Who Wins American Idol 2014? Our Prediction From the Top 9!

Who will win American Idol 2014? We are racing toward the finale and there isn’t much time left for the finalists to claw their way to the top of the pack. According to the latest American Idol Vegas odds and our reader’s poll results, the race just keeps getting tighter every week.

Alex Preston on American Idol

For quite a while it seemed like Sam Woolf was going to hold on to the lead in the American Idol odds to win indefinitely. Then, finally, things started to shift among the finalists. Sam’s star began to decline and he actually ended up in the bottom three. The Vegas odds for Sam to be the next American Idol winner began to go up, and he also started to slip in our reader polls. Last week, Sam lost out as our most likely person to win in favor of rocker Caleb Johnson.

Now it looks like Alex Preston is the new strong favorite to go all the way, according to the American Idol Vegas odds and our readers polls. Although Caleb is still right up there with him. Caleb has been hovering near the top for weeks, but Alex had been lagging a bit more toward the middle of the pack until now. Now he’s shot up right to the top after having one of the best performances in the Top 10 last week.

Here’s the current American Idol betting odds from Bovada Sports Book:

American Idol Vegas Odds

Alex Preston was also the big favorite in our survey last week of the best Top 9 performances, landing a whopping 22 percent of the vote.  Former favorite Sam Woolf, conversely, only scored a 12 percent from our readers in our latest poll. Caleb actually only brought in 9 percent of the vote.

Based on our polls and the Vegas odds, this week we’ll have to call the most likely singer to be the one who won American Idol 2014 as Alex Preston. However, Caleb Johnson is still right on his heels and we could see him reclaiming the top spot.

As for the girls, well, they seem to be struggling to keep up with the guys. Our readers really liked Malaya Watson last week, giving her 15 percent of the vote in our favorites poll. However, the Vegas odds rank her nearly dead last as a potential winner. Jena Irene Ascuitto is probably the strongest girl at this point based on the odds and our polls, but she still has a long way to go if she is going to be the American Idol 2014 winner.




  1. the problem with idol is that the most talented usually does NOT win. most times it’s the pretty boy who comes in first. however, some of the losers have done much much better than the winners. lambert, hudson, daughtry, to name three. this season caleb SHOULD win. whether or not he does depends on the 13 year old girls who vote over and over again for the pretty boys

    • I like Caleb but I like Dexter as well, It depends what type of music you like the best. I never once thought the teenagers were picking the winners. I just wish we could vote like last year. The 50 vote limit isn’t that great.

      • absolutely correct. music is subjective. but there are times when sheer talent outshines. the contestants this season are good. however, there is no one who is brilliant and out-performs the other singers, as in previous seaons. the big question is who will still be performing twenty years from now with a name that is a “household” word. i don’t think any of these kids will last that long.

      • I’d buy Dexters music, I usually listen to Jazz. Out of them all Dexter and if given the chance would be around for a good while. I think Ben will make it in the music business as well. He has the gift. All three of them do.

    • ITA, but NO ONE could consider Alex a “Pretty Boy”. In fact, there is no pretty boy this time and of the girls IMO only Jessica could be called beautiful although the other girls are each attractive in their own way.

    • Or the adults who don’t like Caleb and his arrogant persona, choosing other singers they like better, vocally and personality-wise.

  2. I like Caleb a lot. When the idols first started performing I got hooked on Caleb (and I don’t even like rock music). Alex didn’t draw me in but he seems to be a favorite of the teens. I am a country music fan but no country artist drew my interest this season.

  3. I like Sam to win, all depends on his song choices. If he gets back to heartfelt songs & sings them like he means it he can win.

  4. I don’t understand what you mean by jena has a long way to go if she wants to win. She’s hands down the best girl
    of the entire competition. She has the look and the voice to be successful. Her, Alex and Sam for top 3. Give Jena the props she deserves please!

    • The article calls out Jena as the strongest girl in the competition right now and you’re complaining that we’re not giving her “the props she deserves”? Good grief.

      There are 2 months left in the comp. They ALL have a long way to go.

  5. I love jess muese …reminds me of a modern day stevie nicks.I fall into her when she sings.I love her look too.very pretty girl.go girl win it for the girls!

  6. I think Jessica has some amazing originals on YouTube. But I don’t think she’s doing that great on Idol. I think Caleb and Jena have amazing voices and are doing fairly well in the competition. I also like Dexter, but he has a tendency to sound really karaoke. In all honesty though, I don’t think any of them outshine one another too much.

  7. Caleb has the best voice and stage presence. But the best seldom wins on Idol. Caleb most likely will win in the Voice.

  8. It’s usually a white, guitar-playing male that wins (i.e. David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Phillip Phillips).

    • Are you forgetting Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie, Taylor, girl from Seattle, Candace?

  9. Caleb and Alex are the likely top 2. Jena seems to be gaining ground, but she is one weak performance from losing her gain. Jessica could be in top 4 as she is like more by the voters than the judges. Sam could be in top 4 if he hits it out of the park next time otherwise he will lose ground. Malaya could go either way. Majesty and Dexter will likely be gone soon. CJ may have a week or three left. His voice, style and likability helps him. I’d say based on the factors of likable personna and interesting, engaging performances that all Idol winners have, that Alex will take it. Caleb is always good, but he has something in his personna that is not quite American Idol winner material. Jena could be a dark horse because she has a current style and has the right personna.

  10. I know everyone gives sam a hard time because so many teenage girls do vote for him just because he is “cute” or whatever, but I really do think he is talented. I don’t know if he will win the competition because he has been in the bottom 3 a lot, but he does have an amazing voice. He does need to work on his performing skills as everyone always talks about, but I think in general he is talented.
    I think Alex is my favorite because he talks popular songs and completely changes them which is amazing. He always has really unique performances that i look forward to watching.

    Caleb is also really talented with his genre. I can’t picture him singing any other way besides big rock songs, but he is really good at them. His performances are always very fun to watch.

    Everyone really likes Jena and I think she is talented, but I do think she needs to work on some technicalities of her voice. She clearly always enjoys and has fun performing, and her performances are always great. I do think if she worked on some details of her voice it would be much better though. When she moves around a lot I have trouble understanding what she is saying, but she is clearly enjoying herself.

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