Judges Continue To Push American Idol 2013 Girls Over Boys (VIDEO)

Judges on American Idol 2013

The American Idol 2013 judges are back with a look at this season’s Top 20 singers. The interview below starts off with a discussion of what makes an “American Idol Moment” as the judges try define that event but talk turns to the girls versus guys.

Desperate for a girl to win the competition we’ve been hearing over and over how much better the girls are than the guys. Look, the judges so far have handpicked the Top 20 singers in the race at this point. If either group is so much stronger than the other than it’s a case of them failing at the jobs. There could be individual singers across the sexes who stand out but for an entire block to outweigh another entire block looks more like a failure of the judges.

Could a girl win this season? Absolutely. Singers like Angela Miller and Adriana Latonio, but the guys, despite the judges’ stance, have their own strengths with the likes of Lazaro Arbos and Burnell Taylor.

As Nicki sadly put it, America will have to decide between strong voices with the girls and big personalities with the guys. That’s a little pathetic.




  1. Oh enough with this, im sick of hearing how american idol is pulling for a girl, oh my gosh!! its so annoying, im tired of seeing a little teen guy win american idol, some are bored with recycled gimmicks year after year

  2. All they had to do was limit the voting to 10 per device and the problem would have solved itself. No need to push an agenda.

  3. I agree with Templar. The way they are going about getting a girl winner is probably pissing off a lot of viewers. I stopped watching when they eliminated johnny keyser. Not because he was the only one I wanted to win but bc I knew he deserved to go through which made it rather obvious how manipulated this show is. The voice seems more real to me.

  4. I’m sorry but the shows biggest mistake was Nicki. It;s not like it use to be. I’m sorry I can’t waste my time watching this year. I’ve watch it every year but I can’t get interested in it due to the judges. I close my eyes every time Zoanette gets up or turn away. She can’t sing so I guess it’s turned into entertainment. Looking forward to the voice coming back.

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