American Idol Season 14 Showcase Week Recap: Contestants Face The Final Judgment


American Idol 2015 Showcase Week kicked off Wednesday night as Season 14 Top 48 contestants took to the House of Blues stage to perform for the judges and a live audience. We also got to see half of the Top 24 get chosen and there were some interesting choices.

Let’s take a look at how the night played out from the showcase performances to the final judgments.

Michael Simeon, “Classic.” Michael was as smooth as always. His voice is so tender and easy to listen to. And this was a smart song, because it stars slow and easy like we’re used to hearing and then it breaks it down to some upbeat raps. Was that a risk that pays off?

Michael’s Final Judgment: He’s Top 24

Loren Lott, “My Heart Will Go On.” Her audition wasn’t great if you know that song. That song is not a song that is normally shouted. It’s usually a soft and emotional song. And she did not perform it that way. She’s a talented person, though, so did the judges take her past performances into consideration?

Loren’s Final Judgment: She’s Top 24

Adam Ezegelian, “Here I Go Again.” First of all can he get a hair cut? As for the performance, it wasn’t bad. Like Loren, we’ve heard better from him. But it was energetic and he was confident despite the crowd. I probably would’ve cut him, but what did the judges think?

Adam’s Final Judgment: He’s Top 24

Cody Fry, “Viva La Vida.” I think Cody is an artist. He’s one of my favorites. I don’t know if that was his best effort, but overall, he’s amazing. And I knew what was coming when they cut his performance short.

Cody’s Final Judgement: He didn’t make it and that is pure garbage.

Lovey James, “Wings.” Hmm. I still don’t like Lovey. I mean I guess she’s perfectly fine for the standards that are getting thrust into the music industry these days and is cute and marketable. But I don’t want to hear her sing. Did the judges agree with me? Are you kidding?

Lovey’s Final Judgement: She’s Top 24

It’s time for a cut montage. Hector, J. None, Remo Anoa’i, Zach Kaltenbach, Hannah Mrozak.

Adanna Duru, “It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World.” Now that was a performance. It was full of soul and believability. It was just really, really solid. We’ve heard that song a lot, but this was as good if not better than any other.

Adanna’s Final Judgment: She’s Top 24

Maddie Walker, “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” I don’t think that was a great idea for a song. And the whole thing felt like she was just doing a chore or a job. Like she didn’t seem to enjoy herself. But then again, that’s how Carrie Underwood’s stage presence often is as well. So maybe it doesn’t matter.

Maddie’s Final Judgment: She’s sent home.

But wait. Maybe the judges made a mistake. Yes, they decide they did. So they decide to put Maddie up against Rachel Hallack for an impromtu sing-off to decide who gets that spot. And that whole thing was a little uncomfortable and sad. Maddie’s audition was much better. And the judges are calling it way to close to call, but they have to make a call.

Maddie and Rachel’s Final Judgment: Maddie is Top 24. Rachel is out.

Clark Beckham, “Georgia On My Mind.” This guy poured all of himself into this audition. He was soulful and energetic and just perfect. I think he might be a little too similar to Michael Simeon, but I think Clark is better. And Michael is already in the Top 24. Will the judges keep both of them?

Clark’s Final Judgement: Clark is Top 24

Daniel Seavey, “Straight Up.” Well this was probably his worst performance yet. I thought his voice was finally settling, but I don’t think so anymore. This was such a strained and just not good performance. But he’s still got that cuteness and that drive. So was that good enough?

Daniel’s Final Judgement: He’s Top 24

Tyanna Jones, “Love on Top.” This girl is fantastic. She’s such a natural. It’s as if she just stops on stage and starts singing the first song that pops into her head and it comes off as flawless. I mean it really seems like she wouldn’t even have to rehearse. She’s that good.

Tyanna’s Final Judgement: She’s Top 24

Rayvon Owen,”Lay Me Down.” It’s impossible for Rayvon to have a bad audition. This was another fantastic, smooth, effortless performance. So, so good.

Rayvon’s Final Judgement: He’s Top 24

Shannon Berthiaume, “Piece of My Heart.” The official rocker girl of the season, she took on Janis Joplin, as many past Idols have, and she held her own. It was spirited and soulful and for someone who had never performed for a crown until then, greatly confident.

Shannons’ Final Judgement: She’s Top 24

Jax, “You And I.” I really don’t understand the Jax push. She is being pushed so, so hard and I don’t get it at all. Of course this performance was better than usual, but her voice just isn’t my kind of voice. I would never listen to her music.

Jax’s Final Judgement: She’s Top 24, of course

I think the judges have made a few iffy choices so far, but for the most part, I’m not surprised with there decisions. What did you think of the performances and the Top 24 so far?

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  1. I don’t get the fascination with Daniel. He might be decent when his voice has changed completely but it cracks too much for me. The judges decision to keep him over Cody makes no sense at all. I agree that Cody is a true artist. As for the Maddie/Rachel fiasco, Maddie’s House of Blues performance was utterly forgettable but I thought Rachel’s was fairly decent. Maddie was lucky she got a second chance but I don’t know if I see her making the Top 12.

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