American Idol 2013 Top 20 Heads Toward Rapid Fire Elimination Next Week

American Idol 2013 judges and production

The American Idol 2013 Top 20 Hopefuls may have just been crowned but they better not get too comfortable because next week is going to be a rapid fire whirlwind of performances and eliminations.

Starting next Tuesday, March 5th at 8PM the Top 20 will be split again by sexes with the first ten singers, either girls or the guys, performing live on the American Idol stage. Then the following night, Wednesday, the other group, again either the girls or the guys, will perform for your votes.

While the original American Idol 2013 schedule indicates the boys will perform first we saw this same plan for the Las Vegas rounds and that was clearly reversed. If I had to guess we’ll see the girls go on first in another production push to put the ladies first and foremost in our minds and not those pesky boys that keep winning.

On Thursday night, after two back-to-back nights of two-hour episodes, we’ll get a 90-minute results show where half of all the singers will be cut and sent home. The American Idol 2013 singers who survive will form our Top 10. From there we’ll be down to weekly performances and single eliminations.

The season will press on until we arrive at an early finale week on May 15th & 16th when the last two singers perform and then the American Idol 2013 winner is revealed. One of these singers will be the next Idol!




  1. Wow. This is going to be fierce. Live next week AND fire elimination. I already have my favorites, and there are quite a few I don’t care about.
    Curtis Finch Jr, Janelle Arthur, and Vincent Powell. All the rest are good.
    Does anyone know if there is a tour this summer?

  2. Got mine picked out . She is the whole package, beside being a great entertainer she has character. and a people person! To no her is to Love her, Go Janelle

  3. There are many great singers, some significant ones left out. But the shows should be good! The obsession and manipulation to get a girl winner is getting obnoxious. I am hoping for the BEST singer left to be the winner.

  4. never watch it again…. terrible and racial judges. needs new judges.. waste of time now!!!! pure crap

    • Agreed. It is crap now. What is that zoanette woman still doing there. They actually cut someone who could sing and kept her? Is there an explanation? …what is the appeal?! I would think mariah has her team thinking of the most plausible excuse she can use to cut and run now before her career suffers.

  5. I think that the best singers are Angela Miller, Charlie Askew, Jannelle, and Aubrey,
    based on the fanbase it looks like on here jannelle is very popular, and same for angela miller, zoanette seems to be the one where everyone wants to ggo home.

    • TOP 10 (My power list)

      Guys: Burnell Taylor, Nick Boddington, Lazaro Arbos, Devin Velez, and Vincent Powell!!!!

      Girls: Angela Miller, Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, Kree Harrison, Aubrey Cleland!!!

  6. My favorite guy is Lazaro, and favorite girl is Angela.
    Maybe they’ll be in the finale, haha.
    However, I know Angela’s going to be up AT LEAST in the Top 4, though. She’s got talent. Maybe Lazaro, as well.

  7. im thinking the 5 guys and 5 girls with the most votes will make it thru, then they are gonna have a wildcard pick to make either a top 12 or 13 like every year….

      • ^^^see my explaination above. There will be more than 10 initially. They’ll just do extra eliminations the following week. I see/hear atleast 6 very talented woman. The only way they all make it is to have wildcard(s) added. Don’t be surprised if the 1st 3 elinminations are all guys. Not a particularily strong group this year. Add to this the editing favouring some of the woman it seems the girls have a head start on building a fan base. Janelle is a perfect example as you can see from this board.

  8. Janelle is not the strongest singer. A tour is not guranteed since they have been losing money the past 4 years. And AI needs to shake it up, since The Voice will premiere March 25th. And enough with the racial judging. All those on the judging staff are current, bankable, and tour breaking judges with Randy being more of an AR man. This is the first American Idol group who is diversified and represents this country. I am glad with the judges who keeps it real on these performances. Lastly, being AI winner does not represent a solid recording contract. Look at all the past winners who have become passe with NO contract. This show now is only good for contestants to show their talent and hopefully get a recording contract afterwards.

  9. any chance they will invite a couple guys and a couple girls back to make it the top 24 for America to vote on?

    • Not a chance at all,
      top 20 becomes top 10 in one week,
      it would be totally unfair, to bring back 4 extra to take their spot, that they already deserved(:

  10. Several of the eliminations this week were a travesty. Clearly, this round was not really “sudden death.” The producers have heard them all singing for weeks now, and I suspect they steer the “judges” in the production meetings as to who they would like to see advance based on which combination of contestants they think will result in the best ratings, rather than basing it solely on singing ability. The first black guy sent home should have advanced, as should have the asian guy.

  11. Janelle is my fav since everybody is pulling for her on here,
    imma vote janelle just for that,
    100 americanidolnet fans cant be wrong 😀

  12. Guys and Gals I think you missed the point on 12 or 13 contestents. Spite the early end date all you need to do to keep the calender correct is have extra folks dropped based on the 1st week of fan voting.
    For example add 1 to make it 11. Then 2 voted out following week. Calender integrity is mantained. It won’t be the first time this approach has been used on this and other shows.
    Try this out. As an example a favorite is eliminated going from 20 down to 10. Lets call her JANELLE 🙂 Thursday ends and the folks here swear they won’t watch again…lol. The truth is the producers know she’s back next week. It 1 tipical treatment for these types of shows. Generally they choose a favorite they want to go a long way on the show. Best bets in my opinion are Aubrey, Janelle or the girl from Boston with the terrific original song.

  13. Zoanette, I don’t believe this. How can the judges complement her after singing wrong lyrics? It completely changed the meaning of the song but they still put her through. Instead of saying here comes the lion she said here comes the boat . I don’t believe these judges.

    • I’m surprised and a little impressed that you could even decifer that many of the words she was singing. Good for you!

  14. Dang Nicki, you are sooooooooo um smarter than I thought 🙂 Sexy, Talented, funny,…………..and the curves!! And me with no brakes 😀

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