American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Twist Hits Hollywood Week

American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week

Tonight on American Idol 2013 the show revealed a new twist for the guys who made it through Hollywood Week. Or so it seemed. Just when you thought you knew who had survived the big round of eliminations this week it was revealed that more cuts were in store.

Over the past two nights we saw 28 guys get the stamp of approval, but that’s a high number when it comes to forming a Top 40 when combining them with the girls. So instead of seeing all of those performers moving on the judges are about to make yet another round of hard cuts.

A third of formerly “safe” male performers will face the axe next Thursday night. Those 28 performers will be cut down to 20 before moving on to Las Vegas.

Want to know who makes it and who gets cut? You can either wait for next week or you can look at our Season 12 Top 20 Boys list to get the American Idol spoilers.




  1. I’m sorry but the judges that were picked for this year sucks. Randy is the only good judge. The people they have picked and people they have sent home are messes up. Very disappointed in this years American Idol. :0(

    • I couldn’t agree more… the judges totally suck! I do like Keith and Randy though. But miss Steven and JLo! As for the many of the contestants they are chosing to keep I could have done better with ear plugs in and a bag on my head LOL! well for some of them anyway. I have been very disappointed 🙁 I expect to see the ratings go down drastically. Don’t be a bit surprised if AI is cancelled! I will be disappointed if it is since I have watched since the beginning.

  2. I could not disagree more!! Jlo and Steven Tyler were HORRIBLE judges. Randy is incredibly bias, but still better than jlo and Steven Tyler. I cannot stand Nikki, although she does support the odd contestants. Mariah has the talent to back up her comments and so far has proven to be a good judge. I’m still on the fence with Keith.

    The problem is the talent thus far. I’ve only been impressed by a few male contestants. I’m much more excited about the girls.

  3. I find I kind of like Nikki, she tells the truth, Mariah is kind of like another Jlo, I miss Steven. Randy is way to bias.

    • Agreed although I wouldn’t mind hearing about getting goosies instead of whatever Mariah has or hasn’t contributed so far. Think Nikki is a bit overly blunt but I agreed with her comments yesterday.

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