American Idol 2014 Top 9 Photo Gallery

American Idol 2014's Top 9 Contestants
American Idol 2014’s Top 9 Contestants – Source: FOX

The Top 9 contestants are preparing for this week’s American Idol 2014 round of performances but there’s always time to step away and take a candid, right?

This week’s photo gallery of the remaining finalists features a lot of lighthearted poses which is perfect for what’s got to be one stressed out crew. Now that the weekly “this has to be her last week, right?” singer has been cut the wall is pushed closer for the final nine singers.

Which artist will rise to the top and which will fall to the Bottom 3 on American Idol? We’re soon to find out when they take the stage again on Wednesday night for a two-hour live performance show featuring their favorite hits and a lot of great deliveries.

Check out all their pics below and let us know who you’re most anxious to see perform on Wednesday night! One of these singers will win American Idol!

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  1. Alex’s shot looks like a 3 year old who was told to smile. Kind of scared like “Am I doing this right?” And Sam looks like he’s playing Pinocchio in the school play.

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