American Idol 2012 Top 3 Elimination: Who Will Be Sent Home Tonight?

American Idol 2012 Top 3 results

Tonight on American Idol 2012 the season 11 Top 2 singers will be revealed as one last singer will be eliminated and sent home. Either Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, or Jessica Sanchez is about to fall just shy of the big finale event next week. Let’s take a look at your American Idol 2012 voting results and what those numbers are predicting for tonight’s show. For the past three weeks in a row your votes in our polls have correctly identified the American Idol singer to be eliminated. Will you all continue that streak tonight? We’ll soon find out!

Leading this week’s poll is the top spot’s regular owner, Jessica Sanchez, with 59% of the vote. Steven Tyler called this season for Jessica during last night’s Top 3 performance show and many fans seem to agree. What’s left to discover is if her official votes turn out as strong as those in our poll as we keep in mind the week she was eliminated despite leading our poll as well. Regardless, I am ready to predict Jessica Sanchez will be safe tonight and move on to the finale.

Plenty of readers have been upset, and I put that mildly, in response to my admittance that our polls are open to a wider range than the official votes. Sure, Jessica has lots of US-based fans. If she didn’t then she wouldn’t be in the Top 3. But despite being as American born as her competitors, Jessica has picked up a dedicated international support here which is great for her, but I’m trying to rein in expectations should the final results not match what we’re seeing here.

Next up we’ve got Phillip Phillips with 26% of the vote. The judges were less than thrilled with his second performance, but they came back to support him as he closed out the night in the coveted pimp spot. Fitting the profile of the past four season’s winners certainly isn’t hurting Phillips’ chances this season. Even when he fell to the bottom groupings in our polls Phillip has managed to dodge the Grim Reaper which makes me think he’s got more fans out there than the make up of the readers here. Phillip Phillips looks to be a lock for next week’s finale and if we’re being completely honest here, based on the previous streak of WGWG (“White Guy With Guitar”) wins, I’d place my chips on his square for the crown.

Bringing up the American Idol 2012 Top 3 rear is Joshua Ledet. Randy called him the best thing “evah!” while JLo thinks he’s the best thing in music in the past fifty years. Joshua has clearly done a lot right to make it this far in the season, but with just 14% in our poll I don’t see this going well for him. Song choices weren’t the best for Joshua, aside from Jimmy’s selection, and that’s going to hurt him when the lights are dimmed. Joshua Ledet is your prediction for tonight’s elimination and I’d have to agree with you all.

We’re close to finding out who goes home and who goes on to the American Idol 2012 finale. It’ll be a big night no matter how it turns out. Let’s see if all of the readers are set to extend their prediction streak to four weeks in a row.

What do you think will happen tonight on American Idol?




      • to you maybe she doesn’t have charisma to others its a different story.. same with who you are rooting for, he might not have charisma to us but to you he has.. logic my friend… charisma is subjective!

      • duhduhduh…i heard that over and over again.  Just listen to your favorite duh…duh…duhh

      • Totally agree.  Jessica is a good singer but doesn’t have the maturity to bring the lyrics to life.  Joshua is one of the best choir singers on the show, but he isn’t an appealing solo artist and I cannot imagine paying any money for his recordings.  On the other hand,  I would stand in line to buy Phillip Phillips records in a heartbeat.  Phillips has real soul that the others just don’t own… yet.

      • She is young she will become a better performer with time and experience. She has the best voice. Phillips is unique, that sets him apart. Joshua is just gotten boring for me. Same sound over and over, different song. I think he will go home.

      •  Watch a beauty contest not a singing contest if you are looking for charisma

      • You know deep inside you that your favorite ain’t gonna win. I feel for you. wink*

      • Sorry Jizz but ur post is more boring and has no charisma the same thing is true with your judgement… So sad for you… Boring choice.

      • Idol has chosen to push the more moldable people. The final 3 are all shy types and I think they will allow Idol to make their decisions. The real charismatic singers are no longer in the competition…Skylar and Hollie (as she was developing).

      • really? can you sing for us? and so we can believed you…look who’s talking….

    • Jessica is not a performer….nice voice but not great. Nothing about her draws people in. I could not imagine a worse concert than her….Ugghh! BORING!

      • Jessica is not boring. She is a versatile singer. Jessica for the win!
        Phillip should go. If she wins I will see her concert and buy  her records!  It will be  Jessica and Josh for the finale. Amen!

      • Actually  Jessica is a performer and a singer at the same time.  People go to a concert to see an artist perform and sing and Jessica has it all! Phillip has no voice all  he has is a cute face. There are lots of not good looking singers but they succeeded.  Jessica is not bad she has an appeal as I have said she can sing and perform! Amen!.

      •  I agree Jessica is boring and too depressing when she sings. I thought Randy said he wanted something different, well you won’t find anything different about boring Jessica. Oh, and i didn’t like her rendition of Aerosmith last night. I almost almost….zzzzzzzz

      • Wow…doesn’t draw you in….something is drawing almost over 5 million views of just one of her performances on YouTube, over 1/2 a million in just one week of last weeks performance.  Jessica draws people in just fine.  Perhaps you should ask yourself, what is your personal issue that won’t allow you to appreciate her.

      • Adele is one performer who doesn’t use any smoke and screen in her concerts. It’s just her, an accompaniment and her voice. You’re just too messed up with all the tricks non-singers do in their concerts just to make up with the lack of voice.

      • Jessica is the only one of the contestants that brings something different to AI.  The other two are the same predictable performers.  Sound the same week to week.  Josh brings it to church every friggin’ week.  Phil manipulates the songs to have the same dang gum melody every week.  Wanna talk about boring and predictable?

      • Jizz41, I would take the opinion of the qualified great singers in the industry who are rooting for Jessica . FYI there are so many of them…

      • Not sure why people get so upset over someone else opinion…. I think Jessica ruined aerosmiths song last night! (My opinion) she has a beautiful voice but I’m just not a fan of hers! I would have rather them not saved her when she was voted off!!! Id like to have seen Holly stay instead of Jessica… her sound was so much more… it was beautiful! So ill be voting Phillip! Nobody get mad… cause I have a right to my opinion!!! Thank u

      • it’s you who’s sooooooooooooooooooo boring. if u have the talent why didn’t u join AI and see for yourself if people will vote for you. U freak and all u jessica haters to hell. Manigas kayo sa inggit!

      • and who says they will invite you to jessica’s concert? you are not invited… and your comments are not being asked….jizz41… stay your mouth shut ok? and who are you in authority to say that she is not a performer?…. have you been a judge before? shame on you.

      • If jessica is not a performer? Why she reached at top 2? Oh common people pls dont be hypocrite.

      • if that bored you… why you watch…jealous much..jizz41.. if you dont like her dont..i dont think shes loking for a pers0n who is verry ignorant to root for her anyway…shes gone beyond our expectation..shes young ang growing superstar……shes on her way to grow and she will never stop day she gonna make you small and stupid,why dont you go and get a carrer..make yourself good and professional instead…go ahead and talk trash about her you just making her a monters….

      • Yeah your racist!. Why not be fair.  Jessica has it all!  I’ll pray that she should win the the title American Idol 2012 co’z she is a very talented. She has an extra ordinary voice. Gifted by God!  Good Luck Jessica.  I will pray  for  you.  

      • Sorry PP is a unique guy with a guitar……..ain’t nothing wrong with that…

    • White guys with guitars, are the winners since season 7! So sad it’ll continue this year.

      • Please stop doing WGWG….it’s getting so old.   P2 just may lose bc of the stupid “profiling” little joke there.   You shouldn’t be labeled for being who you are.

      • @4ec3bd33676f446f3aab340ba2012aea:disqus : So you’re saying that if I identify Phillip Phillips as a white male who plays guitar, which is a very popular (if not the most popular, so it seems) niche on this show, that it’ll damage his chances? I think you’re missing the point and greatly overestimate my pull.

  1. at this point it really doesn’t matter.  all three will end up with contracts.  how long they will last is anyone’s guess

    • Pretty much everyone from the Top 7, (Colton…who went home way before his time,) and up will get contracts of some sort. They all deserve one because of their individual talents.

    • True…but to go through all of this..since the tryouts, being away from home, etc, etc, wouldn’t you really want the title.  Even the rockers, I don’t care what they say, you don’t enter a contest to lose.   Adam was happy for Kris, you could see it in his body language, but if it was his named called as winner, I’m sure he would have been glamafied!

    • It might be the opposite if Joshua will be eliminated tonight. I speak for myself, but I will cast my vote for Jessica if it’s a Phillip-Jessica finale.

      • @ mitzi….Look at the history of rock and roll….even the musicians you like, aren’t a lot of them white with a guitar.  I just don’t get why it is such a mystery to people that wgwg are the overachievers.  Don’t you like any of them, or maybe you are just into the vocalists like Mariah and those high pitched woman singers.   Who knows.

    • I don’t think so. Jessica is better than Phillips and has a lot of fans and support. And she’ll sell 100 times more than him. And everyone knows it.

      • But she has already been voted out once and with a lot weaker competition surrounding her so it is a tough call. She might even be gone tonight.

      • But she has already been voted out once and with a lot weaker competition surrounding her so it is a tough call. She might even be gone tonight.

      • Jessica is a very good singer has been since she was little and someday may be great, but she doesn’t have the loveability of Joshua  and isn’t as likeable or as sexy as Phillip. The females in our house range from 59 yrs. to 37 to 20 to 14 and we all love Phillip and whether he wins or not, we will buy his music. Thats really what it’s all about!

      • what everyone seems to be missing….jessica is not a performer. She is boring. Great singer but awful performer! She is blah

      • Music like art is subjective,. What one person likes to listen to, may not be the style another person enjoys. All three finalists are great singers with their own individual  style. At this pont it is a popularity contest and not based on talent because they all stand on equal ground as far as talent goes.  I wish them all the best of luck and wonderful careers ahead of them..

      • Jessica was voted off and saved, it was obvious who the judges were saving their save for, Jess and Josh. They showed favoritism to them from the beginning-crawfish, …. SO’s all the praise saying they were the best, Josh was so sure he had it in the bag you could see it in his face. I don’t like the screaming, I like ballads. but to be fair, the songs chosen for them were wrong for them and that was what hurt their performances, all are great singers but don’t do as well out of their genres.

    • I’m sorry but that will never happen!  Jessica’s fans will support her all the way!

    • Phillip is my favorite, but he cannot win. If Jessica is eliminated, a large bloc of her votes will go to Joshua. Jessica is the beneficiary of a large bloc of Joshua voters if he is eliminated. Carrie Underwood wouldn’t stand a chance against the current coalition of Jessica/Joshua fans.

      • It’s apopularity contest, depends on who is voting, like any election-whichever group has the biggest turn out is voted in. should be left up to a panel of singers to vote in the final 4, not the 3 judges, don’t like their way of judging. They should leave their comments to what they did wrong and what they did right and forgo on the “she’s going to be the last one standing” “he’s the best in 50 years”,etc. and wait until all have performed and then say who they thought did best.

  2. Stay tune for tonight show 1 out of 3 must go and two will remain Joshua was born with a gift and he is the future hope for America next dream..

    • wow…u are just a little insane. Relax, these people are just singers…none of them  are the future hope of America. America’s hope first lies in each of of becoming better people first and then paying it forward. Utilize common sense, we must to avoid the most recent credit mistakes. Really, your going to rely on someone that sings….No wonder our country is falling apart. Obama, you are not helping either.

  3. The person that NEEDS to win AI the most is definitely Joshua.  He will need that million dollar payday more than Phillip and Jessica.  Phillip and Jessica will both go on to have huge careers without AI, especially Jessica.  Joshua can definitely sing, but screams way too much which becomes very irritating.  That is going to get old really fast.  For those of you who say that Phillip can’t sing, take a look at Bob Dylan.  Can he really sing?  The answer is, no, yet he has had an amazing career because he is an artist.  Phillip is also an artist and can sing a lot better than Dylan. 

    Jessica and Phillip in they finally!!!

    • Evidently, JLO does not know to gospel singing churches as she has never heard anyone sing like Josh. The churches are FULL of Joshua’s talent.  I hope he enjoys the tour and his first album as I do not see him selling many records or people paying to go to his concerts.

      •  Exactly what I was saying.  He will not sell many records.  Joshua would be great if and only if…… we were in church.

      • Wow! You just wrote what I was thinking all along. However, the majority doesn’t go to church anymore, so could this really be his time? My 0.2.

      • Don’t worry, he will get the last laugh Good thing they didn’t tell James Brown he screams to much and won’t sell records, or sell out arenas. Josh is gonna bring old school back, and put it back on the map, and show all of you bashers just how amazing he truly is. I guess the millions of people that have voted for and supported Joshua all the way to the top 3, are just gonna disappear, and no longer support him when his cd comes out…..whatever. These comments are becoming quite comical actually. I’m not gonna buy Phillips cd, or go to his concert, but to say that he won’t sell a lot of records or have anybody wanting to pay to see him in concert, would just be an asinine statement, just like it is to say the same about Josh. Just because YOU don’t like him, doesn’t mean that no one does. And by the way, countless singers got their start by singing in church, that’s where Josh Grobin was discovered, so is there many of him in churches…no, same for Joshua. Redonckulous!!

    • Philip is not an artist. Why do people keep saying he is an artist just because he messes somebody else’s song? He has not even written one song. A singer can claim his own art once he starts making songs. Philips is just a guy who cannot sing melodies well so he pretends to interpret other songwriters’ songs. In fact, as a songwriter, it is irritating for someone like Philips to make a mockery of your song by singing it like a lazy drunkard.

      • Lol someone is a little jealous. It’s sad little people like you that havent got anywhere themselves that end up bringing everyone else down (or at least try anyway)
        I have been around singer song writers all my life and Phil is a breath of fresh air!!!!
        Go crawl back under your rack sweetie!!!!

      • P2 has written lyrics and music,  From the way you write, it is clear you must write music because it can’t be lyrics.

        Must you really call someone you don’t know at all…”a lazy drunkard” I suppose you think Dave Matthews is the same thing. You must be bitter that you can’t sing and therefor you try to write, but instead…

        you must be a lazy drunkard……Charlie…Charlie Harper is that You! We miss you Charlie come back to TV!

      • Are you saying Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Nina Simone and Billie Holliday amonst countless others, were not artists because they never wrote a song!? Their artistry lies in the delivery and interpretation.

      • C’mon now! Thousands of song writers will be falling over their own feet to get Phillip Phillips to make a hit recording of something they wrote. And that includes you if you expect to make any money in the recording business.

      • Just bc Jessica posts herself on a continual and comical way on YouTube (think back 2 her wig falling off) doesn’t make her a artist either sweetie..Phillip is an artist in the traditional way of rock and roll, not hollerin and screamin and making funny faces.  If it is so painful for you to watch some amateurs, switch the button OFF!

      • If being an artist is about delivery and interpretation?  Phil does the same melody every week!  So predictable and bland, not to mention he cannot sing!  He changes songs to keep it within his singing range – even then he cant stay on note.

    • I want josh to win…not because i’m a fan of him just because i want JESSICA and PHILLIP to be handled by other Producers. Jessica has already Akon and toby. If phillip will be signed in one of the great producers or those producers who produced john mayer, jason mraz…he will be huge. I just don’t like how AI producers handled the career of past winners, it was always been kinda lame.

      • She’ll sell more albums than Jessica or Joshua.  She had talent.

      • Really Hollie should have been Evicted weeks ago. Truly not terribly tallented

      • who are you to say we can’t talk about Hollie!?  Hollie is way better than Jessica!  Jessica has that fake emotion and strange growl.  She is sooo borring!  At this point,  I wanted Hollie  to be in the top three  but will be happy if Josh and Phillip are the final two

      • This is America, and if I want to talk about Hollie Cavanaugh, Skylar Laine, Colton Dixon, or Elise Testone — I will do so. Heejun Han, on the other hand, is a topic that must remain strictly off limits

    • Hollie has promise, but needs to work on controlling her voice better.  She was out of tune most of the year.  She has a ton of power in her voice though.

      • Her undoing was the songs chosen for her, the constant critism from the judges, Elise, too was unfairly criticized by them while the favorites were overpraised, enough to make anyones performance shakey. Of course to be a true artist one must be able to perform well under pressure. Hejun’s voice was the best but he joked around too much. All the top 14 were great and will do well if they keep pushing but someone had to go home each week. Judges should not have a “save” the one vboted out should go home,period. not fair to the ones who are not saved. Especially if the one saved comes back to win it over someone who has never been in the bottom 3.

  4. If it’s Phillips and Jessica in the finale, I’m sure JESSICA will win. Can you imagine her singing RESPECT or LISTEN? All the Joshua’s fans will vote for her. And all the people who like a girl to win will vote for her and every person who lives in the US but wasn’t born there will vote for her (’cause they think she represents the Mexican, Latin and Asian in the USA), and every person who just like Jessica because of her music will vote for her, and every teenage girl who feels identify with her will vote for her.

    Phillips will get the votes of the horny teen girls and moms who like a cute face and boy to win and of the Jessica haters.

    I  think in this battle, Jessica will win..

    • Completely and totally disagree. I think every fan of every other contestant will vote against Jessica. If it’s Josh and Jessica in the finale, he wins hands down and same with a Phillip and Jessica finale. I don’t see a single teenage girl that identifies her. She was home schooled..she doesn’t have friends. She admitted all this. It has nothing to do with Phillip being a boy. Get over that nonsense. He is just the best all around talent and the most marketable.

      • Did you watch Jessica’s visit back to her hometown?  She may not have lots of “personal friends” but that does not translate to she doesn’t have “fans”.  Jessica has tons of fans in the US and in other countries.  She is the most marketable of all the 3 contenstants..

      • Phillip had the most fans at his homecoming.  I beg to differ on who is more marketable also. Teens (who buy most of the music) just don’t connect with her.

      • “Other countries” can’t vote so I don’t see how that is relevant at all….

      • hahahahaha–you can have it, Pallyat the expense of Jessica.  Are you happy now?   

      • Have you noticed her twitter, how many hits she has on You tube?  Who do you think is watching those?  Non-fans?  She has the most out of all the contestants – by a long shot.  Being marketable is one thing, being able to sell another story. 

    • I always manage to find a little empathy for Jessica…then I read the posts from her fans that are so vapid that I want her to lose in a landslide. To say I’m horny cuz I love Phillip’s voice is hysterical, my husband thinks so too!  And I’m under 30 and over 20 doll, so you got it all wrong which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

      • No absolutely not…I honest to God try not to dislike her so much.  She makes it so easy..sorry…I don’t make excuses.  Phillip is the one I hope wins.  Although JS annoys the shit out of me, time is on her side and her fans do adore her so that’s it with a bow on top.

    • Sad but true, racism doesn’t mean white against others, it can also mean others against whites, or black against Hispanic, hispanic against blacks, etc. the results might have been totally different, with a diffrent final 3 and final 2, by now we all know it is Jessica and Phillip, if people voted for who did the best that night instead of who their fasvorite is- for whatever reason. Leave race, gender, or looks out of it and vote for the best singer!

    • seriously BB_Chez.. you really going to go there? Why don’t you just root for who you want & keep the hate to yourself..pathetic.

    • Joshua may just fool everyone.  The kid can perform, there is no doubt about it.  Sometimes he overdoes it a bit, but I think that comes from within, he’s not playing.   I truly want Phillip 2 win, but if it’s not him, I wouldn’t be sad if it were Joshua.  It feels like he wants it more than the other two…like he’s trying to prove something to himself.  This can’t be easy for any of them.

  5. You didn’t quite make it clear Matt. Who is your pick to go home tonight? 

    This is the move that counts the most. Who ever goes home tonight will be the deciding factor in who wins. Next week’s performances wont even matter. They should just skip them and go ahead and let people vote.

    • Hmmm, Matt said:   “Joshua Ledet is your prediction for tonight’s elimination and I’d have to agree with you all.”

      • Taymaro, if Matt agrees with our pick, then that makes it his pick, as well.  So, Joshua…doesn’t seem complicated to me.

      • Taymaro, if Matt agrees with our pick, then that makes it his pick, as well.  So, Joshua…doesn’t seem complicated to me.

    • Hmmm, Matt said:   “Joshua Ledet is your prediction for tonight’s elimination and I’d have to agree with you all.”

    • Sure I did. Third paragraph from the bottom I wrote, “Joshua Ledet is your prediction for tonight’s elimination and I’d have to agree with you all.”

      The voters say it’ll be Joshua and I agree. I also noted that I expect Jessica and Phillip to be safe.

      Yeah, I doubt things will change much next week from tonight’s first and second placings.

      • LOL, I know. I was just trying to be facetious.

        You don’t think that who ever goes home will affect the vote distribution next week? 

        I personally think that everything is riding on tonights elimination unless of course it’s Phillip who goes home. At that point I think it could be a toss up next week. 

      • LOL, I know. I was just trying to be facetious.

        You don’t think that who ever goes home will affect the vote distribution next week? 

        I personally think that everything is riding on tonights elimination unless of course it’s Phillip who goes home. At that point I think it could be a toss up next week. 

    • Sure I did. Third paragraph from the bottom I wrote, “Joshua Ledet is your prediction for tonight’s elimination and I’d have to agree with you all.”

      The voters say it’ll be Joshua and I agree. I also noted that I expect Jessica and Phillip to be safe.

      Yeah, I doubt things will change much next week from tonight’s first and second placings.

    •  Hi Taymaro,

      Matthew did say that if we say it is Joshua then he will agree.  But let me suggest this.  Why not eliminate them all tonight since none of them did a good job last night then recall 2 eliminated singers from the pack and put them in finals instead.  That will make everybody’s heads spin like Linda Blair’s head on “The Exorcist”.  Talk about chaos, LOL

      Just saying…………………………..

      • Which two would you bring back Ed?

        I would bring back ….hmmmmm: Elise and Skylar

        We’ve got to leave DeAndre out to draw more people to the tour events to see him again. He left at just the right time to leave people thirsty for more and to sell more tickets.

      • I don’t understand your remarks. I was talking about this year’s contestants.

        What do you mean mesmerize? I’m really confused 😕

      • You see what they post to advertise the tour. They know who is going to sell the most tickets. Funny it’s your favorite and my favorite Ed.

      •  Hi Taymaro,

        Just for fun, yeah I will bring back Elise and Haley for sure, but
        “this is american idol” so I will shut up and just  watch tonight’s show and enjoy the whole thing.  Besides Adam Lambert is performing tonight.  Enjoy it my friend.  By the way I do like the way you mesmerize some of the bloggers here ,  ha ha ha ha keep up the good work.

      •  Hi Taymaro,

        It is a compliment, for lack of better words.  What I meant is I like the way you handle yourself here in responding to other  bloggers,  That’s all.   LOL

        And regarding bringing back singers,  it is just a foolish suggestion of mine that will never happen so I might as well choose singers I did like in the past.

        Who do you think is going home tonight?

      • I am thinking Phillip is going home. I really do think that AI is desperate for an all minority and a co-ed finale. 

        I don’t think it has anything to do with the votes to be honest. 

        I am prepared to be wrong. I have been wrong so many times this season already and I am not ashamed to come back and say it after the fact. So let me just go ahead and say to make myself a total ass to complete the whole effect. I don’t think it was a coincidence that Phillip sang “We’ve Got Tonight” as his last performance. 

        As someone else pointed out, it doesn’t matter at this point who wins and they have to sell tour tickets. I think as each contestant this year has peaked in popularity they have kept certain ones for ratings and let others go to drive ticket sales. I think maybe it’s Phillip’s turn to sell some tickets.

        Now watch me be totally wrong on this one as well.

    •  Hi Taymaro,

      Matthew did say that if we say it is Joshua then he will agree.  But let me suggest this.  Why not eliminate them all tonight since none of them did a good job last night then recall 2 eliminated singers from the pack and put them in finals instead.  That will make everybody’s heads spin like Linda Blair’s head on “The Exorcist”.  Talk about chaos, LOL

      Just saying…………………………..

  6. Everyone has different taste in music.   So… stylistically I can see people commenting on why they won’t vote for someone due to it not being their taste, etc.    But to lambaste people who are so willing to put themselves despite intense pressure, weekly reviews in front of all of America,etc..  is just crappy.     It’s so easy to sit behind a keyboard and judge the hell out of someone.   Support  people who are brave enough to share their gifts/show their vulnerable sides and  then share some of your own gifts.    They all have shown tremendous resolve and dedication! 

  7. i’ll go for jessica sanchez, shes the bomb.. i so love her voice.. and she’s down to earth.. i met her and she’s really nice.. she deserves to win. please lets support her.

  8. I agree with you, Matthew.  However, I experienced problems voting last night, so who knows what might happen with the actual vote.  Although I was super careful after the first time this glitch happened, I still ended up getting a recording thanking me for my vote for Contestant #2.  Problem is, I voted for Contestant #3.  More inexplicably, this happened again, even after I got a correct recording, then REDIALED (so obviously should have been for #3 again), but got the recording saying I had just voted for #2!  I stopped voting by phone, as I really did not want to risk voting for #2 again in error.  Wonder how many times this happened to others?  Are our votes really going to our intended contestants?  Hopefully the fact I stopped voting via phone much sooner than I otherwise would have did not cost Phillip.  I only got 100 votes in between the 50 online votes and 50 texts.  The handful of correct votes via phone were offset by the incorrect ones…

    • I have always texted my votes. The text I got back always indicated the right contestant that I had vote for.

    • This happened to me also but went to #1….this is after the recording said#3….hit redial and it went back to#3….something fishy…hope it went the other way also.

      • But it did get no answer or even a busy signal at times.  I hope these votes weren’t going to the wrong person.

    • Maybe you weren’t dialing the right number.  I voted for bothof the contestants you mentioned and I never got that kind of error–maybe you got the numbers wrong-there were 3 numbers that you could dial. 

  9. I personally don’t like jessica at all! She’s really nothing different pr special. I’m going to be devestated if phillip goes home. They all have talent but phillip is the main star I think. Besides does it really matter what the judges think? America is voting…not the judges.

    • I truly don’t think the judges want our P2 to win, wbwg, blah blah, but he killed it last night whether those golden oldies thought so or not.  With that being said, if Phillip doesn’t make it through, he can take it and so can you.  We can still listen to his music and that is awesome!

  10. I personally don’t like jessica at all! She’s really nothing different pr special. I’m going to be devestated if phillip goes home. They all have talent but phillip is the main star I think. Besides does it really matter what the judges think? America is voting…not the judges.

  11. Although the winner and second place talent receive a Ford…and the first place gets “a record contract”…what else does the American Idol winner receive? How much in cash and prizes? I have been watching for 11 years and have never heard them ouline all they receive. Can you enlighten us? Thanks! Dave McCree, North Little Rock, AR

    • According to several sources, all 12 finalist at least make 6 figure incomes because of the AI tour. After that, it depends on how they do in the biz. That’s why really winning AI isn’t that important.

  12. Although the winner and second place talent receive a Ford…and the first place gets “a record contract”…what else does the American Idol winner receive? How much in cash and prizes? I have been watching for 11 years and have never heard them ouline all they receive. Can you enlighten us? Thanks! Dave McCree, North Little Rock, AR

  13. Great article–opinions are well supported with facts.  Kudos to Matthew.
    Joshua’s fan base may not be as wide as P2 or Jessica’s, but the judges love him and they will surely give him perfect or near-perfect score.  Jessica did not perform her best last time in my opinion, so  I’m still worried that JS will be voted off tonight.  I hope not, or I’m done watching AI for this season.  I hope Phillip will win if Jessica’s out.

    • The judges don’t give scores. Are you thinking of Dancing With The Stars? Idol goes all on the public voting.

      • Yeah sure they do (sarcasm)…read the disclaimers on the website. Basically, they reserve the right to adjust the votes and the results as they see fit.

        If they truly went by the votes for results, they would be classified by the FCC as a game show and be required to hire accounts to audit the voting results and verify them. That is why they don’t do that, they don’t need to. Ever watch the Oscars, they always introduce the accounting firm that certifies the votes. AI doesn’t do that because of their disclaimer that the votes don’t generate the results; the producers decisions do.

        Sorry, it’s the truth. I’m sure they look at what the votes are…but I’m sure lots of other things go into the decision as well.

      • I find that hard to believe. There is no way Taylor Hicks or Lee DeWyze would have won then.

    •  I think you are correct…because the AI producers make the final call and they have been pimping Joshua way too hard all season to let him go home now. So that leaves Jess or P2. If the international cheat votes are disallowed, I think Jess is gone, if they don’t filter out the cheat votes, P2 is gone.
      All of them will be fine except the winner of AI who will be tied up as long as 3 years…I think would be bad for P2’s career, maybe good for Joshua. Jess just needs time to mature.

      • How many times do I need to tell you that the international votes are screened and blocked–don’t make those impertinent remarks, please.
         Jessica is my favorite but at this point, I think they all earned it to be in the top 3 and whoever wins is just lucky enough to  be selected by A1–I agree that the votes don’t count  as soon as they get to the final 3–it’s who A1  wants to be..and it is your Philip, James so just relax.

  14. Great article–opinions are well supported with facts.  Kudos to Matthew.
    Joshua’s fan base may not be as wide as P2 or Jessica’s, but the judges love him and they will surely give him perfect or near-perfect score.  Jessica did not perform her best last time in my opinion, so  I’m still worried that JS will be voted off tonight.  I hope not, or I’m done watching AI for this season.  I hope Phillip will win if Jessica’s out.

  15. I don’t see the poll here.  Does anyone know of any other polls on the web?

  16. Last night I was disappointed in Joshua song selection. I believe the judges and Jimmjy missed the mark.  Joshua is certainly the most professional and will do doubt receive a contract regardless if he goes home tonight. After downloading and listening numerous times to his other performances I know that I will continue to support him when his new album is released.  I am very proud of all of the talent and the whole production team. Thanks for a great, great season. You’ve given all of us something to look forward to this Spring.

    • I agree with you Dave. I have been a big Joshua fan all season and I was also disappointed by last nights songs. After last week I was expecting more, especially to make it into the finale. But we’ll see! hoping for the best 

  17. I was just out looking at other polls. It could be Jessica going tonight. You have to take at least 25 percent of her votes out of the mix since they are from over-seas and don’t matter. Actually..on this site, you would have to take more than half!

    • All of the poles and newspaper articles strongly suggest her popularity and chances of winning.  This is why I’m prepared to accept P2’s defea in fact it happens.  Trying 2 b optimistic that whoever wins is suppose 2 win and that all three will excel in their careers.

      • I know right.  I’m trying to do 20 things at once and obviously am not succeeding!  

      • I agree, essa.  And same here even if  Jessica leading on the poll,   we don’t know how many people are actually voting on this site (could be that only  50% of the people who actually vote. )  So I still think it can go in any direction.  I’ll be disappointed but it’s okay–i just want the top 3 tomake it big in their careers–they all deserve it. 

  18. Hot News Flash

    A friend of mine that works at AI says the scoop that will be released after AI crowning is:

    All new judges next year with the following folks currently in talks:

    #1-A Jonas Brother

    #2-Miley Cyrus and Raven-Symoné

    #3-Leaving the heavy weight:
           Will Smith, the only real musician/comedian and
            soon to be the Fresh Prince of American Idol.

    I hope she knows what she is talking about, would love to see Will Smith on AI as a judge. I think he would be funny, and take the music serious and can see him…talking blunt and serious to contestants. I don’t see him saying…”just beautiful” …or “goosies”…or “DAWG”..well maybe “DAWG” or something like it.

    And Jimmy stays.

    • whatttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!Miley Cyrus as a JUDGE???????Jonas brothers as a JUDGE?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!r u kidding??!!!!!!i think it is NOT disney ‘s music video!!!!oo lets have justing biber and salena too!!!!!!
      o my GOD if this happens i will NOT watch American Idol for ever!!!
      and X factor is kidding itself by Demi lavato as a JUDGE!!!!!!!!
      whats with people these days!!!!

      •  it is awkward enough when they play 17 years old Scotty’s song as a goodbye video and he says u will be bigger and….!!!Ooo my God that is terrible!!!remember season 9 and 10 ‘s goodbye songs!
        every results shows when that scottys song plays im like a shame!!!cause he is 16-17 and its like he is preaching somone who is older than him!!!!it really is bad choice

    •  Hi James,

      How reliable is this info?  It would be nice nice to see Will Smith,
      to replace Randy I am guessing?? Time will tell.  Thanks for  the info.

    • @twitter-570711058:disqus You are so full of s**t, I don’t know why you don’t go lay down in a garden.  You’d make great fertilizer.

  19. Jessica SUX!!! Get her off the stage with those narley teeth and boney body. No showmanship. Pure mimicker!!!

    • She is 16, her bones will fill out and her teeth can be fixed.  Not a fan of her at all, but she is a kid and her looks, trust me, will get better in time…shouldn’t even matter but in our society it does unfortunately.

      • Her teeth should have been fixed when she was 11, but her mother wanted her on America’s Got Talent instead.  Her dad is military, so the insurance would have paid for braces.

    • just read the playboy magazine and stop criticizing jessica if you wanna see sexy body

    • Oh poor you–is that how bad you hate her—well maybe you should also look at yourself.  You’ll feel better especially if you are good looking (lol).

  20. The problem with Joshua is that every song he performs sounds the same.  Last night when he sang “Imagine”, I believed I was finally going to hear a song that sounded differn’t.  But he couldn’t pull it off, he had to let out one of those squelly shrilly screams that he has to include in every song.  I am sorry to say Joshua probably won’t have much of a career,  very few performers last long when they can’t sing anything that you can relax to.  Most performers who last along time sing music that adults like to relax with.   

    • are you kidding? Phil is the one that sounds the same.. Joshua has done so many diff things!

      • I certainly won’t disagree with your comment.  The judges have all said that this years contestants are the best ever.  Humbug!  Every song that every contestant has sang all year has sounded the same from week to week.  I think that this years contestants have been some of the poorest in the history of AI.

  21. O GOD i thought this weeks show night was gonna be awesome but it was NOT at all!!!!we didnt have any OO my GOD performance !!!! just a little Jessica in the begeining of mariah carey’s song and a little philip s on last round!! they were all like i dont know they seemed they had a lot thinkings in their mind they seemed they were not there !!
    but O my GOD this Jessica when she sings its like u r in another worLd

  22. I know who I would love to c in the finale but I don’t think it will happen but there’s no way of knowing who the final two will b without just watching the show when it comes on me personally I would love to c Joshua and skyler in the final two but since skyler is no longer in the compensation I would love to c Jessica and Joshua in the final two I don’t understand why pepole go so nuts over Phillip he is my least favorite out of the 3 that r still there

    • PP is the more talented of the remaining 3 and I would actually go out and buy his music. 

    • Just hope for the best but if not it’s okay, she’ll get a contract and you’ll have the opportunity to listen to her voice again.  She does not have to win to make it big.

  23. Joshua should win American idol. He is in a league of his own. What polls are u refering to…

  24. Stop arguing and wait for the result! Top 3 contestants are already winners…

  25. If joshua goes home tonight then jlo and randy will cry that’s for sure…

  26. Phillip Phillips….by far the best overall and most appealing artist on the show

    • Good luck to the 3 contestants.   I hope my favorite will be in the top 2 but I am prepared to accept defeat if not.  PEACE TO ALL!!!

  27. how reliable were the poll votes if I may ask? As I was hoping BBChez to be safe for today’s elimination…

  28. Phil Phillips is going home TONIGHT!
    He has been off key and his facial expressions are traditional Halloween Gear!

  29. You are correct that JS would make the top two based on our poll, but your math is incorrect.  The correct answer, if you assume 50% of the poll votes for JS are non-US, is that JS earned 42%, PP 38% and JL 20% of the total remaining poll votes.  You have to apply each contestant’s percentage as reported, to the inflated total # of votes, and then work with the numbers, not percentages, after eliminating the inflated votes from both JSs number of votes and from the total number of votes to calculate the new percentages.  The 50% inflation factor, of course, is just a guess, so in reality it could be more or less, but at least it is illustrative of the impact it has on everyone’s percentages.

  30. One of the boys will go home tonight, and it is most likely Joshua.

    P2 and Jessica will be the Final 2.

    Who will win? Ask Steven Tyler

    • As if Steven gets to decide…fortunately it is the fans who vote, so Phillip will win. 

  31. My  Final  prediction the top-2 will be 

      “JESSICA  & PHILIP” bye  bye JOSHUA….. i’m very confident! 100% this would be the  result! 

  32. if jessica goes home tonight… i’m so done watching this show… i stopped watching since season 8 and tuned in just because of jessica…

    • Season 8 Was the best season of all the seasons even if they did pick the wgwg  instead of the true singing  star  . I think events since then have borne that out. Do you remeber when Simon told Adam  ” we have been looking for a world wide star and I believe we have found you  ?” Of course everyone knows the voting that season was not on singing ability in the final. Too Bad..well we can see the World Star tonite !!! ( WG but no guitar…)

  33. jessica indeed!! enough with WGWG..they had their time for the past 3 or 4 seasons; a girl winner will have to break that chain and she deserves it anyway …Jessica for the final two!!

  34. Jessica has a voice way beyond her years, but I think that may be a problem for her.  The songs that match her voice are too mature for her, so I think it will be difficult to find songs that people her age can relate to that really show her talents. 
    Joshua is the complete package.  He has a wonderful voice, and he is quite an entertainer.  I look forward to his songs.
    Phillip finally sang a song last night. He did a wonderful job with Bob Seger’s We’ve Got Tonight.  Beautiful.   The only problem is, that’s the only song where he has shown such melody.  Typically, it’s repetitive and strained.
    Of the 3 remaining, I hope Joshua wins.

    • I agree with idolwatcher. Jessica has a lovely voice but she isn’t an entertainer yet. When I watch her I see a little girl singing women’s songs. I think she has the talent to be successful but a few years and some performance skills will help her. Phillip is talented, not my style, but talented. He might benefit more by losing. Winners tend to crank out albums quickly and his record would be better if he can take his time and carefully craft his songs. Like the judges, I’m a Joshua fan. He already is a decent performer and I think he’d benefit most from idol groomers. 


    • it is suppose to be american idol.  don’t you think it would make sense to allow america to vote? i think people have figured a work around and thats why jessica is still here.

    • This is American Idol, not Miss Universe where I can use my USA, Hongkong and Thailand phone numbers to vote for a contestant. Non-USA phone users will be blocked. Trust me.

  36. Oh come on the rabbit is already been out of the hat Jessica step aside and be a big brave latino gal, and admit it Phillip Phillips is the best or he wouldn’t have been this close to the finale.

  37. Absolutely none of them are amazing and I promise you that neither one of them will go on to have a lasting top level career. The majority of Idol winners and runners up have their 15 minutes of fame, make a decent pay day on the Idol tour and fade away. The winner will be given one year of love and publicity and after that hang on for dear life in the hope that they will be paid peanuts to support a major act on tour and find a good Manager willing to invest further time on their career. Enjoy the show but don’t fall for the hype there are far more losers than winners in the history of this series. Success rate pretty paltry.

    • i think they all make a little money, maybe not millions, but they milk it for quite some time.  the publicity is worth it.  even people who only make it to hollywood get gigs in their hometowns that they never would get otherwise.  i think you need to define success.  it would be better to make 100k a year doing what they love than making $9 an hr at walmart wishing they had gone to the tryouts.  i bet the top 20 will make close to 100k this year.  and a few much more for years to come.

    •  Hi Debbie,

      You must also belong to the same music industry, well are you?
      I know for a fact that there are hundreds of great singers and artists
      unemployed as we speak.  Some of them are playing small cafes and
      one night stands in middle America.  They are cooks, waitresses, factory workers but with degrees as long as Steven’s Hair.

      All of them are wonderful singers and artists.  What I am trying to say is an opportunity like these comes only once in a blue moon. They should and would enjoy the ride as long as they can and who knows a few of them will be succesful, but nothing last.

      We lost another artist – Donna Summer !  🙁

      just saying…………………………………………

  38. I like all three finalists but I don’t quite know what audience Jessica will draw. She is (a very young) 16 who sings really well but her songs are definitely aimed at an older audience. Joshua is unbelievably talented and I love his heart. Philip seems to be the one who is ready for his audience  and so sure of who he is. Who knows! Best to all.

  39. joshua or philipp will be gone tonight,,,,is the same all style,,to me nothing really exciting,,,,,and besides you don’t want another guy to win it….

  40. Oh! i am totally awed at how much Phillip Phillips sounded like Adam Levine in Maroon 5.  He is the only one in the competition besides Holly that really sing from the heart, and with all their true feelings.

    American Idol is becoming so predictable. This may be my last year watching American Idol. If  Phillip Phillips wins then i’m an American Idol fan forever.

    Please take a look and listen to Phillips and how sweet and with heart he sings. He’s definitely a heartland man with a heart of a voice.

  41. Joshua Ledet all the way!!! He pours his heart and soul into every song. He is a great singer and performer. Phillip is a great preformer and makes every song his own. It will be a Joshua and Phillip finale.

  42. Agree with your comments Matt.  Jessica and P2 finale, the win, not sure.  Either way the top 3/5  will have great careers.  Not sure if Jessica is not ready for concert yet, but her music will sell, she is extremely talented.  I think with some maturity she could be huge. 

  43. Using that poll as a prediction for who’s getting the boot tonight, well it’s not very reliable to say the least. Despite all the support Jess gets here, mainly people from outside the US, she was the least successful lastnight, and therefor should be the one leaving tonight. Regaurdless of the outcome, they all have long careers and a bright future ahead of them. Josh to the finals !

  44. phillip phillips or Joshua to win Jessica amazing but not individual like the boys x thats from a scottish point of few

  45. I voted for Phil last night, but i could not get thru for the first 30 mins at all on my cell phone and only a few times on my landline.  so did not get too many votes in.  I didn’t dial constantly, i am not a power voter nor a big voter, but i never experienced that before.  did other voters have issues last night?  and who were you voting for? 

    • I voted for a straight hour on the landline.  It was busy a few times, I only tried one number.  I have never voted like that before.   I am sure he will be in the final.

    • Hi Mary.  Copying my earlier post re problems voting.  Hope it wasn’t just Phillip’s lines with the problem…
      I experienced problems voting last night, so who knows what might happen with the actual vote.  Although I was super careful after the first time this glitch happened, I still ended up getting a recording thanking me for my vote for Contestant #2.  Problem is, I voted for Contestant #3.  More inexplicably, this happened again, even after I got a correct recording, then REDIALED (so obviously should have been for #3 again), but got the recording saying I had just voted for #2!  I stopped voting by phone, as I really did not want to risk voting for #2 again in error.  Wonder how many times this happened to others?  Are our votes really going to our intended contestants?  Hopefully the fact I stopped voting via phone much sooner than I otherwise would have did not cost Phillip.  I only got 100 votes in between the 50 online votes and 50 texts.  The handful of correct votes via phone were offset by the incorrect ones…

      • not good ruut.  i hope it was isolated.  i never listen to the message much.  i hope all my votes went to him. 

      • This is where the conspiracy theory comes into play.  I didn’t vote last night, but did last wk and had no trouble.  Rumers have been flying about axing P2, maybe this was their way to do it.  We’ll see.

      • I voted for a solid hour for P2, busy a couple of times but it was always correct.  I am on West Coast time, might have made a difference.  I think the West Coast (California) probably went for Jessica because she is from San Diego (Chula Vista).

  46. Win, lose or draw, Phillip Phillips is my AI this year.   Every season I hope there is at least one person to get me through the winter.  This year Phillip did that and more.  Love his voice, style and sweetness.  I almost didn’t watch last night, my favorite generally doesn’t win, i.e. Adam Lambert, but…so glad I was entertained.  Whatever happens tonight happens, but I’m glad P2 stayed true to himself and entertained at least one person, that being me!

    • I feel the same way, I was a Hollie fan and when she left P2 was my choice.  He performed beautifully last night and I will purchase his music/see him in concert.  He and Joshua would both be amazing in a concert.  Jessica does not have the stage presence yet, but I do believe with maturity she will also do well.

  47. it seems that phillip miss a key when singing, his voice does not carry the song out like it should be, i still do not understand how he has gone this far. it be down to jessia and joshua

  48. enough of the “white boy with guitar” streak of winners.  there has not been a woman to win since Jennifer Hudson and that was so long ago we can’t even remember all the ones who came after. Has there ever been a Latino/a winner?  Jessica has sung the song that made Jennifer Hudson famous on Broadway and nailed it. She sang MJ and nailed it.  She sang Steven Tyler and nailed it. She could probably do Celine and Whitney and nail them too.  Girl it is your time and I hope America hands you what you deserve!

    • that is very disrespectful to women and men.  people vote who they like and your assumption about gender and race is an insult. 

    • and you are almost right, jessica could probably do Celine and Whitney impersonations almost as good as the original…thats the problem, she dresses up like an adult and mimics what she has seen.  she needs time and experience and maybe she can play an adult on tv.  she needs to be a kid not in evening gowns pretending she is 40.  its rather silly really.  Phil is for real.

      • I’d rather see Jessica dress in gowns than dress like Nicki M. who should dress appropriately in family shows like Idol.

      • singing is your interpretation of the lyrics put to music each singer has their own rendition of the song all of us have to use wisdom in our critic recognizing we have different taste its not a matter of being more real than the next person its is how the contestant wanted to perform the song chosen good or bad   

      • I’m sorry!  Have any of you been at a high school lately and seen some of what the girls are wearing.  Not much different (if not worse) than what Jessica’s wearing.  The way some of you people attack every little thing is annoying.

    • Jordin Sparks won Idol      Jennifer Hudson did not. She probably should have but did not,  Also liked Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry, Clay Aiken  not winners eith er. However they are having excellent careers. You really do not have to win; you have to be a star like Adam(can anyone say Lee Dewyze, Taylor Hicks Ruben Stodard   ETC )

    • I have been reading through all of the posts today and noticed one thing that many (not all) of Jessica’s fans have in common.    If you do not think she is God’s gift to the music industry then you must be a racist or a hater.  If we do not like her music then we are racists, haters, etc.   I would not purchase her music, that does not mean I do not think she is talented.  Just not my taste.  It also does not mean that I do not like her, I don’t know her.  I think Jessica would be very embarrassed if she read what some of her fan say. 

  49. Personally I love Joshua’s old soul music. They are all talented. I will say however I would not buy Jessica or Phillips albums, but win or lose if Joshua puts out an album I will.

  50. Jessica is nothing more then a Jenifer Hudson rip off. She copies every move she makes. She is out tonight!

  51. Phillip was the only one of the 3 contestants that showed humility and got emotional during the home town visits.

  52. Philip needs to win this..I voted for him nonstop for a while and got busy signals but still go through quite a few times. 

  53. Carrie Underwood was no performer either when she was on american idol! She was just the pretty girl with a great voice, and look at her now! SHE PERFORMS!!! The same can happen with Jessica- she is still young and can learn all of that. Joshua is great but he needs to stop with the screaming! Its annoying! Phillip- just a pretty face! Except when he sings and makes those weird gestures!
    Jessica for the win!! I am rooting for our chula vista girl!

    • Carriew Underwood was quite a bit older the Jessica and besides being very talented she is beautiful.   If you thinks looks do not count in this industry you are wrong…P2 is very talented and very good looking, he has that appeal with the women.  And women vote for good looking men.

      • Looks are so important.  I wouldn’t go to a worm wrestle to see Justin Bieber, but the girls think he is cute.  It’s the whole package that counts.

  54. She performed well but the song choices sucks specially the one chosen by jennifer and jimmy. I also do not understand why she chose to sing aerosmith’s song. I’d rather she selected songs from power singers like celine and etc…… The songs that PPhillip sang last night was not exciting and I don’t understand why the judges had to give him a standing ovation on his third song. It was not that good at all.

  55. first of all!!!! THE TOP 3 are great!!! but JESSICA WILL WIN!!!!u know why?  its her time everybody has there time to shine.and no matter what we cant stop it!!!!! u go girl!!!!!

  56. Did you see Jessica sing “I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” last week? She killed that song and JLo is right..we dont come across voices like Jessica’s too often.

  57. Ok all of them are winner. Each and everyone are talented. I’m voting for Jessica coz the music industry in this generation are R&B, Hip Hop, ballad. And for me I can see her bring AI proud. It’s just too bad that AI has this theme and song list to choose from. I think.

    If she gets eliminated tonight I’m going for Phillip for the win. I think Jessica fans will go and vote for Phillip instead of Joshua. I like Joshua but I can only listen to half of his song, coz he has a good voice but for some reason when it gets to the middle of it, it start irritating don’t know what it is.

  58. Joshua should go tonight. I thought he screamed way too much last night and I would have rather heard Jessica sing “I’d Rather Be Blind.”  

  59. Hollie joined American idol to find boyfriend. She fancy Joshua ledet. Denial denial that they are not dating.

    • Don’t be so ridiculous. She auditioned to get an opening in the music business and got to the top 4. A young lady with her looks and class doesn’t need to join a reality show to find a boyfriend. 

    • I totally agree with  Pythagoras475, totally ridiculous statement.  That being said, so what if they are dating, is that any of your business.  Jealous much?

  60. It’s the screaming that’s irritating in Josh’s songs. He is a great singer but needs to hit the high notes clearly and not screech. 

  61. right after Whitney passed away.. Jessica’s version of I will always love you made us all cry!! She has an amazing voice.. plus Joshua’s version of It’s a Man’s World.. it was great. Philip just has that old boy charm and unique voice that gets down deep to your soul. I like fact I like all 3 and hope they have excellent careers regardless of what happens tonight, or next week. Here’s hoping the music industry uses these shows to pick their next talents. I especially like how the contestants bonded this season.. they get genuinely touched when their friend’s get eliminated. Can’t wait to see what happens tonight ! 🙂 

  62. It seems that the author’s steel-like heart with Jessica is now soft as a cotton?? hmmm just a thought

  63. I think Jessica’s week at the bottom/over dramatic save was a total set up… they wanted to use their save, and they staged that… otherwise she’d have shown up in the bottom 3 again at some point, like all the other years they’ve saved someone… and if you don’t think Phillip has a voice, then you just don’t care for that sound/type of music… I LOVE his voice… so different… yes Jessica and Joshua can sing, no doubt…but it’s not the type of music I would buy… and I’m 57 years old…this isn’t about the “cute white guy with a guitar” for me… it’s that sound, that crazy thing he does to a song, it’s everything… but everyone has different taste in music… 

    • I agree, when he sang his last song last night I was hooked, he does amazing things with music.  That being said…him being so cute does not hurt him. 

  64. I hope Jessica goes to the Finale….. If not, hope Joshua wins over Phillip2…Joshua deserves to win.

  65. My final analysis…..Jess is going home tonight. Sorry Jess fans, you don’t think I was a Jess supporter but I was. I think it will be good for her career in the long run, she needs some time to mature.

  66. Jessica was basically screwed last night by both the Judges and Jimmy with respect to song choice.  JLO, I love you but come on…you wouldn’t be able to sing that song, not even Mariah can probably sing it any more.  So many song choices that she could have been given to slay.  She wasnt given choices  like the choices her two worthy oponents were spoon fed.  Jessica has a gift from God, is a star already and deserves to be in the finale.

    •  I agree with you….. The songs given to her sucks…….Well that’s American Idol…..beginning to hate this show!

  67. Philip Philips should go home tonight. 
    He’s a good singer but I do not like the songs he sings.

  68. I would like to see Jessica and Phillip in the finale.  Not to say that Joshua can not sing, he is a great singer with great vocals but I can’t relate to his style.  He tends to scream and I think every song he sings comes out sounding like as if he is singing a gospel song.  Jessica I think can be the most versatile singer:  pop, r&b, hip hop duets, soul, blues….
    Phillip has a more laid back vibe and I think his music will hit a large audience of people.  I think Jessica overall has a lot to give and a lot more to show….  

  69. Jessica’s voice  quality reminds me she can be trainedto produce beautiful songs like Whitney, Mariah, she is still very young and has so much potential, Joshua is so many Superstars rolled into one name the song he is so readyOMG so is Jessica on certain songs big ballads I hung on each note they both have whats been missing of late. I so miss Michael, Whitney, Luther, you fe couldnt get through day withouthearing  their music. Phillip reminds me of so many singer song writers I wasgoing to hear at clubs and concerts also

  70. I find it funny that Jessica is still around after all america voted her out, and if the judges hadn’t saved her she would be long gone. Then they could of used that save on Colton who left way to soon, I love Phillip and I hope he makes it into the finales he’s awesome and deserves to be there. Don’t like  Joshua either not saying he’s a bad singer, just not my genre of music. As for last night I’m sorry but Jessica is no Mariah Carey she murdered that song, I  had to mute my tv. Phillip for the win, love him.

    • wow u sure are a Jess ica hater. I mean, listen, these 3 kids are wonderful in their own way. Who gives you the right to say that Jessica murdered the song. On the contrary, she did not …..she slayed it. She can sing any Mariah or Whitney or even Celine Dion. So, pls do not make sweeping statements. U do not like Jessica or Joshua. You love P2. We get it but dont put the other 2 down pls

  71. if Phillip wins he will be a singer and will conquer the mainstream cos he has the charisma and the angst of an artist many people will like him… If Joshua wins, he’ll more likely to become a broadway artist, in terms of making it mainstream, don’t think he has the making, i mean no offense but reality check no one (or maybe few) of his caliber make it… if Jessica wins, she’ll make it, both mainstream and hollywood.. she has the package of a diva and an actress just like Beyonce, J-lo etc… 

    They are all deserving to win, all are very much deserving to get the coveted title and the bragging rights to be called American Idol! however we must face the fact that only one will take it all, whoever that person is goodluck! So people vote for your Idol!

      • is she not?!?! come on!!! and beauty is not the only gauge here… Jessica is current.. she’s young and talented…

      • i cannot believe you just said that. Jessica is beautiful in her own right. Besides beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

      • Vy:  Well believe it, you are right beauty is in the eye of the beholder, she is not beautiful, she is not even cute.  That is my opinion and I am sticking to it!!!!!  Never said she is not talented, but certainly nothing to look at.

  72. I also like Joshua and Jessica. 

    They both have a style that is appealing.  
    I would be happy if either would win !!

  73. I think Jessica Sanchez will win the title because she has been consistent throughout the competition and obviously she is incredibly talented.

    • If more of the voting public have the same thought as you are then that’s a possibility. Otherwise, she has already a career outside Idol.

  74. I hope in the next season of AI, America can also vote to evict a judge whom they think is unworthy and totally useless. That way, they would be able to make a meritorious judgment and not just “Over the top”, “I got goosies” and “You’re in it to win it” comments.

  75. Pulling for Phillip, I voted so many times that is when I could get through all his lines were busy.

  76. If Phillip goes home tonight at least I won’t have to watch AI anymore, cuz after that I really don’t care who wins why waste my dvr space.

    • Whether he wins or not, P2 is all ready for the world. Don’t stress yourself too much. This is now a battle of fan/fantard votes. Sad but true.

      •  That’s true and I have no doubts that Phillip will have a contract after this show, and I look forward to getting to buy his CD.

      • Count me in. As for the finale, I would like to see a P2-Jessica match. I like Jessica the same way I like P2. I would definitely buy their produce.

    • sorry but that’s pretty childish dont you think? I dont get my toy  I wont go to sleep…..sorry my opinion

  77. Jessica is a singer with an angelic voice. She can sing any song a tender song, rock song, rnb, etc. But this she has sore throath when they performed. So it is not a good week for her. She didnt quite gave her best.

    Phillip proved that he can sing any song even if its fast song slow song. He sing with his own style of singing. But week past he sings just the same

    Joshua sings good at first but after sometime of the song he’s over singing the song too much screaming that results to not clearly understand the lyrics.

  78. Clearly, Jessica is the BEST..
    She can sing any song and nail it..
    Yes joshua can too, but not as Jessica can.
    She is ready to dominate the music industry and top every charts..
    She’ll be big no matter what happen tonight. And that no matter means her being in the finals and her winning the finals. HAHAHAHAHA

  79. Jessica leading the votes, thanks to all the people who votes.. go go jessica your now in your way to the final…

    • Why encouraging voting if you already predicted that she’s a sure winner? Not a hater here. I just find your contradicting phrases funny. I hope she wins though. If not, P2 is also a rightful winner.

  80. Jessica is deserving to win. Please vote for her. Since Skylar and Hollie were eliminated, I have started rooting for Jessica Sanchez. Please help her and help the music industry particularly AmericanMusic Industry.

  81. if jessica goes home tonight… she’ll be fine, has a great career ahead of her.. im a blujay! dont get me wrong, i love her

  82. Phillip sounded the best he`s done in the show last night i thought he had a flat voice but put a little vibrato in there last night.Jessica should have done a whitney song to blow everyone away she is good but wrong songs for her last night.Joshua takes you to church and is the whole package he should win.Phillip close second?They will all be signed and will all make records as they are all very different singers best season of idol ever.Judges need replacing next year to freshen the show up.Randy you gotta go dawg getting old.

  83. I love the voice on Joshua Ledet. That guy can sing like no other. Jessica is good for being 16. These are the 2 for me. But I hope Joshua gets it all.

  84. Jessica has the biggest base of fans who will vote for her from the mainstream Americans to the Asians and Latinos. No wonder she got 59% of the votes. Jessica
    Is a versatile singer and not boring as what others claim here. Phillips is only looks but boring one dimensional singer. It’s Jessica for the win!

  85. One prediction site says Phillip was the BIG winner last night.  It also shows Jessica going home which I agree with too…I don’t think she is nearly as popular as the “polls” are showing for exactly the reason you said:  international voters can vote in polls, but not for the American Idol.  She is Jasmine Trias 2.0. 

  86. Phillip isn’t boring he’s amazing, and he has a very unique voice which I love I’ve downloaded all his songs from itunes.

      This has been a disappointing year for me,  I just can’t get as as invested in it as I’ve done in  past years.   Perhaps it’s the worthless judging, lack of constructive anything from them, and perhaps I’m just sick of the same ol’ same ol’ from them   Yo  dude,   It’s CarAzee!! Oh I could just, I don’t know….  God! how sickening!    I can’t stand PhiPhi,   he’s got a very interesting style,  but lacks the voice to go with it.     Jessica always seems muted in some way, like she’s missing some critical component in her performances. Or like you’re watrcing her in black and white when everything else is in color) Joshua, for as much natural talent  and singing ability he has,  is some times astounding,but, he just doesn’t seem to be able to do it consistently without taking off somewhere to  Joshualand.   It’s anybody’s game and I don’t mind that.  good luck to all of them.  

  87. Jessica Sanchez is truly the best – I’ll buy her music anytime, WOW, she deserves the top award = she is an American Idol!

  88. I agree that Joshua will be eliminated tonght.  Go go Jessica for the win!!!!

  89. Hollie is still the hottest…,she will be a good sexy pop start..,next Britney? I hope she becomes my friend..,

  90. josh needs a voice coach that will help him stop the screaming and screeching.  i really don’t enjoy his performances.  sometimes when he starts i think its going to be good, but then the screaming starts and the judges egg that on.  so i don’t blame him totally.  he needs fairer criticism.

  91. I guess everybody is entitled to thier opinion. All of them are good in thier own way but its the one that can sell records. Jesica has the capabilities to sing just like mariah, huston,but the others, you guys think they can?

    • I think she has an incredible voice.  I just think she needs some time to mature so that her stage presence can match her voice.

      • Jessica has a good voice but she lacks experience because of her age. But I fear that when Idol is over, she will be forgotten. There is nothing special about her. Joshua is a good singer but he sings like he was in the church choir. Phillip knows what he wants to do with his voice. He is really the all around package, looks, talent and charisma. He should win Idol. 

  92. Joshua is brilliant and is  100% entertainer.  He never falters and has heart.  He is humble and the best I have ever seen on Idol.  He deserves it.  Jessica is young and has a bit of an attitude.  I think she thinks she will win and does have talent but not a lot of star quality.  Philip is great in his area but thats it.  Very hot and cold although adorable.  Go Joshua, you so deserve this one.

    • What a shame!  Joshua is so amazing, one of the best voices out there. I’m still in shock what happened tonight. 

  93. The number of “hits”, in millions, in Jessica’s Utube videos is a good barometer to measure her popularity. Everybody have access to these information, we are now in Information Age.  Jessica’s fan base is well informed people.

  94. Omg..i didnt slept last night…i cant wait to know the results…please update us here in singapore…we support jessica for the win!

  95. Looks like they eliminated Jaylo, now if they could only eliminate Jimmy the baseball hat that hides a gross tattoo on a bald head, we could all be happy.

  96.  I wouldn’t go across the street to hear Jessica sing.  After hearing the Etta James song I don’t know how anyone could not love Josh – he’s terrific.  Phillip is a very good performer – plays and sings quite well – when he is in his element he’s unstoppable.  I think he’s going to take it all, but it might be Jessica with him in the finals – we’ll see!


  98. Phillip needs to when this years American idol I love the way he sounds and hes doing a very good job…..

    •  This is the reason why we work harder to make Jessica’s dream come true because of people like you. Jessica doesn’t have to pretend, she has the gift and HUMILITY will paved her way to victory.

    • He had a beautiful voice and was an excellent entertainer.  He put a lot of emotion into his songs, and it was not monotonous or painful to watch, as is the case with Phillip.  

      • Phil is easy on the eyes and ears.  Josh is not only painful on the ears he is painful to watch, the spastic feminine bouncing and skipping…not to mention how he scares the cats.

  99. hello! im Filipino but I think (without bias) that Jessica might be in danger tonight based on her last song, its quite weak for me, instead of making her younger like Jimmy wants to do, she became more older in that song because its old-fashioned.. it was corny for me im sorry..

    Joshua’s “No More Drama” was quite “out there” for me.. i want to like it but the beginning part was quite lacking of connection maybe.. his “Man’s World” is still better.. he had the best last song for me but I’m not sure if he’s going through..

    Philip’s performance for me was very cheesy but females must’ve love it… i think he’s quite out of tune but he is still very charming… i think he will be in for sure…

  100. love  her but jessica had the weakest night and was sabotaged once again by judges and jimmys picks…always some contestant in the f3 is sabotagedmga P.I na yan lumaban kayo ng patas

  101. Well, it’s now obvious the show is not about talent.  At least Joshua should have a promising career in front of him.  Now, I’m finished with the show.  I honestly don’t care who wins anymore.

  102. Philips got my vote… just not a fan of Jessica! She has a beautiful voice but that’s it… to me! My opinion!

  103. It is quite clear that Jessica can sing ANY song given to her. Phillip and Joshua cannot. Joshua screams just about every song he sings and Phillip just seems to stick with the same ole melody. Given all that, it would seem that Jessica could sell a lot more CD’s then Joshua and Phillip. But, who knows. It is up to the American People. Either way, all 3 of them will get a recording contract.

  104. Josh,,,,different songs…same sound…Phillip is a lot better than him..but jessica is the best!!!!

  105.  Go Jessica for the win! Although Phillip may be hard to topple due to his fan base, but we’ll be supporting you all the way. Friends and relatives in the US  are behind you….

  106. ahhhhhh petdoms i agree with you….others just vote what ever you want to vote but still jessica will win this competition…. 

  107. OMG…Jessica is NOT the singer…Phil I am rooting for you. I cannot believe she is still on there, America has got to be deaf! PLEASE vote for Phillip!

  108. Jessica is the best singer… Philip Philips is so boring!!!!! and Joshua screech like in slaughter house

  109. Idol wanted a female. A finale with someone whose vocals can’t compare with hers works for them.

    • I very much agree with you!!! Idol fans have been constantly complaining that the reign of the males has been way too long. And as you sooo correctly put it, Phillip can’t hold even a speck of light to Jessica’s vocals & that rightly gives them their female!!!

    • If your theory is correct, then they could not have picked a better subject than Phill Phillips.

  110. i just listened to Jessica’s studio version of My All,and Steven Tyler was right, she really does sing like an Angel…………………..

    • I agree……I listened to the Mariah Carey “official” video on YouTube, and I think that Jessica was slightly better in their studio versions.    The quality of the recording from American Idol was pretty amateurish, but Jessica’s voice was top shelf.

  111. American Idol is a popularity contest since the judges’ opinions don’t count! countvotes

  112. Very disappointed Phillip should be the one taking the walk and finale should be Jessica & joshua very sad

  113. Music is universal, it transcends race, religion or creed. Let us stop hatred and bitterness. Joshua, Philip and Jessica are already idols. Whoever wins is destined to be the “American Idol” . Just hope its Jessica !

  114. I am so angry that Jessica is there. I truly believe that Joshua should be there. He is an extraordinary singer as well as an entertainer Jessica is a baby who needs to grow up and learn to entertain the audience. The way she got there was because her daddy is in the armed forces and she used it to her advantage. This will be the last I will watch Idol. It is pathetic.

    • Her father had half the Navy there so she had to dedicate it to them, which I thought was very nice. Jessica is in the finale because she deserves to be there, has a sensational voice and is an idol, not because her father is in the Navy.

    • Hey Janedoe……you can thank the VoteForTheWorst website for eliminating Joshua.   Jessica had almost a 2 to 1 polling advantage over Phillips, so she was bound to be in the finals.  I thought that Joshua was head and shoulders above Phillips, but if you throw in millions of votes that are purposely voting for the worst, sometimes the better singer is voted off, and that sucks. 

  115. Sugey team jessica she my favorite she could sing and phili phillips cant that my option.

  116. Jessica has an amazing girl ballad voice.  However, America needs to develop a history of music genre.  Let’s face it, Rap is about violence, drugs, alcohol, and crime.  That is not working.  Our youth does not know Rock and Roll.  Folk music + acoustic+ cool kid contemporary could help bring the cyclical nature of American music culture back.  Phil Phillips has the charm, the genunine artistic talent and presentation to help our youths understand and love music and it’s history. The shift to a new genre will help them understand America’s history of music.

  117. Jessica is the best singer in the competition. Her voice is pitch perfect. She is a rare find. Her high notes are full and beautiful. At 16, recording companies will make millions of money for a long time!

  118. Joshua deserved to win everything! Thw other two are very good but Joshua really has everything. The 3rd place winner will be bigger in the future then the actual winner in my opinion. Miranda

  119.  If you’re in the Philippines and you want to vote for jessica in the
    finale. vote through skype, Voting is allowed May 23 around 1-3pm…
    (finale will be one day early as it used to be)

    • Any Skype account from the Philipines will have an international number assigned to it and it will be blocked.  I use Skype all the time to call China and it has a 1-661-xxx-xxxx prefix.  Someone from the Philippines using Skype would not have a domestic prefix of “1” or a recognizeable USA area code.

  120. I really wanted joshua to win…….Loved his voice and the way he approaches a song…….Truly old school R&B………….My Preiction to win the title Philip Philips………Jessica, as far as I’m concerned is very unemotional and to programmed…..when she sings……..No connection….Her voice has no soul…sorry

  121. Phils voice is no Match for Jessica for the Finale, Much better if Joshua vs Jessica  at the end…Im not comfi watching Phils performance, the movement and facial expression is very odd it looks like he can’t wait to go to the loo..(toilet)

  122. Jessica is so humble and can even gladly accept if she didn’t made it to the finale. Her reaction when her name was mentioned as the first one to be in the finale was priceless. She wasn’t expecting it. Show that she was okay even she didn’t make it.

    Her smile before her name was mentioned  shows how  happy and ready she was if it was either Philip or Joshua that was mentioned.

    Her accepting attitude makes it easier for me if she wouldn’t win AI. Even if Philip wins AI, I would still be proud that Jessica made it to Top 2.

  123. maybe you people cant hear how jessica in her last three songs how she was gasping for air and breathing hard in the mike almost like hejun did. i think jessica needs alot more talent than what she has to sing. she is so young she belongs in school she better gets some more book learning. i think she sucks as a singer listen to her gasping in her songs and the way she breathes its like a cow gasping for air. they let the best one go which was josuha he was the best people dont know talent when they hear it . listen to jessicas voice she sucks when she sings and breathes like a pig really people listen she dont have the talent no………………………….. no………………………… bad bad

  124. Get real people.  Philip is going to win because he has never been in the bottom.  He is truthfully the most relevant singer.  Jessica is a Beyonce wanna be and truth be told, even Beyonce can’t sing everything .  Philip is unique and a true artist.  Jessica sings songs that are way too inappropriate for a 16 year with no life experience and she dresses way too mature for her age and undeveloped body.  

    • Amen to that!   Philip will be crowned the next ‘AMERICAN IDOL” …WOO HOO

    • never been in the bottom?????  I believe that PP had to sweat it out twice with Hollie and with Joshua.  It as a 50-50 that PP was going home both times.

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