Nigel Lythgoe: American Idol 2013 Judges Lack ‘Good Chemistry’

Nigel Lythgoe

American Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe has spoken out on the declining ratings of American Idol 2013 and he’s not placing any of the blame on the lack of hot guys for the young female demographic to get behind.

It’s all about the judges, he says.

“I don’t think we have good chemistry with the judges,” Nigel told Zap2It. “And that saddens me. They are good individually, but I miss the camaraderie we have had in the past.And it has been really difficult because it has been a good season of talent. That is always very sad, and everybody of course has an opinion as to how we can stop falling ratings. They all become producers.”

So  yeah, Idol never should have ditched Paula Abdul. They should have just replaced Simon. And then when people were getting used to Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler (who along with Randy had GREAT chemistry), they ditch them too.

But Nigel isn’t taking the blame for that either.

“Fox books the judges and has the last few years,” he said.

I’m not TV producer, but I watch A LOT of TV and always have. So I do have a few ideas as to what’s wrong with this season:

  • I do think Nigel is right about the judges, but that’s not the only problem. Randy is a wash. Mariah is pointless and Nicki is running off the older audience with her weird made-up language and rude attitude. Keith is fine and should stay on.
  • While I’m ready for a girl to win, the way Idol calculated EVERY LAST detail of this season to get a season where NO girl was eliminated before Top 5 is just ridiculous. Teen girls are/were a large part of the audience and they love boys. The love crushing on boys and love tweeting about boys and the love voting for boys on American Idol. You took that away from them by only allowing mediocre male singers and then made sure every single detail from theme to performance placement insured that they’d go home one by one.
  • The format is stale. You excited us by showing us how the votes played out ONE WEEK ONLY. And as soon as you realized that would foil your plan to knock all of the guys out, you only gave us hints the rest of the time. Oh, and STOP with the themes. Let them sing whatever they want each week.

OK, I didn’t mean for this to be an 0p-ed piece, but that’s how it turned out. So what do you think is at fault for the declining ratings of American Idol 2013?




  1. with so many other talent shows out there of course idol is stale. and the new judges, nicki and mariah, are more into themselves than the contestants. also, i’m firmly convinced that the fix was in for a girl to win. the guys who made it to the top ten were, let’s face it, basically awful!! i like keith urban who seems to be the most honest of the four. randy is like a broken record at this point. i record the show so i can fast forward nicki’s inane remarks and mariah rolling her eyes at nicki who is also rolling her eyes. i just want to hear these kids sing!! got a feeling that idol is on its last legs

  2. I really liked the seasons with JLo and Steve. I’m not enjoying it anymore. The only judge I like is Keith Urban. Mariah goes on and on saying nothing and Nicki seems crass although she is funny to listen to. Wish she would stop playing with her hair! The Voice has my attention this year – great judges – great camaraderie and humor – great talents! Move over Idol, The Voice is “in”.

  3. It’s all about the judges this year, I can not take Nikki and Mirah really adds nothing. Keith is good, Randy has got to go. I really think it is rigged. I use to not think that but I am beginning to believe it. I have not watched more than a few hours this time and when Nikki speaks, I mute it.

  4. Stale music, damn right! The rock and roll night was an archaic disaster….
    Nigel and the producers are way out of touch with the audience.
    I think Keith has been a great addition to the judging, and dare I say it Niki….at least she is in tune with contemporary music and tells it like it is. Mariah is dull and has little to offer opinion-wise and Randy….same old same old, WTF. But when it comes down to it the audience vote….so it is up to them in the end! Time for a hiatus for thee show for a while I think.

  5. Get rid of Nikki and Randy for sure. I like Mariah and Keith. Get some judges that are able to give critique without bashing the person. Nikki was the worst choice they ever could have made. I tape the shows and fast forward through her crap or if I am watching live I mute it during her portion of the show. She is absolutely turning off the older generation and she has to go or I am sure AI will lose even more viewers next year. I have watched AI since it started and now am thinking about this year being my last year and it is 99 percent because Nikki is one of the judges. PLEASE get rid of Nikki and 12 years of Randy Jackson is more than enough. Never did like him in the first place and sick of his (in it to win it) line.

    • I made an argument that I thought the American Idol judges critiques were very hurtful to some of the top 12 contestants. If you watch “The Voice” judges. They don’t say things like “I think it was your worst performance” or “get off the stage” or “I felt like you came on this show to sing with an American Idol contestant.” They try to keep everything on a positive note. I don’t think that is candy coating their performances but encourages them to practice more and not give up on their dreams. Nikki and Randy destroys one’s confidence. (i.e.Lazaro) Another thing that upsets me is when did they start critiquing the duets and trios? Okay, the three guys were a train wreck but I blame that on the person who chose the song they sang. They set them up to fail. And although I love Lazaro’s voice, I think this competition was not for him. I think he would have done better on a show like “The Voice” where he’d have a coach and not having to learn two songs each week especially ones he is unfamiliar with. They put him on it for the ratings and it worked for a little while. It made me cry to see him hurting and trying to cover it up by showing an attitude. I also felt bad for Janelle when she sang that duet with Kree. On another blog, someone brought up a good point. “This show is a family show but I would never let my child watch it as long as Nikki is on it.” Nikki’s inappropriate innuendos are not things that I’d like my child to hear. One more point, Mariah said something that they told her that she wasn’t mean enough? That is just wrong. Keep Mariah and Keith, they are in it to win it! LOL Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    • I agree with you i tape the A-Idol and like niki is not allowed to speak so i also fast forward anything she has to say I am like you A-Idol needs to do some changes or else!!

    • You are right. The cheesy groups and silly themes alienate the demographic they really want and Nicki is alienating the older generation watching the show. They are currently burning a bridge at both ends and will soon be left with the middle of the pack who don’t vote at all or only watch sporadically. Nigel is in denial if he thinks the judges are the only problem. I fast forward through everyone except Keith. Mariah self promotes too much. Randy is…well Randy. And hey DAWG, we are left with all girls could you perhaps not call them DUDE?? Plus, he needs some new catchphrases, agreed. So tired of Randy. At least someone else self promotes and name drops more than him this season, but she’s directly tied to him…so it’s almost like he’s doing it too.

  6. I still like Idol. I think Randy is good and Keith is a great addition. Nicki is is too “off the wall”and talks way too much. Miriah is too sweet and just loves everyone. Jimmy should be a judge! 🙂

    • Nicki lost me on the first live show…but if she hadn’t she would have lost me at Waffles. Keith was priceless when he sniffed her drink though, way to bring some levity to a train wreck situation! LOVE Keith. Everyone else should go. But, I feel that Nigel will do whatever Nigel wants after all the cheesy numbers are really for his entertainment since they are his generation. I love the Beatles and Queen was a good theme last season. I think anyone who wants to be a singer should know them, but I doubt the other older themes are going to come back into style anytime soon if ever. Are they iconic, sure. Are they relevant to the demographic they want SO badly? Absolutely not. The voice wins over idol because the talent is given the freedom to choose relevant songs. the judges are fun and feed off of each other instead of play against each other. It is really that simple. While Nigel laments on AI’s past the Voice is leaping into the future…Nigel maybe has one more season to right the ship before they get annihilated by other networks offerings.

  7. I agree with the fact that the judges do not have good chemistry. However,as an avid idol fan, I couldn’t tell you who has won the Voice from the last 2 seasons. I do hear the idol singers on the radio.Yes the guys were disappointing this season. The top 5 girls are really good, go Angie.

    • I think that’s part of the charm with the Voice. I’m not too concerned who gets eliminated. What I want is good entertainment which the singers provide, and hopefully watching a contestant develop before your eyes. The banter between the judges is also fun and good natured. The Voice has a feel good feel quality about it. One of the most popular aspect of AI to many people is the initial rounds featuring people who should be banned from singing in the shower never mind on TV, and the meltdowns when rejected. I hate that with a passion. On the Voice even the singers not good enough are pretty talented. Having said that I do remember the winners of the Voice for the most part, but my favorites never win, but again I don’t care. The Voice is still reality TV but involves a lot less unnecessary drama.

  8. Your comments are legit, but mostly I think people are tired/bored with AI. I still watch, but I really think it’s out of habit. I have to believe that many faithful viewers are tired of the format, the overused themes, the “she’s in it to win!” etc, The judging is pretty useless, so little insight to the performances (esp when they are “loving” the mediocre male singers). I think the Voice has it right, where the celebrities are mentoring the contestants, so they have a much bigger stake/interest in the performances. You can see the competition between Adam/Blake/Usher/Shakira and that adds to the entertainment and excitement. All that being said, I do think AI has some great singers in the remaining 5. I’d be very happy to see Candace, Kree or Angie win.

  9. Steven Tyler is The BEST judge they have had. VERY Intertaining. Bring Him BACK. I always record the show. And every time Miriah opens her mouth, I fast forward thru her. What a bore.

  10. I agree about the judges and I feel this year is american Idol on a budget I felt like they rushed the whole season. I also missed the format of the previous years. I hope they do some fixing next season because to be honest I am really really bored. ( but love randy and ryan dont get rid of them! )

  11. I have been a fan since Idol first began, is this show not about TALENT? Why then, does it feel fixed? I have seen very talented males go home while some with absolutely no talent, actually hurt my ears listening to them, stayed on. If that is not a fixed outcome, I do not know what is. American Idol, do not think for one minute your audience is stupid…when you begin to take advantage and disrespect an audience, you will loose them. Get rid of that no talented Nicki, I cannot stand her, hand her a bar of soap and an English lesson… is this what our youth has to look up to, OMG…scarey!

  12. this is the first year I have not watched Idol and it’s very disappointing because I always looked forward to watching the show but I can NOT TOLERATE Nikki and Miriah. I can’t stand to listen to Nikki’s voice, her comments, her name calling and her rude attitude and Miriah, well she’s just a deva and doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Randy is a wash as you stated, he just needs to change up his lines like “dude”, “in it to win it”, etc. he needs to just change it up a little while Keith is sincere, he critiques properly and he shows true understanding to the contestants. Every time there were vote offs, he is the only one who would get up out of his seat to give the contestants a hug… That’s honorable while the others just sat there like it was their JOB…. Doesn’t matter to me whether a girl or a guy wins and yes, it is time for a girl but your absolutely right, American Idol is a teen thing and the teens vote and they love cute guys so yes, that will give you better ratings but after all, IT’S A SINGING COMPETITION ISN’T IT!!!!! Lets just go for the talent……

  13. It’s a bizarre combination of Judges. They do not compliment each other. The only way I can watch this season is to DVR and fast forward over the judges comments. Particularly Nicki. I find her odd and immature. I think the 3 judge dynamic works best. It may have worked with either Miriah or Nicki, just not together. Keith is fine, but he’s drowned out by the girls.

  14. When “The Voice” has been on for 12 seasons, they will have problems, too. When fans get used to a show and find ways to beat the system in voting, credibility drops. When fans think the show is rigged from the beginning, credibility drops. When a group forms that encourages voting for the “worst” contestant, again the results are compromised. The fairness of voting seemed to be the first problem with Idol. The judging has not been the same since the original three were changed, but even then there was criticism of them. I didn’t watch Idol the first season, so I can’t compare the mentoring then and now. Did they get much or any mentoring then? In changing the show by trying to beef up the number of votes, they “broke” it. Get good judges who give fair comments and choose good talent for the final 10 or whatever. Something should have been done when Nicki and Mariah had problems during the auditions. When people who don’t get along are stuck together for 8+ hours a day, it’s not going to get better. I hate to see Idol go because it does help unknown talent and gives them the chance for a career. Idol is doing something right. Look at all the contestants who have had success after their year became just a season with a number.

    • you are 100% right. they should do one vote or incorporate itunes purchases. people are not going to buy multiple copies of a song they don’t like. it’s a way to boost revenue and get an honest opinion. they can still do a call line, but don’t allow people to vote hundreds of times. Don’t allow 50 votes on facebook. And quit talking about judge drama like its PR. This is a talent show not a judging show. If it were I know who the first three voted off would be….and the last one standing would be Keith.

  15. I was, in the past, a huge fan of Idol. But with Minaj and Carey as
    judges, they have lost me. They do not appear to have any genuine thoughts or emotions, just putting on their own publicity shows. Keith Urban offers the best insights to contestants but unfortunately the silly antics ot mariah carey and nikki minaj just overshadow the intent of the show. Now, I watch The Voice where the judges are actually coaches and mentors, not showboats.

    • I agree. I think Mariah saw what this did for J. Lo’s career and wanted a piece. Problem is Mariah just sounds like a vapid self promoting and not very smart judge. A feat considering she’s sitting next to a name dropping dawg whose biggest claim to fame is “in it to win it”. Funny it means very little when you over use it like he does though.

  16. Keith is great,he is nice, but honest and actually offers some musical constructive criticism. Nikki actually tells it like it is, just needs to talk a little more normal. I thought I was going to hate her, but in all honesty, she at least is being constructive to a point. More than I can say for Randy. Randy is horrible. I think he only has 5 phrases he uses and will repeat what one of the other judges has said. SO sick of that. Mariah is too nice. Hate the themes. LAst week was horrible. I fast forwarded through the singing the first half bcause it was a bore. Let them sing what they want every week! Why such old stuff? These kids don’t know these songs. It is not relevent to the kinds of artists they will be anyways. The girls that are left are good, but like others have said, some of the boys they chose were not good and they let a lot of good ones go early on. Not sure who they need for judges next year. I did like Steven tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Ditch Randy for sure and keep Keith. Need a current hit maker that can give good advice.

  17. The BIGGEST reason for the decline is that the show is 13 YEARS OLD! While Idol has them singing songs from their parent’s and grandparent’s era (60s, 70s, and 80s), The Voice has them singing contemporary/new songs. Idol has a washed up 90s female crooner, a former bass player for Journey in the 80s, a country singer who was hot 7 years ago, and…well…Nicki Minaj. Meanwhile, The Voice has four judges who are all relevant to TODAY’s music…Usher, Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

    But, most of all…it’s just an old show. Seinfeld was HUGE…but only made it 9 years. Friends…HUGE…10 years…Cosby Show (okay, I’m dating myself)…HUGE…8 years. POINT: About 10 years is the best you can hope for something on TV to stay on top because audiences eventually tire of it and move on to something new. So, maybe it’s NOTHING that THEY are doing on Idol…it’s just that we’ve watched the same show for 13 years and it’s time to move on.

    • the themes were old when idol was in it’s first season. Nigel is living in the past and forcing the viewing public to go along for the ride. It’s starting to feel like a bad trip with Willy Wonka into Show tunes past. Time for Nigel to pass the torch or hire some younger interns and LISTEN TO THEM! at the very least.

  18. Totally correct. The judges make the show. This year is horrible. Nicki sucks, Mariah is worthless, and so sick of Randy! Last year was the best with JLo and Steven Tyler. If you could bring them back, I would watch the show. There is no relationship between the judges, they don’t talk to each other and joke around like they did last year. That was the best part of the show. All you see is them staring at the stage, the Mariah and Nicki playing with their hair and Randy saying “Yo, Dawg!”. OMG, I’m so sick of them and they are soooo boring!! Please bring Steven back with JLo. They rocked the show. As for the girl contestants, they are all good. They could have fast-forwarded 4 weeks and just gotten rid of the boys a month ago. None of the boys were good. But I’m done with AI after this year and I’m only watching now occassionaly to see who wins. Unless Steven and JLo come back….

  19. I bet ya get rid of Mariah and leave Keith , Niki, and Randy and you would have a good show by next year. I like Niki, she is tough on em,………..and they need that. It isnt all roses in the real music world I’m sure.

    • Agreed although I little less drama and a bit less about “me” from Niki would be appreciated. Mariah the pariah can leave. Niki sometimes needs a translate, but Mariah talks gibberish then says “you know what I mean” like she is sending her messages telepathically to the contestant and audience. Sorry I haven’t got a clue what you just said the past 2 minutes, although I can guess you could have expressed it much clearer in 5 seconds.

  20. I think Nikki needs to go – everyone else is OK. But I have to admit – I have become a Voice fan over Idol – I still watch Idol, but don’t know if I will next year unless real changes are made. American Idol has become nothing more then a popularity contest for teeny boppers. Good talent gets voted out for the handsome hunk. I’m personally glad this is a girl’s year and each one of those girls are truly talented. I’m personally rooting for Angie but would be happy to see any one of them win.

  21. Nicki needs to go!!! She is annoying and plays with her fake hair too much!! Mariah talks too much about nothing…Randy is getting boring…Keith is pretty cool…….definitely get rid of the females!! My opinion only!!

  22. Nikki needs to go! Marriah, nice but really boring. Love Keith! I use to love AI…. but not anymore. AI needs 3 good judges. That’s it.4 is too many. How about Keith, Kelly Clarkson, and Steven Tyler next year???

  23. I like Randy, at least he is honest and fair. Mariah is pointless and that ‘darling’ needs to go, besides she shows off way too much cleavage and her dresses are too revealing for a family show. Keith is cool and I believe to be fair in his judging. Niki is atrocious. She looks like a freak and she talks like a dumb blonde that she really isn’t and some of the comments she makes to the contestants I find to be outrageously inappropriate and almost can be constructed as sexual harassment. The first time I heard her on the show was the last time I watched it. I turned in long enough to see who make the final twelve and I’ll tune in the last show to see who wins. I refused to watch this in between. Get rid of Niki and Mariah. Find some real judges who have talent and can recognize it too.

    • the accents need to go from both the “ladies” (I use this term loosely as telling us your dresses are too tight to stand for a good performance and Nicki’s lack of tact and overall crassness is rather un-ladylike).

  24. i agree, it’s the judges, nikki is awful, even maria cary is boring with her comments, and takes to long to gather her thoughts. too bad cause there is a lot great talent this yr.

  25. I am one of the older views that Nikki ran off. I watched one show and that was the end for me. I love the VOICE. I switched. American Idol needs to focus on the talent more and then cat fights less. You do not feel the hostility on the Voice.


  27. Nikki is the biggest problem. She has no talent herself so how can she critique the Idols. The cat fights between Nikki & Mariah. I was very disappointed in Mariah playing along with the cat fights. I thought she had more class.

  28. The judges and format are stale. Watch the judges banter on The Voice and you’ll see what good chemistry means. This year it’s mostly “love, love, love” with no critique. How’s that supposed to help the contestant and give us insight into the world of singing?

  29. the female judges do not critique with honesty, plus they all dumb it down for the audience, use music terms and explain them. teach us something while giving honest feedback that feels genuine (just like they ask the singers) but GET RID OF NIKKI! she is much to self absorbed to be entertaining. Randi hasn’t said anything original in 6 seasons so tired of “IN IT TO WIN IT” I want some GREAT singing no matter who it is.

  30. I think it’s becoming a stale show. Keith is ok, Nicki has GOT TO GO! I have Idol from the 1st season, but like the rest of you, The Voice is my choice now. Simon, Randy and Paula were the best! And I do think most of it is rigged anyway! Don’t want to watch if you all know is going to win. What’s the point? It’s old.

  31. I agree with Branden 100% on every point he made about the problem with the show.Nigel you need to listen and make the changes. Just like you tell the contestants on SYTYCD.

  32. Personally for me its Nikki. Ive watched every season until this one. When I found out she was a judge I boycotted as did many of my friends. Get her off there, she’s ridiculous

  33. Mariah Carey is terrible. She cares more about flipping her hair than anything else. I just can’t stand her. She talks for 3 minutes and have no idea what she just said. I didn’t think I would like Nikki but I don’t mind her, at least she tells it like it is. I think Keith is really good. Get rid of Randy and Mariah.

  34. My friend refused to watch because of Niki. The two girl judges don’t like eachother. Too much eye rolling going on. I think the ratings are down because of the judges. The talent in the top 5 deserve to be there. Johnny should have never been elimanated from both seasons. Clean cut boy with a great voice. Makes you wonder what is going on. Keith Urban really has a passion and should stay.

  35. I think there was an effort to make a woman be the winner. That sure backfired!

    Focus on the talents! I don’t watch the talent shows for the judges. No, there may not be some camaraderie among the judges but the reason I’m not excited is because the contestants are NOT exciting. Last year’s batch of contestants were pretty forgettable, too. It was only Philip Philips, Jessica Sanchez, and Hee Jun [Yes, you remember him!] who stood out. This year? Meh! In contrast, the contestants in The Voice are good but everyone focuses more on the judges than on the talents. Who remembers their contestants? Who remembers who won?

    Let the contestants choose their own songs. Over the years, we hear the same songs being sung too many times.

    No, it’s not about the judges. Mariah may be boring. Randy is past his prime. Nikki may be grating but amusing. Keith is a welcome presence.

    But it’s not about the judges.

  36. I think one female on the panel of judges is enough. Mariah is good but is being over shadowed with the misery of Nikki. She is all about the fashion and her comments make no sense at all. Keep Mariah, Keith and Randy and another Male.

  37. Nikki and Keith are great judges. Nikki is honest and 90% of the time is on point with her comments and critiques. Sadly, none of the present Judges have the credibility of a Simone Cowl. I used to wait to hear what Simone had to say. His was the only opinion that mattered. Put Jimmy Iovine on the panel. I think he could possibly fill the void left by Simone. Additionally, the show iseems too long and drawn out. I agree let the contestants sing whatever they want; ROck theme, Country theme etc etc are so ridiculous. I’m over it.

  38. The reality show concept can succeed. It doesn’t always we know that but networks will keep trying them producing lots of crap and some shows that are worthy . In the case of Idol its ratings are down but keep in mind it has dominated its previous 12 seasons. Voting is still at lunacy numbers.According to Nikki the reason is everyone else but her. Had she turned up on time on the odd occasion rather than keep everyone waiting with consistency her opinion might have some value. To me she has not helped and was a bad choice as judge. For the first year ever the show lost credibility because of lazaro staying in. The 5 girls are to differing degrees brilliant singers. Candice standing out amongst 5 stars.a system that allows a guy to continue to stay in when he forgets words and sings at a level way below the other singers and equal to your local pub singer is flawed. in the end it became a joke and whilst in a way the boy needed to be embarrassed , it wasn’t a good look and not fair on him. The people who voted for him continually should also take responsibility. We can express a view about Mariah ( good heart and a brilliant voice who is long term superstar but waffles on too much), Randy ( a star in many aspects of music and with credibility and allowed to have his own clichés), Keith ( an ozzie country music star married to another star who has been insightful, honest and considered in his advice) and Nikki ( a short term hit who has hurt her brand with her brief stint on idol) but it doesn’t sit well with people that guy who finished 6th should have been a lot further down the list……..mj

    • Hey .. New Zealand has lost Crowded House, Split ENz, Russell Crowe , and the pavlova to Australia .. do not expect us to give up Keith without a comment .. But best most insightful judge to me is Nikki ..

  39. Bring Steven back at any cost. Keep Keith and Randy. Mix it up a little with one new person. Hope Idol returns. Kudos to Ryan for picking up the pieces.

  40. Mariah is to high and mighty. Thinks her s*$t dont stink. Nikki at least has some real things to say. I hated her at first , but when she likes a performance you know it. And when she doesn’t you know it. Keith is ok, and Randy is an original judge and like him.

  41. Keep Randy ,and Keith. Ditch Mariah ,and Nikki.Mariah says nothing ,and Nikki is more into herself with her own bizarre behavior. I think it is good that the teen girls have no one to root for this year.This time the talent can be voted on for their talent , not their looks ,and end obsessive voting.

  42. Just use three judges: Randy, Keith, and how about Stevie Nicks? She was the very best mentor they’ve ever had on the show.

    • I agree Ann. Stevie Nicks was a great mentor. Keith gives great critique. He doesn’t care who likes it or not. he gives constructive criticism which improves all the contestants.

      • agreed. And Keith isn’t phased by the other judges stupidity either he just calls it like he sees it and if he has a critique he still follows up with some encouraging words. He’s helpful without trying to break them down.

  43. You hit it right, I knew from the beginning, that it was not going to work, Miriah is ok, Tyler is ok, still like Randy, but Ms. Thing she need to go, never should have been in that seat, that is one reason I have not looked at it this season, she need to go back with her hip hop (not that anything wrong with hip hop, I love a lot of it), she is not refined at all, she is a hoodrat, that got lucky, she need to go and bring back Jolo, please

  44. Dump Nicki, she’s as long winded and uninteresting as six weeks of march! Seriously, nicki goes or I go!
    And really, I agree, The beetles Have been done every season, Let them sing any thing they want within a given genre or two per week!
    Give the voting percentages each contestant receives… Top middle and bottom

  45. I loved Jennifer. I stopped watching this year due to Nickki M. Who is very annoying and only judges how people “look”.. she should be on fashion show. I also do not like Mariah. She is such a diva and her manerisums drive me nuts. She’s always moving her hair and her hand movements are like a cartoon character. I however do like Randy and Keith. But still will not watch any longer.

  46. I have been an Idol fan from the first season. I enjoyed every season until this change of judges. I like Randy and Keith has been great. Nicki is just rude at times. I watched because of the great talent. I hope they make positive change for next season.

  47. I agree – KEith Urban at least makes comments about the singer’s performances and gives good feedback. Randy can’t replace Simon. Idol needs a jump start. I like the VOICE better. Especially this year with Usher and Shakira. Great chemistry no bad vibes.

  48. Curtis the best singer of males was canned first and not kept so he wouldn’t win. He sings gospel and would of got a lot of votes. Fixed so a girl will win. some of the other guys in the top were aweful. they kept two country guys off the top 10 so they wouldn’t win either. fixed fixed fixed.
    the voice is stupid .

  49. I won’t comment or maybe I should say lament, on the wish for the previous hosts to still be here. What I will say about what I see is one host in particular who has utter disdain for another host. I would like to point out that Mariah has paid her dues and Nicki owes her the respect of a fellow host, performer and woman. She is demeaning herself. These actions don’t make me want to tune in and see the drama, it makes me want to avoid the show altogether and I’ve been a loyal follower from the beginning. I’m watching The Voice instead, nuff’ said!!

  50. Nikki has got to go. I watched it from the start. Even Mariah has started to figure her groove out and is credible.Nikki has a different accent each week and has zero credibility. Randy and Ryan will always be a necessary and Keith is very good and likeable. Nikki is an insult to everything the show represents. Who made that colossal error? I mute it when she talks. Get rid of Nikki and millions of A.I. viewers will return. Let them choose their own songs without theme weeks it makes it like a 70’s variety show. (that’s not good)

  51. I agree…there is no camaraderie and it’s uncomfortable to watch the disdain between the women. Keith is awesome…one reason I watch and I wasn’t a fan before AI…Randy is the moderator…I respect Mariah so much and want to hear what she has to say but sometimes she is too nice and says nothing meaningful…Nicki actually makes me laugh at times but I think a lot of older people don’t “get” her…my parents used to watch until this season. There is no fun banter between the judges…no love lost…so that is really missing this season. Steven was so funny. I miss him.

  52. I really enjoyed Jennifer, Randy & Steven…the chemistry was awesome. Couldn’t help but love them. I cannot stand Nasally Nikki…she is too fake & too outspoken in such a rude way…very abrasive. I like Mariah, but she doesn’t have the “it” quality to judge. Keith is personable. I still like Randy…I feel that he & Ryan are the anchors of the show. Randy knows his music & is a smart guy. I think the show is stale. I don’t enjoy the theme nites. I don’t watch at all until the final 10 are on. Can’t stand the stupidity of the over-the-top moment of fame grabbers that get to go through auditions…senseless & a waste of time. I watch the voice & enjoy the fact that they already have pretty talented people right from the 1st nite. I think AI should start w/only showing talented people right from the start & fine-tune the rest. Listen to what everyone has to say & take their suggestions. I’d hate to see the show be pulled off the air. Good talent shows are hard to come by.

  53. I haven’t watched this season for the first time…definitely because of the judges. Sooo tired of Randy at this point, nothing new coming out of his mouth; Mariah adds nothing, you could have a cardboard cutout and it would be more helpful; Keith is a good judge of talent and has really good comments; Nicki is THE reason I don’t watch, listening to her is like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. Find some really good sincere judges who have some chemistry together, The Voice did and look how great that show is.

  54. Nikki and Mariah are awful judges. Nikki not only favors her own race more she talks so much crap even the other judges stare at her. Mariah is always to proper and worried about where the camera is so they don’t get a bad shot of her. Love Randy and Keith, liked all past judges before. This is the first year I don’t care if I miss Idol, sometimes go to bed. Lastly YES let them choose their own songs!!!!! Hate theme weeks! They need to stay young and current. Ok my 2 cents! I too am a fan of THE VOICE!!

  55. It is boring this year–very boring. I switched to The Voice and am enjoying that much more. I am tired of Randy trying to be hip and cool. Nikki is a disaster–not only freaky but distasteful to watch and listen too. Mariah does try and I find her earnest, but she has a very thin personality and certainly isn’t glib. As moronic as Paula was most of the time, she was more fun to watch. I think the problem is bigger than the judges–the show has run its course.

  56. I think the American voting system on THIS show doesn’t work. AI is a talent show. Yes, the contestants gain popularity while going through the process, but the contest is about the talent. I really think AI should focus on another idea of voting that makes the show look credible because right now your way is being questioned. Lastly, about the judges, if they love and respect their craft, they will do the right thing and pick the best talent.

  57. I also really liked the season with JLo & Steven Tyler those seasons even got my husband hooked. We have watched 1 show this season and that was all we could take of the present judges…..

  58. I have only watched for the last 4 seasons and am very disappointed this year. Nicki and Mariah were the two worst choices ever for the judges. Simon was genuine, he told the truth and didn’t sugar coat everything. And what is with the comments on what the contestants are wearing this year? I thought this was a singing competition not a beauty contest. It definitely has that “rigged” feeling this year, Lazaro had all our hearts but, never should have gone as far as he did. Hoping they make better decisions for next year or I’m sure Idol won’t last.

  59. The constant bickering in the beginning of the season between Nicki and Mariah put me off….that and Nicki’s clown make-up…I stopped watching during the 3rd episode

  60. I say every week, have NEW judges!! Some to be past Idol contestants, actors (old & young), producers, regular people too!

  61. Keith is great, but Tyler was FANTSTIC. Nicki drives me crazy! It’s just run its course. It’s boring. The VOICE is so much fun and the chemsitry between those judges is exciting to watch. They are like best friends at a party! I love it

  62. I was a huge fan of American Idol. Now I find myself not tuning in at all. The judges on this year’s panel do absolutely nothing for the show, the contestants or the viewers. The song choices in general have been boring and overall it’s jut not that compelling anymore.

    • Agree – I’m 56 yrs old and the themes have been boring!!!! These poor youngsters have to sing songs that even I cringed at when my parents listened to them

  63. I have watched this show from day one and love it. But, I am sorry to say this was just a bad choice of new judges. Keith is the only one that I feel actually gives them advice that will help them. The others….well, I have no idea what they are saying half the time. Nikki’s comments are of no worth & Mariah, however so kind, really has nothing to say. You can tell that Nikki doesn’t care for Mariah and I hate to see Nikki’s face when Mariah is speaking. It is so obvious she doesn’t seem to like her at all. I think that just brings the show down. So sad.

  64. Randy is the only glue to hold it somewhat together this year! The only original judge and much experienced that when he gores, so does AI!

  65. FIrst and for most, the judges were not good. I cannot look at Nicki Minaj. She is disgusting. The feuding between her and Mariah was way out of line, not to mention stupid. Get more likable people. Jen and Steven were fantastic, that’s what kept me tuned in. I didn’t watch a full show this season because of them. And I have watched from the beginning. Let the public vote in after you have selected a few from the music business. Maybe I will watch next time.

    • the feud should have been clue number one the producers are rigging it all. That was so over blown…it had to have been leaked for media attention. Nigel we are not idiots. But your judges are. Best panel from the last several years would be Keith, Jennifer and Steven. Randy is getting tired. Nicki and Mariah should NEVER have been chosen in the first place.

  66. High priced ladies didn’t work this year. Also their dislike for one another was a distraction from the contestants.. Keith is average but with experience may pass.

  67. Mariah knows the music business, she just has too soft a heart for critiquing the performances. In other words if you sound like a cruise ship singer or Kareoke singer then say it.

  68. I am a member of the “older generation” and to my surprise I love Nicki! She is not rude as some say. She states the truth on what the contestant needs to improve on just like Simon! I actually find her interesting compared to Mariah who never can find the words to express what she wants to say. As far as I am concerned Idol should keep Nicki and Keith! The rest can go….

  69. Sorry, haven’t been able to watch, I don’t like Nicki, she drives me insane, Mariah is too much a Diva to do the show justice, Keith is okay, but I really miss Steven, Jennifer and Randy combo. They just made it fun, and I also think they were better at picking talent. I am watching the Voice.

  70. It seems way too scripted this year. I think they may have passed up some good talent this year because they are too focused on people’s heart tugging stories. And the judges are awful. All of them.

    • Agree about the heart tugging stories. They should not be part of the audition. Getting to know the contestants should happen later in the show and not get too personal. Some people vote for the wrong reasons.

  71. I have to admit that I’m not a die-hard fan of American Idol this year like I have been in the past. Before, I would always make sure that I was home in time to watch ir or would turn on my recorder. Now, it’s kind of hit-and-miss for me. I can say, however, that I haven’t seen one instance of communication between Nikki and Mariah this year. I don’t like either of them, anyhow, but I miss the rapport between the judges. Randy has become a puppet and Keith Urban, although he’s very cute, doesn’t really offer a lot of feedback. Nikki is “in love” with everyone, and Mariah just says, “Me, too.”

    I think AI is an awesome avenue for young talent to be “discovered” and mentored. But they need to get some “mentor-type” judges to make it more interesting. At least Simon was honest with the contestants, rather than telling them how wonderful they were. To me, constructive criticism is missing this year.

  72. Nikki is to much into herself and her hair and Mariah is kind but acts like a fake. I only listen to Keith and Randy, thank god for my dvr. I miss Steven. If these judges don’t change for next year, I won’t be watching.

  73. The two female judges are just annoying to watch. I also agree with the fact that the judges have no chemistry and that Keith Urban (although I am not a country fan) is a great judge. I think if American Idol does come back next season they might look at replacing the women judges with maybe two alumni American Idols who have made it in the industry. They don’t neccessarily have to have won (Daughtery would be great or Lambert or Durbin) just have gone on to great success. I would hate to not have Idol on, but I do have to admit I LOVE the Voice. Their coaches have awesome chemistry and the show is fun to watch. They have such a good time you help but feel good watching it.

    • I agree with you. I don’t think you should have to like the genre to like the judge. They just have to have an opinion and their critiques should be in a language we understand (not in Nicki [waffles] or Mariah’s [vapid barbie] speak) and they should be constructive. Keith is great no matter what genre you prefer as you said. Whether you like country or not, I think everyone can agree he is a talented musician/singer/songwriter. I don’t know that any of the former idols would want to be associated with the show as it is now beyond a guest spot. It is becoming (and has been for a while) a little tired. Plus they are working to build a career and I think the industry makes it so that they need to distance themselves from the Idol stigma. Since Radio seems to steer clear of many idols (though a few have hit mainstream, more have struggled to get past the idol bubble)

  74. I like Randy and for the 2 women…well, they can go. A lot of male talent were sent packing and some good talented males never had a chance once the tryouts were done and a lot of them were good. Already know its down to Candice and Kree anyways.

  75. Bottom line – the public has wised up to all the manipulation that goes on. South African Idols was a disgrace in 2012 and American Idols has followed suit this year. Stop letting the producers make all the calls – choose the MOST talented for the finals, not those you think will make a story, let the judges be judges and make their own calls (don’t script them), let the voting really count and let the results be totally transparent. Don’t play around with Top3, Bottom3 etc in order to manipulate votes certain way. The public want talent and they want to vote for who they think is best – let that happen – you may be surprised at the results.

  76. There is NO ONE different on there this year. It is the run of the mill, turn on the radio and hear EXACTLY what they are doing type of singers. No Phillip Phillips… Casey Abrams, just a bunch of great singers who all have nothing new to bring to the table. Nicki / Mariah are just NOT good at this at all. Keith has won me over and Randy is just Randy. I stopped watching 3 or 4 weeks ago and as long as Nicki and Mariah are on there I will not tune in again.

  77. They got rid of the better males who were in the top ten and kept the guys that weren’t that good. Downright horrible. Of course they wanted a female to win and by doing that, they guaranteed it. Regarding the judges, yes keep Keith and Randy but need to find two better females. Last year was so much fun to watch…this year…not!!!

    • I don’t think any of the guys that made the top ten could have beaten the ladies this year. But I also think that was by design. There were one or two that had talent, but they lacked personality this year and that doesn’t help as this is a talent show first but let’s be real the popularity contest aspect is still going to factor in.

  78. I haven’t watched this year because I don’t like either of the female judges. They’re too self absorbed to feel any kind of connection with. It seems too that the past few years all the contestants sound more or less the same so it’s become boring and predictable. The Voice is a much better show!

  79. I agree that there is no Chemistry with the judges, Keith is a keeper as is Randy but the girls have to go!

  80. I really enjoyed the last 2 seasons when Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were judges!! Thought those were the best seasons. I love the talent this year but not the judges except for Keith Urban. I’m with everyone else…. The Voice is the best this year.

  81. I like the judges. This is the worst year for talent I have ever seen though. Simon leaving was a big mistake too

  82. NICKI NEEDS TO GO! I had hoped she would be entertaining, but she is just an idiot who won’t shut up! I mute the TV when she talks. Mariah rarely makes eye contact with the contestants and is boring. Keith repeats himself a lot, but offers good advice and comes across as very sincere (and, let’s fact it, he’s really easy on the female eye). Sure Randy seems stale, but he’s been there from the beginning, and I would hate to see him go. I wish they would bring JLo back, and I can’t believe I’m saying that. I thought she would be a huge diva, but she was great. And, of course, Steven Tyler kept everyone watching to see what he would wear and what the heck he would have bleeped next! Last season definitely had the best judges.

  83. I use to love Idol. It was fun and amusing . As it became a popularity contest instead of a singing contest over the last few years I started to watch it less. Last year until the final 10 and this year I have made myself watch it two times. People talk about it being rigged t has been for a very long time people are now only catching on. like in season six a hometown news cat was done with a contestant that had been taken (voted) off the show. She was having a great time with her kids and when asked if she knew who won she said she couldn’t say. I have no clue why not. You didn’t get voted of the show till the following week. She knows who I am talking about. With that said we really have no say if and our votes just pay for the people who work it. Well get someone in there that can. I don’t care if people line there pockets as long as I am well entertained and something positive comes out of it for the contestants. In many seasons good things have happened but Idol since about season 6 started going down hill. As for how much the vote really counted. season 6 again was the beginning of the end for Idol. As for judges not clicking. Keith I am glad you are tolerant of the other three.Randy time to retire or stop trying to be Simon cause that just isn’t going to happen there is only one mean cantankerous Britt and you aren’t him cause he can get away with it. You my dear go back to being you. Frustrated understanding and full of good suggestions and keep praying they hear you. That is the Randy I know. Ladies. Grow-up. You cant go through life as wannabe diva’s so trying being yourself. If you have to upstage everyone which you both seem to need to do. Find another show as the people that are important aren’t you its the contestants. I remember back to when both of you started your careers. Young talent with dreams and a lot of strength and love and heart. Did the music business remove that from both of you. Did the world hurt and eat you alive so quick that all that is left is two little divas in pain trying dig out and only making two egotistical uncaring bitter people. And it happened within a few months of each other. Take yourself somewhere else. Ryan. You are a smart man hopefully smart enough to know when to get out. Take the hint and stay with your other business endeavors. Now I am sure you want to know about me. and everyone will have there own opinion on this one. Since I can not hear music but can feel it being hearing impaired I have a different way of looking at sound.CC is a wonderful thing and not all shows have it but there are converters so there is no reason to not get involved with the show or any show. With that said I feel the beat and vibrations and when there is no beat the mouth should not be putting out words. Yes there is a lag but there are things you can see to show if they are on or off. You don’t have to hear like everyone else to enjoy the words and the beat. I read lips and hear some still. ok I had my say. If you wish to continue this directly with me here is my privet e-mail I have set up for just such times as when I voice unpopular opinions.

    Thanks for hearing me out


  84. We used to love Randy. He was the most knowledgable and gave the most constructive comments. This year I don’t think he, or any of them have good chemistry with Nicky. She thinks she is all that. She has a couple of hits and thinks she knows more than any of them put together, including Jimmy! Notice how she always sits turned towards Keith with her back to all the other judges. Keith just laughs at her. Mariah just talks too much without really saying anything. Keep Randy and Keith and bring back Steven and Jennifer!

  85. I have watched most of this season in fast forward mode, skimming it. The girls were clearly better than the boys that made the top 10. I did not watch closely enough to say that was a set up and I cannot point out other boys that were better, but there probably were. Judges, too many, and Nikki a waste of time for sure. Also, we have seen all the crazies that can’t really sing that we need to by now. I would rather idol give some singers who are good, maybe not great yet, a chance to be audition with the judges and move on to Hollywood. And really, every contestant does not need to have a sad story. They can just be talented singers who have not had to face major tragedy to get on Idol. These would be real people that the audience can relate to just as well as those who have had whatever tragic story they bring.

  86. I like Niki as a judge, because she tells the truth all the time and that is what makes the show worth watching this year. You don’t know what is going to come out of her mouth. I believe Lazoro was a big joke and Mariah has nothing to offer. Niki is the new Simon build aroud her. Diddi and Dolli would be good judges

  87. I’ve always been a big Idol fan, and I will continue to watch because the talent is amazing, but this year I’m enjoying The Voice so much more. I’m 55 years old and enjoy seeing all the talent being discovered. Idol’s format is stale. Something needs to be spiced up.

  88. I watch every episode. In my opinion, Season 5 was the best, but I was glad to see Paula Abdul replaced. She was boring, critiquing fashion more than talent. And now we have Mariah and horrible Nicki doing it again, fashion before talent. And both play with their hair too much. Nicki is the worst!! Bring back Tyler and Lopez….PLEASE!!!

  89. The judge chemistry is awful…I get tired of NIcki… miss thang.. rolling her eyes at Mariah… and Mariah is so high on herself that she goes on and on, trying to sound super intelligent, and ends up sounding nauseating… if I hear “Darling” one more time… jeez… keep it simple Mariah… I record the show and always fast forward through whatever Mariah has to say… becuase of how she presents it and I get to skip having to watch Nicki’s attitude/body language… Randy is repetitive and boring… and Keith is doing a great job!

    • Nicki looks pissed anytime someone disagrees with her like a petulant child and if Mariah is “trying” to sound super intelligent I’d hate to see how dumb she sounds when she’s not trying. She sounds like a blithering idiot and if she sits through one more standing ovation because her dress is too tight or throws glitter (btw, the 1st person to carry glitter that wasn’t in kindergarten) one more time….so ridiculous!

  90. I think the voice is boring and they have not produced any commercial successes. The judges on the voice don’t offer any real opinions and the judges seem to act fake and over dramatize especially with the steal.

    I do not miss jlo cause every other word is ummm. Nikki is good judge because she doesn’t care what people think and her opinions are genuine. Viewers are leaving because of the boring themed shows and the over produced song productions. Viewers want live singing and do not want to hear background singers, and do not need special effects so there contestants can have “funfun.”

  91. I have been a Idol fan from the very beginning and yes I’m an older fan but I do to try keep current with music.I’ll agree that the best judge grouping was Simon, Randy, Jennifer and Steven. This season Randy and Keith can stay but, Mariah who can’t decide what to say, and when she does it never has much meaning.” You know I love you, right? ” Come on! Then there’s ” Potty Mouth ” Nikki, she really has now business being there at all. Her poor attitude, and disrespect. It’ no wonder that kids today have no respect, when these are the people they watch and mimic.And what is it about these women’s hair? Leave it alone! Get some real women judges to join The men! Leave the air heads at home.

  92. I agree about the judges, I don’t think there is good chemistry between them. Besides their constant bickering at the beginning of the season, you can almost always tell what Randy will be saying. Nikki just drives me crazy with the way she talks, the nick names she calls the contestants and the way she rolls her eyes when someone tells Mariah how much they like her. Mariah doesn’t want to tell anyone anything bad. Poor Keith tries to keep the peace between Nikki and everyone. I would like to see Randy and Keith stick around–but they should get guest judges like some of the past American Idols. The winners as well as any of the top 10 from previous seasons. I think the public would like to see the past contestants become judges and even mentors for the present contestants. Maybe even some of them could be permanent judges.

  93. Im a big fan of the show but have always hated the way the voting works. It becomes a popularity contest rather than a talent contest. The judges should have more power in the votes. They are the experts.

    That being said, this years judges have a little bit to be desired. I think Keith Urban has been outstanding. He takes his job seriously and his comments make sense. Not much you can do about Randy. He is a big part of the show and we have all gotten used to him. Im very disappointed in Mariah. I thought with her experience she would have a lot to contribute. She contributes but never really says anything meaningful. And as for Nikki…what a waste of time. She is fake, nasty and has the maturity of a 3 year old. She needs to be voted out….

    This year seems to be less about the contestants and more about the judges. In past years, I felt like I knew the contestants. This year I don’t even know their names..

    Better luck next season.

  94. The voice is soooo much better!!!! Can’t stand the judges..Candice is amazing but this years talent isn’t as good as years past…just my opinion 🙂

  95. Mariah although I love her, can’t think on her feet, she has a hard time trying to say what she wants to say. Niki can go, all her nick naming is terrible. Love Keith and Randy has been in it to win it.

  96. Don’t like Nikki or Mariah, I think they are trying to take away the attention of the contestants with Nikki and her outrageous makeup and weird wig colors every show and Mariah always flicking back her hair and sticking out her boobs in those tight dresses. Who really wants to look at that anyway. Bring back Steven Tyler and Simon. At least Simon was honest with the contestants and her knows his talent. “Carrie Underwood ” need I say more. He could tell from almost the first time he heard her that she would be one of the best Idol winners ever. The Voice is #1 with me this year at least on the Voice the judges are down to earth and genuine when it comes to the contestants and not trying to grab all the attention for themselves.

  97. I loved the chemistry of Simon/Paula/Randy, and I loved the chemistry of Steven/JLo/Randy, but this season, there is NO chemistry at all. I tried 3 times to watch it, but had to turn the channel due to the OBNOXIOUSNESS of Nikki! Ugh!! This show is a train wreck with her as a judge!! I don’t mind Mariah, and Keith and Randy are good, but Nikki ruined it!

  98. Nikki needs to leave her wigs at home and quit playing with her hair! Randy is still a giant in the industry, so his input is still valid. I like Keith and his ability to get along wiht not only the other judges, but he seems to connect with the contestants and the audience. Mariah…well , maybe without Nikki she might be a good judge, but she basically just agrees with what Randy says. I’d like to see it go back to a three judge panel.

  99. I said as soon as I found out Mariah and Nicki were going to be on that I wouldn’t watch and I haven’t. Keep Randy and Keith; bring Paula back and get another normal girl like Reba or Dolly or someone like that.

  100. Get rid of that loud-mouthed, egotistical, no-talent witch and you might get ratings. I stopped watching. Keith is a gentleman, Randy is cool, and Mariah is acting like a lady. Clueless is so full of herself that she has a mirror with her at the judging table. I’m surprised it didn’t crack when it saw that clown face.

  101. I feel that Keith Urban is a very good judge. Nikki is the worse judge ever! Randy needs to stop calling young women dudes, and Mariah isn’t too bad. She does know music and what sells albums. Ryan Seaquest is remarkable holding everyone together. That man has compassion!

  102. Been a huge fan since season one, however this may been last season for me. I am so turned off by having nicki as a judge that I am just simply unable to see thru her unending bullshit that I can focus on the singers. She is simply a waste of good oxygen. Then who let wear they red top tonight. It says to every kid watching…hey stare at my boobs. Come on this was a family show. Send nicki home

  103. I don’t think the problem is the judges. I think the contestants are just kind of boring. There are some good singers but no one really just wows you every week. The songs choices have been awful for the most part. Nothing really original and no passion. Candice has shown more emotion than most, but even though I like her, she isn’t my favorite every week. All the contestants are too inconsistent. I want to see some fire, some originality. Get away from all this old stuff. Change some things up. If anything is wrong with the judges. Sometimes they talk too much. I can live with the judges as long as they would limit the talk a little. But in the end, I just think the main problem is the contestants just aren’t that exciting or different.

  104. There has always been to much attention put on the judges, this is suppose to be about finding the next American Idol. The judges have already made it so quit letting them be so much in the spot light. Best judge panel was when Jennifer and Steven were a part of the show. Randy is getting a little tried out I think. Keith is great this year, so sincere and real without being overly rude. Mariah takes her time to decide on what she is going to say which doesn’t always come off to well. Nikki should have been asked to leave after the first show just for the sexual comments that she continually has to spout out of her mouth. Is this not a family show? Have to say I love The Voice, all the judges there get along great no matter who is on the panel.

  105. Have not watched it this season. After Simon left, they got Steven and Jlo who were wonderful. Do not like Nickie I do not like at all.

  106. You are right on all counts.
    The choice of themes and songs is so outdated. Singers who know who they are should not be forced to sing outside of the genre they aspire to. They should also be encouraged to sing their own material. Pick a comedian for the judges panel. Ellen was awesome. The show is boring and contrived. Check out Australia and Britain. They got it right when it comes to talent competitions.

  107. I have been a fan of Idol since the beginning. This year the talent is great but I just can’t get in to it. One of the main reasons is Nicki. I do agree that there isn’t any good chemistry with the judges. I miss Paula and Steven Tyler.

  108. I think the most talented are in the final 5 this year those boys were just not as good, and in years past girls who were better were voted off by teeny boppers with crushes having nothing to do with talent. I love Nikki even though I do not listen to her music she is honest like simon but nicer to the contestants making sure they know she loves them as people and she is funny. Mariah never adds anything helpful. Just get rid of Mariah, they never needed 4 judges and go back to performances with voting from the top 24 down so we have more time to get to know the contestants.

  109. I like Randy. I miss Paula. If she was back I would watch more, but all the boys are gone and that loses alot of interest for me, too. Maybe next year can be better …

  110. New judges bring fresh perspectives. The Voice US was doing fine with Cee-Lo, maybe ok with Cristina Aguilera. But they certainly did better with Shakira and Usher. The Voice Australia, a very good show last year (I finally discovered that you can watch virtually the entire last season – and it is worth the time) replaced the serviceable Keith Urban with Ricky Martin this year, who is proving to be a good addition.

    If one is going to change judges, don’t go backwards to past judges. That makes as much sense as bringing back past candidates, for the most part.

  111. Nicky is causing us to mute the TV every time she talks but we won’t stop watching. Mariah was so professional in the beginning and now it seems like she wants to show up Nicky with her revealing outfits. Nicky is the main reason people are tuning out.

  112. I quit watching after the 2nd show of the season. I think Nicki is way too full of herself and the sniping between her and Mariah is just plain annoying! We want to enjoy the talent, not the bickerings of the “judges”. Who really cares what they think anyways? The final judging is done by the audience. (and personally, Simon was the only judge that really was painfully honest…maybe rude at times, but always spot on!)

  113. I think this is the worst season ever. I love Keith and Randy , but the holier than thou Mariah drives me crazy…as does the rude comments from Nicki, Steven Tyler and Jennifer were great judges and I even miss Simon ……..AI has to do something because I was a die hard fan of the show in the past but now The Voice has my vote as best show.

  114. 4 judges is too many… yak, yak, yak! The early rounds where the producers show all the wacko wannabees is just humiliating…. I can’t watch it. I like it when we get down to the *real* talent and I wish there was a way to avoid the skew towards the young female demographic, but I’m afraid that’s inevitable.

  115. I had trouble with the show when Lazaro made top 10. He is a nice guy, but he’s not a singer. Remember the top ten are supposed to be the the top ten in the country.

  116. I really think the problem with 2013 AI is definitely the judges. It doesn’t make for good TV when two of the judges won’t even look at each other. I always thought this show was a family watching show so who is allowing Minaz to wear the clothes she’s wearing on the show. My goodness … I thought she was going to pop out last week. She has no interest in seeing the contestants advance and eventually win. It’s all about Niki; and if there is a judge that doesn’t agree with her comments, she’ll roll her eyes as if her comment is the only one that counts. And why can’t she call them by their given names instead of stupid nicknames like Marshmallow, Kreedom, etc. Mariah is okay but there are better celebrities that could replace her. Keith is the only sane one who offers great advice to the contestants. Even if he thinks they had a bad night, he gets his point across to them without hurting them. He is a keeper. I also think it’s time for Randy to part ways too. Tired of hearing the same old comments over and over again — hey dog; she’s in it to win it, etc. etc.

  117. You missed out when you didn’t pick Adam Lambert as a judge. Oh well, you wi some and you lose some.

  118. ~ Interesting. I am about to be about the 2nd person vs an overwhelming majority who actually loves Nicki as a Judge (and my 78yr old mother does 2). So just a couple of quick questions >>> can the ‘demographic’ that Nicki has apparently alienated from AI – be offset by appealing to and increasing the viewership of those who are younger and more inclined to vote and use social media to promote the AI brand? And secondly, I get it that she needs to stop playing with her hair, using the fake accents and tone down the petulance – but if it were a male dishing out what I consider to be most of the time honest critiques – would they be better received? ~

  119. I think the judges, whoever they are, should be music professionals who can earn their (very substantial) salaries by helping to draw out real talent. For instance, during the auditions, each contestant practices a song to sing. I would love to see the judges ask each contestant to sing another song. “Sing Mary Had A Little Lamb in country style”. If these people really have talent, they’d be able to do this. And, it will make for some spine-chilling moments. Also, like the Voice does, the judges should be mentoring, not just criticizing. Let’s hear Nikki Minaj actually sing a rift in the way she’d like the contestant to do it.

  120. Bring back the original judges or Jennifer and steven but Nikki must go and although I love Cary’s music she must go too. I am a big Idol fan and if next year I anything like this year has been I will no longer watch the show

  121. I totally disagree with the “boy synopsis, . having the boys always win because they were cute and all the young girls voted for them was not fair. This show is supposed to be about finding an American idol that can sing, boy or girl if the girls sing better than the boys, then so be it. I personally don’t like that they even start the show off like that by having to have an equal number of girls and boys, it should be about talent. And the judges are ridiculous, they base their opinion on the way the contestants dress, it is not a fashion show contests, its a singing contest. And another thing, America needs to base their vote on what they hear and not what the judges say.

  122. There have been times this season that the participants have been visibly embarrassed by the judge’s antics and rudeness to each other. Niki makes ridiculous comments and comes off like someone who needs a lot of attention. What’s with her name calling and food references – does she ever listen to herself!!!

  123. I believe the public feels their vote is not important..Like Nicki
    made the remark a week in advance, that Janelle would be going home next week ….And she did,It is not the singers, it is the judges to need to be ousted.

  124. Get rid of the whole panel and start fresh. Mariah and Nicki have destroyed whatever chemistry there used to be. Keith is boring as far a I’m concerned. And Randy has been there too long with his “this girl or guy is here to win it”. We need fresh judges. The VOICE got right. Ther judges have great chemistry.
    As for the themes, I have to agree that they are stale., stale, stale. If nothing is done to revamp this show next season, it’s godbye for Idol forever.

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