American Idol Spoilers: Twist Set To Hit Top 4

American Idol 2013 judges & host

At the end of this week’s Top 4 Performance Show on American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest revealed a twist would be announced on tonight’s results show. The sudden arrival of a twist would normally raise great speculation, but based on everything we’ve been anticipating, there’s little doubt of what will happen.

Last week I gave an in-depth justification of why we strongly expected the Judges Save to be used. It was the last week of its availability (based on everything we’ve come to know about the Save), the American Idol schedule required an extra week, and all the boys were finally eliminated.

I was wrong.

The Save wasn’t used and Janelle went home during last week’s show. So what gives? The schedule’s current trajectory lands us at the season finale a week early. That obviously can’t happen. New twist enters stage right.

Ryan Seacrest’s announcement of an upcoming twist has to be related to an extension of the Judges Save deadline. Earlier this week I wrote how Janelle revealed in an exit interview that production (“they”) had removed the Judges Save’s expiration date altogether. “Then they told us they had to use [Judges Save] before the end of the year, but they didn’t really tell us when the cutoff was,” said Janelle.

Tonight’s twist reveal should allow the Judges to save someone before the season finale. I speculated this could be a set up for a Top 3 season finale, but that seems bulky and misses the stand-off excitement we’re used to seeing. In that case we should expect a stay of execution on either American Idol 2013 Results show tonight or next Thursday.

What do you think will happen with this American Idol twist?




  1. how about this
    whoever gets the number 1 spot. is automatically in the top 3.
    and then next week whoever gets 1 spot gets in the top 3
    then the next week 1 vs 1 compettion and then we get a top 3.

    • That would be FANTASTIC! I never thought of that, but that would be a really good way to have a 3-way finale. Of course, this means that this will put that person that makes the finale tonight from the results of the Top 4 enough safety to know that they can mess up next week and still be safe. Hmm, I just hope they don’t end up keeping everyone this week again. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  2. I have never missed a season of Idol. I was not excited when I heard that Nikki was going to be a judge, but gave her a chance to win me over. It only took me 3 shows to decide this season was not for me. She has taken the class out of the show. I never could really focus on the contestants because I was so distracted by her and that whiney voice.

  3. Branden the twist would most definitely be that there will be no eliminations for tonite until next week performances then there will be an elimination. So there would be no need for any judges save. So there would not be any bottom 2 or stuff like that.

    • They could still do a Bottom 2 and then [insert drama here] no one goes home after all. No one going home is just the same as the Judges Save whether they call it that or not.

      PS – I’m not Branden. There are multiple authors here.

  4. This is strictly a guess, but I think the Judges put Production on notice that if Amber landed in the bottom two and had to sing to save herself, they would use their save on her. So the twist is either no one is going home and they’ll do a double elimination next week, or if Amber actually does land at the bottom and has to sing to save herself, the Judges will do what they did last year with the eventual first runner-up and go up onstage to form a Ring of Unity around her.

    • If the judges use the save I’ll really be $&@$) off. It’s not fair to the top 3 who were voted on by the public. Change rules to accommodate the show? That’s lame.

      Niki is the only judge that tells it like it is, even if it’s stated in a crude way. I’ve been a faithful supporter since season 1 however if they pull this crap by saving their pet favorite, I’ll switch to The Voice.

      • Should watch the Voice anyway. It’s on different nights and is much more entertaining. The four on this current show – Adam Levine, Shakira, Blake Shelton & Usher are excellent and the chemistry between them is great and funny.

        No crudity, no passing personal comments to the contestants and they mentor and help them become better.

        They may not have produced a major chart topper yet but they have some great talent on the show.

  5. the save was intended for one of the 2 black girls, so if tonight one of them is in the bottom tonight they will be saved.

  6. Why did all the judges talk to each contestant as if they would be there next week. They would say you better make a better song choice next week, or in so many words to Candace you should try to do more songs without chur/ch in it next week.

  7. I’ve writen this before. Tere will not be a save but instead a 2 week cumlative vote which means no one leaves tonight but thier votes this week will be added to next week..
    I must say that last night obvious abuse of Kree and Candance by the judges to prop up Amber was disgraceful. Nikki might be the worst 2 face back stabbing sack of garbage on TV. Both those womqan can sing circles around her untalented FAT( and I mean FAT) a$$. Last night was disgraceful. No wonder the ratings are at an all timme low.

  8. Candace and Kree are the top 2 as far as I’m concerned. I dvr the show and fast forward thru ALL the useless judges comments. Nikki is the WORST! Her snotty sideways looks to Mariah and her complete focus on looks only is disgusting, Mariah also has zero to add to the panel (same for Randy). That leave Keith…ehhhh…

  9. First of all, the judges are ruining it for all the competitors. They are trying to change people’s minds and make people think that the girls who have been performing well all season, are not as good as they have been all along. Just because a girl performs a song that is not popular or is old, does not mean that her voice has changed and she no longer sings well. It is sad that the judges change the voters minds so easily. In my book, Candace has the best voice and should win AI. I would place Kree in second place. Amber and Angie should be competing with each other. They are great, but should be in third and fourth place. Remember, voices don’t change, just the songs are different. Well, good luck to all four of the ladies. Judges, stop plugging your favorites and let the voters decide for themselves!

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