‘American Idol’ 2014 Top 13 Contestants Prepare For First Finals Live Performances

Get ready for the Top 13 contestants to take the stage on American Idol 2014 this week with a great, wide-open theme to let their style shine!

American Idol 2014 Top 13 Contestants
American Idol 2014 Top 13 Contestants – Source: FOX

According to our American Idol spoilers for next week, and recently confirmed by FOX, the finalists will be selecting songs from the theme of “This Is Me.”

Look for personalized song choices from the Top 13 finalists that make theme comfortable and strong. Of course let’s hope that doesn’t mean five different Katy Perry songs (stop it already, finalists!).

American Idol Top 13 – The Countdown Is On!

We’re excited for this batch of finalists to get out there and do their thing so we can start seeing which of them will emerge as the leading contender to win American Idol 2014!

Share your thoughts on what songs you’d like to hear from the finalists next week if you were setting the songlist for these Top 13 contestants!




      • just my personal opinion.
        i think the judges will build up their wildcards so they won’t go home the 1st week, and im guessing she’s the bottom person of the original top 10, but thats just my opinion. i never thought she would make the top 20, but i was wrong big time.

    • im not sure i would say maybe kristen but she can be good. But i would also say dexter roberts becuz he annoys me.

    • I would say Mk. cause they would say american idol really doesn’t want a gay person to win. they did that to adam lambert and jacob lusk

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