American Idol 2012 Top 7: Who Goes Home Tonight? – Updated

American Idol 2012 Top 7 elimination

Find out who went home tonight on American Idol 2012. Ready for a shocker??

American Idol tonight will reveal who earned the fewest votes and will be sent home, unless the Judges’ Save is put in to play. The competition was tight last night and this won’t be an easy elimination to predict. As usual, I’ll go to our poll for your unofficial voting results and we’ll see who could be going home tonight on American Idol 2012.

The standout leader is in our poll is Jessica Sanchez again this week, but keep in mind that our poll is open to all visitors from around the globe while the official voting will be limited to those in the US. Either way I don’t think she’s in any danger of going home, even if DialIdol has Jessica in their bottom 3 for phone votes this week. Joining Jessica in the “safe zone” should be Colton Dixon. He’s continued to climb the ranks and his performance of “Love The Way You Lie” was the second most watched YouTube clip from the official American Idol YT account.

The votes in our poll this week are the closest I can remember seeing for an even distribution outside Sanchez’s outlier data point. At the time of writing this there are four singers holding 9% with another at 10% and the last at 8%. Like I said, it’s a tight competition this week. With that in mind, the “most likely safe” singers for this week are Elise Testone and Joshua Ledet. While I think all the singers had a relatively strong night yesterday, these two have been proving themselves more and more each week. That earns them my expectation of safety.

With those four singers above out of the “danger zone” that leaves us with the potential for a “shocker” tonight. No, I don’t think it’ll be a “shocking” elimination, but we may get a surprise with Phillip Phillips in the Bottom 3. Then again, his WGWG status could easily save him from that and bring down one of my “most likely safe” singers. In that case I’d have to flip Phillip for Joshua since Elise had the pimp-spot last night. Either way, joining that singer will most likely be Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh to form the Bottom 3 on American Idol 2012 tonight.

I think we’ve seen this coming for awhile, but Hollie is who I’m expecting to be left standing when Ryan Seacrest reveals the votes. The judges have been routinely harsh on her (even Nigel went to Twitter last night to disagree with their words to Hollie) and she’s faced the Bottom 3 for the past two weeks. If Hollie is pushed to sing for her life I don’t think the judges will use their coveted Save to offer her a week’s reprieve. This is likely the end of the road for Hollie Cavanagh on American Idol 2012.

What are you expecting tonight for the American Idol results?

Update: Reader OzbilEge alerted us that Ryan Seacrest just announced on twitter that we’ll have a “shocking” result tonight on American Idol. Could it be the “Phillips in Bottom 3” scenario I mentioned? Here’s his message:

Hmm. What do you think it will be?




  1. I have a feeling that the judges will use their save and a very surprising bottom 3.. (phil’s performance wasn’t his best so he might end up in the bottom)

    My top 6: Colton, Sklar, Jessica, Joshua, Phil, Hollie

    But i think its Hollie that will be eliminated

    • I think Hollie is good, but probably the lowest on totem pole now.  Jimmy is right that she’s got the voice, but lacks experience.  She comes off a little stiff and is sometimes a bit pitchy.  Her and Jessica have similar range and power, but you can just tell that Jessica has been doing this a LOT longer.

      I wish she had been cut like Colton was last year, and had a year to mature and come back next season.  Look at what a difference that made with Colton.

      • I love Hollie, and if she is eliminated tonight I don’t think she will be back next year.  This is her 2nd year. Remember she was at idol last year and got eliminated.  She could have done so many practice last year before coming back.

      • what is pitchy?  Steven Tyler is pitchy for crying out loud…..Hollie can sing!

  2. Wow that poll is crazy close. The majority are within a spread of only 2 points… Crazy! I am really looking forward to tonight’s show. I think P2 will be in the bottom 3 (not going home though) & I wonder how that will effect his future performances. Do y’all think he will diversify and try to branch out a little next week if he is sitting on one of the three stools tonight?

    • I think the polls are close. Because all the performers are somewhat close. Not stinkers lingering on longer than they should, like in seasons past. And no Adam Lambert, Haley Rhienhart top guns either. Make for close compitition.

  3. In my viewpoint, Elise was BY FAR the best performer this week. She out did her Led Zeppelin perfprmance a couple weeks back. For the first time, I cand say she was as good as Haley Rienhart, from last season. Yet, I here we may lose her soon, as her fan base is not that big.

    My thoughts on who shouls be in the top three are”
    1-Elise (see above)
    2- Hollie (I actually liked her perfomace this week)
    3- Colton (his best performance to date)

    My bottom 3 are:

    1- Skylar (last week being the exception, her voice just is not, nor has it ever been that good)
    2- Phillip (people are starting to see he is very repetive)
    3- Joshua or Jessica (great singers both, but I am never moved on a emmotional level by them)

    That said. I think the ones most likely to be voted off is Hollie Elise or Joshua. As they have the smallest fan base.

      • Actually, Elise is starting to become my favorite. But, my favorite can change on any given week. And has many times. As I am not the sort of fan who blindly votes for the same person, each and every week, no matter how the performmance was. As that would be mind numbing boring for me.

    • This is being said out of respect, cuz I think Elise is good.  I don’t think she’s as good as Haley though.  

      On your rankings, I think that this year is close enough that no matter how ya rank em, you’re right.  I think it’s more a case of what styles do ya like.  My 2 favorites are Hollie and Skylar.  At the same time, a case can be made for Elise, Colton, Phillip, Jessica, or Joshua.  

      It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out. 

      • Haley was aswome last season. Other people have compared her, talant-wise to Elise this season. I have not … until this week. And I admit, one awsome week does not come close to matching Haley’s consistancy that she had week after week. But, Elise was in Haleys zone this week, in my viewpoint.

    • sorry , your thought will not happen, top 3 will be Colton, Phil and Jessica…Joshua is doing good lately , maybe he could steal one of the spot but lets see..but for sure  this is according to what will happen, Hollie will go home tonight, to follow is Elise then Skylar, the certified favorite in bottom 3 . 

    • After seeing the poll results, the site you posted (including dial idol data), and other forums, I don’t think Hollie will go home. This pleases me to no end!
      I like Elise very much, but based on the numbers I think she has a decent chance of going home. Josh does as well. I think Hollie will be bottom 3, but not going home.
      Elise going home might not be a bad thing because she has made a great impact on people and I have no doubt she will be offered a record deal. She doesn’t need this win. That said, I will be sad to see her go.
      Josh can go and I won’t really miss him. His music just isn’t my style. I do think that if it is either of these two going home, the save will be used. Basically the save will be used on anyone except Hollie.

      • DialIdol is the 900 lb guerilla of Idol predictions. I just can’t buy Jessica in the bottom 3. She is just way too popular. Just a week ago DI had her at the very top. PoC’s SMI did too and it likes Jessica just as much this week. We’ll see.

    • Dialidol is good??? Before they predicted Eban as their number one… Then it’s Shannon ,,, then it’s Hollie…. Look what happened to all of these….. Every week they keep on predicting Jessica in the bottom 3…. They’re so accurate right??

      • I didn’t say they were the best, just the biggest. And long term they have been pretty good. I think SMI can be better though.

  4. Skylar redefined the WGWG(White Girl With a Guitar) status last night. She did a good job but even with a new definition I don’t think a WGWG is gonna win this year. Maybe a WGWP(White Guy with a Piano) or a F-H/AWM(Filipna-Hispanic/American with a Microphone). 

    No shocking elimination tonight. I hope the judges never use the save this year.

  5. I think Hollie is one of the better singers this  year and am hoping she makes it to the final three. I really have no other favorites in the Idol this year.

  6. u know what ive liked Philips almost since  day one BUT  com’n he is in
    danger he should do sth that surprise us that reallly really explode

    i think the person should go home is Hollie and they will not save her but anyone except her and skylar they will save…

    and i don’t know why they insist on saying that Colton & Skylar are
    dating!!!!!!!!!!! A heart and these 2  in it??!!!!!what they want to
    make out of it!!!!!SoOoO annoying

    & im telling ya this season we have no  Hot and beautiful girl
    there! i think it will continue till JLo is on the show!!!cause she is
    so jealous of beautiful girls!!!!!!!

      •  holie has a nice voice, i think keep her as top 5.we don’t like Jessica ,she is monoton singer keep on shouting when she is singing.don.t let her be an american idol, boring to see her singing

    • I agree Cory. To me, Holly is better than Jessica. Holly’s voice is smoother and just flows. Jessica is more flashy and the judges like that. I don’t think they judge on voices anymore. They haven’t said one nice thing about Holly. It really irks me.

      • thats because they want Hollie to win,bashed her so many people vote and bring her to the top.Jessica and Hollie are both gifted and are two unique individaul-no comparison please

      • U r wroooooong!!!!! Holly don’t sing at all. Every week she is in the bottom. U r just JEALOUS THAT JESSICA IS SO GOOOOOD AND TAAAAALENTEEED!!!!!

  7. Hollie, Elise & Skylar will be the bottom three.  Hollie will go.  The save will not be used.  Philip in the bottom 3??  I doubt that.  Jessica was off last night, with Colton shining brightly.  Not sure what the judges were listening to – maybe all that screaming caused them to miss things!!!

  8. My favorites in order

    1. Hollie
    2. Colton
    3. Skylar
    4. Philip
    5. Jessica
    6. Elise
    7. Joshua

    Preditions for tonight
    Bottom 3: Hollie, Skylar, Joshua
    Going home: probably Hollie… 🙁

    Only reason why is cause its ovious who the judges want in the finale Josh and Jess, Josh and Jess. It seems like their the only 2 they really care about even though neither of them are really good in my opinion. Id much rather see Hollie and Colton in the finale! Even though i doubt that will happen just because of the judges. Ever since this season, ive lost respect for these judges, and we need new, fair ones. If this doesnt change soon, i might stop watching it!!

    • well, u saying jessica is not good? and u think hollie is good? nice opinion angela. go home with hollie tonight, hahaha

      • Laugh at her all you want.  She likes who she wants and doesn’t follow the crowd like most teenagers whom I highly suspect you are.  Gota pic of Jess on your wall yet?  Thanks 2 being true to yourself Angela. 

    • I respect your opinion, and I hope that Hollie will get a record when she gets eliminated.  We all know that Jessica has been consistent since audition.  I love Hollie and all of them.  I am sure all of them wants to have a career after this show and they should individually perform how they want to perform.  I am just happy that we have Jessica at Idol and its so amazing seeing her perfrom on stage.  By the wy I voted for Hollie too last night because she did great better than past few weeks.  Oh by the way Jazmine Sullivan tweeted Jessica and said that she was honored J sanchez chose her song and she killed it!!!!   GO JESSICA!!!!  Thank you Jazmine S> Both are JS…..mmmmm

    • I’m responding to u, bc ur post is so different than everybody’s elses.  You think as an individual and don’t follow the masses.  Not that I am an expert, obviously, but I truly, truly think Colton will be in the finals.  I’m with you that they very much are kissing Jessica’s butt, BUT, Idol wants a chick and the girl can sing ok.  So who knows, even with the AH judges, one of your favs might win!

  9. Phillips may have a scare but will end up winning the competition. Soon people will get tired of the so called big voices.  To many times they can’t sing the song for the entire three minutes and try to scream the final notes.

    • The problem with Phillips is that he only has one persona when he sings – that of an angry man.  Don’t get me wrong, I really think he’s very talented.  However as a performer, he appears to have limited scope.  It would be very tiresome seeing a concert of nothing but angry man.  He needs to mix it up a bit I think.

      • Mary I’ve no doubt he’s real – just that all I see of him, week in week out, is a big vein about to pop on his forehead.  He sings angry.  I want to see a softer side to him, or a fun side.  The intensity is fine, as long as it’s flanked by the softer extremes.  

  10. I think it’ll be Hollie.  I hope not, cuz her & Skylar are my favs.   At the same time, ya can’t reall go wrong w/ any of em.  They’re all good.  I’d say this is the deepest 7 of all time.  There isn’t the top level talent of a Haley, Adam, Allison, etc, but I think it’s the deepest of all.

    Off the subject a bit, Elise.  She’s now done 2 songs that were done by Haley.  Both times Elise did well, but fell a bit short of what Haley did.   Yet the judges are propping Elise (which I’m glad they are, she is doing well) & dogged Haley last year. 

    My wish is it would be Jennifer Blowpez going home.  I know it’s not going to happen, but I wish she’d go be fake somewhere else.

    • I’m convinced that J-Lo wants a latino winner this year. And Hollie is Jessica’s biggest competition, so unfortunately she has to go.  I think Hollie is a beautiful singer and has been treated unfairly by the judges. They want her off the show. What a shame.

  11. and Ryan reveals that there is a SHOCKING result tonight on twitter! I wonder who it will be… Skylar? Josh? Maybe..

      • They r all looking good .my fav is philip and a few others ..i just wish the judges wouldnt be so hard on hollie ..and for some reason i just do not like elisa ..just my opinion

      • Shocking could just be P2 or BBChez in the bottom 3 — doesn’t mean someone shocking goes home.

        Then again when he said that last year was when we lost Pia….who knows!

      • Really, any of them going from this point in is a shock isn’t it?  It’s a very strong batch this year and any one of them could potentially go all the way.  Hollie has the vocals, just not the experience.  Some of her early nights were outstanding and this could have gained her a large supporter base that is carrying her through.  

    • if you are right..idol will have the lowest ratings next week…don’t count on the judges letting him go just yet.  i doubt he would have the lowest votes..but the judges are trying their best to get him in the bottom three to generate some buzz…jlo only talent is running her voice thru the latest technology..thats why she liked heejun and deandre..she is tone deaf and talent blind.

      • Don’t believe everyone JLo claims she would have saved.  She’s a phony.  She’s team Jessica all the way.  BTW, Idol ratings won’t be low next week no matter what.  If people have watched it this far, they won’t stop, even if God forbid Jessica left, not that she’s going to.  Controversy is what makes the show popular.  Seacrest says it may be a surprise whose leaving…I guess that’s why it won’t be Hollie, cuz that wouldn’t be a surprise.  Skylar or Josh. Who knows…it’s almost over.

    • There’s a chance doll, but so could Jessica..HAHAHAHA.  Have you ever heard of the save.  If there is a God and he/she is listening, Miss Hollie is going home…geez I don’t think her nerves could take another week.

  12. Tina, she’s right! Jessica is not ready for prime time. I don’t understand the infatuation with her! She’s a 16 year old choir girl. Until she gets out of her comfort zone she will remain boring, bland, and predictable! She needs to break out with a rock anthem. I gather she had fans from the get go but please demand more of her!

  13. Ryan’s Twitter post suggests someone will be in the bottom who hasn’t been there before, meaning it wouldn’t be shocking if Hollie, Elise, Joshua or Skylar lands there. That leaves either Colton, Jessica or Phil visiting the stools for the first time.  So I think the bottom 3 tonight will be:  Colton, Elise and Hollie.  I thought Colton was terrible last night and completely forgettable compared to the other singers (which may be why so many checked out his youtube video).  It seems he barely opens his mouth, leading to slurred enunciation. And really, I don’t see the attraction…I think Phil is head and shoulders above Colton in the looks department.  I like Elise on and off, but I don’t believe she has a large fan base and at this stage, someone has to be in the bottom 3.  Poor Hollie has been unfairly criticized by the judges.  I thought she did a wonderful job last night and has a beautiful, powerful voice.  I was moved by her performance.  Unfortunately, 2 weeks running in the bottom 3 does not bode well.  As I said, someone has to be in the bottom, and at this stage everyone who lands there is a favorite or they wouldn’t have lasted this long. Sadly, I think Hollie will go home, and the judges won’t save her.  We shall see.

  14. Who entertained you last night?  Who held your attention?

    To me that was Joshua, Elise, and Colton (even though I’m not a Colton fan)…

    I liked Skylar but thought the guitar actually was a distraction for her…..

    Phillip was good — I think he’s getting way too much critque for being boring — he’s talented and did a good job — but he’s P2 —

    Holly and Jessica were kind of boring — but they usually are to me……both have good voices though……

  15. My favorite is Hollie, I just love her tone.    I like Skylar too she sings with such conviction.  Jessica can sing but I don’t ever feel moved or touched with emotion when she sings.   Phillip is getting boring.  Josh is just not my cup of tea.   I like Elise too but I don’t hink she will win.

    • Agree with all but your comment re P2–he, Hollie and Skylar are my favorites.  Agree re Jessica, Josh and Elise.

    • i think the proper term for Phil is bored..not boring.  he is out of water, surrounded by unreal hollywood types…randy jackson and jlo are boring…steven just an old man trying to hold on to his long dead youth…

      • You found the words that I’ve been searching for.  The guy is surrounded by the the glitter and hoopla.  He’s just a boy with his guitar.  Hopefully someone who actually knows musical talent will hear him and seek him out.  I’ve always like the quiet boy in the back of the room…and that’s Phillip.  What a sweetie.  He touched my heart.

  16. If Skylar is the going home the judges will save her. Hollie after the way they treated her won’t. Phillip they will not save because he is boring now to the judges. JLo even kind of warned him he is being to safe.

    • yeah and jlo said she would have saved heejun and deandre…that is a joke..but jennifer is a beautiful woman with over produced recordings…lots of technology to create her hits.  doubt she would make the first cut on AI.  but she is beautiful..but not really a talent scout.

  17. Just remember when Jennifer Hudson was elimanated everyone booed. Look where she is now…. So if Hollie does go home she is young enough we will hear from her. Trust me.

  18. Here’s how I hope it plays out tonight-
    Bottom 3 –  Josh, Jessica, Phillip
    Josh goes home

    I’m really pulling for Hollie!   
    Come on Hollie I know you can do it!!

    • Hilarious! Wishful thinking at best..but Hollie could have upped her performance level by this time and broken out of what some others call her “high school program” singing style..still top 7 is stilll top 7, good luck to her..

  19. I think the judges have been extremely unfair to Hollie and are trying to sway the public vote against her.  Frankly if I were her I’d be glad to take a walk and get away from them, they’ve been rather vicious and are supporting others who don’t have near the talent.  Hollie can have a career if she wants to pursue one, she doesn’t need Idol for that.  I don’t care for screaming “singing” and several do that.  I’m not sure what the judges think America wants to listen to, hopefully most of us don’t want that.  

    • I agree, I think they have been unfair to Hollie too.  I just want to cringe everytime they critique her.  
      Honestly I think she has the best voice out of all the girls and is the most talented. 
      In my opinion She needs to sing a good ballad, connect with the people,  just relax and let herself go, she’s got nothing to lose at this point

      • She seems like a perfectly nice polite girl.  But the fact of the matter is that she doesn’t sing that well, perhaps it’s the pressure.  Three judges who love to kiss butt, in addition to Jimmy who knows his sh*t are all in agreement.  Get over it.  Hollie will be fine…look at her.  She’s probably the prom queen.

  20. I’m guessing Joshua is in the bottom 3 tonight, way overdue I might add.  Although, I have to admit last night was probably his best performance thus far, that tune didn’t sound too gospel like to me.  Of course the powers that be would consider this to be very shocking.  Anyhow, the one at risk will be Hollie and, unfortunately, she’s probably the only contestant the judges wouldn’t use the save on at this point.

  21. Omg! That really made me so anxious! I wonder who it will be…

    Maybe Hollie isn’t in the bottom 3 but instead Jessica is? Maybe Phil’s in the bottom 3 with Joshua or Elise…

    Who knows?! Even though that tweet makes me feel that the judges will use their save tonight.

    Just hoping the Jessica, Colton and Elise isn’t in the bottom 3!!!

    • btm 3 will be
      Hollie “1st one safe”
      Phillip “Safe
      Elise “elinamated” “Judges save”

  22. Will be fun to see James tonight.  Was a big fan of his last season.  This season my votes are behind  1.) Colton  2.) Skylar… Those two are by far the best performers.

  23. Whatever the result is, I think that Ryan is blowing smoke.  I think that Holly will go home.  Elise is next.  However, I DO NOT EVER believe that third person in the seat… it’s all  BS

  24. I can see Phillip, Holly and Joshua in the bottom three. Joshua sure can sing but people get sick of him eventually. 

    • And why is that Erin, not cute enough for u.  He can outsing anyone on the stage, including Jessica because he has a personality.   Maybe he’s just not your type.

  25. i think hollie, elise and skylar are in danger.  but i don’t think that would be an upset…or a shocker….if there is a shocker it would have to be one of the others…my favorite is Phil but something tells me he is tired of the whole experience.  i think if its colton, phil, jessica or josh the judges will use the save.  jessica, i think, had her best night..skylar was amazing…the rest including my Phil, lacked something.  maybe they are just tired.  but based on voting patterns you would think hollie or elise would be leaving.  but all in all, nobody did terrible like heejun and deandre were known to do.

    • hollie defeintly wont go i voted for her last night.
      all i got was busy signals.
      Ryan seacrest twitted that the one who is going home.
      may be very shocking to people.
      that is either Skylar or elise or Phillip

      • Ryan didn’t say who would be going home is shocking, but rather, that there is a result some would consider shocking.  Sounds more like someone who hasn’t been in the bottom 3 will visit the stools for the first time.  Hoping that is Colton.

  26. hollie did great last night.
    she is getting the short end of the stick lately.
    joshua is getting shoved down our throats.
    and colton his voice sucks

  27. joshua Safe
    hollie btm 3 safe
    jessica Safe
    Colton Safe
    Elise btm 3 btm “judges save”
    2 phil btm 3 btm 2 safe
    skylar safe

  28. I agree, that Hollie has been judged hard by the judges, she has a great voice, perhaps she lacks life experience and feelings, but I am sure she is getting experience  through idol…I believe she will rise to the top whether or not she is recognized by American Idol.  After all she is still in the top 7.

  29. This may be the first thread that I’ve seen in weeks that actually has some real perspective and not just “I love Jess” written 500 different ways. 

    Thank you to everyone that had great comments…..this was a good thread!

    • GO JESSICA!!!! I voted my butt off as if this is already the finale, whew!! Hope you did too, guys!! i know it won’t be wasted 🙂

      • Don’t be sad! 😐 You’re making me nervous ^^

        Ryan’s already making the group. Let’s hope Jessica is all the way to the Finale! 🙂 Thumbs up!

  30. I think it is time to think about firing the judges.  They could not have been more wrong last night like they have been in the past.  Hollie is one of the best singers in this competition but they are increasingly hard on her.  Why?  Why are they trying to skew the voting?  It makes no sense.  She is a singer.  (Not a screamer like some)  She is beautiful and she is a sweet girl.  What is up with Steven being so tough with her?  It makes no sense.  Hopefully she doesn’t go home but they made it very difficult on her.  I think America is trying to set them straight with the voting but all 3 of them need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  31. What time does idol start and how many more hours? I live in the UK and i only get the information of this site or twitter 🙁

  32. I am telling you that Phillip will indeed be bottom 3 tonight. I actually am starting to think he will be last and the judges will use the save. Sometimes I think that the producers are monitoring these discussion boards because it seems like we mention something on here and then something on the show relates to it. I think they use every tool they can to try and cater to the public as the show progresses.

    Sometimes they may go out of their way to try and disprove the general consensus among the public and sometimes they may use it as a tool to try and improve the contestant’s performance.

    Case in point #1: When we were discussing whether or not Phillip really wants to win or is just ready to go home. Jimmy actually asked  Phillip last night if he wanted to win.

    Case in point #2: We were discussing how Phillip didn’t seem to appreciate the advice, both fashion and performance wise, he was getting. They made sure and show all contestants thanking Tommy and Phillip thanking Jimmy and Akon last night.

    Do you think this is coincidence or what? I don’t think so. 

    There were also several instances during “The X Factor” that the events on the show reflected comments I see on line in this forum as well as others. 

  33. From what I read in some of the blogs in my country, Hollie seems to be more popular than Jessica. Some thought that Jessica is a little pageantry. Her face expression looks unnatural & rehearsed compare to the other girls…

  34. So now Nigel Lythgoe, producer of the show, just tweeted : “Okay no BS I am truly shocked by tonight’s #AmericanIdol result! #idon’tunderstand”

    •  I saw that. It has to be Phillip or Colton. I think Jessica is too popular. Not that dramatic though, because if it is you’ll see the save no doubt.

  35. I’m really sad for Hollie. She’s better than Colton last night. Anyway, that was the first performance that I felt like her [yes, I liked her last night] and its saddens me to hear how the judges treated Hollie and praised Colton’s. Well, Colton was good but Hollie out-shined him to me.

    Jessica has proven that she knows when and when not to push the limit depending on song choices. She let the song took over her and made a great impact [IDK what JLo thinks] so PLEASE CONTINUE to support Jessica.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Phil will be in the bottom 3 tonight nor the judges will have to use the save power. It’s gonna happen anytime soon. I just hope the judges won’t regret what the next thing will happen.

    • for me all of them did good last night… lets just wait whose going home tonite..

  36. I think Elsie could take it, but maybe she need to do a song like,”Total Eclipse of the Heart”, or “Out of nothing at all.” 

  37. If Seacrest & Lythgoe are tweeting a shock, my guess is Phillip may be singing for his survival.

    The judges were far too harsh on Hollie last night – especially Tyler who has been for the past few weeks – but, based on what I have read during the day, people voted for her because they disagreed so much with the judges.

    The other most likely possibility is that the non-Southern vote plays its’ ugly game – as usual in AI – and Jessica who is the last non-Southern singer left in the competition, will finish bottom.

    Counting Hollie (imported from Liverpool to Texas 10yrs ago ) there were 6 from southern states in the top 13. Now there are 6 in the top 7 with all the Northern States + Florida going out first and DeAndre from CA last week. Jessica is from CA.

    So don’t be surprised if it is Jessica singing for survival. 

  38. Bottom 3: Elise, Hollie, and Phillip
    Bottom: Hollie
    With the way the judges have talked about Hollie’s past performances, including last night’s performance, I do not think that they will use their save on her.

  39. be sure to vote for your fave, JLo said “it all boils down to who’s really their favorite AI in this season” ..

    and for me, this season is so tough and unpredictable..lots of power houses and even until now, I don’t have an inkling who’s really going to be the next AI compared last year where Scotty is really so predictable..

    Elise – is a great her voice.
    Skylar – again, a great singer. but not sure if America would want another country singer this year, right?
    Colton – a rising power house and he is hotter than Phillips..hmm admit it. he has a perfect smile and like what Jimmy said, he can outstand Philipps in the end. He is a dynamic singer/musician
    Jessica – another power singer, big voice yet small lil girl. She is really good

    So we really don’t know.. Its hard to pick the best guess and i’m just crossing fingers right now for my fave. 🙂

  40. I believe America made the right choice w the bottom 3, I won’t listen to elise or josh after this show!!

  41. Maybe the voting should be changed… vote for who you think should be vote off. This way a group could not save an person.

  42. Are you serious??? I cannot believe the bottom three!!! Thank you for the save!!!

    •  oh my is it really shocking? can’t wait to know who’s at the botttom 3 after last night’s show..

  43. I am so disapointed in the commet that Randy make on the show tonight.. He has no right making a statement like he did. I do think that Jessica is a great singer but far from America’s best…..

  44. Ridiculous results. JessIca is the. Best singer in the competition. What is wrong withe the viewers?

  45. The American Idol judges need to get a clue. Jessica was voted off tonight because America wanted her voted off. get a clue judges! It seams as though you don’t value what we have to say. That is disrespectful to America!


  46. I am outraged by the judges bias behavior it was totaly not fair to the other contestant maybe america would rather have a different style singer to win there’s too many big voice vocalist out there what’s wrong with wanting something differentD!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I think the judges owe all the other contestants an apology they’re not the ones buying the records america is so let them decide and keep your bias opinion out of it!!!!!! It’s suppose to be a fair competition!@!!!!!!

  47. Randy should not make the comments he made tonight.  He is there to judge,not to plead for one singer. I wonder if the safe contestants feel like they are being treated fairly.  It is obvious who Randy wants to win! This is the worst season
    ever due in great part to the judges! 

  48. RANDY JACKSON NEEDS TO BE FIRED!  How can he say that Jessica is the best singer EVER in America?!  That is just crazy.  So, what should they do, cancel the show and give the trophy to Jessica?  This show is for America to vote and then for him to stand up and bad mouth American voters is RIDICULOUS!  America is sick of the judges ramming Jessica down their throats!

  49. I wish Jessica’d voted off next week.  I feel her song doesn’t sound genuine,
    sounds fake.   America is right.  Jessica has the least votes..

  50. I am so sick of the judges I could throw up.  I think that even Jessica supporters should be offended by the display put on tonight by the judges at the end of the show!  They should all be replaced next year.  That is disgusting.  Randy said that Jessica is the BEST SINGER IN AMERICA–EVER!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

    • I agree with Dougf1099.  America voted other singers and Judges should listen to America’s voice.   Good thing is that Judges could not save Jessica next time.
      I like Joshua, he has a lot of soul in his heart and he is a real pro.


  51. jessica shouldn’t even be in American Idol… She’s a pro…  a record company should have signed her up by now.

  52. Im glad you all were proven wrong and Hollie was safe!!! Just goes to show she has a strong fan base & support system to boot.

  53. I knew this is coming…  at least I have one more week to watch the show.  Jessica is so good,  what could be that reason why people disliked her….

  54. It would be interesting to know the average age of the voters for each of the contestants.  
    The twenty something or younger crowd are the most likely to have a full evening to spend watching the show and then spend voting for 2 hours after.  (If you’re a working adult, especially with kids, you’re probably lucky if you have an hour to watch the show and you most likely have a different opinion than the younger voter).Jessica Sanchez is by far the best singer on the show right now, but her music is not necessarily what the avg. viewer who has hours to vote can relate to. If Idol really wants this to be about the best singer or even performer, they need to take the popularity contest out of the voting and limit the number of votes a person can cast or at least have you state you age so they can even see if the voting populous aligns to the viewing demographics for the show.  Something needs to be done because with so many talent-based reality shows right now, singers with the caliber of Jessica’s voice won’t continue to go to Idol to spend their time, money and efforts to get on the show if it means that they won’t have a shot to the very end.

  55. I think the judges owe the contestants and viewers a huge apology!!!! Its called AMERICAN Idol for a reason….they were tptally rude to the other contestants, as if they can’t sing at all. Jessica isn’t all that….

  56. The reactions of the judges were unprofessional and rude tonight. This is American Idol, not Steven’s or Jennifer’s or even Randy’s Idol. We listen to them and take in what they say, but then we vote, we vote for what we enjoy. To save a contestant is appropriate, but should be done with taste.

  57. There won’t be any saving Jessica next week! Bye bye! Sorry judges this is American Idol not the Judges Idol.

  58. Jeesica has a good voice but she has no personality on stage and with the tv fans, but it wont pay to vote because the judges want her to win that is obvious.  So I want be watching anymore.  Voice here I come. 

  59. I disagree to those who dislike Jessica ..I know I know you wouldn’t want any room for Filipinos in your house..such a shame to know that the next AI would be half filipino half american, right?  but admit it, Jessica is way much better than Hollie – like what Jimmy said she has soul and she puts emotions and she can sing and perform better and Hollie doesn’t have it. She is too tight too technical and awkward in her performances ever…but nah, all of it boils down to pure american idol competition so even if the Judges save her she might not be the next AI’s going to be Elise for girls or Colton for boys..whachueverrrr

    • I don’t think you should assume that people that don’t like Jessica  because she is “half filipino”.  The majority of people who don’t like her, don’t like her voice.  

      Personally, I think she has a terrific voice, and her stage presence is very good for someone so young, but she has much to learn.  She is ONE of the best out of this very talented batch of singers and whether she wins or not, she’ll have a very good future.

  60. Come on America! Fading taste? A shocker to vote off Jessica who is a run away winner!..or is this a creative gimmick by ‘American Idol’ producers to create more noise?…nice!

    Jessica, show them your consistent amazing talent! Think of it as a challenge!

  61. I can not believe that Jessica was voted off tonight!!!  She is by far the stongest voice on that show!  Wake up America!!

  62. for those of you who think that the elimination is FAKE, then look at dialidol, she’s in the bottom three. not accurate but their result is most of the time correct, .. VOTE

  63.  Do you really believe that was the bottom 3? Come on people. This is a
    show that gets its ratings based on drama. The judges had only 2 weeks
    to use their save. So, to boost ratings, they create a false bottom 3,
    tell the judges to use their save (like they wouldnt have anyways, lol)
    and the “shocker” boosts ratings so more people tune in next week to see
    what 2 people go home. Production people. Production at its finest.

  64.  Judges should accept whatever the result is..  That is what America wants.That is what votes for.  If not, who will vote?  Everybody has different opinion and taste.  But the one who got most votes means the most popular among the contestants.

  65. To you ALL Jessica haters :  Shame on you !!!! It is beyond REDICULOUS that you all made all these unacceptable  comments on the judges.  Leave ALL THE JUDGES ALONE .  They did the right thing tonight  !!! Leave Jessica ALONE, period……  If ALL your nasty feelings  in you backyards.    If you are not happy, bang your heads on the walls, that’s all I can say…..hahaha…. End of discussion, period.        

    •  No it is not the end of the discussion or the competition.  Many people do not agree with you.  A lot of people know Jessica can sing but they like someone else who can ALSO SING.  And they are NOT haters.  But we are getting sick of Jessica being jammed down our throats every week.

      • Thank you Doug!! Getting sick of being told I don’t like Filipinos and that’s the reason people didn’t vote for her. You people need to get the hell out of here with that garbage!

  66. vote for the right person!   GO Jessica… is not the end of the world… You have a  great voice i know you will grow more in the future.

  67. Hollie’s not in the bottom 3. She deserves it because she has a talented voice. I hope she will  show a more wonderful performance next time . Hollie I trust you

  68. shocked by the result… we have ears eyes… why this time we did not use it

  69. I can only imagine how the judges made the other contestants feel….maybe like they aren’t good enough….I hate when they do that….it’s supposed to be up to the voters I thought.

  70. I think that Hollie should stay the judges always put here down. I think who is going home tonight is Jesica the judge always put here on a pedestal . And Hollie is a much better singer that Jessica . And now it leaves me with skyler she is really good to. The best girls on American idol is skyler, Hollie , And Elise . Jesica is going to be in the bottom three And going to get eliminated OFF.

  71. If Jessica Sanchez is eliminated, the show is just one big joke. Jessica is a real professional singer, way ahead of the rest. If that is the case, then they need to chnage there voting method, because it is rediculous.

  72. I thought the show was titled ” American Idol ” not “Judges Idol “. If people don;’t like certain contestants then they don’t vote for them. Thats how we get a winner that the people pick. Hated the show last night and said after this season we won’t be watching any more.

  73. Hurrah!  Jessica finally in the bottom three.  But she is saved!  Does that mean 2 go home next week?  She will be one of them!!

  74.  Ryan you handled this show awesome, much better than the Judges.  I am so glad Hollie was not in the bottom this time. I can’t wait till she sings a Celine song, it will give JLo goosies!

  75. I feel the judges might has well eliminate all the rest of the singers except josh and jessica.  It is really get hard to watch the judges drool all over their selves for josh and jessica.  I have watched every season and have NEVER seen judges so stuck on 2 singers.  I feel they can’t stand Holly and she is a great singer but Steven Tyler looks like he wants to kill her and the other two judges just tolerate her.  How sad.  My husband and I are really getting tired of American Idol unless they can say something good to the rest of the singers and act like they are ALL in a singing competition.

  76. this is supposed to be an american idol voted on by the american people. this is not a randy jackson, j-lo, steven tyler american idol. there should be no saves. once u are voted out ur out….just like baseball.  it is not fair to the other contestants left standing because now they cant be “saved” no matter if they are better than the ones left in the competition.  let the american vote stand no matter what.  majority rules or at least it is supposed  to rule. if one gets saved then they all should get a save. and the votes arent supposed to be known until announced by ryan and i dont believe this to be the case. i’m very disapointed in the show at this point. get it right or get out of the business.

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