I have never been as discusted as I have been this year. the judges standing and saying what they say about each singer as if they are in the same¬†category¬†as the superstars. They shouldn’t be allowed to save anyone. This defeats the voting by the people.
    It is clear who their favorites are so they aren’t judging without bias.

    • voting should not be determined by the fans who text and vote online. too many teeny boppers girls voting for the guys they think are cute…voting is bs

    • All races of people in this country have phones and computers and the same opportunity to vote so don’t give me that crap!

  269. The results shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.¬† People don’t like the show and judges jamming their favorites down their throats and/or being disproportionately critical of their least favorites.¬† Look who was in the bottom 3.¬† With the exception of Colton, the 3 they pimped hardest last night.¬†

  270. you want good results?? replace judges with the ones who could sing and stop the voting since it was being manipulated. end of story!

  271. I think the result was made to be able to use the save option for this season or to get more ratings for the show and to persuade more fans to vote for their idols. I hope the bottom three next week will be the REAL bottom three. Alright!

  272. Jessica is a great singer, but all she sings are ballads. So tired of Ballads…. sing something modern and up-beat.¬†

    • They had a speech all prepared for her. She said, “I am not shocked because I never came into this with any preconceived expectations and that is why I keep working and have worked hard all my life.”

      Not those exact words but pretty close to it. Obviously prepared ahead of time. 

      It’s nice to know that she has worked so hard for all of her “16” years. Wait, I bet there were at least a couple or three of those years she wasn’t working. ¬†Most people work a lot longer than that and still don’t achieve any great level of success in their lives.

      But as a wise man once said, “When it’s all over and we all leave this world we probably got more than we ever deserved over the course of things.”

  273. Personally I think the judges blatant favortism turned around and bit them. ¬†People will back the underdog. ¬† Jessica has a beautiful voice and is amazing but she is not flawless. ¬† She was totally off in the number she did with Hollie and Joshua. ¬†And they didn’t call her on it at all. ¬†Yet they totally brought the gavel down on Hollie who did pretty good last night. ¬†¬†

      • Not necessarily on the individual songs but Jessica was off on the duet big time. ¬†I’m saying I think the judges obvious favortism of ¬†Jessica and their attitude that she can do no wrong ¬†turned and got Holly the underdog vote. ¬† I personally like both the girls and felt bad for them both tonight in the midst of the drama.

  274. for those of you who think that the elimination is FAKE, thenÔĽŅ look at dialidol, she’s in the bottom three. not accurate but their result is most of the time correct, .. VOTE

  275. Still rooting for Jessica and Joshua in the finale!  This is a voice competition and not popularity game.  If they lose here, at least we can still say that among the pack, they are the 2 spear-headers.

    • True true true. The two with the most consistently WOW performances. I haven’t said wow to any of the other contestants performances, with maybe the exception of Elise’s Zeplin performance, like I have with multiple performances by Joshua and Jessica. The judges are ‘pimping’ them because they have been standouts vocally, on a way more consistent basis than the other contestans. So I don’t blame them for strongly supporting those two, that’s part of the reason they are on the show, to recognize TALENT, and those two have it, Period!

  276. I agree Holli will go home soon but to see skyler,phillip in the bottom 3 realy shocked me I think skyler is a good singer for country she has that twang in her voice I see her going place’s they all are good but some one hafts to go each week.

  277. Do you really believe that was the bottom 3? Come on people. This is a
    show that gets its ratings based on drama. The judges had only 2 weeks
    to use their save. So, to boost ratings, they create a false bottom 3,
    tell the judges to use their save (like they wouldnt have anyways, lol)
    and the “shocker” boosts ratings so more people tune in next week to see
    what 2 people go home. Production people. Production at its finest.

  278. Ok Jessica’s not my fave, I’ll admit it but I couldn’t believe she was in the bottom 3 let alone the one with the least votes! So do our votes actually mean anything or is it all just contrived?!? Makes me sick! And I also hate that Randy scolded us for not picking Jessica! We vote for our favorites and I definitely don’t think she was really in the bottom 3 nor did she deserve to be!

  279. I can’t believe Jessica can possibly be the bottom of the list.She’s been the leader by a huge margin every week. Suddenly she’s the bottom?I smell something.Don’t know what but something is not as it should be !Who counts these votes and are they posted somewhere.The last I heard she had 45% of total votes..No No No!I can’t buy it !I deffinitally will quit watching now

  280. Actually, i would honestly have to agree that votes are based on looks and no longer on talent. This is what AI has become….just look at the past seasons…Pia Toscano, Daughtery, Jennifer Hudson, Tamyra Gray, James Durbin….they were shockingly voted off. That’s why….let America vote the bottom 3, and let the judges choose who should go home. When Jessica belted out Whitney houston’s I will always love you, it tore everyone’s hearts…..yet, she has the lowest no. of votes?? The best voice with the lowest votes….Think about it?

    • Do you think Jessica is ugly? I don’t. I think she is a beautiful girl. So how is it about looks?

      • ¬†Jessica is beautiful and it’s about looks when it comes to the guys because all the teeny girls vote for them and even the older women, it’s so annoying!

  281. I think HOLLIE OR SKYLAR should be booted out…hey AI is an international show…those two are not marketable although both are good but not good enough for international standards…Jessica, Joshua, Colton and Elise and Philip….

  282. It is so ridiculous that the judges are acting as if hollie deserves to go home!! Obviously people like her and keep voting for her so why make her feel bad like she doesnt deserve to be there?? She obviously does!!! America is supposed to decide and the judges are being ridiculous.. They’re really actually getting on my nerves this season

    • The judges are giving insincere comments with respect to certain contestants, it shows, and they’re not even bothering to conceal it.

  283. It’s surprising that the Bottom 3 were actually the Top 3 performances last night. I think they just did that just to use the save on the obvious, and let the excitement go through every elimination night.

  284. uhm, all of a sudeen Jessica is in the bottom and is going home? Idol just wants good rankings, lol

  285. the judges made hollie feel like a piece of s**t!¬† i’m shocked she wasn’t the bottom.¬† their critique of her was basically telling voters she’s not good and should be voted off.¬† she has a fan base!!¬† maybe she got the pity vote last night

  286. Phillip and Colton¬† are ready and don’t just have to wow the judges on idol who are boring except Steven. This from me a African American woman over 40. I love good music and I thought we vote for who moves us and does well. ¬† What happen at the end of the show was poor taste. So corny. I like all including the one they did not say last week?¬† I hope of the ten do well.¬† Jennifer Hudson made it without being the winner. Lopez and Randy, please…….!!!!!!

  287. jessica should have went home and she will go home next week !!! america votes not the 3 judges

    • that aint¬†happening. not if we have anything to do with it. jessica is the best one on the show. just because you cant relate to her for whatever reason, doesnt make it right to make lame comments. hollie and mohawk guy are the worst in my opinion. no one will buy there music.

  288. jessica should remain in the group…she has excellent voice..people should vote wisely…..

  289. Shocking result, I hope that this is not a game just to boost the low rating of AMERICAN IDOL. Jessica do your best, win or lose you’re still our AI winner.

  290. Ai suggestions: 1. pick real singers, producers as judges… 2. get the top 24 with judges choice and peoples vote…. 3. narrow it down to top 10, stop the voting and this time judges will say who has to go and who has to stay according to performances…. Judges will proclaim the winner thru voting w/o being biased since this is a singing competition and that they won’t rely on people’s votes who will only vote for cute ones eventhough they couldn’t sing….

    • It doesn’t matter who the judges are. ¬†They are under contract to pimp the producer’s choices just as Ryan is obligated to ask those embarrassing questions.

  291. I think Jessica should go next. She has a good voice, but is boring and has improved the least in the last couple of weeks. Compare her to Pia from last year. Yep great voice, but no career. Nothing different about her.

    • no career really¬†
      maybe you are the one that has no career
      that’s why you whant her to have no carree

  292. america voted the same way as they voted in season 5 (hicks) , season 8 (allen), season ¬†9 (dewye) & season 10 (mc creery). ¬† regionalism and popularity prevails. ¬†that’s how some people of america vote. not the best singer and when it comes to music they are persons of defective intellect.

    • ¬†The people with “defective intellect” as you say are the judges!¬† How can they dare rush the stage and act like that?¬† With 6 shows remaining Randy says that Jessica is the BEST SINGER IN AMERICA–EVER!!¬† What a ridiculous comment!¬† Cancel the show–NO MORE SHOWS ARE NEEDED!¬† Randy says Jessica is the best!

      • She is the best! You are just upset that Jessica is still in contention and she is the biggest threat to your idol or any of the other remaining contestants. That’s why all you Jessica haters hated the judges for saving her. Well, continue hating and continue voting ten thousand times for your idol. It is the only way you can get your idol on top of this game. But what does it says to the integrity of your idol if she or he wins based on the way you voted…silly people!

      • Randy didn’t say The best singer in America..He said “one of the best singers in America”. You should go back and watch the video.

  293. jangan bilang blog ini isinya orang yang bukan amerika semua…

    *bagi yang ngerti balas pakai bahasa ini juga ya..

  294. One of the comments from yesterday, why Colton is getting the edge. Its CONFIDENCE. I think he’s the only one who exudes confidence effortlessly. People can see it in his performances. Yes, there is a comparison with Adam Lambert because both are not afraid to ‘show off’.

    Even though I love all the other contestants but I can see they are a bit petrified. And that is not good for an artist who needs to sell her/himself.

    In truth, I think Jessica will not make it in the top four from earlier on. Skylar may be that dark horse and if Elise can maintain that quality performance last night, she can make it better than Jessica.

  295. I think Sanchez is the winner America voted wrong that’s the
    Ast show I will watch. I think American idol is done leave to the X factor

  296. considering tonight results it is very clear by now , that the whole “America’s ¬†decision ” is staged and the show …is just a show

  297. Does that mean 2 leave next week right? I,m a fan of the show but that’s what happens every year if they use the safe.

  298. american idol is a singing contest not a beauty contest,,so for thoes people thats voting for the cute ones,,,,please vote for the most talented singers not for their looks,,,,

    • that’s why the show is changing it’s name from American Idol to American Idiots….

  299. I think AI should change its format. Nigel was also the producer of SYTYCD right? Let the America vote for the bottom, and leave the decisions to the judges. 

  300. America was very wrong and will destroy the integrity of the show. Judges were shocked and disappointed. AI needs to fix it or lose the show.

  301. What I want to know is what happens if Jessica is voted off next week? I was surprised they were going to save Elise had she been the one to go, however, she and Phillip are my 2 favorites with Skylar rounding out the top 3. I am not impressed with Joshua but was glad to see Deandre go. He flipped his hair too much which gave a cocky attitude. The Idols remaining are all very talented and I’m sure big things will happen for all of them.

  302. Jessica is one of the best singers in AI history. Wake up America! This is a singing competition. Remember that. 

    • No, it’s an entertainer competition. ¬†Voice isn’t enough. ¬†It’s got to be looks, charisma, style, vocal ability and all around star power.

  303. Phillip Phillips DELIVERS!!!! Consistently!!!! Colton & Skylar sound amazing together. Elise ROCKS¬† a rock song.¬† Holly can’t catch a break from the judges¬†so of course she is confused and uptight-but the girl can wail! Joshua takes us to church-in a GOOD way.Jessica has gr8 pipes but sometimes sounds flat.She has consistently been shown praise and affirmation(unlike Holly) and yet seems unable to connect with the audience. I think America feels that disconnect. Hope Holly feels the love and believes in her talent more,because it is there. When she blossoms,watch out America.Dynamite comes in small packages. Just the humble opinion of this 55 yr old Grandmom AI veteran fan.

    • @077e7a64cae2d1c33a7b589d332bfd60:disqus …funny! Phillips is consistently Boring! peace!

  304. I think this was just show’s strategy to use the powerful SAVE before it expires… ūüôā America come on… is this serious? Jessica? but thank GOD there’s a SAVE…¬†

  305. What’s new!! As usual it became a popularity-underdog crap and not about talent anymore!! For the past years the best one ended up losing but later on they’re the ones hitting the best record deals & succeeding as a real artist. So don’t worry Jessica or Josh, if u get booted out , I’m sure we’ll be seeing u guys performing like Jennifer Hudson or Daughtry for your records!! Congrats to u guys in advance!!

  306. The moment I saw Nigel’s tweet, I knew straightaway that tonights elimination will be rigged. That, Jessica’s to be sent home. And that the judges are to used their save on her. The producers did this:
    1. To increase ratings;
    2. To make the “judges’ save” look as if¬† it was used effectively this year;
    3. To end a four-season-female-winner-drought.
    American Idol is both a business and a talent show.

  307. Why a lot of people are unfair to Jessica Sanchez! She is the only best for me! She deserves to win! America, please vote for Jessica Sanchez! It’s time for her to conquer America and the whole world!

    • But, we don’t like her. ¬†And we won’t buy her music or buy tickets to see her. ¬†So, what’s the point?

      • I appreciate your comment and I definitely respect your own opinion for you are absolutely entitled to it and so am I.

  308. the judges picked the contestants.¬† it’s time for them to stay out of it and let us pick.¬† just think of all the amazing talents they chose not to put through.¬† how can they start telling these people they’re not that good or they need to change or they need to be something they’re not when they themselves chose them over 1000s and 1000s of others.¬† CRAZY!!!!

  309. I have to admit that was pretty awesome. ¬†I don’t think it was a fix. ¬†I genuinely think there is a BBChez backlash to all of the hype. ¬†

    You have to earn “diva” status — you don’t just get to act like one without there being a backlash.

    You tell people how to vote and they will show you how they don’t have to vote that way…..

    I now firmly believe Jessica won’t win this year — not enough of a fan base to make that happen.

  310. There needs to be a limit of one vote per phone and internet IP/user login. Not this vote as many times you can.. This would eliminate fanatics or the possibility a bot auto voting for 2 hours, swaying the true votes.

  311. American idol has really changed over the years. They choose some pretty good people but also let some go. Some of the ones that are up there now don’t even deserve to be in the top 7 but they are. I don’t quite understand how they pick them anymore.

  312. The judges constantly give Hollie a hard time. She has a great voice and they keep giving her negative comments. They don’t know what talent is if they like Elise.

    • If this is an actual voting result I hope that people keep voting that way and it wasn’t just a feel good thing to satisfy their own conscience. The only way to right the wrong that has been done is to make sure they keep voting on their favorite and not let up next week!

  313. Hey,,, this is a TALENT contest… we must vote for the MOST talented singer… Go Jessica!!!

    • it’s not a talent contest.¬† it’s american idol. ¬†it’s whose music you like most.¬† jessica has an awesome voice but i wouldn’t buy her music.¬† she’s not my idol.¬† i listen to voices like phillip, colton and elise.

  314. OMG! Jessica has the lowest number of votes? That’s Ridiculous! c’mon america! or should I say Cmon GIRL AMERCANS! pls don’t ruin the show. Vote for the best singer not for the best looking singer. JESSICA IS THE BEST SINGER IN THE SHOW.

  315. This show is fixed!! It becomes predictable! Tonight’s results show is only a gimmick to send shockwaves to the audience and increase the rating. Here’ s the scenario for next week results show: Jessica is safe, Hollie & another one (possibly Skylar, Elise, or Joshua) get eliminated in a double elimination. They want to get rid of Hollie, but to do it this week, it will become too obvious, so they will do it next week. Predictable!! Wanna bet??


  317. The judges are acting!! It’s just a show with a scenario. They make sure people are watching by having Ryan tweeted about shocking result.

  318. I think it’s American Idol not Judges Idol. Sometimes America needs someone who is talented and humble. Not talented and cocky.

    • yes like Phillip!¬† they keep telling him to change.¬† WHY?¬† like he keeps saying, he’s a simple guy.

      • I haven’t heard anybody on that show one time tell Phillip to change. Please back that statement up with proof. Now trying to get Phillip to extend his talents and vocals to maximize his musical potential, yes, but telling him to change, NO, hasn’t happened. But he’s to naive to realize they are trying to prepare him for being a RECORDING artist and help him, instead he’s content doing the same ole stuff. So why don’t he just go back to singing in dive bars if he has no intrest in maximizing his potential as a recording artist.

  319. Okay lots of “vote for the worst pick” hollie fanatics try to ruin the show for everybody else. cant believe elise, jessica & joshua were there lol

  320. of course because it was really her that they like to win,put her down so many people vote for hollie,get that…

  321. Hollie and Colton were like happy after ryan announced that jessica might go home tonight . On this night’s result , you can really see how plastic hollie is . she was like pls. don’t save jessica . A message to hollie , just be thankful you were saved cause honestly , you’re getting boring and the judges just respected your performance last night .

    • i played back the shot of the contestants on the couch when jessica was announced as the bottom.¬† hollie and colton were definitely smiling!

  322. Jessica sucks because she has no personality and just sounds like a few other singers. So who needs her ? she’s fucking boring. ¬†BORING. ¬†Elise is a skank and sings like a skank. ¬†She is really a nasty looking woman and I hate her singing. ¬† Holly is wooden and dull. ¬†¬†
    Colton and Philip are the tops, they are the best on there. ¬†Stupid judges , they should not be allowed to save anyone. ¬†Jessica will STILL go down, she’s so fukkkking boring.

    • damn bonny!¬† tell us how you really feel!¬†you left out skylar and joshua.¬† yeh you’re right.¬† they’re not worth mentioning. ¬†i agree that colton and phillip are the tops.

  323. and jessica said she was not surprised to be the bottom?¬† BS!!! she was shocked.¬† she’s been praised from the start and probably felt untouchable.¬† great wake up call for the kid.

    • How else could she have answered Ryan’s¬†question? ¬†If she had answered yes I’m shocked to be bottom, ppl here would def. jump down her throat calling her names and saying how arrogant, mightier than thou she was.

  324. Gah. I am a Filipino but why should I vote for Jessica just because it’s my race? She is not Idol material. I agree she’s a great singer but to me, she comes off as one of those karaoke singers. It would be nice to see someone of my race win but they have to be deserving and Jessica isn’t at all.

  325. and i still don’t know why joshua got a standing O last night.¬† REALLY?!¬† bottome 3

  326. For all I can say is that there is a glitched in idolmeter voting.  When I went vote every week online, Jessica was numbered correctly according to stage performance.  Last night her picture was not in order and was in 5th place and when I was hitting it it goes to Hollies picture. 

    Matt Boyer, I believe this is a set up for some reason because we all believe Jessica has no fans at all or even the lowest votes.¬† The voting does not matter as we all don’t see excatly the votes for the last 11 season.¬†

    To Nigel, what a nice try though good job on making this show popular again as ratings been drop for a while every week now by 1/10.

    For all I know, Jessica will not be in bottom 3 again as AI will loose audience and will hate it.¬† Jessica doesn’t seem so worried as she knows there is a record deal for her soon.¬† I am not worried its just not right.

     Oh i get it this should make the rest of the contestant now more confident in themsleves as they are not because of Jessica,  Good Luck!!!!!!

  327. It is so hard now to tell what AI really was…A popularity contest or a singing competition? Even I can’t sing if i’m popular can win the AI? Even though I am so ugly that my appearance made the people puke, if I have the talent in singing far greater than the best singer in the world I will win? Even though I have the TOTAL PACKAGE if people did not vote for me, i wont win? Im so confused now.

  328. I agree with MARIE, most of Americans are racist. They don’t like those with asian blood to win.

  329. Jessica sucks because she has no personality and just sounds like a few other singers. So who needs her ? she’s f*cking boring. ¬†BORING. ¬†Elise is a skank and sings like a skank. ¬†She is really a nasty looking woman and I hate her singing. ¬† Holly is wooden and dull. ¬†¬†
    Colton and Philip are the tops, they are the best on there. ¬†Stupid judges , they should not be allowed to save anyone. ¬†Jessica will STILL go down, she’s so F*CKing boring.

    • So, if a person sings in a boring way.. he/she sucks?

      So okay, I’m not saying that “You suck” but “Your logic sucks”

    • Wow! You really have an intelligent way of expressing your opinion, don’t you? No need to be¬†disrespectful¬†to these contestants. At least they have the guts to audition and make it this far. (In other words, we don’t see you having the guts or probably the talent to do what they are trying their best to do.) They don’t deserve your rude comments. If you don’t like any of these contestants just say so without using derogatory words like that.

      • then a lot of people here are saying Jessica fans are disrespectful??? look who’s talking???¬†

    • Thank you for your vulgar take on things. You forgot to mention how much you hated the other girl, Skylar. Further, since you failed to mention Joshua, I assume that you do not think he is as pretty as the two who you consider to be the tops. I agree that they are pretty, but it is not a beauty contest. If it were, Holly would win as Colton’s legs are too skinny to look good in a swim suit and Phillip is way too hairy.

      Trying to make sense of your comments is probably a waste of time, but I tried anyway. Try as I might, I could not think of a single singer who sounds like Jessica Sanchez with the possible exception, at times, of Celine Dionne and Whitney Houston. Since I cannot imagine anyone, even an idiot, thinking that these ladies are boring when they sing (or when they sang), I would like for you to tell me who the “few other singers” you think she sounds just like.

      I do not know Elise, and it is possible that she is a skank. However, I have heard some skanks sing, and she does not sound like any of them. I would guess that her voice just reminds you of how you think you sound.

      Holly is a little wooden and dull. That is precisely what the judges have been telling her. She is really pretty and has a great voice, but she needs to come out of her shell and relax.

      Oh, BTW, Jessica is only 16. Therefore, while she certainly has a personality, she lacks interview skills which, given her age should be understandable even to people who lack IQ points.

  330. This what I found on Thia Megia’s Facebook Fan Page

    TOP 3
    1. Hollie Cavanagh – 30.56%
    2. Phillip Phillips – 24.81%
    3. Colton Dixon – 20.72%
    4. Skylar Laine – 13.15%
    BOTTOM 3
    5. Joshua Ledet – 3.588
    6. Elise Testone- 3.587
    7. Jessica Sanchez – 3.585 —–> (SAVED BY THE JUDGE)

    If these are true, the, Hollie can be our Idol! Tadaaaa! Hahahaha! Well I guess I am finally done with AI!

  331. I know that this is a racial discrimination that’s why thwy not voting jessica because jessica is no a truly american blood. But we have to be fair and give her break she has a very good voice we have to face truth

    • Pathetic logic. ¬†If your premise were true we wouldn’t have that empty suit in the White House.

  332. America needs over look looks and listen to the voices and performers, Hollie has had three bad weeks in a row… and to vote one of the top voices out, Hollie my advice to you, you better be ready to run, or your going down….

  333. Assuming this is not a ratings ploy (which of course it is), it proves that AI is a popularity contest rather than a talent contest. Jessica is by far the most talented singer in the competition and along with Colton the most ready to record an album.  What better way for the judges to use their save, what with all the drama and gasps! Oh well, the show goes on.     

    • do you really think jessica is the most talented?!¬† you’ve got contestants that can write their own songs, play piano, play guitar.¬† come on!¬† jessica can sing the national anthem.

  334. Yes, America got it right!  We are especially thrilled that Holly is still in the running!  We love her, and the judges usually discredit her, especially Steven.  America voted, we DID get it right, NOT wrong, so take that, Judges!

    • There were other choices besides Holly and Jessica, you know. For example, there is Skylar, Colton, and Phillip who should all precede Joshua and Jessica. In between those two groups should be the other two girls.

  335. The Judges are being unrealistically hard against Hollie, so the voters Рvoted against the Judges favorites to even the score.  Judges, you need to be fair.

  336. To Randy, JLo & Steven…. thank you so much for saving Jessica. i started to cry when i See her being eliminated.

  337. Jessica’s song choice last night sucked, and America knew it!¬† “Stu…stu..stutterin’.¬†¬† The judges praised her, as usual, but we were saying, “No way!”¬† Let’s show the judges next week, too, that we choose the winners, not them!¬†

  338. I thought this was American idol, not judges idol. Randy saying the audience is wrong is like a judge telling a jury that they got it wrong in a court case. This show is going downhill, been a fan since inception but losing interest. Jimmy should be a judge.

    • Actually, judges do tell juries just that from time to time. That is why they are sometimes referred to as the 13th juror. Moreover, judges also have the power to prevent juries from even hearing or deciding a case. So, you need to dream up another analogy. Better yet, start your own show where the judges have no influence in the outcome.

  339. The Voices (Votes)¬†of the American’s was heard.¬† The Judges was rediculous!¬† We want ‘Simon Cowell’ back as one of the Judge!….C’mon!

      • That was supercilious and absolutely uncalled for. ¬†Do you feel superior now? ¬†Geez.

    • simon was always the only TRUE judge.¬† i miss him.¬† these judges always show their a** at some point in time and tonight was the night.

  340. If Jessica was not an asian nor mexican, with that voice, america will all like her for sure.  After the top 7 elliminations, with all the comment, racism shows!

    • Minorities have won in the past and done well on AI, so don’t play the
      race card. William Hung was Asian and vocally terrible and now look, he
      has sold thousands of cds. James Durban is an Asian-Mexican.

  341. I am so disappointed with the results. Good thing that the judges saved her. She deserves it a lot. What’s going on Americans? Wake up!¬†

  342. After the judges tried to pull their negative stunt with Hollie, thinking that they would get her out of the way so they could crown Jessica as the winner, just as I had predicted–voters disagreed with that and it probably Pi.ssed them off like it did me. Their tactic backfired and actually put their favorite in¬†jeopardy¬†tonight.

    The judges should at least take part of the blame for Jessica’s plight and I hope they learned their lesson. They were unjustly harsh with Hollie. Nobody likes a bully and that is what the judges were Wednesday night. I went back and watched her performance and it certainly did not warrant their lame comments. She might not win but the judges need to keep their preferences to themselves and let the people vote without judges trying to so obviously manipulate an outcome. Good on you, voters!

  343. Heck, no. Jessica and Joshua in the bottom three makes as much sense as Barack Obama becoming president of the US. Oh, Wait! Since America was stupid enough to do the latter, I guess nothing, not even entertainment insanity should surprise me.

  344. Surprised that Joshua was in the bottom. He had the best performance of the night. Win or lose, I think Jimmy will get him signed. He’s just too good to let go of. Teenies may vote Colton in because of his hair and cute face and christian creeds but Jessica, Joshua, and Phillip will all end up with contracts no matter what. Not sure about the rest. Eventually Hollie will be ready, just a bit too shy and¬†inexperienced¬†performing for large¬†audiences¬†right now. Give her time…


      Sorry I over-commented like Joshua over-sings

  345. Wake up america!..Are you crazy this¬† is a talent show..You will not be an american idol if you dont have the talent just like jessica sanchez..If you judge the contestant by looks then you got it wrong because american idol was made for american singing idol..They have the looks already but you just need to focus on their singing ability..They must be flexible all the time and that was jessica does..I think they hate jessica because she’s a big threat to anybody in the show..A true judge can appreciate the singing ability of a person on how they deliver the song, even if the song are not so popular..

    • Not it is not really a talent show.¬† It is about finding someone who will relate to people and sell records.

    • ¬†Really? I find Jess to be very hot. Well…Hollie is too.¬† I don’t vote for Jess because she’s a boring diva…but i still find her hot.

  346. If you are here to talk about Jessica and make a big impact to the voting result: Please learn from this little girl the HUMILITY that she has within. If you cannot vote please shut up with you PRIDE coz its hurting Jessica. At least I voted for her 250x last night. Did you? so shut the fuck up…

  347. ¬†I agree with you on Colton. Although my bet to win is Jessica because for me she has the greatest voice in the competition but if i were to choose among the boys its definitely Colton. He’s like a pro on stage, he has the confidence just like Adam as what you’ve said. He’s the most current. He doesn’t do the same thing every week like Philip and Joshua. He has the finesse like Jessica.

  348. It’s just a gimmick to try to revitalize the result show….as it’s so borrrrrring this season! I’ve never watched a complete full hour of the result show so far this season!!

  349. Damn you Fremantle! Jess will bounce back nxt week! She’ll get a multitude of votes dt u urselves wud feel carnal if u wud manipulate them!

  350. I was literally crying while watching her near elimination! Juz couldn’t fathom d fact dt she wud end up singing 4 her life! But she still sang her heart out & proved 2 America dey hv yet 2 hear d last of her! Whatever happens, u’re my AI Jess!‚ô•@-}–

  351. well i agree with america’s vote. Jessica is a good singer but not all that the judges pump her up to be. Her whole attitude has changed like she just knows she is the best and i dont like that. They keep dumping on hollie and i think she is just as good as jessica. I think we should vote the same ppl in the bottom three again next week just to remind the judges we vote not them! Next season they really need some new judges.

    • Why does it always have to be Hollie vs Jessica. There are 7 people in the competition. I mean…hello?!

  352. Ok, JLo, forget abt d crap dt u said yesternight! U instantly regained my fascination on u when u immediately cut off our girl & made America realize how foolish they were of deir decision! But u could’ve been part of d whole damn script then! But whatever! U still seemed sweet 4 doing so!

  353. this is a singing contest, so the great ¬†and the most talented deserves it… :ooo:¬†

  354. Let Jessica go home next week so that Jimmy Iovine could sign her up… Jimmy is already itchy to do that, he could see potential on Jessica. Now the judges are going with Jimmy’s beliefs that if Jessica goes home they will all go home…. hahahaha, funny but indeed true!

  355. Ok !!! Something went wrong yerterday!!!! I could not vote for jessica nor joshua!!! It was busy!!!!
    It must be a mistake!!!!!!!! Wtf

  356. I knew it, the moment they had footages of Jessica’s Filipino friends and families, i had already an inkling that America will stop voting for her

    It’s never good to play the I am a FIlipino card in the US

    in America, it’s either you are black or white and to some extent hispanic/latino (which Jessica was playing in the first few weeks)

    • ¬†Minorities have won in the past and done well on AI, so don’t play the
      race card. William Hung was Asian and vocally terrible and now look, he
      has sold thousands of cds.

  357. I think Jennifer Lopez ‘s running onstage and grabbing the mike from Jessica was inappropriate . Jessica shouldn’t be treated like the winner in waiting– no matter that she or the other judges did not agree with the results. This is not fair to any of the contestants, including Jessica.

    • I concur with most of what you said and have actually voted once for Jessica, except that I don’t see the