American Idol 2015: Maddie Walker Vs Rachel Hallack Sing-Off [POLL]

In a surprising move that left many fans stunned last night on American Idol the Judges brought back in eliminated contestant Maddie Walker for a sing off against Rachel Hallack who had been slated to earn a Top 24 spot.

Rachel Hallack and Maddie Walker sing-off
Rachel Hallack and Maddie Walker prepare for a Sing-off – Source: FOX/YouTube

After Maddie was eliminated we knew something was up since she had been part of our Top 24 spoilers list for quite awhile now, but we did not see this next move coming. The Judges immediately started discussing if sending Maddie Walker home was the right choice and how similar they thought she was to Rachel Hallack.

Soon both ladies were standing next to each other in front of the Judges who explained this was not planned or expected, but they’d need to face off in a singing duel where one of them would head to America’s Vote and the other would go home to watch it.

Maddie Walker went first with Kellie Pickler’s “Red High Heels” while Rachel Hallack followed with Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man.” The pressure seemed to weigh more heavily on Rachel as her performance wasn’t up to her usual standard and that may have been enough to seal her fate.

Once both were finished singing the Judges announced their decision: Rachel Hallack was sent home while Maddie Walker would live to sing another day on American Idol 2015.

The method of deciding this elimination seemed to frustrate many of our readers on Facebook and there was a lot of talk about whether or not it was the right way for this to play out. It almost reminds me of the cruel bus ride to the airport from last season of American Idol, but this time it was just impacting one singer.

What do you think of the Maddie vs Rachel sing-off and the way the Judges played it out? Do you believe it was fair or even impromptu as the Judges suggested? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts below.




  1. “Many Idol fan were stunned”

    Uh.. no. You released the spoilers months ago, we all knew Maddie made it. Any real fan of the show reads the spoilers.

    And for all the facebook comments saying it’s unfair, that’s the way the music industry works. It’s an unfair business. Mediocrity rises to the top, while actual talent remains as backup singers.

    Everybody knows that Justin Bieber’s backup singer/dancers are way more talented than him. But he had the right look, and appeal, so got the fame and fortune.

    • Stunned by the method, not the outcome. Viewers seemed to be troubled by the way Idol did it, not just that Maddie made it and Rachel didn’t.

      That’s why I drew parallels to this and the bus ride to the airport from last year. We all know many are going to be cut, it’s the way that it’s done sometimes that seems unnecessary.

      • Viewers are too over sensitive, and don’t understand the music industry. This type of stuff happens all the time behind the scenes, and when Idol shows any type of reality on a REALITY SHOW, people get upset.

        The music industry is an unfair industry. Promises are made that are not kept, and people who are less talented get more opportunities than the more talented, more experienced people.

        Before the auditions became a battle of the sob stories, they used to actually be real. The things Simon said are things that people really say during real auditions. Now the auditions have become a soap opera, and they are downright unwatchable. (Unless you like watching soaps.)

    • Fine and dandy but Racheal soujnded much better than Maddie. Although Maddie had the looks she was flat and nasaly.. Not as nasally as someone from last year.. They held Racheals age against her as well as her looks.. Who can stand up to blue eyed 16 yr old in a size 4….. Obvioulsly they more talented Racheal. Amer Idol is really starting to to suck

  2. I mentioned when Maddie Walker auditioned that she sounded much like Carrie Underwood, but thereafter not as good. With the beeping out of Rachel’s foul words (after she lost), it looks like they picked the right one.

  3. U maybe suoerstars but Racheal was better than Maddie. Obviously going off of looks in this case… Ravheal… no connection other than fan of idol ruled in coice performance. Shut me down agai this year.. The fans speak you refuse to listen.. thats why they want to cancel your show.

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