American Idol 2013 Top 5 Performance Recap: Ladies Night

Kree Harrison

It’s the American Idol 2013 Top 5 and it’s all girls! Tonight the girls are taking on songs by divas and songs from their birth years.

It looks like it’s going to be kind of a ballad-y night, but there might be a few up-tempo moments, so stay with us! I’ll be recapping the performances live, so be sure to join in the conversation below.

American Idol 2013 Top 5 Performances 

Round One: Year of Birth

Candice Glover, Straight Up. Wow, I never thought one could actually enjoy a Paula Abdul song, but this creative version of the song actually worked. It was smooth and cool and I love the scatting and the bongos. It was sweet overall. I’m sure we’ll hear that it was someone else’s arrangement, but regardless, it was a great way to start the night. Grade: A

Janelle Arthur, When I Call You Name. Round one for Janelle isn’t going so well. She needs two really huge songs that people know. And this song is not a  good idea. She should’ve chosen a rock song from her birth year and put a country spin on. The vocals were fine, but as a whole, it was kind of boring. Grade: B-

Kree Harrison, She Talks To Angels. I love Kree. I think Kree is incredibly talented. But for the first time, I found her to be boring. I don’t think the song choice was right. She still sounds amazing and gets an A for vocals, but as far as entertainment… eh. Grade: B

Angie Miller, I’ll Stand By You. Finally, she’s back at the piano. I don’t really love the key she was singing the song, but it was pretty solid. There are a few moments where she really could’ve blown it up with power but she missed the mark. Grade: B+

Amber Holcomb, Without You. This is sort of cheating, because it’s not really Mariah’s song originally, but I’ll let that slide. It’s a great song with a lot of power and I don’t think Amber was able to match it. But the judges love her regardless and are still pushing for her to come out on top. I’m way impressed that Nicki FINALLY spoke the truth about Amber. Maybe I’m trying to compare her to Harry Nilsson or Mariah Carey, but I was just eh. It was OK, but that’s just it. Grade: B+

Round Two: Diva

Candice Glover, When You Believe. Candice’s vocals were PERFECT. Not. One. Single. Thing. Wrong. Perfection. I never realized how boring this song was, but I’m picky. But Candice poured her whole self into it. It was emotional and spot on. Candice is fantastic. Grade: A+

Janelle Arthur, Dumb Blonde. Again, not a great song choice. I think it’s a great song, but she needed to do a familiar Dolly song. She’s going to go home tomorrow night because of her song choices. She sounded good and I liked the energy, but yeah, she’s toast. Grade: B

Kree Harrison, Have You Ever Been In Love. Ugh. Well, Kree is two for two with boring me. And it breaks my heart. I’ve NEVER heard this song in my life, nor do I want to hear it ever again. I’m so disappointed in her. Grade: B-

Angie Miller, Halo. I don’t know why anyone EVER sings this song on a competition show. It’s in such a weird key that it  never sounds like it’s being performed properly. The chorus was great, but the rest was eh. It’s Halo. And that ending was kind of annoying. Grade: B+

Amber HolcombWhat Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? Wow. What a BORING night filled with sleepy, blah songs. I think Amber’s vocal is pretty good for Amber, but this is way boring. Maybe I just don’t get Amber. What am I missing? Grade: C+

Did anyone else  notice how coherent Mariah was? And that Nicki and Mariah were actually speaking? Oh, and that Nicki actually gave Mariah the respect she deserves? You think all the interaction and chit-chat had anything to do with Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe’s recent interview where he said the judges didn’t have chemistry? Hmmmm.




  1. I loved Janelle’s performance. I don’t know what’s wrong with Keith. Hahhaha. America, don’t let Keith’s comment on Janelle fool you! Vote Janelle please. 🙂

  2. Amber’s performance of “without you” was terrible. Off key and way too low for her. Branden is being kind in his review. Harry Nilsson’s original version is the gold standard. Even Mariah couldnt top his version. I have to agree with Nicki.

  3. The song Without You was originally written and sung by Badfinger (Peter Ham and Tom Evans). Mariah, who made a big hit out of it thankfully gave credit to Harry Nilsson who had a big hit out of it in the early 70’s,
    but I’m surprised Mariah couldn’t recall who wrote the song.

    • Most people think “Without You” was written by Harry Nilsson only because he wrote a brand new arrangement for the lyrics that Ham and Evans originally put together from two separate songs. The two versions bear no resemblence to one another. But, technically the members of Badfinger did come up with the lyrics to the song. Harry Nilsson wrote the music for the version that became a huge hit for him and Mariah Carey.

  4. Nikki is far less irritating if you hit the mute button and imagine she’s saying something that makes sense.
    So far, I’m liking Candice for round 2

  5. yep, Candice for round 2. I’m not getting all the pimping by the judges for Amber. She’s ok, but certainly not at the top of this pack. I guess this is who they will use the save on.

  6. I’ll probably be ripped but that was the most boring pile of mediocrity I endured in quite some time on AI. Candice was good but not great. Angie stepped up somewhat, but that was about it. In fact I’m going to take my hat off to Janelle for the Dolly Parton song. Was it great? No. Was it a good choice? No. I respect it though because I hate the Diva theme, and good on you girl. You said screw it, I’m just going to go out there and have some fun, something sorely lacking tonight.

    • Well, I hate to disappoint you again tonight but I’m not going to rip you at all, rather, I’m going to agree nearly wholeheartedly. BORING!!!! I fell asleep in the middle of two different performances – zzzzz. The only point that I do disagree with you on is that Angie stepped it up. I don’t think she did, I think she just stayed in the same average space. So, that’s as hard as you’ll get it from me tonight! : )

  7. I like Amber but the first performance was o.k., no where near a standing O, and the second song was too old for her.

    • He doesn’t like Amber either – even tho judges and Jimmy thinks she is one of the best. Appears he likes those that scream. Amber definitely has the prettiest voice of all – she makes music so beautiful with such little effort.

      • I agree with you about Amber. Yes she is great, But Branden got a fact that the judges are always overreacting for her performance even if the other performance should be treated like her more as well.
        It’s just I hate Branden letting Kree down this week even she did it great.

      • I agree with you. I thought Kree was as solid as ever, and props to her for singing two songs that have never been performed on AI before.

      • Amber’s rendition of “Without You” was way off base. The version of that song that was a huge hit in the 70s is a powerful, emotional song with soaring vocals. She either doesnt have the ability to do the song justice or was too afraid to try, either way it was a poor song choice for her.


  8. Candice should and MUST win this year. She’s the best. And I don’t get why people say she is not marketable. JHUD was not marketable as well when she was in Idol but look at her now. Candice has to win this year! A true Idol, a true talent.

  9. For tonight, I think more of the country votes will go to Janelle because she stayed to her roots as compared to Kree. So I think even if Janelle will land in the bottom two, she won’t be eliminated and will still be here for next week.I predict that the bottom two will be Amber/Angie or Amber/Janelle… Amber will be eliminated and be saved, of course. On the other hand, I think Kree needs to be in the bottom for this week and I don’t know why. Maybe I was just thinking about Lauren Alaina being in the bottom two at top 5 week (last season 10) and going to the finals. I kinda predict that will happen to Kree. But of all the remaining contestants, I’m still rooting for Kree and Janelle. I hope they make it to the finals. Kree-Janelle for the win!

      • Actually Amber has a great voice, and beautiful tone. Last night though her age showed through. That song was way to old for her and it showed in her performance. Amber’s biggest weakness to me is that she makes poor selections of songs on many occasions (Age might be a factor here). I think she needed to study the different types of music more when she decided to join AI. I feel this has hurt her, and thus maybe it was a bit early to enter this competition.

  10. Candice sings a “boring” song and gets an A+. Kree sings a “boring” song and gets an B-. Someone is playing favorites. I thought Candice edged out Kree in round 2 but it was more like A vs. A-. Kree’s first song was not boring in any way, shape, or form, and it was a solid B+ to me. Amber’s first song was not pleasing at all. Closer to a C. Otherwise I agree with your grades.

    • deal with it…Candice is a way better singer and if Americans are fair they will vote her the winner….unfortunately NO because we all know why!!!!

      • Candice did an outstanding job with “STRAIGHT UP”. Those who found it boring simply don’t have an appreciation for Jazz. I dont know if you are referring to a race issue when you say we all know why she won’t be the winner, but if you are, I totally disagree with you. I am a member of the 40+ demographic and I can say honestly that the race of any contestant has never even entered my thoughts when considering who is the most talented. Maybe I am naive, but I cant believe race is playing a part in the outcome of the voting. I sincerely hope not anyway.

    • I’m a Candice fan, but agree with you. I think her performance last night was good but hardly inspiring. Kree on the other hand whom I also like was hardly inspiring either last night and was graded fairly.

  11. OK, it’s obvious Brandon has no clue as to what he is talking about. It was obvious that the best performance in Round 1 was Angie. No one came close to her and he gives her a B+. It was very well done and showed great emotion. Candice’s version of “Straight Up” was just boring and really didn’t accentuate her voice. Amber’s “Without You” really was just OK. She was pitchy in the beginning and seemed to be pushing (straining) at the end. Candice did a very good job with her second song along with Angie. I say Angie won round 1 and Candice edged out Angie for Round 2.

  12. My top 4 performances last night:

    1. Candice: “When You Believe” = 9; She is in the zone again, not as definitive as last week, but not bad.
    2. Amber: “What Have You Done The Rest Of Your Life” = 8.5; The song is too old for her, i.e. almost 50 years old song, but she had done superb job in singing this difficult song. Will the voters care? That will be a different question.
    3. Kree: “Have You Ever Been In Love” = 7.5; Kreedom is in control. Although very close to losing grip at certain parts of the song, but she’s able to hold the song within her comfort zone, even by “pushing the envelope” by a tad.
    4 Angie: “Halo” = 7; She still hasn’t changed her style even an iota, still over-emoting and over-dramatizing, but with this type of songs, it all turned out OK.

  13. I thought Angie was the best tonight, barely beating out Candace. Angela blew the doors off the place! Powerful voice, perfect notes and melody. Absolutely incredible. Candace was also awesome.
    As for Amber, she hit lots of “sour notes” in one of her songs so that is NOT good singing in a singing competition. Janelle picked totally crappy songs. My opinion for the night:
    #1 Angie (by a smidgen)

    #2 Candace
    #3 Kree
    #4 Amber (by a smidgen)
    #5 Janelle

    • I agree with your ranking totally. It seemed like there were a lot of boring, almost obscure song choices tonite.

  14. The writer of this article hates Amber; clearly hates Amber. Her rendition of What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? was exquisite. Not just because the song is slow does it necessarily becomes boring. I can almost say the writer has no class. Yeah that’s it, no class.

    • I agree with you. I sang that song at my first recital, and I can tell you how difficult that song is to sing. There is no melody line repeated in the accompaniment to help you vocally or rhythmically so it’s up to the singer’s musicality & skill level to stay on point. She did. It was beautiful, and I liked her choices she made vocally to make it different from the original. People who watch AIdol don’t seem to have an appreciation of jazz music. Casey Abrams got kicked off right after he did Nature Boy which I though was the best performance (& a jazz performance) of his season. Candice has some great jazz chops as well i must say. I think they should do a jazz theme week & see who can handle it.

  15. top2- angie candice

    i believe that janelle was better than amber all the way, i dont liker her… i dont get what is so amazing with kree, she has a great voice though… for me is an angie & candice race and i hope angie wins

  16. Amber and Candice are the natural born singers…send those boring country singers back and that large teeth Angie home!!! They are infinite miles behind the 2 greats..AMBER & CANDICE!!!!!

    • I’ll give you Candice but definitely not Amber. Talk about lack of personality!

  17. After repeated viewing, the top 4 performances from last night:

    1. Candice: “When You Believe” = 9; She is in the zone again, not as definitive as last week, but not bad.
    2. Amber: “What Have You Done The Rest Of Your Life” = 9; The song is actually too old for her, i.e. almost 50 years old song, yet the Amber of old was soaring so high again despite of it. It’s exquisite. She had done superb job in singing this difficult song. Will the voters actually care? That is an entirely different question.
    3. Kree: “Have You Ever Been In Love” = 7.5; Kreedom is in control or trying to be in control. Although very close to losing grip at certain parts of the song, but she’s able to hold the song within her comfort zone, even by having to push her “comfort envelope” a little.
    4 Angie: “Halo” = 7; She still hasn’t changed her style even an iota, still over-emoting and over-dramatizing, but with this type of songs, it all turned out OK.

  18. Ok here’s the deal.I’m an Angie fan.I think Angie & Candice should be in the Finale.Who will win?at this point I don’t mind.I’m obsessed with Angie, but Candice is… I don’t know I can’t explain this girl.I’m thinking why isn’t she already a world-class MEGASTAR like Rihanna or Kelly Rowland???

  19. How many times are they going to have Candice start off the show and Amber close it out? Seems a little strange to me!

  20. Angie Miller is the most marketable* Her poise, vocal talent & sound, musician skills & theatric skills are impressive for her age!
    She is a pretty girl and carries herself well!
    Kree & Candace have powerful voices which impress, Kree is more laid back a characteristic of her style & persona.
    Candace brings it & is a force to be reckoned with!
    They are top 3 –though I lie the other two young ladies.

  21. enuf of the ballads already,theres more to music than ballads,at least 1 of the 2 songs should not be a ballad, they should make it a rule.Thats why i prefer male singers on the show, I dont know why women seen to think they need to sing ballads all the time.Boring!

  22. Really? sounds like the american idol reporter here. is a fan of candice. well angie was the best clearly the best. and the save is gone.

  23. Here’s how I think America will vote. Janelle and Amber (who was amazing in her second song!!!) will be in the bottom two. If Janelle has the lowest votes, the judges will not use the save and she’ll go home. If Amber has the lowest votes, then the judges will use the save. Candice and Kree were the best of the night (for me) and Angie (who was good) will sail by, mostly because of her Boston (my hometown) shoutout. I think she’ll get more votes than usual because of that. I’ll even go as far as to say that she will be the first voted safe and most likely got the most votes. Partly because she did a good job but mostly because of what happened on Monday. Just my opinion.

  24. My take: Janelle is leaving tonight. She has a pretty voice, and is a very marketable singer who will do well in her chosen genre… but she is a little overmatched vocally here. Her song choices were dicey, and the other girls are just more talented. My thoughts on the rest: 1) Candice is the best singer, but not necessarily the winner or the biggest potential post-Idol star. 2) Angie is the entire package. She’s adorable, personable, talented, and just connects with people. Huge potential market upside for her. I see Candice and Angie as the top 2. Kree and Amber are 3 and 3a. I expect Amber will leave before Kree and I’m not sure that’s right. Kree’s “girl next door” simplicity gets props (as does her sweet voice), but Amber’s marketability potentially trumps that. As a manager or label, I’d rather manage or promote Amber than Kree. Amber will have significant appeal to tweens and teens, and I’m not quite sure who Kree’s demographic is yet… Just my $.02.

  25. They are all exceptional singers. Most people don’t realize how good of a singer you have to be to sound that good live. Especially on live TV in a competition. These are trivial things that you are picking them apart for. So much criticism based on no professional musical knowledge at all. I bet any of you wouldn’t even dare to try to open mouth on that stage. It’s OK to have preferences, but you don’t have to trash the others. I personally like Kree, Ange and Candice a bit more. All three of them would be worthy winner in my book.

  26. I love Kree I have never heard a songstress with such clarity and credibility. She is,without a doubt… our next DIVA with humanity, love, and context that is timeless.

  27. i think Amber,candice,angie and kree is great they have a great voice i like it when angie play the piano because thats what make her strong amber keep rocking the floor and candice keep doing your thing…..

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