American Idol Predictions: 2014 Finale – Who Will Win It?

We’re about to find out who who American Idol tonight when the Top 2 finalists take the stage with Ryan Seacrest for one last results show episode on FOX this season. While we wait let’s take a look at who you, the readers here, are voting in our “who was the best” weekly poll as a possible prediction of tonight’s results.

American Idol 2014 Top 2 Finalists
American Idol 2014 Results Show Finale – Source: FOX

* UPDATE: Find out who won American Idol 2014 in our recap of the final results show!

Heading in to last night’s competition our latest American Idol 2014 poll put Caleb Johnson leading over Jena Irene by five percentage points, but now the readers’ tide has shifted.

From last night’s Top 2 performance poll there are already over 8,000 votes and Jena Irene has turned the tables on Caleb Johnson, leading him by four points. Wow!

Of course neither of these polls are official or guaranteed, but it’s a very interesting perspective on how the overall American Idol audience could be feeling after last night’s show.

Ranking out all of their performances, we had to give a one-round lead to Jena over Caleb and our overall prediction is coming in with the same expectation. With all that in mind I think we may very well see the first time a female American Idol Hopeful beats out a male contestant since Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis all the way back in 2007 for Season 6!

This is such a close race and a really great competition between the two finalists that anything could happen and most fans would be happy either way. Both Caleb and Jena have delivered for American Idol 2014 and we’re excited to see how the official results turn out.

What do you think is going to happen? Will Caleb, the season long front runner, hold on to the win or will Jena Irene, the season’s wild card surprise, snatch victory at the last moment? Share your thoughts!




  1. The last female American Idol singer was Candice Glover in 2013, not Jordan Sparks.


    • I hate it when people write in all caps. It’s like you’re screaming your bad opinions at everyone.

  3. I was supporting Caleb until he made that remark about “all the retards who sent in song suggestions”. Now I’m voting against him. Those “retards” are his fan base and they took the time to contact him. His head got bigger than it already is and he doesn’t deserve to win.

    • Everyone keeps saying that, and I think it’s ridiculous. She wasn’t pre-selected. She is very talented, and at times they got excited about her for good reason. She was the best and should have won.

    • Just like in seasons past, people who like to see conspiracy theories, when there is none. Every year they say “someone is pre-selected to win. And every year they always end up eating crow when some who was not pre-selected wins. I’m curious, do those people feel foolish at that point, or not.

  4. Wow, I’m so sad that Jena didn’t win. I was really excited about her, what a talent. Instead, people voted for some guy who called all of his fans retards. I think it’s just harder for a woman to win on this show because so many of the voters are immature tween girls and sexist, ignorant boys. JENA, continue to pursue your dream! I will be first in line to buy your album!!!

  5. Actually, the show is completely run and determined by the producers… of the contestants on a visit home talked to close friends and revealed the whole process. It is just something they choose to work with even though they know what the real precess is.

    • That has always been obvious to me…. why others argue that point is beyond me…… + you can read it in a Yahoo article — The American Idol Voting Hoax…. The contestants agree to be on the show for exposure…. just like Caleb said in one of the shows… all he wants to be is a lead singer for a rock band – did not matter if he won or not (though I’m pretty sure he wanted to)…. but the contestants know what to expect (mostly) going in…. The lawsuit awhile back by the black contestant Cory was likely pushing his luck and just wanted the show to be exposed — and I’m glad it was….. I will always believe the show is highly rigged and highly scripted — the judges have no voice (of their own!). If the show had better script writers and producers — it would be better. That Nigel guy on ‘so you think you can dance’ is one of the producers — you can watch and listen to him and know there is no way he’s gonna give us great entertainment!

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