American Idol Results: 2013 Top 4 Elimination Show

American Idol judges

Tonight on FOX host Ryan Seacrest will reveal the latest American Idol results for the 2013 season’s Top 4 finalists. The singers delivered double performances last night plus a round of duets. One of these ladies will be going home. Or will they?

A new twist is set to hit the stage tonight as promised by Ryan in the final minutes of last night’s American Idol episode. We’re expecting that to mean no one goes home either this week or next, but we’ll know for sure in just a few more minutes.

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As the show gets started Ryan Seacrest says the twist will turn the competition “upside down.” Well that sounds serious. Maybe the finalists will be voting out a judge tonight?! Just kidding.

Results time. Ryan splits the girls in to two groups. Amber and Candice head to the far side of the stage while Angie and Kree are on the other side. One group is the bottom two and the other is the top two. Which group is which?

American Idol 2013 Top 4 – Top 2:

American Idol 2013 Top 4 – Bottom 2:

Ryan says one of these two could be going home. See, we told you so!

The twist is that no one will be going home tonight. Both Candice and Amber are safe this week.

Don’t worry about your votes though. They’ll be added on to next week’s results and the singer with the fewest votes next week will be eliminated with no chance of redemption or return.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your thoughts!




  1. YES. american finally recognized that Angie and Kree were by far the best two!

  2. what a load of crap. Amber dodges a bullet. Of course they figured out a way to save her without the use of the save. They could have added in the extra program when they were down to the bottom two. Wouldn’t that have been more fair to the contestants?

      • It’s okay if you are sick of Amber, but please hate her for the right reason. Don’t hate her for what the judges are doing, for that is entirely not her fault. Thanks.

      • She has given us no reason to hate her. The judges and Jimmy were trying to get viewers to recognize her talent, and they overdid it. That is not her fault, and it wound up hurting her, rather than helping her. She cared enough about singing to work harder after being eliminated in the early rounds last year, and so did Candice. Give them credit for coming back and putting themselves through this again because they want to sing.

      • By the way, Janelle was involved with 3 Idol seasons 2010, 11, and 12 where she finally made it to the top 10. Were Kree and Angie also repeat contestants?

      • She is sick of Amber?? Amber and Candice are the best two left! And yes it is true. One should not dislike Amber because of the judges comments. Nicki cracked me up last night. I can’t remember which girl she said it about. But her comment said ” You are all putting me to sleep today! ” She told Kree one of her songs was boring, flat and almost put her to sleep.

        I have to agree with giselle too. What has the girl done to make some people dis- like her? Amber. Even Branden puts her with her beautiful voice at the bottom. And they are saying the judges are trying to pimp someone. What does that mean? And yes you are right, they are just tring to get viewers to recognize her talent!! I think both Amber and Candice are like you said giselle. They just want to sing

  3. The obvious winner of season 12 is Angie Miller! LOL … The runner up would be Candice or Kree! xD

  4. That’s right Amber did dodge the bullet. Kree, Angie and Candice should be the top 3!

  5. Kree is SO over-rated! She should be the one on the bottom and sent home w/o the benefit of the save vote.
    She’s the weakest link among the Top 4. She can sing…yes, but NOT the best though. Enough of the HYPE!

  6. I am a Kree-Janelle fan but after Angie’s performances last night I was completely blown away by her. I could now see the professionalism she got on her sleeves. I am hoping for a Kree-Angie finale now and it does not matter who wins because they’re both great. And I guess this is not impossible based on tonight’s results. Angie and Kree for the finale!!! (but I still love Janelle so much)

    • You may write a bible about Amber , but to be honest Amber’s voice is not all that,,,her voice alone is soo irritating, scratchy and when she sings high notes, my goodness, sometimes you would want to tell her to stop cos its really unimaginable,,,,even Angie who dramatizes everything is much better that her,,,,Althou Kree ‘s performances are boring,,,it would be good to see Candice and her in the finale,,,good luck Candice

  7. Reminder to myself: Watch the last 15 minutes of the results show next week. The rest is a total waste of time. That being said, the results were shocking and unrealistic. There’s no way Kree’s performances beat either Candice or Amber’s. And, what a way to start off next week for Candice and Amber. They are behind before they sing one note since the votes are being carried over that said they lost the previous week. It will take a lot of strength to overcome that hurdle, and I don’t think it is fair. (I would think that no matter who the bottom two are.) There’s enough pressure dealing with one week at a time, let alone adding on last week’s disappointing results and trying to deal with that. Forget the fact that the judges were praising Amber. The last thing the voters heard from Randy was that Angie won the evening. Also, keeping Angie behind the piano is like saying she can’t sing without the piano. Give her more credit than that.

    • You only need to watch the last 5 minutes at most. Nothing happened tonight until 8:57.

      • True, but I thought I’d put in an extra 10 minutes just in case they add another “new twist” to the show.

  8. OOPS! America must have picked the wrong two… Well they have been bending so far trying to prove their not racist that it is obvious they’ll go to any length to make sure they have a minority winner. As far as the extra week due to not using a save – what a crock of ****! Since they started the saves – if they used a save then two went home the next week. Does anyone believe that had Kree come in last place an automatic save would come into play. The show needs CANCELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, how many suprise guest can they have praising one contestant (in person /Drake and Paula Abdul).

    • Considering that AI has to fill in an extra week, yes it was obvious to everyone that a save of some sort was going into play, and that included Kree. The only ones that missed out on this were a small group busy trying to construct racist paranoid scenarios in their heads.

      • There might still be “Racism in America” coming from all races). But, with 4 or 5 winners on American Idol who were black … It is pretty “naïve” to say there is much of it on American Idol.

    • I noticed that – 2 weeks in a row we have “surprise” guests for Candice because she sang their song and no disrespect to Paula but she is no Diva.

  9. We can just stop pretending when we actually know who will win AI this season.

    1. Let’s imagine Kree wins this for a second, She can’t move when singing, when she did as in Motown week, she is completely out of breath gasping for air. She can’t belt a long sustaining big notes, as apparent when she tried to sing Celine Dion’s “Have You Ever Been In Love” and almost lost control of it. She has very little expression on her face when she sings. Small wonder, songs you’ve been hearing the past four or five weeks are the Kreedom zone., AKA The Nytol zone is where she is residing. To me, it signs to fairly limited success outside of idols. What is the target audience for Kree you think?

    2. If Angie wins, the problem is tenfold in magnitudes for AI producers. She claims to be an inspirational/christian/gospel artist which she still alludes to even to this point, for ONE very big reason- need not be spelled out. That alone is already restricting her possible success in the future. You can name me one of inspirational/christian musician who hits it big in the pop world while maintaining his/her original genre? Well, the only name I can come up with is Amy Grant, but even that is dubious because Amy’s success is fairly limited, especially when she was back to the fold. Unless, Angie decides to reshape her musical genre to a more fan friendlier rock/pop landscape, to which she will have a good potential to hit it big.

    3. Candice is so into herself that sometimes she forgets she is still vying for that top spot. Her voice is awesome, and it is the most “masculine” of the four women left standing. She needs to be careful in choosing her materials. Any songs that can’t be dramatized or oversung by runs are definitely not for her, case in point “Emotion”.

    4. Amber has different problem. Of the four who are still in the run, she is the most intrepid of all and perhaps the most talented. She chooses her materials almost at random. She’s been doing uptempo, downtempo, ballad, disco, pop, jazzy pop, RnB, and so on and so forth. She is genuinely the only singers here who has shown her versatility. She has her signature smooth vibrato that is so beautiful it was out of this world. She is also the one singing with so much at ease and effortless. Her problem is incosistency. Since she is choosing her material in what appear to be “at random”, she runs into trouble because people can’t relate to the song she is singing. One of her best performances was The Beatles’ cover “She’s Leaving Home”. It was rarely performed by idol contestants and also not quite popular in general, yet she’s able to lift that song to the level unheard of before. Who can appreciate this? The Beatle’s fans of course who know this song inside out taken from one of the greatest albums of all time “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and how much the song was elevated by her re-interpretation of it. To other people not familiar with it, it would mean just a ho-hum or even boring song. By the way, this same song had been performed by Carrie Underwood, and I must say Amber’s rendition is one hundred times better. Have a listen to Carrie’s version on Yo4tube for a comparison. And, Amber’s major problem is that very few people seem to vote for her, no matter how pumped up the judges are about Amber. Deep down inside these judges know Amber won’t win. They just want to obfuscate the facts and to delay the obvious.

    My prediction: A couple of years from now whoever the AI season XII winner is, be that Kree or Angie, unfortunately, will linger in mediocrity and eventually disappear not long after, becoming just another one of pop music roadkills. Oh, BTW, AI would’ve been cancelled by then anyway. So, any relation with AI will be moot by then.

  10. Did America get the vote right this week? Hard to say. We are never told what the results are in terms of numbers. We are not even told how close the voting is in terms of percentages. Sometimes we are told how many votes came in. When no one is sent home, the contestants should not be labeled top two or bottom two because there is no “save.” Did the show get it wrong? Yes–in the way it was handled–not just this week but for most of the season. I’m beginning to question if “So You Think You Can Dance” is being manipulated in the same way. One of the reasons I liked that show is because it seems genuine and fair in dealing with who stays and who leaves the competition.

    • Giselle, when Americans can’t even choose the right president, how on earth can they choose the right artist to win? AI should’ve been re-titles as “American Failure”, as it has actually been crowning and generating one fail artist after another for quite a bit of years now.

    • Are you kidding me? Watching Stefano perform is what made me realize just how much better this years top 4 are. That said, I do not think there has ever been season were the entire top 4 was this good. If you doubt this just relive the season where Ruban Studdard and Clay Akin were the top two. Those two could not compete with any of the top 4 this season.

  11. Branden, the finalists voting off a judge is about the only thing that would turn the competition “upside down”. Actually he should have said it would turn things “right side up”

    A surprise elimination of one of the judges on a live show would be just the thing to make me feel some enthusiasm for Idol this year. There isnt anything else left that they can do to “shock” anyone this season. The “teasers” Ryan spews out are absolutely pathetic.

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