American Idol 2018 Casting Calls Nationwide Begin

Who wants to be an American Idol Hopeful? The new season on ABC has kicked off its search with casting calls nationwide and here’s your chance.

American Idol Bus hits the road
American Idol Bus hits the road – Source: FOX

While there’s still no word on who will join Katy Perry at the Judges’ table or who will even be holding the host mic, the search has begun for the winner of American Idol 2018.

Big Brother fans will recognize Meg Maley’s name from BB17 and here she is again, but now she’s helping to search and find the contestants for the sixteenth season of American Idol. Posting on Twitter Meg put out the call for Hopefuls to email her if they’re between 15 and 28 years of age. If that’s you then check her message below and be ready to send videos, pics, and your story.

And don’t forget the American Idol auditions bus is hitting the road again for next season. Idol announced they’d be releasing cities and dates soon so we’ll keep an eye out for those audition details as well.

Update: ABC has released the cities, dates, and audition details for next season.

Do you plan to audition for American Idol? This is a great opportunity and you shouldn’t wait because while the show is coming back for American Idol 2018, you never know how long its second life will last! Best of luck to all the applicants. We can’t wait to watch you next season on ABC.




  1. Meg should look at youtube. The amount of views shows promise. Jena irene Asciutto’s has an album out but views from her songs never reach the Millions like other successful songs. Note: Rachael Platten’s fight song wasn’t on her 2003 debut album either. A rookie needs a great first song to break into the hit list. Note: usually an upbeat like Roll’n in the Deep or Call Me Maybe.

    • Definitely a lot of opportunities out there for them to search. It’s an interesting casting method. I wonder if this could replace the typical cattle calls we’re used to seeing for Idol.

      • Note; All of Jena’s songs from her album are “now’ posted on youtube.The only real upbeat in my opinion is Wait, but I like Numb then Are you satisfied with my Love Not bad for an Indie production.

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