American Idol 2015 Top 7 Power Rankings

Qaasim Middleton’s  American Idol 2015 luck ran out last week when Twitter again decided to save Rayvon Owen with the Idol save.

So let’s take a look at the Top 7 and how they stand in our weekly Power Rankings.

American Idol Top 7 contestants on Season 14

1. Clark Beckham. From our polls to Las Vegas odds to just how damn good he is, Clark Beckham takes the top spot in the Power Rankings this week and won’t be going anywhere for the rest of the season. His performance last week was spectacular — just like always. The guy can do no wrong. Like he’s so good, the judges can only tell him to try out a different look.

2. Jax. Almost as tight as Clark is Jax. She’s definitely the second person most-likely to win American Idol. And as we know, the person in this spot sometimes wins (cough — Kris Allen — cough). So 2nd is definitely not a bad place to be in our Power Rankings.

3. Tyanna Jones. I was worried for Tyanna for a while. I was worried that people weren’t seeing and hearing what I’ve seen and heard since the start of the season. But I think I was worrying for no good reason. Polls and odds are really looking good for Tyanna, so I feel comfortable putting her in the No. 3 spot.

4. Nick Fradiani. Nick’s popularity has actually surprised me. I thought with he and Clark both in the game, Nick would lose out a lot earlier in the season. But he and his million-dollar smile are holding on and it looks like he could have a few more weeks left in him.

5. Joey Cook. I think others are finally starting to see what I’ve been saying about Joey all along. And that’s that she’s not that great. She’s a one-trick pony. She has not actual singing range and while arguably talented, she shouldn’t be winning any kind of singing competition shows.

6. Quentin Alexander. I personally think Quentin has long worn out his welcome. I’ve been surprised by his safety week after week. But I think it is FINALLY wearing thin and could find himself in the bottom two this week. But I don’t think Twitter will overlook Quentin for Rayvon.

7. Rayvon Owen. So I think Rayon will again be in the bottom, but will this time lose to Quentin or whomever else is in the bottom next to him. I, however, do not think he should go over Quentin OR Joey. But I think he would.

How would you rank the American Idol 2015 Top 7?




  1. I’ve agreed with you from the beginning about Joey. I never understood what people saw in her. I do hope the final two will be Jax and Clark but we’ve had some strange people make it to the end and even win.

  2. Joey made a mistake in saying that Billboard isn’t her Forte’. Billboard is where it’s at so that’s cutting your own throat. She needs to be more current and “EVEN” rap some-like Meghan Trainor!

    • I agree.. that’s what these people (as in some of the contestants) don’t get.. you have to appeal to the masses…. then when you do, and you’ve made your millions, you can make your albums with your quirky little songs… until then, you have to appeal to the masses…

  3. love-cough-your-cough-sense-cough-of-cough-humor!! cough cough. I like jax and think she can go far given the right music. joey reminds me of someone scraping fingernails on a blackboard…VERY IRRITATING!! clark is okay but he doesn’t wow me. tyanna has a great voice and, hopefully, will go places. the rest are mediocre,at best. this is NOT idol’s best season, not by a longshot. the only thing I really like is the elimination of the elimination show.

    • I’m the same with Clark. No wow factor. His vocals are good but I get distracted by his lack of connection to the audience. I feel like I’m watching him sing to himself and sail through because everyone thinks he’s hot. Jax has real artistry and I would pay to see her, which is why I want her to win.

  4. I hope Tyanna wins no matter what anyone says she is the best singer and she is young just in mage when she gets older!

  5. I totally agree with your picks! We must get rid of Joey. I can hardly watch her.

  6. Your observations are good except I’d switch Nick and Clark. Nick is just as talented and has far more star quality. Nick=idol.

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