American Idol 2013 Performance Show Live Recap: The Top 4 Take On One-Hit Wonders

Amber Holcomb on American Idol 2013

Tonight on American Idol 2013 the Top 4 are set to take on two solo songs each and there’ll be a couple duets thrown in as well.

This week Angie, Kree, Amber and Candice are taking on one-hit wonders and songs of their own choosing. And from our song spoilers list, it’s going to be an interesting night. It could go a few different ways, but I’m remaining hopeful. As always, I’ll be reviewing each performance and assigning the letter grade I think each deserves.

And we’re covering it live once again. Be sure to stick with us and do your own live commentary in our comments section below!

The American Idol 2013 Top 4 Performances

Personal choice

Amber Holcomb, “The Power Of Love.” I really liked the a cappella beginning to the song. If Amber had performed like this all season, then I’d get why the judges are so into her. Because I think this was Amber’s best performance to from the whole season. She was connected to the song, she looked great and the vocal was very powerful. Grade: A+

Candice Glover, “Find Your Love.” I don’t know this Drake song, but Candice made me want to know it. Candice has what none of the other three has: soul. She’s an absolute natural on the stage. She feels the songs like none of the others, too. She sings every single note with expertise and love. Grade: A+

Kree Harrison, “Hurts So Bad.” I think this was a really bad song choice. It didn’t fit right in her register and basically no one voting is going to recognize the song or respond to it. I think she put herself in danger with this song. Grade: B+

Angie Miller, “Who You Are.” Angie is a great singer but this song was awful. I hated it a lot, actually. And it also sounded like every other performance she’s given. Grade: D C-


Kree and Amber, “Rumor Has It.” Eh. Not so great for Amber. This was more in Kree’s wheelhouse. Grades: Amber — D Kree — A-

I’m going to break in here with a random thought: Could the judges (Nicki and Randy mostly) be any more OBVIOUS with their Amber push? Amber could seriously burp the Birthday Song and she’d get a standing ovation. I have never in my life witnessed a more manipulated reality show than I have this season with Idol. I thought it would stop after the guys were all gone, but now they’re doing everything they can to make sure Amber beats Candice and Kree. Disgusted.

Angie and Candice, “Stay.” These two girls are great singers, but they don’t fit well as a duet. Weird performance. Grades: Candice — B Angie — B

One-Hit Wonders

Amber Holcomb, “MacArthur Park.” Song choice… eh. Vocal. Phoned it in. I couldn’t even hear her at times and she was dropping notes left and right. If the judges praise this, then what I said above is even more blatant. Grade: C- (A standing O?? For that!? Wow)

Candice Glover, “Emotion.” This probably wasn’t the best song choice as far as sounding young and all that garbage the judges always bark about, but Candice sounded great. The back-up singers sounded awful, but Candice sounded great. But overall it was boring and if the judges don’t hate it, I’ll dance a jig. After I find out what a jig is. Grade: B-

WOW. Did Nicki really just start talking about Amber during CANDICE’S critique!? Wow, wow, wow. This is offensive.

Kree Harrison, “A Whiter Shade of Pale.” It might be an older song, but Kree nailed it. Loved her version of this song. There was emotion and power and if they cut on her again, they’re crazy. Grade: A

Angie Miller, “Cry Me A River.” Now this was a what I was talking about. This is Angie showing a new side. Which is why I graded her poorly above (I’ve actually improved her grade because I was unfair in the heat of the moment). What she did earlier sounded like all of her other performances. This, however, was fresh for her. And it sounded amazing. It sounded like a great James Bond song. Grade: A+

What did you think of the performances tonight? And what do you think of all the judges’ critiques?




  1. “The Power of Love” is mine one my husbands favorite song of all time. The first time we heard it was 1993, from the original singer, “Jennifer Rush” from the 70’s. Celine Deon didn’t sing it until the late 90’s. No one remembers Jennifer Rush because of Celine. But you have to hear it sung by Jnneifer, WOW. I haven’t particularly cared for Amber until now. When she sang that song I got chills just like I do when Jennifer sings it.

    • Amber let me cry tonight with her first song, she gave me chills tonight. (She was the only one) I felt every moment of that song. was the best of the night. (I am downloading it). Even better than Angie’s . If Angie did not have the piano her song wouldn’t sound as good as the judges said. Amber sings effortless just as Keith said. (Angie has to push herself to sing, Amber just open up her mouth and the lyrics flows.

      • and you sir are a moron. also wondering what kind of drugs you are on. i will say like i have been saying all along. they are all great singers but angie has talent above the others

  2. Branden, I usually always agree with you. Tonight, I haven’t agreed with you once so far. A D for Angie? Really? Don’t punish Angie because of the song choice. That was just a bad move.

    • I’m sorry we’re not agreeing this week. I think the judges are just getting to me with their obvious manipulation

      • What I don’t understand is if this is the first time you’re noticing it or the first time you’ve really mentioned it. If I recall, you’ve mentioned it in passing a couple times but for the first time this season it really seems to be bothering you – or it’s the first time you’re acknowledging it bothering you.

        It has been bothering me since the beginning but I think what bothers me the most is just how OBVIOUS it is. I find it terribly insulting.

      • Because it’s never been MORE OBVIOUS than this week. Did I somewhere up there say this is the first time I’ve noticed? I’ve been saying it all season. But if you recall, they NEVER criticized a girl until after all the guys were gone. So now they’re focused on pushing Amber to the top.

      • Umm last year at top 7 week 1 it was more obvious. They completely bashed Hollie Cavanagh after her performance of Perfect, which was actually one of the best performances of the night. They pretty much eliminated her on the spot. But America didn’t buy it and voted off Jessica instead that week, even tho she got saved. They also gave Joshua Ledet a standing O after every single performance even if it were terrible. This isn’t new, the judges have their favorite and their least favorite every year.

      • Ummm I didn’t say it was new. It’s more obvious this season and you can’t make me think otherwise.

      • You missing it all. No one is pushing Amber..the girl is working hard like the others. They show preference to all the others..even tonght they told the 3 other,”for next week pick a song that…yada yada..” they did not say thta to Amber. Could it be because they already know she is going hime? I think so. The mind games just does not work. The judged still have a save and might use it as they said a surprise tomorrow….becuase if they dont they they will be short a week of idol which they have to fill i..STTTTT

      • You can tell the judges are pushing Amber but it is not working with most of us and is not persuading our opinion, Amber should have went home awhile back. I am sick of the judges opinion.

      • Amen to that! God almighty, America’s not going to vote for her because the judges just praise everything she does. If Amber just hums one note, the judges are going to stand up for her.

      • Get off amber back just one of her songs I did not like if she choose the right songs she will win it all haters

      • the dumb talk is trying to convince other to not vote for her..but i did already and so did my son. Enough with trying that hard..Amber is not going to win and i think will go home tomorrow but it is because the judges showed preference for the other 3 all along. SO …i wish them all the same but would not down or talk bad about any. that is pure IG

      • I know it is sad we have some dumb judges pushing for only what they like and not waht the majority likes.. Oh, well they will see who will be buying the CD”S!! I

  3. You have absolutely no idea what your talking about with Angie’s song. Open your ears. You gave her a lower grade than you gave Lazaro a couple weeks ago. HA! I’m just going to assume you were joking with that grade…

  4. Last week, you graded Angie’s Halo, I think it’s C+ … LOL. Can’t remember, but I know it’s too low. Angie’s Halo is abn outstanding performance! And now Angie’s Who you are with D? You really hate Angie! XC

    • Please don’t tell me who I hate. Angie doesn’t need me to give her good grades to become the next American Idol. Just vote for her and it’ll happen.

    • Please don’t tell me who I hate. Angie doesn’t need me to give her good grades to become the next American Idol. Just vote for her and it’ll happen.

  5. Agreeing with Branden’s random thought on Amber. It’s really stupid. They’ve got Joshua Ledet Syndrome from last year. With the way they push on Amber, Amber could fart the Birthday Song and crown her the winner right then and there. Or call it the best thing they’ve ever seen on Idol.

  6. Ha you sound crazy, a D really??! Angie still has the talent and the greatest longevity of all the girls left.

    You haven’t seen manipulation?? Are you serious, do you not remember Jessica Sanchez? That was the biggest ploy of manipulation.

    Amber has got to go. She’s annoying and whiny.

    • I’m pretty sure you mean Joshua Ledet. The judges, every week, stood up for him, and called one of his performances the best thing on Idol. Otherwise, I agree with you that Amber has got to go.

      • I have been hearing that a few (like 5) weeks and she is still here, what does that tell you??????

      • AMber needs to go , I wish the judges would quit pushing Amber. Shut up judges, who cares what they think, especially ignorant Nikki!! She talks and acts dumb and ghetto. ANd looks dumb with that blonde wig on that she plays with all the time and her fake eyelashes. GO home NIkki!!!

    • whiny huh? go figure ignorance. Then in that case they are all WHINY., They all can sing and for your preference and stop trying to dog JUST ONE. It tells me something else.

    • Jessica Sanchez really? I don’t think so buddy as far as i’m concerned she sould have won it all last season. Philip Phillps give me a damn break the guy is a joke. Oh and btw as far as season 10 goes haley rienhart should have won that season which also was won by another joke scotty was way overrated if you ask me!

      • You sir cannot judge talent at all! The people you said are over rated all have Platinum record sales. Haley sold so badly two record producers let her go!!!! She can’t give away her Cds

      • You’re not serious? Scotty a joke..don’t you see the charts? Listen to youtube and you’ll see the response he’s getting. One of the best of all Idols…Carrie and Kelly are in the same company…wake up Marcos.

  7. Hollie Cavanagh’s version of Power of Love will be the best that idol has seen.

  8. Candice is becoming my frontrunner. Best singer. (in my humble opinion) Angie good tonight. Amber starting to wane. Think there are better singers and the judges’ fawning was tiresome last week and worse this week. Enough already. Kree as always solid. Just didn’t like her song choices, but still a good voice.

    • Not even close, she’s probably the worst left to tell you the truth. Candice and Kree are miles above her and Amber is inconsistent but her good performances are also much better than Angie’s.

      • greenleaf do you even know what singing is? they are all good but candace and angie are the best by far. amber is good and so is kree but they are making the wrong song choices

  9. Is it just me or is kree trying to target a much older generation then the ones that watch idol. Hating song choices, she’s changing.

  10. At least Jimmy is giving an honest appraisal of Amber. Her second song stunk to high heaven. He must not have got the memo from the producers, as all the other judges were in lockstep with their phony praise.

  11. I wonder, if the fans were allowed to vote for the judges and that disgusting lowlife Nikkei were voted out, would the other judges save her? NOT!!

  12. That idiot Nikki talking about Kree leaving?
    What a pathetically desperate attempt to save Amber. Pathetic Nikki, you shallow little twit.
    and Angie’s second song was cool.

  13. Angie was ON FIRE tonight! “BEST OF THE NIGHT” VOTE! VOTE! VOTE for Miss Angie Miller!

  14. First off, whatever meds Mariah Carey was on tonight, keep taking them. That was the first time all season that I actually understood what you were going on about.

  15. Holy cow Branden, I mean I was pretty bored tonight, but you must have been having a bad day. None of the artists really excited me, but Angie seems to me to be getting stronger the past couple weeks. Amber had a very good first song, and terrible second number. Kree was disappointing which surprised me, and to be honest Candice, my favorite, did not exactly set me on fire. As far as the Candice/Angie duet, I didn’t like how it started but in the end they had a plan, and it worked. To be honest though, only Angie really stepped up to the plate tonight and any of the other three could easily be sent home.

  16. No Amber. YES KREE YES CANDICE. Other just nerves me when she sings. Just too much. KREE & CANDICE have best voices and performing skills. STOP WITH AMBER fo real?!?$&!?!!!$&!

  17. I really like Candice the best of the four. I think Kree will get the fewer votes. Amber seem to get better, I think the voting could be close.

  18. put aside the irritating judging,Amber is a star,she is good and has all the qualities to win it! I would say Angie would be a suitable finalist together with Amber.Candice and Kree are great and will have huge careers but for the definition of IDOL ,it should be an Amber/Angie finale!!!

  19. I couldn’t agree more with if I’d have written this myself. You’re right on with the judge manipulation for Amber. I only watch to hear Candice sing.

  20. Of the final four, I believe Kree is the most marketable. Candace has a tremendous voice, but I don’t know how she’ll be in concert. For me, the camera never lies. There’s no question that Angie is very talented, but when she looks into the camera, I don’t feel the warmth. She comes across as the most egotistical for me. Amber reminds me of a young Whitney Houston. Any of the final four would make a great winner this season. Personally, I’m rooting for Kree. I don’t understand some of the opinions of the “unbiased” judges. They need to be more neutral in their critique.

    • Kree’s voice is good, but to me she doesn’t have any spark when she performs. It seems almost like she’s on remote. I can’t find emotion in her songs even when I’m sure she’s trying as in her second song tonight. The judges are killing it for Amber. It’s obvious from so many comments about bias. Candice needs to be able to control her volume better, and Angie performs best behind the piano. They all have strong points and weaknesses. I think they may use something like a save by using a “sing off” on Thursday night so they don’t have to call it a save.

  21. admin…your such a moron that gave angie a lower grade….”””faggot….favoritism…….stupid admin”””.

  22. how would you give Angie a C on who you are? i thought she did amazing and that was the best of the night. though i hate the judges, they were right, Angie was the best tonight. I don’t know what you watched tonight because it was not American Idol.

  23. And so done with show. Actually I think it is the judges. I like all four of the finalists.

  24. Nobody is going Home tomorrow and the Nigel was just using the Judges tonight to test the voters and to see what the Judges will will have to do to get the person they want to win in the top 2. The save wasn’t used this year so tomorrow will be a free pass for everyone

  25. Everyone seems to be along my way of thinking. I get tired of the judges pushing their favorites, it should be up to all of us. I loved Janell,a great singer and just a real sweet person. I think she will do great, sometimes winning isn’t always the best thing. Personally, why use the save now? I think they are saving it to use on Amber, what is the point, you going to save her for a week??

  26. I was so disgusted with the judging tonight that I felt sorry for all the contestants. Nicki called Amber Angie when she judged Amber’s second song. Then Candice got short-changed when the judges responded to Jimmy’s comment on Amber. (I wish Jimmy had kept his mouth shut tonight. All he did was stir things up with the judges who were actually trying to comment on performances instead of babbling). When Carrie Underwood performed MacArthur Park on Idol, I don’t think anyone called the song “corny.” If the song choice is not right for the singer’s voice or genre, then song choice can be criticized. I don’t think the song itself should be criticized because that is actually being critical of the writer(s) of the song, not the singer. I lost a lot of respect for Jimmy tonight. His performance: D- . Randy had a record number of “Yo’s” and “In-it-to-win-it-s”. And, please stop telling us how to vote. That should not be part of the judging.

  27. Hi. I’m an Amber fan. I understand if you think my Idol is not the best. But please…don’t take it against her if you think the judges are overpraising her. Thanks.

    • I dont put much value on the comments of the judges this year. Theres no question that Amber is talented and I hope we hear more from her after idol finishes its run.I’m sure its hard for these young girls to know what to do with all the noise that is swirling around them whether its praise coming from the judges or viewers claiming the show if fixed. I’m just glad its not me.

  28. All 4 of these girls have talent i am a big angie fan tho.But i don’t see the point in attacking people for chasing their dream or attacking people who comment who they are rooting for let’s all just enjoy the music.

  29. We are at a point where people have lost all objectivity (Or they need to upgrade their speaker system) Does anyone remember that this is suppose to be about an American Idol!! Try listening to the original singers performing the same songs as the contestants. Then tell me that contestants such as Amber, come anywhere close to their abilities. Donna Summer’s, Celine Dion,Mariah Carey, Streisand, etc, THEY ARE IDOLS. Candice, Angie & Kree may have the talent, but time will tell.

    • But isnt being objective taking the girls’ voices and judging them on their own merits? Comparing them to the original artists is not the way to rrive at an objective opinion.

  30. Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, could it be that good voice quality is in the ears of the listener? Just wondering, because according to my ears, Amber is the best singer, but I’m 100% sure that more than 50% of the population would disagree with me. Well, as long as we disagree with each other without being too disagreeable, I guess that’s all right.

    • Preference may be in the “ears of the listener”, but quality must meet certain established professional standards. Like that old saying I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like. I think song choice is everything with the top 4 finalists. Not one of them can sing just anything and still sound their best.

  31. I’m with you….I don’t get the Amber push. Her first song was great, but the second one was soooo bad i had to fast forward through it only to see the judges give her a standing O. Ridiculous.

  32. Amber has got to go. The American public has got to stop falling for the manipulations of these judges. It’s disgusting – and it’s even more disgusting to see that it seems to be quite effective at influencing the public’s perceptions. Use your ears when they SING, not when the judges speak, please…. Yikes, this season is frustrating. I’m becoming a bigger fan of the Voice every week. I’ve been a rabid Idol fan since season 1, but the manipulations have gone too far and become much too obvious. It isn’t fun to watch this anymore.

  33. Do you think the judges get a bonus if Amber wins? How more obvious can they be? JMO

  34. Amber was not great,and the way the judges acted towards Kree was sad. Candice and Kree are the best………

  35. I have pretty much given up. In my humble opinion Amber should win. But I really thin Kree is going to be the winner!

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