American Idol 2016 Premiere: Little Rock & San Francisco Audition Their Talent

The American Idol premiere continues with tonight’s segue as the Judges head to Little Rock and San Francisco plus the return of more familiar Idol faces.

American Idol auditions for Season 15
American Idol auditions for Season 15 – Source: FOX/Michael Becker

We’ve got a lot more big talent heading our way as Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr. sit down behind the panel for the next round of auditions. We know several of tonight’s Golden Tickets don’t stop in Hollywood so get ready to find out if your new favorites move on to the Top 24 (spoilers).

So far things have been looking good for our Hopefuls with some seriously strong weight from the ladies’ side of the table and even more Country themed artists that could be a reminder of who may be American Idol’s biggest star to come out of the series.

We’ll be here live recapping tonight’s auditions in Little Rock and San Francisco to see who shows up next and just how good they could be. Ready to join us? Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for even more American Idol 2016!

First up we’ve got Cameron Richard, but don’t pronounce that last name like you’d regularly expect. He’s got Cajun blood in him but will it give him the edge for a Golden Ticket? Cameron is singing an Ed Sheeran song because we’ll never escape that. I’d say he’s got potential, but needs time to grow. Well the judges think Cameron Richard is ready and gets three “yes” votes plus a Ticket to boot.

Daniel Farmer has arrived to get a Ticket and his arm around JLo. He’s got a great voice and should be an easy choice for the American Idol judges. Jennifer tells Daniel he’s funny and sexy with his confidence that brings it all together. Harry wants to know about Daniel’s runs, who says he makes them up as he goes. Another perfect round of three approvals and Daniel Farmer has himself a ticket to Hollywood.

It’s time for some rock with Dalton Rapattoni, a vocal coach and after-school music mentor. The judges love it and appreciate how he took a song and did it the way he wanted to perform. Keith thought it was a true artistic moment and predicted a Top 12 from this singer. Dalton Rapattoni is through to the next round.

Now we’ve got La’Porsha Renae who gets a nice featured segment including a visit from Kris Allen to meet her 7-month old baby girl. We get a unique performance of “Creep” by Radiohead that’s going to be a definite yes for these judges. Yep, they were all thoroughly impressed with LaPorsha Renae and hand over her Golden Ticket.

Moving on brings us to Maddie McAllister singing Underwood’s “Cowboy Casanova” after handing off her baby, a prized chicken. Yep, she’s a country girl for sure. Unlike some previous singers who seemed to need a little more time to grow, Maddie gets denied by the judges who thinks Maddie needs more time.

Continuing on in our American Idol 2016 auditions brings us to Trent Harmon who traveled to the Little Rock auditions as an opportunity to leave the farm and make it big in music. Judges can’t determine if he’s Country or R&B as he moves between the genres while strumming away on his guitar. Looks like we’ll be seeing Trent Harmon for awhile to go on Season 15 as he gets his Golden Ticket. Harry says Trent gave his favorite performance of all the auditions so far. Wow!