American Idol 2012: Which Finalist Will Leave The Top 6?

American Idol 2012 Top 6 elimination

We could be looking at another “shocking” elimination tonight on American Idol 2012, but then again, at this stage of the game, aren’t all the eliminations going to be of fan favorites? Anyway, someone has to go and it sure isn’t going to be Ryan Seacrest so let’s see who all of you are predicting based on your votes in this week’s Top 6 poll.

You’ll find the usual suspect leading the poll here again this week, Jessica Sanchez, but her numbers have spiked over night to 47% as the rest of the world woke up and joined in the voting here. She may have gone first and taken on a song no one should touch unless you’re in a Wayne’s World movie, but she’s still riding that elimination-vote wave so she’ll be safe this week.

Next up in the safe-zone we’ve got Skylar Laine who is currently drawing 14% of the vote for her performances last night. Skylar is the only remaining Country-themed singer and considering two performers from that category filled last season’s finale there’s obviously a market on Idol for her role. She’ll be safe and march on to the Top 5. Joining her in the no-worries category tonight should be Phillip Phillips who has 12% of the vote so far. If Phillip was splitting WGWG/P votes with Colton Dixon then that’s no longer an issue and like Skylar he now remains as the last of his niche.

That leaves us with the bottom three vote-getters in our poll based on your responses. Hollie Cavanagh with 10%, Joshua Ledet with 9%, and Elise Testone with 5%. Hollie was lucky enough to score the pimp-spot this week and that big performance as the last thing in viewers’ minds should help her enough to avoid elimination. Joshua Ledet had a strong night, but as the other singers are eliminated he’s going to start finding his back against the wall when it comes to votes. There’s nothing to scoff at when you can pull 9% of the vote here, but that’s not much consolation if he truly does wind up in the Bottom 3 tonight.

The really hot seat is likely to go to Elise Testone. Readers here have placed her in the Bottom 3 section for the past four rounds and in the lowest spot for the past two. Branden is predicting she’ll be the one to go home, you’re saying it’ll be here, and even Randy thinks Elise will be one of the next two eliminated. I’d have to agree. Tonight could be the end of the road for Elise Testone on American Idol 2012.

Who do you think will make up the Bottom 3 tonight on Idol?




  1. Another SHOCKING ELIMINATION! It will be Joshua Ledet going home. AMERICA knows/smells BS! especially when its being ORCHESTRATED by the judges and I know voters will resent that.

    • I hope it IS joshua. The way they have been shoving him down our throats is disgusting. The standing ovation has become a joke.  Actually, I’d prefer it was Jessica. Even the other contestants don’t seem to like her.

      • The other contestants won’t be liking Jessica, because she is a huge threat to them. Jessica is the best vocalist in the competition, by far.

      • you guys don’t appreciate talent. You judge people and most importantly the performers by what you see on TV screen. The videos are all edited and they show what they wanna. I might agree with Joshua going soon but Jessica is too great to be gone. If she does, she is proved to be worth more than this show, when people only vote looking at the contestants’ cuteness, hotness OR any other factor that doesn’t effect talent. Let talented people win this show for once!

      • Who told u that the contestants doesnt like jessica? Have u ever asked anyone of them? Common….dont be so immature.

      • @ OzbilEge okay..really? I like Skylar. I think she had a really good night. I think the last thing anyone is going to call her is cute.

      • @ Kayla…it was quite obvious last night from their little interview sessions.  It could just be they don’t see her as much. I’m assuming she has to be with a tutor for a lot of the time.

      •  @ Pally45 Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common

      •  Thank you for having a brain.  I like Joshua, but the judges go overboard and I’ve been turned off to him now.  And I totally with you on Jessica.  Notice how when the contestants were talking, they would say something sarcastic and laugh like they were kidding, except with Jessica.  People talk about Elise having an attitude?  Look at her face when she gets praised.  She gets this arrogant better-than-you look.  That would turn me off to even the greatest singer.

      •  Joshua is by far the best singer on there, why send him home because the judges like him?

      •  @8c4ec7481074a45031614af3bef387c6:disqus  Joshua is NOT the best singer on idol. The judges are pimping him way too much which is making me sick to my stomach. He should definitely be the contestant that should go home tonight.

      • I support all the AI hopeful and I find them all extremely talented but how can “YOU” say that the others doesn’t seem to like Jessica? Well of course it’s your perception, right??? Well how I find it, is like this: all of them are simply getting along with each other even though they got different backgroundand characteristic, they are able to mix and blend and enjoy each others company even they know they are competing with each other and hopefully those kids are not reading some of the comments here because they don’t need it at all (just plain and simple mean and judgmental!)…
        This type of comment is an example why “Jess Fans” get so obnoxious and so extremely pushy…
        Just saying

      •  @77847f54875cf281df6f142adaafe94a:disqus , If  Pally45 can’t say the others don’t seem to like her, how can YOU say they do?  That’s just your perception as well.

      • I don’t think they hate Jessica. It would be so immature if they do. However, I really do hope it will be Joshua. I don’t know why the Judges’ butt escalates a lot whenever he performs. Maybe their butt becomes itchy after Joshua screams. LOL

      • @iloveusa914
        Just what I said “my own opinion”, take it or leave it… 1 thing is for sure I know and won’t do: second guessing what the other contestants thinks because I’m not a psychic and most of all I won’t give reason(s) for Jess fans to be obnoxious especially when I know already what is better

    •  Joshua was PHENOMENAL…I saw it…I heard it…vote for the best America, and not for what you second guess going on in the judges’ minds.  All 6 are giving it their best shot at this…and I wish them all well…and hope that American voters vote with what they heard…

      • The Judges are suppose to know talent when they hear and see it but I’m ready to turn American Idol off and stick with watching the voice!! At least they know talent and are honest  when they see great talent!!! I’m so sick of week after week they slam Holly !!! Give me a break Phillip Phillips has nooo talent but the judges think he is great!! Really.Maybe to be a backup singer.Every song he sings sounds the same!!! People this is a Singing contest and you should be voting for the best singers but you are voting for how cute the guys are !!!! Really!!! Tell me who is going to go out and buy phillips CD!!! When it gets down to the top 10 new judges need to be brought in and it needs to be taken out of Americas votes!! The fans have made a joke out of American Idol and have sent home some great talent!!!!!

      • I would definitely buy Phillip’s cd. If you want a contest where the judges pick..seriously..go watch the Voice. This is called AMERICAN Idol..not Judges’ Idol.

      • I heard screams…noise…piercing to the ear. We know better than that. If he can pull it off minus the screeching yells, then he is a real talent…for. For me me that is not what America wants. America appreciates raw talent. Anyone can scream. Move around, you will see much more…

      • I love Phillip, I remember last year when people were saying the same things about Scotty and where has his music took him in such a short time to the top. I’ll buy Phillips music.

      • I think Joshua and Jessica are both screamers, Jessica being quite pitchy last night and remains thinking she is the chosen one. Do not like her demeanor and lack of personality. Holly has a voice equal to Jessica in every way other than yelling to score points from the judges. She needs to go home and finish school, act in a more pleasant manner and then come back in a couple of years and start over. Phillip rules them all. He is the total package being the best performer in the group. He does not have some of the hang ups some of the others do and seems authentic.

      • Sharonshabatelli. Hello!! HOllie is not a screamer! In all her songs she scream and most of the time miss some note! And she’s already 18,

      • Amen to that! Joshua truly is the next Sam Cook. Sam Cook was before my time, I was just a baby when he died, but he sings to me every day and Joshua has what Sam had. No question about t

  2. Has Elise escaped elimination once again? We will just have to wait and see. My bottom three still remain as Skylar, Jessica and Elise. 

    May be Elise going home. But I think Skylar is very vulnerable too, especially since Steven Tyler admitted that they were doing something to her voice to enhance it last night. But then he turned around and said that she was the one who impressed him most in the competition so far. So we will just have to wait and find out. 

    The only shocking result for me would be that P2 would be eliminated and that aint gonna happen so I doubt I will be shocked!

    • Steven Tyler did not say that the live show had been manipulated to enhance Skylar’s voice during her performance.

      • What did he say? I could have sworn he said “they’re doing something to your voice, it sounds nice and sweet and smooth” or something along those lines.

      • He said, “Everyone else always gets up there and sings dry, straight out of the box, out of the car but tonight they put a little shine on your voice and it just enhanced it right over the top.” 

        No other way to interpret that I’m afraid.

      • Probably so, but it will be for the absolute WRONG reasons. He is the least talented vocalist in the competition… That’s just the truth.

    • Taymaro,
      What did Steven Tyler say about Skylar’s voice?  I must have missed that comment.

    • Skylar, Jessica,Elise and Holly have more vocal talent than Phillip Phillips !!! So if the girls wore all gray or black and made a statement to stand true to themselfs no matter what advise was given to them.These girls have so much talent and at least they change there dress code and look Awsome on stage!He is boring,can’t even sing but America keeps voting for him!!! Really why? I’m so sick of hearing Steven Tyler say great job Phillip Phillips way to stay true to yourself!!! Maybe are Judges should get some hearing aids because My household is not hearing what is coming out of there mouths!! After Elsie or Holly perform we say watch the Judges are going to slam them and watch how they praise Phillips!! Yep we have been right every week. American Idol has turned into a joke!!!!

      • I think you took this comment the wrong way. I am not a P2 fan. I have picked him to win but not because he is good. Last week was good with the Usher song. Other than that I haven’t liked anything he has done. I was just stating the fact that he isn’t going anywhere. That’s just a fact not my choice of what should happen.

      • Honestly, I dont think our votes even matter cause of the 6 that are left. There is no way that Elise got more votes than Colton last week!! That was just staged to make it more dramatic. Oh yeah, and am i the only person that notices that a cute guy gets eliminated at 7th place pretty much every year. Think about it, Ace, season 5, Sanjaya, season 6, Tim, season 9, Stefano season 10, and this year, Colton. Honestly, in my opinion, that just cant be a coinsidence… Maybe it is, I dont know

    • WHAT A LIE!! Steven didnt say crap about skylars voice but great complements!!!! lies and rude comments arent whats gonna save your idol or make people not vote. hope you know you can be charged for lies like this that is meant to ruin someone or something! ever heard of SLANDER AND LIBEL!! people need to watch what they say on the internet.

      • I would be worried about libel and slander if it weren’t for the fact that he indeed did say that. I have the recording to prove. I actually watched it again after someone else said he didn’t say that just to make sure I wasn’t delusional. 

        You can deny it all you want. I have proof. I will upload the clip if I have to. It wasn’t me who outed her. It was Tyler himself.

      • Go to Youtube and do a search on “Steven Tyler, The Cat’s Out of the Bag”. You will see the video and the transcript below the video. 

        “Skylar, that was over the top. I just gotta jump in and say, you know, for everybody up here tonight. Everybody’s always sung dry and right out of the box, out of the car but tonight they put a little spi.., a little shine on your voice and you have such a beautiful voice and pitch anyway that it just enhanced it over the top. The energy, the passion, the way you sing, the way you hit your notes for an eighteen year old girl. Oh my God! That’s fabulous.”

      • IDK. I was wondering the same thing myself. I have actually seen websites where they have blatantly and intentionally misquoted what he said. It’s clear on the video exactly what he said and there is no way it could be interpreted another way if you look at the whole statement. 

        What does “Everybody’s always sung dry and right out of the box out of the car but tonight they put a little shine on your voice.” mean? What else can it mean?

        People are just refusing to quote him exactly. That tells me that TPTB went into damage control immediately on this one.

      • Oh, by the way, my favorite contestant left about 3 weeks ago so I am not trying to save anyone!

      • You want the video? It’s on Youtube. Search Steven Tyler, The Cat’s Out of the Bag. 

    • Steven to skylar
      “You have such a beautiful voice and pitch. That was fabulous.”
      “You can do no wrong. I’m one of your biggest fans.”

      • You are going to force me to upload the video aren’t you? You heard exactly what he said. Also why did Jessica get the Wizard of Oz treatment on her performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody”? I have never seen them do anything like that before as far as media enhancements. The productions on stage and the pyrotechnics and all yes but not with the outgoing video feed. 

      • @Taymaro:disqus  go ahead and post the video i think you miss took/heard what he said. Id defend ANY one if people were lying about them and im not trying to scare ANYONE off this site. Any single person can get on youtube or anyother site and hear old videos of Skylar and the other contestants and they ALL sound how they do on stage. All RECORDINGS have editing to them in ANY SINGLE idol or not idol. idk what your deal is trying to post things like that thinking people will believe you because like you said ANYONE WITH DVR can rewind and see what was said. and fyi east coast saw it first hand. so end of conversation here im done because facts are facts and YOU and nobody else can change that so have fun with your little rant on me for only saying the truth and others no it.

      • I guess you read as well as you hear. I didn’t say you were trying to scare people off this site. I said you were trying to scare them off the topic by threatening legal action.

        You know there is no recourse because it is true. Don’t blame me. Blame Steven Tyler for letting the cat out of the bag.

      • I love Skylar and she is really ready to be professional singer. Jassica reminds me of Pia from last season. I got so sick of her and now its Jassica who is one streak pony. Same old same old.  she did get voted off…. why??
        but got saved. 

    • There is something on his frequent standing ovations from the judges that appears to be “boring” for many because it does not always ride with credibility…………….

    • JOSHUA is NOT leaving. He is one of the best, he may not go that much farther, but he will in his career. Every music professional, magazine’s, credible news sights, the judges, celebrities PRAISE him b/c they know how good he is. He is spot on with all his notes & has such good ear for it. He already sings like a pro. Everyone on here does not know what they are talking about and how greatly talented this boy is

      • Is it not people like us who are on here that buy albums though? Give money to record companies? It doesnt matter if he is the most talented person in the world; if he doesnt appeal to people, he’s essentially useless to recording companies.

      • Btaggs, it’s no use. There’s just entirely too much ignorance and bigotry on this site to try and get though to some of these people. There’s always people wanting to put someone down and try to belittle them to make themselves feel better. It’s sad but it’s the truth, those people are just jealous that that person is just achieving something they never could. The biggest losers in life are bullies, cause they will never achieve success, so it’s ok taggs, plenty of people have Josh’s back and will support him no matter where he finishes in this competition.

    • I smell something fishy.  I think people get pissed off with standing ovations of judges for Joshua. it’s not credible anymore. i won’t be surprised if he gets eliminated tonight. Blame on the judges…

    • Joshua bores me to death. In my opinion, at this point in the competition, he does not deserve a standing ovation unless he steps out of his comfort zone. By now, we all know that he has a wide vocal range and has good pitch. But every performance is SOO predictable. Vocally, yes he is good, but i do not want to see a standing ovation unless he does something different.

      • What are you watching? He’s gone outside his comfort zone more than anyone! He’s done 3 up tempo songs, that’s not his forte, he’s done a Queen song, definitely nit his forte, he’s danced and moved about the stage, he HAS definitely gone out of his comfort zone. I think you might be referring to his gospel/soul based vocals, which won’t change cause that is who HE is, just like Skylar is country, and only country, and the others sing their styles. He is a gospel based soul singer, not a rock n roll singer, but has he only sang gospel ballads throughout the show…. NO. I think your probably thinking more Phillip, he fits your critique more than any of them!

      • No. I am not. Josh has not sung one song that makes you think, “wow, how is he going to do that?”
        Phillip has… many times

    • I think the judges and Jimmie would 100% disagree with you, as well as millions of Joshua fans. Go back to listening to niki Minaj, Britney Spears and Lady Haha, those are the really truly gifted singers…. ha

  3. I sure wishthey would quit bad mouthing Holly.  They start slamming her before she is even done singing!!  And what’s up with Randya couple of weeks ago telling Amrica they got it wrong when Jssica Snchez was eliminated.  Ithink that in the future the judges should be taken off the show once the top 10 have been decioded and let America pick the who the next idol is.

    • Nop! Not good! There should be judges intervention You know how immature and lack of experience people are when voting for the idol…. Young girls usually rooting for cute singing idol…..  

    • Karfunda.. you asre hilarious!!! You know what a judge should do right?? They are there to choose the real one! Not people like you who base their vote on the looks of contestants. Holly?? She has a good voice, but not good enough! Do you really watch AI??She’s sometimes out of tune!!!!!

      • It’s not just sometimes, it is most of the time.  It is almost as if she is tone deaf.

    • I think Holly Cavanagh does not sing that good! Be real Jessica Sanches has a flawless voice and Holly does not reach the potential that Jessica has. People are just defending Holly because she is light skinned. If jessica was light colored she would have everyones back no matter if she was annoying …people jus need to stop hating and have the right person win! Joshua is awesome as well. Not only country can go sky high. The past winners have all been White and men that sing weird. Joshua has an amzing soulful voice that America needs to hear not the stupid songs out today!

      • So..Rueben Studdard, Fantasia, and Jordin Sparks are all white and all of them are men? Do your homework. The people do not vote by the color of skin.

      •  I wouldn’t vote for Jessica if she was white, green, orange, purple or anything.  People are playing the race card anytime someone doesn’t like her because they are too obsessed and influenced by the judges’ opinions to realize that she really just isn’t perfect.  Just because someone doesn’t like DOES NOT MEAN THEY’RE RACIST.  I find it pathetic that her fans are even stooping that low.

      • But the two of you doesn’t just simply “DON’T LIKE” Jessica, its beyond than that and PEOPLE (whether you like it our not) do have common sense and can read between the lines. IMO @pally45 & @iloveusa914 is just too obvious on showing how they really feel towards Jessica Sanchez as a person but at the same time trying to hide it so people thinks what they are saying is legit… Again that is just my own opinion

      • I actually have nothing against Jessica Sanchez. If anything, I blame her parents for pimping her out to talent shows since she was old enough to talk. The girl has no idea whether she even likes to sing..she’s just been doing it so comes off emotionless. The other night was the closest I came to connecting with her..but it still felt a little contrived to me.

      • @pally45 you can deny anything you want, that’s just fine because I don’t give a hoot…
        From “MORE THAN” disliking Jessica, to second guessing the other constestants thoughts towards her (like your a psychic), then now, you simply assumed (definitely a FACT to you) that her parents pimped her out to these talent show like you are her mother who know exactly what happened and what’s happening…
        The way how you feel towards Jessica Sanchez (with conviction IMO) is just simply pitiful especially she haven’t done anything to you and to think the age you’re in right now should have more maturity and more tolerable since this is just a reality show…
        Feel how you feel, act how you want to act but hopeful don’t let those negative emotions affect you that much because it is you, yourself, who will deal with it and you alone (probably your husband too)
        AGAIN all my personal opinion

      • LOL. All this because I happen to not like the way a girl sings? Look it up. Her bio says she starting singing at the age of 2. lol..didn’t we all? She was on the Apollo stage at age 10.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t walk in and sign herself up for that. I do not dislike or hate the girl. I don’t know her. If anything, I feel sorry for her. Has she even had a childhood?

      • lol! well just what I said, when it comes to you and @iloveusa914 doesn’t simply “DO NOT LIKE”Jessica, its beyond than but the point here is IMO that both of you are trying to conceal it so you’ll sound legit. lol!!!

        Anyway, if it satisfy you and makes your boat float by bashing on Jessica and knit picking on her, then do so because no ones stopping you but as for me, plain and simple, don’t believe you «(°o°)» LMAO
        Again my own opinion…ciao

      • @hernandezo661:disqus   i agree w/ you jessica sing in a very high notes…compared to other contestant ..joshua is good too ..this is a singing contest ,not a beauty contest matter what color of their skin or how cute they are..randy is right vote for the best …

  4. I think it’s Elise’s fate to go home tonight……….though I am still worried of Jessica’s rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” because it seemed to be her worst version so far for a song….thankfully bounced back by her awesome rendition of “Dance With My Father”…..

  5. I think people who voted for Colton voted for Phillip last night. He is just to boring.  ANOTHER ELIMNATION… one will be shocked if ELise goes home tonight. They will be shocked if it is Skylar. If she goes after what happend to Colton I give up and wont vote any longer. I may even stop watching.

    • Elise going home is not shocking at all… although that’s what a lot of people are expecting to happen.

      • I hope Skylar goes home, she’s getting a big head like she can do no wrong.

  6. I am pulling for Jessica and Hollie…they are my two favorites right now…would like to see a shocking entry tonight with the announcement of Colton coming back…say there was a computer malfunction or something…hanging chad…some excuse…atleast let him perfrom a Queen song or something…would add some awesome drama!!!

  7. I dnt see y everyone is hating on joshua so much. He is a great singer and proves it week after week. No, he wnt make it to the finals but he will get pretty close I think. They give him a standing ovation b/c he deserves it!! he is not onli a good singer but a great performer and thats wat an american idol consist of. I do think he will be in the bottom 3 tonite with hollie and elise but elise will be the one going home.

    •  the standing ovations for Joshua are a joke and insulting to the other contestants…Colton never got a single standing ovation and he most certainly deserved more than one!!!

      • Yes, you are so right. Why does he get the standing ovation week after week? If you notice it’s Randy that initiates them!!

    • Again, we don’t hate Joshua. We just don’t like how he sings (if you people ever call that singing. @Susieq:disqus calls it yelling).

      • YEAH! Joshua overdoes his singing by screaming, yelling very badly. Note also that he seems to be always in great pains and in dire need of ‘help’! Imagine someone exoressing love by screaming it out… angrily?

    • standing ovations are given wen they are deserved…all 3 judges have been in the music industry for a while now, so when they hear a good performance they are going to acknowledge it. as far as him “yelling” lol its called singing. if you have ever been to a church with gospel singing, you will hear the same type of tone. he is from a church background and grew up in a choir. thats just how his voice is.

      • No matter how long they’ve stayed in the music industry, those 3 stooges are not qualified to give standing O’s. I have to agree with @facebook-1006447166:disqus when he said that the standing O’s are a joke. It really is a big joke because I know for a fact that Colton deserved a standing O. He didn’t get one although he deserved one for his performance on the Piano Man.

        As for gospel singing, it really isn’t what most people want. People go for a WGWG/P contestant who sings okay but has the charm to get a lot of voters to vote for him. It’s really sad that Colton’s gone. Oh well. Time for root for Phillip.

        Bottom line: Joshua’s saying bye-bye to idol.

      • Maybe all 3 judges have hemorrhoids and when Joshua screams, the frequency of his voice inflames their hemorrhoids causing them to stand up whenever he sings. This is my theory because I find Joshua to be a very big pain in the posterior.

      • Trizzle, it’s no use. You can’t teach an old dog a new trick right, or in most of these cases, young pups good music. Ha. Good music to most is Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, so can you blame young people these days when that is what is portrayed as ‘good singers’? Now I’m a 40 ur old white Baptist guy, so I’ve never been to a black church, but I’ve always wanted to. I admire how the gospel singers and choirs, and the entire congregation, put their entire soul into their worship singing, whereas a lot of white people just sing worship with no…emotion maybe.. behind the music. Josh is a PERFORMER from his toe to his head, and it’s evident. His style is to put everything he has into a song, as does every gospel singer, but so many people woul just rather make fun of him than to see that it’s just a different STYLE of music than what they listen to. The judges do recognize talent, they’re all talented, but if these people’s favorites had the most standing O’s, the judges would be getting praised, fact.

      • Briteny Spears? When is the last time she was relevant? Actually, Lady GaGa has some pipes. She has talent. It’s just her weird outfits that turn people off, myself included. Now..Nicki Minaj on the other hand. I can’t understand HOW she is famous.

    • THANK YOU Tizzle!!! COMPLETELY agree.. he is incredible. & know I don’t think he will make it to the final b/c of the way ppl vote, but he deserves too. I also think he’ll be in bottom 3, even though he should not be one bit. He will go extremely far in his career no matter what happens on idol. I read a tweet by someone who is very high up in the music biz & they said he already sings better than 95% of ppl currently in the music biz & he’s only 20. I think its crazy how ppl hate on him on this site b/c every other place I have seen blogs or comments about him, it is all GREAT things

    • And I also don’t get how Hollie isn’t allowed to be too emotional (according to the judges) while Mantasia erm Joshua got a SO and was applauded for it . . .

      •  Because they’ve already decided they want a Joshua/Jessica finale and want to make everyone else look bad and lose votes.  We need Simon.  He judged based on performances only.

    • He will never sell over 100,000 albums, he is not commercial material for today’s market. His personality is annoying as a Asian Jess fan

    • I would REALLY like to hear what Simon Cowell has to say about Joshua. Don’t get me wrong, he can sing but he does come across as a bit skreetchy and yelling when he sings.

    • I think the thing why people doesn’t agree with all these SOs on Josh is because he’s not offering something different while they keep on suggesting for other contestants to give an out of the box performances.

  8. i’m hoping it’s a shocker tonight. The judges need it so they stop with their praising act on whoever they want. They need to be bitchslapped hard so they can have a reality check, look, i really, and i mean REALLY liked Joshua, but now, i just find it revolting, and that’s all on the judges, for the lack of critique and direction, he farts, and the judges stand up for it, and they even might tell him what an amazing C5 note he hit with it. It’s frustating, because i really really liked him. LOL

  9. I think Jessica made a risk on Bohemian Rhapsody but really nailed with Dance with my father….. I think Joshua will have to leave….

  10. I am one of the few who picks who should go home based on the performance of that night. Most vote for their favorite, no matter how they perform. Many seem to vote against who the judges give unnecessary praise to. Other vote for who is the cutest or most religious. I vote strictly on performance that week and not the weeks before. And the one who BY FAR had the weakest performance this week is … Phillip. His first song was OK and his song was hideous, to put it mildly. A perfect example of why changing the arrangement should not always get you brownie points. Even Jennifer tried to tell him that much, in the most unoffensive way she could think of. But, I think the one who America will send home tonight is … Elise.

    • Me & you both, ppl don’t vote for the best. As much as I do not like the voice, I think AI should change to a voting system similar to the Voice’s.. They give some of the decision to the judges/coaches the whole way through the competition

      • Well, then it would not be American Idol and they should just call it Judges’ Idol.

      • Have you watched The Voice this season?   I watched a repeat of the quarterfinals a few days ago, and was disgusted.  The people in the finals that everyone claims to be so amazing, would barely have even made it to an AI top 24, and there is a reason.  When the judges are able to pick people and kick them off that late in the game, things will be more based on who they are closest with than their voices.

    • Funny how that second performance was my favourite of the ENTIRE season. You should check out the studio version, it’s amazing.  

      • But, I did not see the studio version. I based on what I see as a performance on that night. And I wish that is how everyone voted. But, I know that will never be.

  11. It is hard to know from the poll what Jessica’s votes really are, since they include so many voters who are not eligible to actually vote for results.  She had a crazy high poll number the week she was eliminated (only to be saved by the judges), so it’s impossible to tell.  However, the judges have stopped raving about her being the best singer in America and thrown their support to Joshua, and Jessica has not delivered as powerful or memorable performances in the past couple of weeks as she did earlier (and didn’t have the pimp spot last night).  I realize there is a post-save surge of voting for her, but even so, I predict she, Joshua and Elise will be in the bottom 3.  Hollie has had some strong performances recently, including last night’s finale which earned her a SO from the judges.  If Hollie is safe, I think Jessica will join the lowest vote-getters in the poll (Joshua and Elise) in the bottom 3.  I do think Elise has worn out her welcome and will go home tonight.

    • I sure hope not. Elise is so talented vocally!!! I voted for her the whole 2 hours. 7 votes per minute!!!

      • Phillip had he weakest moment of the whole season, yet he will coast through. As his fan base is such, that they do not care. I suspect if he farted out his entire performance, he would still coast through. And yes, it will be Hollie or Elise to go home. I’m not saying it is right, just the way it will be.

      • I never said Phillip has no talent, now did I? What I did say he was the weakest performer on this given week. And I doubt may of his die hard fans can say that is week was “stand out” week for him. If they did, the might be the type who blindly vote for someone, no matter how they perform. And those that know me know that is not how I roll.

    • I am a fan of Elise and I am disappointent with her second perofrmance last night. She had a wide open slection to choice from and she chose a song that did not show her style as well as many others would have. She NEEDED a stand out moment and had a OK moment.

  12.    I think Elise’s turn to leave. She didn’t do amazing or horrible last night & performed in the middle, so I think she may be going home. Also, she has been in the bottom three so many times (I love how Jimmy said she had a vacation home in the bottom 3 lol)..Also, I can see Hollie completely out of the bottom 3 b/c she sang last and got a standing o, but her fans could also get lazy w/ the voting b/c of this too. I love Hollie, but I personally did not like her last performance that much, I think mainly b/c I HATE that song. 
       I am a HUGE Joshua fan, but I think he may be in the bottom 3. He did GREAT last night, but he performed in the middle and didn’t do anything that memorable. Also, I think Phil, Skylar, & Jessica have the biggest fan bases (based on their twitter followers & Facebook ‘likes’) I think Joshua, as much as I hate to say it, may be in trouble. I also think his fans get lazy w/ the voting every so often (not myself however lol) b/c he gets so many standing o’s & no criticism, I think a lot of his fans think he’ll automatically be safe.Therfore, I think the bottom 3 will be:1. Elise2. Hollie3. Joshuaor if they do bottom 2 I think for sure Elise, and hate to say it once again, & Joshua, b/c of Hollie going last & getting standing 0.

    Who I think will be safe is:
    1. Skylar
    2. Jessica
    3. Phil

    • Elise did a great job on her first performance last night. I don’t know what you were listening to. The second performance….not so much..LOL

  13. MORE PEOPLE NEED TO SUPPORT ELISE. she has the most natural voice and is the most unique. she doesn’t do the same boring thing every week and she is awesome at her runs. VOTE FOR ELISE.

      • Haley was my favorite last season, and this season is Elise. i love the unique voices. 

        Joshua – too forcefulPhillip – unnatural and forced
        Jessica – way too much vibrato
        Skylar – there are better country singers than her already.
        Hollie – shes good but the judges dont seem to like her…

      • Haley was my favorite last season as well. Though they sing the same style of music … I do not think Elise is ready to be compared to Haley.

    • I voted the whole 2 hours, 7 votes per min. I have loved Elise since her audition and followed her all the way. She has been a favorite of mine all along! I wanted her Colton in the top 2 but that won’t happen so now I want her and Phillip in the top 2.

    • What runs? She yelps spastically, that’s not a run. Oh, yeah, oh, ahh. That’s what she sound like.

  14. I wish Randy Jackson would have been more professional when they saved Jessica. I do agree she has a fantastic voice but he should not have said she is the best singer in America, that is just his opinion.It is an insult to the other contestants. 

    Jack L

      • Doesn’t change the fact that it happened. Bitter til the very end. That’s my motto. I will stay bitter about it until they get rid of Randy and JLo as judges. 

        They can be as critical as they want of the contestants but they should never insult the voters. NEVER!

    • Totally agree with you.  All 3 judges were very unprofessional and there was way to much drama with JLo.  Jessica is amazing for a 16 year old, but they are all amazing or they would not be there.  They will all do well, the winner is not always the winner.  Look at Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson and more.  These kids are on their way to successful careers, they have all worked very hard to get here.

  15. I think the judges are trying to push Jushua through, I’ve never seen anything like this . Shame on the judges !!

  16. Clearly you are clueless…change the arrangement?  other than take a 7 minute song and reduce it to 90 seconds it sounds like the original.  Elise had the worst performance and over sang the Hendrix song.  Yes…the song Phillip did was obscure and probably one of the most difficult DMB songs to play or sing.  Give him heat for the bold choice but at least don’t be ignorant about what he did with the song.  And no…I don’t think Phillip is the best singer in the competition…neither does he

      • P2 does have a different sound, perhaps that is the draw.  I personally would not buy his music because it is not my taste, that being said, I am sure he has many fans that do like the sound.  I wish all of the participants good luck.

      • I hope he is.  I vote for the best “Idol” not the best “voice”  I think the other five have great talent and voices  But I have a hunch that Phillips can write and perform and that will be the difference after Idol    (The OP was in reply to 

    • i’d say boring choice other than bold choice for Phillip. Phillips choosing an usher song, like he sang it in past weeks, now that was a bold choice, that i actually payed off, he should be doing that every week, because this week, based on his 2 performances, he should be in bottom 3, so he can learn something about being humble and actually give a s**** about the competition instead of doing his own thing. I see, even Jessica and Joshua, i see their need to get better, even if i’m a bit frustated with them atm, i see in their faces that they want to stay, and see them taking risks, for instance, Jessica took a huge risk with bohemian rhapsody, and i personally think Simon Cowell should appear and bitchslap her for attempting something like that, but she took a chance, because she wants to stay in the competition. Philip is the only one in this entire competition who hasn’t take a chance, and that for me doesnt show hard work, or doesnt even show effort, it’s shows only that he’s pretensious and lazy, and therefore, for me at least, not deserving of the american idol title. I see skylar taking chances, i saw COLTON taking chances, even though it didnt pay off, i see elise taking chances every week, i see hollie taking chances, and P2…just stays the same. Not worthy in my opinion, he should go home, because everytime the shows end, he the only one i really can’t criticize because i don’t even remember the songs he chose and i have to keep going back to youtube and watch like 5 times so i can actually sink in what he did. 

      • Boring choice?… maybe…. I can see that especially if you don’t know the song or how hard it is to play it.  I didn’t know the Usher tune very well but loved his take on it.  Would he have picked it if he didn’t have to pick a number 1 song from last decade?  No.  And that is sad because it clearly was a good moment for the show.  I do agree that it appears he doesn’t care as much about winning but that is a choice, it has nothing to do with work ethic.  Or maybe he just doesn’t winning idol as much as the opportunity he has  to do what he wants with this many people watching. The interesting thing about this season is that every week you could say the same thing about any other contestant when they make a  “self-indulgent” song choice. Sometimes it pays off (Elise – Led Zep) (Josh – I believe), sometimes not (Jess – Stuttering).   That is what makes the show interesting.  I think the fairer way to determine the winner is not how many fans are willing to vote their fingers off, but how many of each contestants songs are bought off itunes.  At the end of the day, that determines who has a career or not.

  17. I think it SHOULD be Jessica or Skylar going home based on last night.  But, since nobody ever seems to base their votes on the performances of the night like was intended when the show began, sadly it will be Elise.

  18. What is wrong with The big picture here? Phillip Phillips should never even made the top 10!!! He sounds the same in every song he sings.The judges praise him every time he sings!!! Really.They slam holly every time she performs  which is sad because she can sing unlike Phillips!!!! I believe when you get down to the top 10 it should be left up to the judges to decide who goes home as the fans only vote because they think someone is cute and who cares if they have talent or not!!!! The one that should get the boot tonight is phillips he should have been let go last week.Remember people the winner gets a record deal and trust me I would not buy a Cd if it was phillips singing!!! He is boring!!!

    • The trouble is, Patty, that the producers see Phillip as marketable.  Elise, not so much; Joshua & Hollie are big question marks.  I think the producers figure they can make money from having Phillip, Skylar or Jessica as the winner.

    • Thats your opinion. I dont know much about pitch or melody or music for that matter. But I do know when I like what I hear. I think all 6 of the remaining finalist can sing and have loads of talent. It jut comes down to what each person likes. Although I think all of the finalist are good… I would only buy a P2 or Skylar CD…….

    • The problem with Hollie is that she can only sing songs that she has been accustomed with. She hit it big with “Rolling in the Deep” and “The Climb” because she’s been singing these songs in the past that she already knew how to make it hers. Search her pre-Idol youtube video of Rolling and The Climb.

      • I disagree. I think Hollie has a great voice. She did good with her Queen song also. I think the judges have totally killed her self confidence and that stinks.

  19. I believe they should be judged on the whole package which includes vocals and performance while Holly and Jessica might do well in the vocal department the other 4 contestants are miles ahead in the performance category jmo

    • Agree, both Hollie and Jessica have great vocals but not very entertaining, actually a little boring.    They are both adorable though.

    • Really? You like Phillip’s performances? You have got to be kidding me. This makes me laugh a lot!

      • Why did he suck so bad last night.  I was annoyed that I bothered watching high school musical III to hear Phillip sing and he was bad TWICE.  Maybe he’ll pull a Colton tonight.  It’s ur own fault Phillip, u could have picked a song somebody knew!

      • The Stone was my fav performance of the season. Clearly you just dont appreciate his style of music.
        @4ec3bd33676f446f3aab340ba2012aea:disqus  I know the song. And so do other people. And the funny thing is that the people who normally vote for him will continue to do so. And the DMB fans who dont normally watch AI will begin to do so. Smart move Phil.

  20. In my opinion, Jessica is so far ahead in this, that they had to do a publicity stunt in rigging the voting two weeks ago to keep it interesting, knowing they were gonna save Jessica.  If you have noticed they stopped giving her standing O’s because it was almost embarrassing how good she is .  Now they are giving Joshua and Skylar and Phil standing O’s all the time to try and even the voting up a little more.   If you look at some of the polling around Jessica is beating everyone by a wide margin. 

    • The polls don’t mean squat. Jessica is so far ahead because everyone in the Phillipines that has a computer is saying she is the best thing since sliced bread. Then, they have all their relatives over to do the same thing.

      • Pally, again?? I already told you that you are mistaken. I don’t want to think you are stupid. JESSICA has fans all over the world. 
        I’m a big fan of her, and I’m from Argentina. Her videos are the most watched on youtube and she’s always on top. You are so jealous of her. Most Philipines don’t know who Jessica Sanchez is. But a lot of people in the world do and that’s what really matters. She’ll be an international star while you’ll be hating in front of your computer.

      • Oh stop..I am not jealous of her. You just proved my point. You are from Argentina. You can’t vote either. Her youtube hits have NOTHING to do with how many votes she gets on Americna Idol.  You cannot predict she will be an international star.  What happened to her after America’s Got Talent? Nothing..she had to join another talent show.

      • Wow. You sounded so bitter. Have you been in the Philippines that you knew how they react? Been there a couple of times and they definitely know a good singer when they see one. They have never been so enthusiastic in the past considering there been quite a fewer AI hopefuls that are half-Filipino like Thia Megia and Jasmine Trias. They like Thia but they don’t agree with Jasmine landing on Top 3 as they don’t find her voice that good.

      • Bitter? What do I have to be bitter about? Look, I have nothing against the Phillipines. I have a couple of cousins married to very nice girls that come from there.  However, they have never tried to force their opinion on me by calling me racist, stupid, tone deaf, jealous..and now bitter. Calling people names does not endear someone to your side.

      • I so pity this comment! I have been thinking that you are wasting your time infront of a computer, bashing and hating and sour graping. Is this your only way of relaxing …  Get a life!

        Try to bake cookies sometimes or learn how to knit .. that would be wonderful …

  21. Jessica has way more talent (vocals and technique) than anyone.

    She could handle all kinds of voice pitches, not one could come close to her abilities.

    The others just do vocalizations…. and scream…. Jessica has full control of all ranges without blasting the diaphragm.

    • Are you kidding me? She couldn’t even handle rock. Jessica’s one-trick pony style of singing is getting old. But what do I know? I think she’s in her own universe and if people like him, then good luck!

    • After reading some of these posts, I’m thinking Jessica might be up to her ears in handing out restraining orders. Get a grip.

    •  I say this with absolute respect and concern for your health: Do you have ears?  If so, do you have a hearing aide?  You might need one.  “The others just do vocalizations…. and scream…. Jessica has full control of all ranges without blasting the diaphragm.”  Seriously?  Jessica is the biggest screamer there!  More so than Joshua.

      • Agreed….. but she does it well.  Probably why Akon wanted to steal her as a back up singer

  22. All you skylar haters Shut your mouth. She is Very good and will NOT be going home till she wins this whole this so.

  23. performerces wise the bottom 3 should be: Joshua Elise and Phillip….
    I think the three of them had at least one bad song last night or even 2 (like Elise and Phillip…)
    I think Jessica and Skylar both had an amazing performances (both songs!)
    and Hollie really does not deserve to be in the bottom after she redeemed her self with her second song.

    • I agree with your assessment and posted a similar conclusion above. However, my rider was that Phillip is almost 100% safe, based on the female vote so I think it will be between Elise & Joshua and, if there is a “shock” result, Joshua may be going home.

  24. Skyler: i dunno but she just keeps on screaming and jumping like crazy. Her energy is outstanding, but so far..I haven’t appreciated any songs she sang.

    Elise: maybe a bar singer but not in AI.

    Joshua: give him more time  and he’ll scream and jump like Skyler always does.

    Phillips: Mediocre singer

    Hollie: She’s pretty

    Jessica: found her performances (after I’ll Always Love YOu) to be boring..not until last night’s  Dance with my Father Again. I was moved. I dunno why!

    My bottom 3: Skyler, Elise and Joshua

    And Elise going home…

    •  What has Hollies look with her performance to do ? I think she is only a mediocre singer, who get the most votes because people feel sorry for because the jugdes always put her down.
      The opposite does happen with Joshua. He has a great voice. But the judges praising and standing  o.  every time is boring and annoying for the  people, so they the prefere to vote for others than Josh.

  25. Joshua – way too forceful
    Phillip – unnatural and forced
    Jessica – way too much vibrato
    Skylar – there are way better country singers than her already.
    Hollie – very professional and overall good  but the judges dont seem to like her…Elise – very talented and unique, but she needs a bigger fan base

  26. Jess is too ugly and arrogant to win AI, she needs to go home to teach her fans a lesson too. In the future, Asians should be denied competing because their fans go way over-board on trying to get their own race voted AI. They are racists and ruin the AI show.  Everyone knows that Asians are way too arrogant, pushy, and stubborn to know how to participate in a contest without being rude. What is wrong with you rice devils?

  27. That is not a very nice comment.  Jessica is a child of mixed race, she is Filipino and Hispanic.  To attack someone’s race or their appearance is very ignorant.   Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  We all have different tastes in music.  I am not a Jessica fan but I would not knock her because of her race or physical characteristics.  That is just wrong.

    • When all of the contestants were talking about each other last night, they were joking around, except her who said Phillip wasn’t attractive when he sang and other nasty comments, the others were gigling but she wasn’t..and haters should continue to hate, she further stated when talking about herself. Little Kimmie Kartrashian in the making.   So with the words right out of her mouth, excuse me if someone wants to comment that she isn’t exactly a beauty.  I lost any feeling of anything for her last night, don’t care if she wins or loses, don’t care at all.  And b4 I get attacked, which I certainly will, I am not bitter.  I just don’t like this girl.

      • @Essa:  I do not think you are bitter,.  You gave your opinion as did I.    I just do not think anyone should be attaacked because of their race or physical appearance. 

      • I don’t think you can really take anything they say too seriously when they do those segments.  They were being asking to cut each other up. It looks to me like they all have bonded pretty tightly.  And I don’t think the ladies (i.e. Julianne Hough) really care how ugly Phillip looks when he sings.  The other contestants probably get that too. Now Josh calling him a lazy diva?  Now that is just funny and ironic at the same time.  Jess doesn’t deserve the negativity she gets … I mean she is pretty grounded for 16

      • Honey, I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics and I teach in a university. I don’t find anything scary in Jessica’s eyes and I too find Phillip Phillip’s mannerisms when he sings to be funny and awkward, but these things do not stop me from enjoying some of his performances anyway.

        As you said, you just don’t like the girl and it clouds your judgment. Which isn’t exactly good for your chosen profession, assuming you’re practicing what you studied for.

    • Essa, watch the show again, she said pp is very handsome but when he sings he’s unattractive…she was laughing, they were all laughing. All of them took a jab on each other….but they’re all kidding/joking around. I think You need an education!

      • I graduated from college and law school, sorry honey.  They all seemed 2b having fun but IMO she didn’t, u can c it in her eyes…something is going on behind those scary 16 year old eyes.  Very sorry IF0426, this educated woman doesn’t like one of your favs.  Deal with it.

  28. I love Hollie! I understand she isn’t the best ever, has a so-so technique, and does “think too much” but she has a huge voice! JLo has commented on the “think” thing five times too many. It’s not like Lopez is any expert. I hear her say “you have a great ‘vocal'”  quite a lot. Learn, JLo. Most importantly, learn to SING, don’t say you can. I miss Simon. Elise is too harsh upon as well, although she defends herself and can get a little cocky… Anyways, let’s pray that Hollie’s okay. I want Josh out. He’s a bit overrated, and he won’t go very far with his small fan base anyhow. And Skylar, she’s in for the win so far! (And does anyone agree that Phil looks stoned while talking, and constipated while singing? =o)

    • That is hilarious…& I li,e ga boy, pp! He is just a laid back musician & he will go far as the likes of him–buy tickets & tapings!

  29. A few opinions…
    1.) everyone on here needs to realize that there are different numbers for each contestant because everyone is allowed to vote for WHOEVER they want. Just because people don’t agree with others on this site doesn’t mean people should be disrespectful to others.

    2.) I think Elise should go. I find her voice to be very “bar-like” & I’m not a fan of her attitude. I’ve been ready to see her go for a while. She lost me 100% when she sang “let’s get it on.” I thought it was the worst AI performance I’ve heard in a long time.

    3.) My favorite is PP because I think he’s great at taking songs and making them his own. I agree that last night was not his best, but I don’t really think anyone but Hollie had a “great” night. Not even Joshua who the judges seem to think is the only person in this competition. I think he might be in the bottom tonight too despite the praise from the judges.

    4.) I really have nothing against Joshua. I think he seems really sweet. However, I’m not a fan of his voice. I think he’ll have a hard time selling records that will be popular. Who he is and what his voice is like is meant for shows like the voice, not AI when people need the whole package. He’s a great performer but I just feel like he belongs in a gospel band. I also think that the judges overpraising him gets him less votes b/c people get annoyed with it.

    5.) Again, these are my opinions. I understand if not everyone agrees with me but let’s try to keep the bashing of each other on here to a minimum. 🙂

  30. I have downloaded all of the songs since the round of 13 and one thing stands out when I listen to them. The only singer left in the show who does not embellish, scream, screech, growl or otherwise make funny noises when he/she sings is Hollie.

    She sings and has a rich and powerful voice. As for Jackson saying she is pitchy, I wish they would pitch him. Every singer has bad nights or moments in a song where they go off key or stretch the note too much and all of them did it at one point or the other last night. 

    As for giving Joshua Ledet two standing ovations – notice who started to stand first and then egged JLo and then Steve followed – that was way OTC especially for the first song. This is about the 5th-6th time this has happened with Joshua so one wonders if the Louisiana link has anything to do with the obvious bias toward him.  

    My thoughts on last night’s performances:


    No-one should do Bohemian Rhapsody when they are restricted to 2 minutes and she did not do a very good job with the rock part of it.

    Her 2nd song was much better with a little pimping from Ryan so she could explain that it was for her dad who will be there tonight and is about to deploy to Singapore. She did a good job but the best version ever of a Luther classic – really JLo??  


    She was great with the first song but I confess the comment from Steve that they enhance her voice was a somewhat off putting. You can actually hear it in the recorded version, which actually does not sound as good as her live performance. I thought her 2nd one was a good outlet for her country roots and voice. 


    Slaughtered Crazy Little Thing and did not deserve the Jackson prompted Standing Ovation. He redeemed himself with Ready for Love and did a stellar job with this song.


    I do  not understand the obvious bias of the judges toward Elise. This argument about picking a song that everyone knows is BS. Freddie Mercury dies 20 years ago and their last charted song was 16 years ago. If a singer can take any song and make it her/his own, as Elise did last night, then we should be judging the performance and not whether we know the song and she did a great job with this one.

    With Bold As Love, she had fun with it and, again, did a great job with a song that most don’t know. Hendrix died 42 years ago and Bold As Love was the final track on his Axis album, which is ranked $82 in the top 500 albums of all time. Randy Jackson was 15 at the time of Hendrix’s death but tried to make out – as he always does – that he is an expert on Jimmy Hendrix’s music.  


    I forecast he would sing Fat Bottomed Girls and he sang it as he has sung every other song in the contest. When he is without his guitar, he moves like Joe Cocker on steroids and, frankly, does not sound any different to me week-in, week-out. He is surviving because the gals like him but that was an awkward performance.

    The Stone I did not like when he sang it on the show – found it boring – but actually liked his studio version but we vote based on the stage performance.


    Save Me I liked and, as mentioned above, I like the fact that she comes out and sings without any gimmicks. Her voice is much better than the judges, especially Randy, are giving her. The studio version is as good as her stage performance. People complain that she does not move around much but neither do many good singers. She strikes me as a shy person and I am sure that once she gets some real coaching on using the stage, she will be a success. She is only 18 with very limited experience so has plenty of room to grow.

    The Climb was right in her wheelhouse and she nailed it. 

    Last week, I rated them numerically using 10 for an A+ performance and working down to a 1 for a D performance. Colton was bottom on that scale last week so let’s see how it works this week.

    1. Hollie 17
    2. Skylar 15
    2. Jessica 15
    2. Elise 15
    5. Phillip 14
    5. Joshua 14

    I am 100% sure that Phillip will be safe and that Skylar and Hollie should be but who know how the public vote. I have noticed that here and on iTunes, Hollie is getting good reviews and Dialidol has her top but I don’t know how reliable that site is as I have never really paid much attention to it.

    Jessica will probably ride the “save” phenomena for another week, which leaves us with Elise and Joshua. I think Elise gets the short end of the stick too often from the judges and Joshua is pimped far too much by Randy and JLo, which should not be happening if they are impartial, as they are supposed to be.

    So, it may be curtains for Elise but if there is to be another surprise, don’t be shocked if Joshua goes home. 



    • Based on this anyone can go home except Hollie…. which based on last night alone…probably right.  But would not be surprised to see her b3.  I wish they  could factor the studio versions in somehow in the voting.  I agree Phillip is way better on the Studio version and did his best vocal of the season at about the 4 min mark on The Stone. 
       I think that would change some opinions on his limited vocal ability I have read on here  Hollie is better on almost every studio version except Rolling in the Deep which I liked better live  Elise has probably the most listens on her studio of the Led Zep song 

    • I can’t see why it’s not more of a topic of conversation that they “put a shine” on Skylar’s voice. Why isn’t anyone talking about that? That seems like it would be a big controversy. The phrase “unfair advantage” seems to come to mind.

    • Yep. I am looking so much more for Elise and I wanted her to stay for another week in AI.

      I have also downloaded all of their studio recordings to date and based to how I frequently listen to these studio recordings, here is my top 10.

      1. Hollie Cavanagh – Jesus Takes the Wheel
      2. Elise Testone – You and I
      3. Elise Testone – Bold as Love
      4. Jessica Sanchez – Dance with my Father
      5. Elise Testone – Vienna
      6. Hollie Cavanagh – Perfect
      7. Philip Philips – Movin’ Out
      8. Skylar Laine – Didn’t You Know How Much I Love You
      8. Colton Dixon – Lately
      9. Hollie Cavanagh – All The Man That I Need
      10. Elise Testone – No One

      Of all the six, Elise’s voice soothes me to sleep not because of the boredom but because her voice relaxes me so much I feel like sojourning in a very cozy place. 

      Skylar seems so nasal at so many times that I usually lower the volume so as not to damage my eardrums.

      I agree with JLo. Philip is so artsy in his performances but if you listen to the studio versions of his song choices, YOU WILL FIND IT AMAZING.

      I hate Joshua Period

      At some points in time, I like Jessica’s tone but not at all times. Maybe at some mellow recordings I am willing to listen to her.

      For me, Hollie has the best studio recording voice and for that I think she could sell so many CD’s and I am definitely one who will buy it.

  31. Would not be surprised if Josh got voted out, then we know idol is rigged to have that shock factor especially after 2 standing ovations last night.

    As for Jessica, remember she got saved and the judges were all saying she da best singer in America, well she got voted out, if I were one of the contestants, I would feel a bit resentful of her. (blame the judges for that)

  32. Dialidol was right on colton’s and the bottom 3  last week. now they have Jess skylar and elise in the bottom 3  and predicted elise as the odd woman out

  33. I realize the Phillip is a specific taste–but everyone saying that he only gets the votes because he is cute has not listened to the ‘studio version’ of the The Stone.  The boy is talented & there are a lot of people supporting him for his talent not his looks.  Could listen to that song all day on a loop and not get tired of it.

    • I agree. To be honest, it makes me kind of upset that people vote on him based on looks. If i go to a PP concert, i want to relax and enjoy his wonderful music… not listen to thousands of screaming girls.

      • If I went to a PP concert I would honestly enjoy the first 2 or three songs. As I like that type of music. At which point I would realize that most every song looks and sounds like the song he sung before it, with just the lyrics changed. I can’t imagine how boring that would be to me after a short while. And the only think that would keep me from nodding off to sleep … would be the 1000’s of screaming girls.

        I like Phillip. I really do. I just think not matter what he sings, he will just changes it to the one and only style he is capable of performing. If that is your idea of a American Idol, I understand. It worked for Scotty last year, might as well work for Phillip this year.

    • Is he cute, I had not noticed.  He is very different and not my taste in music.  Kind of reminds me of Taylor Hicks, he did strange things also.  Odd movements and a very different voice…seems like a nice kid though.   He also does not appear to be that invested in the  competition…kind of a laid back attitude.  Perhaps that is what everyone likes about him.

  34. Joshua’s voice is not dynamic… try to imagine listening to his 90min CD! I would die! It’s like listening to a 90 minute song! You simple can’t tell the difference!

    • And listening to 90 minutes of a Phillip Phillips CD would most definetly sound like one 90 minute song as well … Don’t you think? I sure do. And I am a fan of niether. Though I think Joshua totally out sang and out performed Phillip on this given week. Which is not saying much …. As everyone out sang and out performed Phillip this week.

      • OMG, your comments are so annoying. With singers like Joshua, the song revolves around the VOICE. With MUSICIANS like Phillip, the song revolves around the LYRICS and the INSTRUMENTS.  A good voice is key as well, but thats not necessarily what the music revolves around. Instruments are much more important with a singer like Phillip. You can’t seem to wrap your head around the fact that ones voice is only an aspect of music.  Do me a favour and listen to some Dave Matthews.

  35. Here is the funny thing. The judges gave Joshua SO 2 x and when Steven was asked who was the best of the night , he said Skylar (they didn’t even give her SO that night). I think the reason why the judges are doing this to Joshua is because for them it is not time for him to get eliminated YET, maybe after Elise, Hollie and Skylar.

    • That was strange. I think they are trying a little reverse psychology seeing as how their blatant favoritism hasn’t panned out so well….LOL

      Maybe it was no mistake that Steven let it be known that Skylar has some vocal enhancements going on. They are starting to get a little sneaky but I don’t think they are that clever. We just have to keep working to keep our favorites in.

      It’s almost as if it has become America vs The Idol Judges. Ryan needs to ring a bell and a microphone needs to drop down at the beginning of each show…”And in this corner!!!!!!!!”

      • like in a comment i said to you before SLANDER AND LIBEL stop your lies about voice enhancements and deal with the fact that they are ALL talented INCLUDING SKYLAR!! and if you dont know what that is libel is defamation by means of writing. I hope you know what defamation is! Its the false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another. and its a crime. EVERYONE THINK BEFORE YOU POST PLEASE!!

      • I know you are trying to scare everyone off from this topic but unfortunately anyone with a DVR knows the truth. It is not false to say that it was said by Steven Tyler on the show. If I am at risk of libel for discussing it then everyone is at risk on this site. If you think you have a case against me go right ahead. I have the DVR recording and I will upload the video to prove it. The libel is coming from you for calling me a liar when you are in fact the one that is lying in this matter.

      • I don’t know what your goal is. Every heard the saying “Thou dost protest too much.” I think you are proving that I am not lying by the way you are so vehemently trying to discredit me. I am uploading the video as we speak.

  36. I really want Josh or Jessica to get kicked off. I really don’t like how the judges obviously favor them when they rarely aren’t the best.

  37. honest to goodness opinion…Hollie and Joshua should go home ….both are great singer tho but cant handle the competition now…Hollie sings the same as always while Joshua scream  and  keeps it boring for me,both are predictable….im not a  hater just my prediction ..peace!

    • Has anyone noticed that Joshua did not scream out the gospel style at all this week, yet people are still using the same  excuses in regard to him?  I am not a Joshua fan as I have said many times I do not like his gospel style of performing. But, I am open minded enough to see that his second performance was one of the best last night. Maybe it’s not Joshua who is “predictable” … But those who use the same, worn out lines against him who are. Just keeping it real.

      • Exactly. Steven Tyler and Freddie Mercury screamed through their whole careers and nobody minded. Here are some of the same tired worn lines : Joshua screams, Jessica is boring, Phillip always sounds the same.

        Annoying ….

      •  jojoandrada, how dare you say that FM screamed, if we was in a bar…I’d kick your stupid retarded posterior to the curb and then curby you.

      • @jojoandrada seriously..have you listened to Queen? Freddie Mercury never screamed!!! And there is a huge difference in when Steven Tyler did the rock and roll scream and when Joshua screams to just try and reach a note. You have totally lost any credibility you had on this board. Freddie Mercury a screamer? LOL

  38. of all the studio versions of these contestants, those that sound good are hollie, skylar, elise, and heejun. their voices are marketable in the radio, and in recording as well…

    voices of others aren’t that pleasing to the ears, especially those who screech, grunt, and shot..

    im a filipino but im not a big fan of jsanchez, she seems boring at times… (her song choices) except dance with my father and i will always love you.

  39. TMZ Reporting
    All AI contestants are using voice enhancement devices and Stephen Tyler let the cat out of the bag last night.

      • I can post the video to Youtube but don’t know if the moderators will let me post the link to the video. I have been posting here for the past 3-4 years and I am not going to come on hear and tell a blatant LIE!! Everyone who heard the live shows heard exactly what he said if they were paying attention. I will post the exact quote but unsure how I will get a video link to you. FlagEdit

    •  That’s a misnomer. I read the transcript and that is  not what he said. What he said was that the way that she (Skylar ) sang enhanced the outcome..

      • This is not true. I can post the video to Youtube but don’t know if the moderators will let me post the link to the video. I have been posting here for the past 3-4 years and I am not going to come on hear and tell a blatant LIE!! Everyone who heard the live shows heard exactly what he said if they were paying attention. I will post the exact quote but unsure how I will get a video link to you. 

  40. I hope Elise goes home tonite… I cannot stand her arrogance and her desire to set people up with songs that only she knows so when she sang with one of the contestants – Phillip – it was all about her – making Philip look bad to make her look good (which didn’t work).  She really needs to leave. 

    • I think how she talks is one matter some audiences could hate her. But she never dissed the judges. She just defended herself from the “expert” comments of these BS judges and I think that is not a catalyst of hate for me.

  41. American Idol role is for top vocals with top delivery as I see it.  Jessica has the vocals, but her delivery is boring and immature.  She is not the only “young” one, but she seems to have a “young” soul.   Song delivery takes “it”.  In my opinion, she does not have it…yet.  Phillip and Skylar have “it”

  42. I’d like to see Phillip Phillips go home asap.   I think he’s a boring singer!

  43. To be voted out in this exact order:

    Finals: Skylar and Jessica.

    Jessica: Season 11 AI Winner!

    •  No way, Judges are pushing the annoying non-str8 black boy and will rig the show so he wins

  44.  jessica sanchez she is the best wow wow only 16 yrs old she has a voice out of this world vote for her she the best .I look at american Idol because of her.Iwill buy her songs when she make it big I hope somebody will pick her up make her famous wow wow wow.

  45. A lot of fipinos are voting for jessica, is just because jessica sanches is their country people, she is not great, she sounds like Jennifer Hudson which I dont like at all… wake up AMERICANS vote for your country people do what this filipinos does …. STOP HYBERNATING AMERICANS…. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

    • Connie, this time, Filipinos and Mexicans unite for their contestant….and by the way, america is LOADED with these 2 nationalities, which by the way, is working hard. I remembered your comment in another link. Why do you hate asians? and most of all, Filipinos? Do you know that AMERICA is hated all over the world? So, please stop your being a racist…it doesnt help, and being a racist is way too ANCIENT!

      • So you call someone racist and then say that america is hated all over the world? How is that not racist? Take a look in the mirror and I think you will find the real racist.

    • Definitely you are a racist. And hey didn’t i hear you say you don’t like Jennifer Hudson (at all)? pathetic!  

      • Just because someone doesn’t like Jennifer hudsons style of singing does not make them a racist!

  46. The judges have been on Elise’s case for weeks now so I’m not surprised at her being eliminated tonite.  I think she’s great – she can sing anything.  Even she asked why they seemed to be picking on her – she asked Ryan was it because she’s older and they think she could take criticism easier than the others or what?  Every time the judges criticized her, it was another strike against her.  The voters listen to what the judges say no matter what everybody thinks, therefore I say she didn’t stand a chance because of their comments.  I don’t like the way they are trying to sway the vote.   That isn’t fair.  Nevertheless, I think Elise will do very well – she is a proven performer!   The wrong person left the show tonite.  

  47. I can’t imagine what they put a little shine on your voice could mean. But this IS Steven Tyler we’re talking about…

  48. I think Jessica will be going home next week.  The others will perform better than her on next wednesday.

  49. For me, the real competition begins after american idol contest. I have been watching american idol for the past years and think who were the winners and finalists who have sustainability to remain popular and have big hits in music industry. Unfortunately there are only very few. I have read so many opinions, bickerings, quarrels and arguments from the fans as to who deserve to win and who is not but the bottom line is these statements will die down because there will always be another american idol contest and new faces will come. Do you think the finalists now are only thinking to win the american idol title? Does it will also make them think after what will happen to them after american idol contest is done? How many of you remember all the finalists and winners of American idol for the past years? Where are they now? I bet only Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are the best american idol winners who are still so popular in the music industry and doing well. The rest? Where are they now? They may have  one or two single hits and then what? The finalists who are doing well until now are Chris Daugherty and Jennifer Hudson. Others might be doing well in country music and christian music in some places but not the whole United States.You see, the music industry is a fierce competition and only people with SINGING TALENT prosper and remain popular. Good looks and personality do not count much. People listen to music and do not bring pictures of the singers in their car stereo, ipods and computers. We listen with our ears and not with our eyes.

  50. Phillip Phillips will go home tonight; if he doesnt, something is terribly wrong. It should come down to Joshua and Hollie, with Josuha the victor. Jeesica is just too young. She needs to grow up a bit, then she’ll hit it big. She’s very talented. I imagine the posts about the others being jealous of her are from her 16 year old schoolmates.

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