American Idol 2015: Top 4 Will Get The Hometown Visits


According to American Idol 2015 contestant Nick Fradini, he is just one round away from making the hometown visits we see every season on American Idol.

“Just found out that if I make it one more round on American Idol that I will be traveling back home to CT next week to perform!” Nick said via Facebook. “Let’s get all those votes in to make sure I make it to the Top 4.  I can’t thank you all enough for getting me this far.”

Now this would be a big change since these visits have only been for American Idol Top 3 contestants. But with the new format this season thanks to the elimination of the results shows, it makes sense. So it sounds like those who make it past this week will be treated to the heroes welcome we see every season.

So we can only guess that the Top 4 will each fly home — Nick would go to Guilford, Connecticut, Jax to East Brunswick, New Jersey, Tyanna Jones to Jacksonville, Florida, Rayvon Owen to Richmond, Virginia, and Clark Beckham to White House, Tennessee — tape their segments and then who knows what will happen after that. Will we see all the footage of the hometown trips? Surely we will. But will we just not hear them perform? Or will we not get to see or hear anything from them? That seems a bit cruel.

I guess we will see. Who do you think will be heading home? I think some people are expecting Nick to go and Rayvon stay, but I’m going to go with Rayon goes and Nick stays.




  1. Good thing none of them are from Baltimore. I hope Nick makes it to top 3 at least. My ideal top 3would be Nick, Tyanna and Rayvon. I don’t care for Clark or Jax. To each etc.

  2. I like Clark and Rayvon. If I had to pick number three it would be Tyanna. I don’t care for Jax or Nick.

  3. Jax is going to surprise every one by winning the number one spot following in the shoes of fronk sintara who also was number one from new jersey you just cant beat new jersey

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