American Idol 2014 Winner: Who Will You Choose?

We have finally arrived at American Idol finale week for season 13! Who will you choose as the American Idol 2014 winner? Will it be hard rocker Caleb Johnson or Wild Card Jena Irene Ascuitto? Your final chance to cast your votes happens on Tuesday night with the Top 2 performances show!

American Idol Top 2 Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene 2

It all comes down to this week’s final American Idol performances on Tuesday night, followed by the final American Idol results show on Wednesday. Yes, in case you missed it, the two-part American Idol finale is on Tuesday and Wednesday for this finale week of season 13, NOT on Wednesday and Thursday!

The first part of the American Idol 2014 finale will take place on Tuesday night from 8PM to 9PM ET and feature the finale performances from Top 2 contestants Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson. The American Idol winner for season 14 will be announced on Wednesday night during a huge two-hour event. The last episode will feature performances from the American Idol judges, as well as guest starts such as Paramore, KISS, and John Legend.

Get ready to cast your final votes for who you want to be the next American Idol winner on Tuesday night. Every vote counts, so don’t leave your favorite American Idol finalist hanging!




  1. Of the two, Caleb, but really neither of them. Dexter and Jessica were my choices.

  2. Jena! Who else! She may surpass Kelly Clarkson as the most prolific AI winner!

    • That’s a joke. Jena is good and I hope she wins, but to put her up with the Queen of Idol (who AI is LUCKY was their first winner or the show would have died) is way too ambitious. The only other female who holds a career candle to Kelly is Carrie, but everyone knew that.

  3. Jena Irene!! For The Versatility & growth she’s displayed throughout the competition .. & then she finally blew us off our feet when she sang “creep” the 2nd time around.. i’d put my money on Jena!

  4. Caleb has the best Voice and has the Best “Feel” of how to Use it! Jena still has A Lot of Time to Learn and get even better.. She’s 17, she has time… Caleb is a Force to be Reckoned With…….. GO CALEB NUMBER 1 With A Bullet!

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