American Idol 2016 Finale: Nigel Lythgoe Promises ‘Spectacular Show’

Nigel Lythgoe, a long running executive of the American Idol series, is coming back this season to help produce the three-night finale event and promises it’ll be something “spectacular” to watch.

Nigel Lythgoe on American Idol
Nigel Lythgoe on American Idol – Source: FOX

Speaking with AP, Nigel explained his focus for the finale would be on the stars its made rather than inviting outside big names to the last time the Idol stage is lit.

Lythgoe downplays the importance of celebrities as part of the finale — or the contest itself.

“It isn’t about big stars coming on and singing their record. ‘American Idol’ was never about that. It was about the young stars we created,” he said.

Previously we read from FOX that all the seasons’ winners but Phillip Phillips would be in attendance, but here AP reports everyone will be included. I’m going to guess they made an assumption since Nigel doesn’t mention it specifically.

“It’s going to be a rather spectacular show,” Lythgoe promised, with all the former winners on hand along with past contestants and “other surprises” in the two-hour finale.

“It’s about the American idols, about reminding people of 15 seasons,” he said, as well as giving the final winner his or her share of the spotlight.

The series finale kicks off next Tuesday, April 5th with three straight nights of American Idol before Thursday’s farewell event including the reveal of who will win American Idol 2016. Incredible to think it’ll all be over soon. Sigh.

Source: Associated Press




  1. I really hope they handle the Top 3 elimination better than they did last season. That really ruined the finale for me last season.

    • I agree. That was terrible how it was handled last year. I think they’re planning to let all 3 perform at the last round so that should help, but we’ll see how it goes.

  2. Hi Nigel ! Nice to see you. I love So You Think You can Dance! I have loved American Idol since it’s beginning. Sad to see it go. But it has been on a long time now! Hope to see Trent Harmon as the winner. He has a really nice voice. Loved to hear him sing ” Sharp Dressed Man “. Just think! The fun will be over soon. I love the three judges too. The camaraderie among them is so nice!

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