American Idol 2013: Auditions Continue Next In Charlotte & Baton Rouge

American Idol bus on tour

We’ve been to New York and we’ve been to Chicago. Next, American Idol 2013 will take us to Charlotte and then on to Baton Rouge for a new round of auditions as the judges panel hunts down the best talent around.

According to the American Idol schedule we’ll be seeing Charlotte’s finest on Wednesday’s two-hour audition show while Baton Rouge will be squeezed in to a one-hour episode.

We’ve already seen a lot of names off the Top 40 spoilers list become Golden Ticket holders so we can’t wait to see who else makes the cut and is confirmed for a trip to Hollywood.

We’re also anxious to see how the judges change as the season continues. While I was pleasantly surprised by the panel a large majority of you were not. Only 17% approved of the panel while 55% disapproved. Ouch. If you haven’t cast your vote in that poll then do it now.



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