American Idol 2014 Winner Caleb Johnson Reacts To Results [INTERVIEW]

Last night Caleb Johnson was crowned the winner of American Idol 2014 in a spectacular season finale results show that actually turned out to be pretty great for all its performances. Afterwards Caleb spoke with reporters and described the experience.

Caleb Johnson wins American Idol 2014
Caleb Johnson wins American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Speaking with FOX Audio Central, Caleb shared those thoughts we had been hearing on how both he and Jena Irene were thrilled to be at the Final Two together what made that so special.

Just to begin with we love each other so much and that this whole process I mean, regardless, you know, that I just won and all this crazy madness that just happened, you know, we have both kicked some serious butt on this show and we have, you know, for the most part tried to give the best performances possible every week, every, in every, and in every song.

And so just being able to share the stage with her is absolutely amazing. She is an incredible performer, an incredible singer, and it was just such an honor to get to be the final two of the show.

With this much love between Caleb and Jena Irene, maybe we could be seeing an American Idol team-up. Now that would be something unique and exciting for their fans as couple of rock artists.

While some of Caleb’s detractors may have called him out on an appearance of arrogance, Caleb explained he was feeling quite the opposite last night after the show.

This is amazing. This is just so crazy. I mean I’m so exhausted, but it’s just like, wow, you know, I am so humbled and blessed that I made it to the end of the show and then just actually, you know, just won it. This is crazy.

Congratulations to both Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene on their achievements this season on American Idol 2014 and especially Caleb for pulling out the win after such a great run each week.

Source: FOX Audio Central




  1. Congratulations Caleb! You are better than Bo Bice and may have even beat Carrie Underwood -that is if you could go back in time. LOL

  2. Caleb Rocks!!! Keep on with that crazy rocking Caleb! And you will make it big time!

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