American Idol 2013 Top 10: Who Has What It Takes To Win?

American Idol 2013 Top 10

On Thursday night, we learned the American Idol 2013 Top 10 and it played out pretty much as everyone expected. Now that it’s official, it’s time to take a look at the Top 10 contestants, one by one, and assess who has what it takes to become the next American Idol.

The American Idol 2013 Top 10

Lazaro Arbos: A clear fan favorite, Lazaro will wear on people after a few more of the standards (think “Feeling Good” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”). He’s very talented though and will surely have a career. Placement Prediction: 4th Place.

Janelle Arthur: One of two country girls, this could be the season the top prize goes to a country girl. But will it be Janelle or Kree? I think Kree has a slight edge on Janelle, so while I think she’ll continue to get the country vote for a while, she won’t go all the way. But it’s so early to tell. Placement prediction: 6th Place

Curtis Finch Jr: I’m not exactly a Curtis fan, but I knew he’d make it. He’s the next Jacob  Lusk and Joshua Ledet. I’m sure he’ll annoy me, but most of you will love him for weeks to come. Placement Prediction: 5th Place.

Candice Glover: People are loving Candice right now and so am I. But will she peak soon or carry it all the way? At any rate, I hope she stays awhile. She’s one of the most talented in the group. Placement Prediction: 3rd Place.

Kree Harrison: The better of the two county singers this season, I’m thinking Kree’s talent should outshine Janelle’s blonde hair and good looks. And I’ll be very happy if that happens. But it probably won’t. I think next to Candice, she’s one of the best in the contest. Placement Prediction: 7th Place.

Amber Holcomb: I was kind of surprised she made it into the Top 10 over that one girl the judges thought was all hot and marketable. I say that one girl because I really don’t remember her name (so what does that say?). But hold on, I’ll look, just to be more professional. Aubrey! Yes, Aubrey. Placement Prediction: 10th Place.

Paul Jolley: On one hand I’m surprised Paul made it in, but on the other I’m not. Even though he hasn’t broken out the guitar yet, he is a good-looking white guy. He’s not the most masculine guy, but I guess that doesn’t matter to 14-year-old girls. Placement Prediction: 9th Place.

Angela Miller: Everyone loves Angie. Idol loves her. America loves her. She’s everyone’s answer to the that next female winner. Blah, blah, blah. Congrats, Angela. Prediction Placement: The Winner of American Idol 2013

Burnell Taylor: He’s my personal favorite. And I think the most talented of the guys. I could be clouded by the fact that he’s one of the few guys to ever really make me want to stop and listen, but I’m putting him kind of high in the contest. Placement Prediction: 2nd Place.

Devin Velez: I was pretty sure Devin would cancel out Nick Boddington and I think I was right. Devin is a great singer, but I’m not so sure he’s exciting enough to last long in the contest. I hope he does, but I don’t think it will happen. Placement prediction: 8th Place.

OK, and since I love playing with scenarios, I’ll do one more placement prediction just for the fun. The above predictions are based ONLY on performances and pimping SO FAR. A lot can change, so I don’t expect many of my predictions to come true. So now I’m going to predict them based on how American Idol has played out in the past.

Which scenario do you think will be closer to the truth? And please remember these are just my predictions and they’re not even based on who I love or don’t love. And to be clear the ones at the top are my actual predictions. The ones right above are just for fun. Feel free to make your own predictions in our comments section below.




  1. 10th: Amber Holcomb
    9th: Curtis Finch Jr
    8th: Janelle Arhur
    7th: Kree Harrison
    6th: Devin Velez
    6th: Burnell Taylor
    5th: Paul Jolley
    3rd: Lazaro Arbos
    2nd: Angela Miller
    1st: Candice Glover

      • I know AI is about a singing competition. I have been a loyal fan from day 1. Never missed an episode. I guess the WGWG for me isn’t that big a deal as long as that guy has been able to deliver the goods after idol. (Which apparently most of them have.) So why the fuss anyways? Most of the guys on the show this year are terrible except for Burnell who I think has a good shot at being the winner. Everyone says that Angie could win. Right now its too early to tell anything. Usually the front runner gets kicked off and comes in 3rd or 4th place. (I’m just saying the truth) I really don’t like the idea of someone who knows from the beginning they are going to win because they get over confident then they become messy & that is when they lose. Watch out Angie!! I’m voting for Burnell, Candice & Amber they have better voices, are down to earth and want it more.

    • Well, she is the most talented overall, but that doesn’t mean she’ll win!! I think she has a better chance than anyone else at this point though, and she’s my favorite!!

  2. Oh americanidolnet, don’t be stupid. We all know that the tween girl vote will make sure that we get another wgwg winner. Paul Jolley WILL win this season and Angela Miller WILL get voted off and saved Jessica Sanchez style. I’m calling it here. America, please prove me wrong.

    • A girl might win this season…out of the top 5 guys 3 are gay according to my gaydar and the two that are left are not white so i dont think it will be a wgwg this season…yay!

      • I’ll believe it when I see it. Also, even if Paul is gay, the frauen have no gaydar so they’ll still vote for him. I almost want him to win just to piss off the producers.

      • I think paul will make it somewhat far, maybe top 5-6, but I have a really hard time seeing him outlast kree, candice, and angie. I just dont think its going to happen. It looks like the WGWG curse could be over

    • You have 2 of the 3 correct. Lazaro will not make the top 5 let alone top 3.

  3. Is anyone in agreeance that Paul Jolly sucks and should not have even made the top 10. he is theatrical in a fake way and there is no real emotion or anything special in his voice

    • Yeah but as you know, emotion is what sells these days??
      WRONG> theirs no emotion in the most popular talent of today, such as Taylor swift or even katy perry, so “No Emotion makes no senses it all, last time i checked its singing competion not who has a time of the month?

      • Sure but every season the most repeated cliche one hears is “it’s a singing competition”, and is usually said after one’s favorite singer gets eliminated. Why? Because America doesn’t vote on just who is the best singer.

      • What the heck does “america” base their votes on? I know its ridiculous but wouldnt it be fun to have a non music industry judge to hear what the average consumer thinks of the contestants?

    • Yes! I agree he isn’t talented enough to be in top 10. His voice is flat and average. Now Nick Boddington on the other hand should have been there instead.

  4. 10 Curtis Finch jr
    9 Lazaros
    8 Devin
    7 Paul
    6 Burnell
    5 Kree
    4 Amber
    3 candice
    2 Janelle
    1 Angie

  5. My prediction:

    10th Place: Curtis Finch, Jr.- don’t like him at all
    9th Place: Burnell Taylor- dare I put that
    8th Place: Lazaro Arbos- I’m sorry, Lazaro
    7th Place: Amber Holcomb- that’s a good place for her
    6th Place: Paul Jolley- most likely the place he might end up in
    5th Place: Kree Harrison- country votes could put her there
    4th Place: Janelle Arthur- love Janelle, so that’s probably her place
    3rd Place: Candice Glover- love her, just don’t think she’ll win
    Runner-Up: Devin Velez- my favorite out of the guys
    Winner: Angela Miller- nothing beats Angela

  6. Well I really hope that Angie doesn’t win. She is ok and she is a very good song writer. But everyone thinks she should win, deserves to win, therefore I don’t want her to win… Seriously there are better singers than her on here. For once it needs to be right. Ask yourself can you see her CD going platinum? Can you see yourself buying a CD for all your friends that she has made? think about it… this is peoples lives

    • I am very surprised to hear from you, Angie Miller should not win, Then whom do you think should win ? Amber Holcomb or Burnell Taylor ? I think both should not be in the final ten, to me the others are good. In my opinion Angela Miller is the the only one who is excellent I have the feeling she will be the eventual Idol.

  7. Angie is the best. She is a true artist. The rest of the field lack that “true” artist appeal. And the one thing that Idol does is the “true” artist who has their own signature sound rises to the top. This is that artist is Angie!

  8. I like Curtis and Devin for the guys and Candice and Angie for the girls! Kree is good, but i think Candice and Angie are better

  9. if it wasn’t for Angie I wouldn’t bother watching this year. IMO she’s among AI’s best.

  10. Just a minute, just a minute!
    It seems alot of folks have Janelle out early. And Paul Jolly around late. I see it just the oposite myself. I think Janelle is a clasic country star. She’ll get alot of support IMHO.
    I also see the last 5 having at least 3 woman and perhaps 4 as others have predicted here. My gut tells me Amber will have the toughest time getting to the last 5 of the woman contestants.
    Also notice several have suggested that Burnell Taylor going out early. I kind of think he has the best chance of being the last of the guys perhaps.

  11. I haven’t seen any discussion about next week’s sing-off between 6th place boy and 6th place girl. Who were the last-out singers?? Any spoilers?

  12. I have to say Branden’s comment that most of us will love Curtis for weeks to come is a little exaggerated. From the majority of comments I’ve seen “most of us” see Curtis for an average singer who has that screaming vocal style that makes you want to mute the volume. Joshua Ledet has a much broader range and is blessed w/ perfect pitch as well.

    • Joshua isn’t in it this year!! 🙂 Joshua was better than any of the men this year – no question about that. This year the real talent is in the women – and they should make up the top 5.

      • Yes, sweetheart, I know Joshua Ledet isn’t in it this year. I was merely commenting on the comparison made between Joshua and Curtis in Branden’s blog above. AND I agree with you that Joshua was much more talented than anyone this year.

  13. I am very happy with the Top 10 but I don’t think Paul Jolley will win unless he brings out the guitar….then the younger generation will go vote crazy. I really hope its a girl and preferably Angie Miller but it really is too soon to tell. I’m looking forward to the live shows now and how these kids develop and really see how these judges react…..

    • Hi again Phyils…another AI, but still can’t find another Adam & seems to me that there’re no one is outstanding so far. Angie seems good but needs a stylist (specially on her hairdo!) & Paul got the look but lacks talent….hope things will improve soon!

      • Oh! Devin got the voice, but lacks the looks….He should be combined with Paul….LOL!

      • Hello tenisaddict…it was so good to hear from a familiar name. There will never be another Adam on AI. That was the best season ever…..but I do look forward to hearing the new hopefuls. I like Angie and Candice. I do think its a girl season but like before who knows.

  14. Lazaro and Paul are obviously gays, so i’m pretty sure they wont win. Angie, Candice and Kree for my top 3 that would be great

    • I don’t think being gay has anything to do with it. But I agree on your top 3.

  15. The judges may have picked the final ten girls& boys but they have done this
    at the expense of some great talents who were prematurely eliminated due to
    poor,biased and erratic judgement. All the four judges are not competent
    to see the right and deserving contestants with quality make it through
    to the finals.

  16. I find the comments made by the judges are way out from the actual quality of the deserving contestants.
    Due to their unfair and unflattering comments several contestant
    were eliminated prematurely.
    Nicky is the worst among the four she is rude, fooling around with her silly antics which robs away the quality of the show into a
    a different direction. Mariah, I have never once seen her making
    her own stand in her comments, she is a “fence sitter” and she
    follows whatever Randy says in his comments.
    The judges are real joke. As a result the show has suffered in terms of Quality and credibility.

  17. All 5 of the guys are gay. It is very apparent. Angie or Candice win with Angie a heavy favorite.

  18. Here is what I would like to happen:

    1. Devin or Angela
    3. Kree
    4. Candice
    5. Burnell
    6. Janelle
    7. Amber
    8. Curtis
    9. Paul
    10. Lazaro

  19. anyone still watching this dissaster, should look in the mirror and say to themselves…i am the next american idiot…because these idiots are deffinetly not looking for TALENT

  20. 1. Kree – Winner
    2. Candice
    3. Angie
    4. Amber
    5. Janelle
    6. Burnell
    7. Curtis
    8. Lazaro
    9. Devin
    10. Paul

  21. TOP 3 should be females- IMO Best talent Candice, Angela and Kree Janelle & Amber also great
    **They should have kept both Breanna & Aubrey* as extras
    Both of these yung 18 y.o. have charm,great vocal style and are charismatic/photogenic!!

  22. Kree in 9th place, Candice in 5th and Paul Jolley in 1st? Are you out of your mind? If any of those positions ring true, I will know American Idol is lost all credibility. My personal top 3 are:

    1- Candice
    2- Kree
    3- Angie

    All 3 are by far, the most consistently great performers this season, in my viewpoint. And I would be happy to see any of them win. But, if Paul Jolly wins this year, I will lose all faith in this show. Lazero might crack the top 3. If he does it will be because of the hardship he has faced, not his singing ability.

  23. How do you think that the top 5 won’t be all girls? The finale should be two girls this year because their talent is unprecedented by the guys. I think that devin or Paul should go home tonight. I don’t think either are worth keeping around.
    Angie Miller for the win!!!!!!!!!!

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