American Idol 2012 Top 7 Performances Recap: Kind of a Snoozer

American Idol 2012 Elise and Phillip duet

And to think I was excited when I heard the American Idol 2012 theme this week was going to be songs from this decade. It turned out to be anything but exciting. The Top 7 didn’t sing badly or anything, I just wasn’t into many of the song choices.

As soon as I wake up, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserves, per usual.

In order of performance:

Skylar Laine, “Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You.” It was nice to see Sklyar with a guitar, but I wasn’t a fan of the song choice (you’ll be hearing this a lot in this recap). Does anyone even listen to Kellie Pickler besides that one time a year she returns to American Idol? I just don’t think it’s a very good idea to pick such an unknown song when you’ve been in the Bottom 3 before. If you’re not leading the pack, then you have to make popular song choices. That being said, Skylar still delivered. I still love her spunk and her old-school country queen sound. (A)

Colton Dixon, “Love The Way You Lie.” A lot more people will recognize parts of this song from the Eminem song featuring Rihanna. And while it’s a good song, I don’t think it was Colton’s best. For some reason no one but me can hear flaw’s in Colton’s performances. I think they’re often nasally, whiny and too early 2000s emo. The only great part of this performance was the bridge. The bridge gets an A+, but the rest of the song gets about a B-. So I’ll average the two. B+

Elise and Phillip duet, “Somebody That I Used to Know.” I love the duets with these two. I think they play very well off each other. Elise clearly loves the song and nailed it. Phillip adapted like he always does and did a fine job as well. Not the best thing in the world but there was nothing wrong with it either. (B+)

Jessica Sanchez, “Stuttering.” The past couple weeks I’ve seen more of a connection with Jessica and her songs. That was one of the issues I had with her. She’s technically a great singer, but I often don’t feel much when she sings. But this week she was into the song and I picked up on that. However, the song wasn’t a great song. It didn’t really go anywhere or show what she is made of. But there weren’t any technical flaws. (A-)

Joshua Ledet, “Runaway Baby.” Another meh song. It was nice to hear Joshua sing an upbeat song though. He was definitely channeling some classic R&B artists. He’s a fantastic vocalist, but he’s starting to border on boring. I wouldn’t be surprised if his votes start slipping. (B)

Skylar and Colton Duet, “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” Much like Elise and Phillip, these two have great chemistry as well. This song was right up Skylar’s alley. And Colton held his own as well. (A)

Hollie Cavanagh, “Perfect.” I thought the song took off very nicely. And I really liked the arrangement with just her and her guitar. It wasn’t a prefect performance (punny!), but it was way better than last week. But that doesn’t matter because she’s going home Thursday night because the judges made sure that would happen with their feedback. Seriously, what was up with their criticism. It was almost like they were eliminating her right then and there. Sure she wasn’t the best performance, but she didn’t need those looks. Steven and Jennifer both looked at her like she was dying. I think their attitudes were pretty disgusting. (B)

Phillip Phillips, “Give A Little More.” Phillip’s performance was smooth and I think he may have taken Jimmy’s advice with trying to get the female vote. Just add a sax and you’ve added a couple ounces of sex to your song. So Phillip gets points there. Phillip is starting to get a little predictable and maybe a tiny bit boring. And I LOVE his “so what” attitude, but that could start hurting him. He needs to step things up or what everyone else is saying will happen – Colton will pass him up and send him home.  (B+)

Hollie, Jessica and Josua Trio, “Stronger.” OK, they were all flat. It was not a good performance. They’re all great singers but something just went wrong with this song. I’m not sure what it was. They all regained footing at the end of the song and I guess that’s the only part of the song the judges decided to comment on because I did not agree with their praise at all. I thought the performance was awful. (D)

Elise Testone, “You And I. ” I hate to quote Randy Jackson, but Elise is back. I loved the start of the song with her behind the piano. Elise is hands down the most exciting performer in the contest. I’m not saying she’s the best vocalists, but her presence and energy is untouchable. She did get a little shout-y at times, but I think it was my favorite performance of the night. There’s no way Elise should be anywhere near the Bottom 3. If she is, it’s a travesty. (A)

Now I’ll do what I always do and over-explain the next part of my blog post.  I’m going to PREDICT what might happen tomorrow night based ONLY on how I think America’s votes MIGHT play out. These are not my personal opinions. I’m just going on about eight seasons of watching American Idol and learning voting patterns and trends and what not. So if I gave someone up there an A but still think they’re in the Bottom 3, don’t call me an idiot. These predictions have nothing to do with my grades. Got it?

  • 100 Percent Safe: Jessica Sanchez, Colton Dixon
  • Most Likely Safe: Phillip Phillips, Elise Testone
  • Possibly the Bottom 3: Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet
  • Possibly Going Home: Hollie Cavanagh
  • Will the Judges Use The Save? On Hollie, No. On anyone else, yes.

My Thinking: Hollie has been in the bottom for a while now and since the judges kind of sealed the deal Wednesday night, she will almost definitely be going home. I don’t think they’ll save her. They’ll save it for next week since it’s the last chance. I think Skylar will probably find her way back down there, but the third spot in the bottom is tricky. It could still be Elise but they pimped her a bit Wednesday night, so it could be Joshua’s first trip to the Bottom.

I’ve also decided to stop placing Phillip in the 100 percent safe category. That’s because we’re down to only seven and pretty soon people who shouldn’t be in the bottom will start ending up there. And Phillip is kind of running in place right now, so he could start being at risk.

What did you think of the performances? Who do you think will get the least amount of votes?






  1. Overall it was pretty great night, enjoyed all the performances 🙂 its gonna be really hard to pick a bottom 3 this week.. below I will base the bottom 3 on how I THINK AMERICA WILL VOTE..

    Bottom 3:

    1. Hollie Cavanagh: I absolutely love Hollie. I seriously don’t get the hate she gets from the judges?? its bull shit.. she’s simply gonna be in the bottom 3 from her constant bad feed back..I felt her performance and she did amazing, certainly not the BEST but she’s def not the WORST. Hope she stays.

    2. Skylar Laine: she did GREAT tonight, I think she will be in the bottom 3 because she didn’t get the pimp spot and she went 1st. By the time the show ended I forgot she even performed.

    3. Elise Testone: I adore Elise, I really do.. but I think she will be in the bottom 3 every week because she is a wild card and I don’t see her having a major fan base like the other contestants do, especially when its getting down to the real fan favorites where votes count the most.

    Going Home:
    Hollie Cavanagh: I am going to be super sad when she leaves, she’s my favorite.. but, with her being in the bottom for 2 weeks straight and then getting only OK feed back from the judges tonight, its not good news. I personally think it should be Phillip Phillips going home, but, we ALL know that isn’t humanly possible when it comes to shows like American Idol. The good looking guys always stay longer then they should. Nothing about Phillip is exciting, he does and sounds the same every week, he never switches up, always sings like he’s straining for air, he’s been holding that damn guitar and staying in that same spot all season long.. but, he will still stay. Oh well, one of ny favorites will go tomorrow night ;( Elise or Hollie ;(

      • of course not. elise is underrated. she is the best singer in the competition however she doesnt have a huge fanbase 🙁

    • the arrangement was just so wrong : without those growls and complex vocal runs he just can’t sound good. He needs to lay it back for the finale 😐 he’s starting to get old.

  2. I agree with you on Jessica, it wasn’t the best song but she has so much soul for her age it’s unbelievable so in my books she can sing anything and I will enjoy her performance and I think 90% of you would agree. Still want her to win! Girl power for Jessica ♥

    • I agree and Jessica always give her best to every performances. She entertained me so well and I keep on listening to her performances ….

    • I agree with Branden. Jessica is perfect. But I never connect with is trying so hard to perfect the song that she forgets she’s singing it to an audience…..sorry!

  3. I just had a presentiment Hollie will not be eliminated. It is Joshua. But he will be saved.

    • Yes i do think Hollie won’t go home yet. It might be josh or skylar. But sure is Elise will always be in the bottom 3. But i hope not

    • I think you are very close to being correct.  People don’t realize that when the judges criticize a darling people freakin’ go nut voting MORE for them.  Hollie got the most criticism tonight.  I think they’re trying to help her personally…. but it’s hard to listen to.  I hope you’re right!

      • you’re right,judges criticizing Hollie is actually putting her up because more people vote those who are not liked by the judges. 

  4. Yeah, I didn’t get the trio. It wasn’t the right song choice for them. The duets were kinda awkward for the guys.

    However, they all really did a really good job in their solo performances, except Colton and Joshua.]

    Anyway, I’m hoping the best for Jessica. America, the line is open so start voting for Jessica! ^^

    • JLo was right…. But she didn’t explain it clearly. Jessica doesn’t connect with the audience. I hardly feel what she’s singing.

      • Okay, you weren’t able to connect with her. It’s you and that’s alright. I did connect to her and it’s me.

        The only complain that I made and it goes out to everyone is why asking the contestant to belt out like a Joshua type of performance so that she can really take them on a ride??? Jessica has been making the ride already. Another thing, too much belting doesn’t make sense at all. A true performing artist doesn’t just scream and shout to prove that “Hey, I can belt my songs and I can do it with power!”—No. He or she must learn when and when not to push too hard and try to control the song. It’s not all about taking over the song. It’s all about the song taking over the singer.

        I hope you get my point.

    •  I so agree! What she had to say about Jessica made no sense at all. Do not compare Jessica to Joshua because their is no comparison, Jessica is more current and is a wayy better performer.

      • SHE IS A HATER ! I think she is jealous ! sorry ! but Jessica is the best ! she won’t change my mind !

      • It made sense to someone like me who appreciates Jessica’s talent but think she’s lacking in her emotional attachment to her songs.  I can’t explain it any better than that, she rarely makes me feel a thing. 

      • She’s not all that. I don’t  like her voice she rattles at times, I do think Hollie sings better her voice is crystal clear and she did a good job last night. 

      • Lightness, can’t agree more! Sadly I too feel the same. Jill was trying to explain it to her this time… I don’t know whether she got it.

      • I think all 3 judges had a bad night last night.  I have to admit, I was pretty bored by most of the performances.  But I’ve also been getting pretty bored by the judges this year and I was really liking them last year.  They were even giving out good advice and pointers at the start of this season.  But lately, I think ST is itching to get back on tour away from this “desk job”.  I think JLo is still smarting about her “Que! Viva”  projec t basically tanking and is taking it out on the Idol contesttants.  And I think Randy just needs to find himself another venue.  The “Old Dawg”‘s predictable patter is totally unhelpful.  He just spouts words because he likes how they sound.
        And one more thing:  Can NO ONE ever do justice to a Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood song in his eyes???  C’mon!!  

      • @d17ed74fd674a795afecfd0b2096a65c:disqus , Yeah, all of them have that flaw. However, you can really spot the mistakes JLo has been making for weeks now. And it really pisses me off. I guess all of us have that feeling.

      • Ellen was not a better judge. They just give their musical oppinion.  Everyone has their own feelings on these singers. There is no right or wrong answer. It depends on your taste in what a singer really has to offer a America’s Idol. If everybody had their way there wouldn’t be a loser.

    • Standing Ovation is not reliable and not a threat. Remember Heejun, after a standing ovation then the next day was eliminated and not even saved but except for Jessica Sanchez because the more standing ovation for her then the stronger she is in the competition, the more feared she is by her co-contestants and haters, the more loved she is by the fans and viewers and the more likely she is as the best contestant from the remaining hopefuls by far margin.

      • Really? I need someone to decipher this for me. Are you seriously saying that the only standing ovations that matter are the ones for Jessica?  Honestly, I don’t think ANY of them matter. They do it all the time. It’s gotten silly.

  5. I agree with everything you said however I put Elise in the bottom only because Joshua has more fan base than she does and she is always down there anyways lol. America sometimes shocks me with how the votes turn out. Philip was boring to me, Joshua was ok, Hollie was ok but not good enou for the save, Jessica did great and so did Colton. I’m not a Skylar fan not into country and Elise was good too love her voice so original! It’s getting down to the nitty gritty and my top three are Jessica, Colton and Elise everyone else can go home lol.

    • That’s true Elise is and will always be in the bottom 3 no matter how good she sings. Boooo to the young teenaged girls voting! They really don’t see true talent all they know is to vote for the good-looking guys. Cmon menn! Absurd

  6. And I 100% agree with your Colton review. He is wayyyy to over praised. If he’s the “rocker” this season, it must be a joke..

  7. The only thing i agree with you on is Colton’s nasally sound. Joshua’s was AMAZING and in on way boring..if anything he should be getting gore votes this week b/c he did something upbeat and changed it up, plus it was the only standing O of the night. Phil is the one getting boring, like the judges said we have seen this same performance from him. He sings the same every week and it’s getting boring. I like his voice but it is not that powerful and he should not win the show.  In the duet of Elise and Phil, I wanted to plug my ears when she sang. Also, I did not think her solo was that great.For some reason Elise’s voice bugs me. The rest were ok. Joshua’s was the best for me, as usual. Bottom 3 should be Phil, Elise, and Hollie.

    • Sorry hun, he isn’t an eye candy to watch and I understand why the 3 stooges do that – it’s because with today’s viewers, nobody seems to care about talent. Hes being pimped to the max so hopefully he can reach the finals but this is American Idol. The guys fight for who is cuter while the girls are left with their talents.

      Joshua won’t reach the finals babe. Be realistic.

      • with all the technologyout there you don’t have to be a great singer to sell records.  you just have to be cute and clean and safe looking.  the really brilliant singers usually do not win.  but as i’ve said before, they end up a helluva lot better than the winner.  clarkson and underwood are the exception to the rule, not the norm.  in the end, i  can think of 3 contestants who will last in the biz regardless of whether they win or not

    • but the thing is Phil will not be in the bottom, yes for Elise and Hollie, and of course Skylar…they are the certified bottomer 

  8. Also I think the judges will use the safe even if it’s Hollie only because it would make it predicable for next week since it would be the last week they would have to use it. If they don’t use the safe than whoever is in the bottom next week is automatically safe lol.

  9. Turns out the show doesnt need Simon Cowell to be mean, the judges completely RIPPED UP poor Hollie tonight. Yeah, she wasn’t great but still I think she deserved some more positive feedback. The judges are trying to influence the vote and praising people like Jessica and Joshua for okay performances…
    I think the judges might (should) Save Hollie or whoever lands up in the bottom, since there’s only two weeks of the Save left.

    • Amen, Mac, on the judges obvious disdain for Hollie. She was much better than they gave her credit for. Disappointed in the judges as they are sealing her fate it seems. 

      • And stupid people will vote the way the judges tell them to. Hollie is not the worst singer I would rather hear fingernails on a chalk board than to hear him sing. But I still don’t believe she’s the best either.

    • Who the judges should ripped is Phillips. Tell him to lose that guitar.

      But no way will that happen since he is one of the cute looking guys. They never go away early.

      • As much as this is a “singing” contest — it is American “Idol” and Idol implies more than singing, it’s about marketability — they wouldn’t be giving them style coaching fro TH or mentoring (that isn’t really all about vocal coaching) it’s all about marketability.  The biggest voters and also the biggest purchaser of music is the “tween” girls — I know I bought a ton of music between the age of 11 and 20.  While there is a lot of talent in this pack, there have been few breakout performances where I have “water-cooler” conversations about how someone nailed it, brought me to tears, or moved me.  — notice the word I used was “performances” not “voice” — 

        Random thoughts for the evening:
        Skylar – did a great job, but I agree with Brandon needs to do more recognizable songs.

        Phil Phillips is different from the pack and adorable, but is getting too predictable — he needs to surprise us to get everyone “talking about him”, or he will get caught in the downward shuffle.

        Joshua had a great performance tonight — surprised me with his more controlled, but yet energetic “performance” — very entertaining in spite of him choosing a song that limited his vocal range.  Perfect outfit for the song.

        Holly – she looked adorable and it was one of her better performances, but she seems a bit overwhelmed with her journey on AI – I think it is just a maturity & confidence thing.  She will be a better performer & have more confidence after the tour.  Thanks to TH for her makeover, I hated her cutesy outfits and 60’s dippity-doo hairdo’s in the early shows.

        Colton — Yes, he is adorable and he appears to have the whole package, but I agree with Brandon about Colton, I don’t really get it.  Is is often nasally, pitchy & doesn’t get called out on it.  Poor Holly, if she only got the breaks that Colton gets.  Difference is, he displays confidence, almost always.

        Elise – One week I love her performance, the next I can’t stand it.  She needs a makeover, what is with her outfits?  Tonight the underdress was too tight and made her look like she had a pot belly.  It was very unflattering and TH needs to advise her to get a hairdo, —it’s almost as much of a distraction as Deandre’s hair was.

        Jessica -she has great pitch to her voice, BUT, does anyone else notice that you can’t UNDERSTAND half the words she is singing?  Close your eyes  folks and just listen without looking at her lips and you’ll begin to understand.  For me it was more obvious tonight when it wasn’t a song that I knew all the words to.  She needs some diction coaching.  So I would say the song, “Stuttering” was perfect for her tonight.  She has potential, but she is not flawless, by any means, and I’m not sure about marketability.  I think there are other contestants maybe not as technically good with vocals that will sell more records.

        Bottom 3 Tonight:  Likely all girls, Elise, Skylar, Holly –Poor Holly is going home and after the judges feedback to her and the intolerable pimping of some of the other contestants, I think she knows it too.

    • Is it just me or i really dont want Hollie. Everything about her i dont like her voice becomes so hard and she is veryyyy boring!!!

      •  Well I see what you mean about her being boring, and honestly speaking, she’s not going to last very long, but tonight’s performance deserved some more positive feedback! I’m not a big fan of Hollie, but I saw her really making an effort to do better than last week! And she DID, it was quite a nice performance, but the judges just jumped on her back and shred her to pieces!
        I have lost all respect for Jennifer and Steven after tonight’s critique.

      • She’s not boring she’s young, I’d like to hear her sing, You Light Up My Life by Debby Boone… Hollie would make a great roll model for young girls.

    • I would normally agree about the judges basically black-balling HOLLIE – I have downloaded most of her numbers and listening to them over and over again – I can find nothing pitchy or lacking in any of them.  But I felt like I finally saw where the judges (and Jimmy) were coming from regarding her performance.  It finally clicked with me when someone said something about she seems like she’s doing a high school play or something.  AKON even honed in on that last night – but then he’s so over the moon with Jessica that everyone else might as well have stayed home for him.
      But I just read someone’s comment regarding the trend for voters to swoop in and vote for anyone that the judges really trash – so even though I thought last night’s performance was actually her worst – I hope she gets the votes and that she really LISTENS to the criticisms about her performances.  She sings like an angel – she just needs to “sell it” more and approach each performance like a true professional and not a talent show participant.

      • This is a talent show unfortunately its turn into a popularity contest.  Hollie sings rings around Colton but she can never equal his popularity. She is young and I do hope she continues to persue her career after AI.

    • She was great last night, I didn ‘t hear her go off key. All she needs to do it is relax and stop taking everything to heart. That’s what I like about Phillip he sings his style and takes in feedback but at the end of the day he’s gonna sing like he wants to.

  10. ratings:

    jessica A+ – i never heard of this ‘stuttering’ song. So when i checked out youtube. I found the song difficult to i commend jessica for being unpredictable this week. It wasn’t the best choice, but i think she was the best of the night..there’s too much soul when she sing this song

    skylar A   another unknown song choice. but honestly, i enjoyed it…

    elise A –   it was a predictable song choice (it was my choice song for her) but she nailed it…but but hailey’s version was quite better

    colton B+ i was excited with his performance because of the song choice..but i just didn’t get any connection from him while his singing..dunno why

    hollie B meeehhh..ok it was fine..mediocre

    philip B- unknown song(though sang by a popular group) and boring..the sax part is awkward

    joshua C+ really??? the ‘trying to be sexy’ part didn’t fit his performance at all. bad song choice..but an OK performance

    bottom 3:
    skylar or josh

    probably eliminated : hollie
    i want to get eliminated : hollie

      • wrong choice as usual american will do!!!ELISE and JOSHUA are the best contestant !!!very unsual voices as the judges say everytime…but you never understand!!!!they saw what america fanbase is so thats why they standing ovation for every perform of elise and joshua do….because they really want to get this two further in the competion!!!and you want to eliminated in stead of hollie(so flat and nothing special)…skylar(im tired of mediocre country singer)…philipp(could be much better but is kind of boring, every time doing the same things)…and even colton(he is nice boy pretty good singer but not that wow!!!),on jessica(is nothing to say much,very good voice but not that marketability i think)

    • I agree I want hollie to be eliminated I just get irritated when I see her especially last week with that blue agogo costume and hairdo! WTH?

      • Well, last week’s theme was songs from the 80s. I think Hollie’ performance did justified the theme. She sang What A Feeling and dressed in the 80’s style. Nothing wrong with that.

      • That’s your personal opinion of Hollie. I find her so cute and her voice is great. I’m  her fan and would want her to stay on awhile.

  11. i’m confused why judges give standing ovation to joshua everytime he’s sing. i know he’s a great singer, but today i feel he’s so so. nothing special. Hollie its good but not good enough, but  judges to hard on her. jessica is good and i know she will become a great potential singer next.  and philip philips..hmm i just a lil bit bored with his preformances today :(. but overall they all great singer and make a good perform… 

    • and SHOULD BE in the bottom three this week! Standing ovation doesnt guaranteed that he’s safe!

    • Joshua sounds good if you ONLY listen to him. But when you WATCH him perform, he becomes annoying. I hate his mannerisms and his movements are awkward.

  12. I think the judges will only use their save if it’s Joshua, Jessica and Philip.
    Elise and Colton …. maybe … depends on their performance.
    Skylar and Hollie …. no.
    Hollie at this point in the competition is the weakest vocally.

    • I think Hollie is better vocally than colton or Phillip or even Skylar. She is though, by far, the weakest performer, so that is the only reason she should go. I love her clear, beautiful voice  and I think with enough time to get to know the songs and with more experience performancewise, she could be stellar.  I think this environment doesn’t really suit her and she isn’t able to practise the songs and the performances enough to shine. But the game is what it is, rules are the same to all and in thruth she hasn’t really been delivering.

  13. Hi Branden,

    I am hoping that tonite someone out there will provide comments about tonight’s singing.  Not the old samo samo of why so and so will be in the bottom 3.  Let me know who was the best and who was the worst.  Who did they enjoy the most and who they enjoyed the least.  who was dynamic and who is boring. 

    I like what you and Matthew are doing, focused first on the performance, discuss the music and the artists. Then predict who will sit in the sidelines.

    For a change I like to hear someone that will analyze the music and the artist not the science of how someone bites the dust.  And please I don’t need to hear anymore why so and so will win American Idol, we will find out soon enough.

    Friends, Romans, countrymen and women lend me your ears………………..

    • Let me add as well that I am not trying to be above anyone out there
      but reading the same boring comments week after week is really getting to me, I am just looking for a few good comments that I can enter a decent conversation with that is on topic (Idol singer favourites and why ) also challenge and debate something but with common sense and good humour, what is happenning to this site????

      • Possibly the problem is that anyone who makes a comment like you are looking for is called a “hater.” Even Branden got blasted for it, so people go for the rah, rah, rah comments, instead. By the way, how did you like Tyler’s joke about the crow crowing, instead of the rooster crowing? It was part of his comment after the first performance of the night. Even the judges don’t get the words right! And, speaking of judges, I think they did lend someone their ears!

      • It is rude to mimic someone else’s comment. You’re right, Ed. The contestants may be as good as last years’s, but the comments are not.

  14. I’m stu-stu-stu-stuttering~ Last Song syndrome~I still don’t see Jessica is going home soon~
    Sadly, everyone thinks Hollie will go~

  15. I think that Skylar will most likely avoid that bottom only because of that duet that made people remember she was there I think her and Colton were far better than the other I was literally screaming at my tv, “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” when they were praising the trio and downing Colton and Skylar. That just made me angry but Randy did remind everyone of Skylar at the end (You could also see the rude jealous looks from certain contestants) So I really hope she’s safe!!

  16. I actually get what you’re saying about jessica. I KNOW she’s a great vocalist. I hear it, too. And, I mean, why else would she have so many followers, right? But she just doesn’t get to me. No goosebumps, no excitement, no nothing. Actually, the only time I really liked her was the last 10 seconds of her duet with joshua, with her growling.
    I mean, it’s kind of obvious. Art doesn’t appeal equally to everybody. And, simply put, I am not attracted to jessica’s music. Now, elise’s and phillip’s on the other hand…

    • Jessica is the best! Admit it! While Joshua has no “likeability factor” at all! He’s overrated! 

    • Art you say, huh…. Versatility, Vocal range, Stage presence, Personality, Creativity—that’s all about art. We’ve seen it in Jessica.

      So, what do you mean when you said “Art doesn’t appeal to everybody?”. Get your facts straight.I guess you haven’t learned anything from Research, or have you?

      • And then there was that guy who said “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like.” Amen to that!

      • Yeah, I’ve seen that in Elise and I love her too but we can’t deny the fact that at such I young age, Jessica has that already! 🙂

        Anyway, I’m hoping Jessica, Elise and Phil will be safe tomorrow. 🙂

      • What i actually said was “equally appeal”, meaning that it’s all about taste. It seems like you are the one that needs to get your facts straight.
        I simply don’t like jessica, and I wouldn’t buy her music, just as you probably don’t like whoever whilst i do. Is that really so hard to understand? Do you need me to enclose some kind of graphic explanation?

      • So there you go! We ran down to the conclusion that Jessica doesn’t seem appealing to you and you just simply don’t like her. No need for those graphical representation dude. I’ll just look at Branden’s. I’m cool with that. And for facts—I’ll wait for Ryan. He has that golden coin that you are referring to. Anyway, no need to be a little peeved dude. You have your point—your own personal point. And I have mine. 

        Have a great time. ^^

    • Oh it seems that you’d love seeing extra-ordinary people? would you like to see Jessica spit a fire while singing? lol..go and watch America’s Got Talent dude. lmao.

    • It definitely is “eye of the beholder” and Phillip and Elise’s vocals are music to my ears.  I’ve downloaded a couple of Jessica’s songs – but even listening to them w/out watching her lack-luster performance:  nothing much comes through to me.  I would LOVE to be able to get a copy of “Draggin’ My Heart Around” with P&E, however!!!
      And if Hollie could have only managed to put a little more professional magic into her numbers – she’d blow JS out of the water.  I’ve listened to her, and vocally, her singing is much more visceral and really provides an emotional connection.  I would hope that JS doesn’t become “a legend” with her “singing-by-numbers” type of artistry. 
      And I’m going to be first in line for P&E’s first album releases.

      • Noodlesoup50..I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I loved Draggin’ my Hear Around and I love Phillip and Elise

  17. I agree on you regarding Phillip. He tends to be too predictable and be one of the few cases where the first time in the bottom three and out he goes.

    Hollie should be out – she’s still in last week because they want girl power. 

  18. i hate that we only have two hours to vote. If I could get in Elise is it for the best of the night.

  19. Hollie should have gotten the pump spot tonight.. Idk why Elise got it… Again

  20. Is it just me or I think Elise is sunburned or something? She was so redddd and haggardish

  21. I am a JSan Fan, no doubt. And you know what, I kinda feel so proud of her when she sing that “Stuttering” song. I do not know but I kind of feel that it was a “moment” for her, if not, a very “bold statement” that she is here to stay not only in this competition but in the industry. I am proud of her. So proud 🙂

  22. Jessica (A++) – no doubt! The best of the night! Colton (A) – he’s better than Joshua!
    Joshua (D) – Standing Ovation??? WTF! Enough of those silly favoritism. He’s overrated and forgettable! Honestly, he should be eliminated. Sorry, no “likeability factor” at all. He’s music wont sell after all.

    Skylar (A) – I love this girl from the very start! Country Music girl rocks
    Hollie (D) 
    – I love this girl!  Give her another chance! Boring contestants like Joshua and Elise SHOULD be eliminated for TV Ratings sake!
    Elise (A+) – Enough of her! Like Joshua, she’s too overrated!
    Phillip (B+) – same style, same Gray color clothes, same technique… nothing new!

    • White t-shirt, jeans, leather or jean jacket:  Bruce Springsteen

      Flannels, cords or jeans:  Eddie Vedder

      Fans would all agree – they came for the music.  P2 is no different for me!!

  23. I do think Elise is a good performer, but I’m beginning to get tired of her attitude. Maybe she doesn’t mean to, but she comes off with a superior attitude. I picked up on it last week, and it was there again this week. She seems domineering and pushy, too. Why did Philip let her pick a duet song when he knew it would make her look better than him? I also hate it when the judges start out their comments about what the contestant is wearing. Automatically, you know they are going to criticize the performance. They seem to be picking on Hollie all the time now. Are people turned off by her accent? I think the judges have ruined her self confidence, and that was the beginning of her downfall. Part of the performance, to me, is how I feel afterwards (I don’t mean “goosies”). Did the singer really “sell” the song, or did lack of enthusiasm or emotion let the song die on the stage floor?  I’m also not sure with all the audience background if the judges can really hear the contestants. They sure do hear a lot of “pitchiness” that I don’t, but I’m not an expert, either. Probably Hollie will get the least votes, but there were others who were no better than she was. I’m beginning to like Colton better, and this week Philip lost ground with me for his “whatever” approach.

  24. Hollie A+..I am pretty upset with the judges words..She did awesome..
    Skyler A+..I love Kelli Pickler and I  loved the song choice and she sounded great..
    Jessica B+ ..I love  her and I think she is amazing for being 16 with vocals like that and I know her fans will carry her ..But I feel she didn’t do that well tonight..
    Colton A+ ..Loved his song choice and he sounded excellent..
    Phillip D..It is the same thing every week the word for that is boring..I would fall asleep if I went to any of his concerts..
    Joshua C to much screaming he needs to tone it down a bit because he does have a beautiful voice..
    Elise.A She has a beautiful voice ..I look forward to seeing what she is going to sing..

    • agreed about Hollie- she is the on designated for the judges to misjudge this year…

  25.  I am sick and tired of the judges standing O… I seriously miss Simon, he seldom stands that’s why his standing o is priceless… and it seems that joshua has always been the judges favorite ever since so why don’t they just end the season early… like tomorrow and crown joshua as THEIR idol GEEZ!!!

    •  i could not agree more…. i miss simon as well…. c’mon judges… you brought all these contestant there why favor only one…

      • simon told it like it was.  he never sidestepped the issue.  if you were awful he really let you know it.  if you were brilliant he gave you a standing o.  i think you can count his standing o’s on one finger.  even paula was a better judge than jlo. and i still say randy is bored with the show after all this time.  steven tyler knows only one word…beautiful.  enough already

  26. Wow I’m sick of these idiot judges! Waaaaaay too much overpraise for Jessica sanchez, she’s good but really not that good. And for the judges to be that harsh to Hollie and not give her proper MENTORING advice is b.s. That just shows their favoritism and lack of professionalism.

      • read the rest of the comment. I said she did good but for the judges to consistently praise her and blatantly infer that they favor her is not right at all. 

        In all honesty, I think Hollie did the best.  Her final note was crystal clear and spot on.  Please tell me what was wrong with her performance.  For Jlo to say “I’m rooting for you” and steven to say “It wasnt perfect but you look great.” WTF kind of critiques are that. SERIOUSLY!

        She is heavily underrated this season and isn’t given the credit she deserves.  Hopefully she gets through tonight and blows Jessica out of the water like she has been doing and maybe the judges will finally realize what they have neen neglecting to hear and see.

  27. Joshua and Jessica are the final two in my opinion his powerful vocals and her powerful vocals are insane.But she will win because she is more MARKETABLE

  28. What is the deal with the judges? I like Joshua but are you kidding me, is he really the only one that deserved the standing “O” tonight??

  29. Jessica (A-)
    Colton (B+)
    Joshua (B-)
    Skylar (A)
    Hollie (C)
    Elise (A+)
    Phillip (B-)
    I think the bottom three will consist of Hollie, Joshua, and Skylar. To those saying Elise will always be in the bottom 3: you’re wrong. Elise is a contestant where their performance matters (Jessica is one who could give a mediocre performance and still move on). The weeks Elise killed it she wasn’t in the bottom 3, the weeks she fumbled she was. Colton and Phillip will get female votes, that goes unstated. However, Joshua is not the top MALE contender, this week he was not amazing, contrary to what the judges say, so he may find himself in the bottom. I am in agreement that Hollie will be eliminated and not be saved. However, in the off-chance she stays and someone else is eliminated he/she will be saved. Regardless of how next week’s performances go the person being eliminated will be saved (If Hollie does go home).

  30. Top 7 – Modern Music Week

    Skylar Laine – Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You – Kellie
    Pickler – I think she actually did a really good job. No, it didn’t blow me
    away, but it was a really nice job. I think she kind of brought this song to
    life, and her vocals were really solid. (B+)

    Colton Dixon – Love the Way You Lie – Skylar Grey – This is
    what I was hoping he was going to sing whenever I saw the song spoilers. I
    thought he did overall a good job on the song. I felt like he lacked emotion
    and he was in his head too much because he was worried about having THE moment
    with that song. But, I think he did overall a really nice job with the song. I
    thought the big note he hit was really beautiful. (B)

    Elise Testone and Phillip Phillips – Somebody I Used to Know
    – Gotye – I’m not the biggest fan of this song, and I thought it was
    interesting that they chose this. However, I think they did a good job with it,
    especially Elise. Phillip was just meh for me. But, I did enjoy seeing their
    clip of how well they get along.. haha. I did feel like Elise did sing more of
    it as well. Elise (B+) Phillip (B-)

    Jessica Sanchez – Stuttering – Jazmine Sullivan – This was a
    song that I wasn’t familiar with. I listened to the original when I saw the
    song spoilers, and was questioning whether or not she could have an actual
    moment with this song. But, I think she did a really good job with this. She
    really showed some emotion tonight, which is what I’ve been reading people
    wanting more of from her. Even though this wasn’t a huge vocal, it was still
    impressive. I still think she is holding back, and I still don’t think we’ve
    seen the best from her yet. (B+)

    Joshua Ledet – Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars – Fantastic Song
    Choice! I was really hoping that he would sing this song as well. Besides a
    couple of off notes, this was just really great! It was really nice to see a
    modernized Joshua and not churchy gospel singer Joshua. (A-)

    Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon – Don’t You Wanna Stay – Jason
    Aldean and Kelly Clarkson – I’m kind of leaning on what Randy said. I thought
    it started off well. When Skylar had to hit those big notes, they all just fell
    a little short for me, and she was pitchy with it. So, I will have to say, a
    nice effort, but it could have been better. Skylar (C) Colton (B)

    Hollie Cavanagh – Perfect – Pink – I really do think she did
    a very nice job with this song, no matter what JLo and Steven are saying to
    her. She sounded great, she wasn’t very pitchy at all. I was impressed with her
    tonight, and I thought she redeemed herself. I’m kind of pissed at Steven and
    JLo, thank goodness for Randy sticking up for her. I do still think that she
    lacks emotion and connection with her songs, but still they made it seem like
    it was bad, when it wasn’t. (B+)

    Phillip Phillips – Give A Little More – Maroon 5 – What can
    you say? It was a typical Phillip performance. I enjoy Phillip, but I am
    getting bored by his very predictable ways. Thanks goodness, the judges finally
    gave him some much deserved criticism. Overall It wasn’t bad, but once again it
    wasn’t amazing. He still hasn’t lived up to his top 24 performance of In The
    Air Tonight. (C+)

    Joshua Ledet, Hollie Cavanagh, and Jessica Sanchez – What
    Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger – Kellie Clarkson – Can anyone else say
    ouch? Some of those harmonies were just not working for me at all. I don’t know
    why, but some of those harmonies were off so much. Jessica sounded really great
    with her solo parts, as did josh. Not really sure if Hollie had any. Lol. I
    felt like she was the third wheel in this performance. Joshua (B-) Hollie (C-)
    Jessica (B) Harmonies (F)

    Elise Testone – You and I – Lady Gaga – This was everything
    that I was hoping that it would be. She nailed it! That’s about all I can say
    about it. (A)

    • ur not obvious that u are elise fanatic, lol.. wtg to ur idol who’s going home tonight 😉

  31. I love the theme tonight finally forcing the contestants to sing current songs and I thought for the most part it was a great night and much more upbeat.  Branden how were you falling asleep??  

    Predictions for America:
    Top 3

    1.  Jessica Sanchez(I disagree with JLO on her comments in regards to Jessica I think tonight Jessica was brilliant and showcased her full vocal ability aside from just a few power notes.  The fact that the judges didn’t give her a standing O is a travesty you couldn’t get the audience to sit down.  She is so far ahead the rest the pack if you need proof of that just look at her youtube hits for each week compared to the rest.)
    2.  Joshua Ledet(I am not a big fan of his but this week you have to give him a lot of credit for picking an upbeat song and when he is not SCREAMING through a song he sounds great.  Like Jessica he has a ton of soul in his voice and his range and pitch aside from Jessica is the best in the competition.)
    3.  Colton Dixon(I really wish I could put Elise in this spot but she doesn’t have the enormous following that Colton does.  I love the song and he was smart for picking one of the most popular songs.  He had his moments but he showed tonight that he doesn’t have the range as most of the other contestants.  But he has the likeability, charisma and sex appeal that most of the others(Joshua) don’t have so he has the teen vote locked in and aside from Jessica is probably the most marketable.)

    Bottom 3

    1.  Hollie Cavanagh(WOW, it’s been said by numerous people but the judges were really unfair with her other than Randy.   She had arguably the 3rd best performance behind Jessica and Elise.  I wonder if she didn’t sound as good in the theatre as she did on TV because honestly other than a few parts I thought it was great especially the ending.  I would like to see her sing a Christina Aguilera song but I don’t think we will get a chance as she is likely going home.)
    2.  Elise Testone(It hurts to even put her in this spot as she is one of the most talented singers in the contest and one of my favorites and apparently Jason Segel’s also which is awesome because I love that guy.  To bad she is not on the voice as I think she would have more luck on that show as it seems to be more vocal and performance based than on marketability.  I love her voice and she did an amazing job tonight all around.  She may be ok this week because Skylar went first and she went last so it’s possible Skylar takes this spot.  Regardless if she gets voted off she will be saved. )
    3.  Phillip Phillips(Wakeup call, I think Jimmy asked him an important question when he asked him if he wanted to win it.  It really seemed as though Phillip until this week could have cared less on whether he won or not and that his “music” and “himself” were almost above American Idol.  Something finally seemed to click for Phillip this week as he finally listened to the advice Jimmy was giving him, he dressed up and his attitude was different.  The problem is I think he waited to long to make these changes and it has taken it’s toll on the AI mainstream and Colton has monopolized the teen market.  Plus it’s becoming more apparent that as good as Phillip is he is a little one dimensional in both the way he performs and his vocal ability(Elise destroyed him in their duet and if you know anything about the song they song in their duet it’s a more male dominated song so that is not good sign for Phillip).  If I am right and he is in the bottom 3 he will instantly be sent back to the couches as he will not be in the bottom 2.)

    Going Home

    Hollie will be the victim which is a shame because I can think of at least two contestants who are less talented vocally(Colton and Skylar).  She will not be saved and is the only contestant that wouldn’t be saved.  The judges want her off the show.        

      • I agree and I realized that after reading Taymaro’s post and said the same in my reply.  They put her in a trio with the two best singers in the competition she had no chance.  Why do you think they want her off?  Is she not interesting enough?      

      • I think the producers want her off because she’s innocent.  They can sell provocative, sultry, slutty or anything in between, but pure doesn’t sell.  I think Jimmy I wants her gone.

    • Hi AAron,

      Finally some good reading for a change.  I may not agree on all your comments but that’s what makes us people.

      Keep up the good job, concentrate on the music and how it is performed, sooner or later the cream will rise to the top and the winner will arise from this.  My rating for your post is an “A”.

      Just saying…………………………..

  32. Skylar–I think the guitar took away from her really connecting with the song. Without the guitar I think she could have really took this song home. Yes it’s rather unknown but when these contestants start releasing their own stuff it will be unknown also. She had a chance to really show what she would do as a recording artist but for the guitar. Why would a girl play guitar while singing a love ballad? She earns a B from me.

    Colton–I loved this. The break after the bridge was perfect. He went into his falsetto in the chorus and it reminded me of Joe McElderry’s acoustic version of this song which I absolutely love. I didn’t see anything at all wrong with this performance. Sometimes I don’t like his enunciation while he is singing. I think it shows a weakness in his vocal range but it didn’t bother me in this song. He earns an A from me.

    Elise and Phillip Duet–Didn’t like this at all. Phillip was not even in the ball park and Elise was better but not enough better to save the performance as she did last week. I think you all know Phillip was struggling and I just didn’t particularly like the song. They earn a C from me on this performance. 

    Jessica–The singing was flawless and maybe even better than the original but I didn’t like the song. The way she sang this song it actually didn’t sound as corny as the original but still not a fan of it. Sorry but part of the performance is choosing the right song. For a bad song choice she earns a B from me.

    Joshua–I’ve got to give him credit for going upbeat but he reverted back to that overly gospely tone that I don’t like. It was much nicer last week when he sang more in his chest voice. You don’t have to be belting a song out for it to sound good. He proved last week that he can hit the notes just fine without the twang that comes from pushing too hard. He earns a B from me.

    Colton and Skylar Duet–I actually think Colton did a better job on this than Skylar did. There interactions don’t seem genuine like Elise and Phillip and Skylar seems to be trying to avoid letting it get too intense on stage. AI is trying to start a rumor about these two dating. I actually haven’t heard it anywhere but on the show. I don’t know where that comes from. I think all of that play up before the performance actually took away from it and I think it made Skylar a little bit uncomfortable. But for the most part they did a good job so they earn an A from me on this performance. 

    Hollie–She actually nailed the first verse on this performance but I think she is still over thinking the performance. She absolutely nails the big notes but it’s the in between where she is a little weak. A big note then a little phrase and then another big note and almost like the in betweens are a little weak because she is saving her breath and anticipating that big note too much. It just doesn’t flow effortlessly or naturally. But she sang well and for that she earns a B+ from me.

    Phillip–It’s obvious he was trying to do less of the shoulder shrug in this performance and concentrating on that is what I think took the piss out of this song. I thought he was gonna do something different at the beginning but then he went back to the same ole Phil after the first verse. It was just more of the same. I really don’t hear much melody in any of his vocals. If he did a whole concert you wouldn’t be able to tell when one song ends and another begins. It all just sounds the same and none of it is really great. I don’t know what he needs to do to get me tapping my feet or feeling his performances and maybe there is nothing he can do. He earns a C+ from me.

    Hollie, Jessica and Joshua Trio–Now this seemed more like a cat fight than a trio performance to me. It’s obvious that Josh and Jessica were competing to try and steal the show and Hollie just got lost in their battle. The competition can sometimes make it amazing but in this case it ruined the entire performance. They earn a D from me.

    Elise–Last again. Seems every time she gets in the bottom 3 they give her the pimp spot to try and stay in the show. I think it may have worked. She did a good job. I wasn’t all blown away by it but I was surprised to see that she was a drummer as well as a pianist. I would have never guessed that. But like I said she did an okay job but sometimes her runs don’t carry the impact that her hand gestures suggests. She moves her hand up and down like she is doing this incredible run and I don’t hear it in her voice. So she earns a B from me for this performance. 

    Bottom 3:


    Hollie goes home I am sad to say. 

    • It was a pleasure reading your reviews very nicely done even though I disagree with some of what you said.  I think you may have caught something that I didn’t even think of which is that Hollie was in a trio with Joshua and Jessica the two best “sangers” in the contest.  Not only is it apparent that the judges want her gone but it seems as though the producers do as well.  Great job!!  

    • Agree that Jessica’s song choice was not the best although she brought it up a notches better than the original, she should select songs that will give her dynamic awe moments because she can deliver, no doubt about it…I like Elise’ take on You and I (bad attitude or not).. poor Hollie, she tried too hard to please others she should start pleasing herself more to let her vocals and talent shine bored with Phillips style of singing the same way over and over from the AI final 13…Can Joshua  sing softlt for once and tone down the screaming? Colton and Skylar can still surprise us, who knows?  

    • Hi Taymaro,

      As always good input my friend.  Someone must have been reading my earlier post.  Thank you.  It is nice to read an intelligent comment for a change.  keep up the good job.   I give you an A for this.

      Just saying………………………..

  33. My thoughts:

    My favorites:

    Jessica was my favorite. She showed a lot of emotion and had a lot of control in her voice.

    Colton was also a favorite. He sounded
    a little whiny at times, but I still think he can step it up a bit.

    The middle:

    Skylar: I liked her last week performance a little more but her performance this week was still good, although I’m not a big fan of country

    Elise: I likes Elise this week, but shes not consistent. She’s had both her ups and downs

    The bottom:

    Philip: I used to like Philip but he’s become to predictable. Sure he has his own style, but I’d like to see him mix it up

    Hollie: this was an ok performance. Shes been better. I also disagreed with the judges. They made it look like Hollie was already eliminated. Hollie was ok, she wasn’t horrible. I only agreed with Randy.

    Joshua: he’s actually ok, I just think he’s Overated. He screams at times. I believe he should control his voice more.

    This is just my opinion so if you don’t agree please don’t scream at me, this is just what I think

    • Agreed.. and I don’t know why some people didn’t like Jessica’s performance.. I thought that’s true singer is all about. Not always screaming and screeching you should also control your voice..

  34. bottom 3…colton ,,hollie, and skylar,,,,going home?,,,,welll  let me see,,,l would say,,,hollie….

    • This is the bottom three I would most like to see but no way Colton ends up in the bottom 3.  

  35. Skylar was my favorite tonight again I really think she’s getting better each week I hope Hollie goes home this week don’t get me wrong she’s really good but I find she is lacking something and I love the song perfect by pink but I don’t think Hollie did it justice tonight and I can not wait for tommorow night I am so excited to see James Durbin return

    • What Hollie is lacking most is a little positive feedback from the judges once in a while. Week after week this has to be wearing her down.

  36. Ok skylar was my favorite tonight and yes Phil and Josh are way overrated if josh is voted off he will be save by the judges. And did you really say no one listens to Kelly pickler I think your wrong I have seen her five times in Washington state an all of them sold out she is a great singer, along with skylar. An I you noticed most of the people who have won American idol haven’t made it no were. Look at Carrie underwood, Kelly clarkston, Scotty Mccreery they doing well and there country singers. And some of the people of the people voted off early like Kelly pickler and buckey Covington are alot bigger then most of the past winners

  37. colton did a good job on his performance, but i dont like the attitude, i dont knw, specially when he is done on his song, when he stand up, and looking to the audience while walking on the front, its a bit, acting, i dont knw , its intimidating me while he is looking at the audience while walking, overconfident? then when start talking with judges, he seems not true. sorry to all colton- ians, like i said, he did a great job on singing, but…

    • Colton is a great salesman and will do almost anything to win this competition including dating Skylar if that’s what it takes.  A lot of what Colton is doing is an act but he is good at it and knows how to play towards his market(teen girls).  

      • Wow, Aaron!  I completely agree.  He was actually making me squirm with some of his smarmy pandering.  (Skylar didn’t seem all that comfortable either!)
        There hasn’t been a true “rock-god” on Idol since Adam L.  I will be interested to see how James Durbin does tonite, however.

    • I don’t know what that look was on his face after that performance but I did notice it. It was as if he was not looking forward to the comments. But I still think he did a great job on the song.

  38. Branden, I agree with you about Colton. I don’t think he has a very good voice and it sounds really nasally to me. The only performance of his that I have liked is Piano Man.

    All this talk of him making it to the finals is ridiculous. If he does somehow do it, and wins, it’ll be so typical of America. Good looking Christian country boy wins last year, good looking Christian rock boy wins this year. Garbage.

    The people that watch this need to start concentrating on the voice and the looks, not JUST the looks!

    • You’re missing the commercial appeal of Colton and his voice is not that nasally, he will be in the final 2 or 3 without a doubt.

  39. Thanks for the cheers for Kellie Pickler.  I actually like her better than Carrie.  One thing, though: technically, Kelly is not a country singer. She has done duets with country singing and perhaps would like to do a straight country album, but she was a pop singer when she won AI the first season.

    • Hi Idol Veteran,

      If you really are an idol veteran, double check who won the first season of Idol it may surprise you.  Her name is not Kelly Pickler.
      My rating on this post only because of not checking facts is a “D”

      Just saying………………..

      • Good post Ed, Kelly Pickler didn’t win anything. Did she look too old or what? She is only 26. I think she looked mid 30’s or older. And Kelly Pickler is definitely not a pop singer…LMAO

  40. Jessica and Joshua’s voice on that trio, wow I couldn’t believe how flat they were.

  41. I think hands down the top 4 should be jessica phillip skylar and joshua.

    Colton is WAY over rated…I hate that he always sings from his nose! I think he should be number 5 or 6 (he should not be in the top 4! )

    Elise should go home after colton…she is just a better singer then he is but she doesnt have a lot of fans so I think she will be like Colton number 5 or 6 (unfortunately she will go before Colton :()

    I am sorry but Hollie is for sure the worst singer in the competition…America think like this as well out of the 7 contestants left she has been the most times in the bottom (I dont think she always shold be there…) so I think she should go home tonight.

  42. They gave Elise the end spot so she wouldn’t go home, and she is so inconsistent. And what happened to criticizing Jessica for singing a song no one knows. Everyone else got told to song popular ones, it’s time for her to do more than sing. As everyone else gets told, it’s about the whole package. That’s where her immaturity shows. Joshua and Colton are growing week to week, even Hollie takes the critics and tries to improve. And Joshua and Colton may not win but they are by far the ones with the most all round talent. And some years they go home early and far exceed the winner! Look at Daughtry and jennifer Hudson and Mandisa. So, at this point, the one that leaves week to week may be better than the ones who stay. That’s American Idol.

      • That was ages ago. The show was different then. People have learned how to manipulate the system too well. And the judges and producers have really started to try and manipulate things too. 

  43. I think the all competition should end like this (based on the past voting and my thinking)

    #7: Hollie
    #6&5: Elise and Colton (probably and unfortunately Elise will be #6)
    #4: skylar
    #3&2: Joshua and Phillip (the finale will be with Jessica and one of them)
    Winner shold be: JESSICA!

    • You letting judges influence you on Joshua, he will go after Hollie and get saved then go in the double elimination with Skylar or Elise. I see no fit for Joshua commercially…no where.

  44.  Im pretty sure you can tell the judges/producers have an agenda now to get you eliminated for whatever reason. They did the same thing to Haley Reinhart last season. Just keep fighting and singing your heart out! Theres only so much you can do to fight the machine that is Idol, but your performance tonight basically summed up everything you’re going through. It was great Hollie! Never give up and most of all have fun with this whole experience!

  45. I just heard Colton’s song (haven’t heard the rest yet) but I thought it was AMAZING. Vocally very tricky and no pitch problems at all this time (he has sung a bit flat in other performances). No issues at all with this song. He sang it beautifully. Will have to listen to the others now…

  46. I really question the judges’ impartial judgment tonight after their comments to Hollie.
    I hope she will be this year’s Haley. Stay longer even the judges dislike her.

  47. I just saw Nigel Lythgoe tweet saying he’s agree that the judges unfair towards Hollie. Hope he’ll fire them….
    So long Jlo! Make another dance clubbing music theme because it’s SO original. Wait! You already did last year, with the same Pitbull. Even Enrique did it!

    • Totally! 
      The judges didn’t even recognize Hollie’s performance in her trio with Jessica and Joshua. Heck! Joshua and Jessica fell flat at the beginning of the performance, Hollie is the only one who hit the right notes in that part and hold that in the whole performance. It’s good that Jessica eventually redeemed herself but Joshua ruined the song by screaming at the end! Not only that, the reason why Joshua sounded weird with his duet with Hollie and Jessica is because he’s totally out of tune!In the end, Randy said that he have to give the edge to Josh. Fine.

      GO HOLLIE!

      •  I think Hollie sings clearer and hits the notes better than any of the others. You can actually understand her words (unlike Jessica who sounds throaty and her words are muffled) and she sings in tune. To me that’s what it’s about. I couldn’t understand why the judges criticized her so much.

  48. Okay.. I love Jessica and Elise but hey, Hollie did waaayy better this time than last week. I dunno whats going on with J.Lo and Steven. They are pretty harsh with her. [highway rude i can say]. C’mon, that is better than joshua screaming or phil with a guitar. 

    I hope its joshua or phil who goes home tomorrow night. 

    Hollie, dont listen to them, you are talented. so as Jess and Elise. 

  49. i still think deAndre was the best. so different u dont get to hear that voice everyday… but now i think joshua or jessica should get this

  50. The problem with people is they agree with the judges feedback.. What’s the point of the feedback when they are not the one to vote.. Soo, guys.. Starting next week, don’t mind the feedback.. Just vote for your favorite cuz All of them deserves the title !!!! 🙂

  51. Phillip needs a tanning bed, a preppy outfit (unbuttoned a bit) and a real “song” to renew and broaden his audience appeal. Clean him up a bit, hairwise!

    • NO to the tanning bed and NO to the preppy outfit! What the heck is wrong with you? Are you trying to turn him gay?

      •’s okay for a guy to say a guy is good looking. That doesn’t mean they are gay. Women say other women are beautiful all the time and people don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that they are lesbians.

      • Hi Pally45,

        IDK , guys don’t say to other guys they are good looking, where have you been hanging around?  In my hood, that kind of statement will get you into an awfull lot of ugly situations.  Yes I agree women will say to other women they are good looking but count the knives coming out of their eyes , it is scary, LOL.

      • Hi Pally45,

        I forgot to add regarding women saying  they are beautiful to other women, these women are Avon Representative, of course you can’t mix them up with the Mary Kay Girls , that would be bad and can turn violent.  Ha ha ha.

      • Ed, LOL! Love your comment! In Phillip’s defense…he didn’t say it TO Colton and he was kind of being funny when he said..well, he’s a good looking guy. But, your point is well taken.

  52. Jessica – AColton – A-Joshua – A-Skylar – B+Hollie – B-Elise  – APhillip – B-

  53. You’re right. Most of these song choices did suck. Can’t believe Jessica has so many supporters! She’s pretty boring and redundant. She doesn’t seem to be able to go upbeat as demonstrated by that trio performance.

  54. What the hell is wrong with the judges today?

    The audience was all “quiet” during Hollie’s judging . It felt like Hollie was dying/dead on stage.

  55. Jessica was great. I don’t know the song she sang but it really sounded good.
    Anyway, I hope next week she sing something really powerful with a lot of shouting, growling, high notes, belting, etc. ( of course … all sounding in a nice way ) just to showcase the greatness of her voice. Like a song that will make her really thirsty after singing … lol. I think that’s what JLO wants and I agree with her.

    • I agree. I think Jessica’s been holding back a bit, which is great, but she needs to do another big power diva ballad just to shut J-LO up

  56. hollie looks really pretty and so much better than last week.. Is it just me, or she is the one who always get the best dress among other girls.. ^__^ She deserves a place for next week..
    I think its skylar or elise who should go home this week. I don’t know, their performance not really memorable for me.. joshua and jessica for the final.. 😀

  57. I disagree with the comment about the Kellie Pickler song.  She is very well known in the country music business and if you ever listen to her songs they have a great message and alot of feeling.  I also feel that the judges have picked on Hollie all season long and thats not right.  She is a very good singer and at least you can understand the words to her songs.

  58. I think you are a little tone deaf…Honestly, Elise sounded horrible.  To take Lady Gaga’s song, and butcher it like she did, and have all the judges praise her for it, really upset me.  It’s like Haley last year.  She sucked, but was able to make the top 3.  This is why X Factor seems more interesting to me more and more every week.

    • Apparently, it is YOU that is tone deaf as everyone seems to have loved Elise last night..except you.

      • Look who’s talking? Man, I find you also tone deaf as everyone seems to have loved JESSICA last night…except… lemme guess? YOU! Y-O-U!

      • @Swaggernaut not everyone…seriously, listen to it again. It is beyond annoying and over-done.

      •  you know what pally45? i know we are free to state what’s inside our thoughts but c’mon! She cant please you, so better stop bashing her. You keep defending yourself like you are not JSan’s hater, but then you always emphasize that youre being too bored with her performances… If you dont like her, better stop pretending your not a basher nor hater. You’re annoying really! Try to respect us. I know you have your own bet but puh-lease! stop commenting like that. I dunno. Just enjoy everybody’s performance and better watch your comments.

  59. I love HOLLIE. hope she stays… please save her. she’s awesomely great. She cant show the greatness in her because judges pull her back. please let us save her. vote. =)

  60. I’m sure it will be Hollie going home, which is completely unfair. She is my favorite and she didn’t deserve that criticism. I voted for her non stop last night, so hopefully those approximately 2,000 votes helps. Others were sharp and flat in their songs and they never said anything when Hollie wasn’t. She deserves an apology from the deaf judges.

  61. I DO NOT like it when Ryan says, “Judges who do you think is endanger of leaving us??”  That is so wrong. How humiliating and embarrassing!!!!! 🙁

    GOING HOME 😛 rare) emmmm my favorite is Colton Dixon!!!!!! :/ this is weird..HES 100% safe?!?!?! :O :O :O :O I say hes 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% safe 😛 sorry i liike him 😎

  63. I thought the trio of Hollie, Joshua, and Jessica was horrible.  Both the girls came in weak.  The three voices seemed to clash in my opinion. 

    I literally cringed when Skylar sang the big notes during her duet with Colton.  To me, it sounded like she was screaming them. 

    I loved the duet with Elise and Phillip.

    I do not really have a favorite competitor from last night.  They were all good, no stand outs, no failures.   It’ll be interesting to see who’ll go home.

  64. Again Braden, you have nailed it.  I was very disappointed with most of the song choices, maybe they need a rule that the songs chosen must be a top 20 song or something so that they pick better known songs. Look at the voice, the song choices are very well know songs that everyone knows.

    I only disagree slightly on Colton, because of his total package deal, I think he is the most commercial by far, though he doesn’t have the best voice, I don’t hear the nasally wining thing. I would have gone with a A-.

    My biggest disappointment was Phillip Phillips, his song choice was absolutely terrible and wrong. If he would had gone with who he is, Dave Matthews, “Funny the way it is”, he would have had one of those moments on the show and blown it out. Big mistake Phillip you missed the opportunity to have won the thing. I give him a C for missing it big time.

    After pull back from Jess for a couple of weeks, she is wining me back. I didn’t like the song choice, but between her having the best voice and now finally connecting, she’s in it to the end. I think she needs to be careful though, some arrogance is coming through at times and that will hurt her votes. The thing about Jess, I still do not see the commercial side as well as I do for Colton.

    The others, Branden is right on. I don’t understand the Joshua worship by the judges.

    Poor Hollie is going home, I like her, but she just isn’t quite up there with the others and the Judges doomed her.

    The judges are really a problem.  Their feedback for everyone was: 
    great, great, great. Except for poor Hollie and while she might not be
    up with the rest of them, they did a horrible job of giving her
    feedback. I really felt bad for her.  WTF was the standing ovation for
    Joshua about? I may not always agree with Jimmy’s feedback, but at least
    you can tell he has a musical background. The feedback of the other
    judges isn’t as good as a group of audience listeners could be. I just
    really think they need to change Judges and the whole platform of the
    feedback…maybe they should hire Branden.

    • Dave Matthews, “Funny the way it is”, was released in June, 2009 so would not have qualified. Phillip sounds the same every week and gives me the impression he is not really interested in listening to any advice. Last night was his worst performance and the worst of the night.  

  65. In taking a step back…it’s not impossible for Skylar to pull an upset win. She’s very commercial and gets better every week. I can easily image her and Colton’s performances each week as commercial releases.

  66. technically, jessica is the best singer HOWEVER, if i were to listen to an entire album based on their song choices and personality – i would probably shoot myself if I had to listen to her. her song choices and where she has demonstrated she wants to go with her music thus far is really hard to connect to. right now, i could definitely listen to an entire album of skylar and colton. even elise and possibly phillip. they kinda already have their act set up. don’t know if i can say the same for the technically better singers unfortunately.

    i think judges are too partial at this point that they aren’t critiquing as much with certain contestants. the trio was awful and it seemed like joshua and two backup singers… the duet before that seemed messy and too karaoke.

  67. Agree w/the comments vis-a-vis Colton. He’s OK, but except for his rendition of “Piano Man” on “Billy Joel Night” a few weeks ago, I’ve been mostly underwhelmed.  The judges all seem to love him though – almost as much as they seem to dislike Holly… Last night they seemed determined to ensure that she’s voted off this week. I don’t get it – she wasn’t the best performance of the night but she wasn’t the worst either. Ironically, I thought Colton was the weakest, or maybe even Phillip (only because as many others have said, he’s starting to sound as if he’s in effect doing the exact same song every week)

  68. I agree with most of your ratings…except I loved Colton last night. I think he deserved a higher grade. I was also disgusted with the way the judges were to Hollie. It’s like they give standing ovations at the drop of the hat to the other contestants but have taken a personal dislike of the poor girl. I have been a huge Phillip fan but I gotta say..I was bored last night. I loved Colton, Skylar, and Elise and Joshua was fun. bottom three would be Phillip, Jessica (boring with a capital B) and Hollie.

      • Just stating my opinion. It also bothers me how a lot of people love her BECAUSE she is hispanic. That’s just racist crap. She could sound like a cat in heat and you would still vote for her. I don’t like Rihanna, I don’t really like Beyonce…why in the world would I like Jessica?

  69. I’m getting tired of Philip saying he doesn’t care if Colton has more fans and that he seem to not care about the feedback and suggestions given by mentors. Come on, don’t you wanna win, Philip?

    • I think he was trying to say this isn’t a competition between just him and Colton and the female audience.  He didn’t say he didn’t care.

  70. Well, I just loved Hollie. She is amazing. The smile after she sang the lyrics “LOOK I’M STILL AROUND” gave me chills.

  71. The jessica joshua hollie was the most horrible trio in this competition ever!! Common judges, I know you,re not deaf!

  72. I think that Hollie was ok, probable the best performance for her! She did not deserve the negative comments!!! I do think they pick on her, mostly Randy! Joshua should go home this week! I really dont see him winning. He is predictable and was very boring last night…If Simon was still on the show he would have said that Joshua sounded like a wedding singer (too karaoke) Elise and Phillip were really good!

  73. Bottom will be Holly, Elise and Philip. I hate to say the last two, but Elise cops is alot when she doesnt deserve it, and I think that it was Philips worst performance. Its Hollys time to go, and they will use save next week.

  74. The bottom 3 should be Hollie, Joshua, and Skylar.  Hollie or Joshua will be going home…Elise should sail through this week! I’m starting to question how much longer Phillip will be safe.

  75. i really cant tell the difference btw phillips performaces they are all the same or does he wear the same clothes  each week   he is just not good enough at this point in the competition they are all great  and he is kinda lacking  a lil bit

    • More than a little bit. Every song sounds the same and he has no charisma or stage presence. He is, by far, the worst of the final 7 but will probably get through with the female teen vote. 

      • I’ll agree that he needs to change things up and I’m a big fan of his..but to say that he has no stage presence is ridiculous. Girls love seeing a guy with a guitar and a cute smile! 

      • Pally45 – If I disagree with you or anyone else, I do with respect and give my opinion. If you disagree with me – great – but do not call my opinions ridiculous (or anyone else’s for that matter) because that only nullifies your own.

        We have had two male winners in the past 3 seasons who played guitar and had “cute” smiles and they have done nothing since. I refer to Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze. 

      • I’ll agree with you on that Pythagoras475 about Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze…but I don’t recall Lee playing the guitar. I didn’t vote for either one of them. When it was down to Kris and Adam, I voted for Adam and when it was down to Lee and Crystal..I voted for Crystal. I was just saying stage presence isn’t necessarily running down and touching people’s hands.

    • Love, love Phillip.  He isn’t about the bells and whistles.  He’s a music man.  I was sad last night tho, bc Ms. Lopez ballblasted if she knows a dang thing about soulful singers.  I’m positive she is a Jessica/Colton fan who bs’s poor Josh who is awesome.  Hope PP gets the chance to prove himself..though can’t see him beating the two megawatt kids.

  76. My predictions,
    Jessica, Joshua , safe
    Elise, Colton, most likely safe
    Phillip, Skylar, Hollie, bottom three
    Hollie goes home.

  77. Great recap as usual.   Your honestly is refreshing, whether we agree or not.
    That being said…….I feel so bad for Hollie, I know I’m no professional but she does not sound as bad as the judges say.  It may be her time to go and probably a relief for her.  She has been bashed by the judges from day one of the live shows.  They seem to love Joshua who at times sounds  terrible.
    Elise is good but I wasn’t crazy about that rendition of “You & Me” last night.  Colton is another favorite of the judges and most of the time I don’t understand what he is saying.   I hardly heard him during the duet with Skylar.  Her vocals were so much higher and better than his.
    Tonight should be very interesting IF Hollie (gets the sympathy votes) is safe!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmm!!!!

    • @Pally45:disqus  – Tyler is 64 and has a history with young girls going back to when he was 27 and persuaded the parents of a 14-year old groupie to let her live with him. He got her pregnant, she had an abortion and he “returned” her to her parents when she was 17.

      His comments about young girls since he joined the show in Season 10 have bordered on pedophilia and had I been Shannon’s father this year (she was either 15 or just turned 16 at the audition) I would have given him more than just a gritty smile for what he said about his daughter.

      Tyler is a letching, dirty old man and absolutely useless as a so called “judge.” Ryan Seacrest is supposed to be leaving this season and this should be the opportunity for American Idol to sweep the house clean and bring in new blood as MC and judges.

      Jimmy Iovine can’t be a judge. although he would make a great one, but he must know lots of people in the business who would be great judges and mentors to the contestants.

      If this does not happen, then next year may be the final season of Idol because the ratings are down this year and, have you noticed that Ryan has not once announced the number of voted received as he has proudly done in previous seasons?

    • Phyllis G. – Tyler is more than out-of-line, he is a 64 year old dirty old man, with a long history with young and underage girls. Not exactly the person you want on a family show.


    • Hi Phyliss…you hit the nail on the head.  I was saying that last night..that if Hollie moves on it is because of sympathy votes.  She’s just a sweet little thing that in time may be great.  My grandpa loves her, and my granny loves Jessica!  BTW they are almost 90!!!

      • Hi Essa, Well Bless their little hearts and they still watch Idol and have their favorites.  I love it……

  78. I agree with your comment about the judges regarding Hollie. They almost had her in near tears. Shame on them. I love her and hope she doesn’t get in the bottom 3 just to prove they were wrong. I voted like crazy for her. Hollie we are behind you!

    • If she takes the hard knocks now, which unfortunately she needs to progress, maybe after some vocal lessons and experience, she’ll have her day in the sun.  If anybody thinks life is going to be sugar coated, they haven’t had that much of a life.

    • Their comments definitely had a reverse effect tonight! They are making people feel sorry for someone who is actually very good! Maybe they should stop giving feedback; it may give them there deserved result.

  79. Ugh!!!  It’s painful to watch Ryan asking the judges as to who they think is in danger of going home.  But far more painful and humiliating is the fact that we have three judges who don’t have the BALLS to give categorical answers. After all,  they are called judges because they are expected to give clear judgments and firm decisions even to the most difficult and humiliating questions such as that of Ryan.   In  the Philippines,  there is a show called Showtime,  where a  judge is eliminated every week by unsatisfied viewers and replaced by a new judge.  I wish AI will come up with bright ideas such as this.  

  80. I go for Jessica almost every week. That girl can make it to the top.  Joshua is Ok with Colton. There is something that is not so right with Elise, why do people like her, even the judges. I prefer Hollie rather than Elise. and Phillips really so soooo boring.  Skylar is still in the running, she’s good.

  81. I will be breif, as I have to wake up in 4 hours. Elise, the girl was awsome tonight. On a song I have never heard of before, no less (I’m a old timer). If you ask me, she out did her performance when she did Led Zeppelin a couple weeks back. It is the first time I can hoestly say she performed as well as Haley Rhinhart did last season. She may not be as good a vocalist as Jessica. But on this night, her performance touched my soul, like Jessica never has. Best of the night for me.

  82. Totally agreed with Branden’s …it’s sooooo boring (songs choice), the only song I like is Elise and Phillip duet, “Somebody That I Used to know”, all others sent me to coma!

    Best tonight is Elsie….the worst is Joshua (can’t stand his “throaty” voice no more)

    Most ppl here said Phillips sings the same style every week …but look at McCreepy of last season who did forever country but won eventually!

    I presume the finally 3 should be Jessica, Phillips & Colton…with Colton is the winner (as teeniebopperers rules the votes for the last few seasons, so I guess it will be the same this season too!)

    Bottom 3 this week: Hollie, Joshua & Skylar
    Going home: most likely Hollie, but I wish it’s Joshua (I bet judges will save him if it happens to be him!!)

  83. u know what ive liked Philips almost since  day one BUT  com’n he is in danger he should do sth that surprise us that reallly really explode everything!
    i think the person should go home is Hollie and they will not save her but anyone except her and skylar they will save…
    and i don’t know why they insist on saying that Colton & Skylar are dating!!!!!!!!!!! A heart and these 2  in it??!!!!!what they want to make out of it!!!!!SoOoO annoying

    & im telling ya this season we have no  Hot and beautiful girl there! i think it will continue till JLo is on the show!!!cause she is so jealous of beautiful girls!!!!!!!

    • I wish I could get on the site earlier to comment on the crazed posts..but I, for one, am working all day.  I think Joshua is awesome, sweet and modest..but can put on a show like nobody’s business.  Phillip fan, but man, if he goes I’d jump right on Josh’s wagon.

      •  THANK YOU! Someone else who is actually a Joshua fan. When I saw his performance to get into the top 24, I was astounded.

  84. Some really good posts here!  Especially from “Americanidil300”.  But I love to post so here goes.  The judges are really pssng me off.  I agree with Branden like what is up with the judges foul looks when reviewing Hollie?  And what the he.. are they talking about in there critique anyways?  Two weeks ago they all said Hollie was “pitchy” but Jimmy Lovine said on the results show that she was technically perfect.  Hollie is not the best, ok.  I am just pointing out how the judges try to manipulate votes with their comments and looks.  They are also pimping Joshua and Jessica.  Look, both of them can sing like crazy but just judge the singing and leave it alone at that.  Josh is not perfect and makes mistakes but a lot of people are fooled by his long drawn out finishes.  He is still a “church singer” to me and is not very versatile although last night he did try to pick it up a bit.  Basically I just want to tell the judges that people are catching onto you guys and you are not fooling anyone but yourselves.

  85. I am like WTF on JLos comment regarding Jsan. She asking for a Joshua like performance that half of the world hates? Cmon, seriously? Isn’t JSan the one who gave justice to Whitneys IWALY that brought her fame? What has Joshua done so far aside from giving us a creepy face after a NOT deserving standing O – nothing but dismay. Ridiculous.

    If there is anyone who is worth the praise, its Skylar and Hollie.

    JLo should just retire from AI and make a show American Cougar. Seriously

    •  Yeah… we should just give her seat to Nicki Minaj. She said that she wants to be a judge on Idol.

      Just kidding. I don’t want Nicki to be a judge. This is one of those times where you wish for Simon to come back.

    •  I agree.  Hopefully you voted for Hollie a few times.  I ususally pick two performers to vote for and that will override the shabby treatment from the judges.

    •  I do NOT agree with you, except for the fact that Hollie is not getting the praise she rightly deserves. Everyone is entitled to there opinion, but Josh is talented in the fact that he can make any song his own.  His “screech” is signature, and adds character. His whole performance is always very soulful…& btw, you might want to check out Joshua’s “When a Man Loves a Women”…that SO was most definitely deserved.

  86. Why has it taken so long for you people to realize Phillips sings the same way every week. Its nothing new here you just haven’t been paying attention or is it that you’ve been persuaded by the judges

  87. Okay so everybody guessed it and probably right to do so…Hollie is the one to go home (I haven’t seen a comment says otherwise, also the jusges wont save her)

    now the question is who will be the 2 to join her in the bottom 3 (but really I think that the question is who is not in the top 4…)

    the only person who wasnt sent to the bottom from any of you is…Jessica (AND SHE WONT BE IN THE BOTTOM!)

    I think that with Hollie should be ONE GIRL and ONE GUY:

    so it’s either Skylar OR Elise (I dont think all the girls beside Jessica should be in the bottom!)   


    the third place in the bottom will be taken by either Joshua (unlikely), Phillip (mostlikely) OR Colton (possibly)-no two guys in the bottom with Hollie!…

  88. Okay, seriously…to all of you calling me a hater  and a Jessica basher. Why is it okay for you to slam on Elise or Phillip or Colton but I say something about Jessica being boring and the same everyweek and I’m a hater? What a bunch of hypocrites! btw…hater is a stupid, lame, and totally over-used word.  Come up with something original.

    • HAHAHAHA.  You are so right but man, these Jessica lovers would take a bullet for her.  RIDICuloussss.   The word hater reminds me of the Katrashians as that is what they call every person in the world who doesn’t agree with them.  I give it up to the performers I don’t care for and wouldn’t threaten lives as was done last wk when posts had to be removed because of the violence her fans were throwing out there.  Doesn’t mean everybody, but there sure are a lot of angry Jessica lovers.  Lighten up.

  89. This is a personal comment blog.  We all have the right to disagree but whats with this name calling garbage.   Our opinions are our own, neither right nor wrong.  We should be commenting on who we like and who we dislike not bashing other people for their opinions.
    TBS……I have to agree with Tenisaddict and few other commenters.  Last season Scotty sounded the same every week and he was pitchy a lot of the time and he won AI, Phillip is great at what he does.  So what its sounds the same every week.  He is being true to himself.   If you like his sound, fine, if not choose someone else to vote for….

  90. I have to agree with Branden on his post. I’m kinda underwhelmed by the performances today. I honestly thought that “This Decade” would be a good theme this week. Oh well. Next theme please.

  91. Colton is a bit overrated – but he’s attractive (even if his hair is awful), and he’s obviously smart. You’d be hard pressed to pick a more popular song than he chose last night. He sang it well, not amazing, but it was good and people love the song and will vote for him because of that. 
    I loved Skylar’s performance. Country fans listen to Kelly Pickler and as we saw last season, the country vote can be pretty powerful. It’s not a well known song but she killed it anyway.I wasn’t crazy about Elise and Philip’s duet – it just sounded off to me. Maybe it’s just because I’ve heard the song so many times, and Gotye and Kimbra do it so perfectly, that anything a bit different sounds wrong? It wasn’t bad, it just seemed off. Although, as Steven said, it’s a huge song and singing it will bring both of them votes. And they do have good stage chemistry.I’m still bored by Jessica. Yes, she has a gorgeous voice. Yes, technically she is very good. But as soon as she started singing, I wanted to change the channel. There is just zero excitement. It sounds good, it just bores me. And the judges just keep telling her how amazing she is. She knows she’s a good singer, she needs someone to tell her how to grow as a performer, not just how amazing she is as a vocalist.Joshua actually did something different. He sings wells but I’m still not crazy about him. I don’t know why, I just don’t find any of his performances captivating. But he’s a good singer.Colton and Skylar’s duet was awesome. I wasn’t sure how Colton would pull off the country but he did well. And Skylar was amazing. She’s a pure country girl and does it beautifully. She’s reminding me more and more of Reba.I thought this week was by far Hollie’s best. I really felt the emotion, and you can tell she’s been working on the pitch problems she’d been having. Someone needs to clean out the judges ears. I hope Hollie sticks around.Philip is obviously a great musician. And he knows who he is and what kind of record he would make. But I think people are going to get bored with him if he doesn’t start to change things up. That being said, I really enjoyed his performance.Joshua+Jessica+Hollie=ouch. That just wasn’t good. I think my ears were bleeding at the start. It did improve towards the end though. I don’t know what the hell the judges were so excited about.Elise – so good. I loved it. I love her edge, and the roughness in her voice. She really brings some presence to the stage and she can rock out with the best of them. Her voice isn’t the best but she is definitely one of the best performers. I really wan’t to slap the “goosies” and stupid giggles off of JLo. Holy crap she is getting more annoying by the second.
    Every once in a while Steven says something intelligent about music, which makes me believe it’s in there somewhere. But I’m pretty sure he was high last night – this week Hollie was definitely way better than her past performances. 
    Randy is just an idiot. He thinks that because he’s been here for 11 years, which he seems bound and determined to remind us of every day, he knows everything and they should all just listen to what he says. Judges – F.

    • I agree with you.  I have loved Phillip since the tryouts, but I’m afraid he’ll go home bc most of midstream America can’t relate..i.e. Daughtry.., Lambert.  The vast majority of American Idol voters are religious Southerners who fit right into Colton’s arena.  If he is such a God fearing boy, why in the heck did he sing Rihanna.  I think Elise will get outsted eventually also because of her coolness..exactly the same reason as Phillip!  American wants their idols squeaky clean..which means Jessica v. Colton (not my opinion, but bet I’m right).

  92. Discussed with the judges, I thought what they did to Holly is beneath them.  I think it’s time to hire new judges, these three are too busy showing favorites and not judging on talent. 

    • I agree, Holly may not be the best singer, but she is pretty darn good
      and the judges are going by favorites,  trying to sway votes and knock votes away for some others.

      •  Yes, Hollie is pretty darn good.  As you say, not the best, but surely deserves more than the blatant dislike and crappy judging she receives.
        I urge all of you who see the obviously disgusting treatment of Hollie by the judges to be sure and cast some votes for her along with another one or two of your favs.

  93. I thought the whole night was boring..I must be getting old. I did not recognize any of those songs last night… of the night though was Skylar and Elise…

  94. You and I think alike…..for real! When I read your posts it’s like reading my notes!

  95. Here’s my opinion(<—–notice that word.) on the night's performances and where the idols will end up
    And let me start off that I am in favor of Hollie but i will try not to be bias!

    Skylar Laine: For me she is the second best girl in the competition. She may not be vocally strong like Jessica or Hollie but she knows that artist she wants to be. This performance was great! I dare to say even better than last week. She is consistent and confident and just like Lauren Alaina last year she will squeeze into the top 2 as the Country Sweetheart. (A-)

    Colton Dixon: I just do not get this guy. TO ME he is not consistent. He is very nasaly and does not have originality; both of which he NEVER gets called out on. He rips off various artists with his covers. I think his performance wasnt very good at all. I think he does deserve to be in the bottom 3 but all the teenie booper girls will vote for pure looks and not vocal talent. I think his time is running short and he'll make it to the top 5. (C- or D+)

    Elise and Phillip: Typical from both. It was good. I was expecting that. It was a great song choice for both. I do think Phillip did better than Elise by a slight margin but the two were very equal witht their approach to the song. (A)

    Jessica Sanchez: Now for the most overpraised girl to ever hit American Idol. Tonight was an okay performance from her. I didn't know the song and her not using proper diction didn't help. She is so boring to me and I believe that she thinks shes a DIVA. I think her major downfall will be her fans; everyone thinks shes safe no matter what and one week the votes will drop and she'll be out just like Pia Toscano. She'll make it to top 4. (B)

    Joshua Ledet: This has been the most kareoke perfomance of the whole season. Joshua did not deserve a standing O in any way at all. He took on Bruno Mars and failed miserably; especially if you compare this to Mars' performance at the 2012 Grammy's. He is boring and this did not help him because he just looked awkward. I think this is the worst performance right behind Colton. I think he'll make top 6 or possibly be eliminated tonight. He is very much the Casey Abrhams or Jacob Lusk of this season. (D)

    Colton and Skylar: It definitely was nowhere near as good as the original but it was okay. Neither of them stood out to me and all and both of them fell short on their notes. It was missing something that I cannot put my finger on. Maybe I expected more from Skylar but her notes were cut too short for me and should have been extended. After a while I forgot that Colton was there, but in his favor that song doesn't really showcase male vocals so maybe it was a bad song choice. (C+)

    Hollie Cavanagh: I think the arrangement was spot on for her. She was able to nail the song spot on. I think it was great for her and she is the ONLY person to actually give a wow moment with her last note; best note of the night that no other singer could hit. That note was flawless, but then come the stupid, idiotic judges. She is definitely getting the Haley treatment, or dare I say the Drew from X Factor treatment. This girl deserves the praise that is being taken away from her; she has remnants of Christina Aguilera in her voice. Hopefully voters saw past the hatred and voted for her. I think she will be in the bottom 3 tonight but she isn’t going home. The judges will apologize tonight and next week she’ll have a breakthrough performance that the judges will finally praise and put her right back on top. She will also make it to the top 2 with Skylar. She is very much like Katherine Mcphee when it comes to being good but not being praised for it. (A)
    Phillip Phillips: Can’t say that I wasn’t predicting another guitar performance. That is his biggest downfall, he has become WAY TOO PREDICTABLE. He is great and is definitely the best guy in the competition but you already know what to expect. There is no element of surprise with Phillip but he will stay because the girls love him. He is James Durbin this season. SO predictable with every performance but it doesn’t matter because his fan base will keep him here. He will definitely make it to the top 3(B-)
    Jessica, Hollie and Joshua: Hot mess. Joshua was overdoing it to the extreme with his screaming. Sometimes less is more and in this case it was very true. Jessica was very flat and dull in the beginning but picked it up by the end and held it together. Hollie was also flat in the middle but like Jessica she picked it up in the end and held it together. No one of them outshined the other, well maybe the girls did better than Joshua but it wasn’t by much. It would have been good to just see Hollie and Jessica but again this was the worst of the groups, which is weird because they are all powerhouse singers like Kelly. (C-)
    Elise Testone: It was a good performance but sorta pitchy for me. I just hate her attitude and I think she lacks marketability. It was a good rendition but nowhere near as good as Gaga. It was an okay performance but not for the final spot of the night. She will make top 5 at best. (B)

    Overall the night gets a B- rating.

    I think the bottom 3 will be Hollie (unfortunately), Joshua and Colton.
    I think Joshua will get sent home but of course the save will be implemented.

    I just really hope the judges apologize to Hollie. The negativity is what is making her seem like an underdog. They need to praise her for her vocal talents. HOLLIE FTW!!!!

  96. Cast your mind back to the first week of public voting and the girls sang Whitney Houston songs. That week, Jessica and Hollie were terrific and JLo said “a two girl final – maybe – I hope so.”

    Since then, they have blown Jessica up and knocked Hollie down and the latter has become so obvious, it is impacting how Hollie performs. We have heard from Jimmy about how great she sounds in rehearsals and then loses it when singing live.

    The three that sit as “judges” are a joke and if AI is to survive, they need to have a wholesale clearing out for next year.   

  97. I agree with all the comments about the judges this year…JLO and Steven are so boring and just seem like they want the show to be over so they can get on with their lives…they really do pick on Hollie, and that is to boost the votes for Jessica…I hope, if this show continues, they get all new judges who are really in it to show they care and not to rush everyone off the stage.

    • Agreed.  They do pick on Hollie and yes they want to continue boosting Jessica as they all want her to win.  To be fair, Hollie is consistently not good.  She did better last night but should go home.  BUT, America does love the little blonde girls who look sad and cry so who knows.

    • The judges are bias, without any doubt. I judge based on who I would change the station because I didn’t like the song, or the singer. Jessica got my station change on both counts. So why do the judges pick on Hollie. Even like last night, they degradingly told Hollie she did well. Why not just say they’re not going to give her credit, whatever she does and Jessica will get standing O’s no matter how good or bad she does

  98. Here are my feelings about the top 7. 

    Skylar: I am not a big fan of country music, but I think she’s a sweetheart. This shows through when she performs, too. Skylar has a stage presence the other two young girls lack. I BELIEVE her when she sings.  Some of her higher / louder notes can get a little “screamy” for me, but if she were singing her own songs, I don’t believe this would be a problem. I think she has a bright future in country music as the next Reba, whether she wins or not.

    Colton: I like him. Everyone keeps saying he’s a “fake rocker” but what they fail to realize is that when you’re a Christian who wants to profess your faith, you have to have some way of showing the world you are not a total prude or a square. Having an edgy style is one way to do this. Colton is not perfect, but a few of his performances have been quite enjoyable to me, and he’s particularly captivating when he gets behind the piano. The high notes seem to be disastrous for him, but when he hits that middle range, his voice is liquid velvet. 

    Jessica: If this competition were just about singing, I would say just crown Jessica American Idol right now and let everyone go home. She’s 16 years old, and the voice that comes out of that small thin body is nothing short of stunning. I just can’t help feeling she lacks something. I watch her perform, and I like her, but I know at the same time I would not buy her albums. Her voice itself is not unique. Technically, Jessica is flawless; too flawless. I can’t find her personality underneath the vocal gymnastics, or outside my own disbelief that the voice I’m hearing is being emitted from that body. I can’t relate to her. That’s as best as I can pin it down.

    Joshua: Once again, he’s a great singer, and I find him entertaining. He does tend to overdo it a bit, and I’m not enthused with the undersized jackets, but all in all I like him. Once again, however, I know I would not buy his albums.  As a singer, yes, but as an artist, not so much. I would definitely go to see him live, though, because watching him sing is a spiritual thing.

    Phil: Been there, done that, got a t-shirt. Phil is OK. Ironically, he’s the kind of artist I usually enjoy, an independent spirit who wants to make music for its own sake. But something about him bothers me. As good looking as Phil is, boy, he is ugly when he sings. Veins popped out, face scrunched up, legs doing weird herky jerky things. Love him or not, Phil is not a great singer. Neither are Tom Petty or Bob Dylan, though, and they are two iconic artists who found ways to stand out in the crowd. So basically I feel the opposite about Phil as I do about Joshua. As a singer, no, but as an artist, maybe, if he can write songs. 

    Hollie: Oh, where do I begin. Last night, I thought she did well and agree that the judges were unfair. Her final note was the best of the night, and she looked great. Unfortunately, though, my final verdict is that she’s too vanilla. No sprinkles or cookie dough or mint garnish. She doesn’t know who she is and it shows. Once again, I can’t relate to her and watching her perform stirs nothing in me. Maybe in a few years, she’ll find her own and go on to have a wonderful career, but now she isn’t ready. I wish her the best.

    Elise: I won’t hide the fact that she is my favourite. I guess I can relate to her the most. People keep saying she has attitude, and maybe she does, but what I really see is a woman who is confident in her ability and knows who she is. Guys, Elise is 28 years old. She’s played with a band. She’s confident on stage. Her personality is consistent with others in the music industry who know how to put on a show. Her voice is, bar none, the most unique in the competition. Not only can she sing, but she can also play piano and now we find out drums, too. I can’t remember if she’s played guitar in any episodes but I’m sure she can do that also. Of all the contestants, she is the only one I will follow when it’s all over. Her performance on “Whole Lotta Love” was nothing short of one of the best things I’d seen in a long time and I’m a huge Zeppelin fan. When she sings, I totally forget I’m watching a competition and just enjoy her.

    Those are my feelings and opinions. I think Hollie will probably go home tonight and I will be sad to see her go.

  99. I disagree on Joshua Ledet being in the bottom three. I believe it will be Elise or phillip in the bottom three even though I believe they will be safe. Joshua is one of the strong contenders like Jessica and Colton

  100. Sorry, but bottom 3 will be Hollie, Elise and Phillip. And Hollie will go home. Think Phillip deserves to go, he’s defiant and way too predictable. How you got him and Elise rated higher than Josh is beyond me. I don’t know what the judges heard in Elise lastnight but she was Not good, had to rewarch it and still did not see a great performance

  101. pretty spot on. i’d just like to say tonight should be interesting. dial idol has skylar and josh safe tho but who knows with texting. and to the people who get on here and other sites trashing contestants and others opinions telling them to get a life or agree with them or else take a look in the mirror! people are allowed to have opinions and state them “freedom of speech” so the fact that you’ll get on here and be rude and threaten call people retarted, losers, dumb, whatever your only making yourself look bad and from what i can read its turning some people against your idol. lighten up its only a compition and most of them are going to get a record deal. and to those of you who are going to say something, i didnt say this because im “bullied on here’ or “jealous” or “scared for my idol” im saying it because its true some people are WAY too intense on here and pushy and rude and acting immature about this. its not like the winner runs the country. more people vote for idol than they do president for crying out loud! be kind, be respectful, you dont have to be nasty to show your love support for your favorites!! and unlike SOME PEOPLE im not ending this with get a life or dumb. its just something i thought should be put out there. nasty comments can be flagged and removed btw.

  102. So much Joshua hating going on. Jess fans always complain about people being ‘haters’ for having a favorite other than Jessica, but y’all do more of the Hating than anybody on here! It’s all fine and dandy when the judges praise Jess and give her a standing O, but good grief if Josh does, y’all go ape s..t! If someone’s not a pop or country singer, then they suck right? If people would actually listen to other types of music and genres, you might appreciate a different type if singer. The guy is super talented, but gets ripped on this site cause he gets praises by the judges and Jimmie? Come on. Jessica is not the only singer on the show. Maybe y’all bash him so much because he’s the biggest threat to Miss Perfect.

  103. It’s become so obvious that Hollie is not the judges favorite.  I feel their negative comments were so unnecessary last night.  Hollie sounded great.  She’s not the best but didn’t deserve such negativity.  Hollie & Elise are at the bottom of the judges list.  I hope their comments don’t influence voters.  I’m afraid Hollie will be going home and I won’t agree with it.

  104. I cannot believe the judges are telling us Jessica is the winner! Wow, America is wrong, and the judges proclaim Jessica THE BEST. Using the save was likely right , but not declaring a winner. Hey, judges, stop playing God.

  105. I am angry about the way the judges just took over the stage and admonished the American audience who voted. This is not their thing anymore, it is the audiences. I truly liked the top 3, and I also thought Je’sssica used a terrible song for her. It was a poor choice and I think she deserved to be in the bottom three. I also think it was hurtful to the other top contestants for the judges to ooze over Jessica as the “best singer in America”. We did not think so. Get over yourselves judges. We have our own tastes.

  106. They are all pros at this point. Only time will tell who will be the biggest. Josh would be my guess. Jessica will not win, she lacks the emotion, she not believable to me…saving her and favoring her is wrong by the judges…are we not the ones voting?

  107. I hate the SAVE….We voted her off….shes fakey and karaoke like….Judges act as if they have the say and are  sticking their nose where is does not belong

  108. P2 is good. but we’ll get bored of what he usually does.
    Colton is good, but imagine indie rock winning American Idol. its not that great. i mean, come on! its used to be extra-rdinary. But Colton is just good.
    Joshua is also good. But sometimes he oversing the song. And the judges really need to stop praising him okay.
    Elise is good too. But im so tired seeing the un-originality of her. She’s probably like no way. Not consistent.
    Skylar is good. But im not sure the pitchy problems will take her far.
    Jessica is good. But sometimes Jessica didnt do thing right. She’s too karaokee for me. I dont get it. Someone need to give a material to her, so she will kick it.
    Hollie Cavanagh is my pick to win this whole thing. Why? Because she knows the technique. And she’s a great singer. So please hollie, please come back. 

    Now on, Hollie is kinda lost. So i dont know who will win, because everyone is in danger

  109. I believe fans voted Jessica off is correct. The judges are not the ones who should decide. Jessica comes off as fakey and not genuine, and is 7th best, pretty good. She will continue making a living singing.

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