American Idol 2016: Who Should Be The Top 14?

This week on American Idol 2016 we will find out who the Top 14 are based on …… There are already some spoilers floating around out there and some of them are hard to believe, so right now I’m going to pretend like they don’t exist for two reasons: 1) I kind of can’t believe some of the rumored cuts 2) I want to write this post and American Idol keeps blowing my plans with leaking spoilers.


So let’s get to it. Who should be in the American Idol 2016 Top 14? Now I’m going to split them up equally by gender, but we know Idol won’t do that because they’re going to want more girls than guys to try to force that Kelly Clarkson bookend on us (for some reason right now they act like that is Gianna Isabella).

Thomas Stringfellow

  • Why: He’s young. a bit quirky in a cute way. He’s a true artist. Girls will love him.

Sonika Vaid

  • Why: Well, she’s the best vocalist in the competition in my opinion. She does need to work on her presence, but she’s got everything else. Even the name Sonika could stand alone (think Cher, Beyonce, etc).

La’Porsha Renae

  • Why: She is a powerhouse vocalist. She can definitely bring the house down and is the only girl in the top 24 with that kind of soul. The isn’t a very diverse Top 24.

Trent Harmon

  • Why: Because he’s going to win American Idol 2016. I keep saying that, which probably means I’m going to be wrong, but he just has Idol winner written all over him. He’s the exact kind of guy people will vote for. But all my intuition aside, Trent is amazingly talented and fun to watch.

Emily Brooke

  • Why: Emily has fought hard to get to this point and she’s a great country girl. I realize there are others a little more strong vocally, but I don’t think this weird Idol formula where there’s only one female country singer a season is fair. There can be more than one.

Shelbie Z.

  • Why: Because if anyone can be like Kelly Clarkson, it’s Shelbie. She has the right kind of power in her voice, stage presence and silly spunk. She’s a little bit of an over-actor when it comes to the spunk and the accent, but Kelly put on quite the show on and off the stage, so I think Shelbie could be what they’re looking for.

Lee Jean

  • Why: This kid is an enigma. I’ve never seen an artist quite like him on Idol and I think he’d be great for the live shows. I do hope he learns to treat his audience a little better, or he won’t last long when the public voting starts.

MacKenzie Bourg

  • Why: Why not? He’s got the look, the sound and a fanbase already built in from his stint on The Voice.

Jeneve Rose Mitchell

  • Why: Well, American Idol has never had a mountain girl on the show. Do I think she’ll be eaten alive on the live shows? Yes. And how I would love for Simon Cowell to return to let her have it honestly. But all the same, she and her interesting style will deliver some great performance, I believe. And plus, if we must have a quirky girl every season, let it be her and not Jenn Blosil.

Kory Wheeler

  • Why: Because a lot like Trent, he’s the kind of guy voters will want to see every week. He screams Top 3 but gets cut just shy of the finale.

Dalton Rapattoni

  • Why: Well, I think he will be a flashy showman and attract the kind of voters Adam Lambert did. Am I comparing him to Adam? Absolutely NOT. But he’s a dramatic showman and will deliver some entertaining moments.

Tristan McIntosh

  • Why: Because she’s making it whether we want her to or not. The LOVE her. She’s basically their backup in case Gianna gets sent home and they can’t figure out a way to save her whether it’s the judges’ save or the Twitter vote.

Amelia Eisenhauer

  • Why: Because she’s a naturalist. She’s not a showy performer and therefor we need that diversity in this competition. She’s also someone who can be molded into more of a performer and that would be fun to watch.

Adam Lasher

  • Why: Because I needed one more guy and the others who will probably make it into the Top 14 bore me. James? CJ? Jordan? No, thank you. At least Adam has some presence and energy.

Yes, you read that correctly, no Gianna Isabella in my Top 14. She’s going to be in the Top 14, but I don’t think she should be. And that’s my opinion. So, what’s yours? What is your ideal Top 14? Tell us below!




  1. In my opinion, Jenn Blosil is one of the true artists this competition has, she has a very unique personality and her voice is different than all the other contestants that “sing riffs riffs and riffs”, she has some music on Itunes and are pretty cool. I would love to see her make it to the top 14, there are other contestant who aren’t ready for idol, they are just cute faces, not real talent. But is just my opinion, lol

    • Her quirky personality comes off as faked and staged to stand out as that “very unique personality.” Maybe it’s completely legit, but it just seems fake to me for some reason.

      • its totally real. I think the camera makes it seem more than it is, but in person she is a regular amount of quirky. Think about it this way, what if someone edited and pasted together all your crazy moments of life…you’d look strange too. lol

    • She’s real. The only act is the one the producers do through editing and seacrest. She is extraordinary. a great artist, performer,and song writer. Most others this season are pretending. Glad this author is not a producer, he has bad taste.

  2. What type of dumb list? Olivia is the best in the competition she should be in here. She is going to win. Omg delete that prediction

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