American Idol Judges React To Season 11 Top 6 Elimination

American Idol 2012 judges

We’ve heard from Elise Testone following her Top 6 elimination on American Idol 2012 and now it’s the judges turn. FOX spoke with all three judges for their reaction, but I’m wishing they had also pulled in Jimmy Iovine for his thoughts.

Randy Jackson had previously predicted Elise to be one of the next two singers to be eliminated (Hollie was the other), but this time around he’s shocked, just shocked that something like this could happen. “I mean Elise? God, ya know, what are you going to do?,” Randy said in regards to her departure from the show. Come on, Randy. Eliminations are inevitable and expected. Randy does give Elise credit for her rendition of “I Want It All” on Wednesday’s American Idol 2012, but apparently it just wasn’t enough to keep her.

The reality check Randy needs comes from JLo who points out “it’s that time in the competition where somebody has got to go.” Jennifer Lopez, the unexpected voice of reason. There’s no shame in exiting at the Top 6 stage of American Idol. Not everyone can make it to the finale. “Elise was one of the best singers, but you’ve still got 5 pretty special people up there that can really, really sing,” Lopez added.

Steven Tyler pointed to Elise’s deviation from the Blues genre as part of the reason behind her elimination. “She’s a great singer. She’s a great blues singer and she needs a little coaching with the rock stuff, but she sings it great,” Tyler explained. Tyler also notes that a lot has changed since America fell in love with Janis Joplin which seems to hint that Elise may need to adapt a little more rather than chasing a shrinking niche.

If you want more catchphrases and “Yo!’s” from Jackson then tune in to the end of the interview video below. Thankfully the other two American Idol judges brought valuable input to the discussion this week. Sheesh, Randy.




  1.  Fourth! 

    As for commentary, I love Elise.  I really would have loved to see her hang on a bit longer.  However, as always, American Idol should basically be renamed to “Teenage Girl Idol”.  The tweeners are the ones that “power vote” and therefore, the extremely undeserving Phillip Phillips is going to the finale because he’s a “cute boy”.  That’s just how it works.  Elise is an awesome singer, but she’s a 28 year old woman, and little girls aren’t going to vote for a 28 year old woman.

    • I don’t know – by that logic, Colton (sp?) would still be in and racking up huge votes. I do think the voting is something the show should revisit. Allowing one person to vote 10 times seems ridiculous and only serves one purpose – so Ryan can announce total number of votes. A better number: how many people voted.  At any rate, it seems to me Steven Tyler is the more critical voice these past few weeks. His critic was on the mark.

    • nope- this 48 year old has been voting phillip phillips since day 1- the finalists are all wonderful and any one of them could win but the only album i’m buying is phillips!

      • Yes, indeed, Debicice!!  Phillip Phillips is the only competitor whose performances stick in my head, long after I’ve heard them.  

      • At this point in the competition, there is really no “undeserving” as all of them are all talented kids! But the sad fact is, one really has to go one at a time. Much as we want our favorite to reach the finale, nobody could really tell at this point. Its just a matter of time. So lets enjoy every performance week and support our idols in the best way that we can (vote, vote vote). If they get voted off, let us accept it wholeheartedly and be thankful that they reach this far. 🙂

      • Me tooooooooo!!  There is not one ioda of music from the other 4 contestants that I would ever buy.  PP’s CD’s will sell and the music moguls know that and somebody brilliant will sign on PP.  He is the most original contestant this year, he has his own style and his wholesome style of wardrobe impresses me the most.  PP is not about glitter and bells and whistles; he is about who PP is, so down to earth, just our cup of tea and I Love It!!    Go Phil Phillips All The Way!!  And BTW, Colton most definitely shoul still be in the running, but he’ll do just mighty fine.  Peace……….

    •  And where were the teen girls, when Deandre and Colton went home?
       P.Ps cutiness and his awkward charm may be reasons to vote for him, but his special music style also plays a role. He hasn´t the technical best voice, but a very interresting unique voice.

      •  PP also appeals to a lot of older voters. He is in the crossroads of young, good looking male, sings some older material in a manner which makes older people wax nostalgic; from the south and relatively country; and seems to be a good moral person thus not turning off religious people.  he is in a pretty sweet spot.

  2. Fifth!

    Elise didn’t really have a strong fanbase to begin with. Also, it would have been great if Jimmy said something about Elise’s elimination. He always gives great insights.

  3. 628th!  Seriously, does Randy have even the most basic communication skills?  And does he remember what he says by the time he takes his next breath?  The only thing worse than his statements is his fashion sense.

    • Come on! Did you notice he had a shirt on that said Yo Yo? 

      There may have been a third Yo but the first two were the most descriptive for him.

      What do you expect from a guy who calls himself a Yo Yo?

      It’s like Yo! Yo Yo here.

  4. I honestly think it was Elise’s time to go. I was not surprised at all to see her elimination. She basically lived in the bottom 3 every Thursday night. Sad to see her go, of course (Just like it would be with anyone at this point in the competition). She’s got an amazing voice.

  5. Josh screams.  Phillip hurts.  Skylar growls.  Hollie squeeks.  Jessica confuses.  Each can sing in a very different genre.  Order of elimination:  Hollie, Phillip, Jessica.  Final two:  Skylar and Josh with Skylar winning.

    • joshua and skylar…girls fight…and it’s too much sreaming and yelling…..LOL…BAHAHAAHAA..

    • If Joshua is in the finals, I won’t watch.  He screams way too much.  I think it will be Phillip and Jessica and I don’t care which one wins. 

      • I always laugh at people who say they won’t watch because someone that they don’t like is in the finals!  I mean really, how childish is that!  The people, no matter who they are vote…you vote…it is the votes that make a singer stay or go…so if your favourite didn’t get into the final 2 it dosen’t mean that they are no good, it just means that their performance on that night didn’t make people want to pick up the phone and vote…simple.  

        You hear something different to what I hear or the person in the studio etc etc….music is so varied that what one person likes another doesn’t. So if your favourite singer doesn’t get their song to the top of the charts does that mean you won’t listen to the radio?  

        In my opinion the top 2 should be Joshua and Skylar as they are the only 2 who will benefit the most out of winning.  Doesn’t mean they are the most talented.  But if they don’t make it to the top 2,  doesn’t mean I won’t watch it…

      •  I will watch ofter Hollie is gone, but probably won’t vote, certainly not at the magnitude that I do now.

    • Actually, Elise has the voice. But doesn’t really have that likeability that would make her stay longer in the competition.

      • I think you are very correct. Haley Rhienhart (who people also accused of “sceaming” on a weekly basis) had the very same style of singing that Elise did. But, Haley had much more personality going for her. And there are many who think Haley should have won last year.

  6. The judges throw our negative comments to get singers voted off. It is all planned and that is why we are seeing more of it this season than last. Remember it is all about making money for the show, advertisers, and judges and nothing for the singers or audience. Lots of drama to physc out the audience of voters.

  7. The problem I see with Philip Phillips is that he shows little diversity.  Every song sounds the same to me.  The one with so much diversity is Joshua Ledet, that kid can sing anything and no two songs sound the same.  Now that is a talent that will go a long way.   I agree that the voting process needs some changes.  

    • Would rather listen to Phillip’s “sameness” (= greatness) than Joshua’s screaming.  Joshua sounds the same to me on every song.

      • I am pretty convinced that people who complain about any singer that “just screams” are the very same people that are happy with easy listening, top 40 solid gold, pop hits or old people who are not used to those that sing with passion (like my Mom). Either way, I feel sorry for you, as you are missing out so much with music that has passion. I used to drive my mom nuts when I was young listening to singers such as Janis Joplin, Robert Plant, Joe Cocker and later Steven Tyler. And all my mom could say about those passionate singers was … “why do they just scream all the time?” You all remind me of her.

    • Joshua does have a good voice but why does he have to SCREAM every single time he sings.  He is not the best contestant and even though the judges are trying to cram him down our throats, with their standing ovations each weak, and I think it is time to show the judges that we, the people are the ones who decide who the winners are, not the judges. 

      • I am not a Joshua fan, as his gospel style that he has done in the past is not my cup of tea. But, Joshua did not do gospel and did not “scream” one song last week. In fact, his second song was a very WELL DONE, tender ballad. Yet, nobody is saying anything about that. They keep using the same worn out line about “screaming”. I think the question is, who is more repetitive … Joshua’s so called screams or the people on this website who use the same worn out line? No matter how he sings.

      • Thank you Fox. The whole ‘screaming’ thing is getting way overplayed. He does not get the credit for singing tender ballads while showing off his range and toning back on his runs, like he did with his 2nd song wed night. Josh gets constantly criticized for ‘screaming’, but no one wants to criticize any of the other contestants for doing the same thing. Skylar ‘screams’ her mad country woman songs more than anyone, Jessica puts a lot of runs in her songs, but it’s considered ‘runs’ for her and not screams right. Then Phillip with the constant growl, that can be considered ‘screaming’ by some, but yet Josh is the ONLY one that gets constantly criticized for it, even on the tender ballads that he just SINGS. I don’t get all the hatred for this guy just cause he sings a different genre and style than the others. It’s called RANGE, and he has more of it than any of the contestants, with Jessica right behind him. He does sing in a higher register than the others, but it’s by no means screaming. It’s no different than what Steven Tyler does in his songs, and all the add libbing and runs Christina Aguleria does in her songs, so would the same people label Steven and Christina ‘screamers’, No I don’t think so.

        And as far as all the standing O’s Joshua’s received, if it was Jessica or Phillip getting all of them, no one would be griping about it, but since it’s Joshua, the judges are all stupid and they don’t know what the hell their doing and he doesn’t deserve to get standing O’s blah blah blah. I promise if it was Jess, the Jess fans would be praising the judges constantly. Kind of laughable actually people get so offended by the judges showing appreciation for a contestant not named Phillip or Jessica. I don’t agree with some of the standing O’s he’s gotten, but he’s also deserved several of the ones he’s gotten. BUT…… Aren’t we the ones that ultimately vote and decides who stays and who goes?? It’s not the judges that vote, so why get bent out of shape over them giving someone you may not like a standing O, or two, ir seven, WHO CARES! vote for who you WANT, not for who the judges like. It’s just so petty to constantly criticize a contestant for receiving standing ovations, something they have no control over. Vote for who like, regaurdless of what the judges do or say…….Simple

      • Don’t the Opera singers scream too? James, it’s not your type of music… I like James Brown doin’ it! 

      •  Robertomkat
        I have listened to opera, but I must have listened to really good opera because no one was screaming in it.

        I love James Brown and yes he might have used screams in his music, but he also sang and danced like none other (except MJ)…now that man was a performer!

        Most important, James Brown nor opera singers are seeking the AI title. I believe the AI title should be held by one who primarily style of music is screaming, no I would have not voted for James Brown to be AI.

      • In other words, you’re saying that Joshua and Jessica have no right to be in American Idol just because it’s not your favorite type of music… I gave up!

    • SO true SEC.. Josh really is the best! I can’t get over his voice. & I agree totally about phil, I mean I like him but I do not think he should win b/c he does not have that powerful of a voice & I think everything he sings the same too & I am bored with him

    •  Yes he is but that isn’t saying a lot.
      When I listen to these three mostly I wonder what program they are watching on their monitors while the contestants are busy performing on stage.

      Then they cut to Jimmy on the result show and I think finally someone was watching the same show that I was. 

      • Steve Tyler dont speak a lot on the show, maybe the Fox offer does not compensate to the amount he really expected. Lols… he is walking Telegram

    • I think Steven is just as bad as the other two. Everything is “Just beautiful” to him.

  8. Akon Wants Jessica out of AI…why?

    Akon says Jessica overqualified for ‘Idol’
     International R&B artist and record producer Akon is ready to offer a record deal to Filipina-Mexican-American Jessica Sanchez should her stint on “American Idol” ends before the final showdown.Filipina-Mexican-American Jessica SanchezDuring the recent Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami, Akon told entertainment website E! News that he hopes Sanchez would be voted off the reality singing contest, so he can offer her a recording contract ahead.As in past seasons, the winner of “Idol” gets to sign a record deal with a major music label under the management of 19 Management, which is affiliated with the show.”I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but I kind of want her to get voted off so I can sign her,” Akon said. “She’s beyond the talent that’s supposed to be there. I think she’s overqualified, I really do.””And she’s only 16,” he added. “Like, I’ve been around a lot of superstars. I haven’t seen anyone at that age sing like that.”Recounting Sanchez’s almost-elimination from the show, Akon said the Pinay’s supporters had become complacent because of her seemingly top spot-ensuring performances.”[People] naturally assume that she’s been voted for because she’s so good. So they chose to vote for someone else to kind of even the balance and she’s not getting the votes.”Following the dramatic save, Sanchez has since advanced twice in the show, securing a spot in the top five.Sanchez will continue her “Idol” journey on Wednesday

      • sueisdotty: “to ME”, ME, ME ME ME ME ME…Who do you think you are? Shut up!!!!!!

      •  Robertomkat
        She is a fan and is entitled to have an opinion, just as you are entitled to say in a civil way “you disagree” You and your buddy jojo need help, please get it.

      • James
        You both are one of a kind…If you have nothing nice to say about other people, don’t say it!!!  Hippocrite! Trying to be someone that you are not!!

      • To Soulshines: Yes, I noticed…but with one miss….that doesn’t make me an illiterate…. and i’m not local here…

      • I’m upset, someone called Jessica a squirrel and i want to call them both…a Hippo- and a hypocrite! Thanks. 

  9. Really surprised at Randy for being so illogical.  Kudos to Jlo for getting it right. GREAT article for putting things in the right perspective.

    •  Is this the first year you have watched Idol?  It has to be if you are surprised at Randy being illogical.  Actually that is an improvement for him since he usually utters senseless jibberish.  I have a “dawg” at home that utters more meaningful critiques of the contestants than R.J. Randy phones it in which leads one to believe he isn’t “in it to win it.”  Now if they would just replace the “dude” with a real judge they might regain a significant percentage of their lost ratings.  If it weren’t for Jimmy there would be no critique of the contestants week to week.

    • The three judges need to look up the word “judge” in the dictionary and then conduct themselves accordingly.  It was totally wrong for JLo to say that Joshua’s performances each week are the best part of the show for her.  How does she think the other contestants feel when she says that. 

      • This is the way I look at the judges.  They assemble the singers who, in their judgement, best meet the criteria as AI contestants.  In the ensuing weeks they weed out their mistakes and present us with the current season roster.  From then on it’s up to us and if we listen to their on air yammering that’s our fault, because at that point we should be judging for ourselves.

      • JLO is the most pathetic judge ever!!  All that woman loves is to here herself chit chit chit.  Priceless moment last week was when she kept going on and on and Steven Tyler gave her a side glance, as much to say just shut the …. up!!  JLO should not even be a judge to criticize contestants as it’s a well known fact, that she lip syncs all her music, that is not a worthy musician in my opinion

    • Why is everyone criticizing the judges.. they’re good at what they do and know what they are talking about. They obviously know what they are talking about when they have made millions in the music biz

  10. Hollie should have been gone weeks ago…there’s no way she should have stayed over Elise!!!! 

    • Hollie is great. Maybe a great singer than Skylar and Joshua. It’s just that Hollie is the only one in Idol that is now consistently improving. And I think she had the best personality.

      Last weeks results show show how Hollie was the bestfriend of Skylar and Joshua and they don’t want her to go. For now I am rooting more for Hollie because I can feel her fighting. She could be a good country singer without the vibrato.

      • she’s a powerful straight kinda singer like Celine Dion. shoot the note, not making runs. that’s something that can sell..

    • I agree, Hollie can’t sing …. she has been improving but you can see it’s a real effort for her, it doesn’t come naturally.


      • She had a beautiful voice. It’s such that you are a fan of others that is why you can easily say that.

      • Being perfect doesn’t come naturally for anyone and that is what the judges have insisted she be. None of them have been perfect. Why? Because it’s impossible to be perfect. But they have criticized Hollie more than anyone else when all the rest have been just as imperfect or worse at times. When they are leaning on you that hard and you are trying your best to please everyone what do you expect? Did you see the way she jumped up and down with excitement when the judges finally stood up for her. Doesn’t that make you feel a little bit of compassion for her plight on the show. It has been ridiculously unfair. The whole thing is a fraud.

  11. Elise has a great voice and will surely successfully record, but she lacked other qualities to be a great entertainer. To me, she lacks charisma. While it’s hard to explain, we all know when we see it and when we don’t. That’s why her fan base never solidified.

  12. I’m so annoyed by the three judges for the past three weeks giving Joshua a standing ovation after each of his two songs.  Joshua is good but he is not the best one up there.  The judges are trying to cram Joshua down our throats and to try to encourage us to vote for Joshua.  NO, NO, NO, do not vote for Joshua.  Sorry, but I hope Joshua is eliminated next week so the judges will do what they are supposed to do-JUDGE don’t show favortism. 

    • I was so touched with Jessica’s ” Dance with my Father….” How can I download  and listen to it once more.?

    • Oh boo boo boo. Are you your own person? If you have the right to vote for who YOU want to vote for, why the hell you care what the judges say or do to the contestants. Seriously they have their opinions, and you got yours, so vote however the hell you want. To ask people not to vote for Joshua just because the JUDGES feel his performances deserve a standing O, and you don’t, is just beyond STUPID! So you would want people to punish Josh and not vote for him, based on what the Judges do alone? You honestly think he deserves that cause the judges make you mad by appreciating his performances, what are you, a jealous 13 year old or something. Sorry but that’s just a ridiculous reason not to vote for somebody. So I will vote for Josh because u think he’s the most TALENTED, not because the judges, AND Jimmie, like him. Grow up

  13. The point was made about whether the variety of genres is an obstacle for the performers, and it’s a good one.  
    If you think of your favourite singers, almost all of them are best in their own favourite kind of music.
    Although nobody disputes that it’s a plus if an artist is flexible enough to span the differences in material and triumph, it’s a very rare person who can do that successfully.
    For example, when the boys did “I Only Have Eyes For You”, the one who clearly was out of their element, but soldiered on was Phillip Phillips.  He is a mass of pent-up emotion and, even in this one, I felt that the song and genre itself  didn’t have enough depth for him.  He did a fine job.  But, the others were happy to just do the rehearsed chorogreophy, while Phillip wanted to give us more, but held back, and I admired him for that.
    Phillip, IMO,  is similar to Johnnie Lang, but with more approachability and better stage-presence.  His heart and soul are right there for us to see.  
    This is a bundle of raw talent who, with the right direction, could be HUGE.  

  14. IF P2 

    • Give AI to a Diva and she she might make it on the Billboard chart but she won’t sell albums.  Jordan Spark’s last album sold 177,000, pretty sad and less than the total albums sold by William Hung at 244,000.

      On top of that, the great new Diva Melanie Amaro will be on the scene and suck up all the sales from Beyonce and Rihanna. So many Divas and so few customers to buy Diva music…and they wonder why the music industry is in the toilet.

      • A bitter second rate trying hard commentator is James, duh! Go focus on ur studies and make up your Failing Grades!

      • Thanks James for the complement. It does take enormous talent to become a diva. So what’s wrong with being one? At least she did earned every inch of recognition she received and worked hard for all the success she has achieved and will definitely sell more albums than your favorite without stepping on someone else. She has that raw talent that could bring millions to any recording company and I believe that’s the reason why she has a lot of offers. Come to think of it, her admirers are also growing in multitude because of people like you who has nothing to do but criticize her. If I were you, I would join a christian group so that you will be enlightened and understand humility as what Jessica shows to losers like you.

      • The William Hung fact alone validates James comment, if you ask me…. well done sir!

      • JoeLand0208
        Adele is not a singer of only Diva music, she is much more diverse than that and her success is a reflection of that.

        You’re so hung up on your precious Jess being Beyonce, you don’t recognize the facts of the music industry which is, it is very sick and has declined greatly. Most of the problem is related to fatigue with the content being marketed. It is simple economics and not an attack on your precious Jess. If she would take blinders off and jump into something new, fresh, and different; instead of being a Baby Beyonce; she could surpass Beyonce.

      • Diva music is primarily reported in the R&B genre under Nielsen SoundScan Reporting.

        Sales figures don’t lie
        (1/04/10-1/02/11 – IN THOUSANDS)
        R&B    57,871    69,889    -17% Change   

      • By definition a diva is a female singer (regardless of genre) who has achieved great popular success. Whitney is a diva, Beyonce is a diva … but so is Sreisand, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Madonna, Britney Spears. Actually, the term diva initially gained popularity in opera but has gone on to encompass other genres.

        So what is it really are you trying to tell us?

      •  I can see that these data are more or less for a specific artist, for a specific genre. for a specific time….that’s what Nielsen and other groups like them do, SURVEYS. You cannot altogether assume, predict that Jessica’s album will only fare as what your data shows….you are definitely a very shallow biased person. I rest my case. Good luck to you! Jessica will surely show you when her first single hits the records store.

      • That’s good James and Rock is always at the top so just keep on Rocking’ in the Free World all you fine folk out there.  Namaste’

      •  James, thank you for your expertise…refreshingly admirable of you to  give us your words of wisdom, a connoisseur of the music industry! Say what again, sick industry?? Maybe you can prescribe a dose of your professional advice in that way we can revive the US music industry which I believe is doing pretty well considering the millions of dollars it brings to the frail US economy. Go Jessica!

  15. Its been a long time…wishing for an all out battle for the girls in the top 3! Skylar, Hollie, and Jessica!!!

  16. In the history of american idol, the winners and runner-up usually doesnt landed or landed once on the bottom in every competition. As far as i know, if im not mistaken, Fantasia was the only winner who have been in bottom 2 twice.

    So for this season:

    Phil Phillips = never been in bottom 3 yet
    Jessica Sanchez = bottom 3 once, get voted off but saved by judges
    Joshua Ledet = bottom 3 twice
    Skylar Laine = bottom 3 twice
    Hollie Cavanagh = bottom 3 Forth times


    If Hollie will be in the bottom 2 next week. Most probably she will be voted off.

    •  Reuben was in the bottom 3 every single week after the top 12, if not all but one or two.

  17. I think every one of the past weeks Hollie has been one place before last…I mean she allways in the bottom 3 and people are just voting for her beacuse they feel sorry for her and not really for her singing skills.
    the other person in the bottom last week was Skylar…now her fans will vote like crazy so she’ll be safe this week…her fans’ zone is all south America countries.

    For me the bottom 2 next week IF NOTHING WILL CHANGE will be Joshua and Hollie (I want the bottom to be Phillip and Joshua just to shake things up..I mean, every time Phillip sings his face is like “OMG stop everything I need to poop…and Joshua, well I think Jennifer is wayyy over rating him and his voice, sometimes his high voice sounds like a screaming cat…and Hollie, well she is just not as good as the other competetures.)

    To sum up the ones I really love in the TOP 5 are Skylar and Jessica and I would really love to see them both at the finale!

    • Bottom 3 will be Skylar, Hollie and Phillip. Bye bye Hollie probably, just hope like heck it will be Mr. One Note (Phillip).

  18. Ryan announces, “America has voted and I happy to say, Randy, you have been eliminated as a judge on AI, Randy do you have anything to say”

    “Well Ryan…DAWG IT, why me I just acted like a jerk the whole season, not enough reason to boot me, true America is now stuck with a screamer for AI,  but I couldn’t help it….I fell in love with Joshua…literally.”

  19. It’s hard to predict who will be in the bottom 3 this week,But I’m expecting Hollie leaving the stage for lack of suppporters and small fanbase.Perhaps Skylar votes will increase by 10% for what happened lately,
    My poll rating goes like this:
    1.Jessica Sanchez………………………………………2nd placer or winner
    2.Phillip Phillips………………………………………..2nd placer or winner
    3.Joshua Ledet………………………………………….3rd placer only
    4.Skylar Laine…………………………………………..4th placer or voted out
    5.Hollie Cavanagh……………………………………..4th palcer or voted out

    Just my personal opinion this coming week.

    • If jessica will never be a winner,… Her career will shine to the top with Akon…. Much better than that of American Idol.

    • Personally, I was never impresssed with Phillip Phillips…To me he reminds me of another Kris Allen….

  20. Each to there own but I still feel the judges had there favorites excluding Steven Tyler ..I  lost tons of respect for Randy Jackson who I loved dearly as a judge in the past and wanted to watch the show with his fair judging..His obsession with Jessica and Joshua was unreal and turned me off..I don’t know if I will be watching the show next season…At least Simon was real and said what he felt…

    • Oh do you think Tyler is so honest? If he is why did he say in reference to Skylar,
      “For everybody up here tonight, everybody’s always sung dry and right out of the box, out of the car but tonight they put a little shine on your voice and it enhanced it over the top.”

      Why did he try to give the impression that they were ONLY doing it for Skylar when they are doing it with all the contestants at this point of the show?

      Tyler is just as guilty as the other two judges. TPTB have discovered that people put a lot of trust in him so they have made it his job to take over the biggest attempts at manipulating the public. They are all frauds!

      • Taymaro … you never have a good word to say about anybody. Not the contestants or the judges … the show. NADA … nothing … zilch.

        Why is that?

      • I always say good stuff about Hollie. I always said good stuff about DeAndre. I have said good stuff about all of the contestants. Go back and read my reviews of their performances. I just say what I feel. I listen to what the judges say and I also pay attention to the subtext of what they say. Read between the lines so to speak. But I am not going to make everything out to be peaches and cream when it’s obviously not.

        You have to know what the flavor of the Kool-aid is before you drink it. You better be careful cause it might be laced with cyanide. And I’m gonna keep my guard up so I can see it coming before I let myself get into a situation where I am forced to drink it.

        If that makes no sense then I’m sorry. I know exactly what I am trying to say.

        I am entranced by the whole process and I admire the cleverness behind the scam. So I will continue watching but only in order to learn how to not be fooled by these con artists.

    • Of course they have their favorites, same as you and I.

      American Idol IMPROVED immensely when Simon Cowell left … by about a million viewers per episode on the average. Simon Cowell appeals to an obscure group of people I like to call as ‘haters’. People who revel in seeing the dignity of people publicly destroyed  in order to prove a mute point.

      What is it realy that a very small segment finds attractive with Simon Cowell? Plain and simple … the accent … nothing else.

      There is something about the british accent that the american finds strangely appealing. 

      Frankly … if you put a Hitler moustache to Simon Cowell’s mug … it would be in perfect character.  

      • Jojo
        There is one person around here that reminds people of Hilter…You. It’s a TV show, get help

    • Yes, simon said exactly what he felt. He predicted Adam Lambert for the win and also showed clearly that Carrie Underwood was his favourite, yet, why were there no complaints against Simon as there are complaints against the current 3 judges? I rest my case

  21.   I no longer watch the show and could care a rat’s behind, of who wins at this point because  anybody, who knows anything about music, the talent has already left the building.   Anybody can sing some poor song writer’s song but, being able to write, produce, play, perform your own songs is without, in the end ,the true winner and that’s Colton.  I admired Holly, because no matter what the three washed up has beens threw at her, she took it and didn’t cry and got back up with more guts the following week.    I would challange anyone to pull that off!  It’s easy to be critical, when you’re not the one standing in their shoes.   SKYLAR, that is th GIRL, with the Gift, who gives it her ALL but, Lowpez doesn’t have the courage to tell her, that it’s really about, she’s not the pretty package so, she’ll make up something, then have tweedle dee & tweedle dum back her.  Nice, huh?   Elise, in A.C. N.J. we have a term, Lounge Act.   Sanchez, Fake, Fony, Fleeting career, she won’t be so cute when she get’s older to pull it off!  Phillips, One Trick Pony, Know anybody who’s going to spend $150.00 on a ticket to hear the same thing over & over?   JOSHUA, REALLY? Can’t hit the high notes so, he has to scream to cover it up!  Has anyone listened to the real Sam Cook?    It is an insult to the man, who had such a smooth voice and then they brought in the Clowns, who destroyed this show with their constant favoritism and bad acting( Goosies ) and telling Sanchez  ‘ Hey, well your the best, ever! ‘  YOU’RE IT!  I am sure the contestants in the back are like, WHAT DO WE DO?  JUDGES CALLED IT,HEY SHOWS OVER FOR US, NOW WE’RE JUST GLOSSIN’ TIL THE END .  I MEAN REALLY, IS THIS THE BEST DIVA J.LO CAN DO FOR 16 MILLION & LET’S NOT FORGET PARTNER IN CRIME, STEVEN TYLER,11.5 MILLION &RANDY, I GUESS DIDN’T WANT HIS LEAKED, ON ACCOUNT OF HOW  HE MIGHT BE PERCEIVED.  MY FAMILY & I WATCH THE VOICE NOW, MUCH BETTER SHOW!     

    • Ur just a bitter Fan…. Im sorry, this is not your show. Just stop watching American Idol. Coz ur idols sucks!….. And by the way… You suck too coz u never give a damn extreme voting to ur idols….. Ur just a lazy annoying Fan. Duh!

      •  “Coz ur idols sucks!”

        And people say Jessica is the only one that gets bashed.

        Nobody in the competition sucks.  Nobody has really sucked since that chick who sang that “Sweet dreams are made of theseee…” in the top 25.

      • You suck, take your hate and find a good mental health profession. For god’s sakes it’s only a TV show.

    • Then you are either a fool or a liar.  Why, if you are done with the show, would you seek out a blog about it and post a long boring rant about it?  You are a phony.

    • This is Simon Cowell, the producer of the American Idol. Listen here … I-oshea, I really do not want you to stop watching the show I created. So, if I see to it that Colton will come and perform at a church near you one day, will you consider continue watching my show? As I seriously do not know how my show can go on, without you. As you are the most important American Idol fan, ever. Sadly, that’s the best I can do. As I doubt Colton commerical appeal could ever let perform on a larger scale than that at a church near you … one day.

    • To each his own….my my you sure have lots of comments dont you. Bottom Line. You have a favourite and because yr favourite was eliminated, you refuse to watch the show Right? With due respect to you, this is absolutely childish behaviour. I dont get my toy, I dont want to take breakfast. Cheezzz.

    • Are you watching the same thing? Joshua has the biggest range of anyone else on the show. He can too hit high notes. you have got to be kidding me

    • If your too bitter to watch the show cause your favorite got the boot, then don’t come here and put the other contestants down. You sound so petty, immature and childish. So do us a favor and get your whiny, bitter and bad attitude OUT OF HERE!! To sit there and put people down that are doing something none of us could do, and doing it in front of millions of people, it’s just a really low and terrible thing to do. Seriously, it’s a SHOW, get a life if all you can do is come here and put these contestants down!!!

      • You Hypocrite!  
        Btledoux1229 2 hours ago in reply to rogerP1
        So what. All the mentors have complimented all the contestants, but the Jess fans are infatuated with what ONE mentor said. I mean come on, that doesn’t mean anything. Who the hell is Acorn anyway, a squirrel lover? Ha

      • Squirrel huuh? i know it is no other than Jessica you’re pertaining to! Shame on you! I am so disgusted, i am throwing up!!! hypocrite!!! You people like to look on the outside….so superficial!! it’s a fake!!  You sound like uneducated! Is that how you’ve been raised by your parents?? I don’t believe you’re a human!! at least squirrels are well behave compared to you!! “Don’t judge a book by its cover”….”What is essential is invisible to the naked eye” Aren’t you familiar with these proverbs?? We Filipinos do.

      • Robert if you took the time to comment about ONE of my posts, you should take the time to read all of them then. I’ve never said a harsh thing about Jessica, I’ve actually stated many times that I believe she deserves ti be in the final, along with Joshua. I was making a joke about Akon, and how all the Jess fans have just so overblown his comments about her. I’ve never heard of Akon, I don’t listen to pop or rap ot whatever he sings, sorry. The squirrel thing, seriously you took that as a racial thing against Jessica, are you freaking kidding me. Hello…Akon…Acorn…squirrel…do I have to spell out the joke for you, I guess I do. You might want to actually UNDERSTAND What you read before you make accusatory statements, cause you are the one that is presenting yourself to be uneducated. And uh Flag, really, that’s original. Looks like YOUR the one that needs education buddy. Ignorance is bliss, and looks like your full of bliss!

      •  hahahaha that squirrel thing was so obvious though.  People are nuts.  Pun intended.

  22. Hollie and Jessica for the Finale! Phillip will be third, Skylar next. Joshua should be eliminated next week. Sorry.

  23. Skylar face like a grandma.wrinkles everywhere. weird complexion. very redneck. i hate her

      • lol @James…after reading your comments, you just simply amazed me with your comment(particularly this one), definitely you’re one of a kind!!!
        You are exactly the definition of a human being and well hope you’re having fun with whatever you’re doing in this blog LMAO

    • pls do not take things so personally. I mean how can you be so cruel. I am not a Skylar fan but to say such mean things. My God !! Feel sorry for you

    • @ ilove usa … maybe because your facebook account is US based. I’m from the Philippines. It doesn’t work. I haven’t tried skype … however.

      • Well the website says it’s possible, and people on here have said they’ve done it.  Not saying you at all.  I just don’t think it’s fair.  I doubt people from England are doing it to Hollie, since she’s always in the bottom and has plenty US fans, ya know?

  24. l would like to see PP  in the bottom 3 this week he can feel whats like to be in the hot seat…..although he will be safe anyways,,,,,,

  25. I like the American Idol judges. They praise the contestants if they do well, and they criticize and give constructive comments when they see room for some improvements. 

    They, undoubtedly, have great clout in the eyes of the  AI viewers. So much so that when they consistently criticize a contestant, more often than not, that contestant is eventually eased out of the show by being voted out. 

    But that is an unavoidable thing. Why?  Because it is their role. 

    American Idol would be so boring if these three judges are stripped off of their power to express opinions. Because, in reality … that is the ONLY thing that they really have in this show. Their opinions. And of course, the save.

    However, mind you … these judges are not lightweights in the music industry. They know what they are talking about because they have credentials in spades. They have achieved success in their profession … and will always be more credible than the regular ‘joe’ or ‘jane’ … or the occasional irate poster/blogger we see here.

    Hello James and Taymaro. HAHA !

    • Your little praise a thon for the judges would be nice if it was true. You must be on the judges payroll. You and your buddy bobbytomkitty are the only two in love with the judges on the planet.

      Fans, If you are disappointed with the judges behaviors and how they have made comments and the standing Os, then please give this a “Like” thumbs up.

    •  jojoBobKat,
      I have merged my comments to both of you two since you are the same person. Keep up your brilliant spews, increase the pace, you will only push Jess off AI.

      People are starting to puke from Jess…Skylar is so better at performing and people are going to vote for Skylar. There is nothing you can do about it.

  26. Honestly? Elise is very talented. The demographics of american idol viewers, however, is skewed against her. I sometimes wonder WHAT IF … Elise joined the competition when she was 22 to 24 years of age (assuming she was already as GOOD at that age).  

    Not really a problem. If she gets SONGS … really good ones … equal to her singing prowess … then she is MADE.

    The top 5 of American Idol all have the potential to make it big. 

  27. Ultimately, if the final result of the competition is influenced by foreign voters, and that gets out, it will probably spell the end of American Idol.  Americans pay for it and want to see American kids compete (yes, even immigrants) for American votes since it is all being paid by American dollars. If they see that they are being outvoted by the legions of foreign people voting, then they will stop watching since they will feel that will no longer have a say or influence.  That means that ratings will go down further and eventually the whole show will become irrelevant to Americans and will be cancelled. Again, we have outwitted ourselves with technology. The internet knows no boundaries (phones do!!).

    • Been searching about what you are talking about (for several days now) since I read something about it here and other blogs too… I have been checking, experimenting, implementing, filtering & tweaking on how online voting works and the only thing I can say (since technology is my expertise) the probability that any foreign countries can vote is extremely small to almost none but possible unless the show, “American Idol” , itself allow it which I doubt they for for legality reason and protocols.

      •  They are somehow using online voting, I’ve heard.  And there’s a link to a site where it says so in another comment on this article.

      • Yes, there are multiple ways to do it, but as an American, I’m not going to tell you. Move here if you want to become an American, otherwise leave us alone; including our AI.

      • To James: Then stop showing it worldwide. You don’t need to say “leave us alone”! We’re not interested to “your” american idol. We had our own which are far better than yours. You should be thankful though that your shows like this are being watched in foreign lands. You can’t blame others to root for someone of their race. They’re just proud that most Americans excluding you are taking considerations foreign talents. 

      • Im4Jes,
        Fine I will power vote and interfere in the legitimate outcome of the next Imelda Idol show like you are doing to AI. When you vote for someone for “racial pride” as you say, you are a TOTAL RACISTS!!

      • James,
        First of all, I’m not voting anyone. And would not power vote even if I’m a die-hard fan. Even if I do, I won’t share it to you. And I don’t know if you have personal issues with Imelda that it’s too much getting to your nerves. Secondly, I’m not a racist. I bet you are. What do you call bashing other than your own complexion even if they aren’t doing you wrong? Third, It doesn’t matter if you are thankful or not. With that kind of comments, I just knew you aren’t and won’t. Sorry but I’m just stating that you should be proud to yourself that others look up to your race even if you don’t need them. And that sometimes being nice to “others” pays a lot. Forth, I won’t care if Jessica will win or not. Whatever it is, so much will be said against her. Who by day will not say that they are fooled if their favorites won’t win? Someone will always question the legitimacy of the win for sure. And saying that, I will be more than glad than you are if she doesn’t win. Fifth, I am not performing any actions to make her win. I’m not even promoting her. I’m just an individual like most people here who are sharing their thoughts.  And last but the least, thank you for allowing the “wannabees” to step on “your precious soil”. You can try stepping on ours, and it will be different. (for sure you won’t)

      •  @Im4Jes, if you weren’t interested in our American Idol, why are you here on an Idol fan site?  You seem pretty interested to me..

      • lol @james I don’t need to go anywhere… this is my country a much as you do. You don’t need to tell me anything because I more than you and mostly I pay way more taxes than you do.
        You can act like you know everything but believe me you don’t, but if acting like you know everything makes you so full of yourself then do so because at the end I’ll simply laugh at you and mostly some people here too.
        LMAO…. ciao

      •  And, disliking someone doesn’t mean it’s because of their skin color.  So sick of this racism witch hunt.  Get a grip, people.

      • Yes I am, but that’s before James claimed “your” AI to yourselves. LOL! You know what, I now feel ashamed to myself watching your show. You’re sick of racism?? Who’s starting it by the way?  

      • LMAO!!! @James way to go and keep it up. Hmmm Why should I leave my beloved home country? Because you told me so, I think not! LMAO. simply stated that I pay way more taxes than you do and no gripe doing so «(°¡°)» lol if you only know how to read the right way and comprehend more extensively maybe your butt well not gonna get hurt that much…
        Anyway, did you ever think that maybe the 10 years that you spend in Philippines, you acquired their culture and characteristic that you can’t differentiate their attitude towards yours because you seems like acting like one of them…
        Just saying you know you… LMAO
        My special time for you is up, ADIOS, have a great time because I definitely did…

      • Kudos, James.  America is the most racially diverse nation on Earth.  Seeing others call Americans racist is hilarious.  When I look at someone, I don’t even think of skin color.   When people from other countries, who aren’t as diverse as the US, call people from America racist, do they not realize that Americans live next door to, work with, socialize with, marry, procreate with, and coexist peacefully with people of all races?  In my opinion, the people from the Phillipines, any Latino country, Mars or wherever, who call any white American racist for disliking Jessica and the against the rules support she’s getting from other Nations, are the ones being wrongfully judgemental.  I’m sure there are some Filipino people who dislike Jessica.  I’m sure there are people of every race that dislike her.  Big deal.  It is not because of her race.  Get over it, move on, and accept the fact that not all 6 billion humans on this planet are going to obsess over her.

      • Come on James, 
        First, I told I’m not voting. hahaha.. HOw could I even manipulate it? Who comments thousands times here in this site by the way? Let’s see who are manipulating by what they are saying. You may not know it but guys like you. 

        Second, I’m not an Imelda lover. I’m too young for her LOL!

        Third, all American site? tsk tsk tsk…

        Fourth, what race do think they are better? hmmm.. let me guess.

        Fifth, is there such a thing as voting off a contestant? 

        Sixth, aha. that’s why you are much familiar with Imelda? You can come back anytime. No worries!

        Seventh, I’m not acting anything stupid to America. So don’t count me in. I will be ashamed for something wrong that I’ve done but for being humiliated by a hater. 

        It has nothing to do with you being “part” of our history. And it’s not only “you” we owe our freedom.  So get a grip!

  28. Akon, R&B singer-songwriter and record producer, who recently guest mentored on Idol, says Sanchez is by far his favorite contestant this season. “I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but I kind of want her to get voted off so I can sign her,” Akon told E! News at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami.”She’s beyond the talent that’s supposed to be there,” the R&B star gushed. “I think she’s overqualified, I really do.””And she’s only 16,” Akon continued. “Like, I’ve been around a lot of superstars. I haven’t seen anyone at that age sing like that.”

    • So what. All the mentors have complimented all the contestants, but the Jess fans are infatuated with what ONE mentor said. I mean come on, that doesn’t mean anything. Who the hell is Acorn anyway, a squirrel lover? Ha

      • You people are blind and mean spirited!!!  To me, you’re an insect on top of a buffalo and you think you’re the greatest!!!  Get lost!

      • Robert the joke just went completely over your head there didn’t it. How in the hell do you get a comment making fun of AKON’s name, and interpret it as a racial slur against Jessica?? Really bro you should get over the ‘white trash, racial white people’ crap that you love to spout, especially when you spew it to someone that likes Jessica and thinks she deserves to be in the fianls with Joshua, Dumbo! Yea I’m a white guy, and I want to see Jess in Josh in the finals……boy I’m really racist huh!! Get a clue and get educated, please, do us all a favor.

      • Thank you James, I take it you understood the joke for it’s actual purpose then. I guess some statements just go right over the heads of certain Rabid fans, maybe??

      • The only person in the final 5 who is being eyed by big producers such as Toby Gad (producer of Beyonce) and Akon (made Lady Gaga famous), and being eyed by composers such as Jesse McCartney and being dubbed by very talented artists and songwriters such as India Arie, Colbie Caillat, Richard Marx, Jennifer Holiday, as the best in the competition is the one and only… 

        Ms. Jessica Sanchez. 

    • They going to record album “Farts of Jessica Sanchez” .Akon says “looking forward to exploiting Jessica anyway possible because she an easy sell to every population of Asians and Mexicans, we think the farts album will do well with those folks, cause they stupid and buy anything”

  29. Singing Lady Gaga was not the cause of Colton Dixon elimination in Ai11 recently,I think it was the his supporters caused him to be ousted that time.They forgot to vote knowing he is safe that week but suddendly happened out in the contest as fast a bullet train.This was happened to Jessica Sanchez when her followers thinking she will never be in the bottom 3.She was almost deleted in the stage without the judges saving grace.
    This is the most anticipated week for them to know who got the most followers and fanbases.Nobody knows who among the remainig AI11 is on the top yet till now,but for me it’s safe to say that Jessica Sanchez & Phillip Phillips are ahead among them.Who ever wins it does’nt bother me at all because all these 5 that were left surely had their career waitng already,as I read the news today Akon is waiting for Jessica Sanchez to be off stage right away to make a record as early as possible…………… is this true?Wow this already a big win for her.
    1.Jessica………………………………………Go FTW
    2.Phillip……………………………………….Go FT2nd
    3.Hollie………………………………………..Go FT3rd or 4th
    4.Joshua………………………………………Go FT4th or 3rd
    5.Skylar……………………………………….GO FTE(Eliminated)

    • They will ALL get record deals, so they ALL have already won, not just Jessica cause of what Akon said. Whoever the hell that is.

  30. Report on TV that Jessica Sanchez had plastic surgery in the past. Much work done on implants beast and nose reduction.

  31. @6c0e57c690e86369e2c171280a83f656:disqus & @e949dae55154e6a3f5c8c37ec50f2601:disqus  Stop this kind of posts!!! You are only demeaning and insulting yourselves with your uncalled for remarks!

  32.  After the survey,from social networks,blogs,news,American idol fanatics,

    and After the nationwide votes…

    in random order top 5 picks(last result show)

    1st safe
    JESSICA SANCHEZ-16,she really has what it takes,if America’s bottomline
    will still the race she can’t win the title,but,if America will try a
    different flavor of an icon/star then she is THE ONE….

    2nd safe
    JOSHUA LEDET-19,powerful voice he has,he is “BI” like
    adam,jacob,clay,but they didn’t win the title,but they are amazing
    talented people,,,he needs to balance when to shout and not…

    3rd safe
    PHILIP PHILIPS-20,adorable,has “it” factor but for the past season we
    have a winners with a man with a guitar,hmmm,same dessert?turn out a
    beast hearthrob on the stage ,some likes it,some are not…

    4rth safe
    SKYLAR LAINE-18,country musics feels you at home,with her performance?so
    redundant so last year,she needs to experiment her songs,or else people
    will compare her from other country singers.

    5th safe
    HOLLIE CAVANAGH-18, cute she is,like a hollywood actress,she has a
    problem on the stage ,off key with her songs,pitchy,needs more
    effort,she should beat the stage,or else she’ll be on the bottom…

  33. Don’t understand how the judges keep pushing for Joshua. This is a singing competition, not a screaming competition. every time he performs they give him a standing ovation. I’m confused b/c if anyone deserved a standing ovation it was Jessica for her rendition of u are so beautiful.

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