American Idol 2012 Top 6 Week Ratings

American Idol 2012 Top 6

The American Idol 2012 ratings have continued to stumble with another drop in viewership this week for the Top 6 performances and results.

Wednesday night’s live performance show drew in 16.8 million viewers, a few hundred thousand less than the previous week’s 17 million viewers that same night. American Idol did still manage to grab a 4.8 share in the coveted 18-49 demographic which gives it the win of the night. Are more people switching to reading? There isn’t a new vampire + werewolves + young wizard novel series out is there?

Things didn’t get better for the American Idol 2012 season ratings on Thursday night. 14.8 million viewers tuned in to watch Elise Testone’s elimination compared to 15 million the week before. This time around Idol wasn’t strong enough to win the night and lost that title to CBS by just one tenth of a point in the 18-49 demo.

Ratings might be lower for American Idol, but as long as it continues to win or seriously challenge for the night’s win then we’ll be seeing lots more of Ryan Seacrest and company.




  1. I kinda agree more people are switching to reading……..It is on this site where followers and even haters of some finalists can interactive and exchange thoughts about them…It may be bitter or harsh sometimes but nonetheless it is an enjoyable interaction in the end. Hmmmmmmmmmmm hey Branden, American Idol may blame you for this LOL……..because a lot of us give focus to your update here everyday.

    • sorry “interact” and not interactive hehehe………….just loved reading some arguments or fighting here………this makes Branden’s site very alive and actively visited LOL………… 

  2. The stupidest thing with this American Idol thing is that the viewers actually think that they are BETTER assessors of talent than the judges. INCREDIBLY stupid. Listen to your betters America. Listen and learn. You have become arrogant and headstrong.

    Shut the f__k up and listen to those who have walked the talk. To those who totally know more than you do.

    After listening to them beyond the initial knee jerk indignation … VOTE.

    Don’t be spoiled headstrong brats. Heart and mind should tell you who is the next American Idol. Not just heart … not just mind.

     The truth is always SOMEwhere in the middle. It’s called the sweetspot.

    • Get off of your soapbox.  Who set you up as protocol monitor.  You must be a real treat to be around in everyday life.  Go find the definitions of overbearing, martinet, and authoritarian.  Then go watch What About Bob so you can identify with the Richard Dreyfuss character.

      • I’m a sweet guy actually.  I just can’t understand this attitude of being condescending and superior even if you’re obviously wrong.

        I also can’t understand why some people are bothered if SOMEBODY stands up to their arrogance and gives them a dose of their own medicine.

        Cause you see guys … people are no longer taking this kind of s__t.

        Haven’t you noticed?

      • jojoandrada
        “I just can’t understand this attitude of being condescending and superior even if you’re obviously wrong.”

        One of the funniest and most loaded sentences I have ever read.
        So…you didn’t notice that kettle was black. You my friend are a prince above all.

      • I call you Joshua HATER.

        Talent is talent. Joshua is without peer in American Idol EXCEPT (maybe)for … Jessica and Elise.

        The two competing in the FINALS is the only thing that MAKES sense in this competition (Jessica and Joshua).

        Listen to your betters dude. Steven Tyler of the Aero Smith (130 MILLION albums), JLO an A class artist, and Randy Jackson … 11 seasons JUDGE in American Idol tells us so.

        Don’t you dare, compare yourself to these three. You are CRAP.

        AMERICANS can be STUPIDLY arrogant. They forget that HUMILITY is an attribute, )long lost in america’s culture) that really MATTERS !

        Who the f__ck are you?

      • I call you Joshua HATER.

        Talent is talent. Joshua is without peer in American Idol EXCEPT (maybe)for … Jessica and Elise.

        The two competing in the FINALS is the only thing that MAKES sense in this competition (Jessica and Joshua).

        Listen to your betters dude. Steven Tyler of the Aero Smith (130 MILLION albums), JLO an A class artist, and Randy Jackson … 11 seasons JUDGE in American Idol tells us so.

        Don’t you dare, compare yourself to these three. You are CRAP.

        AMERICANS can be STUPIDLY arrogant. They forget that HUMILITY is an attribute, )long lost in america’s culture) that really MATTERS !

        Who the f__ck are you?

      • Jojo….
        Don’t you dare call us “stupidly arrogant american” just because we don’t agree with you, I gather you don’t live in this country or live illegally?What did the judges say that are insightful and unbiased or we do not know already?

        Keep your tone civil, will you?

      • jojoandrada: Calm down and take a deep breath  as you are being very silly.  For starters this is American Idol, an entertainment show on TV, which is largely watched by teenagers. For the most part the format of the show is to promote frivolous pop music and  add a little fun at the end of a long boring day at school or work. This isn’t a political news program or something that has any real relevance it simply provides a little escapism. It’s not bringing to light any real injustices to people within America or abroad for that matter. It’s not dealing with corruption, drugs, crime, prostitution, or hunger, it’s a show about pop music. The digs are not directed at Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi or the Dali Lama they are directed at the likes of Steven Tyler. Let’s not take it so serious that you have to start thowing insults at other nations. In other words, get a grip.

      • jojoandrada
        I’m proud to be a stupid American as you call us. I even more prouder of how much we have helped the Pinoy people since the beginning of our nation. So is that what you think makes us stupid?

    •  Hey Jojo,

      How much are the judges paying you?

      Next time think slower than your fingers so you can make some sense
      into what you are saying, or perhaps maybe you should let your fingers do the thinking instead 😀   😀   😀

      • Actually … free of charge . 

        They don’t have to pay me because I feel I have to react to these knee jerk, unfair reactions I see in this blog. WTF … can’t americans WAIT for a couple of seconds before they eject BILE?Holy COW !

    • Why TF can’t I reply to some of those who replied to my POST? I have said some very unsavory things about americans where American Idol is concerned … guess what … I’m not taking it back !!!

      At least … for some guys … Taymaro, James. Deymd these two.

      The rest … sorry guys … there are some IDIOTS who had it coming. BUT generally … filipinos appreciate America. More than the spaniards at least.

      BUT, undersand this .. we love those who treat us fair. Otherwise …

      Cheers !

      • James and Taymaro, finally, you have a taste of your own medicine!!   You found a match tougher than you are! ha, ha ha ha!  Go Jojo! 

    • James and Taymaro, finally, you have a taste of your own medicine!!   You found a match tougher than you are! ha, ha ha ha!  Go Jojo! 

    • jojoandrada
      You don’t understand Americans. We don’t need a panel of judges to tell us what we like and don’t like. As Americans we express our opinions because we are used to having freedom, something you seem to not understand.

      I served in the military as did almost every generation of my family (including fighting for the liberation of the Philippines from Japan) and that gives me the right and freedom to say what my opinion is.

      You get so upset over the expression of my opinion, apparently there is something in your mental state that makes you extremely defensive instead of just seeing it for what it is. You need help…it’s just opinions about a TV show.

      • James … I refuse to believe that the average american is anything like you. I think you are in the dregs. As for fighting the Japanese during world war 2 to liberate us … WE WERE ALLIES YOU DORK !

  3. I quit watching because the show has changed considerably.  I live on the WestCoast and just read this site, I know who was eliminated 2hours before I would have if I watch then I can watch something else.  The show is not that entertaining thisyear.  The judges have pretty much determined who will will.  I really do not have a favorite so it is of no interestto me.  This site is far more entertaining than the show.  You get some very passionate characters writing on this site.

  4. The logic..

    Bets (eliminated) – Fans (lost interest in watching AI) and so on and so forth…

    They’ll come back on the finals night…(or at least Top 3)

  5. Somewhat prefer reading because of the entertainment I get… Bashing or not, fair or unfair, to me, it doesn’t matter because its VERY intertaining Lol!!! Noticed already more & more people visits this blog because of the entertainment they are getting, how ridiculous people get/how way too opinionated they get/how mean & hateful they can be/how pushy one person can get, but at the end of the day still very entertaining «(°¡°)» lol

  6.  I still love the show and don’t think I’ll ever stop watching it no matter who people vote for. 
    I watch the show more for the performances then the drama, though of
    course some drama never hurt anyone either, haha  I think this year is
    great in terms of talent and that what I want to see!  They even sing
    great together.  I remember last year when they send as a group on
    elimination day it was horrid!  This year they are able to pull it off
    way better!  The harmonies are awesome. As far as the judges go, as
    knowledgeable as they may be, they do not provide much insight, they
    tend to like everyone almost all of the time, except for Holly and Elise
    of course.  I just started too tune them out lately.  I don’t think they provide constructive criticism. 
    Most of the time they are too nice and super vague about what it is the
    contestants should do better.  Jimmy is the only one who gives it to the
    contestants like it is, I almost always agree with him. 

    • When Jimmy critiques the contestants heis honest, I almost always agree with him.  He is the closest thing to Simon Cowell on the show.  All of the “You know I love you baby” and “In it to win it” really is ridiculous, but is entertaining.   It is unfortunate that every season there is/are  1 or 2 contestants that the judges just do not like.  When this happens then the fans tend to give the sympathy vote to those folks.   The judges should be critiqueing honestly and not show their favoritism.  Again, I do not have a favorite and I do not vote.  They are all very talented young people and will all do very well.

  7. I will finish watching this year, may not watch next year. The judges are keeping Joshua in by giving him undeserving standing ovations and Jimmy Levine keeps saying how great he is. I don’t see it ,he is good but he screams a lot . They give him an unfair advantage with all the (I believe) phony compliments so he doesn’t get voted off. My friends who watch feel the same way. If he wins. I will not watch next year!

    • Rigged VOTING? Can you prove that? If you can’t then SHUT UP! Fucking … rumor mongers … HUUUUH !

      • To Dina and Kae —- the issue with the internet is that it has ALWAYS been lax where ACCOUNTABILITY is concerned. People can spew BILE without any risk of being made accountable for it. You feel safe NOW … because there’s a very large probability that you can get away with IRRESPONSIBLE statements that you make … but, I hope this changes. AND people like JAMES are put to task for the trash he contributes for the WEB. 

      • I was just trying to give a possible explanation for the ratings drop. Christians watch TV too ya know!

      • HEY JOJOANDRADA…huh, it’s a hard name….
        listen here, how can, jennifer hudson,..james durbin,.pia toscano,..latoya london…colton dixon and jessica sanchez (SAVED) …get eliminated…and how can adam lambert and david archuleta doesn’t win american idol!!…i’m sure it was rigged….last year…the producer want teenager that can sing country won…FINAL: LAUREN ALAINA AND SCOOTY-both TEENAGERS, singing COUNTRY….
        and why KELLY CLARKSON NEVER says about american idol when she’s won grammys……..because she’s knew it was rigged…


  8. I think the devout Christian viewers are done with American Idol this season. 

    I think people are indeed getting tired of the show pimping certain contestants over others.

    Some Christians would have stuck it out and voted for Skylar but for the tattoo. Some devoted religious people frown on that. Especially on a girl. I think that was the purpose of revealing it in the first place. I think they are afraid Skylar will knock Jessica out of the win. 

    It’s getting warmer and nicer weather out and people are not staying indoors and watching TV as much. 

    Spring break means vacations and not AI watching. 

    All of these reasons make sense to me. What about you?

    • I see your point regarding the tattoos.  I think in past seasons they’ve hurt some of the singers i.e. Carly Smithson and the girl that had an entire arm sleeve of ink.  With Colton gone and Skylar having tats and being so butch [they like their southern girls to “Keep sweet”] there’s not much left for them to watch.  Another turn off would be some of the acts they’ve booked for results nights.   Then there’s the rest of the pack.  Hollie lives in Texas, but she’s a Brit.  Elise lives in N.C., but she’s a yankee.  Joshua is southern and a Baptist, so he’ll get quite a bit of the southern vote.  P2 is southern, but weird even by southern standards.  Which leaves Jessica who offers little or nothing to a southern audience.  Nice girl, pretty voice and no common bond with all things southern except that her dad is military.  JMO

      • LOL…so there’s a different standard for “weird” in the south? I like your post and you explained it much better than I could have. I’m amused at “weird even by southern standards”. NC native here….LMAO. I’m not offended though. I slightly agree with you.

      • @Taymaro:disqus I am glad you didn’t take offense.  I have family in Asheville and have spent several summers there over the years.   My remark about P2 was referring the southern way of politely overlooking an individual’s idiosyncrasies.  

      • The voters are pretty much preteen girls. Doubt if they care about a yankee in N. C. but thanks for psychoanalyzing the show. I had the feeling Skylar would get voted off tonight. She really didn’t sing that good yesterday, she seemed kind of self conscience. If you ask me the messy room and gross cereal in the bathroom were undoing.

    • IMO you are one of those people who are way to opinionated, why you do it? Most probably because your idol(s) is/are already eliminated but beyond from that, I wouldn’t even second guess your motive…
      But to me, no matter how much you try to make your point the “matter-of-fact”, still don’t believe you…
      All i see is bitterness (which you don’t hide it anyway) and even this is only a TV show, can’t give you any credit to your assumptions.
      Again, my own personal opinion lol

      • I totally stayed on topic. The topic was ratings and that is what I was addressing. Yes some personal opinion thrown in but that is what this forum is all about.

      • Of course there’s nothing wrong at all voicing out your opinion and definitely not hindering you from doing it, everybody do it and that includes me…
        Well I guess what bothers “ME” the most is how you delivered your thoughts, like what you are saying is the “FACT” but if that makes you happy then do it «(°o°)» lol
        Again just my personal opinion

      • Taymaro is a dork. Simple. His objective is to screw with people. HE HAS ACTUALLY ADMITTED THAT TO ONE OF THE OTHER BLOGGER’S HERE.

        Deny that Taymaro and I will POST the f__cking link.

      • Yes, too opinionated and so annoying!!! He and his friend James don’t think before they say things…so judgmental! judging others based on their feelings/sentiments! very lady-like! lol  

    • Some but not all devout Christian viewers stop watching AI. Phillip’s girlfriend is a devout Christian and from what I gather on the Internet, her dad is a pastor. They form a strong support group from the South for him, some of Colton’s fan are among them now.

      No, I’m not from the South, live in the Northeast all my life.

      • I didn’t mean to imply that ALL devout Christians stopped viewing. Just enough to affect the ratings negatively. 

        I also wasn’t saying you are not devout if you still watch. I was just giving possible explanations for the drop.

      • Ok, my misunderstanding. I did not know Phillip also has a Christian support group until recently.

    • Doesn’t make sense to me at all. I’m a devout Christian and I don’t give a damn about the contestant’s religion, as long as they have talented.

      • First of all you aren’t setting a very good example for other people by swearing and also I don’t think you quite grasp the meaning of the word “devout”. 

        It’s statements like these that causes a negative reaction to the word Christian. I don’t doubt that you are a Christian but maybe some people should just keep it to themselves.

    •  Taymaro, religion is a very sensitive topic and if I were you I would have given it much thought before giving us the impression that you are up to no good……btw, did you perhaps put up a poll or survey to prove your claim? Always base your assumption on facts. I recommend a healthy spring break for you.

      • What is wrong with you morons? I was just saying this might be the reason the ratings have dropped. I was commenting on the topic of the post. What is the big deal here. I didn’t insult anyone or make any ridiculous remarks. Plus it’s only one of 5 possible reasons that I gave that ratings were down. Plus I began it all with the words “I think” which means it’s opinion and not etched in stone or anything. There is nothing in this post to get your panties in a wad about. 

        It just shows some people will argue about anything. Chill out already! I am not going to defend myself against absolutely nothing!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I have tried to play nice. I have said  that PP makes all songs his own … and he does. I have said that Joshua’s vocal prowess rivals and might exceed Jessica’s, I have said that Elise’s virtuosity brings her at par with Jessica and Joshua … BUT … I will no longer accept CHEAP shots brought to bear on who I believe should win this contest.

    You see, it’s ONE thing to praise … and another to deride, but to bring down a talent via innuendo and mis-information is totally unacceptable.

    Taymaro … James … sc__w you.

    You should be banned.

    • @jojoandrada:disqus Actually, I’m pretty sure that if Matt put up a poll for us to vote on who should be banned, you’d be the clear winner.

      • Yeeah … probably but let’s see. 

        In my opinion, Matt will see Taymaro and James as anti – american idol whereas I love the show without any reservations. What do you think?

        Anyways … whatever happens … it’s not a really big issue with me. Can’t force people to think my way right ???

      • jojoandrada, actually Matt and Brandon are in agreement with many of my positions, including disliking the inappropriate behavior of Judges.

        I would never propose or want people like you and Robertomkat banned from the site because having the freedom to express one’s opinion is what America is all about. You may love AI, but you don’t believe in freedom which is what America is all about, so you must hate America. It was Hitler and his gang who were into banning people’s opinion.  Maybe you and Robertomkat should use the swastika as your avatars.I love having people like you on this site, it would be boring as hell not to have a con point to argue against.

        I would also say after living in Pinoy culture for 10 years, most Pinoys would be ashamed that you want to ban others opinions rather than counter them with engagement, the normal Pinoy way.

    • I hate these two!! So immature! No respect to other preferences other people make….As if they’re the only people on this earth.

    • I like you Jojo, you’re so eloquent!! I know i can give good arguments… but my English is limited. If only i am as good as you, i will post more  comments here to reprove these two guys who would never stop complaining and insulting other people that have preference for other type of music, really annoying!      

      • Taymaro and James are the type of bloggers we can label as internet BULLIES. They want to appear smart and knowledgable but in truth, they only manage to appear bigotted.

        These kind of bloggers never see the GOOD in anything. They seek to cement their dominance by derision. They are commonly referred to, in the web as DESTROYERS and HATERS.

        Or cyber bullies … take your pick.

    •  Dudes
      jojo & Rtomkat
      I can’t say it enough, get help ….this is a TV show, you have mental problems and they have meds that can help you with your problems.

      Please seek out help

  10. IN MY OPINION…american idol ratings down because colton dixon was voted off……….I THINK SO…

    • When TWO shows … the voice and the x factor … appears from nowhere, you necessarily LOSE audience share … PERIOD. This happens even if you are still the best.

      It’s called … LIFE.

      Colton Dixon is a mere footnote to the American Idol story.

      • YES OF COURSE..but not 100% american idol ratings down because of the voice and x factor…you want PROOF….when colton dixon get eliminated…many people said ” i don’t want to watch the show….the show is joke to me….how can colton dixon  get voted off “….u can check COLTON DIXON FB,…TWITTER…OR IN THIS WEB….CHECK!!CHECK!!!CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHECKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and then reply to me…

      • Two team CD (now P2)  – sure … I saw a few. Accent on the word ‘few’. I have replied to you … thus.

         When a contestant is evicted (even a popular one), their fans will still watch the show beyond the eviction of their personal idol … because they NEED to see who eventually wins.

        If you ask me why … it’s because, since they started it (watching the show) they need to see how it all ENDS.

        Common sense that ….

      • @jojoandrada:disqus …..okay…the conclusion is….the reason why american idol ratings down because the contestant was voted off and because most people moved to the voice and x factor show….DONE…EASY RIGHT…HUH….

  11. There isn’t a new vampire + werewolves + young wizard novel series out is there? 
    I don’t think its that genre but an erotic one…i heard from a batch mate this Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

  12. Some viewers from the west coast likes to check on here and whenever they find that their favorites are save moved and do something else…

  13. One might note that in all the years Idol has been on the air, Ryan & the judges have always encouraged voters to vote for their favorites.  It has never been a talent show it is a popularity show with people that can sometimes sing.  In tune even.  More often than not, winner’s are dropped from their label within months of winning.  Very few have actually ‘made it’, and you don’t have to be a winner to ‘make it’ either. 
    This is merely a stepping stone to get noticed.  Whether you are Carrie Underwood or William Hung.  Or the dude who sang the pull your pants up song.    Many contestants, even those who auditioned and whose auditions were aired still retain some kind of crazy notarity … 15 minutes of fame can go a long way if you are savvy enough to exploit it. 
    I voted for my favorites all along.  If my favorite got voted off sometimes I switched my vote over to someone whom I thought was okay enough to vote for.  I have often gone to the tour shows as well.
    This season for me has been very dissappointing.  No one for me is a clear winner.  There are strong points to be made, and weak ones a well.  I do not think anyone has been consistent. 
    I would say (my opinion only) the reason the ratings are dropping totally reflects the season’s contestants and they way they are judged.  Jimmy Iovine is the only one I see keeping it real.  The show truly misses Simon.

    • I disagree about Simon [I’ll never forgive him for the way he treated Siobhan].  But, I agree about this year’s contestants.  There is no real “Star”.  It will take a long time to find another Adam Lambert.

      • Right on templar, they’ll never find another Adam Lambert, saw him on Jimmy Kimmel the other night, he was phenomenal, I always said he was too good for American Idol

      • adam is the most amazing talent to come out of idol.  i watched all his season performances for the umpteenth time yesterday and no one of late has come close.  he was star quality from the beginning and only keeps getting better.  this season’s contestants can’t compete

    • I’m sorry … but Simon … does not have the talent to nurture. He screws up people with his insensitive words. He destroys esteem. There are ways to express a singer’s deficiencies beyond calling that person a ‘karaoke’ singer.

      I say screw Simon if that is his idea of hosting a sing contest show. He plays to the audience exclusively.  He doesn’t CARE one whit of sh__t  about the contestant BECAUSE WHY?

      He pays 5 to 8 million dollars to his parampours when they split up … but beond that? Nada !

      He was never a talent. He’s in it for the money and the prestige. Nothing else.

      Who is Simon?

  14. I feel the judges suck this year, they love everything, I dont just mean this week I am talking about the whole season. Alot of songs were awfull week to week and the say how great they are. especialy josh. The save night was a total scam. I guess all Im saying is they are way too easy

  15. gotta agree Queen night was awsome so was the opening song on thurs night I would pay to see their concert

  16. I do not watch all the time anymore because I cannot stand the judges…Steven is ok, but Randy and JLo??? They should be put out to pasture especially Randy…negative comments, trying to get people to vote for Joshua or Jessica..that is why, not only me, but lots of people in my area have stopped watching it all together or just tivo it and watch the kids singing and skip all the comments by the judges. Next year, get a whole new set of judges, and see how your ratings will change. Think the kids this year are good, but no clear winner like other years..although Lambert, Doughtry did not win either…love the kids, do not like the judges, but still love Ryan..he is a class act.

    • Yep, I do the same, record the show on DVR, then skip over the commercials and the judges’ comments–esp. JLo and Randy.  The contestants are great, Ryan is classy, Jimmy is spot on.  I don’t watch the results shows any more, just read the results here.  Have been disappointed in the performances of Haley, James Durbin, Jennifer Hudson, LMAO, etc., and don’t like to watch as the kids are tortured as the reading of results is dragged out.  Just my opinion. 

  17. with eloise gone skylar is the best performer left. joshua belongs ina choir, holly is still to young and scared on stage, jessica has a beautiful voice but stiff as a performer,ph-ph i cant understand a thing he growls out, skylar is a future star as she is relaxed and has fun on stage, she gets the crowd involved, she is a true performer

    • Yeah, Skylar reminds me — a little bit — of Gretchen “I’m Here for the Party” Wilson.

  18. I am  so tired of these judges,some of their comments, are so off the wall.Let us deside who we like and who we don’t. After all how many CD’s will they buy.I am tired of having Jessica shoved at me.I would not buy her CD anyway.Get real, it is the people who vote! Don’t call it American Idol,if we can’t vote for who we want,with out your telling us who to vote for.

  19. They say that CBS has beaten out Idol.  The reality is that people Tivo (DVR?) both of them and watch both of them.  Have the powers that be figured out how to factor that into their calculations?

  20. Josh is not good. I do not get why the judges like him. He just screams, not a singer. Jessica is the real deal!!!!!

  21. why are you guys fighting. but it makes an interesting read. just go on then, it takes away my boredom! LOL!

  22. Five of them were deserving to get the title of being the 2012 AMERICAN IDOL but we can only choose one of the top five….Judges in my own openion i want Jessica Sanchez will win this year.

  23. To Reply to RedBird:  

    It was indeed very fun to watch the  6 contestants teasing each others  in the last week show.    They were NOT backstabbing each other,  they were instructed to tease each other in a nice way.    I think they did a great job, and they were great actors/actresses too………  I thoroughly enjoyed their jokes.    Hollie said how messy Josh’s room was , and Josh said how messy her room was………….Did you see their rooms  ???   LOL

    I just love them all !!!!   Hahaha……..  I believe they are good friends.


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