American Idol 2014 Spoilers: Season 13 Begins With a Single Step [VIDEO]

Who will win American Idol 2014? Maybe you can spot the American Idol season 13 winner in the faces featured in the latest promo video! We love that the preview videos so far for next year’s series return are all about the contestants this time around and NOT all about the American Idol judges!

American Idol 2014 Season 13
American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX/YouTube

The first American Idol 2014 spoilers promo was also contestant-driven with not a single nod to the judges. We can see that the producers have gotten the hint after last season’s terrible ratings and negative reception that the fans want the show to be about the TALENT, not the JUDGES. Well, it’s about time!

The newest American Idol season 13 promo is more of the same, showing various contestants across the country taking the first step toward a hopeful new future as a musical superstar. And, of course, this season the hopefuls can actually audition with a guitar if they so choose! We hope that is going to encourage more featuring of multi-talented artists, not just pretty girls and guys who can sing and shake their assets.

American Idol 2014 premieres on January 15 and we are very excited about all the changes this season — like a shorter results show, a fresh song catalog and more. We’re looking forward to hopefully getting back to the real magic of the show that’s been missing for years. Will you be tuning in?