Top 4 Week: Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2013?

Amber and Kree duet on American Idol 2013

It’s that time again. Tonight is the results show on American Idol 2013 so it’s time for me to once again make  my predictions for who stays and who goes tonight.

But that’s not going to be very easy this week because there’s going to be a big twist announced tonight. And I’m pretty sure that twist, whatever it actually is, will result in no contestants being eliminated this week. If you don’t know, the judges not using the save this season has put the show ahead of schedule, so they need to fill an extra week. So expect a non-elimination tonight.

With all that in mind, I’ll go ahead and make my regular predictions on who would go home tonight if someone was actually going home.

The American Idol 2013 Top 4 Results Predictions

100 Percent Safe: Angie Miller

Most Likely Safe: Amber Holcomb. The judges have made sure of this. They pimped her SO hard there’s no way she’ll come in last place tonight. But if she does, that will make for a dramatic steal.

Possibly The Bottom Two: Candice Glover and Kree Harrison. This will be a travesty. But the judges’ Amber praise has almost guaranteed this outcome.

In danger of going home: Candice Glover.

Now those are my thoughts based ONLY on how I think America’s votes will play out. Those are not my opinions. But since a lot of people always get those predictions confused as my opinions, I’ll go ahead and state my opinions. If i had it my way, Amber would go home tonight and Kree and Candice would be in the Top Two, positioning Angie to be eliminated next week. So that would give us a Kree vs. Candice finale. But producers and the judges are clearly aiming for an Angie/Amber finale. So obvious.

What do you think and hope will happen tonight on American Idol 2013?




  1. First time I’ve agreed with an entire analysis from anyone! The over-selling of Amber and Angie both has been driving me nuts all season. And the under-sell of Candice has been a travesty. Kree was treated poorly last night – and I hope the voting made up for it. I thought the audience loved her first performance much more than the two before hers, but the judges dogged her like she smelled up the room. Then they gave Amber’s next horrible performance a standing-O? While the audience is yawning appropriately at the first boring performance by Angie, the judges are jumping to their feet and calling it perfect. I couldn’t be more disgusted by their obvious attempts to influence the results. I just hope it backfires as it should…

  2. Is Amber somehow related to FOX owner? Maybe an illegitimate daughter, niece or first cousin of the producer? I mean,,,, the way judges pimp her… It’s like they were scripted to say so and they will get fired if they say otherwise..

    • I don’t understand why they just didn’t use the save on Janelle. They had no more saves and she was certainly Top Five good. Then there would be no need for the surprise tonite. I had been saying all along Candice and Kree but last night on song one Amber was the best. It’s all about dong choice. Did not like the one they made

  3. The hunch and thirsty assumption for Kree head to head with Candice is all I have in mind since the top 10, however it may skew just down to Amber and Angie. Im still rooting for Kree. She got the distinct country and soulful tone on a contemporary phase.Kree for the win!

  4. unfortunately, idol has become a joke this season. the ONLY thing you can take seriously this season is the talent of the girls. they’re getting the exposure they need for, hopefully, a successful career. the judges and the voting are absurd

  5. Wow my people last night was crazy !!! I couldn’t belief my eye’s. The girls are all great singer’s. But only one can stay last for the show. And I think its going to be Kree N Candice last to be standing. They both atre tyhe best and Angie you were great last night. Thank you from your home state Massachusetts an city of Fitchburg… God Bless U All Girls Good Luck tonight. Love Dona Wanda Dejesus

  6. Candice is the best vocalist by far. Having her in the bottom tonight would be horrible. It should be Candice and Angie competing for the top spot.

  7. I am so with you, Branden, my top two are Candice and Kree. But unlike you, I’m afraid that it’s Kree who will be going home tonight.

  8. By this time in the competition, it’s a miracle that all four girls are still able to perform because of all the stress and demands put on them throughout the season. Stress is starting to show. Candice had a bad cold last night according to Mariah (which Candice confirmed). Stress (I think) is causing Kree to shut down her emotions making it really hard to get them into her singing. Last night was the first time Keith really had a criticism for Kree. He had been her champion all season and clearly his favorite. Jimmy made a comment about Amber’s voice being tired. I think Jimmy should stick to mentoring and not being a 5th judge. We can listen to his comments after the voting because viewers are choosing who to listen to according to what is said. No judge should be giving their own personal opinions on who won the night or whose singing is best or who to vote for. I didn’t like that when Simon did it, and I still don’t. It influences votes unfairly and hurts the contestants. No judges should be on the stage unless they are performing a song. That business with Jimmy, Randy, and Nicki on stage when Candice was supposed to be judged was over the top. They should have followed Ryan’s advice and cut to commercial. Every year people say they will never watch Idol again because their favorite didn’t win. Guess what? The same thing was said by people about The Voice when their favorites didn’t win on that show. I like how Idol works to advance the contestants after the competition. My least favorite here is Kree, but that is only my opinion. I just like to watch and hear someone who makes the emotion in the song come out. All four are good and will have successful careers if they choose to do so. I think all four will be back next week. I’m not sure how they’ll do it. I was totally wrong about using the save last week anyway. Sometimes I think I enjoy this site as much as the show. Thanks, Branden and Matt.

      • I was only joking, truly. Thanks very much for replying. I appreciate your comments. They’re always insightful.

  9. It should be amber going home and if it true that she as family on Fox’s she shouldn’t be here at all. She was so off key on her second song that the judges praised her a wonder job what’s up with that If she is to go home they will save her. The other three are excellent singer and did a much better job. I did think Angie was first, Kree second and Candice third. I think the judges was cruel to Kree what’s wrong with them

  10. I don’t think Candice should go home! I know last night her song could have better but she have done well!! I pray she win!!

  11. If America doesn’t like her (amber) then they don’t like her… Get OVER IT judges.. I do t think its Keith and Randy so much as its the 2 girls.. I personally would like to see a Angie/Candice finale.. I think both girls will do well regardless..

  12. I wish the judges couldn’t give their opinion after like the top 5. Their comments give way too much sway on some peoples opinions that they stop thinking for themselves. Kree and candice have the most talent. The judges totally disrespected themselves last night fawning all over amber.

  13. I completely disagree with you, Branden. I just don’t see why in the heck you would send Amber home. I agree with the judges completely and think that the finale will and SHOULD be between Amber and Angie. If I had it my way, Candice would leave next, followed by Kree, and then I really wouldn’t mind who wins between Amber and Angie. But Amber would definitely be my top choice.

    • @ Azejlo,,, you must be joking,,,,how in ur right mind do u want Candice to go home,,,, u are totally insane,,,, Candice has been consistent thruout this competition,,,she s the only person who sings with energy and real emotions,,,,pls get a grip n smell the coffie, cos right now you have no idea what you i ‘ve just said

      • Candice and Kree are far and away more talented than Angie or Amber. Candice’s voice reminds me a bit of Ella Fitzgerald. Kree just needs to get away from the nonsense of Idol to reach her full potential.

  14. From above post…

    They are all talented obviously. What I reflect upon is who has been the most consistent with good performances. The answer to this is that Candice and Kree have been the most consistently good performers throughout the show. Candice should be nominated for a Grammy for her rendition of “Love Song”! But, this is a popularity contest more than a talent contest (Lazaro’s longevity proves this point!), so, it will not surprise me if Amber or Angie does win.

    • I agree with you. Candice and Kree have absolutely given the most consistently good performances. I just cant believe the judges are being so transparent in their intentions with their comments. It boggles the mind that 4 professionals would allow themselves to be led around by the nose by the producers of AI.

  15. Amber should be the one to win. She has it all. Perfect voice! Pretty! Good stage presence! Complete control of her beautiful voice.And she would make a good person to work on ~ Not much though. she is pretty much ready to record! I love Candice. But she sings too many old fashion songs. A lot of young people will be voting. And they just won’t get the old fashioned songs.What all the hype is about Angie is I don’t know. Is she going to be an American Idol playing on the piano?She also makes my ears hurt. So Branden, I do not agree with you about Amber! What doe’s it take for her to win? She has gotten better and better as time goes along!!! And sorry. I do not think the judges pimped her!!!! .
    Amber deserves to win. Jimmy Iovine likes her.

  16. Bunch of singing statues… Might aswell be listening to the radio… Most boring season of Idol ever… And the ratings show it!

  17. I expect the twist will be nobody goes home. Because of not using the save. That may be good since the judges are pushing Amber and Angie to the top and being negative about Candice and Kree. I think they’re being unfair doing this. Trying to fluence the voters. At this point in the game they should only be praising the girls… they are all good singers and made it to the top 4. Let the voters decide without the judges influenceing them. I hate when they put one of the singers down. Especially Nikki. I hope the voters don’t listen to the judges and vote on what they’ve seen and heard from the singers. My personal favorite is Kree …. she is a natural and does NOT need to make changes as some judges suggest. I hope an extra week can bring her back to the top. Not sure I’ll watch next season.

  18. I do not know why anyone thinks their favorite is so much better than any other in the top four. As all 4 are great singers. In fact, I don’t think American Idol has ever had a year where all the top four are this good. Yes, the judges do try to push Angie and Amber a harder than the others. Because the judges are smart enough that Amber and Angie are more marketable (especially Amber). As they have the “pop star look” more than Kree or Candice does. That tells me these judges are not so dumb after all. Is that fair to the other two? Probably not. But, that is the way the industry is. And who can blame them for wanting a winner who actually sells records. But, the judges are not in control … the voters are.

    And why we are on the subject of judges, I have to say, I think without question, Nikki is the most passionate and honest judge in American Idol history. I don’t matter if she is saying something positive or negative … no judge is more passionate about that given performance than Nikki is. That I guarantee.

  19. I believe that it’s Angie’s to loose. If she continues to periodically stay with the piano and pick the right songs that accent her voice and type of stage presence, she’ll lock it down. She has the look, a great voice, and an ability to play the piano and perform at an exceptionally high level – which the other contestants – although exceptionally great singers – don’t possess. They’re all exceptional – I enjoy them all very much – so I guess we’ll see what happens. Whatever the outcome, they all have an extremely bright future in front of them!.

  20. it seems like bloggers and viewer dislike Amber personally. She did have some good performances. Kree and Candice got weak although they are my pick for top two. btw nikki and keith did critique Amber for some subpar performances. the one i think they overhype is angie. but thats my opinion

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