Who Won American Idol Last Night? 5/21/2014

Who won American Idol tonight for season 13? Dim the lights, here we go! The Top 2 finalists on American Idol 2014 faced off tonight on FOX as Ryan Seacrest took the stage with your official American Idol results.

American Idol 2014 Final Two
American Idol 2014 Final Two – Caleb Johnson & Jena Irene – Source: FOX

This could be an extremely close results show as both of these finalists have run neck and neck for so much of the season. Even our own polling has shown the Top 2 jockeying back and forth. We could get a very exciting winning reveal tonight on American Idol!

Tonight’s show is a full 2+ hour long results show tonight with lots of content. Follow along with our full season finale episode recap here.

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Host Ryan Seacrest reveals the results as we meet the winner of season 13!

American Idol 2014 Winner:

  • Caleb Johnson

What do you think of the season’s finale outcome? Do you agree with who won American Idol tonight?Did America get the votes right? Share your thoughts!

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  1. YES!! He deserves it! I wanted him to win and I hate this show. ONly watched a few cuz of kids..

    • I hate it, also…. not watching next season….. But, they got it right…. So Glad the deserving person won !!!

  2. Its about time a great old Rock and Roller won…Congrats to Caleb…you rocked it all season long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love him…..

  3. YES! FINALLY, the hard rock genre is acknowledged on American Idol. Congratulations to Caleb; a well-deserved win! David Cook was the only other rocker to take the honours, but his is more of an “indie Rock” vibe. Caleb is pure “Rock til you Drop”. Love it! ☺

    • I’m happy either way, but Jena will get signed and I’ll be here listening to her music on the radio. Good for Caleb, I knew he’d win.

    • Should “of” won? Sour grapes AND bad grammar! Jena is very talented and she will surely do well. I can’t wait for Caleb to start touring with his rock band! ☺

    • I think both are great singers.
      Caleb won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, don’t worry. 😉

    • We will never again hear of Jena Irene….. thank goodness— She really knows how to butcher a song !!

      • Jena’s only 17. She can now drive her “new’ mustang to the College of her choice and even get a Dr. degree in music- if choose. Note: you “will’ hear Jena on the radio some time in the future!

    • Since I know about Caleb saying he can’t wait for the “hookers and cocaine” I’m also disappointed that Caleb won.

  4. Congratulations, Caleb! We are incredibly thrilled for you here in your home town, Asheville, NC. Our state knows how to produce winners – Caleb is the third “Tar Heel” to take the American Idol title. Thanks for not giving up on your dreams, and working hard to accomplish such an incredible achievement! Way to go, dude – you totally deserve it! We are so proud of you!

      • That wasn’t the point of my statement – I appreciate people who persevere after a setback. But OK, thanks voters!

  5. I loved both Caleb and Jena. Although I was slightly more for Jena. Both of them will do well. First place doesn’t mean the most success. In this case I think both will be successful. Congrats Caleb and Jena.

  6. I think this may have been the most evenly matched final two American Idol has had. And they both deserve whatever fame come there way. But for me, the drop off after Caleb and Jena was HUGE. Overall, I thought the top 10 were lacking compared to years past. Agree or Disagree?

    • totally agree about the current top tens of late. to me there hasn’t been exceptional talent since season 8, and even though it sounds like I’m beating a dead horse, who has come close to adam?? the talent on the voice is much, much better, but there, too, how many of them have faded into obscurity? I’m hoping that caleb succeeds because he’s a great rock and roller. I also loved jena but where will she be ten years, or even five years from now?

      • I agree with the talent on “The Voice” being so much better. But, for some reason I find myself watching American Idol much more. And I am not sure why that is.

      • force of habit?? or better spot on tv?? my husband and I record it and usually watch it a day later to fast forward all the commercials and mindless fluff

    • The only season I liked was when Scotty won, huge talent that year. I believe I saw Casey and Haley in the audience last night on T.V. Those two are so awesome when they sing together! I was kind of hoping they were going to be in the show.

      • Idol has passed on huge talent in the past years, IMO. Winners turned out to ‘not’ be the very best ‘most’ seasons had to offer —- I agree with the Yahoo article…. The American Idol Voting Hoax… or something like that…. There is exceptional talent out there —- why can’t the producers and judges (ha) spot it when it’s in front of them ( of the thousands who audition each year)….. Congrats to Caleb, however – the best of this group!

    • It is my personal viewpoint that none of the top ten (besides Jena and Caleb) would have made it past Hollywood week, in seasons past. Alex and Jessica were good at certain times. The others … Not so much.

  7. Hooray for Caleb! Awesome! Totally Awesome!

    Did anyone notice that Ryan was holding the winner’s card at an angle and that Caleb read it right before he was announced as the winner? He mouthed an “Oh My God” immediately prior to Ryan saying he won.

    Not that it means anything, I just thought it was interesting.

    I do agree with Foxstar that the drop off in talent after the top 2 was huge. As for pr64’s comments on the talent over on The Voice, I’m a little mixed on that. I waffled back and forth on that this year, first thinking Idol had better talent, then The Voice had better talent, then back, then forth. I actually got bored with The Voice about a month ago but was very happy when Adam Levine said (paraphrasing) that he was tired of the show being about doing karaoke and wanted the contestants to push the limits and do more with the songs. That was refreshing.

    Next year on Idol, I would like to see Ricky Minor and his band on stage for every performance unless someone is doing a solo instrumental with their song. He and his band kick major league butt and the contestants benefit from having to perform their songs with a band. If you’re gonna be good enough to win and tour, you gotta perform with the band.

    • haven’t seen the finale yet, and won’t tonight. the ny rangers take precedence. love the idea about the band on the stage. that is, if we watch it again. depends on the judges and the quality of talent.

    • Clay said he also saw the winner’s name before Ryan announced the winner in season 2.

    • Next season, if I decide to watch (at all) – leaning toward not….. I’m only going to watch the last few weeks leading up to the finale…. that is what I did with The Voice – this season…. and I did not have to watch the k rap put on by the judges. The Voice judges are better mentors to the contestants and encourage and build them up — rather than tear them down. Idols crop this year was mediocre at best… Caleb was the best of those… Congrats to him- every show, he entertained us – the show got that right!! The Voice, however, got their’s wrong…. so – both have flaws…. and what is sad is that the premise of both shows is great – if only the producers were better creators — and on Idol- allowed the judges to be judges and not stooges and on the Voice– come on… you know Christina outsang Josh…. and Jake did not even belong there….. give me a break!!! Your idea for Idol is great, except you left off one thing — Keep Jennifer off the stage!

  8. I still wanted Malaya Watson to win. I stopped after that one dude got saved and she left a week later. That dude was awkward as fuck.

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