American Idol 2013 Results: Top 5 Elimination Night

American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest

The American Idol 2013 results tonight for the Top 5 facing elimination after last night’s performances will surely be an exciting event. It’s the first time we’ll lose a female finalist this season and while we predicted it’d be Janelle Arthur we’re now hearing from Nick Minaj that these results will be “shocking.” Shocking, I tell you!

Perhaps more exciting is the announcement of the American Idol 2013 tour! We’ve got the cities, dates, and venue details listed out for you.

We’re just minutes away from finding out what could make America’s votes so surprising, but gee that’d sure be a convenient reason to use the Judges Save on someone rather than on Amber after multiple trips to the bottom pack.

Stick with us as we live recap tonight’s results below.

Ryan is running through the highlights with Candice when we get a really fun surprise. It’s Paula Abdul! Always great to see her and her willingness to come back to the place that ejected her after years of building this show.

American Idol 2013 Top 5 – Bottom 2:

Wow. Okay, I’ll give. That Bottom 2 is “shocking” for me. Janelle? Sure. Kree? Whaa??

American Idol 2013 Top 5 – Top 3:

Time to find out if the judges will use their save… Nope! Janelle is going home tonight. Wow! So no Judges Save this year at all? What the huh?

Who Got Voted Off American Idol Tonight – Results:

  • Janelle Arthur

What do you think of these American Idol results? Did the viewers get it right?




  1. The judges already knew the results? I thought they won’t see the results until the end of the show.

    • I think it’s safe to say that most of figured that out quite a long time ago.

    • Why are you blaming judges for the outcome tonight – and the only shocker was that Amber moved up to third and Kree to fourth. Everyone – including Janelle knew she was going home. You need to face it – Amber is good – she has the prettiest voice – it is so easy for her – she doesn’t need to scream. And the judges were right in not saving Janelle – what good would it had done – she would be back there again next week – and that doesn’t look good for Janelle to continue to stay there. America has awakened – continue to believe Amber.

      • Amber is a snooze fest. Too whiny and overpraised by the judges which is why she was bumped up to third. Definitely expect her gone next week. Guaranteed.

      • It’s between Amber and Candace with a close tie with Kree. Amber would be gone if America won’t vote for her. I don’t think the peeps understand Amber for some odd reason. It’s all about song choice from now on for all the girls. Angie is very good but lack some good soulfullness in her tone.Kree can basically sing everything. Angie has a more contemporary outlook than Candace. But for my choice to win the jackpot is Amber. All in all these ladies should have a recording contract. That’s how good they are!!

      • wow, you put into words what i perceived of what a total package is, admit it this is entertainment, they are all talented but reality AMBER meet all the requirements ,Go AMBER!

      • Nice one Buddy, Amber there to stay until its finish and she will have a singing career. At this stage her votes have gone up that way she ain’t going nowhere.

      • Because Kree picks up Janelles country vote. Angie has the north east USA plus 12 year old girls since Lazaros gone. Candace is just plainly a better singer. Amber goes next week no matter what the judges say.
        Now that I’ve explained how idol works you better get out your Thursday night crying towel. Only other possible person leaving would be Candace I no one wants that.

  2. I’m sure one of the frontrunners will be at the bottom, and the judges will use their save. It canot be Amber because the judges cannot use the save on someone who is a bottom dweller. It has to be one of the perennial top 3 for the save to be a credible one.

  3. If it’s “shocking” as NM has tweeted than obviously, between Kree and Janelle, Kree was voted out. But they’ll save her, so don’t fret!

      • Pinoy kasi e. Mayabang sa grammar pero di naman nagagamit sa ikauunlad nya… sawsaw pa ng sawsaw sa may katiting na dugong pinoy na pati yung tao mismo e di nya kinikilala ang pagka “pinoy” nya. Unwarranted national pride and plain arrogance.

      • WHAT A RIDICULOUS THING TO SAY! Typos are a common occurrence with the small or virtual keyboards many people type their comments on. It has very little to do with anyone’s spelling ability. And those commenting in English when it is not their first language should be applauded for making the effort. I am sick and tired of the self appointed, self important “grammar/spelling police.

      • Spoken like a COMPLETE MORON!!!

        Have you ever heard of english as a second language dummy? You don’t need perfect grammer to participate on an online forum. Some folks don’t want to waste time on spell check. Typoes happen as well and there is no edit feature and folks simply click to soon.

      • Exactly right! This isnt a freaking classroom. Its an open forum for discussion. If I took the time to edit every one of my comments, it would lose all relevance by the time i got around to hitting post.
        Youre trying to take the fun out of it for everyone by making it a spelling contest. Obviously you have nothing valid to contribute so you resort to criticizing those that do. Youre a bully and a self righteous one at that.

      • I don’t think they were talking about no periods or apostrophes or mistyping. I think they were saying “common simple words” such as “mean” being spelled “mene” several times in one post. “lose” being spelled “loose” “sing” being spelled “seeng” Simple typos are no big deal though you are right. I make them all the time!

    • It seems like they may have to extend the “use by” date on the save or the finale will be very predictable indeed.

    • That’s exactly what I thought. In fact, wasn’t that exactly what most people were expecting?

    • I might agree with you on this one but reverse it with Angie being elimated. It’s comes down to song choice from now on.

  4. you see i refuse to cut any of them down because they are a awesome in their own right. i have my two favorites but the others are good as well. who will win? who knows but i would be willing to bet that it will be candice because the judges keep singing her praises even when she isnt that good. just like last night on her first song, she didnt do that well and yet according to them she was the best

  5. Wow. Nicki was right all along. She said, if the save was not used on Curtis Finch, it won’t be used this season.

    • Now here you may blame the producer for being unfair – because I firmly believe it was a way to keep Candice on top. In competition – you don’t do things like this – unless you do it for all. Hey – Barbra Streisand – be at AI next week – Amber needs more votes to win it all!!!

  6. wrong bottom two. And nice “whale tail” Nikki. Can you stoop any lower to get folks to pay attention to you.

  7. KREE is much hyped-up! She can sing alright but…she ain’t NOT commercial enough to attain AI status. I think it’s between CANDICE and ANGIE to the end!

  8. No way, no how Kree should have been in the bottom two. A total travesty in my opinion!

    • There’s no harms done anyhow. Kree is still save. It’s just the producer’s trick to create sensationalism and hoping to garner more AI viewers all the way to the finale due to thecontroversy. It’s a dirty trick. They’d done the same with Jessica Sanchez [last year’s front runner, up until she got booted up but then saved by the judges].

      • Not at all, I was saying the producer “fix” certain things which won’t affect the outcome [in this case exchanging the third and fourth placement won’t matter because the fifth place contestant will be the one eliminated]. Their calculation is by doing this there will be more people watching AI onward. This is because the “fourth place” finisher will have the bigger chance of being eliminated the week after. It will help Kree enormously next week for sure. It’s just done in the name of jacking up the rating, but I’m not sure that rating-wise AI will be benefited by this move at all because this year’s rating has been lack luster if not disastrous for AI.

  9. This result will only galvanize Kree supporters and the country-inclined fan base in general to vote for the last big hope for that coveted “country” pride

    I don’t think Kree is in the bottom two at all because looking at past results. Supporters of Candice and Amber are very much split, more to Candice’s side than to Amber’s, and it seems to be quite constant that way. Likewise, supporters for Kree and Janelle are also torn up but to Kree’s favor, and it has been this way for weeks. Suddenly, this voting block seems to have undergone radical shift over a one night performance? It doesn’t make any sense to me. It smells like a big rat from Pluto to me.

    What I think happen here is the producer [you know who I meant] is just toying around with the placement of the third and fourth place finishers [i.e. Amber and Kree], knowing fully well than “tinkering” around these placements won’t change the outcome, i.e. Janelle will still be sent home anyway. It will just to create sensations and shock therapy, so that it could induce more viewership all the way towards the finale. It’s a win-win proposition, albeit it’s a very dirty trick indeed.

    I suspected, the producer had done the same thing last year when in week 7 [?] Jessica Sanchez got booted up but, voila!, saved by the judges. That particular show that week was very clear that Jessica had been nowhere near the bottom for the placement and never had been on weeks prior to that happening. It had been a sleight of hand when the producer know the judges will save the “golden” child anyhow.

    The moral of the story: sensationalism brings rating bonanza and, consequently, big bucks as well !

    • I agree that they will all continue. And, past Idol contestants who did not win went on to make great careers for themselves regardless! I am sure Janelle will continue as a country artist and her success will depend on whether she partners with a good promoter who can get her additional exposure and secure good music for her to perform. The potential is there for any or all of them to be very successful in the coming years.

  10. Oh boy, what a boring show. No dramatic use of the save and the entertainment singer for the night?……what a drag. Clay A was the best they could do? They must be going broke

  11. Didn’t think they would save Janelle but this will backfire on them in the end. They spent so much time pumping up Amber that Kree dropped to 4th. Gee I wonder where Janelle’s votes are going.

  12. that is the problem with idol worlam. the judges pump up who they want to win whether or not they are the best.. the only reason im watching it is for angie.if she goes home i will stop watching

  13. They should not use the save, so far this season the right people have gone home pretty much in order and when they use the save . go home the following week and often times the wrong person ends up going home.

  14. I wasn’t surprised by Janelle, but Kree? All the girls are good, but, given her past rankings, I expected Amber to be the other one.

    • I completely agree with you. Kree should not have been in the bottom two with Janelle. I think Janelle shot herself in the foot last night by singing two relatively obscure songs.

  15. personally i think the judges basically need to keep their mouths shut once america starts voting. it is called american idol not judges idol. and as far as next year if NM is still there i will boycott the show

    • What’s wrong with judges saying good things about Amber – so does Jimmy – they say good things about Candice, too – but nobody hollows ‘foul play’.

  16. I know if kree goes home next week I’m some going to be mad and ill never watch this show again and I’ve watched this show sincce sesson 1 . Bc her and Janelle r my favorite

  17. I was really predicting Janelle to go home but in my opinion Amber should have gone first. She was just hyped up by the judges last night particularly Mariah even asking the audience and viewers to vote for Amber. Isn’t it unfair? I thought Amber was great when she sang ” lately ” but after hearing her last night sing without you it was bad, she is only good if she she sings the high notes … It’s effortless but her lower register is really bad! Nicki pointed that out yesterday.

  18. Ok, so the judges’ save has expired and now they only have 4 contestants left with 4 weeks until the finale. At this rate the last contestant will get eliminated the week before the finale. I wonder how they’re going to fix this.

    • What they can do [with their patented way of making new rules as it goes along] is to have the top four/three compete for two straight weeks and voting will be counted on both weeks, the loser will be the one garnering the fewest votes total of those two weeks performances.

      • Greenleaf’s comment isnt that the show is fixed. It poses the question of how the producers will fix the issue of there being only one contestant left the week before the finale. A situation that exists now that the save wasnt used. I too am wondering how they will fix that. Maybe reschedule the finale but I’m sure all guest talent must be booked by now.

      • Remember if they had used the save at anytime the norm is to evict 2 singers the following week. I read here someone who likely has it correct. There will be a 2 week sing off. It could be F4 or F3. This likely will be based on the producers liking or disliking who finishes last next week. They could throw Amber a lifeline next Thursday but then who do they want gone? Kree and goodbye country fans. Don’t think they want that. Candace rather than Amber. Candace is the southeast USA demographic. Angie and the whole northeast US. I firmly think Amber is 4th next week. My gut tells me they’ll let her eviction happen. Then a 2 week top 3 and F2 final as schedualed.

  19. Okay. Kree will be this year’s Lauren Alaina. Bottom two at top 5 week and going straight to the finale. The difference with Kree and Lauren is that Lauren did not get the title but Kree would be the next American Idol! Go Kree! Good luck!

  20. Among the 4 left, only Amber does what I can call singing. The others just produce noise.

  21. not surprised that it’s janelle, but she shouldn’t worry. she, like the other four, will all be working for interscope. it’s just a matter of time. and remember, those who don’t win have a tendancy to do better than those who do.

  22. Janelle Arthur and Kree Harrison are in the botton two because both have the same vote demographics and are splitting it into two… Now, with one of them gone… Surely, the other will reach top three or top two… and could eventually win depending on who gets eliminated next… it’s all about where the vote shifts after one is voted out…

    • Spoken like someone who understands AI voting perfectly. As you said Kree will not only get voting growth next week but may edge out Candace for top 2. I can’t wait to see Ambers army crying next week when she goes home. I’d prefer a Kree/Candace final personally with Candace winning. Angie is awefully strong as well. If it’s those three for 2 final spots I have no idea which 2 make it.

  23. If you noticed Ryan did not say this is our top three for this week. He announced them in no particular order. Therefore, Kree could have had more votes then Amber. They most likely called Amber ahead of Kree in order to make it look like Amber was not in the bottom two again this week since she did not have the least votes, and was staying. My picks in this order (CANDACE, AMBER, KREE)…

  24. haisst…i believe that last year is better than this year…and there were more people watching american idol last year.truth is, i got bored with all those performances. girl power??? even from the start, they were telling that. judges were so overwhelmed by the performance of angie miller, as if it was already predicted that she will win all the way and there’s candice glover, which was eliminated last year and janelle. anyway, just my opiniion. do not get me wrong on this one. as i’ve seen there are lots of talents that auditioned but they have picked up a weak contender for the male against the female so that they can come up to a conclusion that this year they will going to pick out a girl winner.

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