American Idol 2014 Judges: Mariah Carey Fired Says FOX Source

American Idol Mariah Carey and Keith Urban

As if losing your Dawg Randy Jackson wasn’t enough we’re now learning that Mariah Carey may have been fired and as for the American Idol 2014 judges, according to the source, there will be “definitely no Mariah” for Season 13.

E! News is reporting that along with Jackson’s departure there will be a complete shake up at the judges panel in the hopes of bringing in four all-new faces. But even if FOX falls short of a total change we will not be seeing Mariah after next week.

For starters, there will be “definitely no Mariah” next season, that’s “absolutely certain,” our insider says. “The others, it depends who we get [to take their place].”

This isn’t terribly surprising considering Mariah’s subdued approach to the role. She’s an amazing singer, but this turned out to just not be her thing and that’s okay. It’s also okay for FOX, who is reportedly paying judges’ salaries these days, to say they don’t want to pay that kind of cash for a wallflower on the American Idol 2014 judges panel.

Are you sad to see Mariah Carey leave Idol? Who would you like to see replace her?




  1. Finally! She’s a great singer but she’s a boring judge. Nicki is far better in terms of giving critiques to the contestants, but the thing with Nikki is she’s a bitch. Can’t wait for the next season.

  2. I really hared having to hear what she had to say after each song-it was so difficult to listen to her!!! She truly has to go!!

  3. They all need to go, and from what FOX News has been reporting they all will go. Worst season ever!!! The judges were so blatantly prejudice, unbelieveable.

  4. I would rather see Nikki go I am not watching next year if Nikki stays that’s for sure!!

  5. If Nikki is back next season tehn I will no longer watch!!!!!! She is rude, annoying, and I hate her voice.

  6. I won’t be watching if Nicki is on it. She was definitely racist and had split personalities. Keith Urban gave good critiques. Take Jimmy off. He annoys everyone too.

  7. Ok let’s fire a Diva that has so many #1 hits and keep Nicki that has no sense of music besides her rapping which by the way sucks! American Idol needs to end the whole show!

  8. She’s a positively wonderful person and that’s reflected in her judging style. To fire her is brutal, should’ve asked for her resignation instead.

    • “Fired” could be just an attentiin grabbing headline. Im sure mariah had a 1 yr contract and idol had an option to renew or not. Its possible mariah and producers agreed she wasnt cut out for Idol and they simply did not renew her contract. i cant imagine nigel calling her into his office and saying “mariah youre fired!” Randy is very involved in mariahs career and they could have made their decisions together based on things we know nothing about.

  9. Keith got strange with his answers.. I cant feel you in ur music he was obsessed with that a total different kind of person then I have ever thought… I am disappointed and sure he could care less…. but hey I am judging him and the others after all they are getting pd by us the people we but their music with out us well ….

  10. Jlo was a better judge then both these ladies. You don’t miss them until their gone.

  11. I totally agree with the comment on the unprofessional behaviour of the judges last night. It was awful the shock they displayed and turning their backs to the stage, arms raised, acting apologetic. It was a slap in the face to Kree. I don’t care who you are rooting for, it is just unacceptable for so called judges to react so strongly based on their own “personal” opinions. I think Amercia again voted against the judges because the judges made it so plain they wanted Angie there. I was a Keith Urban fan until last night and he even disappointed me with his actions. Just get some unbiased judges that give valid criitques rather than pushing their own agenda.

    • I saw the judges looking surprised but i didnt see the other behavior you described. Was it shown on camera? I rewatched the end of the show twice and i didnt see anything like that from the judges.

  12. I can understand that judging isn’t Mariah Carey’s forte BUT, I would think that NIcki Minaj would be the one that is fired first. She has alienated the fans from the very start. One one think that the producers and the network would want to stem those loses by getting rid of the judge that the majority of America does NOT like. The only judge that I would like to see remain is Keith Urban. The rest, I could care less about.

  13. Ninja is funny but biased like randy and mariah however they should keep Keith simply for his looks nothing else.

  14. Stop looking at Idol after Simon left. Love the voice. Idol need to shut it down. Nicke need to find a Broom and ride off into the Sunset. Mariah is a Diva. Nickie is a nut.

  15. I thought Maria wad fine, Niki just needs to go period. As for me I am gone too and I think alot of idol fans will be leaving as well. What a shame there was a time idol was Great!

    • A lot have already left. They were down to 11 million on average this season when they used to get at least twice that in the hey day.

      The ratings have dropped each season since Simon Cowell left. Frankly, given the standard of the judging and the blatant bias shown plus some very inappropriate comments from Steve Tyler and, particularly this season, Nicki Minaj, it is little wonder the viewing audience has dropped off so dramatically.

      Compare these four clowns to the four mentors they have on the Voice this season and it is no surprise that the Voice has increased its viewership.

  16. Wonder if that’s why Randy quit when he did. I won’t miss her for a second. Thought she actually did o.k. last week, but for rest of the season she has been totally incoherent.

  17. Did anyone eles notice how the judges didnt like any of the songs that Kree sung.I think Kree has a beautiful voice and can sing just as good as the others.And when the showed the home visits the other two had a mother and father to go home too but Kree she just had the place where she grew up no mother or father to wrap there arms around her and tell her how pround they are of her Kree my heart goes out to you girl your parents would be so pround of you,So if anyone who watches american idol vote for Kree she has all my votes.Rock on and keep up the good job Kree.And yes please get new judges!!!!!

  18. Omg. Nikki is the rude eye rolling Diva that needs to go! Cant stand her voice either. And she has no talent herself so why is she there? Ratings are.down because most dont like her. Yes Mariah is a diva but she has talent. Her and.keith are the.2 with talent others.can go. I’m through with this show. Plus it seems fixed they let the best one with talent go. Own songs, piano and great voice. Wtf gotta be kidding me. Good bye American Idol you have no clue!

    • Your opinion of Randy not having talent is incorrect. Read the profile of Randy that can be found on this very website he may not be an in your face pop diva but he is totally qualified to sit at the table. As for Nicki she would love nothing more than to stay right where she is and would fight to do so. Her singing career is faltering and staying on Idol would provide a regular paycheck and the public exposure she desperately needs.

  19. I believe they need 4 fresh new judges representing different genres. People may have not liked Nicki Minaj but sometimes she was 100% correct on her comments. They may have not liked the way she said things but a lot was true.


  21. In my opinion I think that Keith is a good judge. He is extremely knowledgeable and provides the contestants with constructive criticism. I feel that of all of the judges he has sort of been forgotten about because of the drama between Minaj and Mariah. I think it would be a shame to fire him and he should be given the chance to connect with a new set of judges.

  22. I thought Mariah was candid, honest, and gave helpful advice to each singer every week. I happen to think that this has been the best group of judges. They are people, not gods, they didn’t act as stars, they acted as fair judges, I thought. This probably is why the show isn’t getting as big a home audience as before. The judges are not putting on a “show,” they are not acting, but working in the roles of judges. Yes, I think the judges were surprised last night, and their emotions demonstrated that, but it was not a negative reaction, just one that many of us had. I feel all three singers, in fact the last four have been exceptional, people just felt motivated to vote this way this last time. We saw more of the real people on Wed., we heard the singers, but we also saw their home visits. We had a glimpse into each of their individual lives, and I think that people voted for talent, yes, but also for the person herself.
    Don’t blame the judges, America voted and will again next week. This year, I feel the show has embraced the best judges ever, I was a doubter when I started watching, but a believer in the end. How else would we have ended up with such great finalists? The final four have been musicians, not just performers.

  23. No! Beautiful singer but terrible as a judge. I loved Keith. I hope Fox keeps him. The biggest surprise for me was I really liked Nicki. Would be very happy if Fox kept her I think she is real.

    • Nikki is the realiest judge they’ e had on the show. itwill definitely go down, the producers are the ones dropping the ball, too many changes and turn overs. people don’t like chafe like that.same way with the soap , characters keep changing.

  24. I think they should get some talented young stars as the new judges on American Idol, that can act as motivating role models and mentors…i.e. Pink, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and even Kelly Clarkson. These singers have international experience, are experienced and current music stars.

    • Im curious as to whether the judges are coached in their roles. Mariah definitely needs to work on her feedback but she is surely qualified to be a judge. Paula was a wasted of space – commenting more on how lovely they looked and saying only nice things when clearly the contestant sucked and she was around for a while. Only need 3 – Randy for consistency, Keith for integrity and Mariah for knowledge. Niki was rude and arrogant!

  25. I think Mariah left since she was tired of Nickis drama and I think she was a decent judge but I think nickis inability go act professional and put aside her ego alienated fans.

  26. Mariah sings beautifully but for the first weeks she could not comment with a straight answer. The last 4 weeks she has gotten better and doesn’t have to look at Randy for approval of what she says. The real problem on the show is Nikki. Please, please, please replace her so a lot of viewers including me and my husband will not stop watching the show.

  27. The perfect judges for 2014 is : Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Keith urban, rascall flack

  28. You can’t have two divas because there will be another year of bickering. It just shows the immaturity and unprofessionalism when this happens on live tv. No apologies to America or each other. What’s up with that….

  29. I agree that all 4 judges need to leave or be fired. They say stuff like Keith Wednesday night said something like, “vote for Candice or call a doctor because you don’t have a heart!’ Then standing up and waving their arms in disbelief that Kree moves on to the finale. They are awful. The producers need to be replaced as well because they encourage the judges to try and “stack” the show a certain way with the contestants they want to win. It has become a crooked show with tainted results.

  30. In the beginning of the season, Keith seemed genuine, but he “changed” toward the end of the season when his comments followed the pattern of getting the viewers to vote a certain way. The in-fighting between Mariah and Nicki seemed to affect everyone eventually. Randy and Mariah parted company–maybe partly because of the way the judging job turned out. This whole thing also affected the viewers. I don’t watch this show to see a panel of judges that remind me of “road rage” every week. They don’t have to be “phony nice” to each other, but at least be respectful and civil. I don’t want to see Harry Connick Jr. as a judge because in a week he was showing signs of acting like the other judges. I have said before I think Melinda Doolittle would make a good judge or mentor. Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken also would be good, but do any of them want to put their careers on hold to do Idol? Would some of the feelings of the contestants being judged bring back painful memories for former contestants who did not win? JLo didn’t have that much to say in judging except looking for “goosies” and how the contestants looked. Steven was good in auditions but had little constructive criticism during the finals and was always “drooling” over some of the girls. Maybe Idol should have auditions for the judges before they hire them. It’s a big step to go from the stage to the judges’ table.

  31. Nicki has to go. Mariah never hurt anyone with her comments. She was always a lady and I will miss her. If they fired her, Fox should be ashamed of themselves. At least, she did not use a filthy mouth and was never hurtful to anyone. Nicki should be the one to get fired first. She needed to be fired before the live shows. Fox should have put Nicki on notice that if she did not stop harassing Mariah, she would have to go immediately. It’s no wonder that Mariah had so much trouble expressing herself. She was intimidated by Nicki all the time. It is true that we need a new judges panel. I would like to see Keith stay, add Harry Connick , Jr., and either someone like Cher or Celine to the judges table. We do not need four judges.

  32. Steal Adam Levine from ‘The Voice’ and invite Jay-Z with his beautiful wife Beyonce. I say keep Nicky as I still think she has done a competent job as a judge. There will be those who still love Nicky though it seems there are many who hate her. This season is one of the best as Candice and Kree deserve to be in the finale. Though Angie is out, she will have a great career ahead. She may be the next ‘Kelly Clarkson’ and who knows she may even get a Grammy in the future.

  33. I am in SHOCK that they would fire Mariah and keep Nikki. If Nikki is still a judge for next season I will NOT be watching American Idol at all again. I put up with her this season mostly by muting the sound or fast forwarding if I had it taped but I hope they realize that if they keep Nikki they are going to lose so many viewers they might as well just cancel the show. I am glad to hear that Randy is leaving as I am so sick of his same old same old every season. I will miss Mariah and don’t think she should of been fired. Keep Keith and bring back Steven Tyler and JLO and possibly get Cher or Bette Midler or even someone like Loretta Lynn.

  34. They should try to get Boz Scaggs don’t know if he’d do it, but he’s fantastic!

  35. This show went down hill since Simon and Paula left as far as I’m concerned!!! It has not been the same since. Don’t care to watch it as much as I used too.Bring back Simon and Paula 🙂

  36. I like Mariah! She’s empathetic, tactful and knows music and voice. She will be a big loss.
    Seems the only criticism was the producers (ptb) accused her of being a bit wordy.

  37. I think it is about time AI cleaned house, all 4 judges + Jimmy Iovine gone. I also think they should publish the vote count. I do feel in the last few years the show has been manipulated, the winner is predetermined. I especially feel that way this year. They wanted a female AI and the males they chose to compete were not even close to being. The show was an insult this year, do the producers think we are stupid?

  38. Not sorry to see Mariah leave. She is more concerned about her looks and her battle with Niki Minaj. They care both terrible judges. Why did anyone think that Niki would be a good judge anyhow? It would be tough taking advice from her. Keith Urban is great. I’d love to see him come back.

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