American Idol 2015 Top 7 To Perform “Classics” Next Week

The American Idol Top 7 were revealed Wednesday night when Qaasim Middleton was eliminated and the remaining contestants prepared for their next challenging night on the Idol stage.

American Idol Top 7 contestants on Season 14
American Idol Top 7 contestants on Season 14 – Source: FOX

When we see our final Hopefuls again they’ll be singing “American Classics” and that sounds like a good night of performances to me. I bet Caleb Johnson would have been thrilled with an American Idol theme like this!

No word on just what songs we’ll hear, but let’s look out for those spoilers early next week. In the meantime, if you want to get in on the song picks then Tweet your suggestions using #IdolClassic and maybe you’ll see one of the Top 7 taking on your song.

We’re also waiting to hear who could be the mentor alongside Scott Borchetta. With the “American Classic” theme there’s a chance we could get a really awesome appearance and guest performance. I wonder if The Hoff is speed dialing his agent for a second booking this season.

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  1. First of all…Caleb Johnson was a big fat joke. He screamed his way thru AI 2014 . The people voting for singers like him don’t have enough sense to know what true talent is. Thats how he won. He has No talent.

      • All I know is that Fox is doing a TV movie of The Rocky Horror Show and Caleb would be perfect to play Eddie, the part that Meat Loaf played in the film version.

    • Hah no just because he won and you didnt want him to doesnt mean he was a joke he worked his way up to the top he actually had the courage to even be on the show he won because he worked his hardest so he wasny a big fat joke get your facts straight and taste your words before you spit them out just saying✊

      • Caleb will Never be a real artist.He tried to sing alot of songs but failed. His attitude and loyalty to his fans was even worse which he is more famous for now. He will never be famous for being an vocal artist. He washed up before the show even ended.

      • Are you out of your mind, BK?!! Caleb has the vocals and everything to go with it!!! I think that maybe Kenzie has it right if in fact you simply did not want Caleb to win and he, through pure talent and having what it takes, did win. You have to be out of your mind, maybe bumped your head a few times too many.

      • No…didn’t bump my head.Everyone has their likes an dislikes and opinions and I stated my opinion of Caleb.

      • Let us be patient. As soon as Caleb Johnson’s troubles with American Idol are over and he is free to sing what he wants to sing (rock), the way he wants to sing, he will shine like a diamond from the rock.

    • Adam Lambert is awesome and a true rocker and same with Caleb. by the way Adam is top charts all the time and has sold many records and has millions of fans. Can you beat that? No you can’t. Can you sing better than they can? Nope. They are the best. They haven’t lost any fans. Look at Steven Tyler. He goes for the high notes as well. Even Guns N Roses and Led Zeppelin. There is also Whitesnake and Kiss who does the same thing. Whitesnake tweeted Caleb that he did awesome. Tyanna, Jax, Joey, Clark, and Quentin are all awesome. I am being honest and real about that.

      • Some people like to listen to “Screamers”. I Don’t. ..thats Not talent. Everyone has their own opinion and taste.I prefer to hear the words of the song and the singers vocal artistry. NOT SCREAMING!

      • BK, what sort of what you might call music do you listen to? You probably do not know because right away it puts you to sleep. Caleb can sing!

  2. NO one has ever dared to try a “Buddy Holley” song. Possibly due to Buddy’s gymnastic like vocals to compare with! Someone could however do “American Pie” that talks about the day the music died (Buddy’s death from a plane crash).

    • Rayvon can do Buddy Holly. Ncik can do Buddy Holly (and make it sound mediocre), Joey can do Buddy Holly..

  3. If VFTW was still around who do you guys think they would be voting for right now?

  4. who will be brave enough to take on jay & the Americans’ “cara mia”, or del Shannon’s “runaway”? probably no one. and champion is right. not one of these contestants have the chops for buddy holly either. oh, for season 8 again!!

    • Clark can do Runaway..definitely. Quentin’s my favorite but Clark will absolutely knock it out of the park.

  5. Be heard and state if you agree: Both dress out of the ordinary. But there is a world difference between Quentin and Qaasim (no longer on the show), other than the fact that Quentin can actually sing; which is Quentin expresses himself through personality and does not need all that calculated gimmicks (fake) stuff. You hear and see the real person, and
    for those reasons feel a real person when Quentin is on the stage. At one point it was thought that maybe Jax was the one Quentin had to compete with. Now, most obviously she will no longer be on the show much longer and the remaining strong ones that Quentin must compete with are Clark and Joey. Truth is, Quentin never had to worry about that other guy! (4-10-2015)

    • Jerry I completely agree with you about Quentin. He totally mesmorizes me with his quiet style and haunting presence and the guy can really sing. Quaasim couldn’t sing if his life depended on it but a nice guy with a great personality Another mediocre singer is NIck. Same old movements –same sound .Every song sounds the same.. Quentin is my favorite but I think Clark is going to take it all.

      • I stand side-by-side with you on everything you said, and thank you for sharing your look on things.

  6. Bk. You are nuts. Adam Lambert has an incredible voice. He can sing anything even Opera. Did you hear him sing Mad Mad World..Change is Gonna Come…….I suggest you You Tube him and really listen to a man who has amazing talent and voice. Next thing you’ll say is that Phillip Phillips was the greatest American Idol ever (NOT). He cant sing.

      • Further proving my point… Also… You do realize that commenting here is PUBLIC and anyone can reply to a conversation when they feel like it… Right?

      • Since when have children been on this section of disqus? Either way, age wouldn’t matter in terms of how insightful the commenter’s statements would be. I don’t want to stoop down to your level, but many young children would be much more insightful than you, based on your comments on this post… They would also be much more respectful to other’s beliefs and thoughts…

  7. does anyone notice in the picture that Jax and Clark are the only ones sitting……. the frontrunners of the show and the final 2??

      • You shall not bearfalse witness against your neighbor sir. How can you say that, theres no sign that they are illuminati. And Clark is religious person fyi.

  8. A change is gonna come or go the distance for clark, for his second song he may repeat his try a little tenderness. And for jax, sweet child of mine taken by the trees

  9. IMO Clark needs to do something bright and energetic, so I like Simon & Garfunkel’s Feeling Groovy or Blood Sweat & Tears’ Spinning Wheel for him.
    Joey, Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi or Both Sides Now.
    Jax, Dan Hill’s Sometimes When We Touch.
    Nick, Springsteen’s I’m On Fire.
    Quentin, Buffalo Springfield’s For What It’s Worth [too sensitive now?]
    Tyanna, What a Wonderful World
    Rayvon, O.C. Smith’s Little Green Apples
    None of these songs have been done to death on singing competition shows and would be a nice change of pace for some of these contestants. JMO

  10. Jax should sing Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N Roses or Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin which I remember Elise got a standing ovation from , Joey should sing Landslide by Stevie Nicks, Clark should sing Let It Be, Nick should sing a karaoke song that sounds mediocre, Tyanna should sing Oh Darling by The Beatles, and Rayvon should sing Imagine by John Lennnon.

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