Who Will Win American Idol 2013? Vote Now (POLL)

Candice Glover & Kree Harrison

Who will win American Idol 2013? Kree Harrison and Candice Glover will sing for your votes tonight on American Idol one last time as part of the one-hour season finale show on FOX.

Now is your chance to vote ahead of tonight’s show and share your opinion on who is going to win Season 12. Will it be Candice or will it be Kree? Vote in the poll below and then leave a comment explaining your pick from this year’s Top 2 finalists.

If you need a little help in making your pick before the singers perform then you can check out tonight’s song spoilers.

The official voting won’t start until the end of tonight’s show so join us then to find out how to vote for the American Idol 2013 winner.





  2. People are voting, and the last performances haven’t been completed! Guess that should take some of the pressure off Kree and Candice. I’ll vote after the finale. According to those who have voted, this is really close. The pressure just went back up!

  3. Has anyone ever won the title on American Idol on any of the seasons when they perform first? It seems to me the person performing last always (or at lease nearly always) wins. Kree won the coin toss. Why would she choose to go first?

    • Yes. Season 2, Ruben went first. Won. Season 7 David Cook performed first. Won. Season 9 Lee DeWyze first. Won. Season 10 Scott McCreery sang first. Won. So your comment is idiotic and stupid and you need to shut it

    • Scotty went first, I remember when I first heard him sing I stopped what I was doing to listen, I mean really listen, I have to admit the same thing happened to me last week when I heard Candice singing Somewhere. Up until that point I had stopped watchig the show this year.. But she is special a voice like hers is rare.

    • My thought on this is because the winner is forced into a contract to sing a certain genre. I believe Kree choose to give up the win so she can be her own artist in her own genre. She will do very well and it’s a strategic decision on her part to choose to go first. Just my two cents.

  4. My vote is definitely for Candice, while I love Kree, Candice has a voice that is relatable and invokes a sense of emotion. Her tone is rich and so versatile. The girl deserves to win.
    Go Candice!

  5. Gotta be Candice! She probably has the best vocals in AI HISTORY! “I WHO HAVE NOTHING” “LOVESONG” “SOMEWHERE” “DON’T MAKE ME OVER” “YOU’VE CHANGED”… I think she makes up 9 of the 10 best songs this whole season! She is AMAZING, a modern day Aretha Franklin! If she doesn’t win, it’ll be crazy!

  6. I love love Candice, her voice is lovely. Kree is good but Candice is so much more heart felt, you can feel her when she sings.

  7. Either one Don’t really care, I’m through watching American Idol,after what has gone on this year (This is not meant to be anything negative against Candice Or Kree). Refuse to be part of this manipulation anymore. Have fun everybody

    • I think each year there is less and less attention to talent. Manaj is only interested in what they wear. Carey is so sophisticated with the “darlings”. Both have made Randy so sick, he is not returning:( too bad to say the least.

  8. kree is the best and needs to win and i will but her album as soon as i hear it is out!!!!!

  9. I think the producers should have a poll count on the judges and the results should be just before the idol announcement. with the bottom 2 being the ladies and Minaj going home.

  10. Kree has the best quality of voice, very subtle , natural, effortless… The best!!!.. Go Kreme!!!

  11. I luv luv luv candice’s choices, she was amazing, she’s the next American Idol!

  12. Kree is great. But Candice has awesome range and versatility. This young lady has amazing talent and I think she has a lot more to give. A new star is born. Go Candice!

  13. Candice you are wonderful, what a beautiful voice you have. The best of luck to you. I have been a Musician most of my life and have love every minute of it.

  14. Vinnette

    Candice,I have watched u from start to finish. U R AMAZING. U HAVE A VOICE OF AN ANGEL..See u on Thursday Night winning “THE AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 13….”Love Candice.

  15. Candice! Probably the best vocalist in the history of American Idol! I can’t think of ANYONE who could have done that Acapella so stunningly! Incredible… Few artists nowadays don’t DESPERATELY need backing, and she doesn’t even need INSTRUMENTS!?!?! She’s Aretha Franklin, for the Twenty First century

  16. I loved every minute of the show! It was wonderful. Both of the girls sang with gusto. I really enjoyed last night. I voted for four hours. I did not have too much problem getting through. I will say that my votes were all for Candice. Candice just about blew me away last night. Kree was very good also, but the caliber of Candice’s singing could not be denied. I have voted all season for Both Candice and Kree. I felt that they both needed to be in the finale. So last night I dropped the voting for Kree. Candice had all of my votes this time. She is that good! I wish them both good luck! I hope that the best and most talented will win tonight.

  17. Kree has been doing this since was 10 and has much more confidence and stage presence. I like Candice a lot & both will get record contracts. Kree has had a contract in Nashville years ago, so she will fit right in with Carrie Underwood and other singers who made it from Idol. Even if Kree is runner up, they both are going places. Hey, look at Jennifer Hudson’s career post idol! Who would have thought??

  18. Kree’s music just doesn’t grab you like Candice does, hands down, Candice should should win…not even close…sorry

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