American Idol 2018 Auditions: The Top 5 Performances From Week 2

We saw a new batch of American Idol 2018 hopefuls take the audition stage this week, and we definitely saw some standouts. This was an easy Top 5 to pick this week, because almost all of these performances brought out emotion in myself and a lot of other people, based on what I read on social media.

So here’s our Top 5 American Idol Season 16 Auditions from week 2.

1. Brandon Elder, “Gone.” I think Brandon’s performance was one of the most emotional I’ve ever seen. I’m not one to go all sappy over a performance, but this guy and his original song just really connected. I loved it the first time I saw it and loved it even more listening to it while writing this.

2. Marcio Donaldson, “Jealous.” Marcio is a very close second. Like Brandon, Marcio came with a story and then poured his emotion into the song, leaving the hairs on my arm standing completely up. Marcio is a natural artist and this performance proves it.

3. Effie Passero, “Troubled Mind.” Effie surprised me. She looked like a rough and tough girl who maybe does Roller Derby. Then she sat down at the piano and pulled out her original song that left me in awe. She earned her spot in Hollywood and as No. 3 on our list this week.

4. Maddie Zahm, “New Rules.” Maddie seemed like such a sweet heart leading up to her audition, especially with her best buddy by her side. And then when she started singing and playing the guitar, she sealed the deal. She might not look like a star in the stereotypical since, but she sure sounds like one. Great girl, great performance.

5. Crystal Alicea, “Lay Me Down.” Crystal has something. Aside from her voice, she just has a presence. I think she needs a new outfit and some new hair, but she could be marketed today. Her version of Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” was better than Sam Smith’s version. She easily rounds out our Top 5 performances of the week.

Who were your favorite American Idol 2018 auditions from this week? Also, if you want to see if any of these singers or your favorites move on to the American Idol 2018 live shows, don’t forget to check out the American Idol Top 14 spoilers.