American Idol 2014 Poll: Vote For Best Top 2 Performance

The American Idol Top 2 contestants are performing each one last time in a bid for your votes to become the 2014 Season 13 winner. You can cast your vote in our poll below to show your support for your favorite Idol Hopeful.

Jena Irene & Caleb Johnson perform on American Idol 2014
Jena Irene & Caleb Johnson perform on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

The official FOX voting started at 8PM earlier tonight at the beginning of Idol in part with Google Search Voting enabling online traffic to get things going. Now the other methods have been added as the phone lines are open for calls and texts.

We want to hear who you think had the best performance of the final night so vote in our poll below and share your thoughts!




  1. It is a shame that someone has to lose. I do like both, but Caleb has been more consistent and more wow moments throughout the competition. I really did not like that A.I. stacked the cards against Caleb with his final song, not given him an original song. His song was lyrics and music were not that great. Caleb did the best he could with it, but it wasn’t a great song. Jena, on the other hand,was given an original song, which she sang alright, it wasn’t her best, but the song itself is good song, with good lyrics. Her second song was incredible though. Caleb was great with his first song. I say it is really close in the voting. I do think AI try to push Jena to win by giving her a better original. If I were voting, I would give my vote for Caleb, because I thought he was just better throughout the competition. That is my opinion, but either one would be O.K. with me.

    • Jena didn’t sang a orignial song. dog days are over is not hers its by florence and the machines

    • Is it Jena’s fault that she is an extremely talented songwriter while Caleb is not? I’m sure if he could have come up with a better original he would have sung that instead.

      • Neither wrote their own coronation song. The problem is that Jena was given a new song, specifically written for her, while Caleb was given a song that another person recorded. Not fair and shows that the producers are pushing for Jena to win.

      • Philip Philips was given the song “Home”, it was written for another artist who actually sang it on this is not the first time this has happened!

      • I don’t think so…the writer of Home tried to record and perform it himself but it didn’t go over so he sold it to AI and they offered it to P2.

      • Not sure how one can call it “pushing for Jeana”. Phillip Phillips was given a song not written by or for him (“Home”). And I think that work out very well for Phillip.

      • I read something like that. If this were true, I’m done watching American Idol for good. I was quite disgusted with Season 11 final results, don’t know why I even bother watching.Too bad though, because I love Keith Urban’s fairness in judging, always gives feedback without being insulting nor malicious. Season 12 was as was expected, I was happy when Candice Glover won.

      • Caleb didnt write his song and either did Jena. Get all the facts before you start bashing somebodys talent. Caleb is a much better all around singer

      • I agree and he does sing ballads well too . Actually the judges rated him higher than Jena.

      • Yeah he may have original songs but they do not match Jena’s. Let’s be honest for once and at least agree that Jena is an exceptional songwriter!

  2. The BEST Finale ever. Both Caleb & Jena were both flawless.
    Caleb has the edge & will win.
    P.S. Jennifer was gorgeous as usual.

  3. I really dont know who will win because they both deserve it so much. Round One went to Caleb. I have been waiting forever for him to sing Dream On (one of my favorite songs). Round Two went to Jena because her version of that song is breathtaking and I was also disappointed with Caleb’s reprisal of Maybe I’m Amazed. Round Three was tough. Both of their songs were great. Jena’s single is definitely Billboard Top 100 material. I dont think Caleb’s song will do well on the charts but its still AMAZING. I had to give Round Three to the writers of their songs….. Either way tomorrow should be very interesting……

    • Caleb would do a version of “Dream On” extremely well I think. I suspect as well as Steven Tyler did. And I would have loved to see it as well. Caleb’s music is not the type one see’s on the top 100 billboard. I agree. Wish it was, but sadly that is not the case.

  4. Have tried to get through to vote. Keep getting busy signal. Did they cut off the voting earlier than usual, or is the show playing games with the results?

    • I was voting for Caleb and the lines were busy then a recording saying that line was out of order so I waited an hour, tried again, then it went through.

    • I would get several busy signals then get through several times….I’m taking it as a sign a lot of people were voting for Caleb…..but then again, I have no idea if the same was happening with those who voted for Jena?

  5. Total CALEB fan all the way. I know everyone has an opinion and their favorite. I am on the Caleb train. I will buy all his music and go to his concerts. I LOVED “Dream ON” tonight – loved them all. I have watched him week after week with his talent, consistent performances and amazing voice. I will taken him hands down over Jena any day. Just don’t care for her style, voice or performances. #TotalCaleb Can’t wait for tomorrow night!

  6. For all those saying that Jena was given an original song for her potential coronation song, but Caleb was not …well, Philip Philips coronation song ‘Home”, was written for another artist who performed it during his this is not the first time it happened and Philip Philips did win!

    • Greg Holden wrote “Home” but I don’t think he toured with it….he was in England and broke so he sold the song to AI.

    • Phillip performed Home on Idol the last night of his competition. Loved the song the first time hearing it and so did the judges.

  7. JENA!!!!! Winning song for sure to get that Idol Trophy!! Love Jena 🙂

  8. Picking one winner will be a crime. Honestly this is the best top 2 we’ve had in years. Having said that, I’d pick Jena.

  9. Last night the first “round” was stellar. Dream On is difficult and I’ve seen Aerosmith concerts where Tyler has “help” in the background hitting those high notes for him. Caleb killed that song and Jena also did very well. Rounds 2 and 3? Sheer boredom. Why re-visit songs that both contestants have performed and the “coronation” songs are both fairly run of the mill, especially Caleb’s, and anyone that wanted to hear them was able to thanks to them being available on-line.

    I’m not certain what the Idol folks were trying to promote last night in a head-to-head showdown vs The Voice (congrats to Josh Kaufman who was quite awesome) but it certainly wasn’t must-see-TV after the first 15 minutes.

    The final 2 shows, or shows for the final 2, should be be full of OMG moments and I think the producers of the show failed to provided that opportunity for Caleb and Jena last night.

  10. Geez, all this ‘he’s better, she’s better’.. singing is a matter of taste, they both were excellent and deserved to be in the finals. I think the rock/country style of Caleb will carry him further, but both should do well after AI. I prefer listening to Jena. This was a very good year for a show I thought for sure was a goner. Hopefully they will improve the sound for next year. Thank American Idol for a great season.

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