American Idol 2015 Episode 7 Photo Gallery [PICS]

Maddy Hudson on American Idol 2015
Maddy Hudson on American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

San Francisco brought us a mix of great talent and well, great entertainment last night on American Idol. Here’s a look back at some of the performers who made it through to sing for the Judges and have a chance at a Golden Ticket.

There’s still more San Fran to come tonight on Idol, so get ready to hang out with us again starting at 8PM ET for our live coverage!

Check out the photos from last night’s episode in our picture gallery below.

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Which Idol Hopeful had the best presentation out of the San Francisco auditions?

Image credit: Michael Becker / FOX
Source: FOX




  1. JLO has fallen for Maddy Hudson this year (much like Jena last year). But is she “REALLY” an artist? Example: does she play a musical instrument or can read and write music, or can she write song lyrics? (Jenafy it) The producers say they’re looking for “MORE” than just a “VOICE” this season. Reiterating that another Taylor Swift would be they’re ideal contestant!

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