American Idol 2013 Finale Performances Live Recap: Kree vs. Candice

Kree or Candice

It’s hard to believe that American Idol 2013 finale week is here, but it is! And we’re only one day away from learning who takes the title this year, Kree Harrison or Candice Glover.

Before we get to that however, we’ve got tonight to contend with. We’ve got the three performances that are going to help America decide who should win because from nearly every poll (including our own), predictions and betting odds websites, it could go either way. It’s that close. So let’s get to this and see who has the best performances of the night and will likely take the crown.

As usual, I’ll be reviewing each performance and assigning the letter grade that I think each one deserves. And I’m covering it live, so please follow along and feel free to write your own reviews as we go in the comments section below!

American Idol 2012 Final Two Performances 

Round One: Simon Fuller’s Choice

Kree Harrison, “Angel.” First of all, dumb song choice, Simon Fuller. If he’s still wondering what’s wrong with his show, he might want to look in the mirror. But anyway, even though it’s a night of noting but ballads, Kree turned it out the best she could with this slow song that has ZERO big moments. Foolish Fuller. Grade: B+

 Candice Glover, “Chasing Pavements.” Another awful song choice. We made it all season without an Adele song and Simon Fuller has to force one onto Candice. And it was as boring as I imagined it would be. There were a few bigger moments than Kree’s song, but it’s a flat song. Candice did what she could with it. Grade: B+

  • Round one winner: Candice. Just because of the bigger moments. Or Kree because of the emotion. OK, it’s a tie.

Round Two: Coronation song (winner’s single)

Kree Harrison, “All Cried Out.”  This was a great song for Kree to showcase her vocals. And she do so quite well. I didn’t love the song as a song though. I don’t really think I’d keep it on if it came on the radio. Grade: A-

Candice Glover, “I Am Beautiful.” This is definitely a better song. And Candice’s vocals were spot-on. It was big, it was bold, it was beautiful. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Grade: A+

 Round two winner: Candice. Clearly. It was just a better song.

 Round Three: Reprisal song

Kree Harrison, “Up To The Mountain.” Kree didn’t do anything differently this time (Aside from the smoke and chorus. Ha). Which I guess is OK because it was a great performance the first time. Overall it was a sweet and powerful performance. Grade: A+

Candice Glover, “I Who Have Nothing.” See, Candice changed it up. So bonus points for that. An a cappella opening!? Come on! That’s bold! Fantastic. That was phenomenal. That was a winning performance if I ever heard one. From a cappella to a POWERHOUSE, huge, big, every other adjective I can think of vocal. Grade: A++

Round three winner: Candice. No question.

I think, according to my calculations, Candice wins the night. Will America agree? Do you agree? Who do you think won the night and who do you think will be crowned the winner of American Idol Season 12 tomorrow night?




  1. Candice… Just do what you’ve always done:

    Performer/Sing of a level that your ‘competitors’ haven’t one iota of the ability to match.

      • Youre absolutey right in saying the camera showed her family cheering her on. During the commercial break before each contestant performs, production moves their family and friends to certain seats usually up front, for camera shots of them cheering when the contestant’s performance ends. Therefore it is no surprise that many, but of course not all, of the audience shown is the same race as the contestant that just performed. There is no racism involved, just some musical chairs so family and friends can be seen showing their support.

    • why does there always have to be one imbecile in the room who’s just bound and determined to drag race into it? Get a grip.

    • I’m white as well and I’ve voted for Candice since the beginning! Race has NOTHING to do with. PERIOD!!!!

    • You are doing the one doing
      race thing … I am not black but it has always been Candice .. she is amazing !!
      Maybe you should have listened rather than checked out the colour of whom supported whom ..

    • How shameful you and a friend of mine are! God forbid when there were no blacks in the finaliss……we just did not vote is that what you are saying………..Shame on you!! go back and watch the audience again because I saw a rainbow, Before you can call someone a racist you have to know the meaning of the word! and you and my friend have no clue. To put salt into something sweet————– you finsh the sentence!

  2. Rooting for Candice since Angie is gone! Candice FTW! Goodluck Candice And Kree!

    • I totally agree, Kree is great. Yes, she has a sad story and it bothers me that people think that is the reason she would win. She has earned her way to the top.

  3. I love Angie but she not there it should have Ben her to win she great but I vote for kree now u go girl

  4. I’m voting for Candice tonight! I love that girl! I want her to be the next American Idol. <3

  5. If Angie was there. She should sing You Are by Colton in the piano, Reprise: You Set Me Free! and a winning song written by her! 🙂

    • All you folks still riding the Angie train please be careful dialing when voting for her tonight. Her number is just two digits from Lazaro’s.

  6. Angie should have still been in American idol. She’s better than Kree and Candice anyway. But since she’s gone, I’m voting for Kree. Kree should win this American idol. (:

    • That usually backfires when the judges push so hard for a contestant. Kree all the way. Kree for the win, America will decide, not the judges!

    • Yes, the judges haven’t learned their lesson and are blatantly in the bag for one particular contestant. Watch it backfire on them once again.

      As for the competition, I’m about halfway through the show and both are doing a great job. I like both of them.
      Wish the judges would just shut up and let them do their thing.

  7. Love them both, but Candice just seems to have more depth and power. I’ve been rooting for her since the top 12 were announced.

    • Disagree all you won’t. It’s my opinion. I’m sure Kree will win even though I thought Candice was better tonight.

      • If Kree wins it will be because of her sob story. Don’t get me wrong, I believe she is very talented but Candace is a powerhouse and so much better. I was an Angie fan but always a fan of all three. I do believe of the 3 Candice will be the most successful.

      • … and let’s not overlook the fact that she’s the pick for that site that seeks to undermine American Idol by voting for the ‘least capable performer’ – Just Saying.

  8. Candice is talented but when it comes down to whose music is going to sell you will see whether she wins or not that Kree is going far and will sell a whole lot more. The song that was written for her is AMAZING and I actually want to buy it from Itunes!

    • That is a ridiculous statement! They are both fantastic singers!! Kree is awesome too, but there is no debating the depth and power and beauty of Candice’s voice. There is no way any SANE person would say she sucks! They are both wonderful, but my vote is definitely for Candice! Now stop being stupid!

  9. Wowowow.
    Stellar performances from both ladies.
    But Candice blew the roof off the place with I Who Have Nothing. Wow. A cappella?! Oh my god. Switched it up from last time and did an even better job with it.
    If that does not get her the AI crown, I don’t know what will.
    I am Canadian, so I can’t vote online. Please vote for her!!!
    Go candice glover!!!!!

  10. Now that I’ve seen the whole show, I give Candice the edge for the win. Having said that, I’ve leaned not to underestimate the country fans and Kree did so well tonight that she is very competitive. I’ll be happy regardless of the results; both are winners. Nice job ladies.

  11. Both were excellent tonight! Both will go on to make good careers for themselves. Who knows what the future will actually prove in terms of success….we have seen past non-winners do very well (Jennifer Hudson for example)….But, as a music fan of all genres and regardless of race = I must say that Candice has been superior throughout the competition. She has consistently provided huge performances on a regular basis. She SHOULD be the winner! I will not lose sleep if Kree does win and, as I said earlier, BOTH should go far beyond Idol.

  12. Kree MUST win! Shes amazing, much more original, real and marketable than Candice.

  13. hey branden I guess you liked Candice ,why dont you just give here the crown now why bother to vote ……like KREE HAS NO SHOT TO WIN LET AMERICA DESIDE…..

    • Yeah, what a jerk that Branden guy is! How dare he have an opinion and then even more offensive that he was so rude as to write about it on a fan site where opinions are shared! Oh the horror. The horror.

  14. Where is Angie??? We missed you soo bad tonight 🙂 you brought so much energy!

  15. Racism IS and will always be alive here in the US of A. Regardless of this ideology, I am Asian and CANDICE will be crowned as THE winner!

  16. In my opinion the first and third round went to kree, the second to candice for what I presume will be the winner kree.

    I think one should be objective when giving their views in favor of both singers and not be blinded by your favorite one, condice is my favorite but tonight was certainly kree.

  17. The first time I heard Candice sing she was one of my favorites. She continued to be one of my top choices until the last two weeks. Maybe her voice is tired, but last week and now this week I’ve heard her go sharp or flat on high notes when she used a lot of volume. It could also be nerves, but it’s not the same voice I heard in the beginning. The last song Kree sang showed power but not off-key notes. The contest is so close that it gets down to song choice and some off-key notes. Song choice doesn’t count for me because the choices were Simon Fuller’s, not Kree nor Candice. Will be looking forward to tomorrow night. I’m sure both Kree and Candice will be looking forward to the tour when singing will become fun again.

  18. And now…let the battle begins…between the black votes and the white votes!
    America you decide.

  19. Well, considering idolnet had Candice’s text number (5702) under Kree’s pic on the web site saying it was Kree’s number, there’s no doubt who yall are going for. It was corrected, but …………. I’m just sayin

  20. I think your analysis Brandon of Kree’s song ‘Up To The Mountain’ quote a “sweet and powerful peformance” is why I prefer hers, over Candice’s powerful and dramatic performance of ‘I Who Have Nothing’..just a matter of taste, I guess! As for the coronation songs, both songs, I feel, had nothing special in they’re arrangement to make them special. How many songs about ‘beautiful’ are there out there, too many to count..I do believe Mariah just sang hers. As for Kree’s song, the lyrics hold promise of so much more..but maybe was rushed. All in all, it comes down to a matter of taste as to whose voice is the most pleasing and for me I still love the tone in Kree’s voice best!

  21. Dialidol has never ever been wrong when it came to finale since it started back in Carrie’s season.Candice is Our new AMERICAN IDOL

  22. These two both deserve to win (I’ll say 3 including Angie), for my personal choice I would love Kree to win since she has been my fave since audition. But hands down Candice SHOULD win this, it’s an obvious choice, I just hope she has the numbers. With this voting system, it’s not the talent that counts but the popularity.

  23. Ok, so we got here a Candice pimping. For me, Round one is a tie, Round 2 is Kree and Round three is Candice. But the judges are so annoying and biased because they’re too much pimping a contestant to the point that they obviously want to crown her already where in fact these two girls are equally amazing. I’m not even wondering why the show’s ratings are going down. Well, if she wins, I hope these noisy accusers of racism will just shut their mouth. Come on people, you always MILK that word. If a pure american wins the competition, you always say that. Why don’t you just observe and examine first before you accuse people of racism. Fantasia is black, Ruben is black ,and they won Idol. Do you call that RACISM?

    • I’m a Filipino. Last year, Jessica did not win the competition and Phillip did. Pia Toscano is not a pure american, she has an Italian descent. But it’s not fair to just accuse Americans easily of racism. There are things that made her got the second place votes (jessica) or the lowest votes (Pia)——Fanbase, Charisma, Stage Presence, Idol’s hometown situation, etc.

  24. kree is this year’s american idol…..!!!! we all love u here from KSA…..!!!!!

  25. Okay.. so For me, in Round 1 for me is a tie even though I think the song choices were awful. Round 2 for me is Kree and Round three goes to Candice no doubt. Based on the comments above and below mine, Candice will win, though I’m a Kree fan. But in my opinion, Kree is better on the Top 2 show because she just showed a different side of her and she just grew better and better from the point when she auditioned. She may not have that powerhouse vocals but admit it, most of you became an instant country fan because of her soulful country renditions. BUT if Candice wins this competition, I hope that these Racism accusers will just shout their mouth. Whenever a pure american wins the show, these people would always milk the word Racism. C’mon guys, Fantasia and Ruben are black,and they won idol. Do you call that Racism?

    • (Sorry for the redundancy). I am a Filipino and proud that Jessica Sanchez made it in Top Two, though she didn’t win. Pia Toscano has the lowest votes finishing ninth in Season 10, and she has an Italian descent. Though these two girls here are not pure Americans, it is just unfair to easily say that American voters are racist because they want white artists to win. Observe and examine first before you accuse. A contestant places second or gets the lowest votes because of different reasons: Fanbase, Artist’s genre, hometown situation, charisma and stage presence.

  26. As much as I believe Candace is a terrific singer, the two better choices are Amber and Angie. They should have been the final two. Kree has slipped way off since the season’s start. But I have and still believe that the show is fixed and the producers put up who THEY want in the finals.

  27. As long as America remains to be known as the melting pot of the world, racism IS here to stay!

  28. They both are great singers, keeping it real, When you hear Candice some parts of you moves, I think people’s feel sorry for Kree, I mean really !,!

  29. Candice and Kree were both good tonight, but only Candice took her performances to another stratosphere! She was great. I wish them both good luck. I voted to keep both of them in the competition all season long. That’s right, I voted for them both every week. I felt they should be in the finale together. I was thrilled when they made it to the finale. At that point, last night, I voted for the one I felt should be the next American Idol. For me, that is Candice. I love both country and soul music. In fact,I love all kinds of music. In all good conscience, I had to vote for Candice. Good luck to them both, may the best and most talented win it all.

  30. Okay got ya’ll. Combine all your powers! Candice will win. Branden has the seven dragon balls.

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