Top 5 Week: Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2013?


Last night on American Idol 2o13, the Top 5 took on songs from their years of birth and the diva of their choice.

It was a pretty slow night as almost all the songs were ballads, but the vocals were pretty top-notch. But I think it’s still VERY obvious who things are going to play out tonight. I’m so confident in what I’m expecting to happen, that I’m only going to do one scenario.

As always, these predictions are based ONLY on how I think the votes will play out based on patterns, popularity and performances. These are not my opinions.

American Idol 2013 Top 5 Results Predictions

100 Percent Safe: Angie Miller, Candace Glover

Most Likely Safe: Kree Harrison

Bottom Two: Amber Holcomb and Janelle Arthur

Going Home: Janelle Arthur

Is this the judges’ last week to use the save? Or did it expire before Top 5 week. I know it had something to do with Top 5. Anyway, I think they’ll use the save just because it’s their last chance. So it really doesn’t matter who is in that very bottom spot this week. Maybe it will be Amber and she will be saved all dramatically since the judges are obsessed with her.

At any rate, I think we’re still looking at at Kree, Angie and Candace Top 3.

Who do you think will be going home tonight on American Idol 2013?




  1. Even if Judges do a dramatic save on anyone of them…..double elimination next week! I love Amber but sad Americans not voting enough for her? I must say all 5 ladies are so so strong! Congrats to all of them! Love them!

  2. Amber is the best of all 5! Her voice is like a vey young Whitney Houston! Beautiful sweet tones in her voice!

  3. After last night, Janelle and Amber are tied for bottom two. Janelle had one great performance (Vince Gills song) and Amber knocked it out of the park with the one from Barbra Streisand. I think one of those two will go home tonight. Angie, hmmmm, she just doesn’t do it for me personally, but I know she is extremely popular so she will probably get the votes. Candice was my overall favorite last night with 2 great performances. Kree has been my favorite all along. I will go with Kree and Candice in the top tonight with Angie in third, then Janelle and then Amber. Not that I agree with that order…just guessing what the fan base might do. The interesting thing to see, if Amber is at the bottom, will the judges use their save? They love her and can see her talent. however, she has been in the bottom three before. Does this mean she has no chance to take home the prize? I think it might, so, the judges may not save her. Personally, that girl will still go places. She is so beautiful, sweet and her voice is one of the best! Janelle is the only true grit country singer (in my opinion) so she may carry through because of her fan base.

  4. I suspect it is Janelle going home and I doubt they will use the save, unless there is some hidden clause in the contract that they must use it. I think they will hope those votes go to Amber which is unlikely. If Amber is bottom, which I doubt, they will definitely use the save. Anways I’m always wrong so be ready for a shock.

  5. Candice is the one to beat, she will be a star no matter what happens on AI… she has a amazing voice and no matter how old the content she always makes it fresh… just love her I will pay to see Candice sing for sure…
    Kree may be slipping a bit because of her old song choices… however has a great talent and a awesome voice who can sing anything… the only completion for Candice
    The other three I don’t have a opinion on they are good singers but do nothing for me… however for me Amber bores me the most

  6. Well.. lets see.. Amber is not my favorite she can only sing Whitney songs just like Candice. They have both pigeon-holed themselves. But Candice has a very good voice so she will be in the last two.Angie just doesn’t have it.. she tries way to hard to be a show girl.. Poor Janelle.. last night she hurt herself with her choices, she butchered When I call your name and the Dolly song just plain stunk.. and I love Country music. that leaves Kree..the girl is a entertainer, she understands what it takes to put on a show and she sings with very little effort.. now I must say last night I was less than impressed with her song choice for her diva . but she has had the strongest show for the girls… so my top 3 would be 1.Kree 2 Candice 3. Angie.. (but just barely it could go either way with her and Amber.)

  7. No one!!! Unless Janelle is singing for the save and Nicki gets a burr up her butt.

  8. Good point about the save It wouldn’t make sense to save Janelle, Though i think she’s great, just not as great! The save may not be used this season! Otherwise it looks like we all pretty much are in the place. Let’s see if the younger voters agree 🙂

  9. Kree #1; Angie #2; The other three could be tied…. Doesn’t really matter. They are all going home soon….

  10. Candanice is Great but then so is Amber, I donot understand what the American Public is Missing on Amber, Maybe they are just Not Listening, Amber should be in the Top 3

  11. Angie, Candice and Kree will brobably be the top 3. My favorite is Angie but Kree has been the Judges favorite from day one; however, the way Candice is belting out the songs she could be the favorite. It will be really hard to decide.

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