American Idol 2013 Finale Theme Spoilers

Candice & Kree on American Idol

The American Idol 2013 finale is right around the corner. This Wednesday and Thursday, May 15-16, 2013, the season’s Top 2 singers, Kree Harrison and Candice Glover, will face off in another three-round performance show.

The Idol Pad has once again delivered on the American Idol theme spoilers. While we don’t have the specifics on the song list we do now know both Candice and Kree will performing one selection in each of these three rounds: Simon Fuller’s choice, reprisals (favorite previous performances), and Coronation songs. The Coronation songs may be co-written by the finalists as a change from past years of finding third-party songs for the Top 2.

If you could go back and pick any past songs from Candice’s and Kree’s performances this season on American Idol 2013, what would you want to hear them sing again?




  1. Seems like many people were criticizing Amber for singing “My Funny Valentine” twice, but now they’re going to have a song from a previous performance for the Finale! I’d rather have the girls choose something they connect with and want to sing. And, I’d like it to be something different. The Coronation songs, for me, are never that impressive. One thing I don’t want to see changed is the way we are allowed to comment here. I like the “pick a name” and not be forced to choose a social plugin.

  2. Candice will probably sing love song again and kree will probably sing crying again. I still want to hear Candice sing sky fall, and kree sing two black Cadillacs. Coronation songs are always boring, and fuller had better pick some songs where thee idol hopefuls can have some “moments”. Go Candice!! Ultimately, she has the better voice, although kree also has great pipes.

  3. Candice is the best!! She deserves to win because everyone of her performances have been AMAZING!! Kree has not been consistent in terms of best performances. Candice will continue to shine and prove she is the AMERIAN IDOL!!!

  4. i’m sorry but Kree will win this whole damn thing 🙂 i hope she’ll sing Up To The Mountain again…

  5. I’d love to hear Candice sing “I, Who Have Nothing” again. That performance was phenomenal.

  6. I think if candice could sing the song “good-bye” by trampled underfoot she would definetely win! It’s perfect for her voice and a very hard song to sing. Anyone who can sing this song would deserve to win. Too bad voters choive dont count for anything!

  7. I would like to hear Candice sing “How Great Thou Art” ! Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill did a really good job with that song. It was something to see and hear. I’ll bet Candice could knock it out of the ballpark. I would like to hear Kree sing a Reba McIntire song. Good luck to both of the girls and may the best and most talented voice win it all. Go Candice!

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