American Idol 2013: Keith Urban Says ‘It’s Absolutely A Girl’s Year’

American Idol Keith Urban

It’s been no secret that the American Idol producers have been dying for another girl to win the title. And it’s blazingly obvious that they’re going to make that happen for American Idol 2013.

They’re spending more time on the girls. They’re praising the girls more. They’re cutting the good looking guys, hoping the teen girls won’t have anyone cute to vote for. Oh, and the judges are even spelling it out. Well, at least Keith Urban is.

“I think at least from what we saw [Wednesday] night, it’s absolutely a girl’s year to win, in my opinion,” Keith told the Hollywood Reporter. “That’s not to say the guys aren’t strong, they really are, it’s really more a testament to how strong the girls are this year.”

Keith isn’t ready to make any specific predictions, but he does think Top 20-member Angela Miller is standing out.

“I will say the audience reaction to Angela Miller and a couple of other girls was pretty obvious,” Keith said. “I think the original song of Angela’s that has been floating around the internet that you can find has really resonated with a lot of people, so that’s really cool to see.”




  1. The four American Idol judges comments are nonsensical. Its disgusting to see them giving such a demoralizing comments to an aspiring American Idol.What is wrong with an contestant playing a piano and then moves on to
    the stage perform her gig? As judges your job is to evaluate one’s
    performance that includes the quality of the voice, song selection and
    how render the song in your own style. For a start the four “stooges”
    were not able pronounce a simple word “Shuba Vedula” unless it is a
    strange word I could understand their difficulties but this simple one.
    The worst clowns among the four is Keith Urban and Nicky Minaj who were
    making a fool of themselves. I lost the respect for the four Judges and I
    don’t think I would want to watch the show anymore. I find one of the
    contestant is not singing but shouting with a flat key yet she is one of
    the last five girls selected to semi finals this is a big joke by the
    clowns. I just hope the four idiots will not be making more mockeries by
    eliminating the deserving one’s with their stupid comments. #idol

  2. The American Idol is very interesting talent search show I enjoy
    watching. But this season the four judges have lost their credibility.
    They seems to have failed miserably in identifying the deserving
    contestants to the next round. The attitude displayed by Nicky is simply
    annoying and arrogant with her comments. I don’t see the judges making
    their own stand it looks like after Keith making his comment the others
    follow his. This is where deserving candidate are not appreciated and
    sadly leaving the competition with tears. Shuba Vedula is one fine
    example, the four say the same old story ” you are seventeen, it is
    amazing you have such great voice and great potential” but we cant see
    what we are looking for, that is really stupid.

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