American Idol 2013: Janelle Arthur’s Best Moments

Janelle Arthur

Tonight on American Idol 2013, we said goodbye to Janelle Arthur as the judges refused to use the save even though it was their last chance.

Janelle not being more popular this season is kind of a surprise since fans thought she should have made into the finals last season. But I can only guess those same people weren’t following the show this year or they got behind the better country singer of the season, Kree Harrison.

At any rate, Janelle had a good run and we’re sad to see her go. So let’s take a look at some of her best moments from American Idol 2013.

Janelle Arthur’s Best Moments

You Keep Me Hanging On, Top 8 Week. I think this was my favorite performance of Janelle’s from the season. It was a unique spin on a song popularly released twice. It was also one of the rare occurrences where she performed with her guitar, which is when she’s at her best. One of her biggest mistakes was not pulling out the guitar more.

Where The Blacktop Ends, First Audition. It was where it all began. And it was where fans started saying “This girl is going to win this season.” But alas, a lot has changed since then. But it still remains one of her best moments.

Gone, Top 10 Week. The theme was songs performed by past American Idols, so she went with Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery. One of his best performances from the season was Montgomery Gentry’s Gone, so she decided to make it one of her own as well. Her version was energetic, fun and pure country.




  1. I was surprised when the save wasn’t used. I wonder if Idol did that just to surprise all of us who thought the save was a given. Who will get Janelle”s votes? Will it be crossover Kree or someone else? When I say “crossover Kree” that is not meant as an insult. I never thought Kree had a country-only voice. I think Nicki said the same thing on performance night–that Kree can sing many different genres. I’m not sure who voted against saving Janelle. I would suspect Keith (for one) because he has gushed over Kree all season, and Janelle is country competition. Dolly Parton’s note to Janelle shows why I will always love Dolly. She doesn’t forget her roots, and I’m not talking about hair.

    • The ‘save’ is not meant to be for a situation Janelle was in. She had already been in the bottom and if judges had saved her – she would have been right back on the bottom next week. This would not look good for her – let her leave now with that beautiful smile – best personality of all contestants – and country sound that likely will land her a contract. I pray it does.

      • could have saved her and if she made the right song choices she could have made a big change and not be in the bottom 2 look at Kree she was in the bottom 2… really !!!

      • I see what you mean, but Janelle’s effort when she sang for her life was, I thought, enough to get the save. I also thought that this could be more manipulation to get all the country vote for Kree and not split them with Janelle. Her personality does shine, and taking some vocal coaching will also help. Like you, I want to see her career continue, and I think it will.

  2. excuse me but Kree in bottom and not Amber…. the judges begged for Amber to be voted in and basically Janelle to be voted off…. well they got their way… Janelle will be around for sure

  3. If Amber had to be in the bottom two america would have put her there, however they did not, the votes speak that clearly, Janelle and Kree were in the bottom two and unfortunately america did not think she should have been anywhere else. The surprise was having kree in the bottom two and that maybe is an indication of things to come. But on Wednesday nite I did not rate Kree’s performance above the other three Amber, Candace and Angie.

  4. The save is gone now; however, I feel American kind of got it right. I don’t believe that Kree was in the bottom two. I feel it was probably Angie and Janelle and quite frankly, I feel it could have gone either way. I don’t think that Amber is as good as either Kree or Candice. Next week if you are low man, you are low man and the judges with all their partiality cannot save anyone.

  5. I think they should have used their save. It was their last chance for heaven sake !!!..They could’ve at least let her stay another week..I think one of the judges was Nikki that didn’t want her to stay..Its not fair what Angie did..She use the audience with her comment..They are all good singers so I hope she makes it..Come on record producers sign her up !!!!!Just saying….

    • Not fair what angie did?!? Really? The girl lives right outside of Boston. If she didnt say something there would have been people calling her heartless or selfish for not acknowledging what happened.

      Given the fact that she would have been criticized either way, she did the right thing by dedicating the song to the bombing victims.

  6. Judges you know whom I am speaking about, should keep there remarks to themselves. Giving advice is one thing. Let America decide who should stay or go. Very disappointed with all the remaks made this year.

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