American Idol 2013: Best Performances From First Two Las Vegas Rounds

Devin Velez on American Idol 2013

Last week on American Idol 2013 we watched as 10 of the season 12 Top 20 were assembled. Ten more will be added to that group this week, then we’ll move on to America’s vote.

And last week there were some great performances. Here are some of the best from the first two rounds:

Devin Velez, “Listen.” The girls are dominating this season so far, but Devin Velez has still managed to represent for the guys. His version of Beyonce’s “Listen” was one of the best from the ten guys who performed last week.

Amber Holcomb, “My Funny Valentine.” Amber hasn’t had a ton of airtime until this past week. It seems like everyone is talking about Angela Miller. I think Amber’s version of “My Funny Valentine” finally put her on the map. And the Idol producers must have thought so, too, because she got to perform in the final spot of the night, which fans call the “pimp spot.”

Angela Miller, “Nobody’s Perfect.” I feel like calling Angela out as one of the best is just a given at this point. But I’m not going to skip over her for that reason. Her performance this week was again one of the best. Of course it didn’t beat out her performance of “Set Me Free” but it was equally good. She’s clearly going to be in this contest for the long haul.




  1. I have to say my daughter made me watch as I had no intention with the Mariah (who is a self centered snob as expected) and Nikki (outside of flirting has surprised me) as judges but I have been ok with it. I really like Keith. I like the format. My only gripe might be is that some of the girls that went home last week may not have had they been put up with this weeks contenders. But…. that’s a minor issue that probably can’t be changed anyway. The boys are NOT doing it for me this year at all!!!!

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